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December - 18


Not in the name of development

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my feelings and sentiments over recent firing incident that took place at Yazali during filing of the tender for the multi-crore contract works from Yachuli to Dollumuk via- Mai, Pochu, Pei etc. of Yachuli Constituency.

I being a concern citizen of Arunachal Pradesh and a Local tribe of the area was very much shocked and surprised to know about the shameful incident that happened in my peace loving area. I have no idea on what point and for what reason the few people resorted to violence means to solve the issue. The only thing I know is that in the name of Development some are trying to get personal profits and that may be the reason for such inhumane act.

Therefore, I request the State Government and the concerned authority to intervene and maintain peace and order of the area and take preventive measures to protect the people and name of the area as it was and it is and hope will remain forever the same. I hope such shameful incident like this won't take place in near future, especially in the name of development.


A concerned citizen (on email)



Problems we face

Dear Editor,

People of Bordumsa have to travel six hours of arduous journey to reach our headquarters Changlang for official work even though Bordumsa has been upgraded to ADC headquarters. We still have to face lots of hardship for minor official work like renewal of shops license, land revenue etc for which we have to go to Jairampur as there is no sub treasury office in Bordumsa. Bordumsa which have been a circle headquarters in the earlier nineties have now upgraded as an ADC headquarters. The state bank of India still functions as rural branch. One year has passed the slot for ATM machine is still empty. We have only one state transport which goes up to Tinsukia only whereas there is bus service even for going to villages in itanagar like Poma, Jote, Chimpu. The water which we drink is iron infested which makes our shirt, pants and utensils dirty red. We have to go either Namsai or Pengaree to fill our gasoline which is sixty kilometer away from Bordumsa. Although the Bordumsa has government community health centre but we have to purchase most of the medicine from outside. The forest which the villagers of Goju have kept for their use has been cut down by the people but the forest department is still sleeping.

I appeal the people of Bordumsa to change their mindset and work for the development of Bordumsa and demand for another district headquarters.


A concerned citizen



Media in hurry dragged me into controversies!

Dear Editor,

I want to comment regarding rising of public issues by unions, associations, NGOs etc. and then sudden death of the issue without any results or further information. And media is always in a hurry to defame anybody without being proven guilty. I want to give example of myself.

In 2008 there was great hue & cry by the then All Kurung Kumey District Students Union (AKKDSU) saying there was a scandal amounting to Rs. 43 lakhs in SSA. The media termed me as accused without knowing actual facts behind. Actually one official was forced to write complain against me under death threat which was more or less in the knowledge of the then Deputy Commissioner of Kurung Kumey District. About the case, I have written letter to  Chief Minister, Home Minister, Chief Secretary, Govt. of A.P. And I have said through news paper and to then Deputy Commissioner, Kurung Kumey to punish me according to the law of the land if I am found guilty. I had even decided not hire advocate to defend my case. But later on, it was found that I was entrapped due to political & personal clash by private players. Now, the media & AKKDSU should clarify whether I am found guilty or not.

In the same way, this year my name appeared in PDS Scam list at SL No. 87, which brought a smile as I thought that at least my name appeared in the lists of crore pati although I’m reeling under poverty. I don't want to say much about this as the matter is sub-judiced. But I want to clarify that Head load Carriage for Parsi Parlo PDS Centre was awarded to me and Smti Mangia Yadam jointly for three months only which was supposed to be executed in my firm. But it was difficult one so I gave to M/s Renya Enterprises Palin under Kurung Kumey District on the basis of Power of Attorney. Then how I come I am in the list of accused without being probed by the investigating agency. If I am found guilty .by the court or investigating agency let the court punish me as per law. The media should not jump to the conclusion that I am accused. If the former chief Minister Gegong Apang and any Central Union Ministers can go to jail who am I to resist? Corruption might have been committed at the higher level. Truth should be revealed but I should not be unnecessarily defamed.

Here in Arunachal Pradesh, issues are raised or dumped by unions, according to individual interest basis, not far the real interest of people.

I am fully convinced people are silently watching certain issues/corruption taking place, thinking that what benefit they would get as public will not support unless there is personal interest. When elections are fought public will opt for cash money rather than the issue. And power players know this very well.


Bake Tach Anthony

Former Secy, APCC



Look at the genuine issues

Dear editor,

It’s true that enough had been said about the creation of Lower Siang dist. There is no logic behind Likabali's demand, everything is clear cut. The demand for dist headquarters is driven by the problems faced by the peoples of the foothill areas. This should be a concern for every Arunachali and particularly the Galos.

Regarding the connectivity there is even good road connection between Likabali and Basar. And Basar is not far from Along. The government has never been people concerned as seen from the hot burning issue like PDS, law and order or the boundary problem. This dist issue is also none of their concern. The problems faced by the people of Nari-Koyu are also no different from their fellow folks of Likabali. So I would like to appeal to everyone to see the problems and the genuineness for the demand of dist headquarters in the foothill area.






Never give up

Dear Editor,

It is a saddening thing to hear that the media has been assaulted in my state. I am regular reader of Arunachal Times here in Bangalore via net. I urge media people to never give up against the culprit who assaulted the media people and give a sufficient pressure to the government to handle it out!

Nabam Vijay

Bangalore (on email)



A different take

Dear Editor,

I would like to ventilate into the partiality approach that is being practiced by the top guns of the present Nyishi Elite Society in connection with the recognition of the candidates of Nyishi Community who cleared APPSCCE.

The fact of the matter is that, like any other apex organizations of the other communities of the State, the NES which is recognized as the apex body of the Community has issued a press statement inviting the members of the community to participate in the Felicitation Programme being organized in honour of the successful candidates of APPSCCE-2010, belonging to Nyishi Community on Dec 17  at Nyikum Niya Hall, Nirubjuli.

In this regard I also personally feel that, this kind of initiative deserves appreciation from every corner, because keeping in view the literacy rate, socio-economic condition of the Tribe, the successful candidates of the Nyishi Community deserve recognition, encouragement and appreciation.

However, I would like to request the Executive Members of the Nyishi Elite Society, especially the President, NES to explain following questions while organizing Felicitation Programme for the successful candidates of APPSCCE-2010 of Nyishi Community.

Why the NES did not organize such programme for the Successful Candidates of the community of 2007-2008 batch even though it organized for the 2003 batch?

Why the NES did not organize orientation programme/mock interview for 2008 batch, whereas it organized for the 2010 batch?

Was it because there were no successful candidates from the kits and kins of the Top Guns of the NES in 2008 batch?

Or Do the NES believes that the 2008 batch cannot make any contribution to the community?

Or This time the Felicitation Programme is being organized just because the daughter of the NES President has cleared the exam?

Why I am asking the questions to the Nyishi Elite Society is that the same person was the President of NES when the final result of APPSCCE-2008 was declared.

It is for the intellectuals of the Nyishi Community to ponder, introspect and judge, whether the top brass of the NES are really doing community service or family service?


Tape Kayeng

Pani Prakash

Techi Tallang



Keep up, Arunachal

Dear Editor,

With reference to the article by Nani Bath and Nyajum Lollen, “The Birth of Congress (I) in Arunachal Pradesh” (Dec 16, Arunachal Times).

Congratulations to the people of Arunachal Pradesh for accepting ‘Hindi hegemony’ and lapping up Hindi as the official language of the state. Distant vultures are dearer to Arunachal ministers when compared to near home sparrows. Keep it up, the Hindi construct called Arunachal Pradesh!

Vox populi (on email)



Some room for confusion!

Dear Editor,

My letter published on Dec 17 was given the title 'Selfish designs of few', in your daily whereas the letter I posted was with a heading  'No room for confusions in the Lower Siang dist issue', thereby making the letter sound harsher.

The changes might still carry the same meaning but the essence of what the writer wants to express might be completely different from your opinion or any other. Moreover you claim no responsibility for the consequences arising from the contents thereof.

Hence my earnest appeal is kindly refrain from editing the subject or heading of the letters posted by your readers.  


Marpe Ninu

Delhi (on email)






All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        




AG office to shut till employees are reinstated

ITANAGAR, Dec 17: The Auditor General’s office in Itanagar would be shut from tomorrow till the employees who were fired are reinstated.

This decision was taken after All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) led by their General Secretary Tujom Poyom met Rajiv Sharma, additional CAG, CA Bodh, AG, Nawal Kishore DAG (A/C) and S. Suklabaidya DAG (Audit) and staffs of AG office.

Recently 22 indigenous tribal employee of Arunachal was asked to leave office by 31st of this month by AG office, Itanagar.

 During the meeting all the members took certain decision to solve this issue. Additional CAG along with his staff promised to take up the matters with higher authorities and apprise them of situation. The problem of employing tribal citizen of Arunachal on regular basis has been going on for long time and AAPSU had already once demanded AG office to regularize their job.

As AG office could not meet their demand, AAPSU had asked them to shut their office from tomorrow. AAPSU General Secretary Tujom Poyom, who led the delegation said, “If within next three days AG office authorities do not come up with a solution, AAPSU will not let them work and they have to permanently shut their offices. We won’t let indigenous tribal being ill treated in our state.”

AG office authorities have also agreed to shut office from tomorrow and have intimidated higher authorities about the situation.  


National Fed shocked at attack on journalists, orgs demand actions

ITANAGAR, Dec 17: National Federation of Newspaper Employees has expressed shock at the incident of assault on two women journalists of Arunachal Pradesh and condemned the incident. The national organization of media persons also extended moral support to the ongoing agitating programmes of local journalists against the authority for its failure to nab the culprits even after four days of the incident, stated a release issued by Nava Thakuria, zonal secretary, NFNE.

It may be mentioned that the entire press fraternity of the State has come out strongly against the assault and demanded to book the culprits. They have dressed in black and demonstrated in front of Capital Complex DC’s office Thursday morning.

 The Apatani Socio-Cultural Welfare Society, Itanagar has condemned the attack on two journalists Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen. It joined the press fraternity in urging the administration to arrest the culprits immediately. The Society believes that the attack on press people is an indication of 'frustration' and lawlessness, which needs to be arrested with iron hand. The Society further feels that the government must speak out, as its silence is frightening.

All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU and All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) conducted a joint meeting today regarding the frequent attacks on journalist of the state.

Both the union extending their support to the demands of the press fraternity condemned the recent attack on two journalists by the unknown miscreants on Sunday last while they were on their duty.

It said that the frequent attack on media persons and houses are common in the state of Arunachal Pradesh which is a very serious concern for all the citizens of the state. The attack on the fourth pillar of the democracy should not be tolerated by the members of AAPWU and AAPPTF, it said.

It further, briefing the contribution of media houses to every citizens and the society strongly appealed the state government to expedite process of enquiry and give exemplary punishment to the culprits involved in the attacked.

The members of the Kargu Kardi Welfare Society (KKWS), Itanagar, condemned the recent attack on the Media persons who has “been serving the State with the meager remunerations and least available basic facilities and the most importantly working under harsh topographic conditions”.

The Society expressed concerns that such immoral activities of our own people towards media persons would bring a bad image for the State. It expressed anguish over the incident as the people of state has not realized the vitality and importance of the press till today. The members cautioned that the repeated attack on the journalists would bring a fear psychosis among the brave soldiers of the Fourth Estate which would be jeopardizing the stability and neutrality of reports and records of our State’s accounts and liability.

In its press release, the Society appealed the Administration and Law Enforcer to deal the attackers with iron fist and book the culprits at the earliest so that the justice is meted out to the grieving Press persons.

On the other hand, the members appealed the learned and intellect Pressman for peace and restraint among their cadres and not to be cowed down by such cowardice acts. It request them not to resort to press boycott as the State would be cut off from the rest of the world; and in doing so, for the wrongdoings of some unscrupulous punk, entire genuine and common people of the State would suffer.


Villagers angry at Yachuli firing, former MLA demands probe

ITANAGAR, Dec 17: The affected villagers of Yachuli assembly constituency has expressed serious concern over firing incident at Yazali PWD office during filing of tender for proposed 20 kilometer Yachuli to Gerakamukh road connection. Villagers belonging to Mai, Lej, Pei, Puchu and Dodo which will be affected by phase-I of this project spoke to media persons on Thursday sharing their grievances on this whole incident.

Stating that there area is one of the most backward regions of the Yachuli Constituency as fruits of development is yet to reach here and they are pinning hope on this road project to usher in new era of development. Though NIT has been conducted for the start of the work two years back but the same could not be finalized for the reasons best known to the then representative and later it was leant that the said work was about to be de-sanctioned, villagers informed. However with effort of present MLA Likha Saaya, it was retained and finally the NIT was issued for re-tendering of the work.

“A.S.M's of Dodo, Mai and Toon Panchayat had a several round of discussions with the concern Authority to float the NIT at earliest so that repeated chances of de-sanction does not occur. Hence this NIT was floated,” villagers stated. Further they added, “We were coordinating with the concern Authorities, Local MLA and intending bidder for peaceful and successful conduction of the Tender. On our request local MLA asked the Officer in Charge Yazali for full proof security to intending bidders if possible getting reinforcement from District Head quarter. Adequate forces were there and O.C himself stationed at the premises of the PWD office at the time of incident.”

Villagers also informed that there were discussions among the those who wanted to tender  and this was going on for hours and thereafter they went to the NEEPCO IB at RHEP Complex. Being the affected villages they also put their grievance and a decision was almost taken, villagers claimed. In the meantime, a phone call came saying some party has submitted the tender thereafter few people left the meeting and on reaching the office premises of PWD office it was learnt that few people had fired and they ran away from the scene of the crime.

Thrashing theories that residents of affected area had blocked bidders from filing tender, villagers questioned, “If they are innocent than why are those who fired are absconding from day of incident and applying anticipatory bail from High Court ?. This activity clearly indicates that they are trying to avoid the administration after committing the crime. If at all there were obstruction from any quarter in there participating the tender they could have take the help of the Law. They took law into their own hand without any provocation from anybody.”

Villagers also said that local MLA Likha Saaya had nothing to do with this incident and dragging his name into this incident is politically motivated move.

Meanwhile former MLA of Yachuli, Nikh Kamin has requested state government to set up three member enquiry committee headed by retired high court judge to find facts about this violence incident. In a representation to Chief Secretary, Kamin drew the attention of state government towards PWD division office drawing attention for all wrong reason. Kamin also questioned concerned authorities, “ Why the innocent villagers which include old man, women and children below 6 years were engaged as security guard to PWD office when bidders had come to file tenders.” He also questioned why enough police personnel were not deployed during the day. Further he expressed sadness over Yazali getting all the wrong publicity and appealed to people of Yachuli constituency to maintain peace for better development of this region.


Speeding truck kills a 12-year-old boy


Itanagar, Dec 17: A speeding truck bearing registration no.AS-01-P/2761 carrying coal tar for the ongoing road renovation work at the capital complex crushed a 12 year old boy near Banderdewa at around 10 a.m here this morning.

According to police, the boy had been easing near the highway with two more friends when suddenly he began to run to cross the road. He came under the wheels of the truck and the death was instantaneous. The driver immediately abandoned the vehicle and ran away from the scene.

Meanwhile, local people have deflated tyres of the vehicle and are waiting for the owner to turn up.


Targeted Intervention Program

ITANAGAR, Dec 17: Targeted Intervention Program on Migrants Population of Changlang District, which is running under R.K. Mossang Memorial Society, Jairampur and sponsored by A.P State AIDS Control Society, Naharlagun had organized a free Rapid Blood Test camp on HIV/AIDS at ASVM, Jairampur on Dec 16.

More than 60 people participated, mostly Migrant Laborers who are at High Risk Groups category. 45 persons voluntarily underwent test for HIV/AIDS.  Though there were no positive cases, some cases of STI were identified and they were referred to Community Health Centre, Jairampur for further treatment.

Project Manager Ashok Kumar Singh urged the whole community to come forward without any hesitation for blood tests to know their HIV status and to secure themselves, their families and societies from such vulnerable disease. He also stated that awareness can play major role in its prevention.

IEC materials were also distributed during the campaign.


Pasha Samurai , Papu Viking register big wins in Yaza Waii Memorial Cricket Tournament

Seppa, Dec 17:  Pasha Samurai and Papu Viking won their respective match played against Pare Rangers and Pachuk Bombers on day- 9 of the second Lt Yaza Waii Memorial Cricket Tournament at Seppa general ground today.

While the Samurais thrashed Pare Rangers by 7 wickets Vikings crushed Bombers by nine wickets.

Samurais reached the target of 160 run set by Rangers with one ball to spare and seven wickets in hand. Badal Viswas scored  80 runs from 81 balls which included  a six and 14 fours.

Rangers made a modest total of 159 for 7 after they were being invited to  bat first. A.Sahani scored a quickfire 76 off 55 balls which included 6 sixes and 7 fours.

In the second match of the day, Papu Vikings eased past the Bombers’ target of 114 in 14th overs losing one wicket.

Tomorrow’s match:

Kiyan Ninjas vs Pakke Worriors ; Subu Gladiator vs Kameng Legion.


Indigeneous Faith, Culture and Tradition in Perspective of present Apatani society

Gyati Rana       

1. A Concept Expressed In Oral Sacred Literature, ‘Miji-migun’ Of Indigenous Faith And Culture.  

In the prime ordeal time kolyun, the almighty manifested as mother creator Kolyun Pinii and Kolyun Siyo. They put the Universe into flux, and their creation came up like water rushing out of a fountain. From this fountain of creation, a River of humanity started following along the time-line with the waves of numerous generations from eternity towards the oceanic bosom of the almighty. During which various cultural Trees has flourished along this River and have deposited huge alluvial of wisdom given to our ancestor by Ato Charun (God of wisdom) on its banks. Now, it is in the custody of our elders Popi-Sarmin in the form of oral sacred literature. The ways of living guided by such values and wisdom of Ato Charun and our ancestor Popi-Sarmin is the Indigenous Faith.  These values, ethos are incorporated in the traditions, customs and rituals performed in various socio-religious, socio-cultural practices by the decedent of Abotani. This age-old concept is the basis of not only the indigenous religion of the decedent of Abotani, but of many other indigenous religions. The sacred oral literature is the attribute of the Almighty; it originated along with him and transmitted to Ato Charun, god of wisdom who delivered it to humanity. The following verses from Charun hulu the verses of genesis of literature reveal this eternal fact.

2.charun Hulu, Genesis Of Miji-migun

“Uei Jishu ka Jishu hulu,Uei Gonshu ka Gonshu hulu hii, Jima mi  Goma mi.  Jima ka Jima hulu, Goma ka Goma hulu, Jidu mi, Gondu mi. Jidu ka Jidu hulu, Gondu ka Gondu hulu hii, Aha Charuñ  mi hulu palii. Aha Charuñ ka Charuñ hulu paniiñ hii.Aguñ biijer jarma pa,Lacho biijer jarma pa,Liicho biijer jarma pa,Cha(Kiidi) biijer jarko la ,Kolo Charañ Chañkha Charuñ mi hulu palii Lyayu palii. Kolo Charuñ ka hulu panii,Aguñ biijer jarko la,Lacho biijer jarko la, Liicho biijer jarko la,Hulu paniiñ hii Ato Charuñ mi. Ato Charuñ ka hulu paniiñ hii,Ato Dotu mi, Achi Penji mi,Jirii Berii mi Tabyu Pechi mi,Abotani mi,Ato Neha mi.”

As the knowledge is eternal and exists along with God in this Universe. The above verse says that, simultaneously along with the growth of the conscientious of god, the eternal knowledge also manifests as (Jisu gonsu, jima goma, Jidu gondu) various universal elements of mind and spirit i.e, will, thoughts, wisdom, intelligence, comprehension, insight, resolution, prudence, conception and correlation and the words of sacred knowledge was formed. Aha Charun received this knowledge by means of mental wave (Hulu) by connecting the elements of his mind and spirit Aha Jishu Aha Gonsu, Aha Jima-Goma and Aha Jidu gondu his will, thoughts, wisdom, intelligence, comprehension, insight, resolution, prudence, conception and correlation with the universal Uei Jisu-Gonsu, Jima-Goma and Jidu gondu. Then, Aha Charun without speech or any bodily sign but through (Cha biijer) various activities of nature and through his mental wave transmitted this knowledge to Kolo Charun. Thereafter, Kolo Charun transmitted this knowledge Miji-Migun  to Ato Charun through  word speech, signs with his hand, feet and other body language. All these personalities are a manifestation of Almighty.

Later Ato Charun delivered the sacred knowledge to humanity by teaching Abotani, Jirii-Berii, Tabyii-Pechi, and Dotu-Penji. These were the first batch and Priest of human being to receive eternal knowledge directly from god of wisdom Ato Charun. Since, then this Miji-Migun is transmitted by elder Popi-Sarmin, Nyibus of the indigenous Society to younger generation orally. Besides this, even today to whom God Jilo Lyayu blesses and acompany, to such a person God Yarnii-Gonii transmits the knowledge directly to them. It is an accepted fact unless the God Jilo Lyayu supports and Yarnii-Gonii blesses the person, the oral sacred knowledge taught by the Nyibu and Popi Sarmin, can not be acquired.

3. Taniscopic View Of Present Status Of The Indigenouse Faith And Culture

During my association with the movement for last seven years, I indulge myself in documentation of some sacred oral literature verify the brand given by some outsider as unorganized. The fact what I have found is otherwise. It is organizing in a unique format ideal for its unique concept. Miji Migun reveal that like other faith and culture there has been reformations of the Socio-religious values, Ethos, Tradition and Customs influencing their way of living from time to time as required, it was never discarded totally as being done by some of the indigenous brethren. These acts of our ignorant, insensible brethrens have encouraged the propagator of conversion in pushing this age-old faith and culture towards oblivion.  

Now, it is understandable why some outsider or non-residents are terming traditional faith and culture as unorganized. It is either due to their ignorance about how morality, socio-religious ethos and values are weaved into the society, or it is their propaganda against indigenous religion to encourage apostasy and conversion to their religion.

Due to its ancientness and unique socio-religious set up of indigenous society different from the other religion, it is perceived as unorganized and uncultured. It is understood without malaise that, some of the reason behind the wrong perception of the outsider is a non-existence of centre/institute for dissemination and assimilation of knowledge similar to that of School, Ashram and absence of Prayer hall for a congregation like Mandir, Church, etc. in the indigenous Society. This state of the society and absence of written documents has made the outsider incomprehensible and an ambiguity for them that how despite having the absence of such a vital organized institutions, tradition, culture, asset value and ethos was assimilated by the posterity so well. It may be one of the reasons for their misconception about the indigenous culture as an unorganized.

The secret lies in its unique set up based on the concept and philosophy that can be understood from the Apatani Proverb (Niting Hormin). “Nyikhii Namin ho piimii riigyii Nayo Namin ho Tako gegyii.” Means, once home is the place where one meditate and prays upon the Gods.”  In a traditional concept, residential house is regarded as a very holy place and sacred, there, they perform almost all the rituals and meditate upon and pray to Gods. It is not only a place to pray and meditate, but also is a place where knowledge is disseminated and assimilated. The following Apatani saying confirms this. “Anii kagii la pami sonyo, Aba kagii la riimi sonyo. Popi harbii ho miji, Sarmin lapyo ho migun.” The essence is, ‘The parents are the first teacher of a child. By observing their parents and from elders the younger learns.’ Complying with the Proverb, it is an old tradition to teach their children lullaby, Rhyme, folk tells, folk lore, and sacred knowledge in the evening sitting around the hearth of the house by the parents and elders. They teach their children amidst their activities right from their infancy carrying them on their back during whole of their daily chores and give them the basic knowledge’s.

Later in adolescence, youngsters’ forms a group (Patang) to help their parents in agricultural and other household chores during the day. In evening, these groups organize miji patang by contributing a cup of rice and a bundle of firewood by each member, with this rice, they prepare Rice bear locally called “O”. Then they pursue and request the Elder Nyibu or Popi, who has good knowledge on sacred oral literature (Miji-Migun) to teach them by offering the prepared rice beer usually at the resident of the elder. Thereafter, they assemble at the resident of these elders, and Nyibus listen to their discourse seating around the hearth by burning the collected firewood and the Miji Migun is disseminated and assimilated until late night.

Having so learned the knowledge from Popi Sarmin, evaluation of their knowledge is made in the Festivals and acknowledge as Miji or learned one. It is a mandatory and old tradition to participate in ballad competition on oral literature (Ayyu-Bari and Miji-Migun) on every auspicious day of festivals. In Myoko festival ballad competition is a part of the celebration of Festival.  There is a traditional procession (Khiibo eindu) by the Guest Villagers, which is participated by every age group right from young children aged around 7 to 8 years to 50 years old elders of that village. When the procession led by Priests enters in the host village, the contemporary aged children youth and elders invited them to their house. While enjoying the festivity they compete in ballad songs Ayu and evaluate their dept of knowledge on sacred oral literature.

Such competition is also held among the contemporary elder Popi Sarmin and Nyibus,the learned elders and Priest of the Guest and host village during Myoko. Such competition among them is very important for the younger. The children listen to them attentively and are exposed to an ocean of knowledge, which compensates them from the absence of library and allows them to review and renew their knowledge. Thus, the sacred knowledge was passes to eternity orally to next generation in a compact Agrarian Apatani Society and balance between matter and spirit maintained and every member had confident upon himself (Miji-Hati Bari Haro thii). However, this traditional custom and practice is diminishing day by day due to various factors and requires immediate intervention of the Popi Sarmin intellectual elder of the society to reform the society while keeping intact age old  faith culture and heritage in conformity with the changing society.

4. Modernisation, Loss Or Gain?

The days are gone when people’s morality was high and were God fearing and uphold the ethos and values of the teaching of elder Popi Sarmin. It is evident from the fact the granaries at the outskirt of the village where our people use to bank their property had the door closed merely with some knots of a cane strip, and it was safe and sound. Now, a day it is unsafe even after having the doors of the granaries locked with best available modern locks that also in an improvised granaries.  

Thus, it is evident from above fact, that the influence of the other culture, education and modernization has degraded the nature of our people morally and spiritually. Though it has changed the life of agrarian and rural people to urban life towards Materialism and their outlook behavior has dominance of materialism and individualism over spiritualism and socialism. They are now engaging themselves in Govt. service and other professional jobs, which have dispersed them all over the state, country and even over the world. The traditional system of dissemination and assimilation of sacred knowledge has become impracticable in this changed society. People who are in Govt. service are unable to attend the festivals due to their responsibility, preoccupations and eventual coincidence of these festivals specially Myoko festival in the last quarter of the financial year (This Festival last for one month and in this festival the evaluation assimilation and dissemination of sacred oral literature is done).

Apart from this, the introduction of the modern educational system has made young people ignorant of their own sacred knowledge, cultural values, ethos, philosophy and concepts. As there are no lessons of Indigenous cultural importance incorporated in their syllabus being prescribed by various Boards of Secondary Education.  In addition, we are gradually losing our hold with our mother tongue (own dialogues) which is the only a means to express the unique flavors, fragrances and texture of our identity. Many youngsters though mentioned in their School register and certificates as Apatani, Nyishi, Adi, Galo, etc. are unable to speak in their own mother tongue. I apprehend that if we do not adopt certain remedial measures, it will surely eras their faith and diminish their love towards own culture. The Apatani youths that should have been competing in the sacred oral songs during Myoko festival as prescribed and mandatory, it is disheartening to see them singing the latest Bollywood songs in the festivals. It indicates their ignorance, lack in their confidence on age old faith, tradition and culture.

“Miji hatii Barii haro lama lyio, Miyu hii lupii Tapii Lusho Tasho du.” Means; One who is not through in the knowledge of self and sacred oral literature will lack in self confidence. He will take up every suggestion given by other but seldom benefits from any due to his indecisive and un-resolute attitude. State of some of our children is in no better situation. They are not conversant in their language and are ignorant of sacred literature, lacks in their self-confidence and vulnerable to be lead by the propagator of apostasy towards conversion. Today, a big question has been raised before indigenous community, while their faith, culture and tradition are being attacked by modernization, and alien faith and culture with well prepared strategy and resources covertly and overtly. Will this faith and culture survive? How these indigenous brothers will react? Where they will head for? What will be the condition of this age-old faith and culture? Dr. Verrier Elwin has rightly apprehended this situation in his book “A philosophy for NEFA.” I quote. “In ten-year times there will be a considerable body of educated young men and women. Will they find it possible to maintain their faith in old religions? Will they return to their villages and introduce religious reform as many educated Hindus reformed Hinduism in the last century? Or will they adopt a new religion, Buddhism, Hinduism or Christianity.” Un quote.

5. Medre Nello And Other Prayer Centres, Is A Plate Form Need Of The Time?

The time has came that we indigenous brothers and sisters immediately decide and chose the destiny of our old faith, culture and heritage. To take action towards discouragement of apostasy, cultivate and revive the morality, faith, culture of love and compassion towards humanity and love and respect towards own age old faith and culture.

My friend Mr. Narang Tani, Chairman, Meder Nello Council, has clearly highlighted past and present status of Indigenous Faith and culture and essence of organization of Meder Nello Council in his welcome speech on 6th Meder Nello foundation Day. I quote, “Earlier before the advancement of an outsider in the tribal world. Indigenous people lived religiously, work religiously, they eat, drink, wake and slept religiously…. Nowadays, a day these small religious groups is being attacked by various schools of religious organizations and other elements and are being pushed towards oblivion. He asked our brothers and sisters, if its act of wisdom to stay with outsider friends whose house is well built rather than to mend his own house in conformity of modern living styles. So the necessity of Meder Nello like organization to research and reform our faith and culture while perusing for preservation, protection and promotion….”  Un quote.

Similar to yonder days when Tubo Lyabo Myotii-Pilya, Dingya and Shii, the malevolent Spirits conspired to eliminate Tani from this world, the Indigenous Faith and culture are being attacked covertly and overtly by various alien religious organizations to whip it out from this world. Today, the true sons of Tani are pleading the God silently in their mind, “Oh!! Almighty Sun and all the benevolent spirit that had manifested to save Abotani in time of adversity, please manifested and save today’s Tani? They are also appealing to the elders, ‘Oh! Learned intellectual Ami Popis and Abang Sarmins, your energy and sensibility have always guided the Tani and saved in various periods of Kolyun Kolo Uei, Iipyo and Miido as and when Tani was in adversity. Arise your sensibility and energy, save today’s Tani, the indigenous faith and culture whom Tubo Lyabo of modernity has flanked and pursuing hard to whip it out from this world !

O ! true son of Abotani and Ato Neha, would it be wise to abandon our aged old faith tradition and culture that have nourished our spirit, body and gave us our identity? Should we sit tight like an orthodox that is like a dry branch of a living Tree and let our cultural Tree to dry up and die? What shall we tell in our re-union with our fore fathers who will ask you? “Have you followed our age old precedents from eternity to hand over our Culture and heritage which you inherited from us to our progeny? Have you taught your sons the morality, ethos, value, tradition and culture thereby ensuring their identity? As I have done for you. What shall we tell them? Shall we tell them that we have broken the old precedent and thrown away and lost our age old heritage and wisdoms of Ato Charun? Is it not sensible enough to organize our own house in conformity with the modern way of life?  Brethrens, think upon and support the indigenous movement, attend Meder Nello, Nyader Namlo, Gangii, Kargu Gangii,Gompas  etc. ones in a week, extend your support morally, spiritually so that our faith culture and tradition is preserved, protected, promoted, and transmitted to our younger for its eternity. Faith, Tradition and culture protect and nourish them who protect and nourish the faith and culture.


(The writer is the Member Secretary,  Meder Nello Council,) E-mail: gyatirana007gmail.com.






Bandh called off

ITANAGAR, Dec 17: Downstream Villages Welfare Association, Mebo and Mebo Area Bachao Committee have called off its proposed bandh on Dec 21 and 22 due to the postponement of Public Hearing of LSHEP.  However, it said that it would continue to fight against the power developer Jaypee Associates until its demands are fulfilled.


Yoga Guru to visit Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Dec 17: Renowned Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev would visit the state from February 15 to 19. He would visit the Capital city, Tawang and Pasighat.

During his stay here, Ramdev would interact with all sections of soceity and also address the public at RG Stadium, Naharlagun on February 16, Tawang on February 17 and Pasighat on February 19.


Society demands implementation of program

ITANAGAR, Dec 17: All Milli Mabak Hill Docha Welfare Society appealed the concerned BDO cum Project Implementing Agency, CD Block Raga to immediately implement the 3rd installment of Hariyali Project No. VIII of Pelmilli and Hachmilli whose amount has already been sanctioned in October last.

It also appealed the concern DRDA to direct the Project Implementing Agency to immediately implement the work for timely completion of the project and to get approval for next installment.

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