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August -  13



Raksha Bandhan greetings

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh has extended greetings and good wishes to all the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

In his festival message, the Governor expressed his hope that the festival will further strengthen the bonds of harmony, unity and brotherhood amongst all communities and every section of society. May the festivity reinforce the spirit of family bonding, communal harmony and peaceful coexistence, Gen Singh wished.

Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin has also extended his warm greetings to the nation on the pious occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

“Rakhi is basically a sacred thread of protection embellished with the love and affection of a sister for her brother. This frail of thread of Rakhi is considered as stronger than iron chains as it binds the most beautiful relationship in an inseparable bond of love and trust” said Gamlin.

Rakhi festival also has a social significance because it underlines the notion that everybody should live in harmonious coexistence with each other, the chief minister further added.


New circle headquarter demanded

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Former Minister Tater Kipa along with Panchayat leaders and public leader met Chief Minister and Chief Secretary yesterday at their respective chamber and put forward their demands for creation of new circle headquarter, namely, Pach-Pai circle at Leel, Kurung Kumey District. Meanwhile, in response to their appeal, the chief minister and chief secretary have assured to table the matter in next cabinet meeting, said a release.


Free medical camp

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: The Papum Pare District Health Society will conduct a free medical  camp at Yupia general ground  to commemorate the Independence Day on Augusut 15.  The programme include baby show, free treatment and distribution of medicine to the patient. The people of Yupia township, Tigdo, Borum and other villages  and colonies are requested to avail the  benefit of the medical camp.


Cleanliness drive

ANINI, Aug12: In view of the ensuing 65th Independence Day, Abu Tayeng, Deputy Commissioner initiated massive cleanliness drive in the district headquarter today.

Heads of all Department, general public, shopkeepers and student community participated in the cleanliness campaign with much zeal and enthusiasm. However, the Deputy Commissioner expressed dismay over the poor participation of Panchayat leaders in the whole campaign.   

The cleanliness drive was carried in the DC Office compound, District Hospital premises, all the offices, market area and in all schools of the area.

The whole cleanliness campaign was personally supervised by the DC himself.  Further, DC appealed to all HoDs to conduct cleanliness drive in their respective office compound in regular interval. He also made general appeal to all for keeping their surroundings clean as it relates to directly to health of the community.

The general public appreciated the personal initiative of DC of conducting this campaign. DIPRO


National Librarians Day observed

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Directorate of Public Libraries has observed National Librarians Day at Directorate office today.

Speaking on the occasion, Director of Public Libraries J Borang termed the library profession as a noble profession and encouraged and advised the librarians to follow the ideology of Dr. S R Ranganathan.

Earlier, Assistant Directors of Public Libraries G T Jini and Yanga Regia Ete highlighted the contributions of Dr. S R Ranganathan towards promoting library movement throughout the country.

Dr. RVS Yadav, Librarian of DNG College, Dr.  K K Pandey, Reference Librarian of Research Department and R N Kolay, Assistant Director of Research Department also spoke on the occasion.


ALSDSSATPLF meeting held

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: All Lower Subansiri District SSA Teachers Panel List Forum meeting was held at Ziro recently.

During the meeting the house selected Kabak Tajik, Licha Tado and Tania Tariam as president, vice president and secretary respectively.

The house also appealed to the state government to release the already approved SSA Teachers post of the district for the current year. It also appealed for extension of four months to panel list candidates on humanitarian ground and demanded immediate cancellation of illegally appointed SSA teachers by SPD in the district if any.



ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Nyoi Welfare Association deeply mourned the untimely demise of Ture Karlo of Kadu village, who died on August 10 last.

He was a renowned priest of Ramle Banggo area. His demised is a great loss to the family members and the society.

The members of the association prayed almighty god for the eternal peace of the departed soul.


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NEHMCH among top five colleges in the country

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the news item “NEHMCH urged to recruit experienced & adequate lecturers” published in this daily on August 12.

I would like to clarify here that the North East Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital (NEHMCH)  is among five top  colleges in the country. The college is strictly running under the supervision of Central Council of Homeopathy, Govt. of India and Rajiv Gandhi Central University. The CCH and RGU keep inspecting yearly.  These two institutions are the supreme guiding forces for the college and need not require any body else other than CCH  and  RGU.

The college is co-ordinating with 180 colleges in the country and most of the systems are taken from Backson's Homeopathy Medical college, Noida which is one of the top most college in the country. College has so far produced 4 batches and our college products are serving in entire North East States. The college follows the global standard system of working  that is one has to work minimum 8 hours in a day as duty bond and responsible citizen. At present the college has  a total of 21 faculties -- 15 regular faculties and 6 guest faculties. 8X21=168 hours daily in hand to deal teachings which is more than sufficient power to meet the teaching required in the college. The faculties are products of different Homoeo Medical colleges of the country, hence the faculties as students and now as teachers know better than anybody else.

Yes many faculties have left the college to join their assigned govt. duties in different states in the country but in response to our many are applying and some have already joined. We must know to get Medical faculties is not easy the world over like general faculties. The college has also power points projectors which is a modern technique to teach both audio and visuals. The college has fully equipped with Lab & Library. So the college does not have any problem as appeared in local media. The College received Rs 3 lacs grant in aid for 2010-2011 from state Govt, where as a mere clinic gets more.

The fees in the college are the lowest in the country. In admission time college takes Rs 69,000 (10,000 caution money which college refund student after completion of course) and yearly Rs 54,000 without capitation fees which is less than general school fees in the capital complex, not to speak of other Medical colleges. Now  onward that means 2011-12  the college fees will be Rs. 74,000 without capitation as indicated in a section of local media which is also far bellow other colleges.  The college is following the top college of the country regarding the salary of the faculties.

The college expects support from all corners as this is the only medical college which produces doctors to serve the humanity in spite of damaging/maligning the institution.


Dr SK Shrivastava




USPA stands for promotion of human values

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the letter “Our side of the story’ published in this daily on Aug 8 in connection with the recent Pasighat eviction drive.

According to the affected civilian reports, the officers (DC and DFO) who were engaged in eviction drive were threatened when the duo had decided to move away from eviction drive after the protest from the mob. Under compulsion the Administration again pushed forward the eviction drive.

We all are living under the rule of law and no one has been authorized to handle the law in their own hand. Eviction is rightful act, but there is a way of eviction as per due process of law, not by the comment from outer forces and someone’s pressure. After all human should be treated as human being. So USPA stands for human values and status.

No one have the right to proclaim the land in the name of organized group or others since BBK is for social upliftment without creating regionalism and communalism.

Regarding possession of land, I would like to mention here that if my lands are alleged to be illegally encroached, then I would say, same is the history of entire Pasighat Govt land.  I am successor of Pasighat system which I learnt from the pre age group. We are learner on the land issue, but the system has already set up as extra ordinary law for having a land at Pasighat township.  Therefore, the Govt and its officials should not be misled with brutal forces which do not exist in our society.

Regarding our organization, USPA is not one-man organization. It comprises of several Banggos with a mission of Unity in Diversity and headed by Masong Pada - Chief Patron, Ami Lego - Chief Convenor, Advocate Mark Yirang -Secretary General, Okom Tamuk- President, Tarin Tabi- Vice President and Aku Borang as General Secretary and many more of Advisory Committee from senior citizens of entire Siang Belt.  The USPA will hold a General Conference after the Solung Festival at different Banggos for the issue relating thereof. If any one has doubt on the USPA they may enquire the fact without taking me personally. I have nothing personal on USPA issue. We are looking forward for the dignity, Unity in Diversity amongst the people of Siang Belt.


Okom Tamuk,

President, USPA



It is time to create awareness on life threatening diseases

Dear Editor,

Silent but a dreadful disease with awesome potential to burn a big hole in one's pocket and leaving the victim mentally retarded eventually leading to a coma is slowly but surely looming large and breathing down our neck taking one unaware. In absence of distinctive and specific symptoms this disease is often mistaken as common malaria thereby one wastes precious moments owing to ignorance and lack of awareness before considering further diagnostics.

An old acquaintance of mine, Gumba Padu of Darka village, an Upper Division Clerk (UDC) under BDO, Gensi, West Siang, had learnt it the hard way. His daughter, Banu Padu aged 12, reached home from RK mission school, Aalo, where she is studying with high fever on 6th July.

Responsively considering the malaria endemic area and symptoms of fever Padu opted for a few locally available malaria tests which proved negative. Blaming the season and the prevailing excessive heat additionally various malaria tests being negative the parents relaxed momentarily hoping the cause of the unrest to be viral. But as hours passed by with no hint to suggest the fever subsiding Padu's anxiety and helplessness were escalating. Finally acting on the advice of his superior officer, as the high fever continued for the third day consecutively, the concerned parents were compelled to shift the child to expectantly a better equipped hospital. So on 10th of July 2011 the patient was brought down to Itanagarh from Alo. Here to no sign of improvement was visible in the child's health. Resultantly by now the child's condition has deteriorated to such an extent that frustration and hopelessness on the look of the parents were apparent. Overcoming various constrains on 12th July they took the child for further treatment to Gauhati and was admitted in Dispur hospital, here the case could be diagnosed and the necessary treatments followed accordingly. The villain this time is the 'Japanese Encephalitis' an asymptomic disease.

Padu's unending ordeal serves rather as an admonition to be careful and demanding health cares or test be provided promptly so as not to waste precious time in the event of one experiencing persistent physical discomforts or fever. Desirably NGOs and Doctors are expected to spearhead awareness campaign to highlight the innumerous diseases not too common, but life threatening, so that benighted people, like us, are spared of the pain and agony underwent by my friend. Despite his loved one battling an uncertain fate he shared his painful experiences for a greater cause overlooking personal tragedy


Lego Baying




Woes of Sagalee

Dear Editor,

We could see little development in the Sagalee area in spite of being represented by one of the senior most cabinet ministers for the last 20 years.  Sagalee has not displayed the optimum level of performance to redress the issues like unemployment problem, poor health facilities, inadequate infrastructure development etc.

The glaring example is Doimukh-Toru road, the lifeline of the people of Sagalee. The road remains in deplorable condition despite Rs. 20.45 crore being pumped by the DoNER ministry under NLCPR. The worst sufferers are the people of Sagalee. The common people who travel through bus and trucks have to face the real plight due to bad road condition.

On education sector, the shortcoming in the sector can be seen from the results in Class X and Class Xll examinations. There is no Science teachers and proper Science laboratory in the Govt. Hr. Secondary School Sagalee. While there is a quantum jump in the number of unemployment of the area, the remote area of Sagalee also witnessed many deaths due to non availability of primary health facilities.

On the other hand, the working of the Cooperative society is not transparent. Till date no one knows about the detail functioning of the said cooperative society.

Therefore, I requested all likeminded people, elders, intellectuals, unemployed youths of Sagalee Assembly Constituency to join hand to put an end to the money-centric politics of Arunachal Pradesh.


Techi Solo

General Secy. NYC (Admn),  Sagalee



A request to APPSC

Dear Editor,

The commission should really make an effort to conduct exams and declare the results in time.

I am a BE(civil) graduate. I have recently appeared in the AE (civil) exam which was conducted by the APPS commission on June 2 and 3. But the result has not been declared till date. The more time it takes, to declare the result, the more we doubt its fairness. Therefore, I humbly request the Commission to declare the result at the earliest, so that we can decide our future plans. It will also relieve us  from mental agony.


Tago Moge







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Efforts on to restore Doimukh-Sagalee road

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Heavy rains in the first week of this month left a trail of devastation along the Doimukh-Sagalee road causing complete disruption in road communication.

The magnitude of the devastation can easily be gauged by seeing the avalanches and uprooted trees falling all along the road blocking it in every 10 mt distance in a stretch of 33 km from 5 km point upto Kheel.

Atleast twenty culverts were completely washed away while 33 others will need major repairing. The retaining walls of about 530 meter were either damaged or collapsed while Wing walls (358 mt) of all the culverts were washed away, Dube Dulom, Executive Engineer Sagalee PWD Division told this reporter. Further, pavement works (soiling, metalling and carpeting) of the road of around 11.5 km were totally damaged/washed away while 120 mt of Breast walls were collapsed, Dulom said.

As per the preliminary assessment, not less than Rs.15 crore would be needed for complete repairing of the damaged road, he said, adding that work to restore traffic movement (for light vehicles) is going on in war-footing. He said that 8 earth movers and cutters (JCBs) along with all the staff under Sagalee PWD division are being engaged in the restoration work since August five last and it will take another 10-15 days to clear the road.

The most affected areas are Toru circle, Sagalee ADC Hqs, Parang circle, Leporiang, parts of Mengio and Pakke Kessang circle of East Kameng district.

Meanwhile, Sagalee ZPM Abraham K. Techi lauded Bengia Bojak, EE (E) Nirjuli Electrical Division, for taking prompt action to restore electricity in those affected areas. He also highly appreciated the entire Sagalee PWD team led by EE (PWD) Dulom for its efforts for early restoration of  the road.

The ZPM, who visited the affected areas today to boost the morale of the team working for the restoration of the road, appealed, particularly, to all the people of Sagalee area including officers, officials and common public residing in capital complex to visit the affected areas to know the ground realities as well as to boost the morale of the team.

The ZPM along with Sagalee Anchal Samity Chairperson Nabam Yakum hosted a lunch for the entire team.

The members and office bearers of All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) are also constantly monitoring the progress of the work besides extending all possible help to the authority.

Meanwhile, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) vice president Tad Tana along with Nationalist Youth Congress president  Techi James, ASMs Techi Tamang and Techi Kaha and other public leaders of Sagalee area also visited the affected areas and organized social services in various block points.

Tana said that the roads in between Doimukh to Kheel needs urgent attention of the Government.

The people of the affected areas are facing acute shortage of essential items due to communication disruption, he said, and urged the EE, AEs, JEs under Sagalee PWD subdivision to work round-the-clock for early restoration of the road.

The NCP leader urged the Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin and Finance Minister Kalikho Pul to release Rs.10 crore under FDR for repairing work and send a special team to take stock of the situation immediately. He also appealed to public to restrain calm and cooperate with the authority in the road restoration work in the greater interest of the people.

Arunachal Artiste Forum Chairman Nabam Esser was also present in today’s social service urged all to render their valuable services voluntarily for the noble cause.


Tuki pleads Centre for calamity relief fund


Meanwhile, Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Nabam Tuki has urged the Central Government to provide financial assistance to the State under National Calamity Relief Fund.

“I appeal to the Central Government to extend financial assistance to Arunachal Pradesh under National Calamity Relief Fund considering the heavy damage caused to the roads of entire state. It would be very difficult on the part of the State Government alone to undertake such restoration works without help from the Centre since it involves huge financial expenditure,” Tuki said.

“Extensive damages were caused to the roads of entire state by nature’s fury which is beyond our control. I have instructed all the departmental engineers and others to work with extra responsibility in this hour of crisis,” Tuki told this reporter over telephone from New Delhi this afternoon. He appealed to the people of the State to bear with the inconveniences. Landslide is a common phenomenon in Arunachal Pradesh, he added.

He said that complete repairing of the Doimukh-Sagalee road would be possible only after rains recede. However, the road would be cleared for movement of light vehicle within a week or two, he added.



Minister distributes free uniforms under RTE

PASIGHAT, Aug 12: Education Minister Bosiram Siram visited Gandhi Secondary School and distributed free School Uniforms to the students of Class I- VII under RTE. He was accompanied by MLA Dr. Tangor Tapak, DCCI President Tatong Padung, DDSE Tani Talom, local officer and leaders.

Addressing the students, Siram said “the state is at the threshold of a new kind of learning process that will empower our future generations through processes of learning but quality should be at the forefront of our education system”.

The fundamental responsibility for education lies with the state government, especially for elementary and secondary education and to meet the challenges his ministry is trying its best to ensure barrier free access to schools on priority, added Siram.

He further said that free uniforms and reading-writing materials would go a long way to relieve parents of their economic burdens. It is the surest way to eliminate poverty in the societies and would also encourage more children of school-going age to get enrolled and enable them to access formal education. Earlier, the team visited Higher Secondary and Primary school at Ruksin and Sille Secondary School. Responding to a memorandum submitted by the Principal Ruksin HS School for posting of Senior Teacher (SC) Siram directed the DDSE to take necessary action immediately and expressed his satisfaction over the progresses. DIPRO


IAF choppers drop food in E/Kameng

Shillong, Aug 12: Indian Air Force helicopters Friday airdropped food packets to thousands of marooned people in the East Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh bordering China.

People residing in the East Kameng district were cut-off from the mainland due to disruption in road communication after landslides that followed incessant rains in the region.

‘We have airdropped emergency rations in several areas where people were facing critical shortages of food supplies in the district,’ IAF spokesman Ranjeeb Sahoo said.

The Arunachal Pradesh government had requisitioned IAF helicopters to drop emergency rations at Seppa, Chyangtajo, Bameng and Khanewa where people faced critical shortage of food supplies.

Sahoo said IAF helicopters from units under the Eastern Air Command were activated from Tezpur, Guwahati, Kumbhigram and Mohanbari to undertake the mission.

Relief operations continue in full swing and about five tonnes of supplies have been air lifted to the affected areas so far, he said.

The IAF official said further sorties have been planned and would continue till the crisis in the affected areas are overcome and, subject to weather, more helicopters will be pressed into service.


High-level central team  meets CM

ITANAGAR,  Aug 12: A high level central team from the Planning Commission and Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs comprising of Saumitra Choudhury, member Planning Commission, Brahma Choudhury, Advisor North east, Planning Commission, N K Manya, Joint Director, Ministry of Food & Consumer Affairs, Subash Zadoo, ED, FCI, and two DGMs of FCI from of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh called on the state chief minister Jarbom Gamlin at his official residence office late evening on August 11 last.

The meeting basically surrounded by the discussion on the functioning of FCI and the pending HTS bill that had been a matter of concern for quite some time in the state. The high level team is expected to have meetings with the top bureaucrats and other related officers from the state today.   

Planning Secretary Ankur Garg, Special Secretary Sonam Chombay and Directors DST and Civil Supplies were present in the meeting.


NSCN (K) cadres nabbed

ITANAGAR,  Aug 12: In continuation of its relentless operations in Tirap district and in the run up to the Independence Day the 19 Assam Rifles apprehended one hardcore cadre of NSCN(K) faction in a daring operation in Deomali on August 11.

Acting on a tip-off, the AR launched an operation and cordoned off the suspected house on the night of August 11 and apprehended self styled Corporal Tedam Ngowa, resident of Kheti village, Khonsa along with one .22 mm Pistol with magazine, five .22 mm live rounds, extortion money of Rs. 2,500 and Kyat 20 (Myanmar currency).

Ngowa confessed his involvement in extortion and issuing threats to locals. The cadre was handed over to Deomali Police Station along with the recoveries on  August 12, according to AR release.

In another operation, 14 Rajput apprehended two cadres of NSCN(K) faction from Longkhao village in Pongchau Circle under Longding sub Division. The individuals have been identified as Self Styled Sergeant Major Abo Wangpan and  Self Styled Second Lieutenant Botai Wangsu.  Both individuals are veteran hardcore cadres who had come to Longkhao village to carry out extortion on behalf of the faction. The cadres were also in possession of one .22 mm Rifle with magazine, four .22 mm live rounds, one bayonet, one dagger, one Mobile phone with SIM card and other incriminating documents including receipts of extortion money, the release added.    

All efforts have been made by 25 Sector Assam Rifles to thwart the design and sinister plan of the underground groups to carry out strike during Independence Day. Relentless operations have been launched in the run up to Independence Day celebration, the release said.


Future depends on positive guidance: Jugli


MIAO, Aug 12: “Our future depends on the positive guidance and encouragement that we provide for children today”, said J Jugli, chairperson Changlang Zilla Parisad while speaking as the chief guest at a parent-teacher meet organized at Government Higher Secondary School Miao yesterday.

She further called upon the people to work hard towards providing an over all education for the children.

She urged the parents and the society as a whole to act as a watch dog for the good of the student community. We need to be mentally, emotionally and physically available for our children at all times, she added.

Jugli donated twenty thousand towards the school as immediate asistance and further assured to take up the problems faced by the school administration to the appropriate forum.

Discipline in every individual is must for one to succeed in life.  The students should work towards having a discipline life and performing their responsibility of being a student by focusing on education said S Jongsam, Namdapha National Park (Project Tiger) Field Director while speaking as the guest of honour.

Since you are in the most important and beautiful stage of your life, you should be focused, diligent, enthusiastic and work towards your goal with a positive attitude to succeed, Jongsam said.

He further urged the students’ community to develop a sense of respect for elders, the teaching community and Mother Nature.

Jongsam appealed the students to help in conserving wildlife by protecting them against hunting and poaching. He urged the students to spread awareness amongst their family and friends in their respective villages on the need to protect wildlife. The students were further urged not to hunt or kill birds and animals themselves.

No stone has been left unturned to keep up the high standard of student education by the school authority through these 47 years of voyage, stated Principal T Mibang.

However today people expectations are very high and it is very essential for all to make effective use of time, school resources and vision in respect to the delicate balancing of educational institution for fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the people, he added.

Mibang further informed the parents that Government Higher Secondary School Miao has been upgraded to an educational hub today. The school has extended its tireless services to nearby Public schools of this circle constantly by providing expertise CCE new evaluation system under the guidance of the Vice-Principal, the academic in-charge S N Dayma, he added.

Orientation training programmes to educate the teachers for class-XI and X were also conducted at regular intervals keeping in mind of the newly introduced CCE system Mibang said and went on to inform that the teachers are not only well equipped with latest techniques of evaluation but also supporting materials.

The Principal informed the parents and the panchayat leaders on the immediate need of Senior Teacher for Maths, Junior Teacher for English, Social Science, craft teacher, computer instructor, peon, night watchmen and a sweeper for the smooth functioning of the school.

Though the student strength is 836 yet there are only four urinals. As such there is an urgent need for more urinal/lavatory besides a library and Science Lab for Class IX and X students, he said.

Mibang pointed out that the school and the girls hostel needs boundary walls to ensure safety from intruders or encroachment.

Though Govt Higher Secondary School Miao has been facing many constraints yet the school has been successful in its academic front.

The success of academic session depends on the performance of the students in AISS/AISSC examinations, he said and further added that the records of result at 10 and 10 + 2 level prove that the academic pursuit has been achieved by the teaching community.

The students have not only participated in various Science exhibitions, Children Science Congress, Science seminars  at the district and state level but has also won various prizes, cash awards and proficiency certificates.

Mibang further informed that zealous NSS volunteers had also participated in various community services and have also worked to spread social awareness on HIV/ AIDS, anti-drugs and tobacco campaigns in the adjacent villages. To bring about public awareness on the importance of social forestry, clean and healthy environment the volunteers also took active part in tree plantation programmes.

Besides, NCC cadets being recruited in Assam Rifles, many Scout & Guides were awarded the Governor’s award in 2009, Mibang further informed.

The school has also bagged many shields, trophies, medals and prestigious awards through games and sports activities.

School Management Development Committee vice-chairman cum ASM chairperson Jokhong Singpho, parents, panchayat leaders, teachers and few public leaders also spoke on the occasion. Suggestions were also given to bring about overall development in the school environment.


Steps taken for providing uniform to sanitation labourers’

ITANAGAR, Aug 12:  The department of Urban Development and Housing has taken special initiatives for providing liveries/uniform (at least two pairs) and special equipments to the  sanitation labourers annually, according to an official release.

Responding to the memorandum submitted by the All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union on August 8 last,  the release further  informed that the state Govt has decided to keep the sanitation labourers in un-skilled category as “it does not require  exercising considerable independent judgment and discharging duties with responsibility besides educational qualification.”

Regarding release of wages of labourers, it was informed that wages are paid after receive of post continuation order from the Govt. The fund for the 1st quarter was provided to all the divisional offices in April last. However, the delay in payment of wages for May and June was due to late receipt of post continuation order. It was also informed that wages for the month of June has already paid to all the labourers.

The department clarified that the ad-hoc bonus for 2009-10 are being paid to the sanitation labourers according to the prescribed eligibility criteria and  one-day break on April 1 every year is being accorded as per general procedure and practice of the Govt.


Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti under Saakshar Bharat Mission formed in Lower Dibang Valley

ROING, Aug 12: The Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti (ZLSS) under Saakshar Bharat Mission for Lower Dibang Valley District was formed in its First District Level Meeting at Anchal Samiti Hall here yesterday.

Abu Saring, District Adult Education Officer in his brief introduction elaborated that ‘SAAKSHAR BHARAT’ Mission is a centrally sponsored scheme of Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India and was launched by the Prime Minister on International Literacy Day, on 8th September 2009. He informed that it is a new variant and recasting of National Literacy Mission with enhanced focus on female literacy considering the fact that female literacy is a prerequisite to socio-economic development. He also briefly highlighted the four broad objectives  of  the Mission.

The programme will be implemented in Mission mode. Institutional framework , right from the national up to the state, district, block and gram panchayat, will be set up involving the state govt., district administration and Panchayati Raj institutions. Adequate representation of women in these structures, especially in decision making roles is being ensured under the scheme.

Accordingly, Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti (ZLSS) and Block Lok Shiksha Samiti (BLSS) were formed with 50% of the members constituting women.

Garima Gupta, Deputy Commissioner cum Chief Executing Officer has advised the members present to implement the scheme as per the central guidelines and also to expedite the process of formation of the Panchayat Lok Shiksha Samiti for implementation of the scheme in grass root level at the earliest.

Chiliko Meto, Zilla Chairperson cum Chairperson of Zilla Lok Shiksha Samiti has appealed all the panchayat leaders to co-operate and show enthusiasm for successful implementation of the scheme in the district.

HoDs, ZPMs and Anchal Chairpersons actively participated in the meeting. DIPRO


District level Science seminar held

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: District Level Science Seminar on “Chemistry for Human Welfare, Its Promises and Concern” was inaugurated by DDSE (A) Director of Secondary Education Apel Tayeng at Naharlagun today.

Altogether, 14 schools of the Papum Pare District Pare took part in the seminar.

On the occasion, Chief Guest A Tayeng highlighted the importance of scientific temperament and the sincerity and dedication from the part of students and teachers.

He advised the students to devote in their studies to become a good citizen of the state and the country in near future.

Osunam Pangam of VKV Balijan, Tai Gungte of VKV Sher and Nini Sai Taggu of VKV Nirjuli were adjudged as 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the district level seminar.

Meanwhile, the Osunam has been selected to represent the district in the State Level Science Seminar-11.

Coordinator inclusive education N Pertin, ADEO (A) Tadar Chape, Coordinator Pedagogy Dr. AK Mishra also spoke on the occasion.

Later, the Chief Guest distributed prizes to the winners.


RAKSHA BANDHAN: A Festival of Social Cohesion & Universal Harmony

   Its time each brother extends his vow to protect and to have pure feelings towards all women just like he does for his own sisters.

Dr. Jayadeba Sahoo

India is a spiritual oriented country and is one of the richest nations in respect of cultural and spiritual perspective. Bharat is well known for festivals. The festivals of this land form the most important link that sustains its cultural heritage.  The number of festivals celebrated here is hardly comparable to festivals celebrated by other countries. Twelve months in a year is filled with thirteen big festivals. 'Raksha Bandhan' has a special importance among them. The cycle of time keeps rotating but its memories remains.  To freshen these memories, memorials are made, stories are written, birth days are observed, in which self respects, love, true feelings are imbibed. Unfortunately, a day comes when respects & love ceases and rituals remain. It would not be exaggeration to say that festivals now-a-days are being celebrated just continue the tradition.

The auspicious festival of 'Raksha Bandhan' had been reduced to an annual ritual hardly reflecting its true significance. Sisters apply a sacred red mark - 'Tilak' on the centre of the fore head of their brothers, tie Rakhi considered to be a sacred thread on their right wrist, besides offering them some sweets as token of their love & affection for them. The brothers in turn give them some gifts and money.

Now what is the esoteric meaning of this ritual?

It is commonly believed that a sister ties "Rakhi" round the brothers' wrist so as to bind him in an obligation and renew his pledge to support and protect her in time of need. This could not really be the object of this ceremony. There are several reasons for this. It is worth considering that if a sister ties Rakhi with the object of getting the brothers protection at the time of distress, then a fully grown-up and strongly built sister tying Rakhi to a brother of tender age is meaning less. More over, before marriage it is the legitimate duty of parents to protect the girl and after marriage of sister, her protection becomes the responsibility of her husband. Again it is meaningless in tying Rakhi to a brother who is leaving so for away and sister knows that he cannot reach and give her any help or physical protection in time. It is thus obvious that the significance of this festival is different from what is said to be.

Further, from times immemorial, until a few decades ago, it was customary practice for the family priests to tie Rakhi and apply "Tilak" to each and every person of the family. The priest also tied the sacred thread to the doors, windows of the' house and newly purchased household. A Tilak like sacred mark was also put on those items. The scriptural story says that when Indrani and Yumuna tied rakhi to their brothers- Indra and Yama respectively, it had brought Indra and Yama a memorable victory" over demons or devils.

Raksha Bandhan is also variously known as 'Vish-torak' (destroyer of Venomousness or vice- eliminating) Parva (festival), "Pap- Nashak" (destroyer of sin) and Punya- Pradaayak (bestower of boons) Parva.

Again "Raksha Bandhan " is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Shravana (August) when on each Monday of it devotees travel long distances to pour water on the ‘Shivalinga’ -the stone image of Incorporeal God - Supreme Being of light after which comes Raksha Bandhan.

The above details suggest wider and deeper socio-spiritual significance, linked with Shiva-Papakateswar (Redeemer of Sins) -God. These expressive or symbolic names indicate to the unmatched bond of vice less and pure love between a brother and sister reminding all thereby to maintain vice less virtuous life.

In reality, a ‘Rakhi’ or sacred thread tied around the right wrist signify the promise of Purity in thought, word and deed. The sacred mark “Tilak” applied to the centre of forehead, the seat of third eye (Soul) is sign of soul consciousness and sweetening the mouth is symptomatic congratulation in advance for having virtuous nature when purity is part of life.

“Raksha Bandhan” is about the boundaries and code of conduct that promotes internal transformation & progressive inculcation of soul-consciousness and positive qualities. Eventually there is complete perfection symbolised by the full moon.

In this transition period of world cycle, in exchange of our promise to bring purity and honesty into all aspects of our life, God- the Supreme Protector (Rakshak) promises to protect us - souls from evils.

In the light of this spiritual meaning Raksha Bandhan can be said to be a universal festival because it is not related to any particular religion, but it is related to universal human values. Its relevance for human welfare has not diminished; rather it has increased in today’s situation as every individual today is under constant threat of the vices of lust, ego, greed, anger and attachment.

The pure love between brother and sister is acclaimed the world over.  The customs and conventions of India, in fact engross a very deep philosophy.  The pure love between brothers and sisters as glorified by Rakhi festival is symbolic of a great cultural tradition.  The magic effect of the words – ‘Dear Brothers and Sisters’ with which Swami Vivekananda addressed the World Conference on Religion at Geneva has been so dramatic that the gathering felt instantly a unique kind of spirituality, goodwill and closeness that helped to overcome all kinds of differences.  These words thus hoisted the flag of Indian culture so high in front of the world congregation of different religions.

In conclusion, the main aspect of the festival of Raksha Bandhan is therefore connected with the sacred vow of purity and a pledge to obtain and impart divine knowledge and attributes. Its origin is the confluence age and the purpose is the purification of all souls and transformation of the world. It is important to protect your elevated conscience or divine intellect by not coming under the influence of anger, greed, arrogance, lust and attachment.  When “need” turns into “greed”, believe it or not, you are on the highway to hell.

On this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, August 13, 2011, take a moment for deep spiritual introspection and free yourselves from the bondage of greed, the lust for power and a slave of promiscuity and make God your eternal companion for true peace, happiness and prosperity. (Dr. Jayadeba Sahoo is a Faculty, Brahma Kumaris & Head, Department of Education  Rajiv Gandhi  University)


Lummer Dai Memorial Drawing and Painting Competition

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Itanagar Solung Festival Celebration Committee is organizing Lummer Dai Memorial Drawing and Painting Competition to promote the traditional costume and basketry of Adi community on August 13 next.

The competition will be held concurrently at three venues – Siddhartha Hall, Arunachal Vikash Parishad conference hall and P-Sector Govt Middle School, Itanagar.

Altogether, the organizer has received 600 entries from the various schools of Capital Complex so far.

There will be two categories, senior category class X and above and junior category below class X standard, the topic of the competition is ‘Gale’ and ‘Egiin’.

The top three winners in both categories will be awarded cash prizes along with certificates of participation during the Solung Festival celebration here on Sept 1 next.


DRDA governing body meet held

ROING, Aug 12: The 9th Governing Body Meeting of DRDA, Lower Dibang Valley District, Roing was held in the conference hall of DRDA here recently under the chairmanship of Chiliko Meto, Zilla Chairperson of the district.

In the meeting physical and financial achievement of various centrally sponsored schemes like SGSY, MGNREGA, IAY(normal & border), HARIYALI PH-I, II, III & IV, IWMP I & II executed under DRDA, Roing was reviewed that was read out by T Tatak, Project Director cum member secretary DRDA before the house. Tatak informed that MGNREGA is being implemented cent per cent in the district with transparency. The respective BDOs of three Community Development (CD) Blocks namely Roing-Koronu, Dambuk-Paglam and Hunli-Desali also presented their proposed draft annual action plan for the year 2011-12 for approval which was approved by the house after thorough discussion.

 Garima Gupta, Deputy Commissioner cum Chief Executive Officer, DRDA Roing in her speech has called for implementation of all the schemes in letter and spirit. She emphasized that all the schemes should be implemented on ground and efforts should be made to create permanent infrastructure/asset in order to bring tangible change in the district instead of wasting govt. money on temporary structures like MIC or CC steps which are recurring in nature. She opined to use Geostationary Polar Satellite (GPS) devices for proper monitoring of all the schemes especially of the remote and inaccessible CD Blocks like Hunli-Desali and Dambuk-Paglam area.

Zilla Parishad Members, Anchal-chairpersons, HoDs and Administrative Officers actively paricipated in the meeting. DIPRO


BJYM team  accorded warm welcome

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: The rank and files of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh accorded a warm reception to the 76-member strong team of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, Arunachal Pradesh on their arrival from New Delhi today morning after successful participation in youth rally held at Delhi on August 9 last. The rally was organized in protest against the uncontrolled and soaring prices of essential commodities and prevailing corruption in the country under the Congress led UPA government.

The national leaders of the BJP also lauded the BJYM team for their active participation in the various burning national importance issues outside the Northeast region, said a BJP release.

The BJYM members narrated their shocking experiences  and police brutality during their protest march in Delhi. The BJYM maintained that for no reason police suddenly started manhandling the National BJYM President Anurag Thakur (MP) and BJYM members. Even handicapped BJYM members were also mercilessly beaten up and thrown away by the Police which was unbecoming.


Training prog on pig farming

Tezu, Aug 12: An extensive and comprehensive farmers training program on pig farming was organised by ATMA in collaboration with Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Deptt, Tezu at Sunpura on 10th last. Around 40 trainees (farmers) from different villages of Sunpura circle attended the program. Significantly the women trainees took greater participation and interest during the training.

Inaugurating the Training Program as chief guest Shri. Karikho Kri, MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary (Transport) said scientific and modern means of pig farming increases its production leading to more income generation and sustainable self employment opportunities.

He stressed on the usefulness of mixed farming of livestock with agriculture, horticulture, fishery, etc. This would, he said, manifold the income of a farmer in various means. He assured any kind of logistic supports to the farmers for this.

Circle Officer, Lod Takkar encouraged the trainees in the same manner.

Agronomist V.K.Verma also emphasized on taking up mixed farming into practise.

Dr. D. Longri, Deputy Director, (AHV) and Dr. H.K.Gogoi, SVO/FM, Regional Exotic Pig Breeding Farm, Loiliang were the resource person.

Also, attending the training program A.K.Deb, Chief Manager (Lead Bank) explained the various financial benefits/assistance to the farmers.

The training was coordinated by Project Director, M.Chawla, ATMA, Lohit District, Tezu and Dr. C. Mahapatra, SVO Block cum convener, Block Technology Team, ATMA, Tezu. DIPRO


NERIST fraternity mourns death of its first Director

NIRJULI, Aug 12: The entire fraternity of North Eastern Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) in a meeting here under the chairmanship of director Dr PK Das today deeply mourned the untimely demise of institute’s first director Dr Priti Ranjan Sen Gupta at a nursing homer in New Delhi on Monday last.

He was 77 and is survived by his wife and a son.

Dr Das recalled the invaluable contributions of Dr Sen Gupta during his tenure (11th July 1983 to 25th July 1987) in establishing the first institute of such type that facilities certificate to doctorate degrees with the basic objective of feeding the technical manpower requirements of the entire North Eastern region.

In fact, the Longwal Institute of Sconce & Technology is the second such institute established by the government of India in the country, Dr Das said, adding the credit of invaluable contributions of NERIST to the socio-economic development of NE goes primary to Dr Sen Gupta, who worked with numerous international organizations, including with NASA for over a decade and at European Space Research Organization before shouldering the responsibility of setting up of NERIST.

Member/ fellow of sev-

eral  professional bodies including IEEE, USA, American Physical Society, Sigma Xi, American Society for Cultivation of Science; Dr Sen Gupta, with 80 publications; numerous awards, including Schimdt Mundt Award by Lloyds International Fellowship (UK) 1954, Fulbright Award, USA, International Award from Stockholm University, Sweden, Beta Kappa Award, USA, IETE Award, India, was among the country’s luminaries in the field of science. His death is an irreparable loss to the global scientific community, Dr Das said before the large gathering observed two minutes silence as a respect for the departed soul with prayer for his eternal peace.


APCGSSU alleges encroachment at Chayang Tajo and Pipu

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: All Pipu Chayang Tajo Gawe Purrang Sawa Students’ Union in a letter to Deputy Commissioner, East Kameng District alleged that government land and quarters at Chayang Tajo and Pipu town have been encroached by individuals illegally which hampered the town development and the government staff are also facing quarter problems due to quarter encroachment.

It strongly appealed to the Deputy Commissioner, SDO Chayang Tajo, Circle Officer Pipu and local MLA to take serious action against those individuals who illegally occupied government land and government quarters.


Student awareness prog to mark Jindal’s birthday

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Company Limited has organised a student awareness programme to mark  the 81st birth anniversary of Late O P Jindal at Kamporijo Middle School on August 7. Late Jindal was the founder chairman of O P Jindal Group of Industries in India.

On this occasion, Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Company Limited, Head of Project B.S Radhakrishnan highlighted the overview of the various projects being carried out by the various power developers in Arunachal Pradesh. He informed that some of the projects in Arunachal Pradesh are under execution, Survey investigation and process of forest and environmental clearance and briefing to the villagers of the project affected people about the procedures and norms to carry out the project and the benefits to be given to them. He also highlighted the importance of water and power generation and also briefed on the activities carried out by Jindal group.

Lower Subansiri District, Deputy Commissioner Nila Mohanan briefing the life history of late O.P Jindal urged the project affected people to maintain peace and harmony. She appreciated the company’s programme and policy of carrying out the work and assured to give full supports regarding the law and order problem in the area.

Taru Talo, ADC Raga, Tarh Tuglo, DDSE Ziro, Hage Tadi, DFO Ziro, Kabak Apo, ZPM Kamporijo Block - I, Yukar Taki, SUMPLIC, Chairman, Rakhe Sanjay, SUMPLIC, General Secretary  also spoke on the occasion.

District Forest Officer, Hage Tadi urged the Jindal groups to maintain the topographical and ecological balance by maintaining the minimum submergence areas, during the time of survey and investigation and requested to the villagers to cooperate with the forest officers to investigate the total catchment areas to be covered under Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Company Limited, 1600MW and during the time of forest and environmental clearance process.

Later, prizes were distributed to the winners of essay, drawing competiton and memory test held on August 4 at Govt. M.E.School, Kamporijo and school bags to all the students were also distribute to marks the occasions.


Don Bosco College Itanagar welcomes Freshers

Itanagar, Aug 12: The staff  and the students of Don Bosco College held Freshers’s  

Meet of this academic year at a function in the college today. As many as 300 freshers were officially welcomed in the college by the staff and the students. Mr. Chukhu Tadap  and Miss Jumi Ete carried away the coveted titles of Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher respectively. The theme of the Fresher’s Meet was “Go, Grow, Glow”. DBC staff and students also felicitated 29 rank holders of U.G. Examination 2011 of RGU at the award ceremony held today. Each of the rank holders was awarded with a cash award and a certificate of merit. The Rank holders included Ms. Neelam Rupa, the topper of B.A. III Examinations 2011 of R.G.U. These 29 meritorious students appeared in top ten of different subjects in Arts and Commerce Streams.

 In his speech the principal, Dr Nicholas Guandiat welcomed the new comers to begin their life in the college with earnest. Addressing the students he exhorted all the new comers to make their learning experience an opportunity to excel in every possible field. The Principal also congratulated the rank holders and the teaching faculty for the good result in the university exams this year. The highlights of the day were Galo traditional dance, Bollywood Remix steps, Duet dances and songs.


Rksm student shines in science seminar

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: And yet again the premiere girls’ school, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission at Khonsa represented by Miss Phokhaw Kangam, hailing from remote Wakka circle, bagged the first prize in the district level science seminar held on 12th Aug at Govt. H.S. School, Khonsa. Miss Kangam out performed Soipho Kolong of RK Mission School, Narottam Nagar and Phosai Gangsa of Don Bosco School, Kheti who won second and third positions respectively. Altogether 11 Schools from all over the district enthusiastically participated in the Science Seminar, the topic of which was ‘Chemistry for human welfare-promises and concerns’ jointly sponsored by education department and national Science Museum Kolkata. In most of the science seminar held at Khonsa, the main competition had always been between RK Sarada Mission Khonsa, R.K Mission, Narottam Nagar and Don Bosco School Kheti and on most of the occasions; it has been the girls of RK Sarada Mission who had emerged winners. The credit goes to the teachers and the students for their consistent performance over the years. M.Mobia, CO, Dr. Ahmed, DVO and N.Wangsu, ADO judged the competition

Speaking after giving away the prizes to the winners, the chief guest, M.Hosai Principal, Govt.H.S. School said that the teachers have a vital role to play to motivate and guide their students to enable them participate in an important science seminar like the  one held at Khonsa.  While appreciating the efforts of the young students in throwing light on the topic of the day Hosai said there are still rooms for improvement and asked them to show keen interest in science. He further thanked the support staff for making the seminar a success. Dr. Ahmed and N.Wangsu also expressed their views and they both asked the winner to be well-prepared to successfully represent the district at the state and national levels.  


Climate change to increase malaria


According to recent research climate change will shift India's malaria zone from the east coast to Himalayas in the north east and lengthen the periods in which the infection is spread in a number of districts. But the country's east coast could see fewer malaria cases by 2030, because of rising temperatures which affect mosquitoes' activity, researchers said.

The projections by the National Institute of Malaria Research (NIMR), Delhi, published in a special issue of Current Science on climate change indicate that malaria could spread to districts in three states it is currently absent from - Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir  during the next 20 years.

In the eastern Himalayas, in north-eastern India, the window of malaria transmission would increase from 7–9 to 10–12 months in length. The region is humid and wet, with mild winters, which makes it highly conducive for mosquito breeding, survival and transmission of vector-borne diseases.

But India's east coast would have reduced transmission, because of an increase in temperature, and the western regions would see a minimal impact, the analysis showed.

The researchers said higher temperatures increased the rate at which malaria-carrying mosquitoes digested their blood meal and laid eggs.

But, the report cautions, this climate assessment needs to be integrated with socio-economic factors, as transmission is also driven by crop practices, water availability, urbanisation, and interventions such as bednets and insecticide sprays.