Aug 05


Flawed policy ruining education system in Arunachal

‘Efforts on to bring change in education system’

Amar Sangno

ITANAGAR, Aug 04:  The education sector has always been accorded top priority along with the health sector by any governments in Arunachal Pradesh for last many decades. However, be it for present or previous governments, education department fictitiously remains as most pampered department. The upgraded schools in the state from Tawang in West to Tirap in East over the last five years without proper infrastructure are enough to validate it. As per the records available with this correspondent, the state government had upgraded altogether 74 schools since 2008 to 2011.  During last four years, 21 secondary schools were upgraded to higher secondary level and 37 middle schools to secondary level and 5 primary schools to middle schools. 11 middle schools  were upgraded  to secondary schools under Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan (RMSA) in 2011.

Interestingly, most of the upgraded schools are having neither proper infrastructures nor  the required teachers.  Many upgraded schools are yet to see the subject teachers, headmasters/principals though these schools were upgraded many years ago.

Apparently, the government had gone on “up-gradation spree” without cross examining the actual requirement and feasibility in terms of teaching staff and students’ strength.  

“Higher authorities should not upgrade the schools if they cannot provide teachers,” said infuriated Sangha Tagik, SMC Chairman of govt secondary school Parsi-Parlo who is also Zilla Parishad member. One may call it a “policy paralysis” or political appeasement for the extra-mileage in run up to election from our politicians.

The worst hit among the upgraded  schools are  Govt. higher secondary school Chayang Tajo in East Kameng, Govt, secondary school Parsi-Parlo and Tali in Kurung Kumey, Govt  higher secondary school  Muri-Mugli in Upper Subansiri, and  Govt higher secondary school, Jengging in Upper Siang district.

The teachers’ shortage in Arunachal is now a chronic problem which keeps breaking the education department’s back in every new academic session, as there are regular hue and cry by the parents or civil  society before every DDSE office seeking posting of teachers.

Ironically, according to the data of education department Arunachal Pradesh  has highest numbers of teachers including teachers under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.  The teacher-student ratio is 1:19, whereas, according to government of India norms and as per RTE, it should have 1:40 and 1:30.

However, Director Higher and Technical Education Dr. Joram Begi said that shortage of teachers could be eased to some extent if deployment of teachers is rationalized. He further added that for the rationalization there should be “zero political interference” and teachers should have missionary zeal for teaching.

Commissioner Education Gonesh Koyu informed that efforts are being made by the department and government to correct the past error (up-gradation spree) to bring change in education system. According to sources, the state government has technical hiccup to accord financial sanction  for creating new posts of teacher for the upgraded schools. As of now it has to arm SSA teachers.

Saddest part of it is that with the up-gradation of school, a sense of isolation has developed in the minds of the students as the students of  such upgraded schools are not getting admission to other schools, no matter upgraded school has teacher or not. Thus, upgradation of school brings no joy to children and parents at all, rather, it piles up more woes every day as many students are deprived of getting better education because of the theory of feeder and non-feeder or catchment or non-catchment areas.



It is time to take strong decisions: Tuki

Aerial survey continues

ZIRO, Aug 04: Chief Minister Nabam Tuki today sent a strong message to his detractors, saying that it was time to take decisions and not just sit and ponder on what will be.

“We have to take strong decisions without worrying about wrong and right. Wrongs can be corrected but delay in decision making will delay the whole process of development. We have lost valuable time. We cannot afford to lose more,” he said while addressing a gala function to flag off the new academic session at St Claret College here at Salaya, Ziro.

Pointing out some of the important decisions of his Government in the last couple of months including that of opening a private university, Indira Gandhi Medical and Technical Sciences University at Ziro, Tuki said that the Government, with its limited resources, will not be able to provide higher and technical education to the youths at their doorsteps. Therefore, he said, it was necessary to rope in private parties to support the Government in this endeavor under the Private Public Partnership (PPP) mode.

“Under the PPP mode we will boost our education, health and industry sectors especially focusing on providing skills to unemployed youths to engage in gainful self-employment avenues,” he said.

The Chief Minister admitted that few criticisms would come when tough decisions are taken but in the long run the society and future generations would gain. He cited the example of St Claret College, a private institution run by Catholic Missionaries. In the initial stages there were apprehensions about its establishment but today it is imparting quality education to more than 500 students from various districts and gaining appreciation each passing year.

“Honest decisions and honest implementation will never go wrong,” he asserted.

Appreciating the Catholic missionaries for running three colleges (at Ziro, Aalo and Itanagar) and innumerable schools educating more than 30,000 youths across the state, the Chief Minister humbly appealed the authorities to venture into interior and rural areas where education is of urgent need.

“In all such noble endeavors my Government will always extend support and cooperation in whatever way possible,” he offered while assuring to double the grant to such institutions from this financial year.

To a request made by the St Claret College authorities for assistance in construction of the first and second floor of the Girls Hostel, the Chief Minister assured that it would be included in the current year AOP under SPA. The Chief Minister later inaugurated the newly constructed ground floor of the Girls Hostel named ‘Claretine Villa’.

Also present on the occasion were local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Padi Richo, Bishop of Itanagar Rt Rev Fr John Thomas and other officials and invitees.

Later in the afternoon, Tuki along with MP Takam Sanjoy, Parliamentary Secretary Padi Richo, Chief Secretary Yeshi Tsering, Relief Director Y W Ringu, WRD Chief Engineer L Angu and Papum Pare DC Pige Ligu made an aerial survey of flood affected foothill areas of Papum Pare, East Kameng and West Kameng districts. The aerial survey towards the West of the state was in continuation of yesterday’s survey when the team took stock of the damages caused by recent spate of flash floods in the Eastern parts of the state.

Large portions of plain lands of agriculture and habitation have been washed away by overflowing streams and rivers that crisscross the foothills of the state. Rivers have changed courses affecting communication and completely changing the geography of several habitations.

The Chief Minister made the surveys to personally equip himself with the magnitude of the damages and losses caused before a Central Team of the Home Ministry come to take stock of the damages. The Center has assured the Chief Minister that a team would be soon dispatched to Itanagar to make surveys and assess the damages caused for subsequent assistance from the Center to make up the losses.



East LSYC appeals  for air sorties in Anjaw

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: Lok Sabha Youth Congress, 2nd East Arunachal Pradesh today appealed to the state Govt to airdrop essential ration items to the flood-affected Anjaw district immediately.

 While appreciating Hayuliang MLA Kalikho Pul for taking initiative for ration sorties in the district, the SLYC in a release today said that the sanctioned ration sorties are yet to be materialized. It requested the authorities to sanction additional sorties and to air drop the ration items which were sanctioned earlier.

The LYC also requested the health authority to keep the medical team alert to fight the post flood epidemics.

While appreciating the CM for his visit to flood hit eastern Arunachal, the LYC appealed the Govt to provide relief package to flood affected people.

After visiting the worst flood affected sites of the district, Lok Sabha Youth Congress of 2nd East Arunachal Pradesh vice president Bakemso Towsik  today  said that not only the people are facing the acute shortage of essential commodities due to road blockade. Food shortage crippled the Govt machinery as well as. The schools and hostels are yet  to begin its new session because of lack of ration items. Moreover, the hospitals are running without medicine and ration items due to road blockade. The patients are compelled to continue their treatment at community health centres at Hawai and Hayuliang irrespective of the nature of illness due to road blockade. Moreover, progress of all the development projects  has gone down to zero level due to shortage of  ration items for labourers, said Towsik. He said  the recent flood washed away most of the culverts  and foot suspension bridges. Chaglagam and Goiliang circles remained totally cut off  from  rest of the  district, he  added.



Pre-army recruitment training bears fruits, 50 Longding boys selected

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: The newly born Longding district achieved its first ‘high’ when 50 of their candidates got selected out of a total 272 selected from Arunachal Pradesh in the recently held Army Recruitment Rally at Pasighat.  This rare feat was possible due to the hard work and dedication of the tribals of  Longding ‘The Wanchos’ and pre-recruitment training provided by local army unit, according to an Army release.

The results would have been much better if a few candidates were not rejected due to having tattoo marks in their body.  In this regard, the Assam Rifle Sector at Lekhapani has also written a letter to higher authorities since tattoo marking is a part of culture and traditions of Wanchos.

It should be noted that this army unit had selected 118 candidates for pre-recruitment training out of which 57 got selected in medical exam and finally 50 have been selected in written exam.  This unit had conducted similar training earlier this year for police recruitment in which more than 300 candidates were selected.  During recruitment rally last year, at Likabali, 54 candidates from Longding were selected.  The local populace and District Authorities have widely appreciated this effort by the Rajput Regiment Battalion.  The Rajas, GBs and other District Authorities have thanked the army authorities for the good work done by them and hoped that Longding District will become a major tourist attraction in the near future.  In its pursuant to win hearts and minds of local populace, this local army unit has conducted a number of successful Perception Management Projects in the past and kept this insurgency infected area incident free.



Those were the days...

Taba Ajum  

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: Majority of Arunachalee students from later part of 90s and early part of 2000 grew up listening to Bryan Adam, MLTR, Backstreet Boys and idolizing likes of Brian Lara (Retired West Indies cricketer), Diego Maradona, Sachin Tendulkar and our own Robin Hibu, the first IPS officer of state. During that period of time, our state of Arunachal Pradesh was quite different from present Arunachal.

Since the death of Late Khandu and subsequent Pradeep Thakur issue which apparently divided state on communal line, Arunachal looks quite different now. Mutual mistrust between tribes of state is widening and if trust deficit is not reduced, mistrust will only increase in days to come. Such is the situation that  even a classroom fight between students belonging to two different communities may be given communal colour. Many politicians and self-centric community leaders of various tribes are waiting like ‘hungry vultures’ to grab first opportunity to paint communal colour to even a minor incident for their personal benefits.

During our school days, things were quite different in Capital complex. If there was a classroom fight between students from different tribes, the fight uses to end their immediately without painting a communal colour.

Today if there is a minor road accident on the road of Capital Complex, the first thing persons do is to take out cell phone and give a call to each other’s clan members asking them prepare for battle ahead. If the problem is not solved by clan members, then fights go to district level and lastly to tribe level (if accident victim are from different tribe).

The other day I was talking to my childhood friend about our school days and how much life has changed. “School days were filled with innocence and without any boundary. Issues like tribe, community or group never matter to us. But, slowly when we grow up, we know the world around us and we know who we are. Then slowly we limit ourselves to caste, tribe and religion and so on. That’s when we stop growing forever,” said my friend.  If that is the case, I would pray that young Arunachalees never grow up and get divided on communal line.

It will be wrong to compare Arunachal of 2000 with the present Arunachal. However, law and order situation has worsened in state capital in the recent year. Murders and other hardcore criminals roam around without any fear. They intimidate law abiding citizens without any fear knowing very well that they can get away easily after committing heinous crime. Most of citizens do not dare to go out of home after 8 pm and people do not feel safe even at their own home.

“The attack on Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina has scared us a lot. Now I feel unsafe sitting in our own home. Feel like as if someone is keeping an eye on me even at my own. Very sad to see the situation of capital getting worse,” told a citizen of Itanagar.  

Security has become the most important aspect for the citizens of capital and it would be great mistake if state government fails to feel the pulse of citizen whose main concern at the moment is to have ‘a secure life’.



Trout fish release programme at Tawang

TAWANG, Aug 04:  The Department of Fisheries, Tawang, organized a Trout (Brown Trout) Fish Seed releasing programme at Tapiumche Lake near Klemta Post, 20 kms north of Tawang.

Attending the programme, Tawang Deputy Commissioner Kemo  Lollen emphasized on the importance of biodiversity and stressed on integrating biodiversity into the fishery and tourism sectors.

“Every decision we take that affects biodiversity, also affects our lives and the lives of other people. Biodiversity is crucial to human well-being, sustainable development and poverty reduction. But people - particularly those in the developed world - have become so far removed from nature that they have forgotten how much they, and others, rely on it”, said Lollen. He also suggested conservation strategies to support sustainable development by protecting biological resources in ways that will preserve habitats and ecosystems. In order for biodiversity conservation to be effective, management measures must be broad based. He urged the District Tourism Officer to consider ways and methods for development of such lakes so as to attract maximum tourists,

He further suggested about the fish seed release of Rainbow Trout at other lakes in and around Tawang.

The DFDO, James Nabum, informed the gathering about the project and also about the species of Trout Fish and its diet, habitat and various methods adopted by the department for its development.

The personnel from the Indian Army expressed their gratitude to the Fisheries Dept, Tawang and the DC Tawang. They also assured to support and help in the development of such places so that it can be accessed by the tourists.

The DC Tawang after the release of the Brown trout fish seed undertook a boating trip in the Tapiumche Lake accompanied by the personnel from Army and the DFDO.

Trout is the name for a number of species of fresh water fish belonging fish to the genera Oncorhynchus, Salmo and Salvelinus, all of the subfamily Salmoninae of the family Salmonidae. The word trout is also used as part of the name of some non-salmonid fish such as Cynoscion nebulosus, thespotted seatrout or speckled trout.Most trout such as Lake trout live in freshwater lakes and/or rivers exclusively, while there are others such as the Rainbow trout which spend two or three years at sea before returning to freshwater to spawn, a habit more typical of salmon. Trout are an important food source for humans and wildlife including brown bears, birds of prey such as eagles, and other animals. They are classified as an oily fish. DIPRO

Col  M.K Sharma CO Chuje GG, Lt Col S.Banerjee ADMN CMDT 190 Mtn Bde, HoDs of the district and staffs of the Fisheries Deptt, Tawang were also present on the occasion. DIPRO



PPAYO felicitates meritorious students, sportspersons

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: Parsi Parlo Area Youth Organization (PPAYO) has felicitated the meritorious students of Parsi Parlo area, who excelled in CBSE class X & XII examinations with merit certificates and cash awards in a function here today. Three sportspersons of the area were also felicitated on the occasion for their outstanding performance in national and International level competitions and contributions towards the field of state’s games and sports.

The students, who were felicitated, were Gichik Nani, Class XII, Commerce (63%), Dongche Boni, Class X (8.6 CGPA), Bulang Mary (8.2 CGPA), Sangha Tader (7.8 CGPA), Sangha Santy (7.8 CGPA), Langkung Talo (7.6 CGPA),.

Ha Rupa of Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy, who had  won a Bronze medal in NE Games at Aizawl this year, Nanu Sangha, who represented India in Wado Kai Karate-Do Championship abroad and Arunachal Olympic Association Joint Secretary L Marik were also felicitated on the occasion.

Attending the programme to encourage the students, Nangram Pinkap, Protocol Officer, highly appreciated PPAYO for organizing the programme to encourage the students. In his inspirational speech, Pinkap advised the students to study hard with determination to achieve the desired goal in life. He also spoke about time management and study tactics to enhance performance. Discouraging participation of students in politics,  he advised them to put their energy to useful and constructive purposes.

Parsi Parlo Circle Officer N Borang advised the students to set goal for life first to achieve success. “Without goal your life is like a boat without a rudder, he said. Hard work, dedication and determination were the keys to success. Work hard, success would follow, he said.

Both Borang and Pinkap also interacted with the students and gave valuable tips and informations about higher education and career options.

Marik, who also is general secretary of Arunachal Karate-Do Association informed about various facilities and job opportunities for sports persons in the state.

PPAYO president Gichik Tang said that the main objective of organizing the programme was to encourage and motivate the meritorious students and sports persons of Parsi Parlo area.

The programme was also attended by Parsi Parlo Zilla Parishad Member Sangha Tagik, Anchal Samity Chairperson Ha Tekia, District Planning Officer, parents/guidance and students.



All Chimpu FC, Gohpur Youth Club win

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: All Chimpu FC and Gohpur Youth Club beat their respective opponents to earn full points in the ongoing 8th Independence Running Football Tournament at KV No 2 playground here today.

While Chimpu FC beat BN FC by a solitary goal Gohpur Youth Club trounced AFC 3-0.

The winning goal of Chimpu FC was scored by Takesh Heri. The scorers of Gohpur Youth Club were Rumik Mama and Tagio Raju (2 goals).


Tomorrow’s matches

1.  Gyan FC vs All Chimpu FC at 12 noon,

2. Lokam Brothers vs Young Brother at 2 pm

3.  BN FC vs Vivek Vihar FC at 3.30 pm



Training on artificial flower making

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: Sixty women, including school and college students, mothers and SSG members were given certificates today on completion of a month-long training on artificial flower making and woolen garment manufacturing.

The training, organized by Arunachal Pradesh unit of National Youth Project (NYP) with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati as partner, stared at Chainki Rijo School, Chandranagar, Itanagar on July 02 last with Subu Anga as master trainer.

Addressing the trainees, who exhibited the products they made during the training, senior journalist and NYP vice president Pradeep Kumar told them that the value of education lies in its practical application in greater welfare of the society.

“If a mother of three, Nimata Sinha, could spare time to join the training and prove herself to be the best among the 60, she  could also utilise her skill gained from  the training to supplement her husband’s meager income. This is a lesson particularly for all young girls,” Kumar added.

Echo of Arunachal’s associate editor Tapan Kumar Das told them that the training would be immensely beneficial in their life while DY365 reporter Mukul Pathak exhorted them to use the knowledge they have learnt to earn.

The sixty swelled the number of NYP trainees, which was over 25,000 during the last three years, while the NGO operational in 46 countries and having 47 functional centres in the state has so far received proposal to train about 4,000 youth this year in different capacity building courses. Moreover, a national integration camp is in the offing at Nampong in Changlang district in December next.



Society mourns death of student, demands compensation

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: All Bamin Welfare Society, Itanagar Capital Complex have condoled the untimely demise of late Bamin Batt, a class IX student who succumbed to multiple injuries received in an unfortunate accident which took place at Khonsa town on 29th of last month.  Late Batt and another local boy were allegedly mowed down by a vehicle belonging to 36 CRPF Bn based at Khonsa. The society prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

Further, the Society urged the Superintendent of Police, Khonsa to immediately arrest the  driver Md Sabir Khan for rash and negligent driving. It alleged that there has been negligence and also no all out effort was made to save the injured patient by BC Sharma, Commandant CRPF 36 Bn and local hospital at Assam. Therefore, the society urged the CRPF authority to visit the deceased family immediately and also fully compensate.

Meanwhile, a CRPF official informed that they have done everything from their side  to safe the life of late Batt. “He was taken to a hospital in Dibrugarh from Khonsa in CRPF ambulance. Also two CRPF jawans donated blood. We have tried our best to save his life,” said a CRPF official.   



Adopt policy to protect public premises: APPDSU

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) has vehemently criticised  few resolutions adopted by the high-level meeting of the state government on certain land allotment rules yesterday.

Pointing out the  decision taken in the yesterday’s high-level meeting on  land allotment procedures, the  Union said “It is well understood that the Land Regularization policy adopted by the State Government is technically in contradiction to the existing Central Acts & Arunachal Pradesh Code enacted by the State Government itself.”

Moreover, it is a tactics to misguide the innocent general public of the state, please those frustrated capital dwellers who are applying for land allotment and to create confusion among the agitators who are demanding for immediate roll back of the Cabinet decision of May 2 for the greater public interest.

The Union said that  Parliamentary Secretary, Land Management  should not misguide the people of the state for the benefits of few privileged class of the society, rather it should pass such a decision/policy which will protect the public premises from the illegal encroachment and at the same time generate revenue for the state, the release added.



AAPBSU team meets CM on its charter of demands

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: A delegation of All Arunachal Pradesh Border Students’ Union (AAPBSU) led by its acting president Kangge Moyong and general secretary Nabam Rama called on Chief Minister at his office chamber  recently to discuss the union’s 10 points charter of demands.

During the course of discussion, the chief minister has reportedly suggested the AAPBSU to work for betterment of the society without causing any harm to any individual. Discouraging bandh culture, the chief minister  said “we can sort out our differences; solve problems amicably sitting together across the table.”

Political secretary to CM, Bamang Tago also spoke in the meeting and suggested the Union to create awareness among people through workshops, campaign etc to maintain peace and harmony along inter- state boundary and resolve all problems amicably.

The Union’s demand included, issue of LPC to the people permanently settled in the boundary areas free of cost, Establishment of 4th IRBn training centre cum HQ at Radhaso under Taraso circle, Immediate construction of permanent police check post at Kakoi, Dessing Paso, Kamku Russa and Kangku, Creation of Border Affair department, Relocation of the Likabali Check post, Immediate implementation of Home guard Training, Arm licences to people residing in border areas, immediate demarcation of boundary between Assam and Arunachal.

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News Impact

Cash reward stands

ITANAGAR, Aug04: The cash reward of Rs 2 lakh announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP Hibu Tamang at tele. numbers : 09436040006/09856060490.


Power disruption

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: The twin capital city and its adjoining areas will face power cut till rectification of 132 KV Nirjuli-Dikrong transmission line.

Major load shedding is being effected in Naharlagun, Itangar and its adjoining areas following the detection of technical snag in 132 KV Nirjuli-Dikrong transmission line this morning caused by the low transformation capacity of Balipara power grid-sub-station, informed the EE, SLDC and Rev division of power, Itanagar in a release today. However, restoration work is going on in full swing, EE said while regretting the inconvenience caused to the consumers.


XIth Tang memorial football from Sept 1

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: The XIth Tadar Tang Memorial State Level Football Tournament would begin at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun from September One. It was decided in a meeting of Arunachal Football Association (APFA) yesterday. Unlike previous editions, the opening match would be played between Arunachal XI and a team either from Meghalaya or Assam which would be confirmed later.


APPDYA supports selection of new airport site

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: All Papum Pare District Youth Association (APPDYA) has supported the site chosen to set up the greenfield airport at Hollongi saying that the place was very much suitable for the purpose.

Once the airport is constructed it would generate employment opportunities for the unemployed youths of the state besides solving a major communication problem, APPDYA said in a release and urged the government to begin the construction works as early as possible.

All Papum Poma Students Union (APPSU) also supported the construction of the airfield at Hollongi.

It said that the place chosen for the airfield at Hollongi is much better than the Karsingsa field. The plain surface of the site at its east, west and  south direction has made the Hollongi site technically more feasible and safer than that of the Karsingsa ground for the airfield, APPSU said in a release.


Plantation programe held

ITANAGAR, Aug 04:  With objective to create awareness on importance of greenery and forest to students, All Bassar Nallo Youth Association (ABYA) has conducted tree plantation programe at  the complex of government middle school Basarnallo under Sangdupota circle on Friday.


AAPBSU team meets CM on its charter of demands

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: A delegation of All Arunachal Pradesh Border Students’ Union (AAPBSU) led by its acting president Kangge Moyong and general secretary Nabam Rama called on Chief Minister at his office chamber  recently to discuss the union’s 10 points charter of demands.

During the course of discussion, the chief minister has reportedly suggested the AAPBSU to work for betterment of the society without causing any harm to any individual. Discouraging bandh culture, the chief minister  said “we can sort out our differences; solve problems amicably sitting together across the table.”

Political secretary to CM, Bamang Tago also spoke in the meeting and suggested the Union to create awareness among people through workshops, campaign etc to maintain peace and harmony along inter- state boundary and resolve all problems amicably.

The Union’s demand included, issue of LPC to the people permanently settled in the boundary areas free of cost, Establishment of 4th IRBn training centre cum HQ at Radhaso under Taraso circle, Immediate construction of permanent police check post at Kakoi, Dessing Paso, Kamku Russa and Kangku, Creation of Border Affair department, Relocation of the Likabali Check post, Immediate implementation of Home guard Training, Arm licences to people residing in border areas, immediate demarcation of boundary between Assam and Arunachal.


Palin AYC submits field visit report

ITANAGAR, Aug 04: Assembly Youth Congress Committee (AYC), Palin in its field visit report submitted to the Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress  said that centrally sponsored schemes, namely MGNREGA at Bangte village, PMGSY Palin to Bokam road, 50 bedded NEC funded hospital and IAY  in Anchal segments are not implemented properly.



20 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large.