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December - 16


Let there be free and frank discussion

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate that the road to civilization has become a bone of contention. Before the editor declines any more clarification regarding the mentioned road, I want to clarify and share certain facts.

Firstly, I would humbly request the MLA to get his facts and figures right before leveling any charges. The total sanctioned amount of Dari - Chambang Road measuring 40 km is 34.14 Lakhs of which NABARD granted 27.33 lakhs  and the rest of 6.74 crores was contributed in the form of PM Package/SPA ( as per the 80:20 Norm). It was not 41.05 Crores as naively alleged by the  MLA. I would advise him get it ascertain from the planning department & PWD too. But if indeed it is 41.05 crores as alleged by  the MLA he should explain where is that excess 6.91 crores and how it came!!

Secondly, in the mentioned road there was no undue intervention on my part as my intention was to complete the road at the earliest. The work was purely distributed based on merit by the department to the various contractors. These facts can be ascertained by the engineers and other staff of the division as they continue to hold their post at present also.

Thirdly, the fact that this is the only completed motorable road funded by NABARD in the entire district since independence speaks volume of my sincerity and honesty and my sense of obligation towards the development of the region and the actual work done by the contractors.

Fourthly, by raising the mismanagement of fund without any evidence and based on concocted figures, has questioned my integrity. As a pointer, during my tenure all the MLA LAD fund and SPA was entirely used in infrastructural development and asset creation in the area which can be verified from the concern department and general public. I feel, I need not clarify any further.

My advice to the present MLA would be to concentrate on the issues in hand rather than sniffing around and fueling vindictive allegation. If he may, could take a cue from me. During my tenure I learned that the TALARIANG TO YANGTE ROAD sanctioned in 2001 under NABARD (12 crore) was nowhere near completion although the fund was completely exhausted. It included a critical bridge over river Panyi, which was nowhere to be seen. As I felt the development was more important and the roads completion a necessity, without politicizing and creating any fuss, on my tireless personal insistence I got the revised sanction for the road and made the road motorable and convinced the then Chief Engineer, western Zone (Tomi Ete) to accord an English bridge from Pasighat over river Panyi ( for which I am thankful), which happened to be the first in the region.

The Hon’ble MLA will know this as he himself inaugurated this bridge on 2009 before election, as District Zilla Chairperson.

I would again request him to clear the payments of the deserving contractors against the said road without any bias and restore peace in the area and instead of mud slinging to concentrate on the schemes I have initiated and to complete it. And also to avoid bizarre drills such as, the proposed PA to Chambang road sent during my tenure for sanctioning, the incumbent MLA has resent it as proposed Chambang to PA. indeed a bizarre and mind boggling logic.

If still unsatisfied I am open for scrutiny; let the concern department be there and general public too for open and frank discussions.


Balo Raja (Ex-MLA)

18th Palin Chambang,



This APP personnel deserve award

Dear Editor,

We the people of Pangin-Boleng would like to congratulate the Arunachal Pradesh Police department for having a brave soldier like Ct. Tanyup Tamuk of Pangin-Boleng I/C special Branch. We are delighted to have him amidst us with his dashing zeal to undertake any operation/duty entrusted to him. He is honest to his duty and the vigor to keep the prestige of his department high is  commendable for which the department deserves compliments.

His  commendable service is departmentally awarded like turn out by the APP DIG, East in 1999 and Commendation Certificate by AIGP APP twice for his valor.

There are many instances where he was found to be dutiful accomplishing the desired results astonishingly in the assigned task. His last dreaded rescue  operation against a kidnapping case was appreciable and he deserves a National Bravery Award for his act of bravery.

We believe that there are other  courageous personnel in the police department who also truly deserve awards. We earnestly urged the State Govt, particularly the police department to present awards on historic day like Republic day and Independence Day to encourage them.

We believe that the brave soldiers will never let down the expectations of the Govt.  and the people.


Kokom Taloh

Taku Darang

Orin Padung




Media is our best messenger

Dear Editor,

This is apropos  the news item “Journalists at receiving end…” (Dec 14) .  I am deeply shocked to know  that two women journalists were physically assaulted and abused by unknown person.

I appeal all organizations and unions of the state to cooperate with media. They serve us, help us, give us. We only take from media and give none.

Without media, we can not express our opinion regarding development and highlight corruption activities of the state.  Media is our best friend as they help us informed on any matter.

I appeal to state Govt  to provide security for media persons who are devotedly working for citizens, consider their demand seriously and arrest the accused as soon as possible.


Tayor Mize

Itanagar (on email)




All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


The Birth of Congress (I) in Arunachal Pradesh

Nani Bath and Nyajum Lollen

What many do not  know about the formation of a unit of Congress(I), which laid the foundation of party politics in Arunachal Pradesh, is that the idea of such formation was discussed at a meeting of  Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee.

It was sometime in November/December, 1972 that P.K. Thongun, the then Chief Councilor and Wangpha Lowang, Councilor of Pradesh Council were allowed to attend  and participate in the meeting of MPPC at Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee Office, Shillong. General Yazi, All India Congress Committee, General Secretary was the representative from Congress High-command. In the meeting,  Thungon and  Wangpha reported to Gen. Yazi about a necessity of having a unit of Congress (I) opened in Arunachal Pradesh. A year later, in February 1973, the former Prime Minister, P.V. Narashima Rao, then General Secretary, ACCI visited Shillong.  Thungon along with Wangpha Lowang and C.C. Gohain, then nominated Member of Parliament visited  Rao and extracted green signal from him to open a unit of Congress (I).

First unit of Congress (I) was opened with C.C. Gohain and Wangpha Lowang as President and General Secretary respectively of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee. P.K. Thungon was made as the Vice-President. At that point of time district and block units could not be opened as the Capital of Arunachal Pradesh was still functioning from Shillong. With the shifting of capital from Shillong to Itanagar, in 1974, a General Meeting was held at Central School, Naharlagun. It was attended by delegates from various districts and blocks from different parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Gora Pertin was elected as the new President of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee.

It is learnt that late Tomo Riba was not in favour of opening of the unit of Congress (I) as he was actively influenced by regional ideology propagated by regional leaders in some North eastern states, particularly that of Captain Williamson Sangma, the then Chief Minister of Meghalaya. All Parties Hill Leaders Conference, which was formed by hill leaders of North East India in order to counter ‘Assamese hegemony’, was extremely popular during those days. Immediate cause of the formation of APHLC was the Official Language Bill of 1960, making Assamese as official language of the state of Assam, which then included Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram.

In 1975, Pradesh Council was converted into Provisional Legislative Assembly with Council of Ministers. There were two potential candidates for the post of Chief Minister- Chief Councilor, P. K. Thungon and Tomo Riba, Councilor. Chief Minister’s candidature was decided through informal secret voting by the members of Pradesh Council. P.K. Thungon was elected as the Chief Minister and Tomo Riba became Minister (Agriculture). There were three other ministers: Sobeng Tayeng, Wangpha Lowang and Tadar Tang.

P.K. Thungon, after becoming the Chief Minister, is said to have visited various places of Arunachal Pradesh to open districts and block units of Congress (I). Kameng District Congress Committee was the first DCC, according to Thungon, who along with Wangpha Lowang had gone to Bombdila immediately after formation of PCC at Naharlagun.

Quite surprisingly, a month after Janata Party came to power at the Centre, the Pradesh Congress Committee met in a session in Itanagar on April 1977 and extended its cooperation in ‘all matters of constructive development’ of the Union Territory with the party. In May, 1977 almost entire members of Congress (I) joined the Janata Party. As a result, ‘Congress leaders’ contested the first Legislative assembly election in 1978 as Janata Party Candidates. Gora Pertin became Arunachal Pradesh Janata Party Chief.

There was only one Congress (I) candidate in 1978 election- Tasso Grayu from Ziro Assembly Constituency (now Ziro-Hapoli). Our records speak that  Grayu is the only political leader in the state who has been remaining loyal to the Congress party throughout his political career. His loyalty needs recognition and is worth emulating.

We are made to understand that Thungon-led Congress government changed political coat and joined Janata Party with ‘specific instruction’ from the President of Congress (I), Indira Gandhi. Indira knew that she was coming back to power and wanted P.K. Thungon to be with Janata Party for time being so that he does not face the harassment of the Central government. This version of  Thungon seems not very convincing.

The first popularly elected Legislative Assembly, replacing the Provisional Legislative Assembly constituted on August 1975, was constituted after February, 1978 Assembly election. Janata Party government, under the Chief Ministership of P.K. Thungon was formed. Tadar Tang, Sobeng Tayeng, Gegong Apang and Nokmey Namati were included in his Council of Ministers.

The first Legislative Assembly did not last long. The second Legislative Assembly election had to be called within two years of the first one because of political instability in the Union Territory. The second Legislative Assembly election, which was held in 1980, saw the resurrection of Congress (I). Once Congress leaders, who turned into Janata Party leaders, returned back to Congress (I) and contested in Congress (I) tickets. The results of the second Assembly election show that the PPA and Congress-I emerged absolutely balanced with 13 seats each. The Congress (I) could form the government with the help of some defectors from PPA. Gegong Apang became the Chief Minister. Since then, the winning graph of Congress (I) remained steady except on two occasions when Arunachal Congress and BJP came to the power for a brief period of time.

The love and respect for Nehru-Gandhi family has been one of the factors responsible for close and affectionate association of the tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh with ‘Hand’, the election symbol of Congress (I). Pt. Nehru’s five principles for tribal development were primarily designed for the development of the people of NEFA. The grant of the status of Union territory and statehood to Arunachal Pradesh was considered as a gift from Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi respectively. The old generation people still identify themselves with the party (Congress - I) that they consider legendary.

However, the future of party politics, including that of Congress (I), in Arunachal Pradesh is extremely dark. It is hard to find political leaders who campaign in the name of party, and even harder to find voters voting for a political party. Let us not talk about ideology. What we see today is the politics of clan, community and cash.

Organizational structure of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee, apparently,    looks fantastic. But a visit to the Rajiv Bhavan for any kind of information is an experience for a researcher. Nobody knows or is willing to talk even about the history of the great Indian National Congress in the state. No record of any sort is made available for academic interpretation. The Seva Dal Office in Naharlagun looks no different from any slum colony in Calcutta or Bombay because of repeated Melas in its premises. This made us to wonder: Is Arunachal Pradesh so devoid of human resources?

May we suggest the President, AICC to create a Research Cell especially for Arunachal Pradesh! Otherwise, the party would be in very bad shape in the days of competitive party politics.

This article is based on personal interview with P.K. Thungon, former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh. The authors can be contacted at neipsa@rediffmail.com.


Former MP writes PM on Chinese visa issue

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Former MP Kiren Rijiju has appealed the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  to raise issue of denying visa to Arunachal Pradesh officials by Chinese embassy.

In a letter to Prime Minister, the former MP said ‘as you are aware that officials and diplomatic passport holders from Arunachal Pradesh are denied visa by the Chinese Embassy causing lots of anger and protest in Arunachal Pradesh’.

On  the eve of the visit of Chinese premier Wen Jiabo to India, Rijiju feels that it is proper opportunity to raise the issue and push for amendments in Chinese Policy.

While appreciating confidence building dialogue of both the countries including the talks on boundary disputes, the former MP said  although the people of Arunachal Pradesh do not think that  the state is a disputed territory but due to Chinese position India is talking on boundary issues including Mc Mohan Line in Arunachal Pradesh.

China is increasingly becoming the hub of global economy and the major international activities and events are taking place in China, but due to rejection of visas, the officials from Arunachal are denied from attending and taking parts in those vital international events, he said.

As India is reportedly taking up the issue of stapled visa to Kashmiris with the Chinese premier, it is pertinent to raise the Arunachalee visa issue also, the former MP said. While the talks on boundary issue is going on and may take long time, the officials from Arunachal may be issued normal visas to have a better bond between the two great nations, he observed.

He further said that  the Look East Policy of Govt. of India can not be complete unless border trade with China is established. It will be of great importance if a de-facto border trade route is started with China through Arunachal in few historical trade routes which remained closed since 1962, he said.

Arunachal Pradesh has become a prisoner of its frontiers. 85 percent of our international boundary is with China and unless we get access with China through trade and people to people contact Arunachal will remain a land beyond horizon, the former MP observed.


Byaling to inaugurate NE-AIPS conference

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: The Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council (APMC) in collaboration with  General Hospital, Naharlagun and  state NRHM and Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) will organise a two-day annual conference of the 7th North East Chapter of Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons (NE-IAPS) at Itanagar and Naharlagun on Dec 18 and 19 respectively.

State Health and Family Welfare Minister Tanga Byaling will inaugurate the conference at Banquet Hall on Dec 18.  The first day programme will comprise of sessions on CME and lectures by the  guest resource person, while there will be live operation  session by Dr Ravi Ramadwar, a renowned paediatric laparoscopic surgeon from Mumbia at General hospital on second day of the programme.

Large number of doctors including surgeons, paediatricians, gynaecologists and anaesthetists from all districts including Capital Complex are expected to take part in the conference.


Arunachal lifters shine at international event

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Lifters from Arunachal Pradesh have once again brought laurels to the state by winning three international medals--two gold and a bronze-- in Malaysia.

Yukar Sibi, the 2008 Youth Commonwealth Games  silver medalist, won a Gold each in  Commonwealth Youth Games and Continental Grand Prix  in 62 kg category while Soram Hitlar Tagru, another emerging lifter, won a bronze in boys 62 kg category  in Commonwealth Youth Games yesterday.

Yukar lifted a total of 259 kg (110 +150) in Men’s Junior category in Youth Commonwealth Games and 268 kg (109+159+) in Continental Grand Prix held in Penang, Malaysia while Tagru had an effort of 212 kg. Both Sibi and Tagru hail from Tali area of Kurung Kumey district and they are presently training at Army Sports Institute, Pune.

Tagru, 14, was selected under “Catch them Young”, a talent scouting scheme initiated by Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen. JJ Singh.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Olympic Association (AOA) and MP Takam Sanjay congratulated the weightlifters duo for winning the most coveted medals.

Describing them as role models for the young generations, both AOA and Sanjoy said that the lifters duo deserves congratulations from all sections of the society for fetching international gold medals for the state as well as country.

Sanjoy, also president of Arunachal Pradesh Football Association, has been stressing on promotion of games and sports in the state.

AOA, while expressing its gratitude to Arunachal Weightlifting Association president Techi Abraham and Secretary Daniel Teli for their hardwork and dedication to produce players of such calibre, thanked Army management group for conducting a talent search across the state in January last and exposing them to international  level competitions which ulmitmately bore fruits.

Meanwhile, AOA thanked Home Minister Tako Dabi, Commissioner Home, DGP, DIGP (S) and all other officers and officials of Police department for recruiting meritorious sports persons in the Police department and hoped that other departments will follow suit.


NERIST impasse ends

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: In the last few days premier technical institute of state North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) has going through turmoil with factionalism developing among the employees. NERIST was virtually non-functioning with section of employees staging agitation seeking fulfillment of their demands. To end this deadlock today a consultative meeting was  held at NERIST, guest house.

Members of All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU), North-East Students Organization (NESO), All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU), Galo Students Union (GSU), Director NERIST, United NERIST Employed Association and representatives of faculty members were present during the meet. After long discussion, every member present resolved to end this crisis and first step towards this will be calling off ongoing agitation by United NERIST Employed Association from today.

Meeting also resolved that resignation letter submitted by present NERIST Director shall be withdrawn and thereby this resignation letter stand revoked. Further everyone present resolved that director and agitating employees organization will maintain cordial relation so that atmosphere of NERIST campus is not polluted with internal politics. To thrash fear of local contractual employees, it was decided that director NERIST will ensure the continuity of contractual group C and D employee as required. Director will also pursue demands of employees which include up gradation of hand receipt to contingency and regularization of contractual appointees under grade C and D during the next board of meeting. Meeting also authorized student bodies like NESO, AAPSU and ANSU to pursue the demand of employees with chairman of BOM. Meanwhile AAPSU President Takam Tatung has urged state government to take special care of NERIST. “NERIST is considered to be one of the best technical institute of NE regions and if our state government does not give special attention, then this pride of state will also go way ward. We would request state government to keep a close eye on functioning of NERIST for betterment of this institute,” said Takam Tatung. He also urged public not to interfere in the functioning of NERIST. “People should understand that NERIST is pride for us and it’s our duty to preserver this institute. NERIST offers best chance to poor Arunachalees who can’t afford to study outside state to pursue their dream of taking up technical degrees,” said Tatung.


No militant hideouts in Arunachal: Minister

GUWAHATI, Dec 15: Arunachal Pradesh Home minister Tako Dabi today claimed that there were no militant hide-outs in Arunachal Pradesh.

Talking to reporters at Tezpur in northern Assam’s Sonitpur district, Dabi said, ''There is no question of militants taking shelter in Arunachal Pradesh. Our state police and government are constantly on the vigil against the militants.''

He pointed that Arunachal police had arrested seven NDFB militants in the current year and added that the state was taking help of paramilitary forces to tackle insurgents.

Dabi, visited Seijosa, where NDFB militants had shot dead passengers of a bus last month, and reviewed the security arrangements. He said Assam and Arunachal Pradesh governments have agreed for joint operations against militants and police forces of both states,  along with army and para-military forces, were carrying out these operations. The Arunachal minister stressed on peaceful solution to the insurgency problems of North East for the all round development of the region.

The governments must start peace talks immediately as resolving the militancy problem is crucial to development of the region,'' Dabi added. UNI


60th Death Anniversary of Iron Man of India observed

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), Arunachal Unit as part of 125 years of Indian National Congress observed the 60th death anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Itanagar today.

All the INTUC, AP Unit members, its frontal wings and APCC members attended the function.

Speaking on the occasion, Parliamentary Secretary Industries Nabam Rebia briefed about the life and achievement of the Iron Man of India and appealed the gathering to follow the ideologies and foot steps of Patel to maintain peace, tranquility and communal harmony in the state and the country.

Resource person Dr. Apurva Ranjan of DN Government College, Itanagar also highlighted about the life, achievement and ideologies of Patel.

INTUC, AP Unit Secretary General Jalley Sonam and executive member Kenkar Yomcha, and APCC General Secretary T C Tok also spoke on the occasion. They appealed the members of the Trade union to maintain unity and work hard for the all round development of the state and the country.

Earlier, the gathering paid a floral tribute to the portrait on the Iron Man of India and the INTUC, AP unit distributed pamphlet on the achievement of Patel.

Sardar Ballabhai Patel was born in October 31, 1875 in Nadiad in Gujarat and died in December 15, 1950.

He successfully led Kheda Satyagraha and Bardoli revolt against British government. He was elected as Congress President in 1931 session in Karachi and later became Independent India’s first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister.

He played a key role in political integration of India. Most importantly, there were 565 princely states in India at that time. Some of the Maharajas and Nawabs who ruled over these states were sensible and patriotic. But most of them were drunk with wealth and power. They were dreaming of becoming independent rulers once the British quit India. They argued that the government of free India should treat them as equals. Some of them went to the extent of planning to send their representatives to the United Nation Organization. However, Patel invoke the patriotism of India’s monarchs, asking them to join in the freedom of their nation and act as responsible rulers who cared about the future of their people.

With great wisdom and political foresight, he consolidated the small kingdoms and particularly tackled the Nizam of Hydrabad and the Nawab of Junagarh who initially did not want to join India. Due to the achievement of these massive task without much bloodshed, Sardar Patel got the title of "Iron Man".


Group of legislators conduct exposure visit

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: A group of legislators from all political parties of Arunachal Pradesh led by PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki,  who is also APCC  president made  a tour of Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Singapore and Thailand from Nov 26 and Dec 13. The exposure tour was intended to study the development of tourism infrastructure, culture and tradition of various ethnic groups living in those countries. This was a first time foreign visit undertaken by most of the legislators, according to a release.

There was no expenditure involved either from the state exchequer or was the tour financed by any private businessman, company or organisation, the release said and added that former MP Kiren Rijiju, coordinated the tour. The legislators and others who had participated in the tour are—PWD and UD Minister  Nabam Tuki, WRD & CA Minister Atum Welly, Parliamentary Secretary (Cooperation  & Health)  Nido Pavitra, Parliamentary Secretary (SW,W&CD) Newlai Tingkhatra, Parliamentary Secretary (IT) Jomde Kena, Parliamentary Secretary (Hydro Power) R. T. Khunjuju, Parliamentary Secretary (Transport) Karikho Kri, and MLAs Tapuk Taku, Tani Loffa, Er. Markio Tado, Dr Tangor Tapak, former MP Kiren Rijuju,  former minister Thupten Tempa.

During their exposure visit, the team observed the development of tourism infrastructure, communications like -roadways, waterways, metro lines, train services, ropeways, their planning and management of forest resources preservation, wildlife protection and marine life and environment protection, preservation and promotion of ancient cultural heritage of various ethnic groups  thereby promoting culture tourism. During the entire tour, all the delegates had gained first hand knowledge of the developed nations of East and South East Asia and this will go a long way in the implementation of the "Look East Policy" of the Govt. of India.

The group is of the opinion that such tours should be organised and sponsored by the Govt. and NGOs for the people from various walks of life, the release said.


Dabi visits Seijosa, emphasizes on mutual understanding in boundary area

SEIJOSA, Dec 15:  In order to take stock of the internal security of the Seijosa, especially aftermath of 8th November incident at Naomara, state Home Minister Tako Dabi today inspected 3rd IRBn HQ at Monai under Seijosa Sub-Division and the infrastructure development of the IRBn HQ. He also visited Seijosa Police station and interacted with the OC, SDPO and Jawans and enquired about the functioning of the PS and the facilities available.

Later the Home Minister interacted with the public and the Govt. officials at PWD inspection Bugalow. After hearing grievances of the public the minister informed that he had a talked with the Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi about the law and order problem faced by the people at both side of the border. He said that in order to maintain peace and tranquility in the border a mutual understanding and cooperation of the people of both side of the border are needed to diffuse tension which popped up in the recent past.

As both the state is being headed by the same party, he expressed his hope that a solution of the vexed boundary problem shall be come up through a talk between both the govts.

Condemning the incident of 8th November last  as most dangerous and inhuman act, Dabi informed that the Assam-Arunachal relation is very good at present but the only problem is boundary dispute which he believed will be solved through the talked between two govt.

Regarding the development of the people sharing the boundary, he empathetically pointed out that unless there is mutual understanding and cooperation between the people along the boundary, the development of the area is not possible.

Coming onto the people, Dabi Said that our people must understand their responsibilities irrespective of their  position and status in the society adding that most of our people are of lethargic nature and that they need to do away with their nature or to mend their way in order to develop the state.

Ex-ZPM, Taram Nyare representing the local people placed the grievances of the people of the Seijosa and apprised the minister about law and order situation in the area especially after the 8th Nov incident that perpetrates and causes the fear psychosis among the people especially the non-local.

Seijosa-Dissing Passo ZPM, Maya Dolo while submitting the memorandum on behalf of the people, asked for the establishment of A-class police station with adequate police personnel, the construction of compound wall along the police Check gate, the placement of fund for the construction of road from Seijosa to Dissing-passo, posting of forest official and mineral guards, development of infrastructure for the Seijosa police station and improvement of over all law and order in Seijosa township.

Earlier, Seijosa ADC, Kento Riba also apprised him of the law and order situation in the Sub-division.  D.  Srivastava, DIG, Hq who accompanied the Home Minister, SP, Kime Aya , 3rd-IRBn Commandant, T. Karaga, senior Congress leader Kameng Dolo, the govt. officials and the PRI leaders were present in the meeting at PWD IB, Seijosa. DIPRO


Mali urges BLOs to play crucial role in electoral enrolment

ANINI, Dec 15: The election roll observer Nani Mali, who is also joint secretary industries, arrived at Anini and held meeting with the ERO, AERO and block level officers (BLOs) and other election staff at district election office.

While addressing the electoral officers, Mali urged them all to work relentlessly and said that  the motto of everyone involved in the enrolment process should be to educate and aware the villagers about their right to vote and motivate to get enrolled themselves in electoral roll.

Bamin, Nime, EAC cum ERO gave brief deliberation on the status of revision process in respect of the district. He also informed the gathering that only one person is left to achieve cent percent EPIC coverage.   Number of cases for addition, deletion and transposition were also brought to the notice of all present.

Mali further said that BLOs have a crucial role to play in the whole process for ensuring cent percent enrolment of voters in electoral roll. Addition and deletion in E roll must be done with utmost care and concern, he said. BLOs are to co-ordinate with Block Level Agent (BLAs) of all active political parties of the area to seek assistance for identification and authentication of genuine cases.

Later interacting with the leaders of different political parties, Mali underscored the importance of election roll in democracy and the role of all political parties in the ensuing revision process. He requested all the leaders of different political parties to act diligently in appropriate time to thwart any kind of untoward and unwarranted complication which may arise during the time of election. He appealed all party leaders to extend cooperation and assistance in bringing true voting populace of the district.

Further, Mali asked the leaders to keep in constant touch with District Election Office to acquaint themselves with latest election guidelines.  DIPRO


Exposure visit on technology dev. promotion of horticulture

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: A ten days exposure visit of farmers on “Technical Know How and promotion of Horticulture” to Himachal Pradesh was organized by KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra) Dirang in West Kameng  district  from Nov 23 to  Dec 8.  The programme was sponsored by NHB (National Horticulture Board) under Union  Ministry of Agriculture, Gurgoan.

Altogether 30 farmers participated in the exposure visit escorted by two KVK officials. The main aim and objective of the exposure visit was to make the farmers aware of the latest technology and scientific methods for cultivation of various fruits and vegetables precisely for Himalayan belt.

Dr.Jagmohan Badyal, HoD (Horti),CSKHPKV, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh  was very keen on  discussing and sharing about the latest technologies and scientific methods on how to harvest and also on post harvest management of fruits relating to various diseases and there remedies. He also emphasized on marketing as well as packaging of the fruits specially Kiwi and Apple.

Dr N.K. Pandey, Agri Extention, Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, spoke over various methods for  cultivation of potato in Himalayan belt. He also made the farmers well aware about marketing, by means of accurate grading and packaging, selection of suitable planting and packaging material to retain nutrient quality and to reduce vegetable damages by adopting scientific methods.

Dr S.K.Gupta Programme Coordinator KVK Kandaghat , Solan, Himachal Pradesh, gave information on budding  of ornamental flowers and their commercialization. He also gave knowledge on various fruit preservation through food processing.  The farmers expressed gratitude to the personnel of VKV for there role in making the  tour a  grant success.


Pappu Vikings thrashed Kameng Legions

SEPPA, Dec 15: Pappu Vikings thrashed the Kameng Legions by 7 wickets in a league level match in Late Yaja Waii Memorial T20 Championship 2010-11 at Seppa ground today.  

Batting first after winning the toss, Legions suffered early jolt as their opener Raju Pegu was out for a duck in the very first over followed  by skipper Kirba Sora bowled by Muddu Muri. In-form batsman R.B Saha’s wicket was claimed by Hira Natung.  

Aitty Singhi claimed three wickets conceding  8 runs including, the wicket of  hard-hitting player Mridul Dutta ( 12). He was caught by Prem Saha at long off. Jorjo Sono Yangfo hit couple of boundaries before was run out by Vijay Rimo.

In reply, Papu Vikings eased past the target of 97 run with more than six overs to spare. Banu Lollen and Muddu Muri  put on 57 runs for the opening wicket.  Lollen scored 41 runs from 30 deliveries which included four sixes and three hits to the fence.

The winning run came from Kaling Natung’s bat in 13.2 overs.

Tarin Mije bagged 3 wickets conceding 35 runs

Earlier in the morning, the lowly Passa Sumurais recorded their first victory in the championship  defeating Kiyan Ninjas by 39 run.

Passa Samurais set a target of  112 runs before the Ninjas in 20 overs to win after they won the toss and chose to bat first. While chasing the target Ninjas were skittled out for 79 runs in 15.5 overs.

The man of the match award went to Sanjay Sharma of Samurais for his 4 wicket haul.


FLD and field day organized by KVK, Tirap

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tirap has been regularly conducting Front Line Demonstration (FLD) on oilseed and pulses as a part of mandatory extension activities.  

Continuing its activities, KVK conducted a day-long field day programme on scientific cultivation of French bean variety- Pusa parvaty at Bate colony, Deomali on Dec 14 in presence of extension functionaries of agriculture department, Deomali. Simanta Kr. Kalita, SMS (Agronomy) discussed the details on cost of cultivation, benefit and cost ratio of scientific cultivation of pusa parvaty variety among the farmers. Pranabjit Phukan SMS (Agril. Extension) discussed the role of modern agriculture in upliftment of self help group of farmers in the programme.

It may be mentioned here that during this  year front line demonstrations have been conducted in different locations of Tirap district on rapeseed (var. TS 38) - 4.0 ha, sesamum (variety AST 1683)- 7.0 ha, blackgram (variety Pant U 19)- 1.0 ha  and French bean (variety - Pusa parvati) 2.0 ha involving  a total of 39  direct beneficiaries.


World Human Rights Day celebrated  

WAKRO, Dec  15: The World Human Rights Day was observed with devotion and festivity in Wakro on the 10th December in the presence of Sri Sri Kulavadhuta Satpurananda.

Enlightening on understanding Human Rights the visiting Master said- “to ensure securing Human Rights for all, it is important that everyone has a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy energy, freedom of thought and healthy judgement. In the present times most of us are living in Fear and Insecurity. We are afraid of the Terrorists, Price Rise, Bureaucrats & Rules and we are also afraid of ourselves as we lack self confidence. To follow the Dharma of Humanism is the way to ensure Human Rights to all. Humanism is the greatest religion and to follow the Dharma of Humanism one must begin by stopping the habit of finding faults with others and focus on ones self transformation and growth. We must learn to see how even the most faulty person has many positives. As we practice this, Problems will Dissolve and Disputes will be Resolved.”

Sri Sri Satpurananda also performed a Havan in the newly constructed Uma Girls’ Hostel of KGBV Wakro. The Uma Girls’ Hostel has two dormitories, one the GEETA HOUSE named in gratitude to the Army and AWWA and SYEDA HOUSE.

The Annual VINEETA Sports Meet was also organized. The Day was marked with a graceful Traditional Mishmi Dance by KGBV girls, impressive Skit on selfless service with a humane approach by the Apnes and the Community participated by presenting songs and dances.  Maj. Himanshu of the 26 MLI and O.S. Chandran, Asstt. Commissioner of SB attended the function along with Guests from Tezu.


If beneficial, dams are good: Arunachal minister

Guwahati, Dec 15: Arunachal Pradesh Home Minister Tako Dabi today supported construction of big dams if such projects could ensure development.

''If big dams can ensure economic development and create employment opportunities, it is good,'' Dabi told reporters at Tezpur in northern Assam’s Sonitpur district.

He, however, refused to comment directly on the Lower Subansiri Hydro-electric project along Assam-Arunacahl border.

''I have not read the expert committee report yet and it will be improper for me to comment on it,'' he said.

The Lower Subansiri project, being implemented by the NHPC, has led to a major debate in Assam, with civil society organisations, citing expert panel reports, claiming that big dams in Arunachal could have catastrophic impact on downstream areas in Assam.

The Assam government has so far been maintaining that it will oppose any dam that will adversely effect the state, while the Arunachal government is supporting the dams, pointing that such constructions are made only after thorough scientific studies. UNI






ANYA reacts

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Expressing surprise that the district and sessions court (west) judge issued an order restraining him from functioning as president of the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) ‘without either serving him a summon letter or a copy of the order’, Taring Mama today accused the judge of releasing the order in ‘high secrecy’ which he said has created panic among the ANYA activists.

Saying that the judge’s order also coincided with the ANYA’s demand for ‘shifting the Lower Subansiri district headquarters to Yachuli’, Mama alleged that the order was ‘politically motivated’, and urged the judge to refrain from such act.


Disruption in tender process denounced

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: The Swtam Aajin Society (SAS), Talo in Lower Subansiri district  has condemned the unfortunate incident during submission of open tender documents by registered firms and agencies for construction and formation cutting of the road from Yachuli to Gerukamukh via Mai, Pochu, Pei on Monday.

In a release, the Society alleged that a group of people armed with lethal weapons denied eligible contractors to participate in the tendering process. Whie condemning the incident,   the Society further alleged that some politically vested persons were creating ‘divide and rule’ policy in the area. As per tender norms, every firms/agencies has equal right to participate in the tender process, the Society said and appealed to all to maintain peace and refrain from unwanted things. It further said that local administration and MLA should take responsibility for such unfortunate incident.


Central team on Tawang visit

TAWANG, Dec 15: Chief Election Officer Arunachal Pradesh Yeshi Tsering along with a Central Team is on a visit to Tawang. The central team included Satish Kumar and Dr. Subodh Kumar.  

The team was accompanied by Ankur Garg, Secy to Governor, DC Gamli Padu, SP S.N. Mosobi, Heads of departments and district officials during their visit.

The dignitaries are scheduled to visit PTso Lake, Brandungchong Ani Gompa, Tawang Monastery and War Memorial. DIPRO


Relax qualification, says AEKSU

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: All East Kameng Students’ Union (AEKSU), All West Kameng Students’ Union and All Tawang District Students’ Union in joint meeting appealed to the authroties concerned to relax the minimum educational qualification for APST candidate for recruitment of teachers under SSA which was  published in local dailies on December 7 last.

It also urged Government to maintain transparency while conducting interview and allot quota of posts  in district wise failing which AEKSU threatened to launch democratice movement.


First matriculate in undivided Tirap dies

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Chathan Wangcha, wife of Late K.D. Menon expired in Aditya Hospital, Dibrugarh on 12th Dec after a prolonged illness. Born on 29th June, 1940 at Longthan (Laptang) village Late Chathan Wangcha was first Matriculate during undivided Tirap District (NEFA) and was one of the Pioneers of encouraging girl education.

She later married with KD Memon, IFAS who was one of the towering administrators in erstwhile NEFA. Late Chathan is survived by 3 sons and one daughter.

Hearing the news of Chathan’s death Arunachal Assembly Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong, DC, Tirap, Chiefs from various villages including Borduria, Namsang, Khela, Kheti, Dadam and leaders from Tirap paid their last respect to Late Chathan and prayed to Almighty Rang for peace of the departed soul. Khonsa Bazar remained closed on 13th Dec as a mark of respect to departed soul.


Awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: A one-day awareness cum orientation programme on RCH and HIV/ AIDS was conducted by MM Charitable Trust at Dullane primary school, Basarnalo yesterday. The programme was  attended by the chairman, project coordinator of MMCT, ASHAs and Gram Chairperson of Basarnalo.


Joint patrolling to save wildlife

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Coinciding with the World Mountaineering Day, Natural Care and Disaster Management Society, Ziro, the Village Bio-diversity Conservation Committee and the Divisional Forest Office, Ziro conducted a joint patrolling at Hong Village Forest to save the wild animal on Dec 12.

The Society in a release today said that in spite of repeated prohibition order by the Lower Subansiri district administration and awareness campaign to save forest and wildlife, the hunting dose not stop. On the other hand the wild animals including endangered species are decreasing day by day due to expansion of development activities, the Society said.

 The Society decided that the patrolling will not be confined to the Hong Village Forest only but it will be conducted to entire Apatani valley by the 15 Villages Biodiversity Conservation Committee throughout the year and offenders will be handed over to the forest department for action as per relevant laws.


Campaign on voter’s day celebration

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Multimedia campaign in connection with national voter’s day celebration was launched today at Yingkiong by Pawan Kumar Sain, deputy commissioner cum DEO Upper Siang district. Various EROs and BLOs attended the programme.

In his address DC urged BLOs to work sincerely so that all the eligible voters are enrolled. Further he informed that main aim of celebrating national voter’s day is to increase enrolment among youths and thereby empowering them to be part of development. DIPRO


Attack condemned

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Executive body of Dibang Adi Students Union(DASU)  has condemned the attack of DDSE’s residence by some miscreants.  We would not tolerate such attacks on genuine and respected Adi officers of Lower Dibang Valley District, the union said and  demanded immediate arrest of the  attackers.




Expert Committee rejects Lower SiangProject EIA, public hearings postponed

Tongam Rina  

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: The public hearings for the  2700 MW Lower Siang Project has been postponed till further orders after the Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) at its meeting held on Dec 11 did not accept the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) prepared by Water and Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS) under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Water Resources. EAC directed that EIA report be prepared as per Terms of Reference (TOR).

The Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) had granted ToR on Aug 3 for conduction of EIA studies, categorically stating that there be comprehensive study covering three seasons’ (base line data) for downstream impact up to Brahmaputra River confluence.

In a clear case of violation of TOR, WAPCOS, the consultant roped in by Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited completed the three seasons study in four months!

In spite of glaring mistakes in the EIA and violation of TOR, Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) announced the dates for public hearings on Nov 15 for three Siang districts.

This is not the first time the Board has been at the receiving ends.  

In May 21, the Ministry of Environment and Forests had directed the APSPCB to scrap the public hearing (May 31) announced for the project for violations and had asked the project developer to submit a revised proposal to the Ministry for a project of 2700 MW. The project proponent, clearly undermining the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan, under EIA Notification 2006 for an installed capacity of 2025 MW jumped to 2700 MW.

Even before the ToR in August, the Expert Appraisal Committee for River Valley and Hydro Electric Projects in July 17 had directed Jaypee to include many critical studies in the Environmental Impact Assessment which had been absent in earlier studies.

The Lower Siang Project with dam site near Bodak, according to preliminary studies, would displace 32 villages covering Mebo, Rebo, Pangin, Katan,Boleng, Riga, Along and Jomlo-Mobuk circles spread across three Siang district due to the various components like dam, colony, camp areas, submergence.


Press fraternity on agitation mode, announces  dharna and boycott of govt news

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and  Arunachal Press Club (APC) in a joint meeting today unanimously decided that series of democratic protests would be launched from tomorrow (Dec 16) onwards in view of continuous attack on press fraternity in the state and for non-action of state machineries in nabbing and punishing the culprits involved.

This decision was taken after two journalists working with The Sentinel Arunachal was assaulted on Dec 13.

The culprit is yet to be nabbed.

Disclosing its modus operandi in a release both the organisations said that Press fraternity shall stage ‘dharna’ at Capital Complex DC’s office and Naharlagun Police Station tomorrow; and beginning from tomorrow till the third day, part of all newspapers in the state shall be blacked-out, if accused is not arrested.

Taking strong exception to the continuous attack and slow process of investigation, all media houses in the state shall boycott all government press release and all government sponsored event of whatsoever scale and in whatsoever form from tomorrow.

From fourth day onwards, all journalists shall resort to indefinite ‘pen-down’ which shall mean that no local newspaper shall hit the news-stands in the state.


Organisations condemns assault on journalists, demands action

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) and    Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society (APWWS) have condemned the assault on women journalists Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen by unknown miscreants on Sunday last. Both the organisations demanded the State Govt to take action against perpetrators of attack on mediapersons.

Recalling the similar attack on two other lady journalists on Feb 18, 2008, the APSCW in a release today reiterated that physical assault on journalists on duty is an indication of negative projection of security status of women in a society where women are otherwise held in high regard.

The Commission urged the state Govt expedite the enquiry process to punish the accused immediately. Arunachal Pradesh has always been known for its respect for the Fourth Pillar of democracy and an immediate enquiry into the incident will uphold that respect, the APSCW chairperson Komoli Mossang said.

Expressing concern over the repeated threat to the fourth  pillar of democracy by unscrupulous persons, Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society said such attack will not only send a wrong message to the outside the state, but will also discourage the media in its relentless contribution to make an informed society in the state.  

The society appealed the state Govt, particularly the law enforcing agencies to nab the accused involved in assault of media persons and also provide security to media fraternity so that they perform their duty fearlessly for development of the state.

Finance Minister Setong Sena, who is also the Minister in-charge of IPR  and Printing, today said ‘he is saddened by the news of assault on two lady journalists on Dec 12 last.

“Journalists are important means of expression of people’s voice –  it’s known to the world. Media plays a pivotal role in a state like Arunachal Pradesh…. citizens must cooperate and respect the freedom of expression as laid down in our Constitution”, he said.

He appealed to all citizens to acknowledge the role of media  and respect the people’s voice through media for a positive democracy in our society Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee also vehemently condemned the physical assault on two lady journalists.  The APPCC appealed  state Govt to nab the culprits and take strong action  against them as per law.

The media is the voice of the people and play vital role in state, the Committee said while adding that “we should not compromise with such unethical act which will damage the image of the state and its people in outer world”.

All Nyishi Students Union has condemned the assault on Sentinel Arunachal newspaper’s two women journalist Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen. In press statement ANSU President Niglar Veo while condemning the assault urged people of Arunachal to start respecting media persons and let them work freely. Galo Students Union has also denounced the physical assault on journalist and asked administration to take strong action against the assaulters.  

Arunachal Public Motor Transport Federation (APMTF) also condemned the assault on female journalists. The media is the main strength of the democratic set up of a nation, the federation said urged the upon the state Govt, particularly city police to arrest the main attacker of journalist immediately.

While condemning assault on women journalists, Dibang Adi Students Union also requested the Govt. for immediate action and give exemplary punishment to those persons who involved in the assault so that such incidents do not happen again in future.


Symmetry Clan is the Red Ribbon Superstar !

APSACS Multimedia Campaign on HIV/AIDS

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Symmetry Clan won the Red Ribbon Superstar contest, the Multimedia Campaign on HIV/AIDS, organised by the Arunachal Pradesh AIDS Control held this evening at IG Park. The band with electrifying Marbom Maro as the vocalist, Sebong Sena on lead Guitar and Pappu Dolo on Bass Guitar, Hage Laji on keyboards and  Koutam Lami on drums enthralled the five thousand plus youngsters with their original composition Vulnerable existence.

They took away home Rs 60000. As a brand ambassador of APSACS, they would take part in the roads shows slated for 20 blocks across the state.

Church of Blood, a death metal band representing Tirap with Musobi on vocals, Kipa Prema as the backing vocals, Tana Doni on rhythm guitar and Tayum kamo on Bass Guiter and Paras Rana on Drums and Puna Nobin on keyboard won the second place. Margin of Error, a band from Seppa  with Vicky Tamang on vocals, Nanu Thapa on lead guitar and Kameng Yangfo on Rhythm guitar and Nishan Sherpa on Bass Guitar and Tassam Gollo on drums won the third place with original score Wake up.  The second and third spot winners took away Rs.40000 and Rs.30000 with trophies respectively.

The contest started with Daporijo Cultural Society singing an original Hindi number on HIV/AIDS after which Siang Star of Aalo followed on with another Hindi number. Black Church from East Siang,Volte Face of Changlang, Tormentors from Lohit, Da Methods from West Kameng were other participants.  Tormentors, with Palin Kabak as the lead vocalist was one of the crowd favourites.

The successful Multimedia Campaign on HIV/AIDS, organised by the Arunachal Pradesh AIDS Control Society kicked off at Daporijo on Nov 10 amidst much fanfare.

The MMC aimed at capitalising on the popularity of local entertainment avenues among youth like music concerts and sports, in its first phase organised the musical competition among the local bands of the state covering nine HIV high prevalent districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

The MMC which shall come to conclusion in Feb next year will also witness State Level Soccer tournament and Road Shows in twenty blocks of Arunachal Pradesh.

APSACS was supported by the Directorate of Higher & Technical Education, Department of IPR, Department of Art & Culture, Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalist, Arunachal Press Club, DDK, Itanagar, AIR, Itanagar and District Administrations.

Finance Minister, Setong Sena who stood in for Chief Minister at the grand finale called on the youths to ensure that Arunachal is a healthy state and advised the youths to give up addiction to drugs and unsafe behaviour.

Addressing the crowd on the occasion, Minister Health & Family Welfare Tanga Byaling said that efforts must be put in by all to ensure that HIV AIDs do not spread. He termed the youths as ambassador of the state and called on them to shoulder the responsibility to spread the awareness on HIV AIDS.

PD (APSACS) Emi Rumi, who managed to connect well with the youngsters with his vibrant imitations of death metal genre also called on the youths to take it upon themselves to spread the message on HIV AIDS so that there is no further spread. Deputy Director IEC Tashor Pali, one of the men behind the show also echoed the same. He termed the event a success with massive participation of youths at all the nine destinations.

The event was managed by Pheonix Rising at all the nine locations.

Parliamentary secretary for Health and Family Welfare, Nido Pavitra, Health Secretary Kaling Tayeng, Daporijo MLA Tapen Siga, Additional DHS Dr. Nishing, Deputy Director Dr Riken Rina  were present on the occasion.

The event also show the a lottery draw sponsored by Techi Lala of Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Bamang Taji of Itanagar Market Welfare Association and Takam Tatung of All Arunchal Pradesh Students Union.

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