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Army’s laxity over land acquisition affects tribal landowners
[ Amar Sangno ]
ITANAGAR, Jul 31: The indecisiveness of Indian Army, which had identified land for a base camp has left many villagers in lurch in East Kameng.  Since 2009, the villagers are not sure whether to go ahead with farming in the land identified by the Army as they live in uncertain times.
Initially, Rajan Kara (42) was wary about prospect of Indian Army settlement at the vicinity of Seppa Township, East Kameng, as his 2-acre Orange orchard located near Wessang, 4 KM off Seppa also falls under the proposed land.
Later, he was convinced by the idea that settlement of the defense personnel would not only ensure security but would bless him and his area with numerous developmental packages including communication. Rajan and other landowners had to stop cultivating their land after they agreed to allow Army to establish its camp.
" I stopped looking after my orange orchard, after we agreed to allow the Army to settle and establish its base camp" rued Rajan who is one of affected landowners.  However, even after seven years, the land acquisition process is yet to be finalized.
The Indian Army had sought a land measuring 1100 acres for the establishment of its base camp near Seppa town way back in 2009. They had identified and earmarked areas near Rang and Yangje and in some areas belonging to Kakukao and Bana villages.
The affected landowners of these villages had given consent on conditions that compensation in form of monetary, job reservation and contractual works be awarded to them.
Lt. Col S V Sarode Rep. of HQ 5 Mountain Division Tenga who was representing the defence personnel had agreed to the terms and conditions placed by the affected landowners.
Accordingly,  the district administration started the land acquisition process and total cost of compensation was estimated at Rs 90,57,88, 389/-(Rs Ninety crore fifty seven lakhs, eighty eight thousand, three hundred eighty nine). However, Army had outrightly rejected it and asks the district administration to modify the cost of land compensation.
It is said that district administration had repeatedly sent rectified and revised cost of land acquisition but there is no sign of progress so far from the Army.
The dally-dallying tactics and non-finalisation of land acquisition process by the Army had already fuelled anger among the landowners as many farmers who solely rely on cultivation had to stop cultivating their lands.
" The Army should expedite the matter at earliest. They should not let us wait eternally" said Langpa Kocho, ASM Rang-Yangje Panchayat.  Kocho informed that many landowners who solely depend on their lands for income had to abandon their land. He blames the Army for forcing the landowners to abandon their farms.
It is also said that dispute over land measuring 107.48 acre out of 1100 acres between local people and the Department of Environment and Forest at Bana was another factor for delaying the land acquisition process.  The department claimed that said area falls under Unclassified State Forest (USF) and compensation should be paid to the department. The district administration later verified and declared the area as USF.
Sources from Deputy Commissioner office in Seppa informed that DA had submitted fresh revised proposal in May last but it is yet to receive any correspondence from the Army. The Army team had reportedly visited Seppa on Thursday to oversee the proposed area for establishment of its base camp.

Food reaching Taksing: CM
ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Responding to the news report -'Taksing cut-off, food crises looms', carried in this daily on Sunday,  Chief Minister Pema Khandu informed that air dropping of food commodities to Taksing circle have been started from Saturday last. The situation is under control, he said adding that more food sorties would be carried out in the days to come.    
On receipt of a memorandum from the representatives of Taksing area, Khandu had directed Secretary Food & Civil Supplies Jokey Angu to take up the matter expeditiously. CM had also been in touch with DC Upper Subansiri to take first hand information of the situation.
Incessant rains for last couple of days have cut off Taksing circle from rest of the world. Reportedly, porter tracks, hanging bridge, mule tracks have been badly damaged by the landslides in various locations. The CM has sought a detailed report from Deputy Commissioner Upper Subansiri so that funds could be made available for immediate restoration work. DC has assured to send the report by Monday.
Further, under the directives of Chief Minister, Secretary Food & Civil Supplies and DC Upper Subansiri are constantly monitoring the situation, added the release from CMO.

Missing link of humour and a message
Monday Musing
[ Taba Ajum ]
As we were growing up in 90s, Arunachal was altogether a different place to live in. Laidback lifestyle and easy going mannerism was the highlight of the bygone era.  
The present Arunachal is completely different and do not resembles its immediate past. No doubt, with time people and places change but it's not necessary that changes are always for good. One of the salient features of tribal society has been its humorous side.
Tribal people have always been known for being humorous and the one that celebrate life.  In the contemporary Arunachal, there seems to be no room for the humour. In this age of WhatsApp and Facebook, people only seem to be talking about politics and conspiring against tribes, other than yours. The moment you log into some internet forum, you will witness serious discussion on politics. And sometimes you feel like asking them to get a life.
Cracking a joke about each other has become matter of deep concern these days. You never know when you will land in jail or an FIR be lodged against you for a simple joke. Everywhere, you see people talking about politics, project and fund. It looks like there is no life beyond these things. That apart, everything is seen through prism of tribe, clan and region. Sadly, even kids are not spared. There have been instances where simple fight between two kids in a school has taken a communal colour. People starts taking side, based on clan and tribe affiliation without trying to know who is right or wrong.
Our state is going through a transitional period and every citizen, especially the educated lot has a huge role to play. They will have to take a lead and take the state forward. Politicians on whom people always reposed faith have miserably failed us. In fact these politicians do not miss any opportunity to divide people on the basis of tribe, clan and region for their personal benefit. However, finally there seems to be some kind of realization on the part of citizens in this regard.
During the recent political crisis, attempts were made to polarize the state on tribe and regional basis. A provocative audio tape surfaced and soon huge political battle followed. There was fear that capital will burn and communal violence will take place. Despite provocation from all sides, the people of Arunachal maintained stoic silence. Even as Nabam Tuki and Kalikho Pul supporters fought pitched high battle in social networking sites and indulged in extreme provocation, the streets of capital complex remained relatively calm much of the time. Barring few political activists and die hard followers of the leaders, who on few occasion came face to face on the street, most of the Arunachalee kept away from the dirty fight. The maturity shown by people of Arunachal on the face of extreme provocation augurs well for the state.
It shows that people will not easily get swayed away by the politicians and will better use brain than heart to deal with the communally sensitive issues. This is the loudest message people of Arunachal has given to the politicians. They better take this message positively and start performing the duties for which they have been elected.

The untold story
[ C. I. Mannou ]
It is said the past is never dead and buried.
With the passage of time, many incidents of vital importance have been forgotten except a few episodes.
To begin with, during my early service days, I set out on an official tour to Hawai under Hayuliang sub-division.  After two days stay, I left Hawai and went to Walong, the land of snow capped mountains and beautiful pine trees. During that short stay, I went to see the war memorial constructed in memory of our gallant soldiers who had laid down their lives fighting for the country.
The epitaph on the memorial by Mr. Bernard S.Dougal, the then political officer, brings back the sad memories of 1962.
The following is inscribed on the memorial:-
Asleep in the Mishmi Hills,
The Sentinel Hills,
That round us stand,
Bear witness that,
We loved our land.
Amidst shattered rocks,
And flaming pine,
We fought and died on Namti Plain.
Lohit gently by us glide,
Pale stars above us softly shine as we sleep here,
In sun and rain.
1 returned to Tezu from Walong carrying fond memories of that place. With the passage of time, old memories fades away and new ones filled their places. But the recent instances of Chinese incursions into our land refreshes my memories of that beautiful snow clad hills of Walong that had witnessed the war of 1962 and my life during that war.
During the year of Chinese aggression in 1962, I was in class X at Govt. H. S. School, Tezu. As a student of the final year, I was busy preparing myself for the upcoming matriculate examination. It was during that time, one day, I heard a gossip from some hostel inmates that a war has broken out between India and China. I didn't take the news to be authentic as those days were devoid of any proper means of mass communication and rumours could be spread easily.  But that same evening, the news was confirmed when our hostel warden directed all the students to vacate the hostel as it was to be occupied by our soldiers on their way to war front at Walong and Kibitho.
The next day the inhabitants of Tezu took out a big procession against the Chinese condemning the attack and demanded immediate withdrawal of troops from the soil of India. People lived in constant fears as heavy fighting continued in Walong and Kibitho circles with the news of soldiers losing their lives.
Many people were evacuated to the adjoining state of Assam by Air. I was in a dilemma to decide my destination. Finally, I made up my mind to go to my village Chongkham.
I immediately moved out from Tezu. My journey from Tezu to Chongkham was on foot with a heavy steel trunk full of reading materials and few clothes. It was getting dark when I reached Chongkham. To my surprise, the whole village was deserted. There was an eerie silence everywhere except the occasional mooing of cows and dogs barking. Along with the company of a stray dog, I entered my house. lt was all dark and I felt quite lonely and a bit scared too. I spread a sheet on one corner of the dark room and let my body take some rest. Due to the days long journey and a very heavy load on my head, I was very exhausted and as I closed my eyes and tried to recall the day's event and thought about my parents, sleep overcame me.
I went into a deep trance, only to be awakened the next morning by the rays of sunlight piercing through the bamboo walls and falling on to my face. Refreshed with a good night sleep but hungry, I went in search of my parents. Not long after, I suddenly met my maternal uncle. He told me that due to the war, all the villagers had gone to some makeshift camps on the banks of Nam Tenga, hardly two kilometers from Chongkham. I followed him to the camp. On meeting my parents I was relieved. They were surprised and very happy. I could still remember the emotions pouring out at that moment.
The temporary camps that the villagers built were bamboo huts with thatched roofs. Ours were not different. It could hardly accommodate five to six people. Despite the war, being the harvesting period, everyone had to go to the paddy fields for the harvest. I also accompanied my parents to the field and could never forget the frightening, continuous roaring of fighter jets above us moving to the war front.
I had hardly stayed for two days with my parents when a messenger came and conveyed my father to send a male member from the family to accompany the troops to Wakro with their loads including rations. As the troops were on an emergence move, volunteers were to report for duty the very next morning. The news was like a bolt from the sky. My parents were confused and disturbed. After night- long discussion, I was assigned the task. My mother was grief stricken; I sat beside and consoled her. That night with teary eyes she narrated a past incident when one of my maternal uncles was mistakenly shot dead by the allied troops at Miao Pass in Changlang District. That event took place during the Second World War, while he was performing the same nature of duty as I was entrusted that day. He was buried on the banks of Noa-Dihing River as an Unsung Hero.
Next morning with a heavy heart, I left the camp. I reached Chongkham at the meeting point and we set off for our journey around 8.00 am. It was a convoy of Assam Rifles and village volunteers including thirty elephants carrying loads of ration. As it was an emergency mission, we sped up the pace of our journey and soon the village was lost from our view. We went deeper into the dense forest through a narrow foot-track. As darkness approached, we camped in the jungle. Tents were erected, fire was lighted and food was cooked. Amidst the tense situation also, I could not control my hunger and had a hearty meal. While we were preparing for sleep, a thin Khamti young man came to our tent. He was my senior while we were at the monastery at Chongkham and later he joined the Assam Rifles as a wireless operator. His visit to our camp increased our curiosity about the war. Our discussion continued till the late night.
Early next morning, our convoy proceeded further. Slowly the mountains came to view and a cool breeze blew in from the hill relieving the humidity and the sweat from our body. As we approached Wakro, the silence of the dense jungle was replaced by the faint sound of children playing and wailing. Footsteps could be heard on the stone steps leading to the village. We had reached Wakro.
It was a small village inhabited by the Mishmi tribe and their houses were scattered at great distances from one another. At around 12 noon, we reached the destination camp and all the rations and loads were unloaded from the elephants and I, along with the village volunteers headed back immediately for Chongkham riding on the elephants. We continued our journey under the moonlit shade of the sky not stopping even for a moment and reached Chongkham at around 11 PM. It was a tiring journey but at the same time, I felt proud at having rendered a little service to the Nation. I went to the camps to my parents and stayed there for a month till the war was over.
For many, it may be an unworthy experience to be told, but for me the fear, the excitement, family values, people helping each other in the camps during the war were an unforgettable experience. (The writer is a retired principal)

DA to form Multi Task Force to deal with drugs, opium
Workshop on Opium and drug menace held at Medo
TEZU, Jul 31: Lohit Deputy Commissioner, Danish Ashraf assured to form a Multi Task Force (MTF) to deal with drugs and Opium related issues in the district.
While addressing a workshop-cum-conference on 'Opium and Drug Menace in the Mishmi Society' held at Tamla-Du community hall at Medo, Ashraf said that use of drugs and Opium will not be tolerated at any cost.
A charter of points was drawn out where it was decided to create awareness among the youths and students on the impact of Opium and Drug menace and its control by involving the PRI members, govt employees, entrepreneurs, students and senior citizens of Anjaw and Lohit Districts with the help of state and central govt.  Joint Action Committee of Namsai, Lohit and Anjaw districts will be formed to create awareness on the problems of Opium cultivation, business and drug addiction and to strictly ban and deal with drug traffickers and peddlers in the Mishmi society.
Many senior citizens and elders of the Mishimi society, women groups, youths and students organisations spoke and shared their views on Opium and drug menace in the district.
Earlier initiating the conference, PHED Chief Engineer Lupalum Kri said that in the past Mishmi community was known for their simple and hard working nature but today the new generations are using drugs and opium destroying lives and families.     
The women representative expressed concern on banning cultivation of Opium stating that it helped in running their families. They also called for providing alternative arrangement and income generating activity instead of growing Opium.
DC said that self help group for women will be formed to make them self employed and financially independent. Highlighting the welfare schemes of the government, the DC urged all to avail the schemes.

Signature of forest officials forged, Police yet to register case
PASIGHAT, Jul 31: The Forest Department, Pasighat Division has found that timbers have been smuggled to Assam by using fake Transit Pass (TP), counterfeit seal and forging sign of the Arunachal foresters.
One Sandip Das, a habitual offender of Lakhinepali Basti of Jonai (Assam) bordering Ruksin area in East Siang was running illicit timber business by making fake forest TP of the State's Forest department besides production of seal of the Arunachal forest officials.
Das along with his gang members have been running the business by supplying sawn timber to different places of Assam and other NE states.
His luck ran out when Assam Forest officials recently caught a truck laden with timber as it tried to cross the check gate at Silapathar.
The timber laden 10-wheeler truck having registration no AS-07 C- 2996 owned by Sandip Das was caught by Assam foresters at Silapathar under Dhemaji forest division on June 17 night.  The truck is under the forest department's custody.
The Assam forest officials informed the matter to Central Mobile Squad under Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF), Pasighat division for inquiry. It was noted that the TP used for carrying the timber was fake and made in the name of M/s- Mebo Timber Trade in East Siang.
The case was inquired by RFO (Central Mobile Squad), Motum Koyu who traced that signature of forest officials on the TP was fake and seal and signature of the officials were forged and self-made. Das and his gang reportedly forged signs of Pasighat DFO, Mebo RFO and besides seal and signatures of duty officials at Mebo, GTC, Pasighat, and Ruksin forest check gates.
Meanwhile, the Mebo RFO Obang Tayeng and Saw Mill owner had lodged separate complaints with Mebo Police Out-Post demanding investigation of the case.
The Police station incharge, Mebo after primary investigation submitted the report to Pasighat OC for registering a case and follow up investigation.
Surprisingly, Pasighat police is reluctant to register any case in this regard giving the reason that there was no 'Place of Occurrence' in the counterfeit and fake TP case. But, it is clear in the records/documents that Sandip Das and gang members forged seal and signature of Arunachal Forest officers and made fake TP.
The DFO, Pasighat has repeatedly moved the police to book the culprits and follow up investigation. But, his efforts have gone in vain due to police inaction.
Earlier in 2014, the Arunachal foresters traced a case of fake TP made by Das and the foresters had lodged a complaint with Ruksin police. It was alleged in the complaint that Sandip Das and his accomplices Rousan Swargiyary and Praveen Kr Borgain and others , all from Jonai sub-division in Assam were actively involved with the fake TP racket and counterfeit challan business in the name of Arunachal forest officers and sawmills. But, the police ignored the complaint in this case too.
The forest officials have urged the police to book the culprits immediately and seize the fake TP, challan books and counterfeit stamps used for illicit timber trading.

Meet to find solution for regular and reliable power supply in Pasighat
PASIGHAT, Jul 31: With the common objective of finding a permanent solution for regular and reliable power supply and mitigating the issues and problems of the chronic power woes of Pasighat town and its adjoining areas, a coordination meeting was held on Sunday. The meeting chaired by DC East Siang, Isha Khosla, was attended by the Local MLA Kaling Moyong, ZPC Kaling Dai, authorities of Power Department led by the CE (Transmission, monitoring and Planning), A. Perme and CE Power Central Zone, T. Mara and members of Pasighat Peoples' Welfare Committee (PPWC) led by its President Okom Yosung and GS Oyin Moyong among others.
The meeting was held consequent to an earlier meeting held on July 28, where it was decided to hold a coordination meeting with the power divisions of Aalo, Rumgong and Pasighat. This coordination meeting was needed particularly in terms of restoring fault line between Pasighat and Aalo.  The erratic power supply in Pasighat is largely attributed  to delay in restoration works of fault lines and therefore meeting has given due focus for enhanced and better coordination of the EEs(Power) of the three Divisions.
Chief Engineers A. Perme and Mara assured to resolve the issues and problems for mitigating the chronic power woes and committed for expediting the works of the much awaited   132 KV Tower line from Aalo to Pasighat for its time bound completion by December 2016. The CEs, who were deputed by the Commissioner (Power), assured to convey the messages and place the demands of the Memorandum, submitted by the Pasighat Peoples' Welfare Committee (PPWC). Perme also decided to take up the matter of 3 MW to 5MW for East Siang with concern authorities of Assam. The proposed 133 KV station at Napit, Niglok will also help make power supply reliable and regular, he added. Further 3 grid substation will be set up in Pasighat and hoped that in near future with the completions such projects including 132 KV line, Pasighat can become an agro and industries hub.
MLA, Kaling Moyong, said that that Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) under which Pasighat town has been selected will benefit the power scenario of Pasighat and issue of low voltage.  He also assured to take up at his level for enhancement of 3 MW to 5 MW.
DC Isha Khosla said that issue of low voltage will be solved with the completion of the 132 KV line and asserted that quality check procedures will be put in place and stern action will be taken if quality works is compromised. For immediate redressal, transformers have been installed prioritizing the General Hospital and on need based in many areas.
SP, Pranav Tayal also called for active cooperation of all stakeholders for solution to the collective goal of proper and sufficient power supply and urged to sustain such dialogue.
Earlier, President PPWC Okom Yosung submitted a five point memorandum to improve the power scenario of Pasighat. SE Power D. Tacho said that the rough terrain and natural calamities particularly during Monsoon, also affect repair works adding that the department will work on faster dissemination of information on such power snags through various social and mass media.(DIPRO)

Ten makes it to Nyishi Idol-2016
Staff Reporter
NIRJULI, Jul 31: Ten out of sixteen singers have made it to the semi finals of the Nyishi Idol 2016 as the fourth and final elimination round of the coveted singing show came to an end on Friday evening here at the Nyikum Niya hall.
Attending the programme PHED&WS chief engineer Toko Jyoti appealed the state government to establish at least one acoustic auditorium for music lovers in the state so that more talented musicians and singers could come up that may further represent the state in the national level.
Appreciating the organizing committee Nyishi Art & Cultural Welfare Society (NACWS) for providing such platform for talented youths of the Nyishi community, Jyoti further appealed all the competitors to keep their passion and hobbies alive.
The CE further also appealed the parents not to demoralize their daughters and sons if they have certain zeal towards music or any other interests.
Ha Tatu, an entrepreneur appealed the parents to motivate their wards on the hobbies they have.
"NACWS is doing a commendable job for our youths which every section of the Nyishi community should be proud of and come forward to support them," appealed Tatu.
Bamang Ama, one of the contestants to have made it to the semis sharing the experience of her journey in the Nyishi Idol, thanked NACWS for giving the youths a platform to showcase their talent.
"I never gave so much importance to my language but after getting into the competition I have learned many things," asserted Ama recalling an incident when judges asked her questions in Nyishi and she was not able to reply properly.
The 10 contestants who have made it to the semi finals scheduled for August 05 next at the same venue include Ram Tagang, Gemi Taping, Tatung Tachang, Nabam Tahi hina, Abu Taring Lah, Bamang Ama, Gyamar Akho Tarh Meha, Sorang Yamang and Choki Tamen.

APWWS seeks stern action
ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Arunachal Pradesh Women's Welfare Society (APWWS) has said that while hearing the Ziro molestation case, the clauses under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 must be kept in mind. The Society while seeking appropriate and stern punishment for the alleged perpetrator of sexual violence said that bail should not be granted unless there is a thorough hearing under the Act.
District Medical Officer (DMO) of Lower Subansiri, Dr Moli Riba allegedly molested his colleague on Thursday last at his office and it is reported that a bail petition is being moved on Monday.
The Society further appealed to the citizens on social media to refrain from making the name of the lady public while stating that protection of the identity of all survivors of any form of violence is ensured by the law.
The Society further reiterated its demand for constitution of internal grievances cell under the Act in the state. Only few departments have formed the cell in the state but it remains ineffective in most departments.

Students seek arrest of assaulters
ITANAGAR, Jul 31:  The All Papum Poma Students Union (APPSU) has demanded immediate arrest of all the persons involved in the physical attack on Nabam Todo and Nguri Sonam near PWD Camp, Poma on July 29 by a group of unidentified miscreants.  
When contacted OC, PS Balijan  B Krong said that a case have been registered vide Bjn Case no-06/16 u/s-325/341/427/ 34 IPC and one person was arrested who was later released on bail.
A meeting was held on Sunday at Poma under the leadership of APPSU President Teli Tadap to condemn the incident.
As per the information, two youth were on motorcycle going towards Itanagar when they were attacked by a group of unidentified persons in a Scorpio vehicle. They were saved due to intervention of local people. The victim were taken to RK Mission hospital and currently under medical attention.
APPSU have demanded police patrolling in the areas to curb such incidents. "Visitors from capital complex often come to Poma area to enjoy the river side carrying alcohols. They indulge in all sorts of anti-social activities and create nuisance. Many incidents go unreported. We appeal police to conduct regular patrolling," demanded APPSU.
Meanwhile, the union has urged the citizens from all corners to cooperate and respect the ban on hunting and fishing passed by concern Panchayat and youth associations under confined jurisdiction of Sangdupota, Balijan, Taraso circles under Papum pare district. Union informed that henceforth concern circles will strictly monitor such unlawful activities and anyone found violating Panchayat order will be strictly punished and police case will be lodged against them.

Committee demands re-arrest of alleged drug peddler
ITANAGAR, Jul 31:  A coordination committee representing eight district student unions of Changlang, Longding, Lohit, Anjaw, Namsai, Dibang Valley, Lower Dibang Valley and Tirap under the banner of coordination committee CCLANDT has expressed strong resentment over bail granted to one Lalridsanga Ralte who was recently arrested by Diyun police for allegedly possessing drug.
The committee expressed surprise that Ralte has been released from police custody by the order of magistrate. "It is ironical that when people of Changlang district particularly the students bodies and NGOs are fighting against the menace of drugs, a magistrate could act so recklessly by granting bail to drug peddlers. The action taken by the magistrate of Bordumsa Sub-Division is directly or indirectly encouraging the uses of drugs and peddlers in the district," the committee stated in a release. Further, they added, "release of the accused on bail at this juncture shall not only hamper the proper investigation of the case but also offer an opportunity to other persons involve to escape."
They have called on police to immediately re-arrest Ralte and warned that they will resort to democratic means if administration fails to re-arrest him at the earliest.

SMILE event launched
ITANAGAR, Jul 31: The 'Positive Fatherhood, Gender Equality' project of Indo Global Social Service Society (SMILE) was launched in Papum Pare district with a session with youths at Govt. Secondary School, P Sector, Itanagar.
Project Coordinator Tai Gadi spoke on gender equality, followed by a session with the youth about gender equality among the participants, followed by a talk on domestic violence, early marriage and its ill consequences.

Association calls for maintenance of roads
ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Drawing attention to the pathetic condition of the roads in the Capital Complex and across the state, the Save Arunachal Youth Association has requested the state government to look into the matter and take proper action.
In a release, SAYA stated that rainfall has caused many landslides and damaged roads across the state, while the roads are flooded with no drainage system.     

ICAR’S Jhum improvement project
ITANAGAR, Jul 31: Training cum input distribution programme was organized at Nyodu village, West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh on July 30 by ICAR, A.P Centre, Basar under Jhum improvement project. The programme was coordinated by Thejangulie Angami, Scientist (Horticulture) where he stressed on important aspects of Jhum farming. With a shrinking of Jhum cycle resulting in less production causing forest regression in most areas, the problem needs to be tackled sensitively as Jhum cultivation is also a way of life for the tribals of Arunachal Pradesh, he said.
With a vision to cover more areas under Jhum through horticulture based farming system and to convert it to permanent farming system, the scientist distributed Assam lemon saplings to the famers and encouraged them to grow this perennial fruit crops by following proper scientific technology maintaining a proper spacing following intercropping system with legume vegetables in the initial years of planting. He further explained that fruit plants being perennial in nature help in checking soil erosion and provide high density green cover to the soil. These fruit plants can be planted in retrieve soil which provide potential alternative for control of shifting cultivation.





Trying to stifle dissenting voice

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has kicked up an unnecessary controversy by taking a swipe at actor Aamir Khan for his last year's comments on intolerance. In November last year Khan had said that due to growing intolerant climate his wife spoke about possibilities of leaving India as she feared for the safety of their children in a climate of insecurity. His comment came when there was growing debate over intolerance in the country. At that time BJP and its supporters had launched massive tirade against the actor. They trolled him in various internet forums.

 Snapdeal, the online trading company of which Aamir Khan was the brand ambassador was forced to remove him after BJP supporters started a movement against it. On Saturday during a book launch at Pune, Parrikar cited this example of the ordeal Amir and Snapdeal had to face without naming them to send a message to the dissenting voice. Without naming Snapdeal -- for which Mr Khan was the brand ambassador at the time -- he said after the actor's statement, "many people broke relations with the company, many quit. They placed orders and then returned them to teach them a lesson.”  This is an unfortunate statement coming from the country’s defence minister. Parrikar should be more worried about securing India’s national security and stop worrying about comment of an actor. India is a democratic country and people every have right to express their opinion. Aamir Khan exercised his democratic right but ruling establishment could not digest it. By coming down hard on a celebrity like Aamir  they are trying to tell others to better shut their mouth. When actor Aamir ’s wife expressed concern for the safety of her children, the BJP government and its supporter’s unleashed hate campaign against them. But same government is providing Z category security to Nita Ambani, wife of billionaire Mukesh Ambani.  Is not this a double standard Mr Parrikar?







Readers’ Forum





Make marks public

Dear Editor,

I would like to request all the Head of departments  responsible for any kind of recruitment in govt. Departments to display the marks secured by each candidates along with the result. It will be more transparent and helpful for the candidates for self evaluation to prepare for the next exam. It will also reduce the time lost and frustration caused to aspirants by going through process under  RTI Act.


Tamchi kamsi





The problems of hardworking candidates

Dear Editor,

Through your revered daily, let the facts of departmental recruitment examinations process be known to all and thereby the dejection & frustration faced by hardworking aspiring candidates. It is an open secret to all departmental officials, candidates and even to common publics that the most corrupt system of recruitment is done by Engineering Department especially for JE posts ahead of all other departments.

Recruitment process irregularities take place in two phases in our state:-

Phase-I: Open unfair-means using modern gadgets in the examination halls in front of statue like examiners.  If they are afraid to face examinee, then equal chances should be given to candidates of all other exam centers.

Do the department head knowingly allow these cheating to happen?  Do they have ideas about all these modern gadgets?

It is totally unjustifiable to hardworking, law abiding and obedient candidates who have no idea of cheating or are afraid of disobeying law. So where is the chance of cracking exams by the law abiding candidates in these open cheating system? Does that mean that they have to die trying?

Phase-II: Candidates with good background/link do not need AICTE certified Diploma or Degree Certificates nor they need to prepare and write papers well to get job! Everything is well planned even before the candidate pass out from an institution. So where is the chance of cracking exams by the common candidates? It is better not to plot an advertisement for such posts instead the department should be preparing for best RTI reports, if any, for later use.

Arunachal Pradesh with growing unemployed population has been/is/shall be facing these situations unless there is some strong policy and its implemenntation in recruitment system. Moreover, with these systems of recruitments, the actual deserving candidates are totally deprived. Had they been given a fair chance, the work culture of any department in the state would not be same.

Though it is known to all sections of society, still I would like to request the state government through its functionaries to rectify such system of job recruitment at earliest to select the most deserving candidates for better tomorrow of the nation as a whole.

With knowledge of what happens, it is also my earnest request to any department, publishing any job advertisement to include these two lines in their advertisement:

1."Cheating/Unfair means fully allowed in the examination hall".

2."Canvassing for candidates is permitted".


A change anticipating candidate




Technology frauds

Dear Editor,

PM Modi in his inspiring 22nd edition of Mann Ki Baat conveyed his wishes to the Indian contingent for Rio Olympics and also urged people to plant more trees and congratulated Aligarh University students for beautifying the railway walls with paintings. He also spoke about an important issue faced today by citizens i.e. frauds done using technology like phishing  emails. It is observed that we frequently get emails asking for personal details like bank account number, date of birth etc for crediting money due to us from people known or unknown to us. Sometimes the names in e-mail ids look like they are known people very familiar to us but their emails don't come from their official company e-mail address but from free email ids like yahoo or hotmail ids. People should be extra cautious & suspect such emails & not divulge their personal details at any cost & if possible call the person directly amd check with him/her if the name in e-mail is familiar and known to them.