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December - 01


Who owns Govt vehicles?

Dear Editor,

The corruption, fraud and mis-utilization of the public money etc. have  already become the surnames of the Arunachal Pradesh government. Our  people are so addicted to this system of the elected government that without involving in the system, hardly one can think of making any  progress. To maintain the present status in society, owing a vehicle  finds first priority - for even going to a small distance seems to be  impossible without a vehicle - be it a government vehicle or owned by  him/her.

There has been rampant misuse of government vehicles in every  department. Go to Harmutty and Hollongi Market at Assam, not to say of  attending festivals or parties and dropping and picking-up the children  from school, there are Govt vehicle to serve. Many public (who are  relative of officers) are the owner of the Govt vehicle before or after  office hours. The official/ authority entitled for vehicles use their  vehicles more for their personal use than for the purposed it is  allotted for. With more use of these vehicles the fuel consumption and  maintenance charges add more public money. Who cares, every officials  /authority seems to be proud of using Govt vehicles in their petty personals use.

Occasionally the directives of Congress Party high command to take up  the austerity measures of the Govt administration just go on "Arey who  cares". If the Govt can dare to implement the rules on use of Govt  vehicle strictly, crores of rupees can be saved in exchequer. This will  also results in lesser traffic lam to large extent in Capital Complex.

The NGOs. pressure group should not confine to demand transparency in  appointment of various post or strike /dharnas, P I L in court in P.D.S  scam etc.. They should make it a point that misuse of Govt vehicles in large scale is a misuse of public money. I also urge upon the state  Govt to pass on necessary order to comply with laid down rule on use of  Govt vehicles and ensure that the vehicles are used on the duty  prescribed in the public interest.

Can we follow the foot step of S. K. Agnihotri, our former Chief  Secretary who really controlled the misuse of Govt. vehicles?


Komjum Riba




Giba need roads  

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the kind attention of my fellow citizen of Giba that the circle which comes under 24th Daporijo assembly constituency, is one of the oldest circles in Arunachal Pradesh which was upgraded to EAC post decades back for better development and easy administration. But even the upgradation could not bring any changes. The Road construction which was started during 1981-82 is yet to complete .So ,anyone can imagine the condition of an area without a road.

Leya is gateway to Giba circle, which is only 12 km away from the main BRTF Road at Menga. But our leaders did not even thought to connect atleast this nearest village. The present reconstruction work was proposed upto 8km called Muriyorlo and 4km stretch between Muriyorlo to Leya was left untouched.  The most ridiculous part is declaring Leya to Giba road as PMGSY road by fixing a sign board somewhere in jungle between Leya to Giba. If PMGSY was actually taken up in that route there would have been a clear visibility of changes in condition of road since 2005. The sign board clearly tells that the duration of completion was 5 years, beginning from 2001. The present tendered works for renovation of road upto 8km from Menga is also doubtful. There were fund for the proper construction of the Menga to Giba road but it was all misused and our parents and kids are left to walk for 2-3 days to reach their respective village. This is the reason behind why Giba C.O and E.A.C office has been operating from Daporijo town since from the beginning.

How anyone can expect any kind of development in this situation?

It was Late Tadak Dulom, who used to visit the whole area by walking on foot to reach the remotest area like Gyadu those days at least during election time but today no other leaders ever dare to visit even the circle office Giba. Even the good invitations from the villagers are ignored by our present leaders. This clearly shows the interest of our leaders toward the area. Giba circle have produced many officers and businessman but failed to produce a true leader, who thinks for the real development of the area. So I request all the true sons and daughters of Giba circle to wake up soon to save your motherland from becoming the most underdeveloped region in Arunachal Pradesh.


Taro Pecha,

Daporijo (on email)



Bihar versus Arunachal

Dear Editor,

I am a student from Arunachal Pradesh studying at Patna, Bihar. I can say for sure and can bet that Bihar especially Patna, is a lot more comfortable and nice place to live than Arunachal Pradesh.

Here we get Rice @ Rs 28, which we have to buy at Rs 40 in our place, Potato @ Rs 2-10, which costs around Rs 20 in AP, Chilies we never purchase as the shopkeeper gives it free on purchasing other vegetables. We have to pay only Rs 3 for traveling upto 3 km on Auto rickshaw, but we have to pay Rs 20 for traveling from Itanagar to Naharlagun on Tracker. We pay Rs 40 for Brylcreem gel here, but it costs Rs 50 and more all over Arunachal. We get 20%-30% off on every book or other stationeries we purchase. We get Tea at Rs 3 and Coffee at Rs 6, we can get Pay clinic at Rs 20, we get chicken Chowmein and Fried rice at just Rs 30 per plate in restaurants. Beef costs Rs 40-60 per Kg. We get everything on our door steps, as all kinds of vendors roam each and every street, throughout the day.

During elections, you will not know that election is going on if you don't read newspaper and discuss with friends. Believe it or not, I didn't even know, when was election being held at Patna. But in Arunachal, you can't even roam in streets in broad daylight securely during elections. All the shops are shut and streets deserted with only posters and flags hanging here and there. But I assure you that you will not find all these things at Bihar. You will hardly find a poster of any contestant in street walls.

These are just a few to mention. Moreover, I can bet that the security, traffic and sanitation here have improved surprisingly from what it was when I came here 3 years back. Congratulations to Nitish led govt. You can shop and roam late till upto 11pm, when all shops get closed. I feel more secure here. You can compare what it was 3 years back and now. Bihar got second place in these few years’ overall growth ranking. But our state, as said by one of our friend, has consistently maintained its place in the lowest spot among small states.

Its unwise, to think that Bihar is the most backward state. But actually, Arunachal is. The citizens over here have realized what they have been missing till now. In other words, they are wiser than our people. I don't know when our people will grow up and realize all these.

And to Lijum Ete, I want to say that first of all tell state Govt. to improve security and then tell people that whatever comments are written here are just textual and has nothing to be taken personally.

But congratulations to our state, the only thing that is cheaper in our state is liquor. Funny, isn't?


Richo L (on email)

NIT Patna



Reward for efficiency is transfers

Dear Editor,

Few efficient Police Officers such as Circle Inspector Banghang Tangzang, SI Khiksi Yangfo, SI A K Tanti and ASI Sangku Gyadi of Seppa Police Station were recently served transfer orders.

The public of Seppa are fully aware of their sincere duties which they performed during their stay in the Police Station. Their sudden transfers have shocked the denizens here.

These Police officers with their diligence have solved many criminal cases within no times. Latest case was the arrest of hard core criminals who fired upon and attempted to kidnap the staffs of Gammon India Private Limited at Seppa.

Instead of awarding these Police Officers for their meritorious services, the government has served them transfer order. Is it their award for being sincere and dedicated to their service? I failed to understand the policy of government.

It is a known fact Seppa is infamous for criminal activities. Now, what will happen to the security scenario of this god forsaken district if genuine and sincere officers are transferred to other district? I personally feel that police officers will be much discouraged by such tactics of government.  Instead of them, inactive police should be transferred.

I would like to appeal to the authority to retain the services of sincere Police officers like them. Seppa Police Station needs officers like them. They are well verse with the situation of the Seppa town and prove as an asset for the Police department.


Nama Dodum



Ignore them !

Dear Editor,

This is with reference to the letter by Lijum Ete published on Nov 30. I do agree with the idea that he has shared. Since I’m a regular reader of Arunachal Times, even this thought came across to my mind many times about the hidden identity. There were so many influential articles in which I’ve read and curious to know the person having such great thought. I think even the world should know these great minds. These kinds of people have the potential leadership qualities and can lead the people of Arunachal.

There are times when somebody writes against system, corruption, scams etc in your column which is really great to see that the people of Arunachal are becoming concerned with all the happenings in the state. But what's the point of hidden identity? Come out!! We are in a democratic country and we have got right to express our feeling without hurting anyone's sentiment.

Like Lijum Ete, I would also like to request you to ignore the article with "Vox Pupuli", "Concerned Citizen" Etc.


Gobind Sharma(on email)

New Delhi



We need four MPs

Dear Editor,

Our Govt should approach the  Centre for  Four Parliamentary constituencies, Eastern-1,Eastern-2,Western-1 & Western-2 so that the people of Patkai & Mon Area also get their due representation in the Indian Parliament.

The Centre may have an excuse about the 4MP's by virtue of Arunachal having only 1million population. Our Govt should press hard and remind the centre that J&K and Arunachal cannot be treated at par with other Indian States but special status to this two states is a must because of its strategic importance. The presence of Indian Army & Paramilitary forces in this two states are many times more than the other states.

The "Seed" to the demand of the so called "Patkai & Mon Autonomous Council" had already been sown by some vested interest group. The demand seems to be fair to some extent but in the long run it will create disharmony & mistrust among the peace loving communities of Arunachal Pradesh and it will bring no development. The best answer to this is to have four MP's which would allow representation of all the areas.

If the centre is concerned & serious about Arunachal and its strategic importance this is the need of the hour also keeping in view the vast difficult terrain & diversity in population. If the centre neglects, it is playing the US politics by supporting India for UNSC permanent membership by a comment of Hillary Clinton "India is a self appointed frontrunner"

The  word "Strategic importance" is too diplomatic and the Chinese people are no fools in understanding this langguage. India must act instead of being a" time wasting talking machine". India must remember that China is a country having the fastest supercomputer, is a permanent member of UNSC having veto powers, second largest economy,1st country to shoot down it's own sattelite, largest Army, Conducted Nuclear test more than 45 times,3rd country to launch a Taikonaut(Astronaut/Cosmonaut) and claims Arunachal as its territory.

Give Arunachal Pradesh its due. Wake up India!  Don't exploit Arunachal Pradesh in the name of development. Enough of step motherly treatment.

Arunachal Govt should do something for its people. Why this sorry state of affairs of Apex Bank, APIDFC, APFC,PDS scam, Lottery Scam, Deplorable roads, Backdoor appointments, Hydropower hungama etc.


Dr Samson Borang                  

Pasighat (on-e mail)



A parallel law in Arunachal

Dear Editor,

Last part of Oct, 2010 I had opportunity to visit Arunachal Pradesh, land of rising sun, a beautiful state. I enjoyed my one week stay with my relatives who is working under state government in Arunachal Pradesh, I am now back to Delhi with some of sweetest moment after visiting places like Itanagar, Ziro, Bomdila, and Daporijo. But my Arunachal visit has not been without bitter experience either.

On my return journey, the hired Tata sumo hit a goat in between Naharlagun- Banderdewa road. The owner along with group of people came charging with lethal weapon, started assaulting the poor driver, even shot abusing words to me when I tried to pacify.

Though the animal only got minor injury, I had to pay Rs. 20,000/- as “fine”. I had no prior idea that Arunachal have a parallel law running other than legally framed. The incident has diluted the good impression I had on the attitude of local people towards visitors. We expect more cultured behaviour from beautiful state like Arunachal.


Dr. Rajendra   

Delhi (on email)



An Appeal

Dear Editor,

I appeal the Arunachal Law Student’s Union (ALSU) to defer the 12 hours capital bandh called on Dec 7 as the semester Examination of M.A, M.Com, M.Sc and Law Students will commenced from 3rd December and Dera Natung Govt. College Itanagar House Test is going on.

Hence, I would like to appeal ALSU to defer the 12 hours Capital Bandh on to some other day.


Koro Liyak

RGU(on email)



RTI for no reason

Dear Editor,

It seems that RTI (Right to information) has been grossly misused by our people. This democratic weapon meant for public benefit has been gradually becoming a matter of concern for departments. Since no money is now required to file RTI, people exploit it freely without considering its impacts.

For example in Anjaw District, departments are frequently asked to furnish information on petty matters, which not only hampers departmental works but also obstruct development activities. Willful and arbitrary use of this act in Anjaw leaves little room for officials to concentrate on matters that require immediate attention.

Though I appreciate this act but it pains me to see how people misuse it. In the name of RTI departments are harassed and I notice a certain type of avarice. Where there is a really corruption we need to unearth it. It is meaningless to go on filling RTI in every department because democracy has bestowed this weapon to us.

Therefore, I appeal to all concerned, instead of misusing this right we should learn its proper use then only the right will be of proper value for us.


Ejnso Yun, Anjaw





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        





Magi lake expedition

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Like previous year, a team of the Eco-Friendly Society (EFS) of Magi village under Likabali sub-division has conducted a Magi Lake expedition in order to promote tourism potential of the lake and to bring environmental awareness among the masses on Nov 24. During its visit the team surveyed the area and explored the rare flora and fauna around the lake and traced out many wild animals. The team returned next day.

It was a rare experience for the team to witness the breathtaking natural beauty including Siu stream, Mache stream, Takam Hill (Muddy hill) and Yanyo Pokcho waterfall and wildlife during its expedition.


RGU exams

RONO HILLS, Nov 30: Semester examinations of Post Graduate (PG) and Under Graduate (UG) courses under Rajiv Gandhi University would be held from 1-24th December.

The University has requested all to cooperate with the University to conduct the examinations smoothly and defer bandh call etc. during the course of the examination.


Towards empowerment

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The three days Apatani Catholic Women’s Association (ACWA) conference with the theme “Towards empowerment of Apatani Catholic women” was organised at St. Mary’s Church here on November 27 last.

Father AD Jose, SDB Parish priest here, who attended the valedictory function, encouraged ACWA to continue its endeavour towards empowering Apatani catholic women.

The executive committee of ACWA has also constituted with Michi Relung and Yachang Yapi as president and general secretary respectively.


Golden jubilee

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Govt. Hr. Secondary School Kaying will celebrate its Golden Jubilee from December 6 to 8. Education Minister Bosiram Siram and local MLA Tamnyo Taga will attend the inaugural function as chief guest and guest of honour while the valedictory function would be attended by Rumgong ADC Obang Dai and West Siang DDSE Nyage Potom as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

The celebration scheduled to be held from November 25-30 had to be deferred due to unavoidable circumstances, Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee said in a release.


Awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The first ever social awareness camp for the followers of Donyi-Polo of Tamen-Boasimla was organized by Kamporijo unit of Arunachal Vikash Parishad (AVP) at Govt. Middle School Tamen on November 27 and 28 last.

Attending programme, ZPM Kabak Apo encouraged believers of Dony-Polo to protect, preserve and promote their rich cultural heritage. He contributed few amounts for construction of Nyedar Namlo.

AVP general secretary Techi Gobin highlighted the aim and objective of his organization which is devoted to uplift the socio-economic status of poor and down trodden, promote girls education, create social and health awareness among rural masses.

Former AAPSU speaker Boni Tamen also emphasized the need to preserve age-old culture, tradition and belief which have practising by our forefathers since time immemorial. He also described the crucial roles of priests in tribal society.

Over 600 youths both men and women attend the two-day programme.


Sportsperson felicitated

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: All Kurung Kumey Karato-Do- Association (AKKKA) felicitated Dado Mema and Byabang Sakap for winning medals in the 16th State Level Karate-Do-Cahmpionship held at Daporijo on November 28 last.

Memo won a Gold medal in 64 kg category and Sakap won a bronze in 65 kg category in the championship.

The newly appointed general scretary AKKKA hoped that karatekas of the district would continue to win medal with their better performance in future and bring more glory to the district.


Union demands immediate posting of subject teachers

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Hirik Hiru Students’ Union in a release claimed that students of Government Higher Secondary School, Kamba are facing problems due to shortage of senior subject teachers for the last six months.

The union appealed the concerned authority to immediately post History, Geography and Hindi senior teacher.  


Union demands restoration of BSNL service

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: All Changlang District Students’ Union in a letter to General Manager, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Itanagar highlighting the deteriorating BSNL cellular services in Changlang district appealed the GM to give proper directives to their respective branch offices of Changlang district to restore the services immediately.


AIDS day

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society is observing World AIDS on 1st December at Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Itanagar. Various programs including inter-school quiz competition will be organized on the day.

Coinciding with World Aids Day, Arunachal Armed Police Battalion (AAPBn) in collaboration with ITBP medical team is organizing a HIV/AIDS awareness cum medical camp at Amarjyoti School building, 1st AAPBn/IRBn campus Chimpu for the villagers and IRBn families tomorrow from 9 am to 2 pm.


DA order

Daporijo, Nov 30: In an order issued by the District Magistrate Upper Subansiri, Ameya Abhayankar, all Medical Shops in Daporijo operating clinics/ OPDs offering consultancy by doctors within their premises are directed to close down the clinics/ OPDs with immediate effect as the terms of the trading licence issued to such establishment do not allow them to operate such clinics/ OPDs.

In an another order, the District Magistrate has directed all trade licence holders of Medical/Pathology to ensure that no shops of Pharmacy/ laboratory/ X- ray/ Medicine are operating without qualified man power in their shops by 12- 12- 2010 as running the establishments without qualified Pharmacist/ Technical Experts constitutes a grave and serious threat to public health and safety.

Failure to comply with the orders shall entail cancellation of Trading Licence and invite legal action under section 188 IPC. (DIPRO)


Training prog

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Sangram based Manghi Welfare Society recently organized 3 days SHG training program on book keeping and bank linkage. Held under the assistance of NABARD, 40 SHG participated in the training. Also 90 trainees got benefit from the training.  


Adi film Gyargo Pongkok released

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: An Adi feature film ‘Gyargo Pongkok’ (Blessed Moment) was released in a ceremonial function at Siddhartha Hall, Itanagar on Nov 27. A premier show of the film was also organized to mark the auspicious occasion. Large number of viewers including Adi singer Jomiya Siram and Alo Libang, Tuting-Yingkiong MLA participated in the premier show of the film as chief guest and guest of honour.

Both the dignitaries and public in general highly appreciated the technological advancement and artistic acumen ship being portrayed in the film.

The film will be screened in Adi inhabited five districts of the state through projectors in order to avoid film piracy.


Phaichulupa awarded

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The Executive Engineer of the RWD, Poma division, Ngoichung Phaichulupa has been honoured with the ‘Best Citizens of India Award’ in recognition of his exceptional calibre and outstanding performance in his chosen field of activities. The Award is instituted by the New Delhi based Best Citizen Publishing House to encourage the outstanding performers in the society.

Other recipients of the Award include former governor Bishma Narain Singh, former CBI director Joginder Singh, former Election Commission of India G V G Krishnamurthy.


Creative writing workshop

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Department of Mass Communication, Rajiv Gandhi University is organising a three days workshop in creative writing from Dec 1.  Eminent persons would be invited as resource persons who will guide the students.


Defer bandh call: RGU

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union extended support to the Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) chartered of demands placed before Home Minister and its decision to have a 12 hrs band call on December 7.

However, the union appealed the ALSU to defer the date of the band call as date collides with the university semester examination.

The union further briefing about the pathetic road condition of the University appealed the state government to initiate immediate steps for renovation of the University road. It further suggested that the government should bring out a proposal for construction of bi-lane road upto RGU Campus.


BSNL strike

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: BSNL Employees union Arunachal district branch in its executive meeting held on 28th November has decided to participate in 3 days nationwide strike called by joint action committee of associations/unions of BSNL for realizing of their demands. The three day strike will be from Nov 1-3.



ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Tana Agul, Kabak Soron and Tana Lezi (Raja) have been elected at president, vice president and general secretary respectively of the Bazaar Welfare Committee, Doimukh for the tenure of three years.

HM appeals for release of abducted official

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 30: Home Minister had two rounds of high level discussions after the kidnap Sanjay Kumar, deputed by the APMDTCL as Overseer at the Coal Fields in Kharsang area under Changlang. Kumar was kidnapped on Nov 24 from Kharsang.

He further appealed to the kidnappers to release the employee of APMDTCL without any pre-condition.

On the other hand, despite massive hue and cry by the citizens at its ineffectiveness and police stations becoming targets of angry citizens, the Home Department maintains that it has performed satisfactorily and that the state government is satisfied with its performance.

The Government appreciates the state police, Central Para-Military Forces, Army personnel and Assam’s STF and Police Force for their sincere efforts and coordination in handling UG groups that take shelter in Arunachal Pradesh jungle, a press statement from the Home department read.

In the process of Government’s endeavour in protecting the lives and property and reassuring peace and harmonious existence of people in the state, as many as 143 UG cadres were arrested between Nov 2009 to Oct/2010) in comparison to only 56 numbers arrested during Oct 2008 to Oct 2009, the release stated.

The overall cases registered under IPC, Local and Special Acts during the period from Oct/2009 to Oct /2010 is 2866 numbers in comparison to the last corresponding period of 2335 numbers. The Home Department is consistently acting against the anti-socials and criminals elements, it said.

Home Department further stated that if citizens and civil society cooperate, it can perform better and create congenial atmosphere for the well-being to all sections of the people in the state. (DIPR)


Govt restrict opening of private schools

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The State Government has restricted establishment of private schools in the state without obtaining ‘certificate of recognition’ from the competent authority.

No order will be made in respect of a new school unless the State Government is satisfied that necessary facilities have been provided in the school for imparting elementary education to all children of age 6 to 14 years, an official order said, adding that violation would lead to fine upto Rs. One lakh.

However, a school established before the commencement of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 but does not fulfill the norms and standard will have to take step to fulfill the norms and standard at its own expenses within a period of three years, the release added.


Fair price shop owners want to lift ration items directly from FCI

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: All Arunachal Pradesh Fair Price Shop Dealer Welfare Association has appealed the state Govt to fulfill its five-point charter of demands at the earliest. The demands included supply of allotted monthly quota of rice, grant of AAY selling commission to FPSs, permission to lift ration items directly from FCI, provision of bank loan to FPSs and no deputation of DFCSO from other department.

The association in a representation to the chief secretary claimed that Fair Price Shop Owner is receiving only 15 kg of rice against the allotted quota of 35 Kg per month from the concern authority. As a result the FPS owners are facing problems while distributing rice to the customers as per guidelines.

It appealed the authority to grant commission to FPS owners for selling of AAY rice as per the rates approved by the government of India.

Claiming that FPS owners are not getting the essential ration items timely due to involvement of many parties such as wholesale nominee in delivering the items in the FPS, the association said that if FPS owners are allowed to lift the items directly from FCI Godown, the transportation problems would be reduced. The letter further said that there is standing guidelines for providing loan facilities to FPS owner, but no such loan is granted to any of the FPS owner by the state government. If such loan is granted then the FPS owner could carry out their business in smooth way.

It also appealed the authority to depute candidate for the post of District Food and Civil Supply Officer from the same department only.


Miao hosts All India NCC adventure trek

MIAO, Nov 30: For the successive sixth year the All India NER Adventure Trek for National Cadet Corps (NCC) was organized in Miao from November 11 to 26 last.

The staging point for Miao which started from November 16 had thousand cadets come in at four different batches.

Cadets from Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sikkim, West Bengal, Orissa, Maha-rashtra, Delhi, Uttranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and the NER Directorate thronged this picturesque town for the adventure trek.

The cadets first settled for a night at Lekhapani base camp in Assam.  They then walked all the way to the 2nd and 3rd staging points at Kharsang and Miao respectively.

A valedictory function was also organized on November 25 last. Brigadier S S Shamyal (DDG) Shillong attended the programme as the chief guest.

Brig Shamyal said that adventure activities have been incorporated in NCC training with the aim of inculcating and strengthening leadership traits amongst the cadets. Trek Manager Colonel V S Patil, NCC GPHP Dibrugarh was also present for the programme.

Earlier a Combined Annual Training Camp was also organized from November 5 to 15 last. 430 cadets from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh participated in the camp.

A rally against drug and opium abuse was also organized by the 26 Assam (I) COY- NCC Digboi. Miao Additional Deputy Commissioner T Mara flagged off the rally in the presence of Camp Commandant and COC 26 Assam (I) COY- NCC Digboi Lt. Col. N S Chauhan, Camp Adjutant Second Officer H L Sharma ANO, Government Higher Secondary School Miao sand other Associate NCC Officers (ANOs), Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs).  

The aims of NCC is to develop qualities of Character, Courage, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure and the ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country informed Chauhan.

He further added that NCC also aimed at creating Human Resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation.

NCC also provides a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces, he also added.


Genden Ngamchoe

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The Buddhist cultural society, Itanagar celebrated Ganden Ngamchoe, the day commemorating the death anniversary of Je Tsongkhapa who passed parinirvana on the 25th day of the 10th month of Earth- Pig year in 1419. The day is celebrated at the Monasteries by burning incense, sending thick clouds of smoke into the air and burning butter lamps at the night by every Buddhist devotee as a mark of respect to the great monk.  Moreover it is believed that from this day onwards the actual winter season begins.

The highlight of the celebration was the discourse on Four Noble Truth by the Abbot of Tawang Monastery, Guru Tulku Rinpoche who also prayed for the Universal World Peace.

The programme also featured the release of DVD on 5th visit of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama to Tawang by Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and Monastic dances by the Monks of Tawang Monastery.

The programme was attended by CM Dorjee Khandu, MLA T. Norbu Thongdok, all the members of IBCS, devotees, Monks and media people. (DIPR)


Five looters nabbed

PASIGHAT, Nov 30: After 23rd November incident, Pasighat Police again arrested a group of five alleged looters that had long been spreading panic among locals in different places of the township. A Police team led by PK Chatterjee (SI) on Nov 27 night nabbed Tony Taki of High-Region, Osen Tabin of Paglek, TituYomso of Mirku, Onom Saring of Mirsam and one juvenile. The police sources further informed that the boys had looted some amount from a JE on Nov 26 evening.

Superintendent of Police Alok Kumar said today that the accused Onom Saring is involved in 8 other cases.

A case No. 159/10 U/S 341/394/34 IPC has been registered against all the miscreants at Pasighat Police Station and the arrested confessed to the incident of looting but interrogation was on to ascertain their involvement in other cases, Kumar added.


Director concerned at performance of govt schools

28th Annual School Sports Day Celebration

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The four days 28th Annual School Sports Day Celebration 2010 of Government Higher Secondary School Itanagar has concluded today.

Speaking on the valedictory function as chief guest Joram Begi, Director Technical and Higher Education, government of Arunachal Pradesh expressed concern over the outcome of government run schools as compared to private and mission schools.  He lamented that in spite of having high level of qualification and governments providing lucrative salaries to teachers, government run schools are failing to come up with good results.

He further called upon the students to create congenial atmosphere so that disciplines and moral values last forever. “The real problem of our state’s unemployment is scarcity of quality education, he opined.  

He further emphasized on games and sports and said that extra-curricular activities are an opportunity to expose the potentialities.

Encouraging the students to participate more in sports he informed that Northeasterners are now rising faster than any other Indian states in sports.

 Meanwhile guest of the honour Taro Modi ZPM Itanagar called upon the students to keep education a top priority beside carrying sports side by side. Earlier Subhash House was adjudged as Champion house of the 28th Annual School Sports Day Celebration 2010.


ATA calls on Education minister, places grievances

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: A delegation of the Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) has called on Education Minister Bosiram Siram yesterday and submitted a memorandum for reconsideration of appointment of the APCS cadre as director of elementary education.

The three-point memorandum of the ATA includes restoration of 50 per cent promotional avenue of AT/A to JT and rectification of pay anomalies of AT /A.

The ATA said the Education Minister while responding to its memorandum has assured to look into the AT (A) promotional avenues and rectification of pay anomalies without delay.

On the reconsideration of the appointment of director of elementary education, the ATA said that the minister has directed the commissioner for thorough examination of the demand.

The central executive committee of ATA in its memorandum said that the teacher fraternity has unanimously resolved to oppose and protest against the appointment of the director of elementary education. The sincere and dedicated teachers and officers having required academic and professional qualification with vast experience are going to be badly affected and discouraged by such appointment, the memorandum said. It appealed the education minister to review the decision and uphold the existing system by elevating the senior most joint director of School Education to the post of director of elementary education.

The memorandum of ATA also pleaded the Govt for revocation of August 7 cabinet decision and reinstate the decision for 50 per cent promotional avenues  from among the Assistant Teachers as per recruitment rule announced in April 2008-09. ATA also appealed the education minister to rectify pay anomalies of AT (A) who are being deprived of basic pay structure since the implementation of 5th CPC.

The Association, threatened to launch agitation in case of failure of the Govt to look into their grievances  on or before Dec 31.


World day for the disabled

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Donyi-Polo Mission Rehabilitation Centre, Chimpu in collaboration with Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society, Naharlagun is celebrating the ‘World Day for the Disabled’ at Donyi-Polo Mission School for the Hearing Impaired premises on December 3.

Various sports and cultural events will be organized to mark the day.

Deputy Commissioner S B Deepak Kumar has consented to attend the function as Chief Guest, while Special Secretary Personnel, vigilance and cooperation Nandini Paliwal and Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam have consented to attend as Guests of Honour, Director Department of Horticulture Jombo Ratan and Secretary R K Mission Hospital, Itanagar Swami Vishweshnanda will attend as special invitees on the occasion.


ZPM calls for fresh studies

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Alleging sea of mistakes and lacunae in the detailed project report (DPR) prepared for Dibang Multipurpose Dam (DMP), the Roing ZPM, on behalf of the project affected people, demanded for a fresh and detailed survey for publication of a fresh DPR for public hearing.

Fresh executive summary of EIA and EMP should be made after carrying out proper survey of each and every thing that falls under the dam, read a memorandum submitted to Lower Dibang Valley deputy commissioner by the ZPM, said. The on-going construction work of the dam should be stopped immediately till a DPR is prepared afresh, it said.

“The DMP violated the Environmental Protection Act 1986, the spirit of EIA notification 2006 and blatantly brushed aside the recommendation of the expert appraisal committee for river valley projects under Ministry of Environment and Forest,” the memorandum said.

While giving a detailed list of the people likely to be affected from the dam, the memorandum regretted that no survey work has been carried out so far by the authority for downstream area and some people at upstream have also been left out from the affected list of EIA.

It demanded more thorough investigation regarding feasibility of the project since the dam with a capacity of 3000 mw is located at height of 280 meter above sea level and high seismic zone ‘V’.

It also cited names of various places and rivers which are misspelled in the EIA and EMP reports. Citing few examples, it said that while Tanlo, Asho Machi, Mishmi Hills, Anwali, Anlo Appoh etc became Tangon, Ashupani with Dibang, Mishmi Block, Sukla Nagar and Pathar Camp respectively in EIA report Aka Apprah and Eze Apprah became Aka Korong and Deopani in EMP.

While taking strong exception to the reported distribution of various utility items to the villagers to woo support, it questioned construction and acquisition of forest land measuring over 5,500 hectares by NHPC without any formal environment and forest clearance.

Some of the major demands included recruitment policy for local unemployed youth in NHPC, provision of works for local contractors of the district, shifting of NHPC headquarters to Roing, irrigation and drinking water facilities to the people of district at free of cost, a bridge over Brahmaputra connecting Roing, 50 years guarantee over the dam, environment and forest clearance for the dam, some certain correction in documentary film made basing on DMP.


Hundreds turn up in awareness on career guidance at JNC

PASIGHAT, Nov 30: Choosing right career is daunting task but right selection is always very satisfying, makes one successful while the wrong breaks dreams said the SP Alok Kumar (IPS) today.

Kumar said this at the inaugural function of two day career guidance for civil services and other jobs which was held at the JNC auditorium amidst hundreds of aspirants and faculty members of the college. Lauding the organizer, he said such Career Guidance could help and guide the budding officers in job selections accordance to their personality and efficiencies.

The SP said top careers are open to all but an ‘informed-choice’ is always better. During interaction session he shared his experiences and cleared many doubts.

Earlier, the Vice Principal SR Chowdhury told the participants that the progressive jobs are not limited to administrative, medical or engineering services but the modern world offers an array of paths like Banking and IT sectors etc.

The college Principal T Talom and Coordinator N Tari Astt. Professor also delivered their valuable lectures on the issue.

The APCS officer Sanjoy Taram, Chief Manager and Assistant Manager SBI, Pasighat BR Boro and Manoj Patir respectively were present as resource. (DIPRO)


Parish at Kimin opens

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Rev. Dr. John Thomas, Bishop of Itanagar has declared open the new Catholic Parish at Kimin in a grand inaugural function yesterday.

Addressing a large number of gathering on the occasion, the Bishop explained in details about the meaning of Parish. He said, the Parish is the local subdivision of a Diocese with one pastor. One can also say that a Parish is an administrative subdivision that is used by both the Christian churches and civil government.

Rev John Thomas further said this new Parish at Kimin would help the youths in their efforts to become successful citizen in future. The chief guest on the opening ceremony of the Parish, Takam Sanjoy MP, said that Govt can not alone bring development. The civil societies should also shoulder responsibility for all round development. The MP also lauded the role of churches and missionaries towards development of the state.

MLA Bamang Felix and Parliamentary secretary, Industries, Nabam Rebia were present as the guest of honour and special guest on the occasion. Cultural programmes, sports competition have been organized to mark the occasion.


Orientation prog

ZIRO, Nov 30: Sponsored by NABARD Itanagar, Lower Subansiri district Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) organized a one day Awareness-cum-Orientation programme for Siiro Women Farmer’s Club (SWFC) at Siiro village on Nov. 22 last, says a release from SWFC.

The objective of the programme was to persuade farmers to adopt scientific way of farming rather than sticking to traditional way of practice.

Resource person from KVK urged farmers to switch over from traditional way of agricultural practices to modern way so as to boost the productions in the sectors like agriculture, horticulture, veterinary etc.

Dr. Parimita Dutta, Prog Asstt. (V&AH), Dr. Pushpendra Saroj, SMS (Agri-Extn), Bipul Kakoti, SMS (Fishery) and Yuva Nunu, SMS (Agronomy) attend the programme as the resource person.

Impressed by the teachings of resource persons, the SWFC’s Secretary Kago Kampu pleaded club members to try with new method of practice in their respective farming. She also requested KVK personnel to provide necessary guidance in future whenever technical problem comes up relating to production, rearing of poultry, piggery, fishery.


Mass awareness meeting of drivers on traffic rules organised

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The Arunachal Public Motor Transport Federation (APMTF) has organized its 1st ever general meeting cum traffic awareness campaign at Nyokum Lapang here on Nov 27. A large number of drivers attended the programme and took the pledge to stick to traffic rules.

The awareness meeting focused on issues like, traffic rules, vehicles plying permit, road tax clearance, valid driving license, sporting of uniform by commercial vehicles drivers, construction of passengers’ waiting sheds, earmarking of commercial vehicles stand, ban on imposition of entry fees at police check gates and requisition of commercial vehicles by security forces in Arunachal and Assam, improvement of capital complex roads, and speedy construction of other roads across the state.

Besides reiterating its demand for inclusion of road safety and traffic rules in school curriculum (from class V to IX),APMTF urged upon the department concerned to conduct such road safety meetings from time to time.

Addressing the large number of drivers gathered on the occasion, APMTF general secretary M T Anga called upon the drivers to avoid drinking while driving vehicle and strictly follow the traffic rules and regulations. He also opposed the child labours being employed as handymen. Uniform for drivers is compulsory, but it is not possible for poor auto, tempo, trekker drivers to purchase uniform with their meager income, he said.

However, DIGP (Traffic) and SP (Traffic) who are scheduled to address the gathering could not turn up.


DHS meet to strengthen health sector

Changlang, Nov 30: The District Health Society, Changlang convened its Block Level Meeting for preparation of Block Health Action Plan for the year 2011-12 under Changlang Block, here at Changlang today. The block covers Changlang, Yatdam and Namtok Circles.

Dr. Parthasarathy, DRCHO-cum-CEO, Executive Committee while presenting his key note address, urged the members present to pick those proposals which would create permanent asset and  give optimum utility to the needy rural mass.

While informing the house that similar meeting was held at Diyun-Innao and Bordumsa, Dr Dutta revealed that the same meeting will be kept in the other C D Blocks also.

The members had centre-wise discussion on the shortcomings and problems faced by Sub-Centres, Primary Health Centres, Community Health Centres under the Block and District Medical, Changlang. The members suggested to make the defunct medical centres functional and strengthen the infrastructure of functioning Health Centers on need base by additional infrastructure and human resource.  The members unanimously framed the proposals for further submission to the higher authority.


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