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December - 10


Ziro and her beauty

Dear Editor,

Thanks a lot for publishing "rages to riches" and struggle story of two Great Ladies, which I'll say are "jewel of Arunachal". Also thank you very much for the article "SGRY haunts govt yet again, SC says yes to SLP" and article by Taba Ajum on Dec 08 edition of your daily.

I'd say, I'm very much surprised to know that still the AP Govt. is walking the streets with heads held high. I dont know what's going on? But maybe they are used to it, and forget it as always, after few days.

Also, regarding the story of the two jewels, I'm very much touched after reading their story. I'd like to Congratulate Sarah Enung Borang and Tailyang Shanti through your daily, for their success.

I agree with Obang Tayeng, that the people around Ziro are ruining the beauty of Ziro by building their houses everywhere. Last summer holidays I spent 2 months at Ziro and was very saddened on seeing people building houses in place of fields.

Moreover, I went to Manipoliyan, which was the most beautiful place around Ziro, untill few years back. But, all the constructions going on there, without proper planning and design, have damaged the beauty of that place.

So, I'd like to request all Apatani brothers and sisters to do something about this. Moreover, Sanitation, Drainage and road system of Ziro needs immediate improvement.


[email protected] (on email)



The religion of corruption

Dear Editor,

Pandemic disease called corruption has touched every organ of society today. We are well aware of corrupt individuals in our prevailing system but no one has time or interest to wade even into shallow depths of this mire tracking the distinct trails and invite the ire of resourceful persons and throw away one's little chance to be corrupt too and pocket some easy bucks or favor. It was awesome to see the list of accused of the PDS scam where even gate keeper, sl. 17 on the list, are actively involved in looting the society with chutzpah, reflecting the gravity of this widespread disease. If this reeking system has shrunk to this lowly height no one is to be blamed but ourselves. Instances of many govt. officials with only monthly salary as known source of income while acceding a lucrative chair amassing crores within a short span of time and becoming the proud master of many hectors of land, number of 2-3 storied buildings and innumerable vehicles are common. Indulgence of corrupt politicians is well known to us yet we re-elect them which is tantamount to giving them the legitimacy to loot at will. Such wealth amassments are viewed nonchalantly, on the contrary, paeans are sung to impress such officers or leaders whose favors are likely to fructify in form of few easy bucks. This cankerous system thrifts without attracting public decry because of lowly moral values inculcated in us during our primes. I vividly remember parents or elders advising their school going children to opt for a certain job or service where more bribes or material offers will be available. Early during moldable period of child doyens hammer repeatedly in those tiny brains that there is no wrong in corrupt practices and siphoning government funds. Growing up with such education, teachings or advices and extreme inclination to taste the prodigal lifestyles enjoyed by more fortunate friends during childhood, an innocent child metamorphose into a morally desiccated individual who find no wrong in amassing wealth by umbrageous means. Ruefully present system is imbued with dark practices; one who is not of the ilk is considered a fool and naive. If charity begins at home then fight against this gangrene system too must begin from home. Instil right moral values into the tiny brains and mould responsible citizens out of them. Enlighten the children with the knowledge that to lead a life with honor and dignity it is not necessary to be dirty rich. An upcoming generation with clean conscience can only cleanse this ailing system. Or do I sound naively, foolish, bookish and overtly optimistic? If so pardon my sin for blasphemous remarks against 'the religion of corruption'


Legobaying (on email)



When the lives of common citizens will start rolling

Dear Editor,

The momentum of corrupt acts by the individuals in power and position in the state is really unbridled and obnoxious.  Acts of favouritism & nepotism like rigging of tender’s processes, allotment of works in works department flaunting rules and procedures of open tender, demands of huge percentage as commission by department for releasing payments to the contractors, illegal allotments of land, illegal appointments, etc has ironically become popular culture in the realm of governance; and those public functionaries/ officers/ officials manoeuvring such illegal acts acclaimed as intelligent & competent and accorded state medals. Of course, the shame is upon us, we people who are sponsoring and tolerating these evil practices in this state. In other states, examples are many, which just remind a common citizen that there is administrative practice of meritocracy, legal accountability and rule of law also. One such example is the case of Neera Yadav Former chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh and former Noida chairman who was on 7/12/2010 sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment upon conviction in an illegal land allotment case under the anti-corruption act by a special CBI court.

Even in our state, the top echelons of the government and bureaucracy are often hogging the limelight for such corrupt practices yet the accountability still evades them. While the top scamsters of 1000 Crore PDS scam seems to have been saved from fangs of investigation because of  their patronage to the leaders of the Congress government, the Supreme Court PIL No. 52/2007 indicting family members of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu is an welcome eye opener for the people of this state. The lack of action on political accountability against Dorjee Khandu Chief Minister & others for corrupt practices by the All India Congress Committee is really unfortunate and baffling for the citizens of this state. This is a free ride of corruption sponsored by the Congress party in the state while depriving due, meritorious and needful opportunities and benefits of  common citizens.

The top civil servant like present Chief Secretary Tabom Bam is alleged of having indulged in corrupt acts of illegal appointments, etc in the past. The corrupt top bureaucrat who should have been transferred out of the state long back is molly coddled by equally corrupt regime of Dorjee Khandu. Then there are latest reports of major corrupt acts doing rounds; illegal appointments under the Chief Engineer, WRD department. I hope, if not for the “Ho Jayega” attitude of the innocent citizens in the state, the list would have gone on and on!

Now, what can us, the common citizens do? I believe we can do wonders! If we act, surely, the power to remedy the crippled system for greater welfare of the commoners based on meritocracy really lies to us. We are at a decisive juncture to uniformly rise and fight against the popular system of corruption in the state government or falter away in state of despair and hopelessness. The time has come when we need to be extremely intolerant to corrupt practices by public functionaries and public servants. The corrupt political leaders can voted out in the next election but, what about the spoilt and pampered government officers & officials? The exemplary actions done by the Voluntary Arunachal Sena and some civil organizations are excellent. This time around, when there is a report of a corrupt practice by a government servant, the first thing to do is to lodge a written FIR against the officer/official concerned in the nearest police station under the Prevention of Corruption Act. If the OC of Police Station is found hesitant to act on the FIR, it should be submitted to the concerned Superintendent of Police who is duty bound to direct the OC to register case and proceed for investigation as per The Criminal Procedure Code’ 1973. If in case the SP is also found reluctant to act on a complaint, the case can be filed to the Honourable High Court  who would be more than pleased to set the ball rolling in a case. Fortunately, the independence of judiciary has given a ray of hope to the citizens in the country. And looking at the current trend of the Supreme Court taking the central government and individuals in higher ups to task, I for one am convinced at the role of independent judiciary to deliver justice to the people.  So let everything just roll on and on, and when the corrupt individuals occupying top public offices in the state rolls over to criminal convicts and land up in jails, and a system of administrative meritocracy beckon the state;  that’s the juncture when the lives of common citizens will start rolling!             


Aako(on email)



Part of the corrupt system

Dear Editor,

More than a year after registering a case in the multi-crore 2G spectrum scam, the Central Bureau of Investigation searched the residence of former Communications and Information Technology Minister, A. Raja. All steps are taken not out of moral responsibility but to pacify the public and the media groups which are highlighting the issue.

CBI is a department of the government, so we cannot expect them to be honest, 100% non-corrupt and entirely free from political and corporate pressure. CBI ofiicials are like any other Indian, not gods. If they don’t obey orders of the top circles, they will only lose their jobs and their promotions will be blocked.


Vox populi, (on email)



Prices that reach the sky

Dear Editor,

Permit me to highlight the hardships caused to the common people on account of the rising prices in Naharlagun.

Our hopes that the new govt. would hold the price line and improve the lot of the common man have failed. The prices of even the basic necessities of life are sky high, not to speak of the comfortable and luxury goods. The people of middle and low classes and especially the students living in the rented houses are finding it very difficult to make both ends meet. As for e.g. we tribal people has the habit of having green leafy vegetables and three time meal per day. The price of a bundle of mustard leaf is Rs.10. Thus we invest Rs.30 per day and Rs.900 per month just in mustard leafs and forgets about the rest. This is not a joke for a student like me.  How can a student whose parents income is less than 20,000 annually can meet this all.

If stern measure were not taken by the government to stem the tide of price hike, people would lose their confidence in such government and then affairs would go out of control.


Kombong Darang

(on email)






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NESO, AAPSU to press for fair probe into Likha Yapi death case

Staff reporter

GUWAHATI, Dec 9: The North East Students Organization (NESO) and All Assam Students Union (AASU) have taken the cudgel upon themselves to fight along with the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and All Nyishi Students Union with regards to murder case of Likha Yapi who was found death in her rented house at Hatigaon, Guwahati on November 19 last.

NESO and AASU made this assurance when delegates from Arunachal led by ANSU President Niglar Veo and AAPSU General Secretary Tujum Poyom called on them at  Sahid Nyas Bhawan, Guwahati yesterday afternoon.    

The  delegates of the AAPSU, ANSU and parent of the deceased demanded justice for the departed soul who was pursuing Master of Computer Application in the city.  

NESO Chairman Dr Samujjal Bhattacharya who presided over the meeting has assured all out support from NESO and  AASU in finding the truth behind the murder and early arrest of culprits.  

Promising the students from Arunachal studying in Guwahati their support whenever a problem erupts, Dr Samujjwal also suggested the Guwahati Arunachal Students Association to have close coordination with Guwahati City Unit of AASU to sort out any future problem.    

The four organizations will submit a joint memorandum to the Chief Minister, Govt of Assam demanding for constituting high level enquiry to unearth the truth behind the murder.

The House also resolved to meet the Secretary Home, Govt of Assam before 15th of this month to press for expediting for free and fair investigation of the case and to demand early booking of the culprits.

AASU president Sankar Prasad Rai and and guardian of the deceased Likha Asha also attended the meeting besides representatives from the GASA.


Capacity building prog on post harvest management

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: A three-day capacity building cum awareness program on post harvest management of perishable Agro-Horti produces and seminar on fruit processing, began at Hotel Donyi-Polo Ashok today. The programme was organized by Northeastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation (NERAMAC) and sponsored by Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER).  

Dr. J Ratan, Director of Horticulture and S K Dutta, joint director of industries graced the inaugural function as the chief guest and guest of honour respectively.  The inaugural function was followed by lecture on food preservation and processing on fruits including regulations, quality parameters and real time strategy (RTS) beverages on pineapple, orange and passion fruit etc. The three-day programme include theory and practical sessions to bring mass awareness among the participants.


Pasighat reeling under darkness

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: One of the oldest town of Arunachal,  Pasighat is going to celebrate its centenary year next month. State government has planned grand and pompous celebration to mark the occasion. Everyday press releases are flooding in from district authorities claiming there was this meeting and that meeting in preparation for centenary celebration.   Already state government has declared that UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi would be part of celebration and in all probabilities many tourists are expected to pour in to witness this mega event.

But the big question is really Pasighat town ready to welcome visitors including Sonia Gandhi when carnival begins next month. State government has made tall promises about improving dying infrastructure of this town. With only a month left, authorities are running against time and people are closely watching their every move.

In the midst of the entire hullabaloo about   centenary celebration, authorities are turning blind to poor electricity supply, which is haunting the citizen of Arunachal’s first town. It has been reported that for last 6 days Pasighat is reeling under complete darkness as there is no power supply. Oldest town of state is truly back to its old days. With no power supply it is candles, oil lamp and firewood which have taken centre stage.

Talking to this reporter over phone, one government employee who did not wished to be quoted on fear of being reprimanded by netajis and senior bureaucrats told, “Situation is hopeless. We are talking about centenary celebration but citizens are suffering due to poor electricity supply. Students of JNC College are writing exams but there is no power supply and they facing lot of problem.” It seems authorities do not care for student communities of state who is future of this state.

 Citizens claim that authorities keep on blaming each other for this mess. “Whenever we complain concern authorities never gives any concrete reason for the power failure and keeps on shifting blame on from one table to another,” told another resident of Pasighat over phone. He further added, “We understand the fact that sometimes it takes time for carrying out repairing if there is breakdown in system. But six days is along time. The most surprising thing is authorities do not seem to have any alternative plan to combat such power failure.”

 There is fear among citizens that Pasighat will remain cut off from rest of state as mobile phones are not being able to charge due to non-availability of electricity. It’s a pity that town which is gearing up to mark 100 years of its existence is in complete darkness. If this is the condition of the oldest town of state, then one can only imagine about plight of those Arunachalees living in interior areas. With only a month left for centenary celebration entire people of Arunachal Pradesh will be hoping that this occasion does not become an embarrassment for citizens of this state. When guests start arriving at Pasighat next month to be part of celebration, whole state will be keeping a close eye on the infrastructure development carried out by state government. Till then citizens of Pasighat will be dreaming for early restoration of power supply in the oldest town of Arunachal.


SLVMC team elated with scheme implementations in West Kameng

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: The members of the State Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (SLVMC) under Rural Development inspected the various ongoing and completed schemes in West Kameng district from Dec 5 -7.

The SLVMC members - Danial Teli, Karto Kaye, Nima Sange and Kipa Niya accompanied by D. Riba, Project Director, DRDA Bomdila and APO (RE) Nani Chatung while inspecting the sites of MGNREGA, Hariyali/ IWMP, IAY and SGSY schemes expressed their complete satisfaction over the works carried out by the PRIs under the supervision of the Block Development Officers, Project Director and  district administration. The SLVMC team has also verified the staffing position of the DRDA administration in the district.

The team found that the prescribed guidelines of the union ministry of rural development have been followed and work culture maintained by the local bodies.

While replying the queries of the SLVMC team, Rinchin Buti, ASM Chairperson, informed her satisfactions at the dealing and performances of the DRDA with the Panchayat Raj Institutions.

While Dirang BDO N. Dorjee, guided the SLVMC members at Dirang, Kalaktang BDO Nibia Taya  guided the team during its visit to Rupa, Shergaon and Kalaktang. At Shergaon, a team of women Self Help Groups (SHGs) who are actively undertaking various schemes under SGSY programmes appraises their plights to the visiting PD and SLVMC members and urged for more funds for carrying out the activities. It is found that under Swaranjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) schemes the farmers are successfully carrying out the activities such as Dairy Development, Goatery, Potato garden, Fish pond, Piggery, Bee Keeping, Grocery in west Kameng District.   As per records, there are 8 SHGs in Dirang, 3 in Kalaktang and 16 in Nafra and 8 SHGs in Thrizino under SGSY programmes.

While interacting with the SLVMC members DC Rinchin Tashi informed that he is closely monitoring and guiding the PD and BDOs in all stages of works.  He said improved state of mind led to the successful execution of works. He further informed that the Banking sector often discourages the beneficiaries Self Help Groups while extending loans under SGSY schemes. Participation of the Banking sector for credit linkages is require more at present for more participation of the village communities. DC also acknowledges that the visit of SLVMC in the district would certainly draw more attention to the grass root level agencies.

Responding to Daniel Teli’s query about the role of PRIs, he informed that a new Zilla Parishad Chairperson will be elected soon for smooth functioning at DRDA level.

45 numbers of CGI sheets (0.5 size) were distributed to each beneficiary for new construction under Indra Awas Yojana (IAY) schemes. Previously, 35 numbers and 15 numbers  of CGI sheets were distributed to each beneficiary for new Construction and up-gradation of the houses, PD informed.


Work progress for River festival reviewed

AALO, Dec 9: The West Siang district administration under the Deputy Commissioner Amjad Tak, line departments, public leaders and youth force have thread barely sorted out all core issues in its second sitting yesterday for smooth organisation of Yomgo River Festival-2011 slated from January 11 to 15.

The detail programmes, charter of duties and other arrangements were elaborately presented through power point by the DC. The West Siang SP, Zilla Parishad Chairperson, HODs and public also participated to give their suggestions. The festival which will kick off on January 11  at an island stretching over several acres of land on the right bank of Yomgo-Sipu confluence will have various programmes including  river rafting, Kayaks, traditional sports, song and dance competition, musical Nite.  The Army, ITBP and BRO will also extend all possible support.

The Kabu village will be declared as ‘Model Village’ on the occasion for their gesture and villagers are constructing a river road from confluence of Yomgo-Sipu leading to the venue. A special boat is pressed into service continuously to transport workers from left bank of the river to venue.

Meanwhile, the district administration has promulgated several prohibitory orders banning stray animals, use of plastics, selling of alcohol from illegal vendors. The town Magistrate Tumgge Loya is acting tough on such issues prior to the festival. A five day social service on the venue and various sectors in the township area will follow soon.


Education minister conducts surprise visit to schools

PASIGHAT, Dec 9: Education Minister Bosiram Siram accompanied by ZP chairperson Yai Dabi, BCC Prez Tobuk Dai conducted surprise visit to schools of Pasighat on Dec 7 last.

During his visit the minister  took stock of the functioning  of every schools and interacted with the learners to get first-hand information about basic civic amenities and educational facilities. He held meetings with both the school management and learners  in many schools and directed the school authorities not to raise school funds by imposing fine, subscriptions etc in the name of developmental activities. He further appealed  the teachers to make the students knowledgeable in true sense.

Siram informed that under the dynamic leadership of  Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu the state government has been bringing revolutionary changes in the education department equipping all the schools in the state with ultra-modern infrastructural facilities like computer and library etc.

Highlighting the latest developments in education sector,  he said it was for the first time that many SSA teachers have been regularized, construction of Sikshak Sadan is approved and library for every school has been granted.  He further appraised that untrained teachers would get chance of 2 years training to enhance their skills and confirmed that the required expenditures would be borne by the government.

Early this morning Siram held a meeting with the SE (Power) Er. Rokom Bado, EE (Power) Er. Okom Siram and their subordinates at his private residence, Pasighat and directed the department to take all possible step and helps of their counterparts of Ziro, Daporijo and Aalo ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the consumers.  DIPRO


30 KW Dikshi Micro project inaugurated

BOMDILA,  Dec 9: A 30 KW Micro Hydel Station at Dikshi under Rupa circle in West Kameng district was inaugurated this morning by MLA cum Chairman Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board T.N Thongdok.

Constructed under the PM’s package at an estimated cost of Rs 56.67 lacs, the Dikshi Micro Hydel Station  will illuminate the villages of Dikshi, Mukuting, Garba and Membachur which has a total of 85 households and a population of 350.

Later addressing a developmental meeting of the of the Heads of Departments with the people of the said villages, Thongdok expressed happiness over the fact that Dikshi, Mukuting, Garba and Membachur have been the first four villages of the state to have used only CFL bulbs in all the households to minimize overloading. Indeed, the mission has been a kind of its own and the field engineers deserve a pat on the back for succeeding in convincing the people to save power. Also, elated at the reports of APMC of over two crore revenue generation from tomato cultivation mainly by the people of Rupa and Thongri under his assembly constituency in the last season, Thongdok envisaged on a bigger plan for irrigation of the cultivable lands for furthering the tomato production.  He asked the division of the Water Resource Department Bomdila to prepare a master plan to be submitted to the central government for consideration.

Besides the HoDs and the Gaon Buras, ex-minister D.K Thongdok, SDO Rupa and the DC  incharge ADC B.Dehingia spoke on the occasion. DIPRO


Miao GHSS lifts Subroto Cup trophy

ITANAGAR, Dec. 9: The Govt. H.S School Miao defeated Govt. H.S School Nampong by 3-2 in the final match of the Changlang district Subroto Mukharjee Football Cup played at Changlang general ground on Dec 8.

The chief guest of the programme, Thinghap Taiju, parliamentary Secretary, IPR & Printing, presented the Champion trophy to the winner team of the GHSS, Miao. The team will represent Changlang district in the state level tournament.

Addressing on the occasion, Taiju exhorted student carry out sports activities with full vigour and interest.  As the games and sports are part of the school curricular activities, it enhance the physical and mental also personality development, he said.

Informing that the tournament is being conducted every year to remember the legendary former Chief of Air Staff, late Subroto Mukharjee, Taiju said, the motive behind this tournament is for taping the talent of the young generation and also to spread the message of love, friendship and national integration among gross section of people.  He called upon the students and youths to imbibe sportsmanship spirit with no ill feeling and also asked people in general to enjoy the game and extend moral support. DIPRO


VAC demands execution of relief and rehabilitation process

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: Village Action Committee of Gengi and Siberite, under Gensi Circle, West Siang district appealed the West Siang Deputy Commissioner to immediately issue directives to PWD Engineer Basar division to initiate the resettlement process of affected people of Lower Subansiri Hydro Project executed by NHPC at earliest.

The VAC claimed that concerned authority of the Lower Subansiri Hydro Project has handed over fund to carry out the relief and rehabilitation process of upstream Dam affected people to Deputy Commissioner and PWD Basar. But the authority could not execute the process till today.






Tragedy averted

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: The alert personnel of Itanagar fire station today prevented the  impending gas leakage disaster from a cylinder in a door-to-door cylinder delivery van in E-Sector,  near patrol depot and Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan here today.

Having informed of possible disaster, a team of fire officials swung into action immediately  at around 12.05 noon and evacuated the cylinder at Abotani Colony Nallah. The fire officials also sounded a red alert and directed all the traders, nearby patrol depot to down their shutters till the cylinder was shifted to safer place. Though there was no complaints from any party, the team of the fire extinguishers maintained all formalities and took all step to alert the authorities as well as the general people of nearby areas to avert any possibledanger.


Governor’s Quiz Competition

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: State Level Governor’s Quiz Competition was conducted at Government Higher Secondary School, Itanagar today.

Representatives from four districts participated in the quiz competition of which Ongda Warhet and Ravi Kumar Sandal of VKV, Kharsang of Changlang district and Ravi Mohan Kumar and Henri Riba of Government Higher Secondary School, Ziro were adjudged as 1st and 2nd winners of the competition.

Meanwhile, the Chief Guest of the function DDSE Moto Nyori encouraged the students take part in such literary activities and competitions.

Later, he gave away the Trophy, certificates and cash prizes to the winners and all participants.


APSU demands free education in semi-Govt schools

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: All Puroik Students Union (APSU) in a written submission to deputy commissioner, East Kameng district has laid down certain points for upliftment of the community. Stating that Puroik community is economically and socially weak due to low literacy rate,   the union has asked for provision of free and compulsory education in semi-government and other private run schools including VKVs.

Union also sought reservation in jobs for the eligible candidates belonging to Puroik community in East Kameng district and hope such step will improve social standing of community in general. Further union requested authorities,  particularly the  education department to provide sufficient fund to improve infrastructure of all government school of Puroik dominated areas.  


Union demands compensation

ITANAGAR, Dec 09: Papum Pare District Students’ Union and All Sagalee Students’ Union demanded the district administration, concerned department and the state government to immediately compensate the fire victims of Sagalee market, where five shops have been totally gutted down in a fire accident on December 7 last.

It further demanded the state government to set up fire brigade at Sagalee town as early as possible.


Cleanliness drive

NAHARLAGUN, Dec. 9: The Jai Buddha unit of Scouts and Guides of GSS Diyum conducted a cleanliness drive in entire Diyun township and bazaar area recently. The social service was conducted under the guidance of school commissioner D.N Talukdar. Local administration, public leaders and business communities appreciated the noble job of the scouts and guides, reports DIPRO


BWS mourns death of its clan member

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: Bengia Welfare Society (BWS) deeply mourned the untimely death of one of its clan member Bengia Bonghi and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Bonghi suffered grievous injuries along with three others in a tragic road accident on October 24 last along Koloriang-Sarli road. Four persons were killed on the spot in the accident while another person succumbed to his injuries at RKM Hospital, Itanagar. Bonghi was evacuated to GNRC, Guwahati along with Kahfa Bengia immediately after the accident for treatment. However, Bonghi could not be saved and died yesterday at Pachin village after battling injuries for 45 days.

BWS expressed gratitude to MP Takam Sanjoy, MLA Bamang Felix, Parliamentary secretary Lokam Tassar, advisor CM Tame Phassang, former minister Kameng Dolo, Kurung Kumey DC Bidol Tayeng and others for their timely help and making arrangement for immediate evacuation of the injured persons through helicopter to Itanagar and Guwahati for treatment.


BSNL assures

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha State Unit informed that DGM BSNL has assured for setting up of one more BSNL tower at Aalo and WLL tower at Baririjo.

The BJYMSU team met the DGM, BSNL yesterday to appraise the BSNL network problems of Aalo and Daporijo. It further said that BJYMSU team will participate in the Jammu-Kasmir Chalo Abhyan on January 26 next.


Documentary film

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: A documentary film ‘Arunachal Obinge  Pasighat’ by Delong Padung will be released on the occasion of 100 yrs centenary celebration on January, 14.



ITANAGAR, Dec 9: All Leel Youths Association has appointed Yanbiu Epo as vice-president, Yourum Tabey as chairman and Yangbiu Tatak as vice-chairman of the association.



ITANAGAR, Dec 9: The SIRD director along with officials and staff of the institute deeply mourned the death of its staff Tamin Kamsar who died on Dec 8 at CMC Vellore, Tamil Nadu. He is survived by his wife. Late Tamin Kamsar who was from Taliha circle of Upper Subansiri district had joined SIRD Arunachal Pradesh as a LDC on Nov 28, 2005.

The SIRD staff prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.



ITANAGAR, Dec 9: Officers and other staff of Rural Work Division, Laaying Yangte condoled the premature death of W/C (R) Mazdoor Md. Daulat Khan, who died at North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital on November 19 due to sudden illness.

He was working under the RWD since 1987 till his death.

The officers and staff of RWD Laaying Yangte observed two minute’s silence and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul. It also conveyed its condolence message to the bereaved family members.


Villagers decide to boycott public hearing on LSHEP

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: The villagers of Pongging, Silli and Jeru villages have decided to boycott the proposed public hearing on 2700 MW Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project (LSHEP) fixed on Dec 20 to 22 next. This decision was conveyed by the villagers to the Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD) during its four days extensive tour to be affected upstream villages of LSHEP from Dec 6 to 9 in order to create awareness on the ‘illegal’ Public Hearing.

FSD spokesperson Vijay Taram in a release today informed that a team of the Forum headed by its Chairman Okep Jamoh during its tour covered Pongging, Silli, Jeru and Padu villages and conducted awareness meetings.

During the meeting at Pongging village, all the villagers informed the Forum that they had placed their demands and conditions on project implementation in their village at the  Sept 7 meeting held at Banquet hall, Itanagar. The one and only condition was that Pongging villagers can only allow the project, only if the Jaypee Group and state Govt agree to pay an amount of Rs. 500 Crores to the villagers of Pongging village irrespective of the quantum of loss of property and land due to the project, the Forum said.

The Forum further informed that 3 months have passed by, but neither the Government nor the JAPL authorities have bothered to communicate and even discuss the matter with Pongging people. So they have unitedly resolved to boycott the Public Hearing fixed on Dec 20. If the state Govt and JAPL want to conduct the same hearing, they have to pay the amount of Rs. 500 crore in cash or make an agreement with the Pongging villagers to pay them the same amount on or before Dec 20. The Agreement has to be entered into by the CEO  Manoj Gaur  or Jt. MD Pankaj Gaur, Jaypee Group and a Representative on behalf of Govt. of A.P not below the rank of a secretary.

The same conditions were desired by the villagers of Silli and Jeru villages, the Forum said while adding that the villagers had asked the Jaypee and  state Govt to pay an amount of Rs. 1.5 crores to each and every household of both the villages before the Public Hearing date is fixed. But till date, no representative from either the Govt. side or Jaypee Group has contacted the villagers in the same matter. As a result villagers of Pongging, Silli and Jeru (villages summoned for Public Hearing ), have decided to boycott the Dec 20 public hearing and other public hearings until their demands  are fulfilled, the release said. Meanwhile, the FSD executive members announced their "Fight unto Death" for the pride and honor of Adi Tribes against those Individuals, organizations or institutions and Companies responsible for defaming, insulting and attacking the chastity and morality of Adi women by using derogatory words such as 'abduction’ and ‘polyandry.’

The Forum appealed all to stand united for the security and integrity of the state and nation. The Forum further informed the villagers that on the failure of the Pasighat police station to register their FIR lodged on Dec 5 against the executive chairman and Jt. Managing Director, Jaypee Group, the Forum has written to the President of India, Prime Minister, Union Home Minister, Forests and Environment  and Opposition leader (LS) Sushma Swaraj to book the culprits responsible for placing Arunachal Pradesh under the National Security Act. The forum said that the Project has to be scrapped  due to security reasons.


State Level Athletics Meet concludes

SLSA emerge overall champion

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA) emerged overall champion while Papum Pare finished second in the first ever State Athletics Meet which concluded here today. Dojum Nomuk of Papum Pare and Anjali Sagro of SLSA were adjudged the best Men and Women athletes respectively. Dojum won Gold in Men’s 100 race (12:38 min), Long Jump (5.67M) and Triple Jump (10.96M). He was also one of the four runners of the silver medal winning relay race (4X100m) team of Papum Pare district.

Anjali bagged Gold in 100m race (15.06m), 200m race (31.37m) and was member of Gold medal winning  relay race (4X100m and 4X400m) teams of SLSA.

Speaking at the concluding day function, Sports and Youth Affairs Director D K Dinglow said that this was department’s first and small step towards reviving the dying track and field events in the state. The event was proposed to be held in Ziro but it was shifted to the state capital due to unavoidable circumstances which has affected smooth conduct of the meet, he said. He, however, assured to organize the event in a better way next year.

Meanwhile, Dinglow informed that proposal has already been submitted to Sports Authority of India (SAI) to host the North East Sports Festival in 2011 in Arunachal Pradesh. However, SAI’s nod in this regard is still awaited, he said.

He also spoke about Centre’s ambitious scheme ‘Panchayat Yuva Krira Aur Khel Abhiyaan’ (PYKKA) which aims at promoting games and sports at grassroot level. He said that fund has already been given to all the district authorities who will further distribute it to all the 166 blocks in the state to organize games and sports activities at grassroot level. A playground in each and every village would be constructed in the next five years under the scheme, he said.

While describing the need of a hospital and physiotherapy centre in SLSA, Dinglow appealed to the State Government to provide the same at the earliest. He also appealed to the Government for providing accommodation for teachers and other staff of the school since SLSA is a residential institution.

In his brief but impressive speech, Health Minister Tanga Byaling suggested players to practice games and sports from very young age to excel in his/her chosen field. In the past sports are mainly played for recreational purpose, but today it is played in competitive manner and they can earn livelihood from it, he said. Regular participation in active sports keeps one physically fit, he added.

Lamenting the poor sports scenario of the state, the Health Minister urged Government to give proper attention towards this sector and keep adequate fund for sport sector so that sportspersons as well as sports administrators/bodies do not face any hardships. He also said that he would personally meet the CM in this regard and called upon all other MLAs and  ministers to contribute for development of sports in Arunachal. Results:

100 m race (Men): Dojum Nomuk (Gold), Taewo Nyongdong (Sil.), Tamchi Kaha (Br.);

200 m race (Men): Tolum Tapum (Gold), Taewo Nyongdong (Sil.), Gagnte Epo (Br.)

400 m race (Men): Sunday Hiffo (Gold), Dado Tare (Sil.), Gyamar Kuku (Br.)

800 m race (Men): Kipa Lal (Gold), Dado Tare (Sil.), Taram Tachung (Br.)

1500 m race (Men): Soma Pao (Gold), Toko Tachu (Sil.), Chhewang Lama (Br.)

3000 m race (Men): Kipa Lal (Gold), Soma Pao (Sil.), Toko Tachu (Br.)

4 X 100 m Relay (Men): SLSA team: Gangte Epo, Dado Tare, Taewo Nyongdong, Lomko Modo (Gold), Papum Pare team: Dojum Nomuk, Joram Deepak, Takhe Doyang, Tulum Tapum (Sil.), Lower Dibang Valley team: Chhewang Lama, Sandeep Kr. Yadav, T. Bobo, Tirtha Raj Chetry (Br.)

4 X 400 m Relay (Men): K/Kumey team: Tamchi Kaha, Taram Tachung, Kipa Lal, Gyamar Tania (Gold), SLSA team: Dado Tare, Kogam Potom, Soma Pao, Gyamar Kuku (Sil.), Papum Pare team: Sandeep, Joram Deepak, Topam Tatu, Tatang Tokar (Br.)

Long Jump (Men): Dojum Nomuk (Gold), Sandeep Kr. Yadav (Sil.), Joram Deepak (Br.)

Triple Jump (Men): Dojum Nomuk (Gold), Taewo Nyongdong (Sil.), Tanu Rai (Br.)

High Jump (Men): Sandeep Kr. Yadav (Gold), Nangram Hinda (Sil.), Tatum Maging (Br.)

Shot-Put (Men): Loa Dolok (Gold), Loa Nyikam (Sil.), Nanu Sangha (Br.)

Discus Throw (Men): Loa Dolok (Gold), Loa Nyikam (Sil.), Nangram Hinda (Br.)

Javelin Throw (Men): Loa Dolok (Gold), Nangram Takam (Sil.), Loa Nyikam (Br.)

100 m race (Women): Anjali Sagro (Gold), Lide Loyi (Sil.), Yami Mara (Br.)

200 m race (Women): Anjali Sagro (Gold), Eyakphen Longri (Sil.), Giogi Nania (Br.)

400 m race (Women): Binnu Nirin (Gold), Jumter Tutu (Sil.), Giogi Nania (Br.)

800 m race (Women): Bompi Kamum (Gold), Chasey Lowang (Sil.), Jumter Tatu (Br.)

1500 m race (Women): Yibi Basar (Gold), Ha Rupa (Sil.), Ehalu Tega (Br.)

3000 m race (Women): Yibi Basar (Gold), Ehalu Tega (Sil.), Ha Rupa (Br.)

4 X 100 m relay (Women): SLSA team: Yibi Basar, Anjali Sagro, Eyakphen Longri, Yami Mara (Gold), Papum Pare team: Taw Reena, Mary Tajo, Anga Darang, Tutu Doley (Sil.), Upper Subansiri team: Shanta Kumari Rai, Larpek Nirin, Jimmy Nilling, Binnu Nirin (Br.)

4 X 400 m Relay (Women) : SLSA team: Yibi Basar, Lide Loyi, Anjali Sagro, Eyakphen Longri (Gold), Upper Subansiri team: Binnu Nirin, Jimmy Nirin, Larpil Nirin, Shanta Kumari Rai (Sil.), Papum Pare team: Mary Tajo, Aruna Danying, Mama Tok, Anita Pizzi (Br.)

Long Jump (Women): Yami Mara (Gold), Osiri Pertin (Sil.), Taw Reena (Br.)

High Jump (Women): Marthina Doyum (Gold), Biru Nirin (Sil.), Jimi Niling (Br.)

Shot-Put (Women): Osiri Pertin (Gold), Nabum Yapu (Sil.), Tam Yalo (Br.)

Discus Throw (Women): Nabum Yapu (Gold), Osiri Pertin (Sil.), Tam Yalo (Br.)

Javelin Throw Jump (Women): Taku M Daming (Gold), Tam Yalo (Sil.), Eyakphen Longri (Br.)



Seven districts identified as gender critical districts

State Level training on Census put emphasis on accurate and error free data

NAHARLAGUN, Dec 9: Special emphasis on more inclusive data projection has been laid this time in a day-long state level training on population enumeration organized by the Director of Census Operations, Arunachal Pradesh at Banquet hall, Itanagar today. The training gave special focus to gender responsive census and people with disabilities, so that status of women and disabled are projected properly in the Census 2011 data. The training  was conducted in view of the upcoming 2nd phase of population enumeration for preparation of the Census of India 2011 scheduled for the fixed timeline of February 9 to 28 next.

Addressing the Deputy Commissioners, District Statistical Officers, Special Charge Officers of Military and  Paramilitary organizations and  senior Govt. officers present on the inaugural session, the Principal Secretary and in-charge Chief Secretary Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Yeshi Tsering has underlined the importance of census data in providing information for planning and policy formulation for various developmental schemes and programmes by the Central and state Governments.

He further added that delimitation of Assembly  and Parliamentary segments and devolution of fund by Govt. of India are based on Census.

Tsering called upon the Deputy Commissioners as Principal Census Officers in particular and others in general to ensure accurate and error free data collection adding that our state should not be deprived of developmental benefits due to underreporting, while also stressing on avoiding exaggerated data.

Assuring the full support of the state Govt. for the success of the Census Operation, he said the ‘motto of our census, our future’ should be the guiding force in capturing a correct and error free demographic, economic and social Census data. He also asked the DCs of the gender critical districts to take special care and to correct in case of underreporting, as schemes on women and child also depend on such data.

Earlier, representing the NGO, NESPYM (NE Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses) as alliance resource partner supporting on capacity building of the functionaries engaged for Census 2011, Regional Coordinator (NE) NESPYM Dr. Chiranjeev Kakoty spoke on the special focus area of the Census 2011 being laid on Gender Responsive Census.

He informed that seven districts of the state has been identified as Gender Critical districts, on the basis of low sex ratio, low female work participation and low female literacy rate. Dibang Valley, Lohit, Tawang, Upper Siang, West Siang, East Kameng and Tirap are the identified Gender Critical districts.

Additional training will be imparted by NESPYM for Supervisors and enumerators under the Gender Module focusing pro-women and gender sensitive data. Highlighting the importance of gendered perspective data, he said that Gender skewed data will lead to Gender skewed Policy and realistic data will help identify and reduce gender gaps in policy making and planning. He also dwelt on the inclusion of third gender in the Census data.

Earlier, the Director of Census Operations, AP, Hage Bath delivering the keynote and welcome address outlined the evolution and role of the Indian Census since it was first conducted in 1872. The Census of India will be the fifteenth since 1872 and seventh after independence. He called for the need for proper training for collecting good quality data. Census operations for areas falling under military, paramilitary and other defence organizations will be done by functionaries appointed by military census officer for population enumerations.

Terming it as the largest administrative exercise in the world, he said that Census is not merely a headcount but a total process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing and publishing or disseminating demographic, economic, and social data at a specified time to all persons in a country. It provides grass root level information for formulating five year plans, annual plans and other development schemes.

It also provides data on the basis of which the parliamentary and state legislative assembly are delineated and demarcated. Census data is useful to the administrators, planners, scholars, industrialists, academicians and electoral authorities, he added. In the first phase, the house listing and Housing census along with information for National Population Register was conducted in April-May 2010.

After the revisional round from 1st March to 5th March, Census moment and reference date for the Census of India will be 00.00 hours of 1st March 2011.

He further dwelt on the fine-tuned training process which will also involve NGOs, specialized in the area adding that special emphasis is being given on sensitization of Census Enumerators on disability as due to under- estimation of people with disabilities, they suffer lack of facilities. Another area is that of gender sensitation, he added.

Sunil Mow Advocate, Athupopo Social Foundation working in the area of welfare  and rights of disabled people and Joint Director of Census also spoke during the technical session.

Later, the State Nodal Officer for Census Ankur Garg convened a meeting with the Deputy Commissioners and District Statistical Officers at the CS Conference Hall at banquet hall to discuss issue and strategies for the successful conduct of the upcoming census operation. DIPR


Central team assess flood damages in Tawang, Seijosa

TAWANG, Dec 9: An eight-member Inter-Ministerial Central team headed by K.K. Pathak visited Tawang to assess the damages caused by unprecedented heavy rainfall and landslide.

Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin and Ankur Garg, commissioner and secretary, finance and planning guided the team during its two-day tour  to Tawang.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu flew down to Tawang to personally succinct the damages before the Central team especially the sinking of land near Tawang Monastery.

All the members and experts expressed their deep fear and anxiety over the unusual landslide which could also obliterate the very existence of Tawang Monastery.

The inter-ministerial team members also conducted open interactive meeting with the heads of the line departments at Zomkhang Hall  on  landslide and flood damages. Tawang DC Gamli Padu submitted a memorandum to the central team with detailed information of the damages.

The officers also apprise the team about the damages caused due to heavy rainfall, landslide, flood, human and property lose due to earthquake, and fire- accidents, etc.

The Chief Minister along with the team members visited the Tawang DC Office, District Medical and War Memorial today.

SEIJOSA: Accompanied by Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin and OSD to CM,  Nob Tsering  the high level inter-ministerial central team visited the Seijosa sub-division yesterday to asses the extend of damages caused by natural disasters in this year.  The Seijosa Sub-Division  as known for its disaster prone zone in East Kameng district.

CO (HQ), Tana Tage, who is also the ADC in charge guided the team to damaged locations under Seijosa sub-division to assess the extent of damages caused to the developmental infrastructures, water supply system and cultivated land due to floods and landslides

While briefing about the woes being faced by local denizens,  Tage said natural hazards are frequented in this sleepy township of Seijosa Sub-Division every year leaving trial of destructions. “Existence of this oldest remote sub-division HQs are seemed to be bleak; it needs immediate shifting to a safer place”, he added.

He also apprised the visiting team that the natural catastrophe this year hampered road communication to some parts of the sub-division, which needs to be restored immediately.  

The team during spot visit at Goloso, Niti Darlong and Upper Seijosa inspected the washed out agricultural land floods. Many houses and HT power lines were destroyed by the Sept 5 low intensity storm accompanied by cloud bursts. They also inspected the damaged portions site of the MIP at Upper Seijosa during the last flash flood triggered by cloudburst.

Later team members interacted with the officers and panchayat leaders at PWD IB, Seijosa, and acquainted themselves with the difficulties being  faced by the people due to natural catastrophe.

Before air dashing to Tawang via Guwahati, Pathak expressed his satisfaction over spot visits and said he could take first hand idea about the extent of damages caused by this year floods and landslides in Arunachal Pradesh.  

The eight member team included S R Meena, Director, Ministry of Rural Development, A K Rajput, Director, Ministry of Power, Y C Sharma, Joint Director, Deptt. Of Expenditure, S P Sharma, Director, Ministry of Planning, S K Bishwas, Director Agriculture, Munnilal, Supdt. Engineer, Hydrological Observation and Ravi Prasad, Regional Officer, Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways GoI.  DIPROs

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