August 06

ACS seeks NE MPs help to solve Staple Visa issue

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) knocked the door of North-East MPs Forum in New Delhi seeking its help to find a permanent solution to the problem of stapled visa issued to people of Arunachal Pradesh by China.

ACS, which has been taking up the stapled visa issue since last couple of years, submitted a memorandum to the Chairman of NE MPs Forum PA Sangma urging him to initiate to call for an All-Party Meeting, if not, a session for North East MPs Forum, to discuss the vexed issue and find a permanent solution to the problem once and for all.

Once the resolution is adopted, the matter should be taken up with the central government immediately, ACS said.

According to ACS Chairman Patey Tayum, the Chairman of NE MPs Forum Sangma has assured to discuss the matter in the larger interest of the people of Arunachal Pradesh and North-East as a whole.


AAPCCAAA demands release of salary

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: All  Arunachal Pradesh  Computer  Cum Account  Assistant  Association (AAPCCAAA ) under  RGPSA  Scheme strongly  urged the Director of Panchayati Raj,  Government of  Arunachal  Pradesh, Itanagar  to  immediately  release salary of its employees.

The aggrieved employees in a release stated that their salaries have not been released since last five months due to which they are facing immense hardships. It also demanded the government to release their monthly salaries regularly on time.

The association further urged the government to immediately issue re-engagement order of CAA staff for the current year (2015).


Property tax to be imposed in urban areas

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: The government of Arunachal is gearing up to implement property tax in the urban areas of the state. Starting with the municipal areas, the property tax will be collected. As per the sources, implementation is being done based on the recommendation of 13th and 14th finance commissions.

State government has also issued fresh direction to deputy commissioners and other head of departments to strictly follow the laid down guidelines of issuing salary to the government staffs. “We are getting too many complaint and report of how government staffs are missing offices for months. Therefore salaries will given based on attendance and valid leave taken by them. This is the standard rule and we are only re-iterating it,” said a senior government official.


Social service


ITANAGAR, Aug 05:  The parade ground and market areas of Doimukh town were thoroughly cleaned during a cleanliness drive conducted under initiative of Doimukh SDO as part of Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.

Tons of garbage and waste materials were picked up from entire township and sewage cleaned. The daily market area was swept thoroughly.

The students, teachers and school management committee members of Doimukh GHSS, Panchayat and public leaders, market welfare committee members actively took part in the cleanliness drive.

Doimukh ZPM and the Circle Officer also joined the social service to encourage the participants.


BADP training programe

Koloriang, Aug 5: Capacity Building Training Programme on Tailoring, Weaving Cloths and Handicraft making under Border Area Development Programme (BADP) Blocks of Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi Districts was inaugurated by Cheechung Chukhu, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Patuk, Kurung Kumey District on Aug 04 at Parsi-Parlo, a remote Border Area block of Kurung Kumey District. The Training program was sponsored by the Department of Skill Development and Employment Generation, Govt. Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar and organized by Manghi Welfare Society, Sangram.

ADC encouraged the trainees to engage in self - income generation and self-employment avenues by utilizing the nature resources of the area.

Gichik Yana, Anchal Chairperson, Parsiparlo Circle termed the training as a great opportunity for empowerment of rural women folk.


SIRD conducts prog on livelihood projects

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: Three days programme on “identification of sustainable livelihood and establishment of micro enterprises” was concluded at SIRD conference hall here on August 3. The programme was conducted by SIRD, Itanagar in collaboration with AASA, Papunallah.

 During the programme five SHGs, namely, Yirkum Dene of Do Kilo Sangloputung, Kuj Sibam Tuj of Kankraputung, Khamyir Farmer Club of Poma village and Den Ajin of Damsite forest colony and one SHG from Jullang were selected for action research study on economic empowerment of women through micro enterprises.

S K Deb, CEO-KVIB delivered lecture on the prospects of agri entrepreneurs in the context of Arunachal Pradesh, while S Teetu Yoka, president of Action Aid Society Arunachal made a presentation on potential and prospects of Food Processing Industry in the state.

Concept on Livelihood and micro-enterprises, Group dynamism and record was explained by L K Kabak, Deputy Director, SIRD.

After three days brain storming sessions, fisheries, food processing, paper cup making, goatry, piggery and vegetable garden were identified as livelihood projects by the SHGs. It was decided that AASA will facilitate the SHGs for marketing of their products through their market outlet at Naharlagun.

During the programme, SHG groups were also taken to KVK, Karsingha, Loli Flower Nursery at Doimukh for broader understanding of the livelihood options.


Stop payment against school building work

ITANAGAR, Aug 5:  Claiming that a new government primary school in Malapu has been constructed at a landslide prone area without proper boundary demarcation by the concerned authority, the 97-Nikja ASM Nangram Tagu has today appealed to the Kurung Kumey DDSE to stop payment against the work till all anomalies are sorted out.  

In a release, the ASM has also expressed concern over the fact that the building is constructed near a sinking zone with a nallah (stream) surrounding it which would further make it difficult for future expansion of the school.


Implement FCI approved recruitment policy soon

ITANAGAR, Aug 5:  The All Arunachal Pradesh Unemployed Union (AAPUU) has in a memorandum to the General Manager FCI today appealed him to implement the recruitment policy as approved by the FCI board of directors without further delay in the interest of the unemployed youths of the area.

Claiming that delay in recruiting a total of 73 watch and ward staffs and 56 outsourced guards for FCI offices and depot under the policy, would allow malpractices and interference by politicians and bureaucrats, the union further urged him to implement the recruitment policy soon.







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Pawan Hans be held accountable

The dreaded Pawans Hans helicopter is once again in news for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday a Pawan Hans Dauphin Vt-phk helicopter went missing while flying in between Khonsa and Longding. The chopper with two pilots and Tirap deputy commissioner Kamlesh Joshi has not been traced till now. This is not for the first time that helicopter belonging to Pawan Hans group has been involved in such accidents. In 2011, 17 passengers died in a crash in Tawang helipad. Just few days later in another accident involving Pawan Hans, the then Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and four others died in a crash at Luguthang in Tawang district.

Last month also a Mi-172 Pawan Hans helicopter, with 19 passengers and three crew members on board had to land in a village road near Gohpur in Sonitpur area of northern Assam. Such kind of repeated incidents involving Pawan Hans is matter of serious concern. Today no one feels safe while flying by chopper in Arunachal Pradesh. Government of Arunachal definitely needs to take some action in this regard. Proper enquiry should be done into the incident and till the report comes, Pawan Hans chopper should be grounded. They just cannot afford to shrug off their responsibilities. People are paying money to use the service of Pawan Hans and therefore they should be held accountable for the loss of so many lives.




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Why Target an Individual ?

Dear Editor,

Having gone through the press release of the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Services Officers’ Association “accusing the state government of overlooking merit”, I am tempted to express my personal dissatisfaction with some of the contents of the representation submitted to the chief secretary.

1. What is not expected out of the Association, or for that matter any association, is repeated naming of an officer, without giving out names of those officers against whom they represented. It gives an impression that an individual has been targeted, and others are only collateral damages.

2. By giving incorrect official name and name of the service (cadre), the Association diminishes its own respect and position in the eyes of the common people like me.

3. The Association could have used more decent words than “height of vested interest and corruption”. The Supreme Court (while reprimanding T.N. Seshan, the then CEC) once remarked, “English is a rich language”. Many look towards the Officers’ Association for integrity, decency and discipline.

4. Now, two questions are coming to my mind. Whether consensus was taken while preparing the draft of the Representation? Whether the tone and tenor would have been same if Dani Salu is from a community other than the community that he belongs?


Nani Bath

Rajiv Gandhi University




Quality education: some obstacles

Dear Editor,

We often see in your esteemed daily, leaders and officers calling for quality education and urging the teachers to play their part to enhance the quality of education in the state. Of course teachers are also responsible for the sad educational scenario of our state but they alone are not responsible. There are other factors also – I would like to share three of them.

Pathetic Infrastructure : Can students learn optimally and teachers teach optimally in a dilapidated building/classroom with sorry state of furniture, blackboard, electricity. No, hence persons in positions may ensure availability of minimum required infrastructure. Let us ensure infrastructure to our teachers and students first.

Shortage or lack of TLM: Teaching Learning Materials seldom reach the students on time. It is seen that in many schools teaching learning process is carried out without the prescribed TLM (Teaching Learning Materials). The use of situational wisdom by the teachers in carrying out such teaching learning process should be appreciated. Let us ensure that TLM is reached in time to teachers and students.

Training: A good organization spends 3% of its total budget on training of it personals every year. Ours’ is revenue less state. However the MHRD allocates a meagre amount for the purpose of teachers’ training under the flagship programmes of SSA and RMSA. For example , the MHRD had allocated fund for teachers’ training under SSA for 20 ( Twenty) days in the academic session 2014-15 :

A. 10 days teachers’ training at BRC level @ 500 per teacher

B. 10 days teachers’ training at CRC level @ 500 per teacher

But it was disheartening and highly discouraging to see that in most of the districts only one day centralized training was imparted. In some district even though the training was imparted at BRC level, it was of one day duration only. Teachers’ training at CRC level is unheard of. Now let us ponder. Can anyone grasp the objectives meant for a 10 or 20 days training programme by attending one or two day training? This is a mockery of the objectives behind organizing any training and also indicative of the misappropriation of the public money by the concerned officers. Let us ensure that our teachers get training on the latest developments in the field of education every year as per MHRD guidelines under SSA and RMSA.

Our constitution has given us power to monitor public money by using RTI. The parents and teachers need to gather information how the fund allocated for teachers training under SSA is spent through RTI. Verbal information cannot be relied upon. The teachers need to gather this information because their chance of personality and capacity development is denied if teachers’ training is not implemented as per guidelines. And parents need to gather this information because their children’s future is at stake. Use of RTI is a democratic process and Citizens should use RTI in case the executing government agencies function under iron curtails as is the case in our state.

Hope our leaders and higher bureaucrats pay attention to the above points while calling for quality education.


Yitem Pertin



Wild life and conservation

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteemed paper, I would like to express my concern at the mere lips service by DC’s / CCF/ DFO wild life regarding protection of wild animals and other natural resources. Many a times ban orders are published in local dailies, but practically they are not implemented. We are watching everyday that bleaching powder, electric shock, blasting are being used in Pachin river and other small river for killing  fish and other living creatures, also air guns are being persistently used to kill birds and other animals.

To contain this, air guns & rifles should be completely banned from Arunachal Pradesh and issue of gun licence from D.C office should also be banned forthwith.

Therefore, manpower from forest department and Judicial Magistrate from the various circles should work together and try to minimise killing/destruction of natural resource and wild animals.



Popu-l Village, Naharlagun



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News Impact

Sukhoi jets join search operation as agonizing wait continues

[ Taba Ajum ]

ITANAGAR, Aug 5:  Sukhoi fighter jets today joined the search operation to locate the Pawan Hans helicopter which had gone missing on Tuesday while on a flight from Khonsa to Longding.

Tirap Deputy Commissioner Kamlesh Joshi along with two pilots were in the chopper. The two pilots have been identified as Captain BS Brar from Delhi and Captain Rajeev Hoskote from Maharasthra.

Chief  Secretary Ramesh Negi while briefing media-persons this evening informed that Sukhoi flew from Bareily and scanned the area where the chopper went missing. Later Sukhoi returned to its base and the data collected will be studied to help the operation.

Negi also informed that DGCA has ordered preliminary investigation into the incident. On their part Pawan Hans has deputed a team from Guwahati and Delhi to conduct its own internal enquiry.   

The ground search operation which started this morning at around 4.30 AM, continued till evening 5.

“13 columns of army, local police, elected representatives, gaon burahs along with large number of local people are engaged in the ground operation. We are grateful to local people for helping us so much in the search operation,” said CS.

 “Today search operation was concentrated in Dadam, Thinsa, Kheti, Pongkong, Samlem, Muktowa area and in the Khonsa-Changlang road, he informed.

Tomorrow, the operation will again start at 4.30 AM. “Six helicopter provided by army and air force has been detailed for search operation. However everything depends on weather. Today most of the helicopters could not carry out search operation due to poor weather,” Negi said.

He also added that government of Arunachal is providing all possible help to the family members of two pilots and IAS officer Kamlesh Joshi in this hour of grief. Chief Secretary also acknowledged that government is deeply worried about the chopper incident involving Pawan Hans group.

“When the enquiry report comes, government will take a decision. In the meantime, we have asked civil aviation department to take extra caution and that safety concern be always given top priority. We are working towards improving air connectivity in the state and hopefully with the help of government of India, situation will get better in years to come,” said Negi.  Secretary Civil Aviation, DGP and Secretary IPR Sonam Chombay were present in the conference.


Villagers join rain marred search and rescue operation

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: The villagers of Dadam, Thinsa, Sanliam and other villagers are actively participating in the rescue operation along with teams led by the 1st Assam Rifles and the SP, Tirap who are still in the jungles searching for the missing chopper.

The DC and SP Changlang who are camping at Khonsa have also joined in the search and rescue operation. The Deputy Commissioner, Changlang is coordinating the operation. However, no concrete results have been achieved as yet. Meanwhile, a team consisting of villagers and security forces has been dispatched to the exact location of the spot where a crash like sound was heard by the villagers. The rescue teams have zeroed in at a mountainous site above the river Terun Ku between Dadam village and Sanliam village. Since the place is hostile situated amidst thick forests and the terrains stiff, it may take some more times to reach there.


The rescue teams have zeroed in at a mountainous site above the river Terun Ku between Dadam village and Sanliam village.



Minister Wanglin Lowangdong and MLA Wanglam Sawin are closely monitoring the rescue operation and visited Thinsa and Sanliam villages today. MLA Tirong Aboh is arriving at Khonsa to join the operation. In the meantime, Civil Aviation minister Thangwang Wangham was hopeful that the missing chopper would be spotted soon given the tremendous hardwork put in by the all.

The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, JP Rajkhowa expressing grave concern over the missing helicopter has asked to further intensify search &  rescue operations. The Governor has been constantly monitoring the situation and is being updated on the progress of the rescue operation by the Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi.

He was also apprised by the Chief Minister Nabam Tuki.

The Governor also spoke to Lt.Gen Bipin Rawat, GOC 3 Corps and discussed the situation on ground. He asked all the concerned authorities to cooperate and extend all out support for the search and rescue operations. DIPRO



Bezbaruah Committee recommendations will be implemented fully: Kiren

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: Speaking at an event of North East MPs Forum in Delhi on Aug 4, Kiren Rijiju, MoS Home said that "Bezbaruah Committee recommendations are well laid-out and every point of will be implemented." The Bezbaruah Committee, commissioned by the Union Government, submitted a comprehensive report with key recommendations in July 11, 2014 for the well-being of Northeast people living in metropolitan cities.  

When asked by an audience if there could be a separate monitoring panel to see if Bezbaruah committee recommendations are fully implemented, Rijiju said that there was no better monitoring body than MHA itself.

Rijiju stressed that there should be internal unity among all North-eastern states and states infighting should be stopped. "What I believe is we are prisoners of our own frontiers ... North-eastern states are inter-connected. The corridor of one state is connected to two or more states. Hence blocking of national highways and infighting between people should be stopped. There should be unity among North-eastern states too."

Rijiju stressed that initiatives should not be taken only by police or judiciary, it should also come from the society and people living in it.

 M.P. Bezbaruah, retired IAS and also chairman of the Bezbaruah Committee stressed for stringent laws to deal with crimes against Northeast. He called for adequate support system for rape victims, strong and determined law enforcing bodies, efficient system of justice delivery and time-bound probe.  He stressed that social and cultural gaps should be bridged through various ministries.

 Robin Hibu, JCP made an extensive presentation on racial crimes in Delhi. What he brought to focus was “In Delhi, South Delhi has maximum cases of racial discrimination and crimes against Northeast people compared to any other part of Delhi."  He said that most of victims in rape cases do not get justice because there is no strong system in place to protect victims. "Victims shy away from filing FIR. There is no engagement with rape victims. They go back to their native place and are unable to pursue the case and seek justice."

He urged before the MPs that NE Helpline NUMBER 1093 be not restricted to Delhi alone, but whole of India.

During the event, there was also a discussion on memorandum submitted by North East MPs Forum to Prime Minister for sustainable, inclusive and holistic development of Northeast.

MPs Gaurav Gogoi (Assam ), Sarbananda Sonowal (MoS Sports), Zhekiho Zhimomi (Nagaland ), P.A. Sangma (Meghalaya MP), Ninong Ering (Arunachal), Jharna Das Baidya (Tripura), Jitendra Chaudhury (Tripura),  Neiphiu Rio (Nagaland), Naznin Faruque (Assam), Sanjay Singh (Assam), Sankar Prasad Datta (Tripura) and Kamakhya Prasad Tasa (Assam) attended the meeting among others.



Centre intervenes to tackle Pasighat dengue crisis

PASIGHAT, Aug 5: Two members from National Vector-borne Disease Control Program (NVBDCP) deputed by the Government of India arrived here on Tuesday to take stock of medical intervention and systemic medical apparatus engaged in the treatment of dengue.

Dr. Kalpana Baruah, Joint Director NVBDCP, New Delhi and Dr. Partho Gogoi, Regional Director Guwahati along with hospital authorities and Deputy  Chief Councilor Kaling Darang visited all wards and interacted with the Dengue patients and also inspected the hospital’s test lab. They attended a consultative meeting with the doctors. The officers was shown a presentation on a slew of components that included comparative larval indices, entomological surveillance and mapping of geographical areas from the epicenter to chalk out the trajectory of outbreak of fever cases.

DMO Mandip Perme presented action taken report while the Microbiologist Dr. B Apum presented a report on diagnostic facilities and achievement. Medicine Specialists Dr. T Tali and Dr. J Gibi also spoke in the meeting. They visited in and around the township including GREF HQ, Pasighat and observing so many unused tyres and containers, urged the concerned officers to destroy all at the earliest possible to ensure the ongoing source reduction process.

Later this evening, Dr. Kalpana Baruah held a separate review meeting with admin officer, doctors and PMC DCC in the office chamber of DMO to chalk out the final plan for source reduction. Baruah informed that she has been deputed to assess the situation and gauge the preventive measures and medical apparatus in place to deal with dengue outbreak and to submit a report to the Centre. She appreciated the medical administration and the health department as a whole for good control over Dengue as a result there is no report of death. She directed to constitute team comprising admin officers, doctors, health workers, councilors including laborers for Urban Development, Municipality etc to carry out cleanliness cum awareness campaign in all municipality wards immediately. (DIPRO)



State Cong stages protest against suspension of MPs

ITANAGAR, Aug 5:  In a reaction to the suspension of 25 Congress MPs by the Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Monday, the members of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC), Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress (APYC) and party workers led by APCC president Padi Richo staged a protest at the Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan and burnt the effigies of Narendra Modi, Sumitra Mahjan and Sushma Swaraj here today.

Terming the suspension of the MPs as an act of autocracy to muffle the voice of the poor people across the country, Richo questioned the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the corruption cases. Speaking about the land bill Richo called it a deliberate act of the Modi government to feed the corporate with the land of the poor. He further said that Congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi will not stop its agitation against the government at the center.

APYC president-cum-MLA Nyamar Karbak also termed the suspension as undemocratic and autocratic. The party further expressed shock and grief over the missing chopper with Tirap DC on board on Tuesday. Terming the incident as unfortunate, the APCC has directed all district presidents and cadres to join the search operation.

Meanwhile, Richo said that he will take up the issue of the Itanagar Traffic Wardens, who had on Tuesday staged a whistle-down rally near CM’s bungalow with the CM to look into their demands soon.



ZPM calls for early completion of Doimukh JNV infrastructure

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: Doimukh-II ZPM has urged the state Govt to take necessary steps for early completion of Doimukh J N V infrastructure and to vacate the Doimukh GHSS boys’ hostel at the earliest.

It is worth mentioning here that as per an agreement signed in 2003, the damaged Boys Hostel of GHSS, Doimukh was provided to JNV to run the school temporarily till the completion of building structures of JNV at Gumto. Though the construction work for the JNV building/infrastructure started some 10 years back but it is not yet completed, the ZPM rued. There is no infrastructure  like water supply and electricity connectivity and there is no proper sewage and fencing of the JNV compound, ZPM Tana Yayo (Nabam) said.

 “The existing JNV complex is quite unsafe and insecure for the students having no fencing wall, the ZPM said adding that existing building infrastructure of the NNV is also lying in dilapidated condition.

The Panchayat leader further said that she has also called on the JNV Director at Shillong  and informed him of the  prevailing situation of the JNV. She came to know that facilitation of minor infrastructure like link road, electricity connection and sewage are the responsibility of state government.

There is acute pressure from students and school authority of GHSS, Doimukh  for early reinstallation of the GHSS hostel, she said.



APCF demands termination of PRO Associate Prof.

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: The Arunachal Pradesh Colleges’ Forum (APCF) led by its President Techi Raman  yesterday submitted a memorandum to Chief Secretary demanding termination of Dr Apurva Ranjan, Associate Professor in Economics, Dera Natung Govt. College Itanagar.

When there is a acute shortage of teaching faculties in various colleges of the state, Dr Apurva Ranjan, Associate Professor, is working as PRO to education minister, the Forum said while denouncing the  Govt’s move of utilizing teaching faculty making the student community suffer.

Justifying it’s demand, Forum said wherever he was posted in various colleges of state, Dr Ranjan remained absent from his duty. Even now he was posted in DNGC but working as PRO to Education Minister “through his lobbying nature,” APCF said while demanding the CS  to institute  SIT enquiry to unearth the facts behind his ‘unauthorised leave.”

Dr Ranjan has  been availing a teacher quarter in the campus of DNGCI without doing duty in the college  when a good number of teaching faculties  are performing their  duties regularly  without availing  quarters in the campus, the Forum  further said  and demanded  the CS to issue necessary order to the competent authority to  vacate the quarter allotted against Dr A Ranjan immediately.

The Forum also threatened to launch democratic movement if the Govt fails to terminate the associate professor from his service.



Eagle Trophy: 4-goal Mihin helps Gora Makik SC ground Tarh Ku SC

ITANAGAR, Aug 05: Formidable striker Mihin Pulo scored four goals as Gora Makik SC outclassed Tarh Ku SC in the Eagle Trophy Football Tournament at RG Stadium, Naharlagun today.

Tarh Ku SC took an early 1-0 lead in 15 minutes through goal from Ringu Takar only to see Gora Makik SC rally back for a 4-1 win.

GMSC was leading Tarh Ku SC 2-1 at half time.

Mihin completed his and tournament's first hat-trick in 63 minutes. He scored his fourth goal with two minutes to go.

In another match of the day, Gangte Togung SC edged past 19th Nyapin FC 2-1.

Page Tashi put GTSC ahead by scoring in four minutes before Phasang Sajan of 19 NFC scored in 19 minutes to level the game 1-1 at halftime. Bengia Tagi netted the winner in 72 minutes.

Todo United FC will play Bamang Tagi FC in tomorrow's first match at 1.30 pm  and the second match will be held between FC Doimukh and Arunachal Pradesh Police 3.30 pm.



Itanagar Solung Football Tournament

Solung United, Banggo United continue winning spree

ITANAGAR, Aug 05: Solung United FC and Banggo United FC registered wins in the on going Itanagar Solung Festival Football Tournament played at DNG College playground here today.

Solung United grounded Abotani FC 5-0 while Banggo United beat Siang Brothers 2-1 in a keenly contested match in the afternoon.

The scorers of Solung United were Tami Talom, General Modi, Taja Bonung (two goals) and Notem Tayeng.

Banggo United FC:

For Banggo United, Kaling Tatin  scored both goals in second half-one through penalty kick.

The only goal for Siang Brothers was scored by  Tamon Mize in the first half. Earlier in the morning, Sisang Yameng FC and Siang United FC played out a 1-1 draw.

Ojing Ngukir and Miloko Nobeng were the scorers of Sisang Yameng and Siang United FC respectively.


Today's matches:


Pameng Patang FC vs Nulu Nubu FC- 7 a.m

Ngargo Yameng FC vs Giidi Lepang - 2 p.m

Solung United FC vs President XI FC- 4 p.m


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