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AAPBPA appeals for CCTV in check gates

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: All Arunachal Pradesh Border Peace Association, Women wing appealed to the chief minister to formulate effective policy and programmes for coordination of political parties and various organizations in the state for speedy development of the state and also demanded installation of CC TV at Banderdewa, Kanubari, Ruksin, Likabali and Balukpong check gate.

The association alleged that due to weak security in all the check gates of the state many illegal activities are being operated with free hand.


MLA appeals for supply of food items

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: MLA Karya Bagang in a release said that due to heavy rainfall, massive landslide have occurred at several places which snapped road communication of Bameng, Pipu, Sawa, Khenewa and Chayang Tajo administrative circles. As a result   the people of upper East Kameng area are facing food scarcity.

She strongly appealed to the chief minister to appraise the matter to central government for immediate visit of central team in the area for verification and necessary step.

She further appealed to the chief minister to direct the concerned authority to supply essential food and other items as per the requirement immediately.


Transfer demanded

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: All Arunachal Youngster United Federation in a memorandum addressed to the PWD Minister demanded immediate transfer of the executive engineer, PWD ‘B’ Itanagar as per the transfer and posting norms. It claimed that the EE has been posted at the present office since July 10, 2003.

In a separate memorandum address to Power (electrical) minister, the Federation also demanded transfer of the executive engineer, Capital Electrical division, Itanagar as per Govt transfer and posting norms. It claimed that the EE has been posted since Dec 19, 2005.


AAPRTIAO demands resignation

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: All Arunachal Pradesh RTI Activists Organization (AAPRTIAO) demanded resignation of parliamentary secretary Kumar Waii and Minister Nabam Tuki  for their alleged involvement in corruption.

The organization in a release today alleged Waii had involved in illegal appointments in tourism department while Tuki allegedly embezzled crore of amount meant for the people of the state.

It further urged the Itanagar PS to take action against those people who threatened RTI activists on July 24 night and also action against Waii and Tuki.


APCC express concern at misuse of RTI Act

ITANAGAR: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today expressed serious concern over ‘misuse’ of Right to Information (RTI) Act by RTI activists.

“We are seriously concerned over the misuse of  the Act by the RTI activists targeting some selective individuals to tarnish their personal as well as political images,” APCC said in a release and appealed to all sections of the society maintain peace and brotherhood.

It also expressed grave concern over misuse of latest communication moods like, SMS, MMS and social networking site Facebook. APCC said that those mediums are now being misused by the people to make and pass derogatory comments, personal attack and express their liking and disliking which seems to be most dangerous.

The APCC urged the law enforcing authority to check the menace effectively to ensure peace and prosperity in the state.


Encroachment alleged

ITANAGAR: Jigo Yego Youth Association while highlighting the problems of Champakchojo village under Kangku circle of Likabali Subdivision alleged that the Assam Forest Department along with police personnel is carrying out massive encroachment and plantation activities in the said area which threatens the very existence of life and property of the locality.

Further they also carried out rigorous survey in entire hills where Jhum cultivation is practiced by the villagers of Champakchojo area.

The association appealed to the administration, AAPSU and GSU to take up immediate step to prevent such activities.


News Impact

Streamline local keba system’

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: All West Siang District Goan Buras Welfare Association (AWSDGWA), has appealed to the Chief Justice of Itanagar Permanent Bench of Gauhati High Court to streamline the Local Keba System  of Arunachal Pradesh in general and West Siang District in particular for delivery of justice in proper way.

“The ‘local keba’ system of our society which has existed from time immemorial and remained free from any external influence had played a very pivotal role in carrying out the Justice delivery system. With the introduction of Assam Frontier (Administration of Justice) Regulation, 1945 (regulation 1 of 1945) the importance of ‘local keba’ was felt more with certain guidelines from the Government of India which was accepted as prescribed law in the ‘local keba’ proceedings. But there are  so many drawbacks which needs to be streamlined for better justice delivery system, the AWSDGWA memorandum submitted to the CJ said.

It said that there were some certain drawbacks in the Keba proceedings due to undue interference of Political Assistant and Political Interpreter popularly known as Kotakis which is against the prescribed law of AFR 1945.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Dying Ering Committee report of 1965 also recommended that the system of having Political Interpreters should be abolished and no further recruitment should be made to this cadre, the memorandum said.

But the system is still existing and district administration are still engaging them to minimize their work-load which made the system remained controversial, it said.

While describing many loopholes and anomalies in the local Keba system, the memorandum said that in some cases of local keba system some matter can not be decided by Keba. In such cases divine intervention as per tribal jurisprudence is sought through oaths and ordeal as our custom like biting of tiger teeth called Nyodu, stone biting etc. Another method and mode of deciding the matter is Chicken Liver Reading which is still practicing and viewed as very important. But all these are never a part of AFR 1945 which needs to be debated while making amendment of it. Further, according to AFR 1945 a village Keba can impose a fine and penalty of not exceeding Rs 5000 in criminal cases. But in practice, it is seen that the village Keba is imposing more than it, the memorandum said, appealed to the CJ to make necessary suggestion/direction to the State Government for proper amendment in the proceeding of the local Keba System under the provisions of the Assam Frontier (administration of justice) Regulation 1945 in order to preserve and practice the age-old customary local Keba System to deliver the justice in proper way in the interest of local people.


FSD lauds Govt step against illegal encroachment

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: The Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD) highly appreciated the bold step taken by the East Siang district administration to evict all the illegal Government land encroachers in Pasighat township.

The vast land donated by the people of Bogong Banggo for development of the Pasighat township had been totally encroached and occupied by land sharks, including few officers and privileged one, leaving not a single plot of land for future infrastructural development and implementing other developmental schemes in the township, said the FSD in a release.

The present trend of encroachment has naturally hurt the people, who have donated land for good cause, FSD said, and appealed to the district administration to continue the eviction drive by removing all permanent structures like RCC, SPT buildings till the last encroacher is evicted. The Forum appealed to all to support and cooperate with the district administration in its endeavour. While expressing resentment over the transfer of present deputy commissioner Onit Panyang, FSD urged the Government not to transfer him till the eviction drive is carried out completely.

“No Government officers accepting the present DC had ever taken such bold step to evict illegal land encroachers. It is very sad to learn that such an efficient officer has been transferred out instead of appreciating and rewarding him for the commendable job,” the Forum lamented.


ANSU says never demanded Welly’s resignation

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU), in a release, today clarified that the students union had never sought the resignation of Minister Atum Welly but it wanted to know the Government’s stance on the issue.

“ANSU wants to know how the Govt is serious on this issue. If he (Welly) is not involved in criminal activities then why the Govt is not coming out in his support and giving clean chit to him. Why there has been no statement from Govt side on this whole issue,?” questioned ANSU general secretary Arjun Panye.  “The silence being maintained by the Govt. on Atum Welly issue and their inability to defend him, if he is innocent, is very surprising and it is main reason for the bandh calls given by various organizations demanding Welly’s resignation,” he said.


APDDSU demands renovation of dilapidated road

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APDDSU) has demanded the authorities concerned to quickly deal with the worsening road condition of Doimukh.

With the advent of monsoon, the roads connecting Doimukh town with various places have gone from bad to worst, APDDSU said. Further, the scattered/piled up soil on the road due to earth cutting for construction of drainage and culvert has resulted in overflow of water on the road creating artificial ponds, it said.

The pathetic condition of the roads with countless path holes have not only increased the possibility of vehicular accidents but also burdened the vehicle owners with extra maintenance cost.

APDDSU also expressed grave concern over reports of drugs addiction by students and school drop outs in Doimukh area.

While informing that some groups of school going children and drop out students are in habit of using local drugs available in the market, APDDSU urged the authority to check the menace before it spreads its ugly tentacles. APDDSU also urged the authorities concerned check the encroachment Govt land, which has now become a new trend of Doimukh.


PIF appeals Govt to clarify, says bandh call baseless

ITANAGAR, Jul 31:While pointing  out the illegal appointment issue raised by ARTIAF and its demand to drop Health Minister Atum Welly,  Papum Pare Intellectual Forum (PIF) requested the Govt break its silence and clarify its position. It said as per the documental evidence there is no record of involvement of Atum Welly in illegal appointments and no case has been initiated against him.

It seems that ruling Congress Govt has failed to live upto the expectation of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, the Forum said and asked how long the people will watch this circus in Congress. We have elected them to lead our state not to wrestle among themselves, it said.

The Forum also requested the Congress Party to give clarification in this regard and also requested  the association, unions and forums not to bring out their personal grudges into state scene.

Pointing out the frequent bandh call, the Forum further said the bandh call demanding resignation of the minister is baseless. It only creates problems for citizens. It suggested the associations/union to stage peaceful dharna or hunger strike instead of bandh call which only harass the common people.

Referring to the statement of ANSU general secretary Arjun Panye asking health minister to resign on moral ground, the Forum said there is no valid ground for resignation of minister and no evidence against him.

“We are fed up as only one minister being harassed in so called illegal appointment case though he is not involved in it whereas there are alleged two thousand illegal appointments in various departments, the Forum said.


Anung Welly demands probe into origin of forged degree certificate

ITANAGNAR, Jul 31: Anung Welly (Gamlin), daughter of Atum Welly has appealed to the police to investigate the genesis of the forged degree certificate and the source and location from where the same was faxed to the Department of Art & culture.

In an FIR lodged with Itanagar police station on July 26, Anung Welly further sought enquiry to ascertain whether the making of RTI application and the consequential faxing of degree certificate in question have any nexus with each other. In this connection, the role and RTI activists Payi Gyadi and Chopa Cheda need to be probed, the FIR added.

Pointing out the FIR No 72/11 dated 04.04,2011, Anung said the investigating authority has only carried out a partisan and one sided probe without examining the totally of facts and circumstances.  Anung said, she was not contacted even once to give her version and no effort was made to record her statement.

Anung Welly in her FIR urged the police to register case under appropriate provision of laws  and investigate the matter.

Giving details of her appointments and following incidents, Anung Welly said she was appointed as a staff artist on ad-hoc basis along with few others for a period of six months by an order issued by the director of Art and Culture on June 1, 2007. While serving on adhoc basis as staff artist, the secretary, Department of Cultural Affairs, appointed her as socio-cultural organizer as a stop gap arrangement by order dated Oct 12, 2007. She said, in her bio-data submitted to the office she  showed herself only as 12th standard passed with supporting documents indicating her proficiency in cultural activities.

On August 26, 2010, Anung said, she received an official fax message sent from the office of the Director, Art and Culture, Government of Arunachal Pradesh for submission of copy of degree certificate. But she did not react to the fax message as she is not a graduate and never claimed to be one.  She further said that prior to her appointment to the post of Cultural Organizer on officiating basis she was not called upon to produce any degree certificate and she also never wrote any application claiming to be a graduate.

Anung further said she was shocked by report published in local media during January/February this year alleging her having forged degree certificate and having obtained appointments as socio cultural organizer. However, since she was on a family way and was not keen on serving any more preferred to tender her resignation from service instead of approaching the media and courting unnecessary controversy. Consequently in March this year she submitted her resignation which was accepted by the government of Arunachal Pradesh by order dated March 16.

“It is now learnt that even though I had not responded to such a fax message earlier, a degree certificate purportedly issued on my name was faxed by an unknown source from an unknown location to the Department of Art  and  Culture from where the photostat copy of the aforementioned fax was supplied to the RTl applicants who in turn went to media making all kinds of allegations and dragging me and my family into controversy,” the FIR said.

Anung believed that the forged degree certificate purportedly issued on her name was deliberately planted with a calculated design to malign her family as her father is a senior politician and a cabinet minister. Anung strongly suspected that Arunachal RTI Activist Forum ARTIAF chairman and Sango Lomte Foundation chairman Payi Gyadi “either jointly or in collusion with the few others are instrumental in planting the forged degree certificate purportedly issued on my name”.

She further said the vilification campaign spearheaded by Pai Gyadi and Cheda appears to be politically motivated with a deliberate design of harming the political standing of her father.


Mege Duchok crowned Miss Arunachal

By Gandhi Darang

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Mege Duchok was crowned Miss Beauty of Arunachal-2011 at Nyikum Nyiya Hall, Nirjuli today evening. She also won the ‘best beautiful costume sub-title’.

Ngurang Rina and Osley Joram were adjudged the first and second runners up respectively.

Miss Personality, Best Smile, Beautiful Hair, Best Beautiful Skin, Best Catwalk, Best Talent and Photogenic sub-titles went to Ngurang Rina, Keshaya Molo, Peesa Yajik, Ameeng Techi, Duyir Ete, Oying Mibang and Geter Riba respectively.

Duchok, 17,  a class 12 student of Royal International School, Naharlagun was described as Barbie Doll of Arunachal by the judge during the event.

Proud daughter of Takam Duchok and Yapak Duchok of Taliha, Duchak had also won the Miss Si-Donyi 20ll title in January last.

“A good model should help the society and try to be a role model for others by showing good example,” she replied to a question asked by the judge.

“Never underestimate yourself. If someone can do it, you can do it, and if I can do it, you can also. Trust in yourself and go ahead,” she replied to another question asked by the judge that “what message would you give to the society if you win the title?”

She appealed to the upcoming youths to come forward and participate in such event which provides them the opportunity to show their talents.

“One should participate in such event without any fear,”  she suggested.

The Arunadoya Society which conducted the event has agreed to sponsor her in the next North-East level contest.


Chief Justice Lokur inaugurates Legal Awareness Training at Pasighat

PASIGHAT, Jul 31: The Chief Justice, Guahati High Court Madan B Lokur visited Pasighat on Saturday and inaugurated a three day Legal Awareness Training of Gaon Burah/Buris of East Siang District, held at the IGJHSS Auditorium.

He was accompanied by legal experts including District Session Judge Nani Grayu, Deputy Registrar of Guahati High Court DB Dutta, President Bar Council Association of Guahati Bench, Itanagar Kardak Ete.

Addressing the trainees, Lokur informed that the objective of imparting legal awareness to the grass root authorities was to deliver justice to the people while taking up and dealing with cases of any disputes or contradictions in customary practices at grass root level.

He further informed that his mission would be extended to all over the Northeastern states. There are some differences between the traditional / customary laws and laws practiced in the Civil Law Courts but both should be continued to exist in their respective fields adding that where there is no mention of particular laws in traditional system, the Laws of courts would be applicable to that extend. He appealed and advised all the trainees to get proper training and utilize it in their day to day proceeding.

Earlier, DM Onit Panyang highlighted brief history of the then Siang District and Pasighat in particular and described the latter as the cradle and epicenter of development of Arunachal Pradesh in all fields particularly in education, political and economic and expressed hoped that Lokur’s visit would benefits the grass root authorities.

Earlier, Kardak Ete, President Bar Council Association Guahati , SC Debnath ADC, Taker Panyang President Gaon Burah Association also spoke on the occasion.

Amongst other, senior lawyers Toni Pertin, Ajin Apang, Toning Pertin, Muk Pertin attended the training program as resource persons. DIPRO


APMCC team takes part in North East Mahila Congress meet

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Arunachal Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee led by its president Yari Dulom attended North East Mahila Congress meet at Shillong on July 28 last.

Addressing the meeting as chief guest, All India Mahila Congress, President Anita Verma urged the state government to take up the issue concerning the women of the state so that they are not deprived of educational and constitutional rights.

She informed that there is enough provision for reservation of women in government job and various other fields and it is for the state to implement in totality so that the women empowerment as mentioned in the constitution becomes reality.

Further, she advocate for 30% reservation for women in the government job to empower them economically and advised the social activist and the mahila congress workers to concentrate in the welfare of women and its rights.

APMCC, President Yari Dulom highlighted the developmental activities and achievement of Arunachal Pradesh in particular and north east as a whole and expressed their gratitude the MPMC for their cooperation and successful meet.

Meghalaya chief minister Dr. Mukul Sangma, President, Pradesh Congress Committee, Meghalaya and all north east state presidents also spoke on the occasion.


Induct more ministers, concentrate on development: AEKSU

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Stating that the present crisis between the RTI activists and minister Atum Welly is personal and politically motivated, All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU) said the such crisis has badly affected the development process of the district in particular and the state as a whole.

The union felt that due to political crisis, the development activities have been badly affected in the district. The serious issues of the district  like road connectivity from district HQ to various circles of the district, development of health, education sectors and basic problems are being overlooked due to such crisis, the union said.

AEKSU said considering the backwardness the district, the state Govt should induct more cabinet minister for overall development of the district. It also appealed to the organizations not to go for resignation demand and find out amicable solution to the issue for the greater interest of the district. AEKSU further appealed to NES and ANSU to find out amicable solution to ongoing crisis and support the union’s representation to CM for induction of one more cabinet minister from East Kameng besides Welly for speedy development of the district. Meanwhile,   pointing  out the statement made by ANSU general secretary demanding resignation of Atum Welly, the union said instead of demanding resignation, he should advise for amicable solution to the issue as ANSU is stand for protection and ulpiftment of Nyishi students in particular and community as a whole.


NEZCC officer visits Education Trust

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: A meeting was held at HAMARE Hayang Memorial Agro Industrial and Education Trust centre at Nirjuli yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion Ranjan Biswas, Executive Engineer of North East Zone Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture, GoI expressed his satisfaction over the performance of the society in various socio-cultural activities.

He suggested the members of the society to approach Indian Council of Cultural Research to support and take up cultural activities in the state.

Arunachal Artiste Forum, Chairman Nabam Isser highlighted the problem face by the artiste of Arunachal Pradesh and appealed to the visiting team from NEZCC to help the artiste of Arunachal through various schemes under Ministry of Culture, GoI.

Secretary cum Managing Director HAMARE, Ashok Sonam informed that one teacher and three young artistes have been selected by the Ministry of culture, GoI for implementing salary grant scheme for the volunteer organization in HAMARE’s office, Nirjuli.

Later, the team visited NEFA Studio, film and audio production centre at Nirjuli.


ITBP, CCSC-B enter semifinals of Tiger 7 Soccer Tournament

ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) Force and Capital Complex Sports Club -’B’ (CCSC-B)  entered the semifinals in the second State Level Tiger 7 Soccer Tournament at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun today.

The ITBP team pipped Moni Devi FC by solitary goal (1-0) scored by  Amit Liven Beck in 27th minute while CCSC-B defeated TTFC 6-4 in extra time. The match was taken to extra time after both the teams were locked in a 4-4 stalemate at the end of the regulation time.

CCSC-B will lock horns with Gora Makik SC-B in the first semifinal tomorrow at 2 pm and the ITBP team will clash with Gora Makik SC-A in the second semifinal at 3.30 pm.

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Two reasons to celebrate

Dear Editor,

After many days of undergoing brunt of bandhs call , today we have two reasons to celebrate and congratulate ourselves. Firstly, Union Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee has emphasized the need for extending the benefits of ''Green Revolution'' to NE states. The NE states has been among most neglected region in terms of economic development through Green Revolution, due to which there is no equitable  and sustainable development in the nation.  The Minister admitted the fact in his inaugural speech (Kolkota, 29/7/2011) during three-day Management Development Programme at MDI Murshidabad.

With more thrust and fund provision under agriculture and allied sectors, the states including Arunachal will immensely benefitted. We pinned our hope on dynamic leadership of Honchum Ngandam,  Minister (Agri/Horti) and Dynamic Parliamentary Secretary (Agri), Likha Saaya to take our state to new height in Agri and nd allied sectors. Secondly, there is good news for Tirap and Changlang districts with historic announcement of employment package by Takar Marde, Minister (Home).  His visits to every circle of Tirap district carries a boon in the form of massive package for establishment of new Police station and upgradation of department.

The unemployed youth will be benefitted when they are recruited in the Police force. The insurgency problems in Tirap and Changlang have its root in its underdevelopment and unemployment.  The disgruntled youth are our asset. They should be utilized for development of our state, this can be done by giving them employments. We have vast potential in Tea plantation (green gold) in Tirap and Changlang districts. This is one such example. Hence giving employment is not a burden but wise investment. Employment and all round development is sure shot solution to wean away the misguided youth from going astray. We hope to hear more such bold steps from our government.


Tasso Butung




Adopt another means like dharna, hunger-strike

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the bandh call that all the people of the state are witnessing over the years in and around the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh which is unbearable and too much.

Although, it is good to know that there is a lot of Unions and Organisations in the less population state but still they fail to understand the sentiments of the common people. As I mean to say is that public is a spectator watching the match between Union team and Govt team. But both the teams unable to manage the feelings of spectators what actually goes with them in their heart and mind.

Now, the question is that whey they are taking public in the midst? Each one of us aware of the fact that such bandh call largely affects the common masses including daily wage earners, students community and also badly hampers of the economy of the state as a whole.  So the most ultimate sufferers are the common people of the state.

Are they find bandh call only way to fight against state Govt, why not other democratic means and ways are adopted?

It is requested to each and every Union of the  state to adopt another democratic means like rally, Dharna, hunger-strike   against Govt  so that public as well as common mass can stand behind you. Bandh call can not create pressure on the Govt  it only affects the normal life of common people.


Riyom Giboh




Save public properties

Dear Editor,

Through your reputed daily I would like to share my words with our people in a very simple and lucid way about the ATM services provided by State Bank of India in our state-capital.

The State Bank of India is doing their best to walk with the changing scenario of banking business in Arunachal Pradesh,  the entire Nation and world. The best example is its multipurpose ATM service which not only eases money withdrawal,  also the service got many utility like online banking, online shopping, etc. Despite of their effort they are not able to maintain the speed of progress, why? It is because of some irresponsible persons who are creating obstacles in our progressive run. Now you might be wondering who are those people? They are us. They are those whose mindsets are far from humanity and brotherhood. They are the one who being their account credit zero use to kick the ATM or if the ATM doesn't have sufficient balance use to break the monitors of ATM machine and destroy the nearby things. The same thing is happening in our society.  So dear brothers please, stop such activities. Every property that is for common use or good is public property. They are our property, your property. Therefore, it should not be destroyed.

The good citizens of Arunachal Pradesh will be watchful and do the right.


Byabang Ganga





Hopes, promises  will be fulfilled

Dear Editor,

The recent visiting to the insurgency hit areas of Tirap and Changlang district by the home minister Takar Marde is worth praising. For lamb to walk, deaf to hear, blind to see, helpless to help, hole to fill and darkness to light you are the real chosen one and bless be with you to take such encouraging steps for deprived people, in near future also. Hope to see your promises to the people of that areas come true.


P. Lombi









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No much reason to cheer


The country's largest demographic sample survey, covering 1.4 million households and a population of 7.01 million, during the period 2007-09, says that there was only a mild improvement in the infant mortality rate (IMR) and the maternal mortality ratio (MMR).

The findings of the latest Sample Registration System (SRS), have not given the government much reason for cheer. The SRS findings on the IMR, the MMR and the Under Five Mortality Rate (U5MR) show that the slight progress falls short of even the modest targets set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

The MDG targets do not aim for a 100% reduction but only a reasonable reduction in mortality levels: reducing maternal deaths to 200 per lakh of live births by 2007 and 109 per lakh live births by 2015. The goals set by the National Rural Health Mission (2005-2012) were more ambitious: reducing the IMR to 30 per thousand live births and the MMR to 100 per one lakh live births and the total fertility rate to 2.1.

The findings in the SRS bulletin for 2007-09 show a slight improvement compared with the data collected for 2004-06. The Maternal Mortality Ratio (this is derived as the proportion of maternal deaths for every 1,00,000 live births reported under the SRS) declined from 254 in 2004-06 to 212 in 2007-09. The decline was most significant in the Empowered Action Group (EAG) States (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand) and Assam, from 375 to 308. In the southern States as a whole, the decline was from 149 to 127.