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December - 17


Going the Taliban way

Dear Editor,

It was yet again another goondaism in state capital when lady journos were assaulted physically. Arunachal is actually going Taliban way. There is no law when crime is committed by certain section of people being protected by top up political powers. The Police and law is handicapped. Otherwise such criminal would not have guts to break law so easily. We know there are hardest of the criminals even in India’s metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. These criminals are very well organised but they trembles at sight of the Police. They tremble to death at slightest thought of encountering the law keepers. But in Arunachal the local thugs pokes fun at Police walas. What a pity. It is times our govt. take hard steps to curb the criminals and create fear psychosis in the mind of law breakers. Terrorist infested states are more safer to live than in Arunachal especially, state capital. We have not seen Talibanism of Afghanistan but it wont be much different from lawlessness of Arunachal. Nobody feel secure and safe even in day time. Murder, robbery, intimidation, happens in broad daylight and nobody dares to even report to the police. Have you seen such society in today’s world? I have seen even meek looking labourers and women public trash the criminal publicly in Assam. Why public of Arunachal are such cowards. Bazar, colony, sectors should stand up together bravely when crimes are committed in their vicinity and hand over them to the police. Many NGOs including AAPSU are shedding crocodile tears by writing condemnation in papers only. Everybody knows assault on press is condemnable. They should come out in street instead of lip service. Remember that if injustice is happening to your neighbor and you can sleep, wait for your turn because you will be next victims. There are times when injustice cannot be prevented but there should never be time when it cannot be protested. A law that cannot punish the guilty cannot pursuade the citizen to respect and honour its code.


Crusader (on email)



Let’s civilize ourselves

Dear editor,

My day begins with a newspaper. The first thing that I  lay my hands on after I get up is the newspaper. This is the story of millions across the world, for whom the media is the door to the world. The media is the ear and the eye of the people. But it is sad to see that the scenario is entirely different in our dear state. Only recently we had witnessed an incident where a lady journalist was threatened with death and this incident of assault on two lady journalist is the consequence of the failure of the state to make a break through in the earlier case. With each passing incident, the depreciation of the media is increasing and the authorities do not seem to be concerned a bit to protect the interest of the media community who work day and night to bring the facts to us. Why don't the people understand that the journalist are also professionals and they are just trying to do their duty diligently and sincerely when they report something. Freedom of media is a very essential factor for development of any society.

Listening to hard rock and heavy metal, being dressed in the most fashionable attires and moving around in swanky cars don't make a person civilized. Our society and state is in a phase where the people are looking modernized but are not yet civilized. Let's civilize ourselves and then modernisation is bound to follow. And to attain all these, we need powerful media who brings out the truth. Such coercion and use of force curtails their zeal to put in their best efforts to bring out the truth and without a free and fair media every society will sink towards darkness.

So, let the culprits be brought to book and let the media do their job.   


Duge Soki (on email)



A good effort by APSACS

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the Grand Finale of MMC on HIV AIDS.

Thanks a lot to Arunachal Pradesh AIDS Control Society for the wonderful evening which had the dual accomplishment, the most important social message and the platform to the budding talents.

The capital needs such kind of events also as  it is an entertainment starved place and because of this most of the people, especially youth are into gambling, alcohol and many anti-social activities. Music is the best medium especially for the North-Eastern youth to unify for the social cause like AIDS, Drug abuse etc. Everything was great but the sound system during the event was pathetic. Hope the organizer takes note of that.



Itanagar (on email)



An appeal

Dear Editor,

I appeal to All Arunachal Law Students to defer its 12hrs bandh call on 21st of this month as Arunachal Law Academy Students are having its semester exams under RGU guidelines.

It is surprising that ALSU did not take into account the dates of the examinations. I request the ALSU to defer its bandh call till the RGU examinations are over.

However, I appreciate and support the demand of ALSU and request the concern authority to look into the matter with utmost care.


Byabang Ganga (on email)



Modernisation before civilization

Dear editor,

It was shocking to read about the unacceptable treatment meted out to the two young lady journalists (apropos “journalists at recieving end again, give 48 hours ultimatum to govt". Arunachal is jokingly referred to as a land where modernisation has made an entry before civilisation did. Unfortunately such sordid incidents help buttress this kind of sarcastic remark.

We as citizens of a young and budding state must understand that status of a state or a nation is not judged by its mere materialistic prosperity but what matter most is whether the law and order rules the land and whether sense and civility prevail among its citizens. The incident is a bitter reminder of the fact that Arunachal as a civilised and prosperous state has a long way to go.

I as a citizen of this state condemn the act of those thugs involved in the manhandling of lady journalists in strongest sense of the word. Hope the police authorities would ensure that those culprits are booked before the ultimatum expires.



Itanagar (on email)



Let there be peace and development  

Dear Editor,

Recent report of firing incident at Yazali town during filing of tender for propose Yachuli to Dullungmukh road connection is very disturbing. Yachuli constituency is well known all over the state for being intellectual centre of Nyishi community and bringing bad name to such a beautiful area is really discouraging.

During my tenure as MLA of 16th Yachuli constituency with lot of hard work, I had maintained peace in this peaceful region and carried out lot of developmental work. It was during my tenure that circle office post and PWD sub-division office was established at Yazali. These two offices were established to bring in more development in Yazali area. But PWD office has become centre of problem in last one year. Few months ago angry public had locked PWD office over some dispute and now a firing took place in same premises during filing of tender. This development is very disturbing and I am sure like me all the peace loving citizen of 16th Yachuli constituency will be pained by this incident.

I believe that some vested interest is dividing the people and creating such kind of messy situation for their personal benefit.

I being former MLA and a concerned citizen of 16th Yachuli constituency would appeal to the state government to constitute a fact finding committee to prove this firing incident. If administration does not solve such case to a logical conclusion it can have negative impact too. So, before situation gets worse, I appeal state government to intervene and make sure that ordinary citizen of area do not face more trouble in future. I also believe that concerned department in this case PWD should take responsibility for this mess and take some corrective measures so that such kind of incident do not occur again. Also I can’t understand how villagers were allowed to guard PWD office during filing of tender. It is duty of police and administration to protect state assets like government offices. Administration need to answer why villagers were guarding PWD office. It’s sad that these innocent villagers faced so much of trouble because of this whole incident. I think people of Yachuli constituency need to introspect and try to find where things are going wrong. Throughout the state our area is known as intellectual capital of Nyishi and to maintain that tag we should discourage such kind of violent act. I appeal one and all to maintain peace in the area. We should think progressive and work for better development of our region. I believe if we all join hands together, sure we will make 16th Yachuli constituency a better place to live.


Nikh Kamin,

Former MLA

Yachuli constituency



Let the law of land prevail here too

Dear Editor,

Our lovely state Arunachal Pradesh should have been a province of China where scandals seldom happens, scamstars are given death penalty, development are given importance, looters of poor are not spared, where minorities are given priorities, where politics does not divide people based on race and where scamstars are not ruler of the state, because law enforcing agencies are very strong in china.

On the contrary our law enforcing agencies are so corrupted that they have become puppets of politician. I am sure very few politicians have been rich from the time of their forefathers.

Most of the politicians have looted our state treasury to fill their pockets only. So come on and fight with these so called pseudo rich of our state, so that our state is not called Land of khusi khusi. So that there is no more MOU for selling our land to hydro developers, PDS scam, illegal mining of our state coal, oil and other products which are genuinely the properties of our people, which our people have been protecting since time immemorial. Let the laws of land prevail in our state too.


A concerned citizen




No pen down please

Dear Editor,

This is quite irony and disappointing to learn the fact that in spite of brave complaint made by two lady journalist, the police department is yet to nab the miscreant.

I firmly criticize the failure of police department for their feckless effort and also the vacuity of the culprits.

This is an appeal to the concern department for the early solution of the case and I also suggest the culprit to come forward before the claw of law grab his neck.

Last but not the least, I request our press community not to down their pen. Because of misbehavior by some bumpkins other citizens should not be punished. It may lead to a big void in the progress of the state.


Dhon Bagang

Seppa(on email)



Choose a leader that truely leads

Dear editor,

I would like to appeal to all the students of Upper Subasiri District to abstain from indulging in taking money for vote.

We are very happy to learn that apex student's Union of Upper Subansiri district is going to conduct AUSDSU election by the end of January to choose right path traveler leader to lead student community toward prosperity, integrity and progression.

Since many years, I’m observing the task done by All Upper Subansiri District Students Union (AUSDSU). I'm not surprised to see no work done by them and we cannot expect them to do commendable jobs in near future if same type of leaders are chosen again and again.

So many came and go. Some left behind his footmark in corruption and some established his identity in the eyes of MLAs and Ministers.

I would be glad if anyone tells me even a fraction of appreciable job(s) done by them. Some of them uses this Union as a ladder to access to higher level political world. Some sees it as his means and sources of earning his livelihood. Many become good partner with Engineers, MLAs, Ministers and Businessman. Was this your manifestoes or goals? Or it happened unintentionally?

None of them bother about welfare of his student colleagues. They never realised the poor performance of his district's students in state or national level. Outstanding performance of students in UPSC, APPSCE, JEE; NERIST, IITs, AIIMS etc have never been his aim and prospects unlike other districts' students union.

The most realizable fact is, it is not his fault or his inability to work for uplift of students. We should not blame them.

It is our fault to choose corruptive man to lead us. It is our wrong decision to elect wrong path traveller leader, weak moral leader, a leader who rely upon his money and brute power. It is our ability to elect wrong leader and it is our weakness to elect a weaker leader. We should blame yourself for electing someone for money. It is our corruptive instinct who elects them for a penny.

I do appeal to all my dear brother and sister of Upper Subansiri not to elect anyone for money. Any candidates or his supporters who tries to lure the student by giving money indicates that they are already corrupted candidates and they are beginning their journey with corruptive activities. Then how can we expect such person to work for betterments of students which needs a morally wealthy and honest man. Doing so is violation of election code of conducts. This is prime time for us to elect a capable leader who can lead us toward progression, stability, equality, fraternity, integrity, liberty and humanity.


Abotanyi E Tagin

Delhi(on email)



Share the experience

Dear Editor,

The recent exposure tour by the elites of Arunachal Pradesh is indeed a laudable step. The fact that they have not squandered public money is worthy of appreciation. Most often the Indian leaders at the centre organise tours at the expense of the public exchequer. Now, we hope to see some really good changes in the affairs of Arunachal Pradesh. We also hope that the now enlightened few, through print media will give us a glimpse of the changes that we are expecting and the ways they will be achieved.


Bengia Abo (on email)



Selfish designs of few

Dear Editor,

The Lower Siang dist issue is unnecessarily being dragged into controversy. The up gradation of Basar ADC HQ is a due administrative process that takes place in any developing society.

It is difficult to understand the logic behind Likabali's demand. What can the govt do when the place is not feasible for a HQ? The Trans highway would make communication from Likabali to Basar a lot easier, so I don’t see why Likabali should have any hesitation when they have been travelling to Aalo for all these years. Provisions should also be made for inclusion of 36 Nari-Koyu in the proposed new dist.

The govt should carry on with its agenda for the creation of Lower Siang. Arunachal can’t afford to lose a district just for the selfish designs of few.


Marpe Ninu,

Delhi (on email)





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Media fraternity step up protests against repeated assault

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: Even after four days of the assault on two women journalists, the case is yet to make any headway. Reacting to the hapless situation, entire press fraternity including owners of the media houses, editorial teams and journalists of the state, dressed in black, staged a dharna and indulged in slogan shouting in front of the Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner office this morning. Later, the pen-wielding contingent marched to the Naharlagun police station joined by several well-wishers.

On December 12, Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen of The Sentinel Arunachal were assaulted while they were on duty. Irked at the repeated assault and lack of action by the concerned authorities, the journalists had launched a series of democratic protests including boycott of all state government related news reports. After today’s dharna and blacking out of portions of paper, if the culprits are not arrested, the fraternity would initiate pen down protest from December 18 next and no newspaper would hit the stands till the culprit is arrested and punished.

Aghast at the situation, senior journalist Pradeep Kr. Behera said, “We have been victim of such assault so many times and from hereon we can’t be expected to take it lying down.”

Another old hand in the state print media, V Ravindran of Dawnlit Post said that he has been victim of such attacks many times and every time either the culprit went scot free or was let-off within hours of arrest.

Editor of The Arunachal Times, Audrey Apang said, “Continual attack on media is not what we deserve and justice must be delivered well in time.”

Joining the protest was another veteran and editor of Arunachal Front, Nani Kojin who said that people should lend their support so that the journalists can be their voice in a healthy environment.

Reacting on a telephonic report from official sources about ‘zeroing down’ on the culprit, APUWJ and APC reacted sharply and stated that assurance over last 72 hours have not yielded any result and only ‘sweetened words’ would not assuage the pain and agony caused to the fraternity. In the same breathe, the organizations appealed to groups and individuals not to interfere in the matter and give the issue any sort of communal overtone.

“Humiliating assault in presence of several people despite identifying themselves as journalists is clearly an attempt to choke the voice of media. The administration should not delay the arrest or release the sketch of the culprit,” said APUWJ and APC in a joint statement this evening.

Both the media bodies also urged and exhorted civil society organizations to cooperate and support the democratic protests of the media persons.

APUWJ and APC further added that the entire fraternity is clear that they would not settle the issue with any quarter for anything less than exemplary punishment.

“We have had enough,” they added.


Orgs condemns attack on journalists

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: The attack on two senior reporters of The Sentinel Arunachal, Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen while they were discharging their duty as journalists on December 13 that too without any reason or rhyme deservers condemnation in strongest possible terms, said Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries in a strongly worded release.

It is the press persons who against all odds have been working as watchdogs in highlighting various aspects of developments as well as corruption eating away the vital resources of the state meant for development. Media is the medium to raise the voices and concerns of the people, its president Techi Lala said in a release.

No sensible human being would think of attacking a media person, particularly ladies. It is high time that Arunchalee society reflects its maturity by showing its solidarity with the media to facilitate it functions freely without any fear, the statement added.

ACCI urged the local administration, particularly the police to bring the attacker/s to book and award exemplary punishment to bring an end to repeated attack on the media in the state.

All Dutta Development & Welfare Association (ADDWA), Ziro, too has condemned the assault and has demanded immediate arrests of the unknown uncivilized miscreant(s) at the earliest. It said that exemplary punishment must be given so that no one could dare to assault, abuse and attack the fourth pillar of democracy in future.

Arunachal Law Academy Students’ Union expressed deep anguish over assault. The union said that Gapak was also former student of the Academy.

Expressing solidarity with media fraternity, the ALASU demanded the state Govt, particularly, the law enforcing authorities to nab the accused immediately and award punishment as per law.


Association demands CBI probe, AYSU appeals for peace

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: Arunachal Pradesh BSNL Civil Contractors Association (APBSNLCCA) has condemned the violence that broke out during submission of tender for construction and formation cutting of the road from Yachuli to Gerukamukh via Mai, Pochu, Pei at Yazali on Monday last.

The Association claimed that the officials of the Yazali PWD division tried to negotiate with agitating group of people without any solution and just to waste time up to 3 pm. At last when the representatives of agencies and firms tried to submit the tenders the mob prevented, pelted stone and attacked them, the Association said.

The association further questioned as  to why the PWD division office allowed the mob to trespass public office to prevent submission of tender and the Yazali police did not respond to the call of the firm holders to escort them submit tender. The Association demanded CBI enquiry to find out any possible involvement of politicians and officials in the whole unfortunate episode.

While condemning the Yazali incident regarding submission of tender papers, All Yachuli Students’ Union (AYSU) has appealed the public leaders and general public of the area to maintain peace in order to materialize the development initiatives. The union in a release today urged the authorities concerned to constitute a fact finding committee to nail down the persons involved in the incident. The union further said that it would not tolerate any foul politics by any group or individuals  on development matters.


Siang orgs welcomes hearing

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD), Mebo Area Bachao Committee, Siang Peoples’ Forum, Adi Students’ Union, East Siang District Students’ Union has welcomed the postponement of the public hearings for the 2700 MW Lower Siang Project.  

The Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) at its meeting held on Dec 11 did not accept the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) prepared by Water and Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS) under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Water Resources. EAC directed that EIA report be prepared as per Terms of Reference (TOR).

The Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) had granted ToR on Aug 3 for conduction of EIA studies, categorically stating that there be comprehensive study covering three seasons’ (base line data) for downstream impact up to Brahmaputra River confluence.

The meeting which was chaired by Okep Jamoh, Chairman, Forum for Siang Dialogue at Pasighat today acknowledged the role played by all concerned that led to postponement of the hearing and pledged to stand united to serve the downtrodden people of whole India in general and the whole of Arunachal.

The meeting declared Deepak Tanti, from Tezpur, who died at Delhi in the Parliament Gherao Andolan as the first martyr of people’s movement against “economic hegemony of neo-colonialism over North-East India in the 21st century” said Spokesperson, Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD) Vijay Taram.






Union appeal

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: Arunachal Law Academy Students’ Union (ALASU) urged the Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) to defer its proposed bandh on Dec 21 as the date of the bandh coincides with the examination of the law academy students.  


NESO observe protest day

Itanagar, Dec 16: North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) observed ‘Protest Day’ in Delhi from December 13 to 15 against recent rape of a girl from the region and the respective state’s student body had also met all the chief ministers of the North East region recently.

Secretary General of NESO Gumjum Haider informed this daily today that Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma had assured a delegation of NESO led by S Jyrwa, KSU president, that he will take up the matter with Prime Minister and the union ministry of home affairs. The Meghalaya CM further said that he would convene a meeting with all the chief minister’s of this region on this regard.

The chief minister of Nagaland N Rio also assured the same to the NESO delegation led by the Naga Students Federation (NSF), Haider further informed.


Bandh called off

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU) has call off its proposed 72 hrs Siang district bandh from December 20-23, which was declared in December 14 last.

The band call was call off due to postponement of public hearing on 2700 MW Lower Siang Hydro Electric Project.


Higi Kaum foundation day

Aalo, Dec 16: The picturesque Yigi-Kaum village, the ancestral home of Ori and Oka clans buzzed with wide range of activities to mark its 10th foundation anniversary on Dec 15 last.

Presiding over the meeting, former MLA Kirge Ori dwelt at length on geneological aspects leading to reorganization of Ori Ao (Clan). Expressing deep dismay over falling educational graph and lack of competitiveness among educated youth, he suggested a deep introspection on all loopholes and declared annual award of Rs. 5000/- to meritorious students as a source of encouragement.

The ZPM 5-Ubu Hoksum Ori and Anchal Chairperson Yomgi Ori called for unity among the members and highlighted their efforts on developmental aspects as Panchayat leaders. The Assistant Director of Tourism, Gedo Ori, President OARC Gedo Ori, Secretary OARC Kenjo Ori and others also spoke on the occasion.

The Memorial volley ball tournament, sports, mega dances by women and students etc. were other attraction of the daylong celebration.


Associations demand

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: All Meka Block Welfare Association and Parbuk Youth Welfare Association in a joint letter to Deputy Commissioner, Lower Dibang Valley regarding the recent attack on the Lower Dibang Valley District, DDSE T Tatak appealed the District administration to arrest the culprits within three days.

It further threatening to launch economic blockade in their respective area if the attackers are not arrested.



ITANAGA, Dec 16: Tokhya Flago, Prem Mangkhia and Gandhi Khora have been appointed as President, Vice President and General Secretary of All Arunachal Pradesh ITI Holder Association in a meeting held at Papu Nallah today.


Conflict Transformation

ITANAGAR, Dec 16: The Peace Coalition of North East India (PCNI) in association with PRO-RURAL, Dimapur and Ploughshares Institute (PCI) Connecticut, USA organised a four-day training on “Conflict Transformation” at  AIDA training centre, Dimapur from Dec 6.

Altogether 32 participants from Nagaland, Manipur, Assam including secretary of the Tribal Areas Development Society, Naharlagun, Nabam Rakap took part  in the  programme.

Resource persons led by Prof Dr Robert Evans imparted training on maintaining personal, inter-personal, inter-community and societal peace. The Ploughshares  Institute also distributed certificates to all the participants.

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