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December - 02


Put an effort to save Tawang monastery

Dear Editor,

It is very disheartening to know about the catastrophe befalling Tawang Monastry. It is made to know through  your paper that uninterrupted mudslides emanating from the surrounding areas  of the majestic Monastery is posing a threat to its existence. I vividly remember a similar news item I came across a few years back about an unprovoked live landslides in a Hindu pilgrimage centre in the Uttarakhand. Many says it's god's wrath against the innumerable activities we human beings are doing while pursuing for our survival. How far it is true is not known and understood. But keeping aside such rhetoric, what seems pertinent to do now is to do everything possible in a war footing to stop the slide from further damage taking into account the importance of the Monastery.

We understand that the Tawang Monastry is an incomparable heritage of repute for the entire Arunachalees and not just of the Buddhist community. It is only the heritage site which is our pride and a prized possession too. It is not just a Monastery standing tall but a symbol of the identity of the state itself. Its name and fame spreads across the world and if I am not wrong most of the tourists coming to the state do so for a visit to this holy site only.

I request the people and Government of the state to ponder over the serious threat and put their energy and mind together to come out with a solicited solution appreciable to both man and nature.


Augusti Jamoh,

Pasighat, (on email)



Silent spectator

Dear Editor,

The recent statements made by  Minister Border Affairs, Government of Assam, Gautam Roy regarding the encroachment/occupation of land belonging to Assam by Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram & Nagaland is alarming . As per the record of Assam, Arunachal has illegally occupied more than 11.519.76 hectares of their land.

In this regard, it is hurting to note as to why the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has not reacted sharply to the statement made by Assam's Minister.

Stop behaving like a big brother, retorted Chief Minister of Meghalaya Mukul Sangma.  Nagaland has been time and again saying that there is no compromise on this issue. Mizoram has already held talks.

It has been observed that the only time, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has responded, is when incidents like Gumto in Papum Pare Dist, Pale in West Siang Dist, Kanubari in Tirap Dist. etc occurs. Even though a Supreme Court appointed Commission, is at work to demarcate boundaries, we fail to understand as to why we let ourselves be bullied. Our state Govt. should have strongly countered the Assam Minister’s statement to make our people feel secured to some extent.

One wonders whether our Government has admitted in principle the allegation by the Assam on land encroachment. One fails to comprehend, what the stand of our Government is. What is it doing on its part to address issues with regard to the same? And in the worst case scenario what will the stand of the Government be and what are the alternatives it seeks to pursue for the border areas?


Komjum Riba (on email)




There is one law for all

Dear Editor,

The bitter experience shared by Dr. Rajendra as published dated Dec 1was sad but nothing new. Such group of people imposing such dictate running parallel Government as said by Dr Rajendra however is prevalent in few districts. So, in a way blaming Arunachal as a whole is not very correct. Such atrocities or irrational dictate are faced even by people of this state. It is regrettable that such a thing has happened to Dr. Rajendra.

Actual blame goes to the community leaders, political leaders and leaders those in power who fail to educate these people and make them understand that there is only one single law that exists under the Constitution of India and what they are doing is actually “illegal’.


A Senior Citizen,

(on email)



A good move

Dear Editor,

I appreciate the government’s decision on restriction of establishment of private school in the state. I am a private school product and few private school in our school gives the full facility. Most of them do not have even a mini playground within their premises. So these schools never give time for games and sports to the student. When it comes to fees, they include all the facility but students never get in the school. What I want to say is that government must give an ultimatum to such private schools running in the state for certain period to provide all the required facility to the students. Even after that if they don't manage to give, those school must be shut down. Only bookish knowledge is not education.


D. Hania

Karnataka (on email)



It should be an eye opener

Dear Editor,

The unfortunate and bitter experience as narrated by Dr. Rajendra should be an eye opener to every proud citizen of the state. This is just one such experience out of so many such cases in the past in the Capital Region.

Frankly speaking, there is always a sense of insecurity while driving in and around the capital Complex. So, whenever I go to Itanagar, I alert the driver to be extra careful right from Banderdewa.

Here, I would like to request the influential Organisations to take up some initiatives to create awareness in this regard so that the entire society or the state is not shamed by few uncultured individuals.


Aken Jongkey (on email)




Change the dates

Dear Editor,

It is shocking  to learn that written examinations for recruitment of SSA Teachers for Papum Pare District and Head constable (T) & (R/T), Department of Arunachal Police have been fixed on the same day on Dec 5.

It is a prerogative of every citizen to have equal job opportunity and conducting of two examinations for the job simultaneously within the state is nothing but an act intended to curtail the opportunity of the candidates.

We, therefore, would like to request the competent authority of SSA, Papum Pare District to re-schedule the given date for written test examination of teachers so that equal opportunity to appear both the examinations are met.


Techi Juna, Teli Toni, Techi Nipur, Techi Toko






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West Kameng reviews infrastructural developments

BOMDILA, Dec 1: In order to achieve both physical and financial target by the financial year ending, a meeting of all the Work departments of the district to review implementation of schemes under Prime Minister’s package, Central Sponsored Scheme(CSS), Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), Border Area Development Programme (BADP), Untied Fund, MPLADS, MLALADS, Rural Infrastructure Development Fund(RIDF), State Plan Assistance(SPA), Additional Central Assistance (ACA), DONER, NEC, Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) etc was convened at the district headquarters Bomdila yesterday.

Underscoring the importance of timely execution of the developmental works by adhering to the laid down norms without compromising on the quality, Deputy Commissioner Rinchin Tashi called for accelerating the pace of works in the district to achieve both physical and financial targets by 31st march 2011. Further, he directed the departments to initiate action against the contractors and the suppliers for their non-compliance, if any, of the contractual agreements in the larger interest of the district and its people. The departments also need to ensure timely submission of Utilization Certificates and the requisite photographs so as to facilitate further release of fund, he added.

Among others, the review meeting was attended by EE (PWD), Deputy Director(DUDA), EE (RWD), EE(HPD), EE(WRD), EE (PHE&WS), AE (E), PO(APEDA), APO(RE) DRDA, DPO & EE (PWD) Planning of SE office Rupa.


DC calls for proper implementation of MGNREGA

KHONSA, Dec 1: Tirap Deputy Commissioner W.Lowang expressed his displeasure and dissatisfaction on the implementation of MGNREGA schemes by the Programme officers and directed them to expedite the works without any further delay.

He said this at the 47th Governing body meeting of DRDA Tirap which was held on Nov 29.  He further asked all the BDOs to achieve the target on time and submit all report and UCs regularly and timely so that necessary claims could be submitted to Govt. of India for subsequent release of funds.

Project Director DRDA Tirap A.Tayeng presented the annual report

ZP Chair R. Maham has asked the PIAs and other departments to work with dedication while maintaining transparency so that  the benefit of the government schemes percolates to the needy villagers. He also emphasized on formation of SHG in all the blocks.

The draft AAP were presented by the BDOs for their respective blocks and along with other resolutions the draft AAP was passed and approved by the house. (DIPRO)


Donyi Polo Gangging at Itanagar

Siram calls for preservation of folk dramas, songs

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Our religion is a natural religion, which we inherit from our forefather since time immemorial, said Education Minister Bosiram Siram while dedicating a newly constructed Donyi Polo Gangging, near State Museum, Itanagar to Golgii Bote Talom Rukbo today.

The minister advised the people to promote and preserve own tradition and culture. He said ‘though we have no any written record of our civilization, we are able to preserve our rich traditional culture and customs only through oral communication.’ However, lamenting on the present condition of folk dramas, songs and dances of the Adi culture, he strongly appealed the people particularly the younger generation to work for preservation and promotion of folk dramas, dances and songs. He also called for united efforts for development of Donyi Polo Gangging.

Highlighting the importance of the prayer system, healing therapy and use of local herbs, Siram suggested the members of the gangging to cultivate medicinal plants and herbs within the ganging compound for easy accessible.

Meanwhile, he assured to initiate necessary steps for construction of boundary walls of the Gangging.

Guest of Honour, Indigenous Faith and Culture Society of Arunachal Pradesh, President Nabam Atum appealed all the believers of Donyi Polo, Rang Frah, Nani Intaya, Meder Namlo, Meder Nello and others to maintain peace and tranquillity so that more developmental activities could be taken place in the state proper way.

The president appreciated the members of the DPYK, Itanagar Gangging for their efforts to promote and preserve own religion and culture. He appealed the Donyi Polo believers of every community to come and performed their devotional service at the newly dedicated Donyi Polo Ganging, Itanagar.

President, DPYK, Itanagar Tajom Taloh also urged the gathering the preserve and promote own tradition and culture, while DPYK publicity Secretary Bapir Megu highlighting the life and teaching of Golgii Bote Talom Rukbo said, today is a historic day not only for the members of Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang, but also for the entire people of the State who have self-respect and are true to their ancestral roots, indigenous culture and faith.

Further, referring to Rukbo's teaching on indigenous faith, particularly on Donyi-Polo. Megu said “Let us not confuse ourselves. Religion is believed to be only the path leading to salvation. No religion in this world is superior or inferior. Religion is only what we make it worth just by our own faith. He added that ‘with regards to the ongoing reformation, Rukbo said “most of the traditional ways, means and practices have relevance and very much practicable in our daily life. We need reformation in some areas with the change of time, as reformation is not only inevitable and essential, but also beneficial. Reformation, though painful and unacceptable to some people, is yet needful, as we cannot implicitly follow old practices in a world teeming with fast changing societies of this scientific age. Some practices would be disappeared if they are not changed or reformed to put new vigour, new strength and new energy in the system”.

Besides, prayer and community feast on the occasion, The Minister and the IFCSAP President gave away a commendation certificate to those volunteers who contributed in the developmental activities of the DPYK, Itanagar and also released a religious related Audio CD on the occasion.

The Donyi Polo believers from different communities of various district of the state attended the function.


Pre-Christmas Celebration

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Don Bosco College, Itanagar celebrated pre-Christmas today with the theme: “Peace to people of good will”.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA Bameng Felix who was the Chief Guest shared his experience of being in Don Bosco institutions. He also told the students that they are lucky to be a Bosconian and that they will appreciate the experience of being in Don Bosco in the days to come.

He exhorted the students, “You need to make the best use of opportunities available and never give away your opportunities to others”. He also recalled how in his younger days other pushed him to the public space and that prompted him and opened up opportunities for him to be an MLA today.  He also said, “When you are part of a reputed institution you are expected to behave better than others and responsibility for you is greater.”

He further said, “If you make a mistake now, take a wrong path it is not simply a mistake but it would be a great blunder.”

Chukhu Appa, the Superintendant of Police, Itanagar said there is a season for everything. A time to study and a time to enjoy. If one does not prioritize his or her life that person can land in the wrong place. We are destined to be somebody and it’s for us to decide what we will be. So keep your direction clear.”

At the beginning of the programme, Dr. K.O. Sebastian, the principal of Don Bosco College, said in his message that it is easy to make life by giving what we have but it is difficult to make life by what we share and give away. But it is in giving that we really make life. Christmas is a feast of sharing and sharing life at that.”

The day was truly joyful with lots of carols, dances and songs. But the star attraction of the day was “Cyndrella’s Christmas”, a musical skit which enthralled the audience. The students put up several beautiful items to make the day a joyous occasion.


The fight must go on – students movement against big dams

Raju Mimi

Opposition to large dams is a regular feature today. Four years back, it started as student’s movement against big dams in Dibang Valley. Caught by the idealistic fervor, bloods then boiled in the young hearts. Years down the line, the fight still continues, though confronted with newer challenges.

The All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) gave a renewed call for a sustained campaign against large dams in Dibang basin. One such campaign meeting was held on Nov 29, 2010 at IGGC College campus in Tezu.

Before the event took place, I was keen to get through few opinions beforehand. So I began by interacting with few student members, one night ahead of the meeting.

T Linggi, an IGGC College graduate has been with the students anti dam movement. Known for his sense of humor, he said jokingly: “Fighting against dams for four years, I am worn-out now and I feel like supporting it.”

Everyone present laughed!

Having followed closely the movement, I had come across people expressing such state of ‘fatigue’.

Lucrative offers

Some of the latest stories that are going round are the big compensation money. We had heard about a popular story of Tezu that had hit the headlines in Roing.

A poor local farmer received Rs 70 lakhs as compensation money for his land, goes the story. What happened next, there are different versions. Most say, he became mad. Not in literal sense, though.

On our first night at Tezu, Mr Tayu, a senior AIMSU member from Anini kept us updated with his stories from affected areas. There were news that Jindal Company in Etalin is winning the hearts and minds of the locals. The offers are lucrative, and people are jostling for the bid. Many educated ones are leaving their govt job to join the company.

That was the similar story 20 years back, when timber business boomed in Arunachal. While ‘angry young man’ was a phenomenon in the rest of the country, a school student here earned Rs 50,000 per month. A generation in the community stopped going to school and many even left their govt jobs. It was rags to riches story everywhere. But when the court order came for a complete ban on timber, it was all riches to rags story.

To reap back the rich benefits again, they are now determined not to let ‘others’ oppose dams. A student union claiming to represent the affected area proudly welcomed the Dibang Multipurpose Project. As expected, media war flared between AIMSU and that student union, thereby both falling into the trap laid by the companies.

NHPC oft repeats these words: “When the project affected people have agreed, then why are the others opposing?” I am glad that the decision of the project affected people do matter. The meeting

The earthquake, dam breakage, population influx, loss of land, culture, blah blah, was all too familiar stories.

Some few local leaders from Tezu were also part of the meeting. Mr Kumje Drai is the Chairman of Lohit/Anjaw Anti Dam Committee. According to him, “People have lost courage to speak up and acceptance to dams has become a compromised stand.”

Fighting a lone battle, he is hopeful that one day people will rise to protest. “A little drop of water, makes the ocean”, he keeps repeating in his speech.  

My mind brushed up, when Tilu Linggi, a law graduate from Pune spoke. “If you feel that dam must be built because it’s the will of the govt, then its stupidity. We must rise to speak our will and not be dictated.”

“We cannot fight against dams on emotions, but on facts and figures”, he added.

The audience was kept enthralled as speeches rolled from AIMSU leaders Rajiv Mihu and Unti Umbrey.

The voices

“Irrespective of differences in the opinion, the fight must go on. If we keep quiet, we loose”, said Molo, a first year college student.

The agenda of the meeting had a separate session for young college students to share their opinions.

Fibo Mihu, another young student said, “Be our eyes and voice, we will follow you as your hands and legs."

But he had these words too: "Don't betray the cause, else the hands and legs won’t stop looking for you.”


Heads of dept led by DC visits Pakke-Kessang

SEPPA, Dec 1: East Kameng Deputy Commissioner,  Tope Bam along with SP Kime Aya and team of Heads of department visited Pakke-Kessang on Nov 29 in order to assess ground realities of developmental activities enabling them to initiate further developmental activities of the circle by various department of the district.

On the way, the team visited Palin Medical Sub-Centre and govt. Pry. School as per the demand of the public.   

DC assured to get the school boundary surveyed by LM staff and also look into the case of land and medical staff.

At Rilloh, at a brief meeting DC appraised all HGBs, GBs and Public leaders regarding their duties and responsibilities to maintain peace and tranquility in the area and also to co-operate for overall development of the area.  He assured the public and teachers to get the school boundary surveyed by the LM staff as and when the LM team visits Pakke-Kessang for town survey as demanded for.

At Pakke-Kessang,the team visited office building of CO/BDO established in 1966 which needs renovation. On the other-hand, the Govt Secondary School building established way back in 1966 is also under dilapidated condition. On part of repair & maintenance, the DC directed the DDSE to initiate necessary action at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the DC interacted with the teaching staffs.

On visiting the 10 bedded Primary Health Centre which was found to be well maintained. It was also seen that an allopathic doctor was yet to be posted by the govt.

The next day, the DC & the team had a meeting with PR members,Gaon Buras,Public & Govt. officials at General ground,Pakke-Kessang.

The ZPM,BC Tok submitted a memorandum & appealed the DC to intervene on the matters like proper township planning, law & order, creation of police outpost with WT facility, posting of an allopathic doctor, a female attendant & GNM, clerical staff, computer operator & creation of science laboratory at Govt.Secondary School,Pakke-kessang.

ZPM requested the DC to take up necessary steps with the Forest authority at the Govt. level so that the area falling under the Papum Reserved Forest may be declared de-reserved since except a few villages, the whole area under Pakke-kessang circle falls under reserved forest.

Further, he appealed the authority for creation of infrastructure at circle headquarter & direct all the Govt. officials to remain wherever they are posted under the circle. Immediate repair & maintenance of existing Mini-Hydel project & DG set that has remained out of order for a long time.

In reply to the memorandum, the DC positively assured to take up the matters at Govt. level. He informed the house that he would pursue the Minister, WRD & Civil Aviation Atum Welly to grant fund either from SPA or other source.

He also assured to post an allopathic doctor under NRHM very soon as required by PHC Pakke-Kessang .The DC apprised the gathering that since the dist HoDs have ascertained the factual positions they will have a developmental plan for Pakke-Kessang

The DC with SP , Hods, PRI members and public also visited Lodoso village on 30/11/2010 and had a meeting with ADC Sagalee, CO Leporiang of Papumpare dist regarding enumeration of Lodoso village under East Kameng District as Langke village by census enumerator  of Leporiang Circle without the knowledge/consent of the residents of Lodoso village.  Since the case seems to have originated from a boundary dispute between the P/Kessang Circle of East Kameng District and Leporiag Circle of Papumpare district, the DC advised the people to maintain peace and tranquility enabling both the district administration to find out an amicable solution for the days to come.  ADC Sagalee and CO Leporiang present in the meeting agreed to hand over the copies of the documentary evidences available under their possession to the DC, East Kameng for further examination.

The SP Kime Aya also spoke on the occasion. He appealed the people of Pakke-kessang to have friendly attitude with police. For establishment of Police Station with WT set at Pakke-kessang, he informed that he would pursue the matter with higher authority and will fully ensure for its materialization. (DIPRO)


Improve your handwriting through Write Right

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: “Good hand writing is a life asset. It is a skill which reflects the character of a person. It identifies the sub-conscious and conscious traits of an individual’s personality”.

Bringing good news to Arunachal Pradesh, Write Right Foundation- India, the pioneer and the only organization of its kind in the country to impart the science and art of handwriting technology, has launched its operations in the state through a Press conference today.

Briefing the Press persons, Navneeta Bhattacharjee, NE regional coordinator stated: “We have been receiving plenty of requests from various quarters of the region to initiate our operation here. Even though we originally intended to start our North East operation in 2011, yet keeping in view the huge demand of the region, we decided to offer our services right now to the people of the region.”

Write Right Foundation is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and have more than 1000 centres worldwide, a press handout said.

Handwriting has always been a concern area of students and parents too. In this world of utmost advancements in human resource policies, progressive organizations hire handwriting analysis experts to read and analyze resumes of prospective new recruits, it said. This is so because, handwriting is also reflection of ones’s character. Even if we were to just stick to basics, we would all agree that a good handwriting is necessary for a student to get good scores in the examinations,” it said.

Write-Right offers excellent lucrative programmes which includes handwriting improvement, speed writing, calligraphy (the artistic flair of writing) and Graphology (handwriting analysis techniques. All the courses have been developed through extensive research and successfully tested on innumerable participants, the handout informed. All the programmes come with 100% money back guarantee from the organization.

It has already launched the technology in Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

The Foundation is looking for committed business partner, who would be keen to provide this noble and valuable services with utmost level of commitment.


SPEAKASIA, the on-line market survey group enters in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: SpeakAsia--the largest integrated on-line survey group in the Asian subcontinent headquartered in Singapore, has done a formal press launch of its operation in Arunachal Pradesh today. On-line market research is the process by which companies use the internet to gather data to evaluate how well a product or service is selling to consumers. The information provided by a careful market analyze conducted on-line can also identify popular trends that can assist a company in creating a strategy that will get better results.

Speak Asia is a concept which fulfils the objective of getting opinion surveys done by turning the table of data capturing the other way round. In this concept, the company instead of paying the various middlemen at various levels pays the respondent for his/her honest opinions.

The company has already tied-up with many major national and international organizations for its market research activities. The company is backed by the ‘certificate of good standing’ by ACRA, Singapore.

And the benefit is not confined to the corporate side alone.

The respondents, who are also the consumers of various products/services) are paid for each survey that they take. This is given to them as an honorarium for their valuable opinion and the time that they invest. Every week a respondent gets 2 to 20 surveys depending upon research panel they qualify.

It is worth mentioning here that with the advent of liberalization and globalization, companies are fighting a war everyday to capture new market and hold on to their existing ones. Those who can keep identifying the varying trends and demands survive and the rest perish.


Save Arunachal rally organized at Aalo

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, West Siang district unit has organized an Arunachal Bhachao rally at Aalo on Nov 29 last.

Addressing the rally, state BJYM president Doni Nich criticized the functioning of the state Govt. Pointing out the foreign tour of the ministers and MLAs, Nich said that the tour is meaningless particularly at a time when the state is facing fund crisis.

West Kameng district BJP president Sumbu Siongju called upon the state government to develop infrastructure in border areas. He particularly appealed both Central and state Govts to build good road infrastructure along the Indo-China border at par with Chinese counterpart.

West Siang BJP unit president Komduk Loya, who presided over the rally, highlighted the local issues. He appealed the public to elect good and better leaders for the welfare of the people and good governance.State BJYM vice president Hinium Tachu, BJYM general secretary Taring Teri highlighted the PDS scam. Both of them called for CBI enquiry in the PDS scam for fair probe. The BJYM leaders also appealed the Govt to check corruption and improve the law and order in the state.


Manipur crush Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: The Arunachal U-22 cricket team was handed a 159 run drubbing by Manipur in a pool ‘A’ match in the  BCCI organized Associate & Affiliated Members Tournament being held at Bhilai, Chattishgarh today.

Manipur set a challenging target of 255 before Arunachal to win after they were being sent to bat first.

While chasing the target, none of the Arunachalee player could stand firmly before the pace attack of Manipuri bowlers barring Suhel Hussain and Neelam Obi, who scored 17 and 11 runs respectively. In fact, the team never really settled into partnership as wicket fell at regular interval and finally collapsed in the 29.2 over making a paltry 97.


Employees bid farewell to Basar on his superannuation

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: The officers and staff of directorate of agriculture, Naharlagun bade farewell to Tago Basar, director of agriculture on his retirement on Nov 30. The farewell meeting held at the conference hall of agriculture directorate was also attended by district officers of the agri department.

The members present in the meeting highly lauded the contribution of Basar, a sincere, disciplined and devoted officer. He was the first Arunachalee officer in highest technical post of the department. He rendered his services in various capacities for last 33 years.

While addressing the gathering, Basar shared his vast experience of service life. He advised the technical professionals to ‘refine extension services methodologies’ to match the rapid changes in people’s outlook and also asked them to leave no stone unturned to ensure food security of the state. He also advocated for ‘integration of attitude, technical knowledge and skill’ while implementing the ambitious projects of both state and Central Govts in farm sector for desire results.

Hage Kano, joint director of the department has taken over the charge of director of agriculture.


Training prog on computer basic

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: An entrepreneurship training program on computer basics was conducted by the department of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise (MSME), in collaboration with Rural Development and Heritage Society, Sangram recently.

Koloriang CO A. Regon, attending program dwelt at length the about the importance of Information Technology.

J. Pathak, Asstt. Directer, MSME , Itanagar, assured for providing more training in future in near future.

All the 25  trainees were awarded stipend and course completitoin certificates.  


DASU appeals to postpone SSA interview

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Dibang Adi Students Union (DASU) has appealed the state Govt to postpone the scheduled SSA examination from Dec 5 to Dec 8.

Most of the aspiring candidates are students and they will not be able to appear SSA interview as the House Test examination of the college students is going to begin from Dec 2 to 20 and the university students are also having their semester examinations from Dec 4 to 23, DASU said in a release. It appealed the authorities to reschedule the SSA examination date after Dec 25 so that all aspiring candidates appear in it.

Meanwhile, the union said that the SSA interview should be held in fair and transparent manner and first preference should be locals.


A tribute to Talom Rukbo

Bapir Megu

God is omnipresent. He is omniscient and omnipotent. He is the universally accepted creator of this universe. Story goes that whenever there had been atrocities, humiliation and exploitation against an innocent and weaker race of mankind by more equipped and stronger but wicked group on this earth, God sent somebody to this earth on His behalf for rescue of the innocent and weaker group. This had happened in this land of rising sun. When our innocent people were being exploited and robbed of their belongings because of their ignorance, illiteracy, insolvency and lack of spiritual leadership and when they were being told misleading stories not to take the path of divine truth shown to them by their ancestors / forefathers, Donyipolo, the supreme being, sent a man to this earth to spread His eternal message. It is not merely a fable or narration of an imaginary event. It is a factual extract from a real story of a man who devoted his whole life in the service of the society, so as to say the service to God. I would like to tell you a concise story, a biography in nutshell with an attempt to throw light on- some of the illuminating thoughts and deeds of a saintly man, who is the founder of `Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang', whom the proud inheritors of the indigenous culture and faith in Arunachal Pradesh have started calling with reverence `the father of Donyi Polo religion'. He is none . other than our beloved Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo, who is immortal today among us by virtue of his relentless devotion to Almighty Donyi Polo and sacrifices made for enlightenment of his society.

Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo was greatly concerned about socio-cultural identity of the people of this land. According to him, it is an obligatory duty of all sensible men towards their society to love and respect what is their own. Apprehending the alarming trend of westernization and imposition of alien religion, he used to warn the entire descendants of Abotani to be vigilant and alert about their masked friends who might merely search out their vested gains on the pretext of leading to salvation, which is only a farce in reality. Instead of trying to recall our own ancestral root to preserve own identity, some of our fellow citizens have readily accepted everything at the face value and unmindfully disconnected themselves from their own society under the influence of outsiders. Once, Golgi Bote had an encounter with a sugar tongued Bishop who made a desperate attempt to make him understand something new about salvation. After a patient hearing he appealed to the Bishop "Give our people the knowledge of Science and Mathematics (for enlightenment and human progress), but please avoid evangelization and conversion activities as conversion tears the individual from his/her family, tears the family from the rest of the community. Acts of conversion, therefore, create social unrest and clashes. Hence, conversion is violence of the deepest and graves: kind". Since Bishop was a learned man and a true devotee of God he could understand what it was meant for. That very incident prompted Golgi Bote to think further. He felt the need to have a written scripture on the pantheon of Donyipolo. He advocated that a faith to be called a religion must have scripture; it must be prepared and practiced. So he appealed to friends and like-minded fellow citizens to work on the matter as fast as possible. He said "unless we do it now, we may not do it at all". Since he believed in doing by himself instead of depending on others, he at once started writing prayer songs and personally got them published which are now widely sung in Ganggings and religious conventions of the Adis. Though it was founded way back in 1982 as a result of many revolutionary efforts to institutionalize the Donyi Polo faith, the formation of Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang was formally declared on 31st December 1986 at Pasighat under the visionary and spiritual leadership of our Golgi Bote. A new beginning came. His dream to educate the people, the younger generation in particular, to know self-identity, which is deeply embedded in our language, cultural heritage and indigenous faith, seemed to have come true. His dream to give an organized shape to indigenous faith for younger generation so that they need not borrow other religion to quench their thirst for God, seemed to have come true. The aims and objectives of the Yelam Kebang were conceived with broad outlook so as to accommodate all like-minded people irrespective of places, caste and their origin. Touring around villages, he himself preached the people of the importance of formation of Yelam Kebang. People were convinced and happy. People on self-help basis voluntarily constructed Ganggings. They became centers for spreading the divine message of Donyi Polo, the Supreme Being.

Besides these, Golgi Bote was deeply concerned about upliftment of the Adi's in particular and the Tani group of people in general. He extensively toured around Tani belt to disseminate the idea that the true descendants of Abotani are Apatanis, Nyishis, Galongs, Tagins, Adis. Hillmiris, Mishings and other indigenous tribal groups and they cannot deny that fact. In all respect they have resemblance and commonness. He taught them to be united and fight for their solidarity and intactness of precious identity lest their Offspring blame them for losing it.

In one of Golgi Bote's thought-provoking advices to the Adis not to be allured by others' belongings, we can find his farsightedness and wisdom, which has been beautifully narrated by Shri Kaling Borang, a well known social reformer who also has been instrumental in materializing Golgi Bote's dreams and one of the prominent members of the Central Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang, headquartered at Pasighat, as follows "Kaaboma kaaboma, ami ati kaaboma, yayike oe, opan dokom kaaboma, mammi ke ome, opan dokom kaaboma..... " meaning - do not be allured though poor you are, the true children of proud parents. Your society is strong and your traditions deep rooted. In yet another narration of Golgi Bote's poem "Adie Nyokdakbong" meaning "Adis are about to go waste", we find "Adie Nyokdakbong, Adiem amie yatyindak, Didom Kantanglo buyinkai, Mibo odenglo tiira suyinkai...... .... Kennam angunem laato, agike yelot em mitpan sunape....... Paanam angunem laato giidang longkin em bujin sunape, meaning - the Adis have yielded to alien allurement, got intoxicated with foreign wine..... Education gained only to forget his own culture, Knowledge earned only to suck the marrow of his own society. Therefore, Adis are about to go waste.

 Reacting strongly to the alarming inclination towards materialistic allurement and deplorable disregard to own culture and self-respect being displayed by today's so called modern people of the highly civilized world, he appealed Respect yourself, you will be respected. You may say you know, but by your actions you are known. Loss of culture is loss of identity. These appeals are unfortunately being misinterpreted by some sections of our own people. Like other pioneers of the world, perhaps, he too believed in dreaming of all that is good and beautiful on this land of Abotani. He used to say - our self-identity is inseparably associated first with our own community. Friends, Golgi Bote was true. An identity crisis is obvious in the decades to come if the present trend of mistrust and negligence towards social interest continues to go this way.

Golgi Bote was not only a dedicated worker but also a thinker of versatile qualities and a prolific writer. He collected and compiled Aabangs, wrote short stories, songs, poems and articles containing valuable documents concerning indigenous beliefs, ritualistic practices originating from ancient tribal life with a view to educate the younger generation about the treasure of age old rich cultural heritage and to make them reconcile their spiritual need and richness. Some of his books are - Short Background of Adi Festivals; Folk Songs of Siang Valley-, Donyi Poloism Through Questions and Answers; Donyi Poloism - A Religion; Dance and Dance Drama of Adis; A Short Dictionary of Adi Classical Literacy Language; Baali Appum and many Adi mythological and religious books besides lovely Legendaries.

Golgi Bote has touched almost every aspects of human life in his writings. His concern for women, the need for their education and upliftment in the society, is also amply reflected in one of his poems. Besides his concerns for human society, we can find his deep concern for ecology and environment apart from his love for birds and animals, manifested in the forms of poems.

Talom Rukbo, interestingly who happened to be a very simple, jolly and an easily accessible man, was born of the Godly conjugal union of late Rukpaying Rukbo and Odam Rukbo of Balek village of Pasighat. He was born on 01.12.1937. He matriculated from Govt. High School, Pasighat. Then he did his graduation for St. Edmunds College, Shillong. In late 50s and early 60s he joined Govt. service in various capacities but could not hold on for , long, as he was meant for something great. Being a wise man he had no desire for anything worldly which are transitory. All men are after riches, worldly enjoyment, name, fame and all that. Had he got the desire, what else could he not do during those days when people capable of speaking only a few broken sentences in Assamese were nearly forced to accept Govt. jobs. He possessed only the divine knowledge of renunciation and love by means of which he could help people realize the truth of salvation and the path leading to it. Besides these, the credit of uniformly celebrating festivals all over the Adi areas; formation of Adi Cultural and Literary Society - a registered society at Pasighat; revival of Bogum Bakang - the highest body of Adi local self governance, and several reformatory movements, goes to Golgi Bote. Needless to say, the `Donyi Polo Spiritual Society of Arunachal Pradesh', which is defunct now, was also formed under his active stewardship and guidance.

Golgi Bote was, once, the Assistant Secretary of Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan of ltanagar under the Chairmanship of Shri Gegong Apang, the then Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh. He attended a conference of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) held in New Delhi in 1984. In the following years he attended the first conference of the Indian Chapter of the Association held in Mumbai in 1985. In the second conference of the Indian Chapter, held at Bangalore in 1986, he was given the responsibility to lead the prayer in the interfaith worship, which he performed impressingly. Again in 1987, he represented the Donyipolo faith at Hamburg in West Germany in an IARF Congress. Today I vividly remember, our Golgi Bote, after returning from Germany, visited Govt. Higher Secondary School, Mebo where I was a student. In our morning assembly, having taken due permission from school authority, he gave a thought-provoking lecture on indigenous faith, our rich heritage and on preservation of socio-cultural identity besides a lot of related topics taking reference of cultured societies of the world, which were not taught in our academic classes. That very speech had inspired us to think that had there been a dynamic personality like Talom Rukbo in our tribal society in early days, our Donyipolo faith, in spite of being the oldest of all, would not have remained unknown to the outside world. We became bound to think - why God did not send this man on this earth at least before the Britishers stepped in to this holy island of rising run, our socio-cultural identity would have remained undisturbed and our own brothers would not have parted from us. However, it is better late than never. Thanks to God! Thanks to our ancestors who handed down the rich edifice through oral tradition!

It is said that the man whom God loves, dies young. This man of exalted qualities, Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo, untimely left all of us on December 30, 2001, for Yepona Donyipolo Among, the heavenly abode. We fondly remember him always with reverence. Although he is not with us today, his thoughts and deeds inspire us like a becoming light to work harder and follow the path of love, enlightenment, truth and spirituality shown by him. On this day, let us pray to Almighty Donyipolo for eternal peace of the departed soul and to give us enough strength to carry forward his ideology and emulating principles of the pious philosophy of Donyipolo for well being of humanity. May Almighty Donyipolo shower His choicest blessings to AVP, IFCSAP, Arun Jyoti and other organizations who are involved in the mission to achieve the goal. May Almighty Donyipolo give us enough strength to follow the ideals of Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo.







Training prog

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: The 15-days training programme on bamboo-based handicraft organised for 8 selected trainees of Ziro concluded at Lekhi village yesterday.

Attending the valedictory function as chief guest, Art and Culture Director Jomnya Siram elaborated the importance and utilization of bamboo in day-to-day life of tribal people. He stressed the need for promoting bamboo-based industry (handicraft) to raise the socio-economic status of people of the state.

Ulhas Kulkarni, Kshetra Sewa Pramukh, Seva Bharati, Assam, described the significance of bamboo handicrafts in the region and called upon trainees to continue to practise this form of art even after completion of the training. He said that concentration, patience, willingness and devotion could  make them a better artisan.

Pradip Joshi, member, APCT, emphasized the need to conduct such training at various level throughout  the state. He thanked Department of Forestry, NERIST and APSS for encouraging training on bamboo-based handicraft in the state.

H.S. Gangwar, Department of Forestry also stressed the need to promote bamboo-based handicraft in Arunachal for better future.

G. Pangging, PI, UNDP project elaborated the main theme of the project titled "Linking cultural heritage with natural heritage: A study on community based conservation and livelihood option in Ziro valley, Arunachal Pradesh.”  

Handicraft is an integral part of culture of indigenous people which needs to be preserved, he said. Further, value addition of bamboo through handicraft will not only improve the socio-economic condition of the people but also help preserve the art for psterity, he said.

The programme was a part of G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development- UNDP-CCF-II project under department of forestry, NERIST. Exhibitions of bamboo handicrafts made by trainees were also displayed on this occasion.

The training was conducted with full support from Arunachal Pradesh Charitable Trust (APCT) and Arunachal Pradesh Seva Sangh (APSS).


Association decides

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: All Itanagar Youth Welfare Association in a meeting has called for equal rights and opportunities in employment and business ventures. It further said that facilities be made available to the citizens including power, telecommunications and good roads. The association further called for rehabilitation and employment opportunity in power projects areas and corruption free state.

It further said that widening gap between the rich and poor be stopped while adding that those involved in PDS scam be taken to task.


Training prog

PASIGHAT, Dec 1: A UGC sponsored fifteen days long training program on Office Automation and Pension work for group C staffs of JN College began today at the college auditorium of lower campus, JNC, Pasighat.

The training program was inaugurated by the ADC Pasighat SC Debnath. While addressing the trainees he said that such initiative would be beneficial and ensures that randomness is reduced in a structured format.

Earlier, the college Principal Tayek Talom congratulated the UGC Coordinator Jnan Ranjan Padhi, SR Chowdhury (VP) and Program Coordinator Dr. DP Panda for organizing the training and further appealed the participants to be sincere saying they play vital roles in college administration.

In technical session, the program coordinator Dr. DP Panda Associate Professor (Commerce) focused on Know your Retirement Benefits through PowerPoint and lecture.

Meanwhile, the two days training on Banking and Civil Services as hot Careers, organized by Dr. N Tari, JNC concluded yesterday.

T. Darang IAS (Rtd) and Dr. E. Padung Principal DG College, Pasighat graced the valedictory function as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. ADC SC Debnath, CCF RK Singh IFS, SK Jabir Ali and SK Deb both APRD Bank personnel were the resource persons on the occasion. DIPRO


Awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Joint Action Committee of various legal forums of law students in a meeting held today at Naharlagun unanimously decided to launch a mass awareness programme on basic legal rights in 20 schools within the Papum Pare District. The first phase of the campaign will begin from December 4 next.

During the campaign, Moot court will be conducted and all the legal forum from across the nation, resource persons from different fields and Panchayati Raj Institution would participate in the campaign.


School week celebration ends

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: The XIIth school week celebration of the Govt Secondary School, RGU campus, Rono Hills, Doimukh concluded yesterday.

Chief Guest of the valedictory function of the school week celebration Tana Bado, Doimukh ZPM exhorted the students to be disciplined, sincere and devoted in their academic career and co-curricular activities. He donated some money as a token of appreciation for overall achievement of the students and promised to sanction one additional classroom of the school in the next academic session.

The ZPM also encouraged the winners of various competitions during the week long programme.

School management committee chairman Dr Rachob Taba also spoke on the occasion and gifted cash for welfare of students.

The Shanti House emerged overall champion, while Ekta House and Sadhana House secured 2nd and 3rd position respectively.


AESDSU election

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: All East Siang District Students’ Union (AESDSU) is a divided house. After the apex student’s union AAPSU approved the constitution of the AESDSU with Tageng Nyitan and David Gao as its president and general respectively after consultation with all branch students unions, in a General conference cum election held at Boleng on November 19-21 last elected Kangge Moyong as president and Beijing Taloh and Tajing Paron as Vice Presidents.

Daniel Jamoh has been elected as General Secretary. ZPM Boleng Block Takum Tasing, All Adi Students Union President Tapu Mibang and Tapit Taga attended the occasion as Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and special guest respectively.


Annya Nam

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: The Nyishi film ‘Annya Nam’ will be released in a function being organized by Arunachal Artiste Forum, Papum Pare district unit at Sagalee Community Hall on Dec 2. IX Leporiang anchal samity chairperson Nabam Kakam and Langdang ASM Nabam Kalu Hina will attend the film release ceremony at chief guest and guest of honour respectively.


Foundation Day

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: All Arunachal Pradesh Govt Drivers Association (AAPGDA) celebrated its 11th Drivers’ Foundation Day at Naharlagun on Nov 27.

Presiding over the function, AAPGDA president Debia Tak called upon the drivers to be sincere and devoted to their service. He also assured to strengthen the Association with the suggestions of its members.


BSNL strike

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: BSNL Employees union Arunachal district branch is taking part at a three day strike which started from today for realizing of their demands.


Union appeals to defer bandh

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Supporting the bandh call given by Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) as reasonable, Students Union of Dera Natung Govt College has appealed the ALSU to defer the bandh to some other day.

The Union said that proposed bandh on 7th December will create problems for the students as the bandh date coincides with the house tests of both DNGC and Don Bosco College, Itanagar.



ITANAGAR, Dec 1: The new executive body of the All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union Changlang District unit was formed in a meeting held at Changlang on Nov 26 last.

The members present in the meeting unanimously selected Maihang Langehing and Sanu Tamang as president and general secretary of the Union for the tenure of five years.

Bini Noga and Tage Nada has been selected as president and general secretary of All Dollungmukh Area Students Union.


New Associations

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Arunachal Pradesh Extension Officer (Rural Engineer) Service Association has been formed with Tarh Taming as president and Techi Juna as general secretary.

Upper Subansiri Graduates and Post Graduates Unemployed Association has been formed with Kara Yekar as president and Talar Dulom as general secy.


Death condoled

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: The Dakpe Welfare Society (DWS) has mourned the untimely death of STS conductor, Tali Dakpe of Dakpe village under Puchigeko circle, who died on Nov 27 last. He was serving at Pasighat STS station.

Late Dakpe left behind his wife and five daughters.

The Society expressed its gratitude to the STS staff Pasighat who brought the body of late Dakpe to his birth place for last rites.

The Society members conveyed deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family and prayed to Almighty Donyi-Polo for eternal peace of the departed soul.


Army recruitment rally

PASIGHAT: Of the 3,346 candidates that turned up for Army recruitment rally which started on 19th November at Pasighat, only 375 got through physical tests and appeared for written test on Nov 28 last.

The Director ARO Jorhat Col. Baljeet Singh thanked DC and SP of the district for their support and further informed all the answer scripts would be forwarded to the higher authorities at Shillong for finalization and appointments. (DIPRO)


Dapo & Bobo reach Nagaland

ITANAGAR: Dapo and Bobo -- the two forgotten traditional sports of Arunachal Pradesh --will be demonstrated at the Hornbill Festival which is being held in Kohima, Nagaland.

According to All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA), three players, namely Biki Tada, Charu Doro and Loa Nikum will demonstrate the sport along with nine others in the festival tomorrow. The team, led by Gida Puning, was invited by the Art and Cultural Department of Nagaland, the organizer of the Festival, ANYA said. The event is being telecast live through NE TV on December 1 and 2.

‘Dapo’ and ‘Bobo’, are two different traditional sports of the Nyishi community. Dapo is mainly a sport played by two groups while Bobo is a rope sport which needs balance, tricks, energy and stamina.

It is pertinent to mention here that ANYA had conducted a competition of the two sports for the first time in the state during its 5-day youth convention held at Nyikum Nyia Ground, Nirjuli  in October last.


APSPCB directs media house to submit claim and objection in writing

Lower Siang

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Two days after this daily carried a report based on public documents on notification of public hearing for 2700 Lower Siang Power Project being undertaken by the Jaypee Associates,  in contradiction to Terms of Reference (ToR) which mandated three seasons study, in a very strange move, Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) asked this daily to submit in writing to record “claim and objection for public hearing instead of presenting in newspaper as news item which may not serve the purpose as 30 days time limit notification has already been issued”.

On August 3 this year, the Ministry of Environment and Forest(MoEF) had granted Terms of Reference (ToR) for conduction of EIA studies, categorically stating that there be comprehensive study covering three seasons’ (base line data) for downstream impact up to Brahmaputra River confluence.

But Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) announced the dates of public hearing within four months where as it requires a minimum period of at least one year.

The Board excused itself and said that “as per EIA Notification 2006, immediately on receipt of the draft EIA/EMP reports submitted to by the project proponent for conduct of public hearing with requisite numbers of hard and soft copies as prescribed in notification, the process of public hearing should be initiated and completed according to laid down procedures within 45 days.  Collection of hydrological data for three seasons is purely a technical matter and objection to submission of revised EIA rest with the Ministry of Environment & Forest and Central Electricity Authority, the Board said.

This daily believes that the APSPCB has mistaken the role of the media and the public in the case of Public Hearings under the Environment Protection Act, 1986. It maybe pertinent to note that the public hearings are meant to address concerns and take into consideration the prior informed consent and opinion of the 'project affected communities and people' and not of the media. The media's role is to play as a watch dog and highlight issues and concerns of the public through the publications. Our paper has done exactly that.

As for the content of our report, we would like to highlight that APSPCB have not contradicted any statement made in our news report but only claimed that it is not party to it. That we leave to Board’s judgment and those assessing the legal role of APSPCB.

We reiterate what our story said and stand by it. It is not our case to point fingers and say who is responsible for the lapse in looking at if it is technically possible to have an EIA report meant to have three seasons' data in a period less than three seasons.


Distorted facts anger organizations

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD), Siang People’s Forum and Adi Students Union (AdiSU) has charged Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited with racial discrimination for portraying wrong image of Adi tribe in their pre-requisite documents like Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and in recently published Downstream Impact Assessment (DIA) in regards to 2700 MW Lower Siang Project.

In a joint press conference held today here, three bodies said that distorting facts about Adi tribe has been published in these publications which have angered the Adi community.

Adding salt to the injury, all these publications has been circulated throughout the world without correcting the mistakes. Among other, one of wrongly published information in these books says that Adi is divided into two group broadly-Minyongs and Gallongs.

The most derogatory information published in the books says that Adi tribe practice polyandry system of marriage and also that marriage takes place by exchange, abductions and by offering services to would be fathers-in-law!  Books also wrongly inform that bride price is common among tribal people of Arunachal depending upon family status. Further it says marriage ceremony lasts for about 6 days, in which meats of Mithun and Wild animals are served.

Talking serious note of all the wrongly published information about Adi tribe, Forum for Siang Dialogue (FSD), Siang People’s Forum and Adi Students Union (AdiSU) has denounced Jaypee group for publishing such wrong information about Adi tribe.

 Quoting this wrongly published information, the three bodies stated such disrespect towards Adi tradition and culture has exposed the evil intention of private developers like Jaypee, which only care about earning profits.  The three bodies have further said they will never allow Lower Siang Hydropower Project to be constructed at any cost.


Arunachal observes World AIDS day

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Arunachal joined the rest of the world and observed World AIDS Day today. Awareness programs involving students and other reach out programs were part of the observation.  

At Lower Dibang Valley District an Awareness Campaign was held at Rekoh (Community Hall), Koronu Circle head quarter with a motive to create awareness. Dr Allok Yirang, DMO in his introductory speech informed that the World AIDS Day is celebrated with the theme “Universal Access and Human Rights for prevention, treatment, care and support to the persons infected with HIV AIDS’. He informed that 33.3 million people in the world are infected with HIV AIDS and 3.2 million people in India are HIV positive. However, in Arunachal Pradesh more than 115 HIV positive cases were recorded and 10 persons died of the disease in the state. He further said that Koronu Circle was mainly selected as venue for conducting the awareness campaign this year as there is influx of large numbers of laborers from outside due to ongoing construction of National Highway – 52. Chiliko Meto, Zilla Chairperson called upon the youths and students to actively participate in such type of awareness campaign as they are the most vulnerable sections pertaining to the disease as well as to act as a media to spread the message among the rural masses.

Y W Ringu, Deputy Commissioner speaking as the Chief Guest on the occasion said that the awareness about the disease is the only way to keep oneself safe from. She further said that the social stigma attached with the disease in some sections must be removed totally which is also the main motive behind the theme.

Tezu: The District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit Tezu in collaboration with Youth (NYK), TI-NGO FSW Tezu, RRC IGG College Tezu , all Officers and Staffs of DMO Office and District Hospital Tezu conducted World AIDS Day at Tezu.

Earlier, Dr (Mrs) N. Ninu, DMO cum Vice-Chairman DAPCC Tezu flagged off the Mass Rally at 8.00A.M which started from the District Hospital Tezu to main market area and back to Conference Hall of District Hospital Tezu. The Rally was participated by Collegians, NGOs, Youth (NYK) and Officers and Staffs of Health Department Tezu.

There were about 150 participants in the Rally.

In his welcome and keynote address Dr. J. Ado DPO, DAPCU stressed to create awareness among health care delivery personnel for effective and quality health care services to the people living with HIV/AIDS. He also highlighted various components (ICTC, PPTCTC, STI Clinic, Blood Bank, LAC and TI- NGOs) of NACP-III available in the district for accessing health care services.

Dr. M. Chai MO i/c LAC District Hospital Tezu elaborately discussed how to access Anti –Retroviral Therapy (ART) by people living with HIV/AIDS and he also  discussed in detail on Link ART Centre at District Hospital Tezu and Post Exposure Prophylaxis by health care personnel.

M. Dirchi Asst. Prof. cum i/c RRC Indira Gandhi Govt. College Tezu also spoke on importance of World AIDS Day by participation of Youth groups with positive attitude for creating awareness on HIV/AIDS. S.Khellai Project Manager TI-NGO FSW Tezu (APV) also spoke on preventive measures of spreading HIV/AIDS, STI/RTI by adopting safe behaviour by High Risk group (IDUs, FSW) etc.

In her speech Dr. (Mrs) N. Ninu DMO Tezu suggested for Mass Blood Screening in the Lohit District while maintaining protocol. She also advised the Youth not to indulge in unsafe sexual behaviour and abstinence from sexual behaviour till marriage. She also stressed on functionalization of LAC in District Hospital Tezu. She also advised all the participants to spread the message of preventing HIV/AIDS by adopting simple measures ‘ABC’ (Abstinence, Be faithful to your partner and condom promotion) by one and all.

Itanagar: The World AIDS Day 2010 was observed by the Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) at Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2, Chimpu, Itanagar. The highlight of the programme was an inter-school quiz competition. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Emi Rumi, PD APSACS called upon the students to take up their responsibilities as the future of the society. With right knowledge and correct behaviour, the youth of today can ensure the success and well-being of the state, he added. He later gave away the prizes of the quiz competition. The quiz competition, which tested the participants’ grasp of general knowledge as well as HIV/AIDS was won by JNK Public School, Itanagar represented by Nitish Yadav and Sankalp Sinha. The runners-up team was the host school, KV No. 2, Itanagar and the third placed team was Vivekananda Central School, Itanagar.  

Noting the importance of the day, R.C. Gond, Principal K.V No. 2 expressed the hope that programmes involving the youth and students would bring about positive developments in all fields.

Govt Hr Secondary School, Arunodaya in collaboration with adolescence cell of SIE Gohpur Tinali Itanagar observed World AIDS Day today.

Chief Guest of the programme Dr Anurag Chaudhury explained in details about the cause and preventive measures against the dreaded AIDS disease. He said the youth can play key role to make the state AIDS free. The chief guest gave away prizes to the winners of various competitions.

Presiding over the programme, school principal T B Singh encouraged the students to excel in their academic career.

Essay, drawing, poster and quiz competitions on AIDS theme were organized to mark the occasion.

NSS programme officer A K Das and A K Yadav took the initiative for grand success of the programme.

Aalo: The staff of ICTC branch of District Hospital Aalo in collaboration with Commandant ITBP observed World Aids Day at ITBP HQ at Aalo with the participation of civilian and the Jawans. The main ideas of the programme were to give awareness on HIV/AIDS and to sensitize the Men in uniform who happened to be most vulnerable.

While explaining the causes and precaution of the disease, Dr Yatu Gee Kena, Pathologist cum i/c ICTC appealed to the Jawans and public to be very cautious in their life and requested them to get check up free of cost at ICTC centre, Aalo. Pamphlets, Condoms were distributed free of cost on the day.

Pasighat: The World AIDS Day was observed at the General Hospital, Pasighat today to spread awareness and step up efforts to prevent HIV/AIDS. The staff members & health assistants and ANM trainees took out rallies on the day.

In his message the DDHS Dr. Kabang Lego said there is no permanent cure for this disease so far and prevention and compassion are the most reliable ways to deal with it.

The hospital provides free counseling on the HIV-AIDS but we certainly need to do a lot in order to achieve our goal in extending better services to the people especially living in far flung and difficult- to- reach areas said the Medical Superintendent Dr. Onik Moyong.

Seeking public supports he said the infected patients also have the right to live with dignity and we must cooperate and help them.

Meanwhile students of JNC organized a rally in the township to create awareness on HIV-Aids.  


CM announce PDS package for Shinga

ITANAGAR, Dec 1: Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu announced a special package of ` 5 lakhs for PDS items to be airdropped to meet up the ration shortage on his visit to Shinga Circle in Upper Siang today.

Khandu further announced road connectivity to this remote circle which is yet to be connected by surface communication. While responding to the memorandum shabbily typed with their limited resources, Khandu said that he was aware of the problems faced by the denizens of the area and his government would do all out effort to bring them to the main stream.

Later, at Tuting, Khandu while addressing a mammoth gathering dwelt in length on the developmental initiatives taken up by his government. He urged all to be partner of development and shoulder the responsibility by being a member of Team Arunachal. He also emphasized on supporting hydro power projects in the state which is the economic backbone of the state which would sail the state from the present situation to a self reliant and self sufficient state.

He assured to look into the genuine grievances placed by the people through a public memorandum which included want of fund for various projects like road and bridges in the area.

Appealing all to brush aside all differences, he called for a cordial and brotherhood co-existence. He also threw light on education, health and wild life protection during his short speech.

Khandu was accompanied by Local MLA ALo Libang, Chief Secretary Tabom Bam, Development Commissioner V K Dev and DC Upper Siang during the visit. PRO TO CM


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