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December - 11


Its worse than living along the Indo-China border

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond the letter of one D. Ete published in your esteemed daily on Dec 7. After precisely going through his letter it could be easily observed that his writing is self-contradictory. He concluded his letter with the line “we should extend our cooperation in the development of our state” where as  in the whole body of letter he was against the development of Likabali and Nari-Koyu.

The gentleman was very much concerned about the financial involvement of establishing the HQ in the proposed virgin land so now I would like to ask where was his concern when a same virgin land called Yupia was converted into HQ leaving behind the popular places like Itanagar and Naharlagun .

Where was his concern when a small village on the top of a  mountain called Hawaii was converting into HQ of Anjaw leaving apart Hayuliang which was a well established area then.

For an undeveloped state like Arunachal Pradesh, development is always directly proportional to area. Therefore, the more area covered under development programmes, the more developed the state becomes. So, I see nothing bad in creation of Lower Siang for Likabali & Nari-Koyu and its HQ could be in any virgin land within its area.

I saw people of Arunachal Pradesh expressing their woes and bitter experiences against the ill treatments received  from Assam Traffic Police. So why cannot we all try to think and feel the problems of our people living in Assam- Arunachal border where they have to  struggle against both the Police and Criminals of Assam. In reality it    is much more secure and peaceful to live in India-China border than to live in Arunachal- Assam border. Likabali is facing the worst encroachment the Assam Government could ever make and so Nari-Koyu. The creation of Lower Siang is the only hope of secure and peaceful life for the people of this area. So we should extend our cooperation in the development of Likabali and Nari-Koyu which in turn reflects the overall development of the state.     


Er. Kirpak Dini (on email)




They took away my hard earned money

Dear Editor,

I passed Cl XII previous year but could not join College as my family could not afford to send me to college. So this year I am working hard to earn a bit to join college next year.

An ugly incident happened on 2th December 2010 which forced me to unveil my deplorable family situation.

The Police officers who gets salary for 13 months looted a boy struggle hard for further study.

People come to Pasighat to enjoy its scenic beauty but on the contrary I was on the way to the town to sell oranges on a hired Tata mobile.

At the Raneghat check gate, the Police fellows asked for a commission of Rs 150 in the name of Agriculture Produce Market Committee.

I was shocked but I paid because I did not have other way out. Again in the return journey, the looters asked for Rs 50 for some pretext.

Hoping for some help, I complained it to the police officer with a star but the contrary he scolded me and threatened to take away my hired vehicles.

After 40 minutes of argument and letting off Rs 30, I was allowed to go. What is this APMC who loots the villagers and snatch their hard earned agriculture produces?  

How much profit will a boy make selling oranges that he buys from others?

With such behavior, the police are losing its respect.

So I appeal the department to stop these kinds of illegal earning activities. They should be satisfied with thirteen months salary. They should learn to respect the uniforms.


Looted student

James Gao (on email)



One of us



Dear Editor,

Mr. Bahugana is talking like a layman; a man of his stature should roll out selected words and views/statement. His statement on Dam in Arunachal seems attributed by Chinese interests to weaken our economy. Let he may be told that China have capabilities to strike any point of India, whether it is Kanyakumari or Dong in Lohit.


J Miri

Ezengo (on email)




Dear Editor,

It is very sad to know that people do not think twice before giving such high profile ideas.

Construction of dams no doubt causes environmental degradation, but it can be checked. As far China is concerned, we need to have positive outlook. We know most of our NE States have international boundary. So, does it mean that we shall never have any mega projects?

Why no dams in Arunachal but international trade from Mumbai sea port?

Why peaceful trade link or railway link between India-Pakistan and no accessible road to borders of Mechuka and Taliha?

Now the question is why we are afraid of being a border state. In fact we should try to utlise it. No bad feelings against anyone.


Litum Gangkak

(on email), Itanagar



A source of inspiration

Dear Editor,

Sarah Enung Borang who recently cleared APPSC competitive exam has proved that hard labour, firm ambitions, sincerity and dedication never goes unrewarded. She is the source of inspiration & encouragement to those who are poor and struggling hard yet putting their maximum effort to achieve their dream and be a role model like Sarah. A lesson is to be learnt that "Where there is will there is a way" .No matter what sort of problems and difficulties may be , it can not deter from getting success if one has a strong aspiration like Sarah.

I convey my best wishes to Sarah and other young, energetic successful candidates who got through the APPSC exam .It is expected that as a public servant, they would continue to strive in rendering their valuable services effectively with full vigour and dedication for upliftment & welfare of our state.

Further, I would like to congratulate and express my pride for having ideal bureaucrats like Huzar Lollen, Secy. APPSC and Chairman Rinchen Dorjee for adopting transparent and precise procedures in conducting the exam.


Heni Rina (on email)

Dera Natung College,




Nail the culprits

Dear Editor,

On the night of 6th December'2010, a bike was burnt down by unknown persons at Topna market area. The burnt bike is still there. Till date no inquiry/investigation has been carried out by the Arunachal Pradesh Police, no Magisterial inquiry and most surprising is that still no one has claimed the bike.

I appeal to concerned authority to look into the matter and book the culprit.

Changlang is disturbed area and Assam Rifles' patrol throughout the night within township area. But occurrences of such incident has create fear among the common people.

Why is the Police and District Administration is silent?

The innocent people are being harassed by the so-called Assam Rifle/Police in the name of inquiry..!

The people do not like to come to Changlang.

Corruption is high and officers have over stayed their tenure.   Public or civil societies do not dare to speak about these developmental activities.


Wangkom Khomrang and Wang Tailong

Changlang (on email)



Pasighat reels under darkness

Dear Editor,

The power supply to East Siang district has been disrupted for last one week and Pasighat is reeling under darkness. The excitement which the centenary celebration has pumped into the minds of people, appear to cool down, following such frequent disruption in power supply to Pasighat. The public seems disheartened and is even of the opinion whether or not the celebration will be a success at all.

In view of this, the authorities concerned are requested to resolve the problem at the earliest so that the dying hopes of the public is rejuvenated and they gear up for the celebration once again. It should also be made sure that this sort of power problem be curbed at least during the period of the celebration. Come to think of it, we are celebrating the centenary event of a town which otherwise means development, new hopes and prosperity. But power the most essential service now, should not be cause of driving us back to dark ages.

So, once again, all concerned, especially the people’s representatives of the district are requested to take personal interest in sorting out the problem in the larger interest of the centenary celebration, hence the public interest.


Martin Tamuk





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Bharat Linggi and Techi Umpo clinch State Level Chess Championship

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: Bharat Lingi clinched the Second State Level Chess Championship in open category which concluded at Youth Hostel, Naharlagun yesterday.

Dr. Rejum Ronya of Dumporijo, Tamchi Kache of Koloriang and Hage Lasa of Ziro finished second, third and fourth respectively and all of them qualified for national level competition.

Techi Umpo and Otel Lego, both from of Roing, secured the first and second position respectively in Women’s Open category. The first and second prize in U-16 year category went to Nabam Kayang of Sagalee and Take Robin of Ziro while Rapak Dui of Daporijo and Papu Gyamar of Sagalee were the winner and runners in U-20 year category.

Agami Miri of Roing and Likha Taram of Yazali won the first and second prize in U-12 years category. Winners and runners up of all the categories, excepting Men’s open category, have qualified for national level championships.

A total 90 players from 16 districts participated in this game of 64 squares which was conducted under various age categories by All Arunachal Pradesh Chess Association from December 4 to 9.

Lower Subansiri ZP Chairperson Likha Togum, who attended the championship as chief guest, appreciated All Arunachal Pradesh Chess Association for organizing the championship successfully and suggested the association to conduct it regularly to expose hidden talents.

Players who have secured 5th to 20th positions in Men’s Open category are, Gapor Dupit (5th), Raluk Dui (6th), Nabam Chada (7th), BP Lahon (8th), Yomi Karbi (9th), Jigo Josam (10th), Yommar Nyori (11th), Nikbam Doke (12th), Nabam Kayang (13th), Santosh Giri (14th), B Phukan (15th), Gem Taje (16th), Tabu Dupit (17th), Heri Majik (18th), Tapung Pogia Mara (19th), Durgeswar Pait (20th).


Truth Will Find A Way

Tom Simai

Few months back, on a busy Monday I was at my office desk, redacting the usual notice board news, when my cell phone rang for the third time. Seeing a new number on the screen, I ignored it twice but when it buzzed for the third time, I took the call. It was from the office of a cabinet minister, summoning me at once.

For a while, I was baffled and didn’t know how to react but being a call from such high profile office, I couldn’t muster the courage to ignore or delay.

As I stepped inside the office and introduced myself, I saw him picking a particular newspaper from a pile adorning the corner of his desk. The instant I saw that paper fluttering in his hand, I got the message of being summoned.

Pointing at my write-up published on that day, he said, ‘I can see beyond your writing and the intention you’ve put forth, adding grimly, ‘I appreciate your writing and I can construe that you’re a frustrated young man.’  

I was dumbfounded and couldn’t make out, whether to take it as compliment or criticism. Confused, I opted to keep my mouth shut and I did it for yawning one hour.

His fatherly advice that still reverberates on my mind, ‘abstain from maligning the state’s reputations by highlighting only the flaws instead focus on the pleasant transition that Arunachal is transpiring through.’

And I silently thought how can I when I’m yet to witness such transitions.

Sadly that old man of wisdom interpreted my write-up as a denigrating endeavor instead of considering it as a source to comprehend the mindset of a grieving generation. Preferably, sharing his progressive visions would’ve been more beneficial for the state than trying to tame my candor write-up. Though it was a lopsided interaction, I came out smiling, satisfied of what I did - stirring the passive conscience.  

Another person I annoyed with my write-up was an intellectual lady designated as secretary of some well known department. She thought that by reflecting the negativity I wasn’t doing any good. Her sisterly advice that came through my friend, ‘It won’t change anything, it’ll continue functioning the way it has been.’

Finally, the recent irritating call from my own brethren was a masterpiece. He called me up to say, ‘why are you tainting Tangsa society by writing its tradition of opium consumption? This gentleman conceived that by highlighting the scourge of opium addiction I’m tarnishing the image of our society but he forgot that by concealing the truth we’re preventing the cure and encouraging the social ill to prevail.

When I questioned him, ‘Sir, May I know which one is the better option, to eradicate the social ill or its prevalence that’s annihilating the posterity?’ Speechless, he simply disconnected the line.

Personally, on numerous accounts, I’ve been discouraged to highlight the veracity, each time by a different character. If I compile the dramatic interactions into a book, I’m certain it’ll upset many influential individuals who tag themselves as the torch bearer of society but in truth, they’re the reason of darkness prevailing in our society.

My point is – ‘if you can’t contribute or be the change than shut your mouth and stop galling, when the young generations are pioneering the process.’ We write so that truth can survive and it’ll continue because we know someday, somehow, truth will find a way. (The writer can be reached at simaitom@ gmail.com)


Mass awareness rallies for clean and green Itanagar

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: ENVIRON an NGO largely working on solid waste management in North Eastern Region has organised awareness rallies on solid waste management for clean and green  Capital at Naharlagun and Itanagar on Dec 8 and 9 respectively.

The programmes were sponsored by NABARD, Itanagar in association with Capital District administration.

The main objective of the awareness rallies was to prevent the present habit of use and throw practice of solid waste.

Large number of students and youths participated in both the rallies with placards which read “Do not Throw Garbage Here and There”, “Always use Litterbin”, “Avoid Gutkha and Pan Masala”, “Avoid Plastics, Save Earth”, “Keep your Surrounding Clean”, “Let us make our City Clean and Green.” The Best three slogan writers from among the students were given prizes respectively.

Earlier, “Play Card” competition cum workshop on solid waste management was held at Govt. HS School, Arunodaya and Vivekananda Central School of Itanagar and at Central School No.1 and Govt. ME School of Naharlagun.


The Day Abo Tani Nurtured Ego and His Ordeals Thereafter

(This article is excerpt from sacred verses of “Tani Sabre Barniin”. Mythology of birth/evolution of human being under compilation   for my forthcoming book “Fine Flake of Miji Migun from the Sachet of Popi Sarmin Part-2”)

……….Gyati Rana

Mythology is a collection of interrelated stories of a culture, which tends to describe the gods and its creation of this world. It also tells the story of the people who inhabited this earth. These early inhabitants of this earth usually had some supernatural and special power and some of them were elevated to gods and goddesses. Myths also relate that culture faiths, moral values, ethics, traditions, customs and, etc. which if followed and uphold has benefited them spiritually, morally, psychologically, and assure peace of the society and individual members.

In the discourse of oral sacred literature, “Ayu-Bari” and “Miji-Miguñ,” the Epic ballad songs and Mythological short Stories  Popi-Sarmin(learned Elders) and Nyibu (Priests) of Apatani, discussed thoroughly the transcendental knowledge, of  Morality, ethos, faith, tradition and customs acquired by our fore fathers after the commission of certain mistakes, realization, experience and understanding of the nature which encompasses him. The following is a story of an ancestor of humanity ‘Abotani’ who unintentionally nurtured the Ego and its resultant suffering by him and his posterity.

In olden days, there was a very cordial relation among the world of Spirit, animal, nature and vegetations.  Abotani, our forefather was living in perfect harmony with spirits, other living being and vegetation. He established matrimonial relation with Hasañ Buluñ Biinyi the sister of God of Strength Hasañ Buluñ  Mikhii who adorned him with Koga Mirii, an extra Eyes at his back side of head with which he could see the world of spirits; Liidu Piimyi a powerful spikes in both hands and Legs with which he could vanquish his enemy very easily. Due to Tani’s such adornment of a weapon, he was feared and respected in both the human world Neha and world of spirits Uie. However, his good time did end, when ego entered into his mind. As he was feared and respected in both the world, and he became so proud of himself and was under the illusion that he is the Lord of both the world. In a course of time, this ego grew more and more.

While Abotani walking blinded with his  ego, his spike accidentally pierced and killed Tubo Haley and Lyabo Hakhe, the sons of Tubo and Lyabo both Prominent personalities of the world of Spirit. This incident created a large number of adversaries.  All the kit and kins of Tubo-Lyabo Myotii Pilya, Dingyañ-Shii, turned against him. They nurtured the grudge against him, were always conspiring to eliminate him, and were in looking out for the chance to take revenge.

One day conspired thus; they made a swing in high up at the mythical place Miido Tuko with iron rope. They played with swing one after another and with their tacit motive enticed Tani. Myotii swung in the swing and told Tani, “It is very exciting, and I could see the northern country and Nyime, the Mongolians planting Pine saplings in their Groves.” Next Dingyañ swung and said, “Ah!! It’s hilarious; I could see the southern country and  Panii Hiiro the Aryans planting Tree in their grove. Hearing these, curiosity took over Tani’s cautiousness, unaware of their plan, he sits himself on the swing; immediately, they pushed Tani forcibly and throw him high up in the Sky and kept him aloof with Tabyuñ Tochi and Tamo Toko  the spiked Bamboo and wooden pole  to let him die.

Instantly, Giinii Pilya (in laymen Apatani dialect) the protector god arrive to protected Tani. Tani saw a man below who was clearing the old bamboo spikes, and was making the soil soft and ask him. “Who are you? What are you doing?” “I am the protector god within you. I am softening the soil and clearing the old bamboo spike where you may fall and get pierced and break your bones.” (Note: Therefore, Apatani Boys propitiate Giinii Pilya during Myoko by offering a Cock so that god within May always alerts and protects us).

When Dolyañ Chanjañ , Tani’s sister came to know of this event. She persuaded the spirits to spare Tani’s life but in vain. When Spirits decline to spare the Tani’s life, she approached Miido Popi the eternal guide for advice. Miido Popi suggested Dolyañ  Chanjañ to negotiate with the Spirit to spare Tani’s life in lieu of disarming him. Accordingly, she approached the prominent Spirits and asked them that if Tani is eliminated from the Neha, there will be nobody to propitiate and give them gifts and offerings. So, she negotiated that if they spare his life, the arrogant Tani will be subdued by disarming his extra Eyes and Power full spike in lieu of Haley and Hakhe’s life. The spirits agreed to spare his life in lieu of his disarmament.

As agreed upon, though Tani was spared, but was left disarmed and in enervated condition. Resultantly, not only the animals like wild hens, boars, grasses, but also his own implement like wooden pestles (Hunyi) winnowing fans (Yapyo) turned against him and was ever ready to cause obstruction in his every venture and to  harm him.

Even then, the grudge against Tani harbored by the spirits did not die off. One fine day, Tani reached the mythical place called Bhogo Nyatu and show that Tubo and Lyabo preparing “Durgu,” Pig’s wooden feeding trays. They enticed him to lay and try if the sizes were big enough so that their pigs, “Lyipo Tagya”, could sleep after feeds. Tani unaware of their tacit motive agreed and laid there. When he affirmed that the size was all right, immediately they closed Tani with the other Tray and tied it with the rope securely. Thereafter, they throw him from Cliff of a mythical mountain (Sha Dango) down to the River Sha Kiilye  to let him die by drowning.

Murtu paku ( two trays enclosing Tani inside and tied securely)  was rolled down from the cliff towards Sha kiiley, fortunately, they’re in that cliff grew a spice of bamboo locally known as Tajer (Pleiosblustus simoni) whose branches  hold the Murtu paku and Tanger Mibyo the tail pin of Fish pushed up and  stopped it from drowning.

 (Note: Therefore, Tajer and the Fish are considered very sacred and are used in various rituals and in preparation of alters and images of benevolent spirits and God).

Abotani, like a caterpillar in cocoon was desperately trying to free himself. His efforts were in vain, as it was securely tied with a rope from outside. Exhausted, he was lying quietly; after a while, he heard Miiyi Tarin and Miilyo Tako a mythical bird was flying over. He asked him for help. The bird tried but could only make a hole through which he could peep outside and thereafter bird expressed his inability and flew away. Next, he shows through the hole that an owl (Pamu)  was flying over and persuaded, “My dear Owl. I have been thrown in Sha-Dango by Tubo-Lyabo and accomplish, please help me and rescue. ‘In yonder days you drove me by shouting Hu... hu.. hu.., you were never friendly. It would be better if you die.” Saying this, the Owl urinated upon Tani and flew.  A while later, he saw (Pua) a Crow flying over, Tani asked him, “Dear Crow, please help me. “In those days, you shoot an arrow upon me. I don’t see any reason to rescue you, and it would be better if you die.” Saying this Crow drop his defection upon Abotani and flew away. Little later, a Mole drop in and abotani asked him, “O uncle Mole. I have been thrown in Sha-Dango by Tubo, Lyabo and accomplish to let me die by drowning in Sha Kiilye. There is nobody to rescue me. Please go to the almighty Ayo Danyi (Mother Sun) an appeal her to help and rescue me.”

The heavenly Mole runs to the land of Almighty Iijang Anii/Ayo Danyi; and said, “O! Iijang Anii, the sustainer mother, Tani has been closed in Murtu Paku and thrown down the Sha Dango to let him drawn and die in Sha kiiley by the gang of Spirits. If you don’t save him now, he will be eliminated from the Neha  the world of living being and there will be no reason left for you to rise there and shine. So, O sustainer and protector mother, please save him.” Hearing this, Iijang Anii adorned herself with her armors and rose to Neha with blazing light and with here intense and with blazinglight the Murtu Paku was opened and Tani was rescued from the trap.


Realizing his own friability due to disarmament, grateful Tani choice to stay with almighty Iijang Anii to serve her and went with him in Land of light Iijang.  Iijang Anii or Ayo Dany instructed Tani before going out for her daily chore. “While I am absent, don’t look into the Chuka, Hurbu, Tardu, Chiba, Miiha, or Reke.” But Tani, did not adhere to the instruction his inquisitiveness took over and checked out every corner of the house and found at every corners of the house  were filed with the poisonous insects, reptiles, roaches, and dreaded animals like lion Tigers, Wild Boars, Bears, etc. . And Tani shows that Ayo Dany giving blessings to the faithful, upright, compassionate and responsible person and sent out these reptiles and animals to punish the wrong doer; she sent snakes to bite the liars, other ferocious animals to the cruel and exploiters of poor, weak and ignorant, etc. etc.

When Ayo Danyi return frightened abotani persuaded her, “O ayo Danyi, at the time of the day it is unbearably cold and at night it’s so hot, at your palace. Where it is extreme, cold and hot it is impossible for me to survive. Please send me  to my own place.”  “Alright I will send you to your place through a holy woolen thread Chai  Chata let me make sure that it reaches upto your Ingya (place where family sleep in the traditional house), otherwise you may get pierced by the spikes of your roof. However, before that I will give you brief knowledge of Dany-Shii lenda the guiding principle living in the upright way. It will guide you and your offspring practice and preserve it. The details I have given to Charuñ and Kolyuñ Popi, who will teach you.” Ayo Danyi, continued, “……. Always hold the pillar of Truth, have faith in the almighty, have compassionate mind; always be patient, don’t do wrong even through thought, speech and action………” After teaching Tani the Dany-Shii lenda she added, “Remember this incident  of your resurrection by offering me Danyi genda, Pyagang bikre and Danyi- Khonju, I will bless you and your offspring health wealth and knowledge in abundance.” Saying this Ayo Danyi let Tani go down to Neha, his home through Holy Thread.

There for Nyibus (Priest) pray to Almighty Ayo Dany/Danyi Piilo:-

“Iijang anii noh, Jamping Danyi Karpin Piilo,

Noh charun loma ka hulu pakhu, Kanku loma ka siibi bikhu.

Kolyun anii ka nutii nuri, Kolo anii ka hatii hanyo.

Iiji kuha ka Gartii Danyi, Murta kuha ka liitii piilo

Iiji Duhin ka dupin danyi, Gambii thatii bo.

Murta liitii ka liipin piilo ganda Tarho bo,

           The Compassionate almighty Mother, Iijang Anii, Who is beyond the perception of Ato Charun, the God of Knowledge and wisdom, the source of every element and matters of this Universe, manifesting as Sun and Moon, the caring Eyes of  the Kolyun Anii and compassionate heart of Kolo Anii, the Goddesses of Time. The omni conscious, omnipotent, omnipresent.

Nikun Neha ka hiisi rigyii ko

Nikun Neha ka hiimer khegyii ko.

Jamping Danyi noh, Karping Piilo noh

Nikun mika lyantii lyala bo,Goro gola bo,

Siiju jula bo, Siimer marla bo.

Laa bhiki bo, Hikhii khiiki bo.

Liimin tula bo, Lamin pyala bo

Upon thee, Nikun-Neha all living beings pray for their well-being from the time of eternity. Thee, the Compassionate and Caring parent the Jamping Danyi and Karpin Piilo, the sustainer, protector, and bestowal of blessings to the believers.

. Niimi ngunu hiishi riko, Hiimer kheko du

No ngunu mi lyantii lyala pe, goro gola pe,

Miji laa, mingo la, Tamo la, dorlo laa, siibo laa

Riichi laa, khemyo laa, Diinii laa tupe laa, mi bipo tope  

Ngunu miilang timing riiming tiimo buyung sando pa laynato pe.

Today, we pray upon thee for sustenance, protection, knowledge, vitality, and blessing for multiplication of our son, daughter, domestic fowls and animals. Let peace prevail upon our hearts for our life.

Come one and all let us celebrate the indigenous Day and preserve, protect and promote our pristine old heritage, faith, culture, tradition for our progeny and to eternity.







NSS reaches Ayeng

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: The NSS Unit, J.N.College, Pasighat conducted Annual Special Camping Programme at Ayeng on Dec 4-5.

The camp was organized by the Programme Officers T.Payum and W. Gyatso and 73 N.S.S Volunteers and seven teachers took part.

On the first day, the volunteers cleared jungle around Middle School and Health Sub-Centre Ayeng Village.

In the meeting the programme officers highlighted the aim and objectives as well as significance of the camp. Villagers were made aware on health and hygiene, AIDS, Swine flu, drug abuse, adult education and rural economy during the camp.

The Anchal Samity Member, Village Secretary and Gao Bhuras also spoke and appreciated the camp. On the second day, volunteers constructed approach road to Health Sub Centre, dug drains on the two sides and filled up around 1 km link road that connects Ayeng Village and Health Sub Centre.


VIII Galo Baanv Kvba

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: The VIII Galo Baanv Kvba (GBK) will be held at Dumporijo in January, 2011. Delegates from all over will assemble on the 19th and the 20th and 21st January and will witness the brainstorming of the best minds of the Galo community from young students to the senior citizens on various topics under the theme of : peace, progress and prosperity.

The Galo Welfare Society (GWS) hosts these Baanv Kvbas at regular intervals since 2000. During this GBK, there would be plenary sessions, group/focussed group discussions and debates on a few important issues. And the GWS expects to work out a road map towards a more peaceful and more progressive approach of community life to ensure the prosperity of the people of the community and the state, at large.

The Local Organising Committee of the VIII GBK will be chaired by Secretary General of the North East Students' Organisation (NESO)Gumjum Haidar with Takar Marde, Minister, Rural Development and PRI as Chief Patron.

The achievers and trendsetters among the Galos will also be honored and felicitated during the VIII GBK in Dumporijo.

The Foundation Day of the GWS will be celebrated on 10 January 2011 in Baririjo. And the GWS President, Jarjum Gamlin Ete,  the Chief Advisor, GWS, Huzar Lollen ( Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission) and the Chief Patron, GWS, Tape Bagra ( Commissioner, RWD, RD& PRI, etc) are likely to participate in the celebrations along with other members of the Governing Body of the GWS.


Committee appeals

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: Chandranagar Welfare Committee appealed the Department of Urban Development to initiate immediate steps to start drainage construction of estate industries Chandranagar road to NH52.


Govt. Deptt labour union opposes

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: All Arunachal Pradesh Government Departmental Labours Union opposed the demands made by All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union regarding cancellation of illegal appointments to the post of Grade C and D under WR Department during 2009-10.



ITANAGAR, Dec 10: Raising Perme has been appointed as Chairman Labour Cell State NCP Unit along with Akodong Badu as Secretary State Unit In-charge Upper Siang District, Omiyang Boli as Secretary, Nationalist Mohila Congress State Unit, In-charge Upper Siang District Women Wing and Miti Tangu as Secretary, NMC State Unit, Western Zone Women Wing respectively.


AIPU, AYA oppose DEE appointment

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: Arunachal Indigenous People’s Union (AIPU) and Arunachal Youth Association (AYA) have opposed the appointment of an APSC cadre as the director of elementary education and demanded immediate cancellation of the appointment.

In a joint memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister, both the organisations said that the appointment has violated the DPC rule and demoralised the senior officers of the education department.

Pointing out the cabinet decision and Govt extraordinary notification of August 19, the organisations said that the appointment should be made on promotional basis from among the senior officers who completed minimum five years of service as joint director of school education.  


Libang for quality education

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: MLA Alo Libang has called upon the VKV organisations to cooperate in education sector and impart quality education to make the future generation worthy citizens of the country.

Addressing the gathering at Parents meet of VKV, Yingkiong as chief guest, Libang said, education is the root of all development. He called upon one and all to help improve the education sector in Upper Siang district.

Stressing the need of schools with good infrastructure and vision for quality education, the MLA assured to work for the development of the education sector in the district. He further said that efforts is on to upgrade the JNV, Geku to Higher Secondary level.

Vishwas Lapalkar, secretary VKV, NE and joint secretary Radha B spoke on the principles and policy of the VKV and its effort in spreading quality education across the country including Arunachal Pradesh.


Interim order

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: The district and Session Judge, West division, Yupia while hearing a case No 15/10-(YPA) in T S No 38/10 (YPA) (Nabam Tarin vrs Taring Mama) on Dec 1 has  ordered that Taring Mama shall not act as president of All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA).

The court further said that “the interim order will remain till the returnable period which is fixed on Dec 21 and the defendant is at liberty to move before this court for vacation/modification and cancellation of the interim order.”


Increase upper age limit of civil service aspirants: AAPPDU

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: The All Arunachal Pradesh Private Drivers Union (AAPPDU) has appealed the state Govt to increase the age limit for the candidates for the APPSCCC examination from 28 years to 35 years.

Raising the age limit from existing 28 years to 35 years will definitely be a boon for the unemployed educated youths of the state who are running from pillar to post for Govt job.  Moreover such steps will help reduce unemployment problems in the great extent, the union said in a release.


Club members reconstruct new house

ITANAGAR, Dec 10:  The Leo Club of Karsingsa has reconstructed new house for the fire victim who has lost his dwelling house in a devastating fire at Karsingsa on Nov 28 last.

The Club members led by Karu Sonam collected bamboos and other materials from jungle and constructed the house through social service yesterday.

Meanwhile, the villagers and fire victim appreciated the  club for rendering self-less service at the time of need.


SDP on cane and bamboo handicraft

ITANAGAR, Dec  10: National Youth Project (NYP) of Arunachal Pradesh successfully conducted the NABARD sponsored 36 Days Skill Development Programme on Cane & Bamboo Handicraft  at Aalo from Nov 3 to Dec 8. 25 unemployed participants have been trained on various designs  and products on bamboo handicrafts and other various managerial and operational functions.



Seppa, Dec 10: Ram Flago and Taffa Gyadi have been selected as President and general respectively of All Pipu Gyawepurang Youth Welfare Association (APGYWA).


Asso. demands BSNL mobile services

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: All Nyapin, Sangram, Phassang Youth Welfare Association highlighting the grievances of public due to BSNL mobile network problems said that a BSNL Mobile tower was erected at Nyapin two years back but the concerned authority could not activate the services till today.

It appealed the BSNL General Managar, Itanagar to activate the services before the end of December and also urged the authority to look into the Sangram mobile network problem immediately.


North East Wave

NAHARLAGUN, Dec. 10: As part of the Agenda for 100 days of Ministry of DoNER, A Multi-State Composite Competitive Cultural Programme called “North East Wave” in the television reality show is being taken up by NEC to encourage the talented youths of the North Eastern Region.

Accordingly, M/S Suyojan Films(India) Pvt Ltd.,New Delhi has been awarded the contract by NEC.

The programme will showcase the composite cultural heritage like folk/ethnic dances/songs of the region as well as the modern creative dance and songs to suit the aesthetic taste of the day and mainstreaming the talented youth of the NE Region into the National Pool. The show will have two parts-one competitive and one non-competitive part.The non-competitive part will be organized in consultation with the State Governments of NE States.

The Mega finale of the reality show will be telecasted at live in an open air stadium at Guwahati during 3rd week of February, 2011.

Audition in the state would be conducted at Bomdila on December 20 and 27th December at Itanagar. (DIPR)


AOL workshop

ITANAGAR, Dec 10:  The Art of Living will host Know Your Child (KYC) workshop on December 12, 2010 at the Art of Living Centre, Itanagar.


Concerns over long term survival of stranded gibbons

Roing, Dec 10: In an aberration from their canopy dwelling nature, eastern Hoolock gibbons (Hoolock leuconedys) stranded in isolated clusters of trees near Roing in south-east Arunachal Pradesh have been observed descending towards nearby fields for food,  raising concerns on their safety and survival.

About 14 families are confined to clusters of trees in Dello and Injino villages near Roing, as an outcome of tree-felling for jhum cultivation. With the reduction in the number of trees in this cluster, the population of these gibbons has reached a critical minimum level.  

The distribution of eastern Hoolock gibbon in India is limited to four districts in Arunachal Pradesh.

Highly specialised canopy-dwellers, Hoolock gibbons have long arms and short legs making their body suited for swinging in the tree tops and not for movement on the ground. Two species of this tailless primate are found in India – the eastern Hoolock gibbon and the western Hoolock gibbon. Listed under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, the Hoolock gibbon is threatened due to habitat fragmentation.

“Hoolock gibbons are strictly canopy dwellers. They are extremely clumsy when on ground and can become easy targets of stray dogs or hunters,” explains Dr Prabal Sarkar, Primatologist, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). “Individuals from this particular population were observed raiding corn fields, by our field officer Jis Sebastian. This is alarming as it indicates the extent of habitat fragmentation and the desperation of this population due to insufficient food sources.”   

To counter threats to this population, the Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department assisted by WTI is assessing their behaviour and habitats to evaluate the feasibility of their translocation.   

The Gibbon Translocation Project is a joint venture of the Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department and WTI supported by the Noyen-Melendez Family Trust, IFAW, Serenity Trust, and philanthropists Himraj Dang Subhadra and Kannan Jayaraman.

“There is no option but to relocate them to another area with better connectivity and sufficient food and cover,” says Dr NVK Ashraf, Chief Operating Officer, WTI.

“Through vegetation and behavioural studies we have identified the families which need to be shifted urgently. A suitable relocation site has been identified in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary and the movement process will be finalised soon.”


Tine Mena all set to conquer Mount Everest

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: After Tapi Mra’s rare feat of scaling Mount Everest nearly two years ago, another Arunachalee youth Tine Mena is all set to climb the highest mountain peak in the world during March, 2011.

Mena is the lone climber from Arunachal Pradesh selected for the ensuing summit by North East Everest Expedition 2011. Romio Meetei, another person selected from Arunachal Pradesh is supporting member.

Mena had to undergo rigorous training before she was being selected for the most fearsome expedition.

Mena, the eldest daughter of Buge Mena of Malinye village of Dibang Valley district said: "Since my childhood days I have been nurturing a dream of doing something new. But I was helpless due to my poor family background. However, I was introduced and encouraged to adventure sports and rock climbing by my seniors and well wishers. I got an opportunity to pursue a combined adventure course in Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association which recommended me for basic mountaineering course in Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling from where I successfully completed my basic and advance course in mountaineering."

She also took part in Zonal Sport Climbing competition in Imphal, Manipur, Kaya Pass Trekking Expedition, Arunachal Pradesh in 2007, Tourism awareness programme organized by State Tourism department and adventure awareness camp organized by Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs.

Mena, who had to discontinue her school education after 8th standard due to abject poverty and later rejoined Open schooling at Roing after lots of struggle, told this reporter about some harsh reality faced by her during training period in Manipur.

"I had to do labour work (porter track cutting work) on daily basis to meet my daily expenditure and earned Rs.1,500 because my father was not able to bear all my expenses. I will always be thankful to Minister Kalikho Pul, who gave me Rs. 5000 and encouraged me," she said.

"I am training hard and looking forward to climb the Mount Everest. And if God blesses, I would be the first lady mountaineering from Arunachal Pradesh as well as whole NE Region to scale the one of the most fearsome mountains to climb in the world," she emphatically said.

Meanwhile, Mena met State Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu yesterday and appealed him for providing financial assistance for fulfilling her childhood dream. According to Mena, the CM has assured her to extend financial assistance for the ensuing summit.

Of the 12-member expedition team four are lady climbers one each from Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The team will be accompanied by 10 supporting members’ upto the base camp.

She successfully completed her Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC) and Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), Darjeeling in 2009. She was the best trainee of her batch in BMC and won gold medal. She came second in AMC and won silver medal. She took her adventure course from Manipur Mountaineering Institute in 2008.  She climbed Mount Kolahi, Jammu and Kashmir in 2009 organized by NE Adventure Foundation Guwahati, Shivalinga (6543 mt), Garhwal in 2010 and finally Lama Wangden peak (6200mt), Sikkim as part of pre-Everest expedition organized by Indian Mountaineering Federation, New Delhi during November-December, 2010.


AAPSU calls for step to save Tawang Monastery

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has expressed serious concern over report of landslide around Tawang monastery.

Recently it has been reported that landslide behind Tawang monastery is causing serious threat to this historical monument.

In a press statement AAPSU has appealed to central and state government to take urgent steps so that no harm is done to this historical monument.

“Being the second largest monastery of world, Tawang monastery is an asset of state and nation too. It’s disturbing to hear that landslide is posing risk to Tawang monastery, which draws large number of visitors every year. We should approach central government to send expert from Delhi to assess the whole situation,” stated AAPSU President Takam Tatung.

He urged state governor JJ Singh to personally intervene in this regard, so that works towards safeguarding monastery is properly carried out.

 Meanwhile welcoming the SSA Rajya Mission’s decision to carry out recruitment for various posts in education department, AAPSU felt that criteria set for local candidates should be eased.  “ First of all 50:50 recruitment policy for APST and non-APST for posts like  MIS coordinator and part time instructor for Physical and Health Education is wrong. 50% seat for non-APST should be made general category and should be opened to everyone including APSTs,” said Tatung.

Further he added, “Government should relax criteria set for APST candidates for various posts advertised on 9th December by SSA Rajya Mission. For some posts our local candidates may not necessarily have required work experience. We request government to ease criteria for certain posts for benefit of local citizens.”

At a time when many unemployment youths are struggling to get jobs, AAPSU believe such relaxation on the part of government will help these youths.


Rampant violation of traffic rules leads to road accidents: Dabi

PASIGHAT, Dec 10: Careless driving and rampant violation of traffic rules are the main reasons for maximum road accidents, said Home Minister Tako Dabi while addressing the special traffic awareness-cum-education campaign organised for school students in particular and public in general at Bakin Pertin Memorial Auditorium of HS School, Telam in East Siang district today. The programme was organized jointly by SP Alok Kumar and SP (Traffic, Itanagar) A Tamut.

Stressing the need of strict observation of road safety rules to save precious human lives, the minister, who presided over the programme, appealed the participants to become campaign managers to bring in mass awareness on road safety among the masses. He also suggested the teachers and parents to teach traffic rules and guidelines to their children regularly. Such initiatives would transform them into responsible and law-abiding citizens, he added.

The minister lamented that despite 2010 being a Helmet Year and massive efforts being taken by police department on road safety measures in the state, many died owing to careless driving, thereby crushing cherished dreams of their parents and family members. He advised the drivers and car owners to carry driving license and all related document while travelling for own safety and security. He appealed the youths to join state police forces while informing that recruitment would start on March 2011 next in the state.

Earlier, Alok Kumar called upon the gathering to strictly follow the traffic rules. The SP hoped that such awareness campaign would help the people to recall their responsibilities and scale down number of road accidents.

Expressing concerned over growing number of accidents in the state, SP (Traffic, Itanagar) A Tamut said that many youths of our state died in the road accidents due to reckless driving and lack of knowledge of on traffic rules. He also demonstrated road safety signs and distributed pamphlets on traffic safety measures among the gatherings.

Among others, ADC Nari T Mibang and ASP Pasighat R Padu also addressed and shared their views. The next campaigns are scheduled to be held at  Pasighat and Ruksin on Dec 12 and 13 respectively. DIPRO


APB & OCWWB awareness campaign team reach East Siang district

BOLENG Dec   10: The Aruna-chal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam along with Labor Commissioner-cum-Secretary APB&OCWWB Ojing Darung, continuing its campaign in the state conducted an awareness camp at Boleng today. The board is organizing the extensive tour in order to provide social security and other welfare measures/facilities to the workers engaged in Building and Other Construction activities in the State and to make them aware of the benefits provided under the APB&OCWW Board.

Highlighting benefits towards laborers, the chairman said “today no bank or person is willing to lend loan and extend helping hand to poor laborers at the time of their need, particularly for procurement of tools and equipments, medical treatment and other purposes.

But with the establishment of APB&OCWW Board, now any laborer/worker registered with the board can get housing loan, medical assistance, tools advance, maternity assistance and other benefits from the board.” The Chairman further advising the workers to cooperate with the state government by contributing maximum out put towards the developmental activities informed that under Chief Minister Welfare Scheme one can avail benefits like Chief Minister Group Insurance Scheme (Mukhya Mantri  Swastha Bima Yojna), Janashree Bima Yojana, Free distribution of Exercises Books to the children of registered workers, Education Assistance for higher studies in Technical/Professional, Old age pension for above 60 years.

Earlier, Sonam along with board officials visited District Hospital, Aalo and handed over Rupees five thousand as medical benefit to Kemba Lollen, a registered worker on Dec 9.

Labour Commissioner-cum-Secretary APB&OCWWB Ojing Darung highlighted about the 1% cess collection and informed that 1% cess deposits is mandatory as per the Building & Other Construction  Workers’ Welfare Cess  Act. 1996. He also explained about the procedure of transfer and payment of cess to the Board by demand draft payable at Naharlagun.

He appreciated Sonam for speedy implementations of benefits to the registered workers.

Labour Officer and Registering Officer West Siang district Lee Ete and Hage Obing also appealing the various construction agencies to pay the required cess so as avoid legal complicacies said that every employer in building or other construction works under all undertakings are liable to pay not less than one percent and not exceeding two percent of the total cost of construction incurred to APB&OCWW Board as per the Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act. 1996 (28 of 1996).

Public Relation Officer of the Board, Koj Kano briefed about the APB&OCWWB and objectives of the awareness camp and urged the HoDs to extend their help to the workers in their registration procedure.

President and General Secretary AAPWU West Siang District Tumar Bagra and Donga Kayi also spoke on the occasion and assured to cooperate with the board for welfare activities.

The team, conducted awareness camp at Likabali, Gensi, Daring and Basar from December 5 to 8 last and the same camp will be conducted at Pasighat on December 11 in which Home Minister Tako Dabi will attend the function as Chief Guest.


Organisations propose bandh to protest public hearing

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: Downstream Villages Welfare Association, Mebo and Mebo Bachao Committee have opposed the proposed Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project Public Hearing and proposed a bandh on Dec 21 and 22, the days of the hearings.

The Downstream Villages Welfare Association, Mebo and Mebo Bachao Committee informed that it had submitted a 6-points Memorandum to the President, Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited, Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project on 7th July this year, a copy of which was made available to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh.

Accordingly the Govt. had vide Memo No.PWRS/W-1405/2006/3085-88 dated 17/08/2010, instructed the Company to look into the demands of the Association.

The organizations said that despite several reminders and several rounds of talk with the Company, so far no initiatives have been taken towards the demands of both the organizations.

“This lackadaisical attitude of the Company towards the demands has sent a strong anti-dam feeling and sentiment amongst the public of Mebo area. Aggravating the wounds is the proposed Public Hearing of 20, 21 and 22 December 2010 at Along, Geying and Boleng respectively.  It is virtually crushing the feelings, sentiments and security of the downstream community” it said in a joint press release.

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