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December - 13


It’s all in the papers only

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to the letter "Allegation which has no substance" by Executive Engineer PWD Boleng published on Dec 8.

The content was prepared for the sake of replying which is hollow without any proof and a stand. The reply was unspecific written under political pressure. With a sense of goodwill towards the officer, I have this to say that a Govt official of your stature should not interfere in such scam. Everybody was shocked with the truth but you alone have dared to respond terming it as baseless but without having an appropriate answer with proof. For your kind information all the departments under Pangin ¬Boleng is trodden with the RTI and I have the proofs with me which will be disseminated to the public of the area with a copy produce to you for a lucid understanding about the fact of the ground realities.

However, I don't deny your paper task performance but where is it the works you claimed to have done? Please show us the reality not the paper. Through your hollow clarification, do you mean that the RTI furnished information is wrong?

You may speak and write volumes but everything is visible and the public knows everything. Did the finished works vanish in the thin air, overnight? Had your created infrastructure evaporated or melted within a week? If indeed the works were done then the result was so fragile and disappeared like the horn of the donkey.

Does not the Pasighat-Pangin road sing the poem of its state? You may be traveling by Pawan Hans to Pasighat otherwise you would be awakened by the bumpy ride. The reality is exposed to the public and the executing department is only a red-fish in the aquarium bowl. The public sees and knows everything. The hollow clarification without a substance can't fabricate anything now. Please don't build castle in the air.


Karunath Pazing




A revolution needed

Dear Editor,

When a state attains above 90% literacy rate like that of Kerala and Mizoram, it becomes nation’s pride. I think this is not an impossible task, even our state can achieve if Govt. implement strict rules and regulations. The days are gone when parents refused to enroll their children in school. Every parent is trying their best possible way to educate their children. However most of them are hailing from below poverty line and so have to go for government school where unfortunately poor administration is found. Children are our future generation and so nations cannot be developed unless proper education system is provided to them.

Then the question arise who will guide them and how? It is none other than the teacher. Hence recruitment of teacher should be conducted through free & fair, strictly done on merit basis with no politics involved.

However information has been obtained that more than 50 waitlisted candidates (both JT & AT/A) have been recruited. I am happy for those who have been appointed and hope they will serve the state at their utmost to bring changes in education system. But I am not happy through the way they were recruited.

That could have been done in better way like keeping limited waiting list with 10-12 candidates and rest of the posts should have been either advertised or given to those working with SSA.

Secondly, last two months back Education minister endorsed the regularization of first batch of SSA teacher.

I would like to draw kind attention of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and department of education in particular to regularize remaining SSA teachers. I also appeal the people of Arunachal to contribute every possible way to promote education to bring revolution in education system in the state.


Hotkia Kartek




Worthy of social impeachment

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to the letter by James Gao "They took away my hard earned money", published on 11th Dec. It is really an exhibition of great shamelessness on part of those uniformed people. It’s for the second time I am hearing about this kind of cheap police atrocity in Pasighat. Appeals after appeal are made to the authorities for abolishment of illegal harassments like this one. But do they really think of acting upon it or they just read and forget? Are these pleas just another piece of “Letter to the Editor"!!

Well, in my opinion these kind of cases don't only deserve to be stopped but also are worthy of social impeachment at the highest. It’s one of the lowest act and we as proud citizen of our state would never want our law keepers to stoop so low.

On the other hand, I would like to appreciate this young man for his courage to speak up. He is just a high school graduate but had shown enough maturity by writing and letting the people know about his misadventure.

I would encourage all my fellow citizens with all my heart to stand up and raise voices together for any kind of exploitations to the society and the public. Lastly I would also love to congratulate all those who have cleared APPSCE'10. I, on behalf of all the people of Arunachal Pradesh request them to stick to their duties and never soil the image and responsibility they've been trusted with.


Hage Mala, (on email)




All for Pasighat centennial celebration

Dear Editor,

Being a resident of one of the oldest towns of Arunachal Pradesh-Pasighat it really hurts when I read the caption "Pasighat Reeling Under Darkness".

When we have already started something with a motive, with all our enthusiasm for a good goal: problems have to come and it makes the motive more challenging, letting us to prepare more. So we shouldn’t bring shame to our hometown and to the State when we have a very dynamic leader capable of organising this carnival. Tomorrow when the day comes with VIPs and tourists for the carnival in our hometown let them take back the golden memories. Therefore instead of shifting blames from one table to another it is our social and voluntary duty to participate and cooperate for the grand success of the centenary celebration. Let us contribute and work united for our hometown and makes our dwelling abode famous in the international scenario and also makes a place in every guest’s heart. This will be our contribution to the centennial celebration which comes once in one’s lifetime. So we all should voluntarily, united and as a social duty tackle the present problems coming in the way of her centenary to leave a beautiful history to cherish forever.


Gong Jamoh

Delhi University,

(on email)



Modern East India company!

Dear Editor,

British merchants first came to India as trader in 1601 AD, later they formed East India company and built factory at Surat. The factory site was first piece of land owned by Englishmen in India.  In the course of time they built factories in Madras, Bombay and Kolkata etc, thus the India became economic colony of the British resulting in drainage of India’s resources to their home land.

Today, if we allow Jaypee Company to construct mega dams in Adi belt, there is every possibility for the company to become owner of our ancestral properties (land) like that of English merchants. Today the Company is asking for land only to set in their foot, but what is the guarantee that they will not ask  for more land  to make their position strong in the tribal land in future.

Therefore, I request all the likely-to-be affected people of dam to fight together against the construction of mega dams in our Adi belt.


John Darang



It did not fall from the sky

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter by one Karunath Pazing “SPA stands for special private account” which appeared in Dec 3 edition of this daily.

Under SPA 2006-07, the work for Improvement of Health Center at Pangin for Rs. 36 lakh not Rs 40 lakh under Rural Work Sub- Division, Pangin has been executed and completed to the fullest satisfaction of department concerned.

The boundary wall/chain link fencing, Type-IV Qtr. for doctor, X-Ray room and bachelor barrack-1 unit have been constructed under SPA and the doctors of CHC Pangin are the eye witness of the construction works.

Do these structures exist by themselves or have they fallen from the sky?

Therefore, the allegation made by Karunath Pazing, Boleng  was purely baseless and anti- development.


Er. T. Taboh

Executive Engineer

RWD, Pasighat




Why so many of it?

Dear Editor,

Apropos to letter by one Mr. Gangkak in which he says Dams cause environmental degradation but it can be checked.

No doubt degradations could be checked upto some limit in theory but what about in practice, what about the ecological balance and the future impact. And the most important  and the million dollar question- why and why so many dams in Arunachal, and that also, simultaneously? Can anyone answer this?


Techi Tolum (on email)



Example is better than precept

Dear Editor,

The recent successful results in APCS exam by the candidates from Adi, Galo and Apatani communities are not only due to sincerity and hard work of the candidates but also due to the support and guidance provided by the top brass of their respective community.  I do appreciate the Adi, Galo and Apatani societies for arranging free coaching program for the APCS  aspirants.

Taking inspiration from other communities, I would like to request all the public leaders, elected leaders, officials and intellectuals of Mechuka sub-division please learn something from other communities and help the civil service aspirants from this region. Learning something good is not bad, else it may be too late when we finally come to our sense.


Shakti Samoir




The twin problems of Aalo

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw attention to the problems facing the citizens of Aalo town due to poor electricity supply and long queues at the SBI ATM counter.

Aalo is a one of the oldest and most populous district headquarters in Arunachal Pradesh, but the present condition is more pathetic than earlier.

It’s been more than a week there is no electricity supply at Aalo town and no alternative provision have been made.

The overcrowded and a very long queue at the premises of SBI is a very common scenario at Aalo.

So, I on behalf of aggrieved citizen of Aalo town appeal to the concerned authority to look into the problem as soon as possible.


Arthur Ete (on email)



The position of Dari to Chambang RIDF Road

Dear Editor,

This is in response to an allegation made by rormer MLA Balo Raja of 18-Palin ST Assembly Constituency, pertaining to nonpayment of Contractor's pending liabilities against the Construction of Dari to Chambang RIDF road.

Construction of Dari to Chambang RIDF Road 43Km has been sanctioned for probable estimate cost of Rs 34.50 Crores under RIDF by the Govt of India and Rs 6.55 crore under SPA/PM Package 2007-08 and 2008-09 respectively, amounting to total of Rs 41.05 Cr.

Rs 39.05 Corer has been expended during former MLA's time and while Rs 2 corer has remained to be executed on construction of remaining parts of road works.

To know the ground reality of work progress, I and all Head of department had inspected the road during the month of December, 2009 last. During this time, I found that despite huge expenditure, the construction of Dari to Chambang RIDF road executed by PWD department and guided by former leader was incomplete and un-satisfactory as per the guideline of DPR.

As per reports submitted by EE PWD Tali Division, pertaining to the scope of work under action Plan, 2009, following work has to be completed with Rs 2 Cr, accordingly works order have been issued in needs basis.

RCC Slap Culvert 1.00 Mtrs Span 10 completed out of 150, RCC Slap Culvert 2 Mtrs span 22 completed out of 35, RCC Slap Culvert 6.00 Mtrs Span 5 completed out of 10, R&B Wall 481 Mtrs completed out of 2000 Mtrs, Side Drain 35 km completed out of 43 Kms, Pavement 22.50 km completed out of 43Kms. C/o 40(12.20 Span Pate Bridge) for Rs 45.80 lac to be done, 70(21.30 Span Torung Bridge) for Rs 70 lac to be done, realignment of around 10 Km at many points etc to be done.

In addition, I would like to specially mention that during the month of September & October, 2010 last, the several Kms of Dari to Chambang road have been destroyed and many Slap Culverts, R& B walls have also been damaged due to natural fury.

Keeping in View the important of Dari to Chambang road and to reopen the road for benefits of people of Chambang and Gangte Circle, I engaged my men and machine at road for the last two month and Road Clearance work is under progress in full swing while available fund provision is nil.

I also discussed with the Chief Minister regarding the present road condition and its importance as well as allocation of fund for completion of road. Accordingly he has assured me to look into the matter.

Earlier, during the 3rd march Assembly session, I had also raised the question about the C/O Dari to Chambang RIDF road in floor of the house informing the house about the incompletion, over expenditure and un-satisfactory construction works.

I would like to clarify that huge amounts of liabilities against Dari To Chambang RIDF road has been credited but sanctioned amount has been almost completed prior to my election as an MLA.

The contractor's pending liabilities against particulars road is around Rs 5 to 7 cr. On the other hand, fund against the road is nil.  

Former MLA’s statement about selective payment is a false. I would like to question the former MLA why he could not make payments during his time when huge amount of fund was released? Reports of destroying Dari to Chambang road and bridges by the groups of miscreant is unfortunate. Those people who destroyed the common development project for their personal agenda are anti social and uncivilized. I appeal them not to resort to such violence.


Takam Pario, MLA

18-Palin ST assembly Constituency





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        







Irked citizens demand uninterrupted power supply in Pasighat, form action committee

PASIGHAT, Dec 12:  Annoyed by the  power cut for the last one week, the panchayat leaders headed by Bogong ZPM demanded immediate restoration of power supply in Pasighat town and nearby areas.

In an emergency meeting held with the SE and AE power (Electrical) and AE Hydropower (civil) at Siang guest house here yesterday, the ZPM Okom Yosung, Bogong Anchal chairperson, ASMs, GPMs, senior local leaders and representatives of All Bogong Students Union adopted resolutions demanding direct electricity supply connection from Rina hydel to Pasighat power house for proper distribution of power and replacement of all the defunct turbines of  Yembung Hydel to improve present power situation.

The meeting after threadbare discussion unanimously resolved that the power generating capacity of Sille Hydel has to be improved immediately and department concerned should get power connection from nearby Jonai (Assam) to provide uninterrupted power supply to the consumers.

Meanwhile, seven members Action Committee (AC) was constituted under the leadership of ZPM Okom Yosung on the day.

The committee decided to take up the issue seriously with the hydropower development (Civil) and mechanical (Power) authorities immediately and press for complete renovation and replacements of turbines of Yembung hydel at the earliest possible.


APLS hosts 18th literary sitting

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: The 18th monthly literary sitting of Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS) today started on a distinctive note with the members of the house observing one minute’s silence in honour of APLS member (late) Tage Diibo, an indigenous faith leader, an artiste and a prolific writer, who passed away at a city hospital on Nov 19 after a brief illness.

Held at the conference hall of JN State Museum here under the chairmanship of APLS president and a popular literary figure, Y D Thongchi, the literary sitting, which has been a source of inspiration and education to the budding talents, witnessed several writers - old and young alike - throwing light on their respective literary creations. Jamuna Bini recited her self-composed poem titled ‘Saat Samundar Paar Se’, R N Koley (Assistant Director, Research) narrated his own creation, a poem, titled ‘Hemanta Aashchhey’ (Autumn is Coming), while Dr Pekba Ringu, the passionate story writer, read out his article – ‘The Heavenly Temple of Sagalee’.

Ajanta, an eminent Assamese poetess, presented ‘Aakou Aahibo Lagibo’ – the translated version of the Bengali poem, ‘Aabar Aashte Hobe’, which was composed by Ramendra Nath Koley.

The Society earlier congratulated its members – Pradeep Kumar and Jamuna Bini – for their recent accomplishment on their chosen areas of activities. While Kumar, a senior journo, accompanied President Pratibha Devisingh Patil and her entourage during her two-nation tour to UAE and Syria recently, Bini, associate professor of Hindi, RGU represented Arunachal at the eight-day Neo Hindi Writers’ Workshop held at Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh that concluded on Dec 1 last.

Earlier, the Director of Research, Tage Tada recollected the life and contributions of late Diibo to the socio-cultural arena of the state.

The literary sitting was also attended among others by Tokong Pertin, the Director of Trade & Commerce.


Tawang gets state of art heliport

TAWANG,  Dec 12: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu  today inaugurated the Ugyen Heliport. The Heliport has been named after the founder of Tawang Monastery.

The Heliport is equipped with modern technologies and its infrastructure and building is one of its kinds in the entire Arunachal Pradesh.

Addressing the gathering in the inaugural function, the chief minister called upon the civil aviation officials and staff to be sincere in their respective duties and strictly maintain the guidelines of the security checking procedure without any discrimination and partiality.

Local MLA Tsewang Dondup, DC Gamli Padu, SP S.N Mosobi, Public leaders and public attended the inauguration function. DIPRO


Bombers defeat Rifles; Highlanders crush Warrior

SEPPA, Dec 12: Pachuk Bomber defeated Waching Rifles (WR) by 20 runs in the Late Yaja Waii Memorial T20 Championship 2010-11 played at Seppa playground today.  Electing to bat first after winning the toss, Pachuk Bomber made 136 with the help of Sohail Hussain’s unbeaten 29 runs off 17 balls and Sangey Lingfa, who hit two consecutive sixes in the last two balls.

In reply Waching Rifles were bowled out for 116 runs in 18.3 overs.

WR lost their first wicket in the form of Uttam Kumar when team’s score was 35. He was bowled out by Toko Robin. Thereafter, three more wickets fell in quick succession within 50 runs. Ajub Raj Borah’s 33 from 12 balls and Himan Rai’s 26 from 34 ball were not enough to take the team past the target of 167 as damage was already done.

Earlier in the morning, Pacha Highlander thrashed Kiyan Ninjas by 88 runs in a rain interrupted match. Chasing a daunting target of 167 runs to win Kiyan Ninjas were bundled out for a paltry 79 runs in 17.5 over.


Awareness camp on health and hygiene conducted

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: Adi Baane Kebang, Papum Pare District Unit Women wing organized an awareness camp on mothers’ and children’s health and hygiene, house keeping and other socio-economic issues at Arunachal Pradesh Vikash Parishad, Conference hall Today.

ABK President Ajin Apang, ABK Papum Pare District Unit Secretary Feroz Modi, Vice President Nima Tondrong, Secretary General Tani Jonkey attended the inaugural function and advised the district unit women wing to work dedicatedly for upliftment of women folk in the society.

In the technical session, Child Specialist Dr. Dimong Padung, Gynecologist Dr. Bombay Tayeng, Dr Kirong Darin highlighted about the mother and child health care. They also highlighted the importance of breast feeding, mother and child health check up, family planning, need of vitamins, diets and physical exercise.

Further, Padung distributed an informative book “Village health care handbook” to the entire participants.

While, VKV School, Principal Subhash Chandra Dixit delivered speech on discipline and family tradition Later, the district women wing led by its President Yamek Taggu, General Secretary Opung Dai and Joint Secretary Yapung Yorung highlighted on the resolutions adopted in the last ABK Ane wing meeting, regarding Census, children education, marriage related matters, transfer of property to daughter, widow and old age person’s caretaker, child adaptation, traditional costumes and ornament rates and other socio-eco matter before the gathering for further discussion.

The unit further appealed the ABK parent wing to look into the shortage of subject teachers in various schools of Adi belt, appointment of Adi language teachers, carry out education awareness campaign etc.


State level Subroto Cup from Dec 16

GHSS Ziro to represent Lower Subansiri

SEPPA, Dec 12: The U-17 State Level Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament will be held at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun from December 16 to 22. The tournament would be participated by winners of district level competitions from all the 16 districts, according to a release issued by Directorate of School Education.

Meanwhile, Government Higher Secondary School, Ziro have qualified to represent Lower Subansiri district in the State Level Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament by defeating Hija GHSS in the final of the district level tournament today. The match winner came from Tage Kano in 58th minute.

It may be mentioned here that, GHSS, Ziro, represented Arunachal Pradesh in this year’s National level Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament which was held at New Delhi last month.


MABC oppose public hearing

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: Mebo Area Bachao Committee has demanded cancellation of the public hearing at Geying, Pangin and Allo on Dec 20, 21 and 22 for non-inclusion of many important villages in the Downstream Impact Assessment Report, October’2010, circulated by Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited.

In the numerous lists of downstream affected villages, important villages like Kongkul, Namsing, Gadum, Mher and Anpum are not included. Although villages like Ngopok, Seram and Borguli are included, highly populated and most vulnerable villages have been found not in the list of Downstream Affected Villages.

The non-inclusion of the villages has to be taken very seriously and the committee reprimands the Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited of dire consequences for their ill motives. The committee questioned the integrity of the Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited and also demanded explanation from concern officials of Government of Arunachal Pradesh for not detecting the gross mistakes in the circulated Downstream Impact Assessment Report, October’2010.

It further said that  “ Missing inhabiting this low laying areas of Siang Valley are one of the most important sub-tribes of the Adis. Any attempt to segregate them from the Adis would lead to a night mare for whole of Arunachal Pradesh”.  


Road safety campaign reach IGJHSS

PASIGHAT, Dec 12: As a part of part ongoing traffic awareness campaign in schools, the state Home Minister Tako Dabi visited IGJ Govt HS School, Pasighat today. He had took part in a special school awareness campaign on road safety at Telam Hr. Secondary school on Dec 10.

While emphasizing on spreading of traffic awareness in East Siang district, Dabi told the students that it was a targeted and pre-Centenary Celebration police effort within the framework of the back-to-school campaign.

The minister Dabi praised the SP Pasighat Alok Kumar and his team of officers for organizing the campaign in schools in order to achieve the objectives on traffic awareness.  The minister also applauded the teaching community for their collective efforts and advised to have sense of responsibilities in making their students worthy citizens sharing extra knowledge on various developments beside normal studies in schools. Stating the present generation as future guardians of the state he urged the students to be sincere, dedicated and hard working to achieve good academic result.

Earlier, the Deputy Commissioner Onit Panyang stressed on effective implementation of traffic rules. Panyang cautioned that the violators of the traffic rules after the awareness campaign will not  be spared.

The SP Kumar said the improvement of driving skills is essential for road safety. He emphasized on the  improvement of traffic culture awareness in view of the increasing traffic movement in the district.

A Tamut SP (Traffic), Itanagar and Motor Vehicle Inspector AK Wangsaham, Pasighat presented various traffic related issues.  DIPRO


Upkeep of moral values stressed for progress of society

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: A one-day workshop on Life Skill Development and Career based counseling class was organized here today for the students of Arunachal Pradesh by the Kerala Kala Samskarika Vedi (KKSV).

The director, Higher & Technical Education, Dr Joram Begi, in his inspiring address to the students exhorted for upkeep of social and moral values for progress of the society as a whole.

Voicing the need for preservation and protection of the indigenous culture by every tribal community, Dr Begi urged that the students must take pride in one’s own culture as it would help them develop one’s character and personality by adopting the values such as righteousness and boldness for overall progress of the society.

While stressing that right thought and action was beneficial for promoting right habits and thinking, Begi quoted the former President of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, who constantly advised the youths to dream in order to translate one’s ideas into reality.

Referring to the state JEE exams counseling for Classes X and XII, Dr Begi informed that the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology (NERIST), which is providing engineering degrees in eleven disciplines is serving the students of Arunachal Pradesh immensely besides the newly established National Institute of Technology (NIT) at Yupia offering ninety seats to APST students.

Dipak Kumar, regional officer, NSS, ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, GOI, who was the resource person, while presiding over the inaugural session, said that positive outlook is necessary for personality development, adding that vocational education has opened up scope for multifold employment opportunities.

He praised the NSS volunteers for their tremendous work in Arunachal Pradesh as well as Tezpur Central University which has progressed in infrastructure development.

Earlier, the president of KKSV, C N Thankappan hoped the workshop would facilitate development of the skills among the school children in furthering their career.

The state liaison officer, NSS, Dr V N Sharma in his introductory remarks hoped that the workshop would facilitate the students to acquire knowledge to meet the challenges of life better as classroom teaching alone was not sufficient to equip them without proper counseling.

The KKSV general secretary, Rajesh Kamalan said that the motive behind the workshop was to create awareness among the students about the positive thoughts in life and also train them to face the challenges lying before them in future.


Army upgrades basic medical facilities at community health centre

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: 26 Maratha light infantry from Lohit Brigade of Dah Division undertook the up gradation of basic medical facilities at Community Health Centre, Amarpur in Sadiya Sub Division  as a part of Operation Sadbhavana. The inauguration ceremony on 12 Dec 10 was attended by  Sub-Divisional Medical and Health Officer Dr BK Deori, Chapakhowa, Sadiya Sub Division and officials from civil administration, community elders and children. These programmes are bound to create special bond of friendship and cooperation between the people of Sadiya Sub Division and the Army.  The up gradation of medical infrastructure with equipment like electric generator, invertor, patient beds, lab equipment and various apparatus has cheered the people and gained wide acceptance.  

The hospital staff, Officials from local civil administration and people of Sadiya Sub Division were thankful to the Army for up gradation of basic medical facilities at Community Health Centre, Amarpur which is cut-off from the Tinsukia District.  

The Commanding Officer also said that the Army plans to organize many such projects in the future which will contribute towards the upliftment of the society. He assured full co-operation by Army to locals in creating a secure, peaceful and conducive environment in the area and exhorted locals to help security forces in this endeavour.






Advance Christmas celebrated

ITANAGAR, Dec 12:  The Christian community of Bassar has celebrated advance Christmas with great pomp and show on Dec 11 last.

In his address as  the chief guest of the programme, Khyoda Apik, Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) president has called upon all section of people irrespective of their religious belief to maintain brotherhood and unity. ACF joint secretary Norbu Sonam who was the guest of honour  said one should feel proud to be a Christian and always be ready to help the mankind and enhance their capacity of tolerance. He appealed  to the Christian community of the state to pray for peace, good governance and rapid development.

Earlier, large number of women from all the denominations with traditional attire danced merrily to the tune of Christmas song to welcome the Christ in advance.  Youth of Basar also formed a Choir and welcomed the Christmas with melodious songs. The believers also took out a mass procession praising the Holly Christ.


School boy killed in road accident

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: A class ten student died this evening in a motor bike accident at Naharlagun.  Two teenage girls who were with the biker were injured and admitted at General hospital Naharlagun. One is stated to be in serious condition.

The Naharlagun Police said that the accident happened as the bike in which the three  were travelling collided with a car.

A victim who was studying at a private school has been identified as Sangam Singhi.

The police said that there were three motor vehicle accidents in the Naharlagun alone on Sunday.


Pugilist Monita wins silver

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: L. Monita Devi of Arunachal Pradesh won a silver medal in the recently concluded 11th National Women’s Boxing Championship at Thrissur, Kerala. Monita lost her final bout 1-3 to defending champion Vanlal Duati of Tripura in 48 kg category.

Monita is a trainee of Sports Authority of India, Special Area Game Center (SAI SAG), Naharlagun, according Arunachal Amateur Boxing Association release.



ITANAGAR, Dec 12: Ram Flago and Taffa Gyadi have been selected as president and general secretary of All Pipu Gyawepurang Youth Welfare Association.  



ITANAGAR, Dec 12: NCP Ngopok unit general secretary Mijing Yirang breathed his last in a private hospital at Dibrugarh on Dec 11. He is survived by his wife, four sons and three daughters. His last rite was performed in his native Ngopok village the same day.

The rank and file of the NCP Mebo block expressed deep shock at the untimely death of Late Yirang. The party unit members conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family and prayed to the almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Society demands

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: Charto Valley Welfare Society Taliha (CVWST) has appealed their local MLA to take initiative for re-establishment of Rural Bank branch at Taliha.

In a memorandum to the MLA, the Society further demanded establishments of EAC HQs at Kodak/Taliha-I, Taliha-II, restart defunct weaving centre at Taliha, regular  ST service from Daporijo to Kodak, posting of headmaster at Govt secondary school, Taliha, posting of  English and Hindi subject teachers both at Govt secondary school, Taliha and Govt Higher Secondary School, Kodak, immediate posting of technical engineer and Chawkidar at Taliha BSNL telephone exchange.


APMTF appointment

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: Arunachal Public Motor Transport Federation (APMTF) and its all federal units, in a meeting, have unanimously selected Maru Tatup Anga and Tarh Miri as the Federation’s new president and general secretary respectively effective immediately.


ALSU threatens Capital bandh call

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) has called a 12-hr capital bandh on December 21 next, if Government fails to fulfill its three-point demands, which included arrest of the culprits involved in the car burning incident, cancellation of all illegally appointed candidates in tax and excise department and erring officials involved in the appointment.


‘Non-release of contractors’ bill obstructing road works’

ITANAGAR: The on-going road work from Dari to Chambang has been stopped and allegedly damaged by some miscreants due to non-payment of contractors’ pending bill, informed All Chambang Area Youth Forum.

The Youth Forum appealed to the authorities concerned to immediately release contractors’ pending bills for smooth execution of the road which is considered to be the life-line of people of the area. Otherwise, it would be left with no other option than to go for democratic movement for fulfilling its demand, ACAYF said.


Quake felt in NE states

Shillong: A slight intensity earthquake hit the North Eastern states in the early hours today, official sources said.

The tremor, measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale occurred at 0710 hours IST with the epicentre located along Manipur-Tamenglong-Assam border region.

It was felt in parts of Assam, Meghalaya and Manipur, the sources added.

However, there was no report of loss of any life and property or anyone being injured from anywhere, the officials added.

The NE states lies in zone five of the seismic map, making the states highly susceptible to earthquakes.


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