August 19

33KV line to be charged after August 25

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Informing that the newly constructed 33KV line from Seppa Pacha Micro Hydel to Pakke (Bameng) will be charged at 33000 volts electricity after August 25, the executive engineer (E), Seppa Electrical Division in an official release cautioned that no attempt should be made to climb the poles or touch the overhead conductors or temper with the electrical equipments connected directly or indirectly.

The 33KV line passes through all the en-route villages from Seppa to Pakke; Seppa town (Pacha Hydel to Seppa Govt. Hr. Secondary School area), 4th mile, 8th mile, 12th mile, Pachi, Tajeyar Camp, Hamkia Camp, 18th Mile, Riga Camp and Pakke Camp villages.



Interaction session held

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: A HoD and general public interaction programme was held at Jajing Tapo village under VIII Mengio CD Block of Papum Pare district recently.

Addressing the gathering, ZPM Mengip Tarh Passang said, you can earn name by good deed or get the blame for non-performance and take care of basic necessities of the people, particularly women and children.

He further assured to donate few amount for the construction of porter track in between Sakiang to Jajing Tapo.

EAC Toko Audil, while appealing the villagers not to create any law and order problem in the panchayat or in the circle sought their cooperation in the developmental activities.

ADO Mengio, Tare Kahi asked the villagers not to just depend on contract works and to set up agricultural and horticultural farm for better life.

Later, a volleyball competition was played between ZPM VI and EAC VI in which the latter won.

ASM Paki Panchayat Gyamar Yama donated one set of Rice milling machine.


Exclude Payum circle forest area from Biosphere Reserve

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Opposing to the inclusion of forest area of Payum circle under Dihang Dibang Biosphere Reserve, Arunachal Youth Congress, 32 Rumgong, president Tarut Pari has termed it as attack on the Customary Rights and Culture.

In a release, he claimed that the act is being committed with malafide intention for selfish gain, by some anti social people in nexus with the concerned department head.

He appealed the concerned department to exclude ‘our forest area from the Dihang Dibang Biosphere reserved.’

Previously, the public had lodged a complaint to concerned department many times but it fell into deaf ears, he said.


Dr. Alai Taggu selected for ‘Super Specialty’ course

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Making the State proud, Dr. Alai Taggu has been selected for one of the two coveted seats for DM Critical Care at St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore. With this feat, he will become one of the few individuals in the state to fall under an elite group of medical super specialists, who have pledged to provide world class treatments to the patients in the state.

Dr. Alai Taggu is an alumnus of the prestigious Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry where he obtained his MD. He is a fellow of Indian Critical Care Medicine (FICCM), Chennai and National Board (NB) Critical Care (National Boards Sub-speciality Hyderabad). He is the third son of OpetTaggu  and TalingTaggu of Aalo.

D M- Critical Care medicine is the latest super speciality in the medicine group. This upcoming super specialty is the talk of the day in any modern medical establishment for the best possible care for medical/gynaecological/surgical patients. DM critical care medicine is the last and final word for any critically ill patient and a must degree in acute medicine.


ATTAWS vows to make Segi-Gusar a model town

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: The All Tator Tani Area Welfare Society (ATTAWS) of Segi-Gusar Circle has resolved to make the CO Headquarters a model town.

And to realize its dream, ATTAWS has formed a committee for proper land demarcation and proper town planning of the township.

Appalled by the non presence of circle officer, administrative staffs, medical staffs and other government staffs in the circle, it formed another committee to look into the problem and immediate posting of the government officials in the circle.

It also expressed concern over non electrification of the area.

Despite of the fact that the CO HQ comes under the prevue of RGGY programme, it is not being electrified. Only the posts can be seen with no power connection.

Expressing regret that many of the centrally sponsored schemes were not being implemented properly, it urged the implementing agencies to maintain quality while executing work.

Further saying that repeated landslide of PWD road near Tampin bridge disconnects people of the area from the district headquarter, it urged upon the local MLA and the concern department for early sanction of fund under FDR/relief for its construction.


Farmer training programme

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: A farmers training programme on Integrated Development of Horticulture under HMNE 2012-2013 was organized at Sagalee.

Conducted by Sub-Divisional Horticulture Officer, Sagalee Sunil Kumar, topics like cultivation of orange, banana, pineapple, large cardamom, ginger, vegetable crops, medicinal plants and impact of animal husbandry in horticulture development and organic farming were discussed during the training programme.



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New strictures for poverty alleviation

The new index recommends that states be rated on the development scale based on how far they are from the national average on parameters like poverty rate, consumption, education, health, female literacy, urbanization, household amenities, connectivity, financial inclusion and share of SCs/STs in total population.

The panel’s recommendations address some of the concerns raised by states like Bihar, which have argued that factors like per capita energy consumption too ought to be included while deciding on central development assistance.  In the current scheme of things, Bihar and many other Bimaru states (a club of underdeveloped north Indian states) don't qualify to be treated as backward and, hence, deserving of special assistance that accrues to the seven north-eastern states, Sikkim, J&K, Himachal and Uttarakhand.

The proposed index will be the basis for the new system of special assistance running into thousands of crores to certain states and will replace the existing method based on geographical factors and terrain. In 1969, the Centre, based on the Gadgil formula, had initially designated Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Nagaland as special category states to provide preference for central assistance. Now there are 11 such states.

Over the past few years, several of the Bimaru states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Odisha have demanded special assistance from the Centre to improve the quality of living and also deal with high debt. West Bengal, which has been leading the charge to get debt relief may have to wait till the Finance Commission's report is implemented in April 2015. But Bihar and Odisha that rank low on several parameters are in for a larger share of central assistance.



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Look east policy, a mere eyewash?

Dear Editor,

Recently, I had the opportunity to read through an excellent publication brought out by the A.P Legislative Assembly on the occasion of the Assembly Day on August 7, 2013.

One particular article, which caught not just my appreciation, but also my fullest agreement, was the one written by Finance Minister Chowna Mein recollecting his memories as a Speaker, where he reflected his views on the ‘Look East’ policy of Govt of India and its implications for Arunachal.

One cannot agree more with his view that the opening of the Stilwell road will open up unimaginable trade benefits with our South East Asian neighbours. But when we look at ground realities, we wonder if the Look East Policy is merely a ‘vision’ formulated to bolster its image, show its ‘sisterly’ concern and assert its dominance over other member countries of ASEAN by the central Govt? If not, why are we not seeing any concrete steps being taken by the Govt particularly in context to Arunachal? Is it merely eyewash?

As indicated by the statistics of the Dept of Agriculture, Govt. of A.P, the paddy production of the state for 2011-12 was a meager255 (000’MT), which does not cater to the needs of the poor people of the State, especially the indigenous natives living in far-flung interior and remote areas. In spite of Government initiative by both Centre & State, the availability of food grains, especially rice, is not at all adequate due to obvious factors like ‘price rise’, hoarding of food grains by traders, the transportation cost of procuring food grains from distant producer states like Punjab, Haryana, etc. Compounded to it, is the fact that the people of Arunachal have always been treated as ‘children of lesser God’, irrespective of which party/alliance is ruling at the Centre!

This is where the true worth of minister Mein’s article comes across. Whenever there is a discussion with my childhood friends from Jairampur,Nampong and other nearby towns, a very recurring statement is “Bondhu, Burma samman belak imman asorit sostaa ase dei !!(The produce and goods from Myanmar, erstwhile Burma, are ridiculously cheap!!)

It is always a privilege to be patriotic and nationalistic, but as they say ‘paapi pet ka kya’? In this age of globalization and liberalization, one doesn't see any harm if we can procure food grains like paddy from Myanmar, which is but a footstep away, at much cheaper prices rather than from far away Punjab & Haryana at exorbitant prices. The same holds for other produces like commercial crops and consumer products. If an economic powerhouse like China can identify and take advantage of the natural resources of Myanmar, why can’t India and Arunachal in particular, do so?

I am highly optimistic that in line with what minister Mein has envisioned, both the State Govt and the Govt of India will formulate a mechanism to expedite the process of ‘Indo- Myanmar Trade’ to its fullest potential. A truly enlightening write-up in a fascinating publication!


Moddon  Riba



Avoid colonial era attitude

Dear Editor,

On 15th August 2013 people from every corner of state as well as inhabited of capital complex visit I.G. Park Itanagar to witness the Independence Day celebration and to hear CM’s speech.

But it was very surprising that police forces standing in the gate restricted thousands of people from entering into IG Park and vehicles were also completely restricted to enter except pass holders from DC office.

Few people were permitted to enter from main gate. Thereby I also entered with my brother inside the park but again there was a surprise too as another (3) three narrow gates were there. Some how I entered by taking permission from police personnel’s. Again there was more obstruction inside the park and we could barely witness the events.

We both  failed to witness the programme. And like us, there were thousands of people who also failed to enjoy the programme.

It seems in our state occasion like 15th August, 26th January and state hood day 20th Feb. etc are only for VIP/VVIP and Police personal? Moreover where is welfare state? Where is Independence for common people?

At last I would request state government to avoid colonial policy and the half Independence policy and give every people of state/country chance to celebrate and join in such historic programme of the country.


Vikas Richo (Matam)

Vivek Vihar, Itanagar


Recruitment process should be updated

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to present my opinion regarding the recruitment process of Arunachal Pradesh.

APPSC is the lone commission to recruit highest civil service post in the state. But for C and D grade post it is done departmentally. This system seems highly corrupt and encouraging nepotism in which the big boss of the concern department is the lone authority. This system is undesirable too in the way that we candidate need to apply separately for every department like separate challan, application form, etc. As far my personal records of expenditure for applying job is concern it goes like this: - (a) Challan Rs.2000. (b) xerox Rs.6000 (c) pass photo Rs. 1000. (d) Application form fees or cyber and print out charge Rs.2000. (e) envelope Rs. 150. (f) Postal stamp Rs. 200. (g) Tempo and auto fare Rs. 5000 and lots of tiresome and humiliation from officers while asking for attestation. All these thing I could have manage with very less amount of money and at one go if they follow the recruitment mode of central govt. like, UPSC, SSC graduate level and 10+2, CPO etc.

I don't know why our loving state is still following the dinosaur age system in the advance and modern age??? Therefore I highly request  govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to take immediate action to cope with the matter by appointing separate commission for recruitment of C and D Grade govt. staff as soon as possible to save our money and time. We can devote our time for study rather than running around for applying one vacant post.


Mon Tateh,




Poor students are suffering

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to appeal the Education Department and apex student body to check and control the govt. teacher from running private tuition centre nearby any govt. school for the sake of poor student studying in it. By taking tuition at home they do not teach properly in the regular class which affects the poor student who can’t afford the tuition fees. It also creates doubt that such practice leads to partiality in giving practical marks.

I am not staying that they should not run private tuition class but it should be located at far away from the school campus. Actually what I expect is that govt. teacher must teach tuition free of cost to their student.  Few years back this practice was banned by the some of our apex student union and it gave good result for several years but now a day this practice is seen again. So I urge the concern department or authority to look into the matter seriously for better functioning of any govt. schools.


G C Tok, Naharlagun



Dirty deeds of politicians

Dear Editor,

By trying to keep the political parties out of the ambit of the RTI Act, our parliamentary representatives are trying to keep themselves out of reach of the public whom they are supposed to represent. Statement like, “for smooth internal working” sounds more like greasing each other’s hand to win favors or twisting arms of the non-compliant to get their way. Also an act like RTI could expose their dirty underbelly which though is an open secret for all to know. If they are genuine representatives of the people and not some money diverting pouts filling the pockets of its members, then why should they be worried about letting the public know of their workings? This is the height of the politicians cutting across the parties shamelessly trying to cover their dirty tracks. No wonder whatever their outer color be, united they stand to cover their dirty doings. It is self evident that they are all same inside.

Yours ,

Michi Raju, Doimukh


Why Calculus for Arts Students?

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities of every department regarding the addition of elementary Maths in every Job interviews. From every interview of Officer’s post to the clerk, the said subject is made compulsory or mandatory. In fact it becomes not only a challenge for Arts students but a big issue to them. With the introduction of elementary maths in these interviews most of the Arts students who are well qualified in their specific subjects fails to qualify, whereas it’s just a piece of cake for the science students.

Some says that, ‘you can take tuitions’, but when the students qualify for higher studies with greater responsibilities who has the time for tuition just for elementary maths. Recently, in the examination of APPSC for the post of Field Publicity Officer many Arts students including myself faced tough time owing to elementary maths. So, what I want to say is that, if this was really the condition then why the education department does not include elementary maths till B.A and M.A so that they may continuously be linked up and have constant knowledge. But after a long gap of 5 to 6 years Arts students have to face the same in every job interviews and every time returns face down.

So, I kindly request and beg the concerned authorities to have a strong look in this matter and take necessary steps to avoid these problems faced by thousands of students as it becomes a question of career to them.


Tihang Afi

Mass Comm. Student, RGU




News Impact

Uncertainty over food bill passage as states prepare for August 20 roll-out

NEW DELHI, Aug 18: The passage of the ambitious Food Security Bill in Parliament this week hangs in the balance despite Congress readying plans for its rollout in some of its states, including Delhi, from Tuesday, the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi. The shadow of Telangana has loomed large over the current Monsoon session which began on August five resulting in precious little business in the Lok Sabha while BJP plans to raise the coalgate issue this week in the back of latest revelations, party leaders say.

Congress appears determined on its passage in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi.

Tomorrow, the Lok Sabha is expected to adjourn soon after making an obituary reference to sitting member Dilip Singh Judeo of the BJP.

The food bill as also the land acquisition bill are being listed for consideration tomorrow and the day after. The two bills are seen as gamechangers by the Congress in the Lok Sabha polls ahead.

Minister of state for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla said that the government will try its level best for passage of the landmark food bill on August 20.

"We will try to resolve the matter through talks.... We will push it (the bill) hard on the 20th", he said.

Some Congress ruled states including Delhi have announced plans to rollout the measure from Tuesday to mark the former prime minister's birth anniveversay.

But the agitating TDP MPs have no plans to give up their protest in the Well of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

TDP MPs, fighting for "justice" to the Seemandhra region, had commenced their protests since the session began on August 5. "There is no way we can stop the protest. Otherwise, people will not excuse us", said Naramalli Sivaprasad, one of the MPs, adding that the TDP MPs will meet their party chief N Chandrababu Naidu in a day or two. PTI


Murkongselek-Pasighat Broad Gauge project facing strong opposition

Prafulla Kaman

RUKSIN, Aug 18: The much-hyped Murkongselek-Pasighat Broad Gauge (BG) project of NF Railway is facing strong opposition from people as the recent survey for the BG route is likely to affect the rural economy of the area.

The proposed BG route is likely to affect hundreds of poor farmers of Ruksin, Silley and Pasighat circles under East Siang district.

The survey carried out by NF Railway last year has covered a large portion of WRC fields and horticulture gardens belonging to indigenous farmers of the area.

The affected families have said that the railway authority had conducted the survey in their crop land without taking the local people in confidence.

It is alleged that the East Siang district administration has initiated fixation of land value for payment of land compensation to the affected, which is causing a great deal of dissatisfaction among the affected farmers. They claimed that the railway engineers had conducted survey at their will and erected RCC post in our crop fields. “We cannot accept the minimal land value fixed by the district administration,” they said.

“We moved the higher ups of railway authority opposing the present BG route, but our demands are ignored by the authority.

Any forceful acquisition of our cropland in the name of new BG rail tract may create law and order problem and the local administration will be held responsible for it,” the affected villagers cautioned.

The members of affected families on Saturday sat in a meeting with the “project engineer” of the proposed BG line, at Ngorlung village and discussed on its possible affects on agricultural activities in the area.

The affected farmers, while opposing the recent alignment of the BG railway, urged the railway officials to construct the BG line as per survey conducted in 1968 or 1974.

It may be recalled that NF Railway had started survey work in September, 2011 and the construction of the BG line was scheduled to be completed by the last part of this year.

The proposed railway passing through Birem Silbor WRC field includes 151.30 hectares of fertile cropland at Ruksin, Ngorlung, Sille, Rani and Yagrung villages under the district.

The BG railway is said to be extended up to Pasighat town, the district headquarter of East Siang of Arunachal, located at a rail route distance of 26.5 km from Murkongselek station (Assam) out of which 24.5 km falls in Arunachal territory. The Rangia- Murkongselek BG conversion (with extension up to Pasighat) project was one of the two major rail projects in Northeast announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during 2010.


Solung United beat Siang United 2-1 to win title

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Solung United FC won the first ever Solung Football Tournament, Itanagar defeating Siang United FC 2-1 in the final at DNG College playground here today.

Siang United took an early lead by scoring in 17 minute through Tom Lomtung but could not hold onto its lead as Taja Bonung of Solung United neutralized the score in 37th minute. Both the sides were tied 1-1 in the first half.

The tightly-contested match was evenly poised until Ojing Jerang scored the winner in 80th minutes, informed Kadum Apang, Secretary Sports, SFCCI-2013.

General Modi of Solung United FC was adjudged “Player of the Day’.  

Later, Mibom Tako of Solung UFC and Olik Tamut of Banggo UFC were declared ‘Player of the Tournament’ and ‘Best Goalkeeper’. Taja Bonung of the same team became the highest scorer with 9 goals in his kitty while Golgi Bote FC was chosen as the ‘Disciplined Team’.

Earlier, while attending the match as chief guest, senior citizen and social worker Talem Melong exhorted the players to maintain discipline and sportsman spirit. He urged the youths to make good use of their time and not to engage themselves in un-productive activities.

Speaking about the tournament, he said that such sports activities foster unity and brotherhood among all.

SFCCI-2013 president Dr Asham Borang informed that the theme of the tournament was “Plays to no AIDS” to create awareness among the youths about HIV/AIDS. Borang further disclosed that the theme of the ensuing Solung Festival is “Agriculture and Green Environment”.

Lauding match referee Raju Taba and the players for their fair play during the entire tournament, SFCCI-2013 general secretary Hanggung Yaying said that success of any tournament solely depends on players and they have shown it.

SFCCI-2013 games and sports secretary Kadum Apang also dwelt on length about the tournament.

The tournament was organized by Solung Festival Celebration Committee Itanagar, SFCCI-2013 as part of the ensuing Solung Festival celebration here.


Bandhu FC to meet Chimpu United in final

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Bandhu FC defeated VVFC 3-1 via penalty shot kick in the second semifinal of the 7 Warriors 9 Independent Running Trophy Football Tournament to set up a final clash with Chimpu United.

The match was taken to penalty kick after both the teams were tied 0-0 in regulation time.

The final will be played on August 20.

An exhibition match will be played tomorrow between Ward No. 1 and Ward No. 2, in which the councilors of both the wards Biri Tugdo and Tatung Tanya will participate.


Happy Journey

Obang Tayeng

Compared to the bumpy, uncertain and often snapped road communication between the state capital and Pasi-ghat of the yonder days, the three hundred kilometer long journey along the National Highway 52 now evokes much comfort and delight. Riding along the asphalted black road that runs most of the length resembling an elongated gleaming cobra through spans of green paddy fields, one experiences a sense of elation, especially in context of the much neglected and pitiable infrastructural state of the region of earlier days.

To boost the feeling of euphoria, albeit transitory, Nature in its full glory adorns the landscape on both sides. While on the northern and further side, blue mountain ranges of Arunachal with white-grey clouds stand like proud guards, the vista adjoining the roadsides with green young paddy plants with images of cattle and famers in brown, wet earth in work fills the heart with a sense of dejavu experienced in the times past.

To boost the sentiment, alluring dhabas with modern facades promising best foods mushroom along at strategic points, which I suspect largely target Arunachali travelers as they are considered to be more liberal as also lackadaisical when it comes to spending. Almost all the rivers are bridged while only a small stretches of road remain to be blacktopped. A nephew of mine said, “The road has greatly improved. Now I make it in four hours flat!”  I shudder at his feat though it is apparent there are many others who consider it normal.

It seems the days of disruptions and agony, of bargaining of boat fares at several natural or artifici-ally created watercourses with sly boatmen bent upon looting hapless travelers are over.

Renewing old friendship

I will always cherish my friendship with my old friend Mogim Boo, Gaonbura of Dabangam village near Lohitpur where the Indian Army has a Brigade in Lohit District. Dating back to 2000 when I first visited him in his abandoned village, Chiblaliang, a tiny, remote and a road-less village beyond the Harungam mountain range, during which our friendship started blossoming, our ties are still intact. There’s a small, yet very emotional history behind the shifting of his village to the present site which is far better for both my friend and his folks. During my recent tour to his new, resettled village, my friend, who is in his seventies, was elated, as was I. I asked him how he and his folks felt in the new village. “We feel much better here. But there are some problems. Lack of water and a link road to the main road trouble us,” he said despondently. Sitting in his newly built house overlooking Tezu town and the branches of the Lohit River, we discussed about cultivation, land and about mithuns which he informed, still live in the old village.

He looked almost the same as I last saw him seven years ago—thin, grey-haired and with an ever- smiling face. As our conversation progressed, Mogim Boo said smiling, “I frequently see you in my dreams.” I responded I also remembered him. “Please come again after sometime,” he urged me. I assured him I would do so, preferably in winter. It was pleasantly surprising to know that my old friend had a mobile handset, which his children operated for him.

“I call out to them when it rings and one of them operates it for me. It is very useful, “my friend said, again smiling. It was heartening to see that a big change not thinkable in his old village a few years ago has overtaken my old friend’s life.  

Round Earth

A question was set for class three students in examination like this:

“Explain with examples how the Earth is round.”

As answer to the question of this geography subject, a student thought up an ingenious method. He drew an image of a round ball, then a finger pointing at the ball. Below the finger he wrote his answer like this: “Look at this picture! This is the proof that the Earth is Round!”


ASKA team bags 8 medals in 9th Independence Cup Karate C’ship

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: The karatekas from Arunachal Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Association (ASKA) have won eight medals, including two gold medals, in the 9th Independence Cup Karate Championship, which concluded at Talkatora Indoor Stadium New Delhi today.

Shibi Mugli and Bagang Nagung won the gold medals in junior boys below 53kg and 63kg category respectively.

Rosemlu Tamblung and Rumik Baby won a silver medal each in junior girls (14-15 years) below 47 kg and (+) 48 kg ((16-17 years) category.

Sobetso Kri (Kata), Charu Aroti (Kumite), Tayar Yaja and Tadak Godak bagged a bronze medal each in their respective weight categories.

ASKA fielded a 42-member team in the competition.


PPA ridicules CM’s I-Day speech

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Independence Day speech of the Chief Minister on law and order situation has made mockery of actual law and order situation in the State capital in particular and State as a whole, said People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA).

Contrary to his claim, the people have already lost faith on the leadership and ability of the ruling Congress Government to safeguard the life and property of its people.

“Because of political intervention, the criminals are either easily getting bail or freed. The repeated incidents of jailbreak by under trail prisons, rising incidents of murder, physical assault on officers and officials, sexual assaults and robbery are the best examples of Government’s inefficiency,” PPA General Secretary Dr. Ashan Riddi said in a release.

The party suggested the state government to separate judiciary from the executive immediately and modernize the entire police set up to prove their sincerity in providing safety and security to its people.

“Though, there have been duly elected Panhayat bodies in the state for long, the Congress Government has not devolved real powers to the representative of the rural people in violation of Constitutional provision,” the PPA General Secretary said, and demanded early devolution of all powers to the Panchayat Raj onstitutions and municipality bodies.

The party also claimed huge revenue leakage in Minor Forest Products, coal mining and crude oil sectors in the state.

“The revenue leakage is possible when the Government works with hand-in-glove with the Corporates, who are exploiting our State’s resources,” the party claimed.

“SSA, RTE and other flagship programmes have totally failed. Many schools in the State are virtually in the state of defunct, and providing midday meal is a distant dream. The Congress Government in nexus with some of unscrupulous corporate is destroying the future generations by establishing many private Universities,” the party went on to criticize the state government.

It appealed to the intellectuals and educated class to be very careful about the intension and motive of those corporate, who are coming into education sector.

“People need to learn from the CMJ University, Shillong episode, which ruined career of many students.”

While condemning the racial discrimination of students from Arunachal Pradesh in Dehradun, the party sought the Chief Minister and Education Minister’s intervention in the matter.

PPA demanded strong action from the authority of Alpine Institute of Management & Technology against those students involved in the incident causing mental and physical injuries to students from Arunachal Pradesh.


Sonam calls upon youths for selfless services

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB) Chairman Jalley Sonam has called upon the youths of two districts viz. Tawang and West Kameng to render their selfless services for the welfare of the society and to set an example for the youngsters that the youths are the backbone society.  He was speaking during a meeting organized by All Tawang Kameng Youth Welfare Association at Tawang on August 14 last.

While lauding the state government under the leadership of present Chief Minister Nabum Tuki, he informed that the government is doing lots of activities for the welfare of unemployed youths and orphans children of the state and urged them to come forward to maintain peace and tranquility in the area. He also called upon them to raise their voice against various types of social evils and crimes such as extortion which hampers the developmental process of area.

Later Sonam visited Tawang monastery and distributed school kits to the disciples of Lord Buddha who are taking religious lessons from the Lamas. He also visited Manjushree Vidyapith, an orphan school distributed school kits to the children.


BJP media cell participate in national workshop

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: The State Media Cell of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Party Spokesman Techi Necha attended the National Media Workshop organized by the National Media Cell,BJP at NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi yesterday.

The workshop was inaugurated by Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj, who spoke about the current political scenario in the country.  She also highlighted about misrule and alleged corruption by the Congress led UPA Government at Centre and the Congress ruled States.

Arun Jaitley, Leader of the Opposition, Rajya Sabha also spoke on issues related to ensuing Lok Sabha election in 2014.

The afternoon session of the workshop was attended by Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat and Chairman, National Campaign Committee BJP 2014 along with Ravi Shankar Deputy Leader of the Rajya Sabha.

He spoke about electoral issues relating to the coming Assembly Election.

Modi also outlined the Mission 2014 and urged all state and national level Party Spokesmen to play a pro-active rule in exposing the corruption and mis-governance of Congress led UPA Government at the Centre and state as well. He also explained the rule of a Spokesman and the Media Cell of the Party.

National President Rajnath Singh called upon all Party Spokesmen and the Media Cell for proper coordination with the National and State Media in exposing mis-rule by the UPA Government.


‘APIO submits clumsy report against petitioner’


PASIGHAT, Aug 18: In a bizarre incident, a field assistant in Pasighat division of Rural Works Department (RWD), who is entrusted as APIO of the department has submitted a clumsy report to Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission (APIC) against a local RTI activist.

According to report, one Baten Pertin of Mirbuk village near Pasighat town filed an application on Februray 15, 2013, sought official information under the provisions of RTI Act, 2005 in Pasighat division of RWD. But, the applicant was denied to furnish any information by the PIO/APIO which compelled him to appeal before the competent authority.

Petitioner Pertin was citizen living under BPL and deserved to be furnishing the required information without charging any fees. He legally executed a “Power of Attorney” entrusting one Lenzing Pertin, a renowned RTI activists of Pasighat to deal with the case.

It is worth mentioning that one Baten Pertin, a BPL citizen of Mirbuk village at Pasighat sought official information under RTI, 2005 from Pasighat division of Rural works Department (RWD), which the department officials declined. The petitioner later made his first appeal before the superior officer (FAA) and the matter finally reached to APIC for order of information (APIC case No-45/2013).

Surprisingly, the petitioner’s representative recently received an APIC notice issued under section-19(3) of RTI act, 2005. The notice sated that the APIO (RWD) of Pasighat, Tonong Kai is keeping all documents ready to furnish the petitioner. But he could not trace the existence of Baten Pertin (petitioner) in Pasighat area. He had reported the APIC that one Lenzing Pertin is suspected to file the RTI petition and subsequent appeals using a fake-name as Batem Pertin (petitioner).

The APIC, taking up the appeal case, conducted hearing on August 5, wherein both APIO was absent. The Chief Information Commissioner of APIO, Y D Thongchi, by an order adjourned the case sin-die, in view of non-appearing of the appellant to establish his true identity.

On the other hand, petitioner’s representative alleged the PIO/APIO willfully denied information, fearing that their financial irregularity and misuse of fund would be exposed. He also alleged that the APIC is accustomed to find the faults of the petitioner/appellants instead of the faults and violations of the villain PIO/APIOs. He said "the public authorities, taking advantage of leniency of CIC is accustomed to deny any official information under RTI Act".

It is said that Batem Pertin (applicant) mentioned his full address and telephone number in the RTI petition submitted to the PIO. But, none of the RWD officials did search for him in the given address (Mirbuk village) and telephone number (98621-93865) thereby misled the APIC with an ill intention.

Official document reveals that the APIO of Pasighat division of RWD, Tonong Kai searched for Batem Pertin, the petitioner at different places of the state but could not traced. The APIO subsequently reported APIC in Itanagar that he found an old man named Batem Pertin at Mebo village and he reportedly expired. He further discovered a few Batem Pertin/s in and around Pasighat, but every one had denied having filed any RTI petition in the RWD office. But significantly, the  APIO had not spared his time to search the actual Batem Pertin as the given address and telephone number.


ADU calls for banning money laundering

ITANAGAR, Aug 18: Claiming that some individuals are involved in rampant practice of money laundering in the capital region with exorbitant interest rate, the Arunachal Development Union (ADU) has called on the state government for putting a stop to the illegal practice.

In a letter addressed to the chief secretary, GoAP, it said, state government had put blanket ban on a similar practice called Boli some years back. The consequences that had led to the closure of Boli, the same is being seen in this one too. Government employees ranging from clerk to top bureaucrats, technocrats and kits and kins of politicians are involved in it wherein the borrower are being charged with the exorbitant interest rate of even twice the principal amount which is against the law.

The lenders are charging exorbitant interest rate even above 30 percent per month from the borrower and they use various illegal means to realize money from the debtor. There have been many instances that the forces are being used against the borrower merely on a delay of a single day in paying the loaned amount. Not only that the houses, land, jewelries, motor vehicle and local ornaments (Beads) are being taken away if the debtor is unable to pay, they are even threatened of dare consequences leading to mental harassment of the person, it stated.

Also asking issuance of order restricting the interest rate at par with the prevailing interest rate of State Bank of India (SBI), it further suggested for issuing directives for interested party to obtain prior approval from the Government.


People demand inquiry into youth’s death


PASIGHAT, Aug 18: Various Adi organizations, including Adi Students Union (AdiSU), Eastern Arunachal People’s Forum and others have demanded the state government for institution of magisterial inquiry into the mysterious death of one Tokge Moyong in Itanagar on Independence Day.

According to report, poor Moyong was enjoying Impendence Day programme from the rooftop of a two storied RCC building near Itanagar IG Park at the time of the incident. He was suspected to have electrocuted with High Tension power line passing just some feet above the rooftop.

Expressing gried and sorrow over the “unfortunate” and “tragic” incident, the general secretary of AdiSU, Obuk Gao in a press communiqué said that Moyong’s untimely demise is an irreparable loss for their society.

He has demanded the state government a high level inquiry into the unnatural death.

The same statement was made by Tani Moyong, a member of Eastern Arunachal People Welfare Organization. Moyong informed that a pale of gloom has descended on Adi Pasi area after Moyong’s lifeless body reached his native village.

Both the unions conveyed heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.

Moyong was born in 1984 at Adi Pasi village in Upper Siang district.

A graduate in Civil engineering, he was presently working in a Hydropower Company on part time basis.

AAPSU convenor Tadar Kakum, who came out to help the victim’s family has expressed deep sorrow over the tragic incident and demanded proper inquiry to unearth the actual cause of death.

An unnatural death case has been registered in Itanagar police station in connection of this incident.


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