August 23


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A welcome change

The US President Donald Trump is making all the right noise regarding Afghanistan. President Donald Trump on Monday cleared the way for the deployment of thousands more US troops to Afghanistan, backtracking from his promise to rapidly end America's longest war, while pillorying ally Pakistan for offering safe haven to "agents of chaos." The increase in US forces will definitely help the fight against Taliban and other terrorists including ISIS which has found safe haven in Afghanistan. Trump also seems to have understood that ally Pakistan is the root cause of trouble.

It is an open secret that terror groups like Taliban, Al Qaeda etc are operating from Pakistan with active support of its military and intelligence agency. Unless Pakistan acts against these terrorists the stability will not return to Afghanistan. Pakistan largely depends on donation and investment from US to run its country. Therefore if America tightens screw around its so called ally, the things will definitely improve. President Trump has shown immense courage to take on Pakistan publicly. If indeed US increase the strength of its force in the country it should not leave in hurry as such situation leads to creation of "vacuum" that terrorists "would instantly fill." In 2010, the United States had upwards of 100,000 military personnel deployed to Afghanistan. But then President Barack Obama withdrew majority of forces in phased manner. Taliban waited patiently for the withdrawal and since then have captured large parts of the country. Today there are around 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan and the situation is as deadly as ever.






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Arunachal is shining example of secular India

Dear Editor,

Though I am a non-APST, I truly love the state of Arunachal Pradesh where I spent major part of childhood as my parents use to work there. Though it has been more than 10 year since I left state after my parents retired, still I regularly read online version of Arunachal Times to keep myself updated with my spiritual home Arunachal. One new development which struck my mind is the decision of government to create department of Indigenous faith and Culture. I respect the sincerity of state government to create this department to safeguard the rich tribal culture and tradition. But I wonder how will they justify creating a department exclusively for one religious belief.

During my stay in Arunachal I saw active participation of local tribal population in all festivals like Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Christmas etc. In fact during Durga Puja, locals outnumbered non-APST population in Puja pandals. It was an incredible sight to see. In the last 10 years I have stayed in many states working but have never seen a more secular society like Arunachal. Therefore it worries me to see state government creating a separate department for the believer of one community. I truly hope government is not working at the behest of outside influence. At a time when country is going through a deep division over religious issues, Arunachal can become a shining example of secularism. I do not intend to hurt sentiment of indigenous believer as I truly love their belief. I personally attended many such religious rituals and ended up eating those meats which was strictly banned in my conservative Hindu home. My only concern for writing this letter is that secular fabric of Arunachal which I truly miss now should not be diluted by the wrong step of the government.


Avdesh  M, Chennai





Traffic jam has become norms of the day

Dear Editor,

Traffic Jam nowadays is not a big deal for the citizens of capital complex. Infact if there is no traffic jam citizen feel astonished. There are various reasons why traffic jam occurs. To name few it starts from the basic problem of poor condition of the road, which further deteriorates during the monsoon.

Another significant reason is disobedience of traffic rules by the motorists. This is something that I noticed in capital complex and I strongly believe that main cause for jam is violation of traffic rules. People indulge in showmanship by not following rules which leads to huge traffic jam.


Anil Thapa





Promote local dialect

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I wish to put forth few of my opinions in public domain. It is a well understood yet not seriously thought over issue by the general masses.  According to the recently published survey majority of tribal dialects spoken in the state are on the verge of extinction. As per that article, many factors like initiation of Indianization process by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru after 1962 Indo-China war by pushing large number of Hindi teachers in the state and introduction of Hindi as main language right from primary school level were cited. To counter this threat at small scale in various home, I found many young parents who are not fluent in their local dialect including myself, forces oneself and converse with their children in local dialect. A small step for man but a giant leap for the mankind. But, is that enough? As I have also seen older generations who followed the same pattern of conversing in local dialect at home during the entire period of their wards’ upbringing period but now after grown up, they prefer conversing in Hindi. But why? Where did it go wrong? The crux lies somewhere inside your idiot box. It’s not what they see, it’s what they hear. I am not blaming gadget guru Doraemon or the naughty Shin-chan or the demon loaded Ben 10 or the very strong Chota Bhim or the always running Motu Patlu or masti time Krish. What I am worried about is their dubbed version in Hindi. But every dark cloud has a silver lining therefore, since there is birth of a new Department of Indigenous Faith & Cultural Affairs, I hope there will be a provision through which all the animated gentlemen will be able to proudly speak in our local Arunachalee dialects.


Siyang Borang







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AAPSU, NIHRO oppose adoption of Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy Act

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students' Union (AAPSU) and NEFA Indigenous Human Rights Organisation (NIHRO) strongly objected the recent state cabinet decision to implement the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy Act (TRPA), 2014 in the state and demanded for its immediate rollback till the rights of indigenous people are fully safe guarded and protected.

Terming the cabinet decision to implement the 2014 Act in toto without any amendment as "decision taken in haste", the AAPSU said it can have far-reaching ramifications in the days to come for the indigenous populace of the state in the matter of livelihood and demography. It may also put to stake standing regulation like the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR), 1873, the Union added.

Both organisations were of the opinion that Arunachal with its unique political entity cannot be compared to other states like Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh, which have already adopted the act.

The AAPSU said that the state Chief Minister, his cabinet colleagues and other elected representative should be mindful of enacting any laws that will be detrimental to the interest of indigenous populace in the state.

The AAPSU further said that some clauses in the TRPA, 2014, like giving jobs in health and social sectors to the Tibetan refugees will deeply impact the job opportunities of local people and the guidelines that allows them to undertake economic activity to the extent that relevant papers, trade license and permit may be issued to them, which is contrary to the BEFR, 1873.

"The so-called welfare government should be sensitive to developments, particularly involving refugees since the state has been inflicted with the curse of foreigners from the very inception of its being", it said.  

"The TRPA, 2014 if seen from the perspectives of other refugees in the state can open up a Pandora's box that will do more harm to the already existing fragile and complex state of affairs involving the refugees like Chakmas and Hajongs in Arunachal.

Humanitarian causes for the sake of earning brownie points from the central government that stifles the rights of indigenous people is unwanted, unjustified and will not be tolerated" the AAPSU said, and called on the state government to adopt extensive debate, consultation and seek expert opinion for every clause of the TRPA-2014 before taking any decision.

Opposing the decision of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to adopt the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy Act, NIHRO President, Domin Loya also raised similar concerns and called for roll-back of the cabinet decision in the interest of the indigenous tribal populace of Arunachal Pradesh.

"The indigenous tribal populace of the state has been opposing the settlement of Tibetan refugees from day one of their settlement here. All through these decades, people of the state, guided and spearheaded by the AAPSU have been agitating and demanding for repatriation of refugees from the state," he added.  

The rehabilitation policy adopted by the state government deals with matters concerning land lease and extending central and state benefits.

The NIHRO ardently disagreed with the clauses of the policy and outrightly opposed the decision of the state government. The organisation felt that the refugees must not be entertained with such benefits at a time when the state is going through refugee imbroglio and facing acute unemployment problems.

It further questioned the state government on the genuineness of proposing a Refugee Rehabilitation Programme only for Tibetan refugees. It is feared that the Chakma-Hajong refugees too are certain to raise their voice and compete and demand for adopting a similar Rehabilitation Programme for them, they added.

The NIHRO also alleged that the state government has failed to take into account the most worrisome matter of Tibetan refugees, getting diluted with local indigenous populace, especially in West Kameng district.




CRC, CWC demand action against Jongkey

Accused under police custody

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: In a joint statement, the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (APSCPCR) and the Itanagar Child Welfare Committee (CWC) strongly urged the state government to immediately take necessary action against Joint Commissioner of Tax and Excise, Tani Jongkey for his alleged involvement in the molestation of an 11 year old girl.

 APSCPCR Chairperson, Mitali Tingkhatra sought the status report from the Itanagar Women Police Station on the alleged child molestation accused, Jongkey.

It was informed that the Women Police Station OC has verbally informed that they are awaiting medical reports to further process the case.

Accordingly, the APSCPCR Chairperson contacted the Superintending Medical Officer (SMO) of Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Naharlagun. The SMO informed that the medical report has been submitted in court by the constituted medical board.

Capital Complex CWC Chairperson, Kani Nada Maling has also submitted the report regarding the molestation case to the chairpersons of APSCPCR and CWC Itanagar to initiate necessary disciplinary action under the CCS Conduct Rules.

"Further course of action will be initiated after receiving status report from the Itanagar Women Police Station", the APSCPCR Chairperson said in a release.

Meanwhile, on reports that Jongkey is yet to be arrested, the Capital SP clarified that Jongkey is already under police custody and a police team has been assigned to keep a check on him at the hospital.

However, since Jongkey is in the hospital, he cannot be put behind bars till he is released from the hospital.

Jongkey was accused of allegedly molesting an 11 year old girl by the child's mother and has been avoiding jail time ever since.




RWD refutes allegations leveled by public leader

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: The Rural Work Department (RWD) has strongly refuted the allegation leveled by public leader Vijay Sonam, who had alleged some department officials of indulging in corrupt practices.

In a release, the department has termed the allegation as baseless, false and condemnable.

The department clarified that not a single junior engineer was appointed on back date as alleged by Sonam.

"Obeying the decision of the government, the department is pursuing recruitment of 66 Junior Engineers (Civil) through the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. A letter bearing number - RWC/Cord/Estt/Advt-582/2017-18/3248-49, dated 8th August, 2017 has also been written by the department to the RWD Secretary for the purpose," stated the department, before it went to allege that some people are trying to score personal goals by making false allegations against the department through social media.

Regarding the allegation of corruption in Siga to Dayam (Stage-1) PMGSY project, the RWD clarified that work was allocated after properly following the norms.

"The tender evaluation committee properly screened the tender paper and awarded work after following all laid down norms. One firm M/S Zee Engineering and Construction, which lost in the bidding process, filed a court case. But later, the court cleared the matter and we went ahead after getting clearance from the court. Therefore, it is a wrong allegation against us," the department added.




College teachers observe black day

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: Standing in solidarity with the All India Federation of University and College Teachers' Organization (AIFUCTO), all 17 government colleges of Arunachal Pradesh, which are the constituent units of Arunachal Pradesh College Teachers' Association (APCTA), on Tuesday observed 'Black Day' in their respective colleges by wearing black arm bands in protest against the central government's inordinate delay in implementing the 7th UGC Pay Revision recommendations.

Other demands of the teachers' organization include 100 percent financial assistance for uniform and simultaneous implementation of 7th pay scale; pay scales and service conditions for temporary, adhoc,  part time,

guest teachers, block grant teachers and self-financing teachers and employees; scraping of API and extend dates of RC/OC; rejection of pension scheme 2004 and pension for all teachers; rectification of anomalies of 6th pay scale; stop budget cut of education  and to  stop commercialization, corporatization and centralization of education.

'All central government employees and all employees of Arunachal Pradesh have been endowed with the 7th Pay Scale except college and university teachers, which is a clear sign of injustice and prejudice against all college and university teachers', the Association said.  

India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked a lot about 'Ache Din' for all its citizens, but it has completely failed one of its important sections of a society - the teachers of higher education. A country where teachers are neglected and are made to beg for their genuine rights cannot expect to march towards progress and prosperity in the long run, the Association added.

Members of the All Arunachal Pradesh Polytechnic Teachers Association also held a protest by observing black day at Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic here to extend solidarity with the AIFUCTO. The faculty members expressed disappointment for non-implementation of CPC recommendation.




ACGF contributes study materials to adopted school

ZIRO, Aug 22: The Apatani Career Guidance Forum (ACGF) contributed study materials during the 64th Foundation Day of Government Middle School Bulla, Kalung-Reru village in Ziro on August 22.

The items included eight white boards, one computer system, dictionaries for the library, and nine pictorial charts of various categories worth around Rs 45,000, which were received by Headmaster Hage Tajang.

These materials were provided according to the prioritised list submitted by the school authority to the ACGF, consequent to a formal meeting of adoption on July 8, 2017.

In this connection, during Dree festival-2017 at Ziro, the ACGF also launched "Careerdemic Window" programme to impart awareness on career and academic matters for the welfare of the students and public, and also to present ACGF Excellence Award in the field of academics and career.

Signature campaign was also launched to garner public support for the school, along with voluntary contributions, where an amount of Rs 34,700 was collected and used to procure materials, with additional contributions from the ACGF.

The ACGF adopted the school as it had not been upgraded ever since its establishment in 1953. Currently, the school has merely 23 students with 11 teachers, including the Headmaster, even after 64 years of existence. Eight of these teachers are SSA teachers.

The Forum has pledged to render whatever support and resources available to improve the functioning of the school, along with increase in the intake of students.

The ACGF team, led by its Chairman Pura Sambyo, along with General Secretary Dr Nani Tamang Jose and Joint Secretary (Academic) Padi Hana, requested the school authority to make positive utilisation of the materials and ensure that such facilities are provided to students for their welfare and enhancement of teaching-learning process.




Over 1000 girls sensitized on crime against women

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: Over 1000 female students of various government schools in Itanagar area were sensitized on crime against women in its first phase of awareness campaign, organized by the Arunachal Pradesh Police Sports Control Board (APPSCB).

The first phase of the awareness campaign started on July 23 and concluded at Government Higher Secondary School, Itanagar on August 21.

The main objective of the awareness camps was to empower girl students to deal with various issues concerning women.

Besides legal awareness, the female students were also taught various self-defence techniques and situation control by the team of APPSCB.

The schools in Naharlagun area will be covered in the second phase of the campaign.

Initiated by SI P Nobin Jomoh, the entire programme is being organized under the supervision of Commandant Tojo Karga, APPSCB Secretary.

Other team members are Inspector Yumyom Gamlin, SI Bulang Marik, SI Dojum Nomuk, HC Nilling, CT Yun, CT Likha Rajen, CT Pisha Nachung, CT Natam, CT Janam Dodum, CT Penu, Mui Ama and Lokam Yajik.




GST facility centre opens

TEZU, Aug 22: To encourage and help business community and other tax payers in and around Tezu, the Tax & Excise Department of Lohit district has opened a GST Facility Centre in the office complex of the Deputy Commissioner.

The centre was inaugurated on Tuesday by Deputy Commissioner Karma Leki, who encouraged all business communities and tax payers, including DDOs of Tezu to come forward and clear their doubts on GST and its registration in the facilitation centre.

Speaking on the occasion, Tax & Excise Superintendent Oli Koyu highlighted the importance of the facilitation centre, which is meant only to facilitate the business community and other agencies which come under the jurisdiction of tax payment under GST.

He also requested the DDOs to come forward for registration of their respective offices under GST. He highlighted about the interim payment of GSTR 3B which is to be paid within August 25, 2017 with extension of five days from August 20 to 25. (DIPRO)




Tirap DA seizes 10 bags of illegal PDS rice

KHONSA, Aug 22: The Tirap district administration seized 10 bags of PDS rice from a shop and a huge quantity of illicit liquor from various other shops during a raid in Khonsa town on Tuesday.

Expressing serious concern over the seizure of the PDS rice meant for poor villagers, Deputy Commissioner P N Thungon directed the DF&CSO to look into the matter.

He warned that if such pilferage was done in connivance with the FPS owners and businessmen, stringent action will be initiated against all involved.

Further, the DC suggested the DF&CSO and support team to keep strict vigil on all FPSs to avoid such illegal siphoning of essential PDS commodities meant for the poor.

The raid was carried out by a team of officials led by EAC (Judicial) Hakresha Kri and Town Magistrate Lim Modi, accompanied by police and IRBn jawans.

A large quantity of illicit Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and beer were also seized and later destroyed.

The raid was conducted taking serious note of the growing alcoholism among the youths, the DC said, and expressed serious concern over illegal sale of liquor near educational institutions. (DIPRO)




Oil palm cultivation making rapid strides in East Siang

[ Prafulla Kaman ]

PASIGHAT, Aug 22: The growth of oil palm cultivation in Siang belt, including foothills of Assam-Arunachal boundary, which began during April last year, has become an economic boon for the farmers of the region.

Considering the rich potentiality of oil palm cultivation in the foothills of Siang valley and its consequent economic gains involved, the Arunachal Pradesh Government has implemented plantation project in East Siang and eight other districts.

The Agriculture Department selected four zones for oil palm cultivation and identified 1.26 lakh (approx) hectares of land in the state. It has a target of covering 25 lakh hectares of plantation within a period of five years in East Siang district, which falls in Zone-III potential area.

The state government has signed MoU with M/s Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd for production and promotion of oil palm cultivation and industrialization of the products in East Siang district.

Around 230 hectares of plantation will be covered in Ruksin, Pasighat, Mebo and Nari-Koyu agriculture circles in the first phase. The project aims at self-sufficiency in the field of edible oil and save the annual foreign exchange of Rs 60,000 crore to Rs 70,000 crore that the country spends in procuring edible oil from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Manager of Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd, M Muthuselvan, who recently visited oil palm cultivation sites of Ruksin observed that the palm plants were abundantly growing in the area, showing good economic prospects for the farmers. He stated that the rate of growth indicates early production of fruits and edible oil production.

According to agriculture officials, oil palm is an evergreen crop which gives production after three to four years and continues to yield up to 30 years. The district agriculture department is planning to extend 750 hectares of area for oil palm cultivation in the current year.

The corporate is running an oil palm nursery at Pasighat and supplying seedlings to the interested farmers, while it is all set to install crushing unit for manufacturing palm oil in the district.

The Arunachal Pradesh Government earlier signed MoU with three companies (Shivasaise Oil Palm Pvt Ltd, Andhra Pradesh; Oil Palm Agrotech Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, and Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd, Andhra Pradesh) to promote cultivation of oil palm and commercialisation/ industrialisation of fruit products (processing of palm oil).




18 SAI lifters selected for National C’ship

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: Eighteen weightlifters from the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Special Area Game (SAG) Centre in Naharlagun were selected for the ensuing National Inter-SAI Weightlifting Championship (U-17 and U-19), scheduled to be held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh from September 28 to 30.

The selection trial was held in SAI Regional Centre, Guwahati recently.

Among all SAI centres in the Northeast region under Guwahati Regional Centre (SAI), the highest number of participants were selected from SAI SAG Centre, Naharlagun, informed Arunachal Olympic Association Secretary General, Abraham K Techi, who also is the President of the Arunachal Weightlifting Association.

The 18-member lifters team from Naharlagun SAI SAG Centre includes 12 boys and six girls.

He further informed that a 24 days intensive coaching for the entire selected weightlifters from various SAI centres under Regional SAI Centre, Guwahati will be held at SAI SAG Centre, Naharlagun from September 1.

This is for the first time a coaching camp of its kind has been organized in the state, the AOA Secretary General said.



Banking operations affected in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: Banking services in Arunachal Pradesh remained disrupted today as public sector bank employees joined the one-day nationwide strike called by the United Forum of Bank Unions to protest government's proposed consolidation move, besides others demands.

Services like deposits and withdrawal at bank branches, cheque clearance, NEFT and RTGS transactions were affected.

Secretary of All India Bank Officers' Confederation Bengia Tabb informed that the operations at private banks were also affected as the lead banks remain closed.

Banking operation at around 80 public sector bank branches throughout the state was disrupted as employees participated in the strike, he claimed.

Besides, protest against consolidation move of the government, other demands include no write-off policy for non-performing assets (NPAs) of corporate loans, declaring willful default of loans as criminal offence and implementation of recommendations of Parliamentary Committee on recovery of NPAs, Tabb said. (PTI)



Cross Country Race

CHANGLANG, Aug 22: District Police, Changlang organized a Cross Country Race (10Km) on Tuesday, wherein 110 runners from CRPF, IRBn and civil police participated.

Yamdo Gagan of Changlang unit police won the first position, while the second and third positions went to CRPF jawans.

Changlang SP Amit Sharma and second in command 149 Bn CRPF, Changlang, P K Sahu presented cash awards, trophies and certificates to the winners. (DIPRO)




Dirang hosts Sankalp se Siddhi sammelan

BOMDILA, Aug 22: A programme on the central government initiative 'New India Manthan-Sankalp Se Siddhi' for development of agriculture and allied sectors was conducted by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) at Dirang ADC headquarters on Tuesday.

Citing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas' vision, local MLA Phurpa Tsering called upon all the stakeholders and concerned departments to make combined and all out efforts for success of  various flagship programme of the  central government.

The endeavors of the central government with its various flagship programmes would go in vain if the desired benefits do not reach the targeted group, he said.

He also called upon the farmers to be conversant with the new technologies in the market to minimize the losses and increase productivity.  Stressing on the need of farmers interaction programme for better understanding of various government initiatives, Phurpa urged the banking institutions to assist the farmers and the beneficiaries in every way possible.

Speaking of demonetization and Jan Dhan Yojana, the legislator asked the farmers and the villagers to open bank accounts even with zero balance and directed the financial institutions to identify and assist such people in the district.

Underscoring the importance of consistency with use of modern technology as a tool to increase productivity, ADC D Riba advocated for multiple cropping to negate any probable loss.

Earlier, Dr S M Deb, Director ICAR-NRC on Yak, Dirang highlighted the importance of the programme and its role in development of the farming community. He requested the farmers to be a part of the New India Manthan and partners in national development.

Highlighting on the seven-point strategy of the programme, Dr V K Mishra, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, dwelt on various topics related to growth of agriculture sector and on allied activities.

The farmers on their part requested for more training and awareness programmes on various schemes, and asked for technical guidance on bee keeping; vegetable, mushroom and ornamental fish farming; formation of self help groups and financial assistance from the government under various schemes and programmes. (DIPRO)




ITANAGAR, Aug 22: Referring to a news item under the heading, "BJP leader seeks investigation into………." published in this daily on Tuesday, public leader Vijay Sonam clarified that he submitted the representation to the Chief Minister in his own capacity and not as a party leader. "The representation was submitted in my own capacity as a mere public leader and the state BJP has nothing to do with it," Sonam clarified.



Labour awareness camps held

BOMDILA, Aug 22: The West Kameng District Administration organized a couple of awareness camps in various places for the workers in the district to make them aware about various benefits, including insurance policies initiated by the central government for them.

At Bhalukpong, an awareness camp on Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojana (PMJJBY) and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Beema Yojana (PMSBY) was held on Sunday last.

As Bhalukpong and Tippi happen to be the gateway of three districts of West Kameng, East Kameng and Tawang, the area has a good concentration of workers in both organized and the unorganized sectors.

Circle Officer K Rakhi observed that both the welfare insurance policies have a high target client and urged them to avail the schemes and get registered at the earliest.

Resource person from SBI, Registration Officer and the President AAPWU (Bhalukpong unit) also spoke on the importance of such awareness camps. Forms for both PMJJBY and PMSBY were distributed among the workers.

At ADC headquarter Singchung, registration for new members under Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Worker's Welfare Board (APBOCWWB) was done and registration cards distributed to the registered members.

Circle Officer Anu Bamin, Registration Officer and resource person from the SBI dealt on the welfare schemes of the state and the central governments for the laborers.

At Dirang, ADC D Riba highlighted the benefits of being registered with the labour board and dealt on Rule 2017, Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service framed under the act of 1996.

While the SBI Branch Manager dealt on various government-backed insurance schemes, representatives of the Labour Department highlighted on the process and eligibility for registering in the labour board. (DIPRO)



Digital classrooms inaugurated at VKV Dollungmukh

DOLLUNGMUKH, Aug 22: The Subansiri Lower Project NHPC Executive Director inaugurated digital classrooms and 20 computer systems at the Dollungmukh Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (VKV) on Tuesday.

These facilities were provided by the NHPC under its Corporate Social Responsibility-Sustainable Development (CSR-SD) Scheme.

The computer systems and digital classrooms are expected to enable the 130 students of the school to have better and advanced educational facilities.

Principal of the school, R Murugan highlighted the existence of VKVs in the state and lauded the timely support rendered by NHPC in various spheres in the functioning of the Vidyalayas.

Alongside the inaugural programme, VKV Dollungmukh also observed the 36th Immortality Divas of Eknath Ranade, who is considered as the spirit behind Vivekananda Rock Memorial; Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari and VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh.



DC takes stock of pre-revision activities

NAMSAI, Aug 22: Namsai Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Election Officer, R K Sharma took stock of pre-revision activities in respect of all 92 polling stations spread over in three assembly constituencies under the district.

Addressing a coordination meeting on Tuesday, Sharma directed all the EROs and AEROs to ensure timely completion of all the activities in accordance with the directives of the Election Commission of India. He further emphasized on uploading control tables and data base in respect of 46-Chowkam (ST), 47-Namsai (ST) and 48-Lekang (ST) assembly constituencies of the district.

Informing that the Commission has focused on preparation of error-free color electoral roll, he urged the concerned electoral registration officer to initiate the matter with utmost care.  Recalling the poor EP ratio in some polling stations, Sharma asked to conduct several SVEEP programmes to ascertain maximum participation of young voters.

Earlier, the DEO also attended a series of programmes organized at various schools and colleges of the district. He was accompanied by Deputy Director, Agriculture-cum-District Nodal Officer SVEEP, EACs, EROs, AEROs and COs of Namsai and Lathao.

Awareness sessions on election and voters enrolment were also organized at the Arunachal University of Studies.



ASHAs receive training on eye screening

ZIRO, Aug 22: In all, 42 ASHA workers attended a daylong training on eye screening for ASHA workers on August 19 at the Gyati Takka Memorial Hospital in Ziro.

Organised by the Rama Krishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, in collaboration with the District Health Society of Lower Subansiri, the training is part of a comprehensive eye care programme of the Rama Krishna Mission Hospital, which is being supported by 'Light for the World', Austria.

The training programme aims to train ASHA workers in identifying basic eye diseases and vision screening. After the training, the ASHA workers would hold door-to-door surveys and identify patients with visual impairment or blindness. The identified patients will then be screened in the subsequent confirmatory screening camps. Surgeries would be handled at the Gyati Takka Memorial Hospital, Ziro for free.

Speaking on the occasion, State Program Officer of National Program for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment, Dr Taba Khanna hoped that with such an initiative, the entire population of Ziro would be free from eye diseases. He also assured to sanction Rs 10,000 from the state NPCB for any village which would be 'avoidable blindness free' after this programme.

Lower Subansiri DRCHO, Dr D Likar and DMO Dr Tage Kano thanked Rama Krishna Mission Hospital for selecting Ziro for the special training on eye care, and stressed on the importance of ASHA workers as they are the link between the community and health care establishments.

Resource persons included Dr D Grayu from the Gyati Takka Memorial Hospital and Dr Lobsang Tsetim from Rama Krishna Mission Hospital.



Audio album 'Solung Giidii' released


RUKSIN, Aug 22: Budding artist Talem Jerang of East Siang district on Tuesday dedicated his new audio album "Solung Giidii" to the Adi and Mising communities on the festive occasion of Solung.

Mising singer Jiten Pait and Adi singer Tokmem Taki Jerang lent their voices for the album, which includes songs related to Adi-Mising folklore.

The album was released in a function at Oyan village in East Siang district on Tuesday.

Adi-Mising Baane Kebang (AMBK) Vice President Mojit Pao, who released the audio CD at Oyan, applauded the artiste duo Jiten Pait and Tokmem Taki Jerang for their efforts in promoting the Adi-Mising culture.

He observed that the songs highlighted many aspects of Adi and Mising culture and behaviors associated with ancestral beliefs.

"The effort would definitely promote the culture and sense of brotherhood between Adi and Mising communities", Pao hoped.



Abotani Cup Football C'ship

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: Arunachal Sporting Club (ASC), Todo United and Milkyway won their respective matches in the Abotani Cup Football Championship on Tuesday.

Arunachal Sporting Club beat IG Park FC 3-1, Todo United FC beat Yawn FC 10-0 and Milkyway beat Next FC 4-0.

Men of the matches were Kipa Talo (ASC), Biri Chate (Todo United) and Yongme Longhu (MNFC).




Training for Anganwadi workers

BOMDILA, Aug 22: A total of 35 Anganwadi workers from Tawang and West Kameng districts are participating in an ongoing job training course of Anganwadi workers from August 21 to September 19 at the Anganwadi Training Centre in Bomdila.

The 44th job training course of Anganwadi workers is being organised by the Women and Child Development Department of West Kameng district.




Singhik Veteran Cup Football Tournament begins

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, Aug 22: The first Singhik Veteran Cup Football Tournament began at Government Higher Secondary School here on Monday. The inaugural match was played between Singhik United Football Club and JNV Alumni, in which, the former defeated the latter by solitary goal scored by Lingri.

Local MLA Dikto Yekar, who inaugurated the tournament, encouraged every individual to play sports to stay physically fit and mentally sound. He advised the youths to take up sports sincerely and make a career out of it. He also informed about various facilities provided by the state government, including job reservation in government departments for meritorious sportspersons.

Taliha ZPM Sushil Nalo appealed to the participating teams to play the game with true sportsman spirit, maintaining discipline. He assured all possible help to the organisers for smooth conduct of the tournament.

Organizing Committee Secretary Tade Lingri explained the importance of games and sports in daily life and its promotion in the society.




SUFC, SUFC (V) storm into semifinals of Solung tourney

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: Siang United and Solung United Veteran entered into the semifinals of the Itanagar Solung Festival Football Tournament-2017.

Siang United beat Solung United 2-1 in the first quarterfinal match, played at DNGC ground here on Tuesday.

The match started off on a promising note with both the teams attempting to take control of the match, but failed to score.

The score remained 0-0 at break.

Siang United took the lead in 51st minute through a goal from Kaleng Nobeng. However, it was equalized by Solung United in 73rd minute, scored by Taja Bonung.

The winning goal for Siang United was scored by Nong Pangging in the dying minutes (2-1).  

Solung United FC Veteran advanced to the semifinal defeating Gabang FC 2-0.

Solung United (Veteran) Captain Abu Tayeng did not miss the spot kick awarded in the 16th minute to give his team an early lead (1-0)

Kaling Tatin netted the second goal for Solung United (Veteran) in 23rd minute, receiving a brilliant pass from Abu to double the lead (2-0).

The action packed second half ended without any goal from either sides.

Gidii Yameng will take on Abor FC in the third quarterfinal on Wednesday and Naharlagun Solung will be up against Dooying Goolong in the fourth quarterfinal.




Hundreds participate in plantation drive

ITANAGAR, Aug 22:  Over a hundred saplings were planted by members of the NSS unit of Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic College, along with faculty members, students and staff of the Forest Department around the institute's premises here on Monday last as part of a social service-cum-plantation camp.

The camp was organized by the institute's NSS unit in collaboration with the Department of Forest.



Meeting on ecosystem preservation

SAGALEE, Aug 22:  A meeting was jointly organized by the Department of Environment of Forests under the Sagalee Forest Division, Sagalee, All Arunachal Pradesh Students' Union and All Toru Students’ Organization at Mowa Primary School, Sagalee on August 7 last to create awareness among the public about the importance of protecting and preserving forest and wildlife of the area.

During the meeting, which was attended by a large number of Gram Panchayat members, gaon burahs, school students and villagers, AAPSU Convener, Donik Takam spoke about the importance of plants and animals in the ecosystem and urged all to preserve it.




Bandh call temporarily suspended

ZIRO, Aug 22: The All Lower Subanasiri Trans-Arunachal Highway Land Affected People's Forum (ALSTAHLAPF) has temporarily  suspended its proposed bandh call on August 24 following the assurance of the Deputy Commissioner to disburse compensation as early as possible.

The DC gave this assurance when a delegation of the Forum called on him on Tuesday.

According to a release issued by the Forum, the DC said that the process of releasing early compensation to the effected people is on and the line departments are mostly busy working on it. When the work compilation is over, disbursement will be made as early as possible.


KVK organises animal health camp

DEOMALI, Aug 22: The Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Tirap district, in collaboration with the Veterinary Dispensary of Deomali organized an 'Animal Health Camp' on August 22 at Natun Basti area under Deomali Sub-division of Tirap district with an objective to provide free treatment, along with medicines to livestock and poultry.

The camp was coordinated by Dr. Indu, Senior Scientist cum Head, KVK, Tirap and conducted by Dr. Parimita Dutta, SMS (Animal Science), KVK, Tirap and Dr. B. K. Gogoi, Senior Veterinary Officer (SVO), Veterinary Dispensary, Deomali along with their office staff.

A total of 53 livestock owners of Natun Basti area benefitted from this camp, where the veterinary doctors provided diagnostic services and treatment to domestic livestock, mainly cattle, pigs and goats. Veterinary medicines and anthelmentics were also distributed among the needy villagers.