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August  - 28


PDS scam – an eye opener to INC misrule: Yomso

ITANAGAR, Aug 27:  The unprecedented arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, who is the senior most Congress Party leader in Arunachal Pradesh by a Congress government, is a glaring proof of the corrupt governance of the party in Arunachal Pradesh, said Mongol Yomso, national general secretary of the Nationalist Youth Congress.

It is evident that the corruption level has reached such a level and extent that it is so all pervasive that it involves even a senior and veteran leader like Gegong Apang. Otherwise, how else can one explain, a Congress government arresting its own senior most leader who has been the doyen of the Party in Arunachal Pradesh, Yomso said  in a release.

He further said the implication and arrest of Apang is a testimony that Congress does not have moral right to rule the state. The incident has also vindicated NCP’s allegations of malpractices and misappropriations by the State government in execution and implementation of various schemes and development projects, he added.

It is also surprising that the government singled out Apang to arrest, whereas it is given to understand that he is a mere witness in the PDS scam case, not a prime accused. The big question is why the other people implicated in the scam has not been summoned and arrested? Why the government is shielding them and for what reason? The Special Investigation Cell (SIC) Superintendent of Police (SP) M S Chauhan gave a statement that Apang was arrested on basis of material evidences and statement of co-accuses, then it is necessary on the part of state government to publicise these evidences and the detail of other accuses, he emphatically said.

The NCP youth leader said the state government should let know the names of all the people who have been  implicated in the list of 40 people in connection with the PDS Scam. The people of Arunachal Pradesh have a right to know, after all the embezzled funds were meant for the poor people, not for filling the pockets of few people, he said.

How else will one explain the meteoric growth of wealth of few people (a growth rate that probably even beats the fastest growing company in the world) in a matter few years? How else will one explain few people from nothing, acquiring several crores in a span of 2-3 years in a place like Arunachal Pradesh where there is no industry of any significance, he questioned.

The NYC strongly condemned this corrupt governance of the   Congress in Arunachal Pradesh, he said while adding that the “malpractice of the Congress government is also apparent from the way the SIC have been constituted. To handle such a sensitive and important investigation, it has appointed officers whose integrity and character are a suspect as their career records reflects”.  The release stated that M S Chauhan, SP ( SIC)  was suspended earlier in his career by a Congress government. Now, why a Congress government handpicked such an officer with such service record and appointed him as a key officer for such an important case, the Nationalist Youth Congress questioned and said that it smells of foul play and reflects the casual attitude of the Congress government towards such an important case having large public ramification. ‘Moreover, the release said the Congress government’s insensitivity toward one of the important and biggest communities of Arunachal Pradesh, the Adi Community, was also shown very clearly by the manner in which a very senior and veteran leader hailing from the community was treated so ignominiously by two public servants. The Congress government of Dorjee Khandu has violated the sentiment and deeply hurt the pride of the Adi people. It is apparent that Congress party seemed to be either not bothered or forgotten the tribal ethos, values and norms of Arunachal Pradesh. They seemed to believe in the authoritarian, dictatorial and feudalistic practices. Nationalist Youth Congress is deeply anguished by the lack of sensitivity of the state government and condemned it in the strongest terms,’ the release said.

The Congress government in the state also seemed to have forgotten that India follows a cabinet system of governance where the cabinet shares collective reasonability of governance.  Most of the people who were part of the then cabinet of Apang are still in the current government. What about their collective responsibility? Are they not answerable for the state of affair leading to the PDS scam? The people of Arunachal Pradesh need to ask this hard question to them.

Most importantly, why is the state government reluctant in handing over the investigation to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The people of Arunachal Pradesh need to ask this question and the state government headed by Khandu is morally bound to reply them. I for one, strongly demand inquiry by CBI, Yomso said.

He strongly appealed to the people of Arunachal Pradesh to wake up if they want to see a better Arunachal Pradesh.  Nationalist Youth Congress will continuously pursue this matter to its logical conclusion, he concluded.


Assam Govt assures to lift economic blockade

Peace parley on boundary skirmishes held at Guwahati

Taba Ajum

GUWAHATI, Aug 27: Assam government has assured its Arunachal counterpart that economic blockade imposed against people of Tirap district will be lifted with immediate effect. This was disclosed after ministerial level peace meeting between Assam and Arunachal over boundary dispute held in Assam capital ended with a positive note.

Ever since skirmishes broke out in Russa villages under Tirap district on 14th August, relation between two states has gone from bad to worse. Economic blockade imposed by Assam based organizations against people of Tirap district further inflamed the volatile situation. Even various peace meeting held between citizens of two states also could not yield desired result.

Today’s peace meeting held in a cordial atmosphere has managed to calm down the tense atmosphere with both sides willing to talk peace. Arunachal peace delegation lead by Finance Minister Setong Sena included home commissioner Tajom Taloh, IGP AVK Singh, Parliamentary secretary Thangwang Wangham, advisor to chief minister Tame Phassang and social activist Bamang Tago. Assam side led by revenue Minister Dr Bhumidhar Barman included health minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma, Law minister Pranab Gogoi, Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain, Excise Minister Gautam Rai and principal secretary home and border Subhas C Das.

Later in a press briefing inside Assam Secretariat, both side informed about various steps being taken during the meeting to bring in normalcy.

As a first step towards normalizing situation, in the meeting it was decided that bunkers erected by Arunachal police in the area between Charaipung and Teok River will be removed immediately. From now the area will be jointly patrolled by both Assam and Arunachal police till situation turns normal. While Arunachal police will have right to patrol in Wanchu villages, Assam police will patrol in tea garden areas. To avoid any misunderstanding between two police forces, local commanders will constantly remain in touch and if needed they will exchange wireless sets for better communication.

Arunachal government promised to take necessary steps to stop public display of arms by Arunachalee villagers of the area. On their part, Assam government pledged to work towards lifting economic blockade in the interest of both side. Every possible step will be taken to lift blockade, Assam government assured.   Assam Govt also assured to withdraw additional police force deployed in boundary area after Aug 14 incident.

Meeting also decided to take strong action against any militant activity in the area and no extortion of money or display of arms will be tolerated.  Addressing the presspersons of Assam and Arunachal, Finance Minister Setong Sena urged them to show restrain while covering this boundary dispute. “I request press persons to help in restoring normalcy. People of Assam and Arunachal have lived peacefully since time immemorial. We should not let one incident harm the beautiful relation shared between wonderful people of two states,” said Setong Sena. Assam Health Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma, who also addressed media said, “With this meeting we hope peace will prevail soon. Now we will wait for Supreme Court appointed boundary commission to come out with some solution in the future.”

With this peace parley, both side hoped that soon situation will return to normal along the border.


Committee demands fresh memorandum on Subansiri Upper hydel project

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: The Joint Action Committee of 2000 MW Subansiri Upper Hydro Electric Project (SUHEP) had demanded the Chief Minister for preparation of fresh MOA to incorporate genuine points which are not reflected on the present MOA.

In a 14-point memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister yesterday    committee said that  the proposed height of the dam  should be reduced to half  for production of 1000 MW only.  Justifying its demand the memorandum said 75 per cent of Taliha and Payeng, 25 per cent  of Gusar and 10 per cent  of Siyum Circle’s residential area  and cultivable land  will be submerged under water  if the dam with proposed height is executed. Moreover there will be no land for  rehabilitation  and cultivation for the displaced people.  Apart from mentioned 7 villages, around 50 other villages are feared to be affected by the project which must be included as affected villages.  Even the  villages in the immediate vicinity of the project site such as Rading and Menga village on right bank of Subansiri river have not been mentioned in the MoA, the memorandum said adding that it indicates insincerity and the lack of concern for the welfare of the affected people by the State Government and the company.

The committee, however, said that  Chief Minister agreed to some of points of the memorandum like establishment of Degree College, CHC (Community Health Centre). KSK Energy Ventures Ltd   will look into the some grievances mentioned the memorandum, while rest of the points will be taken up as per power policy of the state Govt, the committee further informed.


Society demands arrest of all accused in PDS scam

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: The Parang Pare Welfare Society (PPWS) has strongly reacted to the arrest of veteran Congress leader and former Chief Minister Gegong Apang.

It is disheartening that the former Chief Minister was arrested without issuing notice or arrest warrant; the society said and added that procedure of arrest has created confusion in the mind of people and created doubt against the investigating officer.

It seems the action was taken with vested interest by the investigation officer  just to demoralize   the former CM which in some extent tarnished the image of the Congress Govts at Centre and  state, the society said.

The society in a release today demanded that officers and others involved in the PDS scam should be arrested and name of all the  accused in the scam should be made public immediately.

The Society in one way appreciated the initiative as an eye opener for the people of the state,  but while doing so, the investigation process must be equal to every one for those allegedly involved in the PDS scam. Urging all to ponder upon the present situation created with the arrest of veteran leaders, the Society said the procedure adopted by investigation officer was uncalled for.   The society further said “It is understood that SP SIC M S Chauhan had created certain problems wherever he was posted in the past.”

The Society called upon the HC to handover the case to CBI to unravel the truth ‘since Chauhan’s integrity is doubtful.” The Society also urged upon both the state and Central Govts not to release the PDS pending bills until the investigation is completed.


AdiSU bandh passes off peacefully

PASIGHAT, Aug 27: The 24 hour bandh called by AdiSU and All East Siang District Students Union (AESDSU) passed off peacefully except stone pelting at Pasighat market and damage of window of City bus (APST) at Rani Village.

The bandh had no impact in the circles and subdivisions of East Siang. However, public transport system was badly affected at the district head quarter Pasighat.  Function of Govt. offices and educational institutions were normal despite disruption of vehicular movement in Pasighat. Shops downed their shutters in the morning in and around Pasighat market. However police and district administration prompted the shopkeepers to open their shops in the afternoon. Students, patients and general public had to face hardships due to disruption of vehicular movements at Pasighat.

Eleven activists of the bandh was arrested and detained by the police for violation of prohibitory order. After arrest of the eleven activists which included a former ASM and a former general secretary AAPSU, about hundred numbers of bandh supporters consisting of students of JNC, some villagers mostly from Sille-Oyan circle proceeded from JNC campus to secure release of detainees from police station but they were stopped a few meter away from the police station. They protestors shouted slogans against the state government, district administration and police. Finally detainees were let off at about 8.50 pm on furnishing of an undertaking by the President and General secretary of AdiSU and President AESDSU to the effect that the members would not indulge in unlawful and illegal activities and execution of Personal Recognition (PR) Bonds by the detainees.

Meanwhile, the DM Onit Panyang told the media that the bandh was declared illegal and section 144Cr PC was imposed one day ahead to prevent unlawful activities and damage of public properties as experienced during the bandh calls of AdiSU in the past. Panyang emphasized that the bandh was unlawful and unwanted as AdiSU and AESDSU were informed about the meeting being convened by the Power minister with the CM at Itanagar tentatively on 7th September next where the ministers and MLAs of three Siang districts, representatives of AdiSU and AESDSU, Dam affected people and other people connected with the issue would attend.

 Meanwhile, Pro-dam supporters of Pangin and Rottung area came out against the bandh call. DIPRO


Introduction of new education policy creates confusion

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: Abolition of admission fee from class I to VIII under Right To Education (RTE) that too without making any alternative arrangement by the State government has adversely affected the normal functioning of various schools, observed West Siang district unit of Arunachal Teachers Association.

The newly introduced Continuous Comprehensive Education in schools has created confusion among teachers as the first assessment examination under the new education policy is scheduled in April-May which is a vacation period, the ATA unit, which toured various schools under West Siang district recently and held meetings and interacted with colleague teachers, observed. The ATA team, in its meeting at Tirbin, also discussed various chronic problems faced by the schools, such as shortage of NCERT textbooks, primary and computer teachers, classrooms, deduction in quantity of rice for Mid Day Meal, frequent transfer of teachers etc. and demanded the authorities concerned for immediate redressal of their grievances. It also demanded that students’ stipend should be routed through ADEOs.

Other demands included grant of maintenance and school development fund to various educational institutes, regular payment of salary to SSA teachers and their service regularization as and when posts are fallen vacant.


Mother Teresa remembered on her birth centenary

ITANAGAR,  Aug 27: Local MLA Techi Kaso greeted Missionaries of Charity Sisters (MC) on the occasion of birth centenary of Mother Teresa at Good Shepherd Public School, Papu hapa.

Joining the celebration of birth centenary along with 2000 faithful, Kaso said that it is a golden opportunity for him to get a chance to pay homage to Mother Teresa on her 100th birthday. He donated some money  towards hundreds of motherless children being looked after by MC Sisters at Naharlagun and other parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Union presented a memento to Kaso MLA for his ability to read the pulse of the down trodden. They also donated cash for MC Sisters in recognition to their untiring services rendered to the people of the state, especially poorest of the poor. They also placed a proposal to the local representative to name the Papu Hapa road as Mother Teresa Road for all purposes.

So far, four Arunachalees have joined the MC and have become full-fledged nuns and brothers in the Mother Teresa Congregation. They are now serving in different parts of world and India.

Sister Bengia, one of the MC nuns, called for more and more Arunachalee to join with her in her mission and become nuns and monks to serve the people of the state.

Rt. Rev. John Thomas, Bishop of Itanagar Presided over the Eucharistic Celebrations along with the faithful, public leaders and Good shepherd Public School children. The children of Holy Cross School Nyokum Lapang presented a beautiful dance in honor of Blessed Mother Teresa.

Later, Kaso distributed prizes to students of Good Shepherd Public School for Essay competition on Mother Teresa.


FGA exposure visit ends

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: A two-day exposure trip for the people of Mechuka and Koyu circles ended at Rubdi village of Lower Subansiri in Ziro-II area today. The exposure trip was organized by Future Generations Arunachal (FGA) for the groups participating in the project entitled “Identifying Best Practices to Empower Arunachal Families”. The visiting community members were impressed by the voluntary works of the women groups in Yachuli area, notably in Rubdi and Kuch-Kuth villages. The group from East and West Siang assured that they will work for the welfare of their villagers with renewed vigor.

Tajir Kakki, Head Gaon Bura of Kakki village in East Siang said the works of FGA in their area has brought about lots of changes. The same thing is happening in Yachuli area as well, he said. The women from the villages around Mechuka were inspired by the wet rice cultivation system of the Apatanis and decided to start similar system of cultivation in Mechuka since they have abundant water and similar climate as Ziro.

The participants from three communities shared their achievements and challenges they face while working with FGA since the last two years.  The FGA project aimed to build the capacity of the disadvantaged sections of the community.

The team participating in the exposure trip was led by Pura Aiya, Project Coordinator and the Project Supervisors from Mechuka, Koyu and Yachuli.


Awareness campaign on health & sanitation launched

TEZU, Aug 27: Lohit district administration on August 25 launched a month-long campaign to sensitize people about the importance of using safe drinking water, hygienic living and education.

The campaign initiated by Deputy Commissioner R.K. Sharma, is being conducted by IPR department in collaboration with PHE/Medical departments. Its primary focus is on health and sanitation, which assumes significance in the district because of poor hygienic and health practices of the people.

Documentary films “Chodo Kalki Baate” and “Safai Mein Bhalai” are being screened  during  the programmes to raise awareness. With Hindi as the medium, the film stresses on hygienic and healthy living practices of people besides explaining ways of protection against malaria, water-borne disease and need of improving existing living practices of the local communities by constructing sanitary latrines, separate pigsty and use of low-cost filters etc.

Beside distributing pamphlets on education, immunization and health issues, the team will explain the objectives elaborately by displaying models and posters of low-cost sanitary latrines, safe drinking water, prevention methods against malaria and adult education programmes in villages.

It may be mentioned that many villagers especially of interior regions of district fall victim to rampant malaria and water-borne diseases during summer season mainly because of lack of awareness about preventive measures. Considering this factor the Lohit District Administration has been endeavouring to create adequate awareness among people on these basic issues since last two years by organizing mass sensitization programmes in the district. Launching the campaign, K.C. Das Asstt. Engineer (PHE), Tezu Sub-Division & Jogin Tamai Political Asstt., DC Office, Tezu explained about the need of healthy and hygienic living practices and proper use of safe drinking water; Sanitary latrines.

All the villages of Tezu Sadar Circle will be covered in month-long programme.

The Deputy Commissioner, Lohit has also urged all the out post Administrative Officers to carry out similar awareness programme in their respective jurisdiction to create massive awareness on above issues. DIPRO


It is nothing but a political vendetta

Dear Editor,

Recent drama of arresting a veteran leader, who served and represented Arunachal Pradesh for 21 years and other happenings in the state, impelled me to jot these lines.

The people of Siang belt are afraid of being displaced by so called hydro power developer, who is imposing vehemently their motive without any concrete work frame work or M.O.U of compensation and rehabilitation package to the real sufferer. Any move to resist them invites jail and lathi.

The foothill people bordering  Assam are hopelessly witnessing of being snatched their age old land. Trying to resist is equal to inviting economic blockade.

The refugee,  settled  in Arunachal Pradesh on humanitarian ground has now become the master.

The present guardian of Arunachal never solves any problem. Amidst such up roaring situation a new turn has taken place.

I am not opposing what the law is doing, but the way and manner in which  Apang was arrested is questionable. I have no idea about the case, but one thing is quiet clear that a Former C.M alone can’t ever be party to such major scam. Wasn’t there any other C.M and Food and Civil supply minister, contractor, etc? There must be head and tail, being the CM of a state, in my opinion he should be last person to be nailed. In this case other than former C.M who is behind the bar?

Then it appears that, it is nothing but a political vendetta. The disease of Tamil Nadu has reached Arunachal Pradesh.

The so called S.I.C has done its job. It has damaged the image of former CM beyond repaire, so suppose, if he is not convicted by the court and if the SIC couldn’t provide evidence in favour of allegation, who will compensate the loses.

Enough damages have been done to former CM in particular and people of Arunachal in general.

It is also understood that SIC is working under the court’s direction, but why it was formed? How it was formed? Who formed it? It is nothing but a weapon to harass the targeted one.

Now, it is crystal clear that investigating team is working on the behest of particular person; obviously fair justice is a matter of day dream.

So, in order to find out the real culprit the case should be handed over to C.B.I.


Taging Karpuk

Tarak village, East siang, (on email)



Let us protect and preserve wildlife

Dear Editor,

It is a matter of concern that when the whole world is fighting against global-warming, people of this land are ruthlessly and indiscriminately killing the birds and animals of the jungle and also felling the numerous valuable trees creating ecological imbalance.

It has been noticed that many learned persons from capital complex and Lower Balijan area  are going to jungle for pleasure hunting, some of them are felling trees, thus destroying the whole ecological system of the nature.

The  upper Hills of Balijan circle is the location of many rare species of flora and fauna. The Aina-Parvat is the suitable location of all varieties of deers, wild boar (Sere), Happa (Tassu), wild cats, monkeys and hornbills (Paga) and many varieties of birds. But due to continuous hunting, all these animals are in the verge of extinction today. Now-a -days, if one goes to jungle he will never hear the sweet chirping of birds or the howling of any animal.

This type of indiscriminate killings of animals and felling of trees have also destroyed the food-chain of the jungle. As a result of which the tiger comes to human habitation thus killing the domestic animals. The elephants are destroying the cultivated field and dwelling houses thus creating the man-elephant conflict.

Therefore, it is my humble request to all the conscious and learned people of Balijan and Capital complex to immediately stop the indiscriminate hunting and tree felling. They should come forward to protect the nature and its valuable wild life.

I also like to request the Forest department to take necessary steps to preserve and protect these beautiful flora and fauna of this locality. The department may bring this whole area under wildlife sanctuary to protect  wild animals and forest resources.


Tem Tayo

GPM, Upper Balijan

Papum Pare district



We need solution to boundary row

Dear Editor,

Recent boundary fracas in Charaigaon area has been the most uncalled-for moment to the age-old brotherly relations in-between Assam  and  Arunachal Pradesh. Obviously, the very efforts from the people of Assam to penetrate into boundary beyond Arunachal Pradesh are causes to start with. The total unrest, fear-psychosis and insecurity feelings amongst the people there have marred the very spirit of right to live in ones' own land. This is not new -- many small incidences may be almost-regular phenomenon, reports of which hardly find the way into media and hence to the people. The initiatives taken by our successive state government to bring a concrete solution into the boundary problems can be termed as Just Formalities. Writing to Assam Govt. and discussing the counterpart and  state police deployment to bring normalcy has so far been a laid-down practice and, of course to wait for another such occurrence. Normally, the government wakes up when the issue become hot and goes to sleep when normalcy starts prevailing in the areas.

If the news from NE TV is to be believed, the involvement of NSCN (IM) extorting money from the people in Assam residing in boundaries turns the entire episode into a different issue: To fuel further into the burning issue, the economic blockade by Assam Student Union to Arunachal Pradesh is also unfortunate on our part and the situation may be worst-ever-situation if the blockade is not withdrawn earliest as our peoples may suffer food-crisis to large extent. The prompt action taken by our Home Minister by personally meeting people and their Minister of Assam counterpart and, other initiative taken so far to ensure normalcy in boundary area is an appreciation job indeed. The State government should not leave any stone unturned and should sigh of relief only when the people from Assam in their boundary areas agrees and give commitment not to involve in any such undesired entries to Arunachal. Our state Govt. should be able to pursue the Assam Govt. that the boundary issue is a pending case in Center and Supreme Court (SC). And such incidence is mere violation of Central and SCs' order to maintain status-quo. Joint patrolling of forces from both the state government is the need of the hour but not a solution to bring in. There should be strictest instruction to authorities of Assam Police and Forest Officials not to carry out any illegal entry into our Arunachal area and make status-quo as per SC’s directives. Although it may sound different but visiting the affected areas by representative of Central Govt. and both the state governments along with respective Deputy Commissioners, Police and Forest Officials and making a demarcation/post in-between boundaries of two state taking into considerations and faith of the people residing there may be the desired temporary solution.


Komjurrh Riba

D Sector, Naharlagun



Kudos to Taba Ajum

Dear Editor,

The Article by Taba Ajum 'Intricacies of Assam- Arunachal relation’ ( 22 Aug. 2010 ) was a true portrayal of the sufferings of the innocent Arunachalees at the hands of unscrupulous elements of our neighbouring state. There is no falsehood or concoctment in his writing. The learned Journalist highlighted the facts which should be appreciated.

The authorities concerned may take necessary remedial steps.

Yours etc.

Kirtu Riba,

Pasighat, (on email)



Please stop this circus

Dear Editor,

Are we amused? Does the government think, we the people are a bunch of blind and dumb idiots who can’t see a cow for a cow?

Though I am not in support of Apang and believe that he should get his due if he is indeed guilty, but this is not the way to take things forward.

It’s a tragic comic. The government is feigning ignorance, while a senior citizen and a former CM being humiliated by a bunch of officials. And the biggest irony of it all is that the former CM is just a witness, the actual accused are free and flaunting their money.

If it is not political vendetta, then what is it? The people in power should realize, that they are setting a dangerous trend that could engulf the whole state in years to come. This misstep is surely a step backward for our state.

Every child in Arunachal knows that politicians are not saints, please stop this circus.

And if our government thinks they have some credibility left after this episode then please show us some and arrest other accused.  


A concerned citizen,

(on email)



Is it mandatory to pay local fund?

Dear Editor,

We pay VAT (Value Added Tax) at the rate of 12.5% of the   actual cost of the vehicle  while we purchase the vehicle from a dealer.   And to get registration number and road tax, one has to pay @ 2-3 per cent of the actual cost of vehicle for a period of 15 years.  Accordingly, I deposited the amount in the form of treasury challan in favour of DTO Naharlagun for  vehicle registration and submitted relevant documents. I was provided a slip to collect registration card after 15/30 days.

After more than 15 days, when I visited the office to collect registration card, I was informed that the registration card was not prepared due to non-payment of Rs 200-300 for local fund. When enquired, an office staff told me that it is for stationery charges.

Now, I would like to know from department concerned is it fair to levy extra fees for stationary charges?  Is it mandatory to pay local fund. If it is so, it should be displayed in public notice and mentioned in vehicle registration form.


Joram Lotu

F –Sector, Itanagar





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        



Tirap students distributes ration in boundary areas

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: A team of All Tirap Students’ Union’ led by president Somwang Homcha Lowang visited the trouble-torn Kamkuh-Russa villages and distributed essential commodities like rice, salt, medicine etc among the affected. While demanding the Centre, the state governments of both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for solving the Inter-State boundary dispute immediately, ATSU appealed AASU to lift the economic blockade because such kind of tactics serves no purpose but harass people, the release added.

There was acute shortage of ration items and other essential commodities. Even there was no medical (First Aid) team for the people and police personnel as well, said an ATSU release. Describing the grim situation tprevailing in those areas, the team claimed that the entire area are deserted. Houses were found locked and; what we came across were few youths with anxious faces, the release said.

“When we sat down for a short conversation with Tirap SP and two of his colleague SPs at Kamkuh-Russa, few students’ leaders and Chief of Russa accompanied us. After brief conversation, we have come to know that there were no local media penetration and representatives of the state Government accepting Home Minister Tako Dabi’s last visit. Surprisingly, many of the representatives of Tirap are yet to visit the affected area. On the other hand, Assam’s cabinet ministers, DIG, Commissioners, SPs, Pro-talk ULFA, students, public leaders etc. are frequently visiting the affected area, the release claimed.

“However, amidst such a brewing tension, we have seen friendly hands waving towards us from Assam police bunkers. We were surprised by the gesture. If all are putting efforts to solve the boundary problem then why situation is worsening day by day? Are citizen of this twin state not Indian? If yes, why central Govt. is still mum on the issue and why are they letting us ruin decades old cordial relationship between the two neighbouring states?, the release said.


Sensitization Workshop on Urban risk reduction

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: One day Sensitization Workshop on Urban risk reduction programme was conducted at ATI, Naharlagun today by City Deputy Commissioner.

Speaking on the occasion, City Deputy Commissioner Dr. S B Deepak Kumar urged the participants to take appropriate measures and steps while constructing buildings etc thereby reducing the risk of disaster. He further urged all to maintain the drainage system clean within their duelling house so that it could not create havoc during heavy rain.

Deputy Director, RR&DM Christine Wanglat overview the concept of the new progamme Urban Risk reduction. She also elaborated the concept and theory of Risk and its other component.

Later, SE,PWD, Basar Er. A.Lego, explain the details of Earthquake Resistance & Safe Structural buildings and also presented a demo of building methods and also shown the resultant negligence of buildings taking examples of recent Tibet earthquake. He further have a interactive session/ discussion on the identification of Risks areas in Itanagar and Naharlagun.


All India School Education Survey

Ziro,Aug 27: The District Survey Unit constituted for accomplishing the survey activities relating to 8th All India School Education Survey, 2010 in Lower Subansiri district conducted a training programme at Ziro-I, Yachuli-II and Raga for block and town level education officers, principals, headmasters, teachers and other officials to be engaged in data collection and their manual scrutiny from August 23 to 26, according to an official release.

8th AISES aims to describe the current status of school education system at different level with respect to access, enrollment, participation in school process and to assess the impact of SSA in the country and to find out deficiencies in various interventions.

At Ziro phase of the campaign, DDSE cum DSO Mallo Yam Gollo pointed out the importance of survey work and the data generated thereof. She advised the officials and respondents to co-ordinate at different level and execute the survey activities in the district in an efficient and effective way to provide complete and error free data for better planning and management of educational schemes.

The District Project co-coordinator (Survey) Padi Tylang who is assisting with DSO to ensure the data collection as well as entry and uploading of error free data in the software, extended operational support for successful completion of training programme and the resource support for filling up of all type of survey tools along with the training of officials for survey activities was extended by Sh. Umesh.


Action plan chalked out for cleanliness drive

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: A coordination meeting was held under the chairmanship of Upper Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Ameya Abhyankar regarding town cleanliness and conduct of social service at conference hall, Daporijo on Aug 23.

Presiding over the meeting DC highlighted the growing problems that are causing the Daporijo town un-hygienic.

Er R. Welly, Deputy Director (UD) cum member secretary, DUDA, Daporijo suggested locally arranged comprehensive long term action plan to carry out ongoing town cleaning activities. Seeking co-operation from public/officers and leaders, he pointed out the difficulties in carrying out daily cleanliness works departmentally due to scarcity of fund.

During deliberation majority of the house urged District Administration to initiate every possible step to make the town clean.

Tayar Bullo, president Gandhi Market Committee, Tachu Hina, General Secretary, APCC requested administration and DUDA to implement proposed action plan accordingly.  They also requested OC, BRTF to initiate immediate steps to clean road side drain along BRTF road.

Highlighting the need of social service, Daporijo MLA Tapen Siga also appealed urban dwellers to extend their co-operation to district administration and DUDA officers to implement resolutions and decisions passed in the meeting. Further, he expressed his support and accepted the Action plan to keep the Daporijo town clean and also promised to contribute fund for social service activities.

After threadbare discussion, the meeting unanimously resolved that there shall be mass social service in markets, offices, colonies every month with involvement of masses.  However, priority would given on market area.

The meeting also decided to impose fine of Rs Rs 500 to the defaulters who refuse to cooperate with the decisions of the administration in its cleanliness drive.


Induction level training for SSA teachers

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: SSA Zilla Mission, Kurung Kumey District has organized induction level training programme for SSA teachers at Palin.

Speaking as chief guest on the occasion, Additional Deputy Commissioner Chukhu Takar advised the teachers to be sincere and punctual to their duties and also appealed the public, parents, social workers and NGOs of the district to come forward to build up a good educational scenario in the district.

Guest of Honour, CO Pisa Tarak also appealed the teachers to play pivotal role particularly in Kurung Kumey district to uplift the literacy rate.

ZPM Techi Azad, BRCC AK Rai, Programme coordinator Toku Tachung and ADEO Kyoda Tagum also spoke on the occasion.


Free eye camp organized

KHONSA, Aug 27: Altogether 484 patients were screened for various eye diseases and 18 major operations and 200 refraction cases were done during a five-day free eye camp organized at District Hospital Khonsa from August 23 to 27 last.

The eye camp was conducted by Eye Specialist Dr. Taba Kana, Dr Dubam Bagra, Ampi Bami, D.Maiti and a team from District Hospital, Khonsa led by Eye Specialist Dr Rahman.

In spite of the on-going economic blockade imposed by Assam, due to which movement of vehicles are restricted, hundreds of patients came on foot to avail the opportunity.

DMO Dr S Ronya expressed gratitude to the Specialists from Changlang and Khonsa for successful conduct of the camp and hoped that more such camps will be held in near future. DIPRO.


Association demands enhancement of salary

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: Arunachal Pradesh Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalay Teachers Association (KGVBTA) president today met the Education Minister and discussed at length regarding the future status of KGVB teachers.

He appealed to the Education Minister for regularization of services and enhancement of salary of KGVB teachers at par with SSA teachers since KGVB is also associated with SSA Rajya Mission.


Malaria Awareness Camp Held at Sippi

500 Mosquito Nets distributed to the public of the area

DAPORIJO, Aug 27: A malaria awareness camp cum treated mosquito Net Distribution Programme was held yesterday at Sippi by the District Vector Borne Disease Control Programme.

Although mosquitoes are seen as small and insignificant, they are deadly as they can cause malaria and take lives, stated MLA Tapen Siga while addressing the beneficiaries of the distribution Programme. He added that ignorance and negligence of the people could be blamed for causing Malaria deaths and that Malaria could be prevented through taking of small precautions like using mosquito nets, keeping surrounding free of places for mosquitoes to breed etc.

He also enjoined the people to learn from such programmes and in future not to wait only for government’s schemes of free distribution but to take their own initiative in following steps and means for prevention of Malaria in the area.

The DC A. Abhayankar said that Malaria is a serious disease but could be controlled with small steps taken from within and outside our own homes. He laid stressed on the importance of health and education in the development of a society and conveyed that the state and its people had a lot of potential to develop and go forward if good health care facilities were given and children were educated and made responsible citizens.

Breaking the traditional belief that malaria was caused by consumption of bamboo shoot, the DMO J. M. Boje informed the public that no such thing was written in medical books and told the people that clean living and healthy lifestyle could go a long way in its prevention. Identifying bamboo groves and banana plantations near residential areas and stagnant water as breeding ground for mosquitoes, he asked the people to refrain from such practices.

T. Tayeng (DVBDCPO) explained the aims and objectives of the programme and a total of 500 treated mosquito nets were distributed to the public of the area. A demonstration was also given on the process of treatment of mosquito nets and the correct method of its storage. DIPRO


SHG training in book keeping & bank linkage

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: The AMYAA (NGO) with support from NABARD Regional Office, Itanagar, organized 4 days of training  programme in Book Keeping and Bank Linkage for the SHG office bearers of Miao and Kharsang Circles from  Aug 24.

60 SHG office bearers from 16 SHGs of the circles were the beneficiaries of the training. M. K. Bodh EO, Khagam CD Block, Miao spoke and dealt the topic on Book Keeping. He used practical examples and figures to make the participants understand and have the practical idea of maintaining proper records and books such as minutes, cash and ledger book, saving account and loan book. Purna Gogoi SCC from Apex Bank, Miao enlightened the participants on SHG Bank Linkage. He spoke on various bank facilities which SHG members can apply such as saving, loan and other merits of linking with Bank.

This training was organized after the AMYAA organization went for a random round of assessing the records and book maintenance of the existing SHGs in Miao and Kharsang Circle. The practical ignorance of the SHG office bearers in maintaining proper records, their request for training and the willing collaboration of the Block Development Office and Bank enabled the successful completion of the training. This training will definitely help the SHGs to pass the grading test in the course of time from the Block and become eligible to receive loan grants from the local Bank.

SDP for School Drop-outs: Meanwhile, Skill Development Programme (SDP) in 25 villages of Changlang district, sponsored by NABARD Regional Office, Itanagar and implemented by the AMYAA concluded with a valedictory function at the office of AMYAA, Namphai-I of Miao circle. T. Mara ADC of Miao came as Chief Guest. The other public leaders present in the function were GBs, ASM and Gram Members from the villages of Neotan, Neirong, Old Plon, Namphai-I and New Plon. A total of 30 representatives from different villages participated in the function.


Health minister visits health centres in remote areas

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling visited Yazali CHC, Boa Simla PHC and Rag PHC of Lower Subansiri, Dumporijo CHC, Maro CHC, Taliha, Kodak, Siyum, Limeking, Giba, Chitum of Upper Subansiri, Basar CHC, Nikte PHC and Pessing PHC of West Siang and East Siang districts.

The minister appreciating the performance of Pasighat General Hospital, Ruksin CHC and Pangin CHC of East Siang and Basar CHC, Maro CHC, Daporijo District Hospital, Ziro District Hospital, Dumporijo CHC, and Yachuli PHC, expressed displeasure over the poor performance and attendance of staff of various PHCs of Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri and West Siang districts.

He appealed all the DMOs and medical officers and staff working in the state to be more vigilant and sincere in their duties and responsibilities.

He further appealed to all the DCs, ADCs, SDOs, EACs, Cos and public leaders to cooperate with the health department and extend their valuable administrative help in order to bring the  Health sectors at par with other states and assured that required staff will be provided.


KKDSU refuses to budge

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union was adamant in its demand for re-introduction of Air-Dropping of PDS items in various remote areas of Kurung Kumey district.

While claiming that Head Load Carriage System of Essential Ration Items in the district has been a total failure and become money spinning machine for some people with vested interest, AKKDSU said that Head Load Carriage does not work in places like Tali, Damin, Parsi Parlo, Pipsorang and many other remote circle HQs.

Describing government clarification on the issue as fabricated, the Students Union claimed that ration items made available through Air Dropping at CPO centres are meant for Govt employees only. Those items are generally not sold to common public. It also alleged misuse of power by ration cards issuing authority in issuing cards and enlistment of PDS beneficiaries in Kurung Kumey district.

Meanwhile, the students’ union has decided to stage a peaceful dharna in front of CM’s bungalow on August 30 following expiry of ultimatum served to the state government for fulfillment of its demand.


Arunachalee team to participate in Martial Art meet

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: A six-member team from Arunachal Pradesh, including two officials will participate in the International Martial Arts Meet to be held at Kathmandu, Nepal from September two to four next, according to All Arunachal Pradesh Wushu Association (AAPWA).

The team: Abo Lukham, Tama Makcha, Tat Sonam, Ganesh Das. Coach: Biren Singh and Bimal Singh.


KKSU celebrates 38th foundation day

ITANAGAR, Aug 27:  Kargu Kardi Students Union (KKSU) has celebrated it 38 years of existence  in a befitting manner at Yomcha in West Siang district  today.

The celebration began with hoisting of union flag by general secretary Yidik Lombi.  This was followed by various cultural activities performed by the students.

The union vows to continue its selfless service to the society and the uplift of the poor in the district.


Committee’s instruction to land owners

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: Banderdewa Tarajuli Development Association & Forest Right Committee (BRDAFRC) advised dwellers and land owners of Tarakjuli area to construct houses on their land within 25 days failing which lands will be possessed by the committee. It was resolved in a meeting of the committee following a reported attempt of Assam people to encroach Arunachal land by clearing jungle with help of police personnel.



Congress refutes NCP demand for resignation

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee has refuted the demand for resignation of the Congress Govt raised by the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) to smoothen the ongoing investigation process of PDS scam in state.

APCC general secretary Minkir Lollen in a release today, said   neither the Congress Govt nor the Congress party has any role to play in the judicial matter. Thus the demand for the resignation of the Congress Govt in the state stands no ground, the release said.

The NCP should not try to gain cheap political mileage out of the matter, which is sub-judice, the Congress said.


Eye donation prog.

ITANAGAR: Rama-krishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar is celebrating the national fortnight on eye donation programme at Vivekananda Hall, RKM, Itanagar on August 4.


Bikes recovered

ITANAGAR: The Banderdewa police have recovered two motor bikes — one red colour Pulser bike (180 CC)  and  another TVS GLX Victor bike – from  the  jungle area of the Dobum Basti and Niya colony Banderdewa yesterday.   


MP appeals for peace in boundary area

ITANAGAR: MP Ninong terming the recent Kanubari Sub Division incident of Tirap district as unfortunate appealed to all the people living in the border areas of Kanubari, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to refrain from violence and come to an understanding by peaceful means.

He further appealed to all the residents of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to maintain 1979 status quo so that there is peace and understanding amongst the people of both states and added that Union Minister of DoNER and Mines BK Handique has assured to speak to Chief Ministers of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to bring peaceful conclusion.

Ering also wrote a letter to Home Minister P Chidambram and appraised the matter to Incharge of State V Narainswamy to take up the matter for peaceful negotiation.



ITANAGAR, Aug 27: Takio Tara has been appointed as General Secretary of Nyapin, Sangram, Phassang Students’ Union in a meeting held recently.

Chera Siro, Talam Har Neelam and Bake Talik have been selected as President, Vice President and General Secretary of Itanagar C Sector Welfare Association.

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