August 26


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Start large scale drive against encroachers

There is a saying which says, ‘where there's a will there's a way.’ The capital administration is coming down hard against illegal land encroaches along the national highway to pave the way for construction of 4 lane highway. Their move is praiseworthy and it gives hope that someday similar action can be initiated against govt land encroachers across the state. The strong tactic used by administration seems to be working as many citizens voluntarily dismantled the building which was under ROW.

The administration is currently carrying out the eviction of those structures which has not been voluntarily dismantled by the owners. Even though it was feared that law and order might break down due to carrying out of eviction drive, the whole process is going on smoothly.  Magistrate team comprising of EAC Naharlagun Hento Karga, EAC Land management Liken Koyu and EAC Itanagar Tame Yajum deserves appreciation for initiating strong action against the illegal encroachers. The early construction of 4 lane highway is expected to ease traffic congestion in capital complex. The denizens of capital should extend every possible help to the authorities so that 4 lane highway works start soon. Also taking cue from present eviction drive, the capital administration should start identifying government land encroachers in every nook and corner of capital complex and start the eviction drive. There is growing scarcity of govt land because of the rampant encroachment. Before it gets too late capital administration should start massive drive against the illegal land encroachers.







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It's high time we act

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the recent issue of adoption of rehabilitation package for Tibetan refugees by the Govt of Arunachal.  I want to emphasize on word refugee and make it clear that Tibetans are refugee in Arunachal. The current CM, DCM , Speaker and Member of Parliament belongs to one particular religion and we can empathize with their feeling as they enjoy good relation with Tibetan leader Dalai Lama but they should never forget that majority of Arunachal is right now very angry with the decision of state government. If it were some other Indian state there would have been riots. But we Arunachalees are peaceful and are not violently reacting to such blunder. I just want to tell our Arunachalee brothers that it's high time we act before some people sell us out.






Rape slur on so called nationalist

Dear Editor,

This is in response to a report under the headline 'RSS Pracharak arrested on rape and kidnapping charges' published today in your daily. Law says that unless someone is proven guilty he/she is innocent and therefore let me reserve my judgment on this case. But after going through the whole news I could make out that something definitely went wrong and my sympathy is with poor girl and her family.

Strange that a rape charge has been made against a person who represents an organization (RSS) which claim itself to be a nationalist organization. The members of RSS do not hesitate to declare those who oppose their view as anti-nationals, Congress supporter, left supporter and even asks those opposing their view to go to Pakistan to settle their. After Namsai incident one wonders whether kidnapping and raping of minor girl is also a nationalistic act. While law will take its own course of action but what is shocking is the complete silence of Chief Minister Pema Khandu, RSS & BJP leaders of Arunachal and usually vocal MoS Home Kiren Rijiju who loves to remain in media whole day. Why not a single word of condemnation?







Don't impose Hindutva and Hindi

Dear Editor,

It was that time when the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh happened to be Mulayam Singh Yadav and his Kerala counterpart being E.K.Nayanar. Yadav wrote an official letter to Nayanar in the language of Uttar Pradesh i.e Hindi. Promptly the self-respectful Nayanar replied to that Yadav letter in Malayalam --- the language of Kerala.

Recently Tathagata Satpathy, BJD MP from Orissa, has promptly replied in Oriya in response to Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar's letter written in the language of few North Indian states i.e Hindi. However, it is not a bit surprising, given the track record of the proud Oriya in Satpathy. A couple of years earlier when the leaders of Bihar-UP possessing racist and imperialist mindset demanded "National language" status for Hindi (their own demand again proves that Hindi is not India's "National language") in Parliament on the logic that this language has "maximum number of speakers", Satpathy demanded that the Crow should be designated as our "National Bird" since this species has maximum number of members! What a tight slap on the face of Hindi imperialists?

Hats off to the upright Satpathys and Nayanars for not bowing  down to the diktats of the Hindi brigade who treat their tongue as "Rajbhasa", thereby rendering rest of the innumerable tongues and their speakers as "Prajas" or mere "subjects" in this multi-lingual democratic heterogeneous diverse land named India.

And no shame, disgrace and condemnation will be enough for them who threaten the very base of Indian democracy and its diversity by imposing Hindutva and Hindi on rest of us. These lot just don't know the very essence of India which is not the paternal property, personal fiefdom or colony of Hindi speakers and Hindus. The Hindi imperialists should remember that there is no provision of any particular "National Language" in the Constitution.

It should remember how the Judiciary (Gujarat High Court) has repeatedly ignored the claim of Hindi being the "National Language". While Chief Justice SJ Mukhopadhaya and Justice AS Dave has opined that "HINDI IS NOT A NATIONAL LANGUAGE", the bench headed by Justice VM Sahai and Justice AJ Desai has boldly declared that "Hindi is a FOREIGN LANGUAGE in Gujarat" which in spirit means that Hindi is nothing  but a mere North Indian language --- absolutely FOREIGN in non-Hindi speaking states. So those who are zealously rooting for greatest status of Hindi are actually insulting the Constitution and seats of Honorable Court of Justice.

Instead of imposing this North Indian language in South, West, East and North-East India; all scheduled as well as unscheduled (like the tongues in Arunachal Pradesh or Mizoram) languages be allowed to thrive and prosper in this land of heterogeneity so that this diverse country remains united.


Kajal Chatterjee,





Garbage dumping poses health hazard

Dear editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention to the concerned authority regarding the dumping of garbage by the local vegetable vendors, meat and fish sellers as well as the local residents of Chandranagar at main market. It has become a breeding ground for Mosquitoes and Tug-Of-War Arena for cows and pigs. Especially the rotten leftover vegetables and fish which the vendors throw every evening worsen the situation more. Although JCB and Trucks of IMC come every morning except Sunday and cleans the garbage and for it we are very thankful but still area remains dirty and absolutely unhygienic.

Since the garbage area is located in the middle of town it not only gives bad impression to the outsiders but also could be the source of various diseases and illness to the denizens who resides in the area. Therefore, as a responsible citizen I would like to put forth my sincere appeal to the concern authority to take necessary measures by taking strict actions and penalties to the violators.


Bage Kamsi







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Huge quantities of animal body parts, organs seized


RUKSIN, Aug 25: Assam Police on Thursday seized huge quanties of animal body parts and organs from the possession of two persons at Simen Chapori of Dhemaji  district, Assam.

The animal body parts, which were brought in a car for selling in Itanagar, include skins of two fully-grown Leopard Cat, two tiger skulls, one Otter skin, two skins and a skull of Black Bear, 42 horns of Hog Deer, one Hornbill beak and about 1 kg tiger bones, police said.

Simen Chapori police have detained the two persons identified as Tabang Paro (47) of Kaying village and Taber Siram (38) of Komsing village of Siang district. The Maruti car in which the consignments were brought was also seized.

Later, the police handed them over to Assam forest officials for drawing offense report against them under relevant sections of Wildlife Protection Act.

One of the detainees Taber Siram has denied his involvement in the illicit trade and stated that he was just accompanying Tabang Paro after he missed the APST bus to go Itanagar for personal works.

DFO of Dhemaji has made official communication with senior Arunachal Police and Forest officials to look into the matter and requested them to conduct a thorough investigation into the illicit trading.

Meanwhile, the officials of Jonai Forest Range under of Dhemaji Forest Division recovered a single barrel gun with a wood cutter machine from Sirung portion of Poba RF bordering Arunachal. They also seized a truck laden with timber without Transit Pass from Jelom area near Assam-Arunachal boundary.




Child molestation accused re-admitted to TRIHMS, Court orders fresh medical board to determine health status

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 25:  Almost 51 days after an FIR was registered at the Itanagar Women Police Station against the Tax and Excise Joint Commissioner, Tani Jongkey under section 341, 354 and section 8 of the protection of children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 for alleged sexual assault on a 11 year old girl on June 2 last, the authorities at Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Naharlagun has discharged him on Friday, a day after a medical board submitted its 'inconclusive report' regarding the status of his health.

On the same day, Jongkey also appeared before the Judicial Magistrate First Class to record his statement but has not been sent to Central Jail, Jullang following the Court's orders to first set up a medical board to ascertain his actual status of health since the report presented by the earlier five-member board was an inconclusive one.

'The Court has ordered a new medical team to determine Jongkey's health status. However, since it was already very late in the afternoon for a medical team to conduct any examination, the Court ordered re-admitting the accused to TRIHMS', informed Capital SP, Dr. A Koan adding that the police will keep making all efforts to ensure Jongkey is sent to Central Jail, Jullang for further investigation.   

Earlier, on Aug 23, the five-member medical board comprising of three doctors from TRIHMS and one from the RKMH had presented an inconclusive report to the court regarding the health condition of the accused officer which interestingly did not clearly specify whether he is fit to leave the hospital and serve jail term for further interrogation or not. It only stated that the accused is suffering from diabetes and hypertension and he does not need any surgery of any kind.

Meanwhile, Jongkey, whose anticipatory bail pleas have been denied by different courts four consecutive times in the past still denies all allegations against him. 'I am being framed because of my personal and political enmity with some influential people', he claimed.

However, the charges made against him under Prevention of Child Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act are serious and come under non-bailable offence and if found guilty, the accused could serve 3 to 5 years of imprisonment. 'The charges made against the accused under POCSO Act come under non-bailable offence and the accused if found guilty could serve 3 to 5 years of imprisonment', stated Public Prosecutor N. Nyorak.

The Sessions Court of Yupia, which had earlier sought detailed records and status of the said case has scheduled a hearing for Aug 29 next.



July 5 - Complaint lodged against Tax and Excise Joint Commissioner, Tani Jongkey for alleged sexual assault on an eleven year old girl.

July 26 - After remaining absconding since July 5, the alleged accused walks into Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Naharlagun and gets himself admitted to evade arrest.

Aug 23 - Medical board constituted by Sessions Court of Yupia regarding the health condition of the accused submits an inconclusive report to the court.



Govt to create 100 Bodhi language teacher posts

TAWANG, Aug 25: Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Friday informed that state government is creating 100 posts of teacher for teaching Bodhi language. He said wherever there are shortages of Bodhi teacher it will be filled up soon. He also emphasized on the importance of Bodhi language in understanding Buddhist religion.

Speaking during the opening day of a seminar on "What Dharma, Bhoti, Culture and Environmental Protection matters in Monyul', the Chief Minister said, "Arunachal is a vast cultural house with unique languages and traditions. The creation of department is a right move in strengthening the efforts to preserve these ancient cultures."

The Chief Minister said the creation of department of Karmik and Aadhyatmik Affairs (DoKAA) initiated during former CM late Dorjee Khandu has helped create many cultural assets including financial support to the monks and students pursuing cultural studies. On the same line, the DIFCA will also help promote indigenous faith and culture with the help from the state government.

Addressing the students, monks and youths here at Kalawangpo Hall, the Chief Minister said that preserving one's own identity and culture should be the prime motive of all, particularly the youths.

He hoped that the 2-day seminar, which is jointly organized by Monyul Buddhist Culture Preservation Society and WWF would encourage youths to take keen interest in their indigenous faith and culture. Conveying his best wishes, he encouraged the participants to make best use of the session and the learned resource person.

Khandu also added that the newly created department of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Affairs (DIFCA) will be a big boost towards cultural preservation efforts by tribal societies in Arunachal.

Padmashree 14th Thegtse Rinpoche who attended as special invitee also spoke on the occasion. Tawang MLA Tsering Tashi also attended the seminar.




BBK opposes halting of stadium construction

PASIGHAT, Aug 25: The Bogong Bango Kebang (BBK) urged the government to rescind its order asking to halt the construction of stadium near the Advance Landing Ground (ALG), Pasighat.

In a memorandum to the East Siang Deputy Commissioner, the BBK squarely blamed the Indian Air Force for creating 'unnecessary hurdle' in the construction work of the multi-purpose stadium which reached its final stage of completion.

On August 11, the Secretary (Civil Aviation) Government of Arunachal Pradesh through an order asked the East Siang DC to halt construction work of the stadium citing AAI, BCDS, and DDA guidelines.

BBK General Secretary Mongol Gao, terming the development unfortunate and uncalled for, said the order came when the construction work neared its completion.

"The stadium, if completed, will give a new dimension to sporting activities in the district.  It is of a high-value public utility compare to the ALG that is serving only the Air forces as of now," Gao said.  

BBK further said the government had committed a blunder by commissioning the ALG at the centre of the town.




APCC condemns Namsai rape incident, rips apart RSS

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has strongly condemned the Namsai rape incident in which a Paracharak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS), a right-wing group has been accused of raping and kidnapping a 15-year-old minor girl. The 43-year-old Narendra Kumar Singh who is an RSS Pracharak operating in Namsai district was taken into custody on Friday and is currently the under custody of Namsai police.

"The rape and kidnapping of a minor by RSS Pracharak in Namsai district is heart wrenching and highly condemnable. In fact it is an eye opener for the people of Arunachal Pradesh as RSS's tall claim of Matrutva, Netrutva and Kartrutva (Motherhood, Social leadership and Professional Excellence) to fight social evils has been exposed. Their Pracharak is acting like agent of social evil and such evil deed of a Pracharak is trampling their own teachings to build Aatmabal (inner strength)," stated APCC in a release.

The accused Narendra Kumar Singh must be subjected to rigorous and exemplary punishment so that such heinous crime is not repeated, the APCC stated.

Further Congress party added, "Arunachal Pradesh is a state where we celebrate the advancement of women and girls and have heartwarming images of women in our society. Presence of such criminal is like a hair across the cheek. You can't see it, you can't find it with your fingers, but you keep brushing at it because the feel of it is irritating. Hence, the people of the state must unite and deport such criminal Pracharak to planet where they belong to."



Paklu wins laurel in global event

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Arunachalee top woman bodybuilder Paklu Taipodia has won laurels for India by securing 5th position in the ongoing 51st Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship held at South Korea capital Seoul (August 20-26).

Her victory qualified her to represent India in World Bodybuilding Championship, to be held in Mongolia on October 3, Raj Thakuri, her coach and husband informed Arunachal Body Building Association (ABBA) on Friday.

ABBA founder president Abraham K Techi and ABBA president Techi Jobae congratulated her for the success and said that this is the tips of an iceberg.

Techi, Arunachal Olympic Association secretary-general disclosed full-fledged preparations are on to conduct the National Junior Body Building Championship, desired by Indian Body Building Federation, at Itanagar in January next year.  

Despite being a mother of three children, excelling to such extent is highly appreciable as she has turned a role model for married woman, said Techi, also vice president Indian Weightlifting Federation.  He said that if the state Govt extends adequate support for training many hidden talents would surface to win global laurels.



Association seeks release of salary

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Arunachal Pradesh Rash-triya  Madhyamik  Shiksha  Abhiyan Teachers' Association  sought for immediate release of pending salary.

The Association stated that many a times the authority concerned has been reminded of pending salary but yielded  no result. It also stated that it is strange to see the disparity in monthly salary of TGT working under RMSA in Arunachal.

The Supreme Court has recently ruled that contractual/ temporary workers are entitled to wage at par with other permanent employees. The association further stated they are yet to receive salary of last five months starting from April.




GSU demands judicial inquiry into Nari firing incident

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: The Galo Students' Union (GSU) has demanded an independent and impartial judicial enquiry into the firing incident and lathi charge on peaceful protesters by security forces in Nari, East Siang on August 23.

Stating that the 'Tala Bandi Andolan" will be continued until the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent Police is posted for the proposed Lower Siang, GSU in a memorandum to the Chief Secretary further demanded immediate suspension of the Magistrate(s) on duty, IRBn jawans, including other security personnel and the SP on that day for impartial inquiry and initiation of stringent action against them.

GSU also demanded the government to immediately sanction relief to all the innocent civilians, who were randomly lathi charged and bear the expenses of all the houses, where security forces entered and randomly damaged household items.

Meanwhile, Galo Welfare Society (GWS) demanded the State Government for affirmation of a specific date and time for posting of Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police and supporting HoDs at Likabali failing which, the apex body of the Galo community said, will be compelled to declare movement against the government in all the Galo inhabited areas.

GWS appealed to all the elected Galo legislators to initiate for immediate functionalization of Lower Siang district with Likabali as its temporary headquarters so as to bring an end to the on-going agitation.

It cautioned that the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in general and the Galo legislators in particular will be held responsible for any untoward Incidents during ongoing democratic movement.

GWS flayed the government for failing to resolve the Lower Siang issue even after one from the submission of the report by Group of Ministers (GoM).

The GWS vehemently condemned the alleged brutal police action against women, elders and ordinary public at Nari on August 23 and subsequent inhumane treatment at Pasighat Police Station under police custody in the pretext of taking them from Nari to Pasighat for medical treatment.




DA has zero tolerance against illegal migrants: DC

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Capital Complex administration has adopted zero tolerance approach to illegal migrants and unauthorized boundary crossing.

Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner, Prince Dhawan said the District Administration has zero tolerance for illegal migrants and it was the priority of administration to maintain law and order at any cost.

He directed the Circle Officers of both Itanagar and Naharlagun to take necessary action against illegal hawkers roaming in the Capital Complex.  He has also directed the EAC and OC of Banderdewa Police Station to keep strict vigil on entry and exit of illegal hawkers, beggars, migrants etc.

He appealed to the public to cooperate with the administration and not to encourage such unlawful activities.

Two separate teams led by Circle Officer (Itanagar) Dr. Heera Panggeng and Circle Officer (Naharlagun) Moyir Kato along with police carried out checking of illegal migrants in various places and deported all illegal migrant from Capital Complex.

The DC also inspected all the possible locations to ensure their complete ouster.

A team of SUMAA also met the DC with regard to the issue of illegal migrants. The team informed that they were also working on such issues at their own level and assured cooperation from their side. DIPRO




Young Talented Artistes Award presented to 20 NE artistes

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Twenty artistes from North East Region were honoured with Young Talented Artistes Award for the year 2015-16 and 2016-17 in a function at Raj Bhavan here on Friday.

The ceremony was organised by North East Zone Cultural Centre, Dimapur in collaboration with Department of Art & Culture, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor PB Acharya congratulated the award winners and said that they are the asset of the society.

"Our youth are inborn with lots of talents and potentialities and they must be provided with ample opportunities and platforms to showcase their works," he said.

The Governor underscored that the Young Talented Artistes Award scheme of Ministry of Culture, Government of India is to recognize and encourage young talented artists in various performing and folk art forms of the region. To create greater appeal and awareness, the function has been organised in Itanagar for the first time instead of Dimapur or Guwahati, he added.

Emphasizing on preservation of culture and traditions of region, the Governor said that the North East Region is blessed with large numbers of tribes with each having distinct traditions and culture. He called upon the youth to shoulder responsibility to preserve and promote the treasure trove of cultural heritage.

Unity in diversity is the essence of our country. We must strengthen the emotional and national integration by promoting the spirit of nationalism and patriotism, the Governor exhorted the youth.

The Governor appealed to the artistes and their guides to avail benefits from Guru Shishya Parampara Scheme. Each Guru (master) is expected to train five to eight shishyas (disciples). To motivate and incentivise, a nominal scholarship is being provided to the pupil and an honorarium to the Master (Guru) as per the norms fixed by Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein appealed to the youth and cultural troupes to avail opportunities provided by NEZCC.

Highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh, Mein stressed on sustaining it, which is a gradual process.

Governor Acharya, Deputy Chief Minister Mein, Legislative Assembly Speaker TN Thongdok, Minister for Art and Culture Dr. Mohesh Chai presented awards to the winners.

The award winners were Bijit Kumar Das (Mime) and Binit Bara (Folk Music) from Assam, Naoshekpam Diana Chanu (Thang Ta-Traditional martial arts), Rajkumar Satyaditya (Classical Music - Hindustani Vocal) and Samjetshabam Rushibala Devi (Creative Arts - Pottery making) from Manipur, Zonunchami (Painting) and Lalhruaitluangi (Painting) from Mizoram, Minakshi Das (Lokgeet -Folk song) from Tripura received the awards for the year 2015-16.

Kompi Riba (Printmaking - Graphic) and Mudang Kano (Handicraft & Painting from Arunachal Pradesh, Kismat Bano (Theatre), Bismita Dutta (Sattriya- Classical Dance), Kuldeep Patgiri (Mime), Bedanta Bikash (Hindustani Classical Dance -Sattriya & Kathak) from Assam, Rangskembor Sculpture (Installation) and Banshailang Mukhim (Folk & Tribal Music) from Meghalaya, Alyssa Lalrinsangi (Painting), Andrew Lalrinzuala (Floral Hand Made Craft), Mr.Lalhriatchhunga Fanai (Drawing & Painting) from Mizoram, and Ariensa (Theatre) Mannyei Konyak (Wood & Stone Sculpture, Carpentry works, Painting & Sketching) and Limanungdang Ao (Theatre) from Nagaland received the awards from the year 2016-17. PRO to Raj Bhavan




Pema Govt stable, claims Gao

BASAR, Aug 25: There is no threat to BJP government in Arunachal Pradesh and Pema Khandu will continue to be the Chief Minister, said BJP state President Tapir Gao. He said this on Friday while addressing the gathering of party leaders and karyakatas of West Siang district here.

"Present government is stable and there is no question of any change of leadership. Former NEDA partner PPA tried to disturb stable BJP government but we have disassociated with them and now everything will work smoothly," said Gao.

He also said central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have launched more than 100 central sponsored schemes (CSS) which need to reach to last people of the village and town who are in dire need of it.

He further appealed to the party leaders and workers to maintain cleanness and conduct Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in their own residence, offices, market and town so that all live free from dirt and stay fit.

Basar MLA and Parliamentary Secretary, Land Management, SJETA &WCD, Gojen Gadi in his address said schemes and projects under his assembly constituency will be equally distributed as now most of the PRI members have joined BJP. He also sought cooperation from party workers to implement the projects.

Dumporijo MLA Paknga Bage and BJP state General Secretary Jarpum Gamlin also spoke on the occasion.




APYC condemns Rijiju, others for disrespecting tri-color

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress (APYC) on Friday condemned Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein and Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Minister Dr. Mohesh Chai for allegedly showing disrespect to Indian national flag and Indian map.

APYC alleged that Rijiju along with Mein and Dr. Chai cut a cake in the shape of tri-color and Indian map with a Dao (sword), which was a great insult to national honour.

The trio cut the tri-color shaped cake during the flagging off ceremony of 'Tiranga Yatra' organized by BJYM, said APYC.

APYC demanded that they should be dropped and booked under the Prevention of Insult to National Honour Act, 1971 for showing disrespect to the National Flag.

The act of dissecting the tri-colour shaped cake and Indian Map with a dao by top BJP leader has exposed the hidden agenda of the party to divide the country on the line of caste, creed, region and religion, which is very much prevalent since the inception of Modi Government, castigated the APCY .  

"Hence, the BJYM's Tiranga rally with the theme "Barat Jodo" (unite India) has become a laughing stock," APYC added.




Pema reviews preparation for Tawang Maitree Diwas

TAWANG, Aug 25: Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Friday took stock of preparatory activities for celebration of 'Tawang Maitree Diwas 2017' on September 10 and 11 next here at Tsangyang Gyatso Sports Stadium.

Chairing the meeting at DC office here, Chief Minister emphasized on deepening the bond between the Army and the civilian through celebration of Maitree Diwas.  "Tawang today exemplifies the good coordination that exists between the Army, administration and the public," said the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister also credited much of the development in Tawang district to the presence of the Indian Army.

'Tawang Maitree Diwas 2017', a festival to celebrate the Civil-Army friendship will be organized jointly by the Indian Army, Yuva Arunachal and the district administration after a gap of  7 years.

Founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Union MoS for Home Kiren Rijiju are expected to attend the celebration.

While interacting  with the officials on development issues of the district, the Chief Minister informed that a committee comprising of ministers and officials will carry out  awareness campaign about the centre's and state's flagship programmes in next month. Due to poor knowledge about these programmes even among the officials,  the schemes are not being availed by the people, he said.

The Chief Minister further took stock of GST implementation, Aadhar coverage and sought status report on open defecation free campaign.

Brigadier MP Singh, Commander of the 190 Mountain Brigade also spoke on the  occasion.

RWD Parliamentary Secretary, Jambey Tashi, Tawang MLA, Tsering Tashi, public leaders,  govt officers and the officials from the Indian Army attended the meeting. (CMO)




DC takes stock of development works at Jamin

PALIN, Aug 25: Kra Daadi Deputy Commissioner, Pige Ligu accompanied by Govt officers visited district headquarter Jamin and took stock of the ongoing developmental works on  Friday.  

Presently the Kra Daadi DC office is functioning from the camp office at Palin.

 During the visit, the DC exhorted the DLRSO for fixing of RCC pillar boundary at all crucial points and geo-tagging of these pillar points as precaution against illegal encroachment in the near future.

He also inspected the newly constructed Inspection Bungalow and the progress of the approach road and PWD office building and also monitored the progress of the link road to Jamin, water supply, and electricity connection.

He directed all the HoDs, PRI leaders, intellectuals, senior citizens, and youths to put in their sincere and committed efforts for the timely completion of works and enable the shifting of the DC Camp Office from Palin to the permanent District Hq. at Jamin within stipulated time. DIPRO




Roing to be declared open defecation free

ROING, Aug 25: Roing Town will be declared open defecation free on October two next to mark the third anniversary of Swachh Bharat Mission (U), said District Urban Development Agency (DUDA), Roing.

The District Administration has taken some strict me-asures to achieve the target.

As per the direction of the Deputy Commissioner, any village or Gram Panchayat, which does not construct toilets as per the beneficiary list by September 22, will not be eligible for any government schemes or funds.

Further, those individual household beneficiaries, who fail to construct toilet(s) by September 22, will not be eligible for any government schemes or subsidy. Moreover, their names will be removed from the beneficiary list and will never be included in future.

Preference for any government schemes or fund will be given to ODF Gram Panchayat or village only.  

The DUDA will carry out door-to-door survey for construction of Individual Household Latrine. DUDA stated that majority of the identified insanitary households have not yet submitted their requisite documents for availing the government sponsored Individual Household Latrine schemes.  DIPRO




Solung Badminton Championship

TAWANG, Aug 25: The badminton championship organized by Mopin Solung Festival Committee, Tawang as part of the ensuing Solung festival celebration concluded at Monyul Sports Club here on Friday.

The pair of Kirli Padu and Sonam Wangchu won the men's double title while Nawang Thutan and Lobsang Penjor won the men's double (Veteran) title. Nawang Thutan and Dekey Lhamu won the Mixed double title.

Kirli Tadu and Sonam Wangchu of Monyul Sports Club defeated Namgey Tsering and Tsering Tashi of Jang Sports Club.

Lobsang Penjor and Nawang Thutan of Lumla Sports Club defeated Doge Kamduk and Mainam Sachinkumar Singh of Monyul Sports Club.

Nawang Thutan and Dekey Lhamu of Lumla Sports Club defeated Rinchin Neema and Lham Drema of Jang Sports Club.

As many as 49 teams participated in all the three categories.

The prizes were distributed By Lobsang Tsetan, Project Director, Tawang, Phurpa Tsering, Executive Engineer RWD Division, Tawang and Damge Niri, Secretary DLSA, Tawang.



GST sensitization prog

ZIRO, Aug 25: The Department of Tax and Excise, Ziro conducted a sensitization programme on GST for DDOs and their accountants in the conference hall of the Deputy Commissioner on Friday.

Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen exhorted all the HODs to avail the opportunity to familiarize themselves with GST and develop tax deduction mechanisms.

"I know there will be initial hurdles in terms of internet connectivity, but we have to traverse that extra mile to make GST successful," he said while advising all HODs to visit the GST portal/website and learn the intricacies of the new taxation method.

He also emphasized on the need to impart such trainings to the traders and the business communities as they are a major stakeholders in tax payments.

Superintendent Tax and Excise Punyo Taje presented a detailed PowerPoint on tax returns under GST followed by an interactive session.

The sensitization program was attended by SP Bomge Kamduk, ADC (Raga) Millo Kojin and HoDs and officials from entire Lower Subansiri district. DIPRO




Inter-school letter writing competition

TAWANG, Aug 25: Ritu Tamang of Govt. PWD Middle School and Deki Dolma of Govt. PWD Middle School, Tawang bagged the first and second prizes of the inter-school letter writing competition organized by District Tobacco Control Cell (DTCC), Tawang.

The letter writing competition with theme 'Write 4 Health Campaign' was organized to mark the World No Tobacco Day, 2017 with an objective to create awareness among the youth about harmful effects of tobacco consumption through the Deputy Director of School Education (Tawang) in between May and August.

The prizes to the winners were distributed on August 24 by DTCC Tawang.




Workshop on GST and TDS held

BOMDILA, Aug 25: A GST awareness workshop for the traders of entire West Kameng and training on TDS under GST regime for the DDOs and their accounting staffs was conducted here on Friday.

 Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner, Sonal Swaroop urged the DDOs to adapt to the new system and to be well conversant with the intricacies of the TDS under the GST regime for transparency and a robust economy.

The training programme was conducted by the department of Tax and Excise in collaboration with the District Administration.

A facilitation counter too has been opened in the Deputy Commissioner's office to cater to the queries, doubts and apprehensions, if any. DIPRO




Bharat Jodo cum Tiranga Yatra

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: The West Kameng unit of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha organized a motorcycle rally under "Bharat Jodo" cum Tiranga Yatra" programme within Bomdila Township on Friday.

The motorcycle rally started from Buddha Stadium and passed through main thoroughfare of the township and back.

All the executive members of the district BJYM unit along with 50 youth participated in the rally.




Banderdewa, Khyoda Brothers enter semis of Abotani Cup

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Banderdewa FC and Khyoda Brothers FC entered the semi finals of Abotani Cup Football Championship on Friday.

Banderdewa beat ASC 2-1 and Khyoda Brothers defeated Todo United 2-0.

Krishna Bomik and Byabyang Niagio were adjudged the men of the matches.