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August  - 30


Apang arrest smack of political vendetta: AAPSU

ITANAGAR, Aug 29:  All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) said that the procedure in which former Chief Minister Gegong Apang was arrested smacks of political vendetta.

“This entire arrest drama sounds politically motivated. Our state is going Tamil Nadu way, where Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha always indulge in political vendetta and arrest each other whenever they come to power. We should not encourage such kind of politically motivated move,” said its president Takam Tatung.

He further asked government to hand over the case to CBI for fair probe. “If government has honest intention, it should let CBI probe PDS case on the basis of PIL filed in 2004. This way nobody will doubt the intention of the government,” said Tatung.

He further requested the government to release pending bills of PDS and not to harass innocent contractors for mistake of others.

“Government has received so much of money from hydropower developer as upfront money. They should use that money and pay it to the contractors. Using past case as excuse to delay payment is not a good idea,” said Tatung.

Tatung further said that former CM should be treated with respect as he has served state for 23 years. “Way authority is treating him like criminal is bad. Even the most hardened criminal gets his share of respect and this is a man who was CM of this state for more than 20 years,” said AAPSU president. He went on to add, “There is no doubt there has been human rights violation by authority while arresting Apang. He should have been either put in house arrest or kept at a guest house.”

Urging everyone to remember the contribution of former CM in the development of this state, Tatung added, “The seed of development of Arunachal was planted by Gegong Apang and today we are bearing the fruit of this dedication. Apart from late legendary leader Daying Ering, former CM Apang is the one of the most revered leaders of the state and is like father figure to many present generations Arunachalee.”


Press fraternity selects new team

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: Reflecting the strength and unity, press fraternity of Arunachal Pradesh today unanimously chose their new teams to ensure that the press functions as the right bridge between the government and the public.

Jarpum Gamlin, Taba Ajum, Tumter Riba and Ojing Tayeng were selected as the president, vice president, general secretary and assistant general secretary of the Arunachal Press Club (APC), while Tongam Rina, Hiba Kaha, Dodum Yangfo and Sanjay Mosing were selected as the president, vice president, general secretary and assistant general secretary of the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ). V Ravindran and Appu Gapak were selected as the treasurer and information & publicity secretary for both the organizations in the general body meeting held at Arunachal Press Club.

The new executive members took over from the outgoing office bearers with a vow to march ahead as the true partners of development of the people of the state.

Taking strong exception to the way media has been meted out by various sections, including some government agencies, the press fraternity vowed to not tolerate such behaviour anymore. Press is the true voice of the people and it has been univocally decided to function as desired by rising above all considerations.

Taking into consideration various shortcomings of local media, like limited human resource and financial problem, it felt that it has not been able to spread out to interior places of this landlocked state where the true Arunachal lives. Programmes by journalists would henceforth be conducted to highlight the problems by confronting the people of interior and remote areas. Moreover, though the organizations and government agencies are depriving the media from rightful advertisement, it should take note that things would change for better to work for a better tomorrow.

After Taba Ajum lauded former APC president Pradeep Kumar and former APUWJ president Taro Chatung as the father of journalism in the state, it was unanimously decided to avail their services as advisers along with that of outgoing APC general secretary Utpal Barua and former APUWJ general secretary Rup J Pater and treasurer V Ravindran. All office bearers were chosen unanimously by inviting nominations with the proceedings conducted jointly by Pradeep Kumar and Taro Chatung.

As the house congratulated the new teams and wished them all success in their endeavors for the greatest interest of the press fraternity, the new teams sought everybody’s cooperation to meet the rising expectations of the press fraternity.



Pain of Tirap

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: Neither  NSCN nor ULFA had ever trouble us but it is Assam police who have made life miserable for Arunachalee villagers living along the border, told one citizen of Russa village, while narrating their pain and anger. This statement explains the whole picture of how people living along the border are being repeatedly harassed by police force of our neighbouring state. The duty of police is to safeguard the interest of citizen but Assam police seem to be hell bent on making life of Arunachalee staying near border as bad as possible.

The residents of Russa villages where boundary skirmishes broke out on 14th August are angry and sad over the entire incident. Though content with the steps taken by state government they wished more could have been done at appropriate time.

When a team of minister, MLAs and media persons landed at Russa village on Saturday, they poured out their heart. On the one hand they were happy to know that rest of the state care for them but on the other hand they were saddened over slow response of state government. The children whose life has been most affected because of this incident also turned up to listen what delegation team had in offering. Though tired and scared, their eyes were filled with hope and belief that with the visit of ministerial team, their life will be back on track. These children love to play and go to the school but ever since boundary skirmishes broke out they have been mostly confined to their homes.

 “We felt helpless as Assam people imposed economic blockade and made life miserable for us. However with peace parley taking place between our and Assam government, we are hopeful that we will able to live a normal life which all of us are patiently waiting for. For last few days virtually this whole area has been turned into a war zone. We are desperately waiting to have a peaceful sleep,” said one villager. He further added, “We share excellent relation with Assam people who live on other side of the boundary. But it is Assam police which always torture us without any reasons. Their hostility towards Arunachalee citizen is too much to take. Constant raids are being conducted on our home and our people have been accused of supporting ULFA without any proof.” Rubbishing all reports of NSCN involvement in the incident, another villager, told it is wrong to portray them as attacker as done by Assam media. “We have not attacked any Assamese citizen or their police as being reported in Assam media. In fact we are defending ourselves from heinous intention of Assam police. Also NSCN has nothing to do with this whole episode,” told a local citizen of Russa village.

Another aspect which hurts local resident most is the imposition of economic blockade by Assam based organizations. “Both Assam and Arunachal is part of India. So, how can fellow countrymen can make life hell for another? We are hurt emotionally, as we never expected our Assamese brethren to impose economic blockade against us,” grieved a villager.

Citizens of both sides for long had maintained status quo as per Supreme Court of India directive but it seems Assam administration always break it on every possible occasion. “People of both Assam and Arunachal very well know about need to maintain status quo. But every time it is Assam authority together with their police which breaks status quo thereby fuelling tension,” told  another local villager. In this tense hour also people of Russa village situated in the beautiful hill of Tirap district are still hopeful that soon peace will return to their villages and with that they hope to live a normal life along with citizen of Assam.


12 including Govt employees booked under Wild life (Protection) Act

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: Even as the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu advocates for a complete crackdown on hunting and fishing in the state, 12 people including a doctor, an engineer and a teacher have been booked under section 09 and 39 for violation of Wildlife (Protection) Act’1972 by the Divisional Forest Officer, Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary & Tiger Reserve, Seijosa.

Apart from the arrest, the DFO of Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary & Tiger Reserve Tana Tapi, ADCF has seized 18 kgs raw meat of Sambar (Cervus Unicolor).

One Tata Mobile vehicle bearing registration number AR-05-1581 have also been taken in custody.

The arrested persons are Piter Dulom, Assistant Mineral Development Officer from whose possession the 18 kgs Sambar deer meat were recovered, Dr. Gagung Yangfo, Medical Officer, Er. Anand Bagang, Junior Engineer, Tage Nabum, Junior Teacher, Khandu Tachang, AT, Jaro Gyadi, Office Peon of ADC Office, Taluk Bagang, Mineral Guard, Debu Chetry, Rikam Gyadi, Dinesh Nyare, Tafang Zakio and Mangal Hiffo.

The arrested were produced before the court of Judicial Magistrate, 1st Class Seijosa and later released on bail with surety money of  Rs. 60,000/- and with a condition that they will appear before the court or Divisional Forest Officer, Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary & Tiger Reserve, Seijosa after every 15 days at their own cost till investigation process is completed.


Society question SIC and Chauhan’s credibility

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: Dibe Youth Welfare Society while expressing  its deep anguish against the present govt for arresting the former chief minister has questioned the credibility if SIC and its SP MS Chauhan.

Its advisor Kinu Kayi alleged that MS Chouhan himself has given several NOC in the PDS case. “As the credibility of the SIC in conducting the investigation in impartial manner is doubt full and questioned by the public in the open”, Kayi appealed the Guwahati High court to consider winding up the SIC and hand over to central agency like CBI to undertake in-depth investigation of the case so that justice is delivered to the people of the state.

Not denying the fact that the investigation should lead to its logical conclusion and finding the real culprits, we are very hurt by the ill-treatment meted out to Gegong Apang by SP SIC M.S Chouhan subjected him to mental and physical torture, he further said.

“We hold the govt fully responsible for all the action as people are aware this is directly politically motivated by those in power, the Association said while protesting the pick and choose basis by which the investigation is being done and carried out.

All the reaction that are coming in the media and the governments reaction on the issue is suspicious and fishy, it said while adding that people should know that in the PDS the real culprits have been let off and are not even made accused whereas some other people have been made the accused which was done very manipulative by the state high court and SCI.

We are beginning to see a trend in Arunachal where democracy is murdered by money power. People can get arrested and judiciary cannot protect the life of people.

It further said that it is deeply saddened by the fact that a dishonourable police officer is made the head of SIC who himself is surrounded by controversy and charges of corruption.

It said that “people in Arunachal is anguished and hurt by manner in which the SIC is conducting the investigation in shoddy manner. Arrest of such a senior Congress leader who has given all his life for Arunachal Pradesh is a big slap in the face of ruling Congress led government”.


AAPSU welcomes lifting of economic blockade

ITANAGAR, Aug 29:  All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has welcomed the decision of lifting of economic blockade imposed against people of Tirap by All Assam Students Union (AASU) Sivsagar district unit. AAPSU reached out to AASU through NESO to end this blockade.

AAPSU president Takam Tatung hailing this goodwill gesture of AASU district unit also requested people living along the border to respect sentiments of each other. “Hopefully lifting of blockade will normalize the situation and make life better for citizens of Assam and Arunachal. We should not let people with vested interest destroy peaceful atmosphere,” said Tatung. Further AAPSU president has welcomed decision of government to slash room rate of Arunachal Bhawan and Arunachal House at Delhi. He said this will immensely benefit the citizen of Arunachal who often visit capital city Delhi for personal and medical ground. It is to be noted that sudden hike in room rent of Arunachal Bhawan and Arunachal House at Delhi has cause heartburn to many Arunachalees. AAPSU had vehemently opposed this hike and had requested government to slash the room rent. Confirming the news of room rent being slashed one government official told this daily that it was done in the interest of Arunachalee citizen. He informed that room rent of Arunachal Bhawan and Arunachal house which use to cost `1500 per day will from now cost `1000 a day. In Arunachal Bhawan, the new block where room rent at present cost rupees ` 1000 per day has been reduced ` 700 a day. Other categories room costing rupees ` 2500 per day now has been slashed to rupees ` 1600 a day.


Engineer take up time bound pay scale

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: A State level Annual Convention of Arunachal Pradesh Junior Engineers Welfare Association (APJEWA) was convened at Itanagar today. The convention was attended  by the representatives from All India Federation of Diploma Engineers (AIFODE).

Er R K Rawat President AIFODE and Er D R Kashyap Editor AIFODE Journal attended the function as Special invitees. The Association dwelt upon the various issues related to the serving Junior Engineers of the State, the primary issue was the deprivation of the time bound pay scale after the completion of 12 years of regular service.

It was unanimously resolved that a memorandum will be submitted to the Chief Minister soon appealing  grant of pay scales of Assistant Engineer on completion of 12 years and pay scale of Executive Engineer on completion of 24 years of Service will be granted very soon. Prior to grant of 6th Pay Commission the Junior Engineers were getting at Par with the pay scale of AE & EE on completion of 12 & 24 years respectively but on grant of 6th Pay commission the Junior Engineers are worst effected suffering a monthly losses of Rs 5100/- +DA per month.


A tale of two jackals

I want to dedicate this because of their spirit and vitality of youthfulness and the zeal to survive against all odds. I admire them for their ability to survive in the midst of hunting crazy Arunachalees.


Tamo Dadda

I want to dedicate this write up to a pair of Jackal whom I have been watching for last eight months in SenkiView locality of Itanagar. This is legally their home as whole of Senkiview, Mowb-I and II and even Indira Gandhi Park comes under the boundary of Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary.  I want to dedicate this because of their spirit and vitality of youthfulness and the zeal to survive against all odds. I admire them for their ability to survive in the midst of hunting crazy Arunachalees.

Any wildlife books on Jackal describes them as a medium sized canid with scraggy, buff grey coat interspersed with black hair while the underside, throat and the area around the eyes and lips are white.  Jackals are found in almost whole of the country, preferring urban and semi-urban areas and forests as their ideal habitat. Though they are very good hunters, they more have the reputation of being scavengers. Its eerie howls are characteristics of the Indian countryside and jungles. It also yelps, barks and uses shorter calls for as means of communication and to defend territorial rights. And they were once widespread and were known as one of the commonest carnivore of Indian jungle but now….

I first met the jackals of Senkiview during a mandatory walk along the CRPF camp area. It had rained night before and the path around the camp was muddy and slippery. While maintaining my balance, I was walking carefully watching my steps, enjoying the call of Himalayan tree pie from across the senkiview river, in the chirping midst of red vented bulbul, interspersed with the shrill call of Indian robin and with sudden bass call Indian council. A tract of claw marks caught my attention, being a trained wildlife Biologist and having experienced of walking and researching in almost forty National parks and wildlife sanctuaries of the country, I knew the tract to be of that of Jackals but still doubts lingered as there were many domestic dogs walking and playing on the same route. Against my best intuitions, I assumed the tracts to be of domestic dogs and moved on. After a week or so, walking along the same route, I distinctly recognized the oval, muddy scat of jackals. This final confirmation gave me such a great joy and relief to know that a jackal was still managing to survive against all odds. Here was a jackal who was surviving literally in the midst of crocodile jaw, the ever hungry Arunachalee’s for wild meat and ineffective Wildlife Department. This determined my resolve to save this beautiful animal but before it, I needed to know where this animal was hiding and surviving.

Thus began my quest to locate its hiding place, after few weeks of efforts, I located its dwelling place to a small crevices on the slope of a hillock. But still I had yet to make a visual contact. I knew that Jackals are diurnal, nocturnal in nature but thought this basic biology surely might have got altered in the landscape dominated by wild meat crazy people.

A chance encounter while returning late night from a friend’s party confirmed my doubts; there they were in middle of the road illuminated by the light of my car. They stood there under the light, gazed for few minutes and bounce off towards the bushes. Thus it became a regular feature of me meeting them, admiring their beauty and zeal to survive against all odds. With every encounter our bonding became to grow strong, I began to sense that they too were becoming comfortable with my presences. Many a times I could sense that they were starving but urge to help them with food was surpassed by the Biologists in me. I knew, if I help them with food, they might not be able to differentiate between me and the hunter which will surly guarantee their dead. Days passed with me enjoying their daily company without even informing any of my family members and friends about our secret rendezvous. During a school break came my 10 year old nephew, an animal lover. So I introduced him to the Jackals. I knew this small step will inculcate in him, life long affair with love and appreciation towards our fellow wild animals.


Few weeks before, I began to notice that only the male Jackal was regularly coming for our meetings. This perturbed me to wonder what might have happed to the female Jackal. Whole array of doubts and fear began to disturb me as I began my search for her. Jackals as other canids are prone to canine distemper, a deadly disease, without treatment can lead to sure death. I began to wonder, whether she has become a prey to this deadly disease or has become feast of Homo sapiens or whether she has been killed by the domestic dogs. With such doubts and fear, one morning, I located her body near a nala. The sight of her swollen body gave vent to my emotions which I had suppressed for long after the breakage of my decade long relationships. Death is such an easy thing; it is the loved ones left behind who feels the pain of death and betrayal. Determined to know the reason of her death, I opened her carcass with my rudimentary knowledge of vetinarary science. As I opened her, I saw two death puppies inside her womb. I knew the sight of two dead cute puppies inside her dead mother’s womb will always linger on in my conscience and will always remind me of my failures to protect them. So, who killed my beloved jackal? Most probably she might have died of canine distemper as tell-tale sign of the disease was evident by her bluish dead stomach with secretion on her dead eyes.

Now whenever I meet my lonely Jackal, I can identify with him the sense of loneliness, the sense of betrayal, the need for want and care but I know and He also knows that there is always hope and the zeal to survive. (The write is a Wildlife Biologist and be contacted at: -tamodadda@gmail.com)


Five arrested

ROING, Aug 29: Five Arunachalis were arrested by Assam police today at Chapakhowa in Assam after they were alleged to have got involved in a group fight with the locals here.

The incident took place while they were coming from Roing in two cars, when they got into an altercation with the locals near block no 4 settlement at Mishing village in Chapakhowa.

Sources said, in the ensuing brawl, of the seven people, two managed to flee back to Roing and another five held by mob were later handed over to Assam police. The five men who sustained injuries were admitted to Govt Hospital in Chapakhowa.

Police sources at Chapakhowa police station informed that they were later moved to Tinsukia police station on the same day.

On further investigation, sources revealed that these Arunachalis were member of a tribal family from Itanagar and had come to Roing on a case of family feud that involved a girl from Chapakhowa. The Chapakhowa area where the incident took place is inhabited by Mishing tribe of Assam. Takam Mishing Poring Kebang  (TMPK) will hold a meeting tomorrow on the incident.


www.indigenousmission.org launched

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: Parliamentary Secretary Science and Technology, Government of Arunachal Pradesh has launched www.indigenousmission.org of Indigenous Mission (IM) today at Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun.

Jomde Kena said that the NGOs could shoulder the developmental process of the state along with government and appreciated the IM for creating the official website made IM more transference and easily accessible to everyone. Karto Kaye, Vice President, State NCP and member of Vigilance Monitoring Committee under MORD also attended the programme.

Kaye said there are many sources including the government from where the NGOs can seek financial aids and give yeoman service to the needy people.

Tabe Haidar, CDPO, Itanagar while welcoming the launch of the website said that it will go a long way in ensuring transparency.

Madde Kangu, Chairman, IM said that though IM is doing a lot of work including running a school and supporting SHGs but it is yet to receive any government financial aid. He said that works are being carried out  voluntarily.


NER Cub-Bulbul Utsav concludes

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: The five days North East Regional Cub-Bulbul Utsav, 2010 held at IGJ Government Higher Secondary School, Pasighat, organized by Bharat Scouts and Guides, East Siang District concluded today.

Cub-Bulbul along with escorts from Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, NF Railway and Assam took part in the utsav.

During the programme, peace march was also held on August 27, where 650 Cub-Bulbul including scouts and guides from Pasighat Township schools participated.

DDSE East Siang attended the valedictory function as chief guest.

Meanwhile, contingents from NF Railway and Assam were declared as best and 2nd best contingents of the camp respectively.


Leaders for up gradation of school

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: The Panchayat leaders, GBs and general public of Khodaso Panchayat under Pakke-Kessang administrative circle of East Kameng district, in a memorandum, has urged Minister, WRD & Civil Aviation etc to upgrade the Khodaso Primary School to Middle School.

The memorandum said that up gradation of the primary school established 25 years ago was very necessary keeping in mind the souring number of students as well as mitigate students problem as the nearest secondary school at Pakke Kessang is about 9 km. Further, it would encourage students to continue their education beyond primary level as well as prevent school dropout, it added.

It also demanded specific fund for construction of teacher’s quarter at Longpung Primary school with drinking water facility at Longpung village.



Felicitation of toppers

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: A felicitation ceremony of toppers in Classes X and XII during the academic session 2009-2010 from Dadam Circle of Tirap District was held at Khonsa today.

The function was attended by the Chiefs, GBs, Panchayat leaders and students including other prominent public figures from the area. Addressing the gathering, the Chief of Dadam Wango Lowang congratulated the successful students and asked them to keep up the hard work and sincerity in every sphere of life to meet the demands of survival in today’s competitive world. He also assured the students of rendering every possible support from the community.

The toppers were Dine Ago, Moktowa village, 92% in class X from JNV Khapcho, Tissa, Chalom Sumpa, Bera village, 80% in class X from RK Sarada Mission School, Khonsa, Wisum Ruttum, Dadam Village and Wanglia Hakhun, Laho village.



Guwahati, August 29: Nangram Nikap and Mibim Take have been selected as the president and general secretary of Guwahati Arunachal Students Association (GASA) on Saturday.

Byabang Joram, the Chief Election Commissioner of 49th General Election cum Conference and who is also the Co-Convenor of All Nyishi Students Union selected the executive members of the GASA, representing each communities of the State so that no one should feel sidelined.  


Art of Living

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: The Art of Living is organising a stress management and rejuvenation workshop in Itanagar from August 31, 2010. The six-day course will be held at the Art of Living Centre in Itanagar.



ITANAGAR, Aug 29:  Gem Rido, Y Michael Jini and Teli Dokho Camdir have been selected as president, vice-president and general secretary of All Arunachal General Science Graduate Association.


SUN appeals

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: Disciplinary committee of the NERIST is taking action against the culprit as per norms of the institute who reportedly attacked and seriously injured a student of  the institute yesterday, informed  Students’ Union of NERIST (SUN) in a release today. The SUN has full faith on the disciplinary committee, the union said and appealed both side to realize the situation, desist from aggravating the matter.


Solung Giidii

PASIGHAT, Aug 29: The Central Solung Festival Celebration Committee (CSFCC’10) Pasighat is all set to celebrate the weeklong Solung festival.

Though the festival is primarily connected with the agricultural activities, it also encourages interaction and promote age-old Adi cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, Oshong Ering IAS (Rtd) has consented to attend the inaugural day as chief guest on September 1 next. Besides, Solung Ponung and cultural programme, the CSFCC’10 is organizing football, volleyball, chess, archery, tag of war competition.


IFCSAP’s Solung greetings

ITANAGAR: Indigenous Faith and Cultural society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) has greeted the people on the occasion of Solung. While appealing all to take part in the celebration, President IFCSAP Nabum Atum said that it is part of our identity and festivals have to be observed with all its traditional gaiety. This traditional belief and wisdom of our forefathers should not be missed or omitted while accommodating modernity during celebration.

He said that “these festivals will help us to maintain the traditional rhythm in our life and help us to overcome the present day problems in our society. May Kine Nane, the goddess of wealth bless all of us with extreme joy, lasting peace and tranquility in our life”.


National nutrition week

ITANAGAR: Community Food and Nutrition Extension Unit, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, Itanagar is observing national nutrition week at capital complex from September 1-7 next.

Meanwhile, a workshop on nutrition promotion for stronger nation would be held at Institute of Basic Education, Itanagar on September 1.


APST bus service from Kimin to Itanagar

ITANAGAR: Kimin to Itanagar direct APST bus service would be operational from September 1, informed assistant station Superintendent, Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services, Substation Lilabari, North Lakhimpur.



What happens to rest after Apang's arrest?

Dear Editor,

After PDS scam, what next is the question which lingers on in everyone's mind. May be hydropower since it is the in thing in Arunachal. Whoever is arrested with regards to a 1000 crore scam should be an eye opener but picking Gegong Apang out of the listed 40 is confusing all because of the timing. What might have gone wrong in the arrest that it has become so questionable? Was it a case of being hurried or there was something to be buried?!

The state government is saying that it has no role over the functioning of SIC. But, it is not impossible to time it as per agenda with good communication skills? This seems to be an ill conceived experiment.

There are questions on the integrity of M S Chauhan, SP of SIC. Let him prove himself by arresting the remaining accused as quick as he can.

Till then, I'll be wondering if this is an experiment of errors or error of an experiment.


Indrajit Tingwa, Miao,

(on email)



Arrest all those involved in PDS scam

Dear Editor,

The recent issue which diverted the attention of people from the Assam-Arunachal boundary dispute was arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang by SIC team. Many individual, organizations and political party have viewed the arrest as politically motivated.

Whether this is a politically motivated or not I can’t say much on it but I appreciate that at least one arrest have been made in the multi crore PDS scam. I should say his arrest is a bold initiative of judiciary system.

The poor people of this state are always victim of the corrupt system of Governance.

Actually I view politicians as the root cause of corruption.  But why arrest only Gegong Apang? All other accused should also be arrested immediately irrespective of their status and political affiliation if we want a corruption Free State.

Therefore I request all organizations not to ask to free the culprit rather pressurize SIC team to arrest remaining 40 culprits of multi crore PDS scam.


Concerned Citizen




Is it a good beginning to ugly PDS scam?

Dear Editor,

During my childhood I was made to remember personalities for social studies paper. Gegong Apang was one personality I followed so as to update myself of Arunachal current affairs. It helped me in fetching marks, writing well of him. Today my son will have to write badly of him to fetch the same marks. I'm deeply moved to hear him behind the bars and can just pray he comes out clean of all the allegations though it looks slim at this stage of his low political hold. He was a hero, great politician and an icon of the state.

It hurts to hear him being treated with shabbiness and to end his career in a disgraceful note though this is not an obituary to his political career as he rises after every big fall like the phoenix from the ashes. The guilty must go unpunished is not written in any book and Apang may not escape from the law keeper M S Chouhan's book but Mr.Chouhan where are the rest who seems more or equally guilty. We appreciate him for doing his duty but don’t make it look like a revenge for suspension.

Is it duty? Is it revenge? Is it a political manoeuvre to keep permanently Apang away from the rat race to the post of CM?

Is it a good beginning to the ugly PDS scam where by the scarcity of food items will not be there and my Arunachalee brothers and sisters won’t go hungry?

I'm thinking and my head spins!

God save this country.


A citizen



Who is running this state when those in power doesn’t know what’s happening?

Dear Editor,

Apropos to the first statement made by the spokesman and Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin as published in your esteemed daily on the arrest of former Chief Minister Gegong Apang in the PDS scam.

On the face of it, as he says the SIC is under the HC and not under the control of the government. But should we believe that SIC, though constituted under the direction of  Guwahati High Court, had not reported the decision to arrest a senior leader  like Gegong Apang, who had served the state as Chief Minister of the state for more than 20 years, to CM who is the Minister in charge of the Vigilance Department.

Who could believe that the government had not pulled any strings to take such a big and unprecedented decision to arrest Apang?

It was also surprising to know that the Home Minister Tako Dabi expressed his ignorance when he was responding to the media few days back about the arrest of Apang.

We do not know what is happening in the state when in one hand the Home Minister is ignorant about the arrest and on the other hand the government has shirked from owing any responsibility of the arrest of Apang by SIC, which is conducting the investigation under its very nose. This is a well documented fact that many kith and kins of the Minister in charge of the vigilance department as well as former Home Minister and government spokesperson and Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin are also PDS contractors, themselves who are also within the ambit of the investigation by SIC. When PDS contractor’s, bureaucrats, govt. officials are deep in neck in the PDS scam, why Apang is being made a scapegoat? The public had expected a high level of professionalism and sensitivity to handle the case.

All said and done, what the people want is that the case should be investigated without any bias and predetermined agenda. With the SIC coming under attack from the public for its insensitive handling of the case and in such scenario I feel SIC shall not do justice to the investigation, the only agency that now can investigate the case competently is CBI.

The state government should also have no hesitation to hand over the case to CBI if they do not have anyone to shield. I also appeal to the Guwahati High Court to consider issue of necessary directives in this regard accordingly to bring the case to its logical end.


Taper Gongo





Tirap and Changlang, the dumping ground

Dear Editor,

Unemployment has been a curse to our state and believe it or not there are many appointments still being done behind the scene. The concerned Minister of that dept does not leave any stone unturned to accommodate his supporter in their own respective dept. It has been seen that it’s a regular practice of many illegal appointees in the govt. dept to be first posted either in Changlang or Tirap.

It’s a dumping ground for all illegal appointees of every department.

They are recruited on contract basis in the department and after 3-4 yrs, they are then absorbed as a regular staff.

I sincerely appeal to the Unemployed engineers association to look into this matter as many appointments have been made without following the laid down norms.


Tony Bagbi (on email)




Wait-listed candidates deserves immediate appointment



Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter under caption “Wait-listed candidates can’t be accommodated if vacancies are filled” appeared in this daily on Aug 26.

We do not claim appointments as J/T and A/T for our own benefits. It is because most of the poor parents in our state especially lower class people are worried for the future of their children due to shortage of teachers in the schools. Therefore, we, being the empanelled wait-listed candidates, claim our rights within given period of one year time  to the education department in order to render our best services to the society. Truly speaking, waiting list candidates in any departments are the deserving candidates.

It is not the writer of the letter to decide whether we would be accommodated or not, but it is State Cabinet, Department’s Committee Board and Minister of Education to decide and we know that Education Department had accommodated good numbers of waiting list candidates in the recent past.        


J. Panyang, President

Doba Ete, vice-President,

Nabam Raja, General Secy

All Arunachal Pradesh

J/T & A/T Wait-Listed

Candidates’ Forum




Dear Editor,

This is regarding the letter "Wait-listed candidates can't be accomo-dated  if the vacancies are filled" on Aug 26.

As the students of our state are facing shortage of teachers and there is an immediate need of teachers in greater interest of the academic career of the students,  we should not discourage our wait-listed brothers and sisters who are eagerly waiting to serve even in the most interior parts our state. It is the first time after ten years that direct recruitment being conducted by the department and it is their right to claim within a year.

As they are qualified through the perfect recruitment process we have no rights to discourage them. lt is not the time for teaching them the laws and the procedures rather it is the time for thinking about the students of our state who are in dire need of teachers.  Further I want  to ask the letter writer,  where  the laws and procedures were when large numbers of teachers were appointed on officiating basis in recent past?

As a member of Village Education Commitee and a father of two students I want to suggest  the  writer of the letter  to keep vigil over  other departments where illegal appointments are being carried out in instead of discouraging wait-listed brothers and sisters who are fighting for their rights.


M. Langkam

Bizari, Lower Dibang  Valley



But where are the solutions?

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Tasing Jeke Nilling for his concern for upper Subansiri. His concern for telecommunication failure, concern for road condition, concern for pigs and dogs and his special concern for education we need many more Citizens like him to revolutionize our sleeping society. I thank him for awakening us and for educating us about shapes of our District. But I again request him to suggest the solutions. It’s easy to find out guilty but not that easy to give remedy. Where an enlighten Citizen is spiting on wall, what to talk about an ignorant, where an enlighten citizen is relieving in prohibited area what to talk about poor villager. We have 5 elected representatives who are doing their best to give good shape to our district. Always excepting leaders to do miracles is not genuine. Citizens have also to realize their duty in cooperating with administration and Govt.

If a cattle farming is prevented suggest livelihood for poor’s? Where School buildings are destructed what is computer set? Where necessities of good roads are not realized by citizen themselves what do you suggest? Many NGO’S and individual have complained against BSNL failure but no improvement. Should Govt. and Administration including wage a war against BSNL?

Now, I being the attorney of Jumpi Gas Agency Daporijo would like to clarify Nilling’s concern about Gas Agency. LPG shortage is phenomenal. It is prevalent all over India, I don’t know about other country. When natural calamity occurs what human beings can do? During monsoon also we have been doing all our best to serve our customers. This can be verified from DSO’s office Daporijo. Therefore, Nilling should visit our office rather than collect information from other sources.


Rajen Rigia




Games Assam play

Dear Editor,

Arunachalee people damaging properties belonging to Assam; trying to encroach Assam territory- it’s a rare news or latest of its kind, but, round the clock we get to hear that “ property belonging to Arunachal ransacked and land encroached by Assam”. The bitter truth is Assam have been encroaching our land since long taking the advantage of transportation we depend on them having no other means. Who’s maintaining status quo? Honorable court is treated as nothing by the violators. People of our state are helpless and have to silently bear the atrocities as we’re dependent on Assam almost for everything and hence we’re on receiving end.

Discouraging part is credited to our inapt government waiting for some miracle to happen. Look at Likabali where the indigenous populace of our state is pushed back to hilly areas forced to leave their ancestral land.

The Mopin ground where the Galos of Likabali used to celebrate their sacred festival is now under Assam. The government of Assam has set up Police Training Centre at the heart of Likabali town disrespecting the status quo.

There’re many places in our state enduring pain since long and most of the people have adapted to ugly situation as nobody is going to help them.

When anything goes wrong in Arunachal against Assam the latter resort to economic blockade which is sufficient to create havoc in our state. But, when we are aggrieved by Assam we have no option!       


Bubu Game,

(on email)



Don’t trust anyone

Dear Editor,

With reference to the letter ‘Border needs attention’ (Aug 27, 2010) where a citizen writes ‘China has the reputation of not caring much, what the world thinks about it. The best example is the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing where government troops killed innocent students protesting against few issues.’ India is no saint either. What is Indian govt doing to the people of Kashmir is known to the world. Genocide of Kashmiri youths is taking place every day. Thousands of Sikhs in Punjab were killed when they wanted freedom from India. So don’t expect justice from anyone in this world.


P. Konwar (on email)




Visit our village school too

Dear Editor,

It is a good omen that the East Siang Deputy Commissioner is taking interest in development education sector in the district. He had already visited the maximum schools of the district and came to know how the schools are running in absence of teachers.

I would like to request him and the officers of department concerned to visit our Debing village under Ruksin circle.   I am sure, the DC and staff of education department will discover many unexpected things during their visit to the school. Surprising would be seen in the teacher register;  they remain absent for the whole month, but he would not find absent mark in the register.

Everyone cries for quality education but how can achieve this if they remain absent the whole month. Our village upper primary school  was established in 1986, since then the school failed to produce any brilliant student to  serve the state as first class officer. So, it is time the education department and district administration do something for improvement of education scenario of the school.


Litem Eshi

DIET, Pasighat,

East Siang



That’s what we do

Dear Editor,

While drawing your kind attention to the letter of D. Ete, published on Aug 2nd in the Readers Forum of your esteemed daily, I on behalf of my department would take this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks and also mention the following points for general information of our esteemed citizens.

The Department of Legal Metrology is basically responsible for regulation of weighment and measurement being used in day to day transactions in the field of commerce, public health and human safety.

However, responsibilities for various quality control orders for different consumable items are fixed with various consumer service providing departments of the State Government.

Accordingly, adulteration of petrol & diesel are dealt with by the Food & Civil Supplies Department. The role of the Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs Department is to ensure correct delivery of petrol and diesel by the dispensing pumps.

Further, the adulterations in food items are looked after by the Food & Health Authority under the Department of Health Services. The Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs Department has to regulate the food items in packaged form as per provisions of the Packaged Commodities Rules.

Similarly, the responsibility for fixation of prices of various essential & edible commodities lies with the District Administration in consultation with concerned Department responsible for regulation of prices.

In so far as consumer cases are concerned, the Deputy Commissioner in the District is functioning as the President of District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (District Forum). The District Forum admits and hears cases involving financial implication upto Rupees twenty lakhs for redressal of consumer grievances.

The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission ( State Commission ) located at Old Secretariat Complex, Naharlagun receives cases having financial implication beyond Rupees twenty lakhs and upto Rupees one crore, besides appeals against the decision of District Forum.

For details, the nearest Assistant Controller/Inspector (Legal Metrology & Consumer Affairs) in District who is also designated as Ex-officio Consumer Protection Officer (DCPO), may be contacted.

While extending services towards consumer protection, the Department expects to receive continuous support from the consumers of the State.


K. P. Tago), ACLM (Publicity),

Department of legal Metrology & CA,



Want of teachers

Dear Editor,

The Govt I V School, Rumte under Baririjo circle was upgraded to Middle school in 2008 for the benefit of the students. But the upgraded school has no proper strength of teachers. It is still run by on two SSA teachers. Not only this middle school, many other schools under Baririjo circle are also facing shortage of teachers.

Therefore, I request the authorities to post required teachers, particularly to Rumte Middle school in greater interest of the academic career of the students.


Midar Kena

Baririjo  circle





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