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December - 22


Underprivileged should be given priority

Dear Editor,

In the midst of claim and counter claim over the creation of Lower Siang District and its HQ, between the District Demand Action Committees (DDAC) of Basar Assembly Constituency and District Demand Joint Action Committee (DDJAC) of Likabali-Gensi and Nari-Kayu Assembly Constituencies, we as an ordinary and neutral citizens do not know who is right and who is wrong.  However we feel that development is a continuous process and there should be a creation of district at any cost for overall development in the region. As per as district hq is concerned, preference should be given to less privileged area for uniform distributions of development in the region.

Basar as such is an important place with its own distinct geographical locations as per as Lower Siang is concerned. People of Basar area are relatively more advantageous in terms of communications, education, medical facilities and administrations etc due to vicinity to district Hqtr Aalo as compared to foot hills area.

The people of foot hill areas are indeed facing various type of problems such as communications, medical facilites , administrations, law and order, boundary problems etc.

Therefore as a common man we feel that problems of the people of foot hill areas will be limited if the Hqtr is established in nearby foot hill areas. However, it doesn’t mean that Basar is unfit at all or people of Basar areas are not facing problems.

People of Basar has reportedly done lots of hard work and initiated the demands for creation of Lower Siang district but when the demands are to be fulfilled and hqtr is being proposed in other place, has ended up in controversy. However at the end of the day for the broader prospect of the region, we still feel that underprivileged people in the society should be given priority in all aspect including in all round development. Hope matter is not politicised and justice will prevail for all.


Ori J, (on email),  Aalo



Give a chance

Dear Editor,

This is mainly in response to Duge Ete and Marpe Ninu’s letters published in your esteemed daily on Dec 7, Dec14 and Dec 17. I would firstly request you not to entertain such empty vessel comments of some people regarding 29 Likabali-Gensi and 36 Nari-Koyu’s demand on creation of Lower Siang.

The comments should come out based on factual knowledge. Otherwise it may spark more tension in the present situation.

The creation of a new district is a united effort and demand of the Galo communities living in the foothill areas of Arunachal Pradesh since 1997.

The public and leaders of Likabali, Gensi, Kangku, Nari and Koyu with a total population of 20,629 at that time were the one to start a united demand for a new district in the year 1997. The people of Basar entered into the scenario late in the year 2002 only and hence the drama started thereafter and continues till today.

If they think a virgin land is not feasible for developing a new district HQ then did all the present dist. HQs of the state fall from heaven. If they think that the govt. need not develop a virgin land then do you think that some developers are going to invest in these lands? ’Rome was not build in a day’, so let our govt. take enough time of its own to build a new district.

If you are much concerned about the govt. investing crores of rupees in this new project then why are you not paying attention to crores of govt. funds going into the accounts of few people?

Basar is already a well established town with well to do people of the state. Give a chance to your brothers from the foothill areas.

The HQ being at the foothill area can be a solution to lot of problems being faced by the people of these areas.

I would like to add that the Arunachal trans highway does not connect Likabali and Basar. It will be the BRTF on the process of developing the present single lane road into two lanes. There is no use for the people of the foothill areas if the HQ is set up at Basar which is just a few miles away from the present HQ ‘Aalo’.


Concerned denizen

(on email), Likabali



The hiked fare



Dear Editor,

I would like to say that , the sudden hike of sumo fare from ` 450 to 550 for Daporijo to Itanagar which is merely 300 km far is unfair and illegal as there is no any valid reason to increase the fare.

Due to the hike, poor public and college goer are more affected. So I would like to request the district administration to take necessary action.

Also I request student unions likes ATSU, AUDSU, to wake up and work for public interest of Upper Subansiri district.


r d tagin, (on email) Daporijo




Dear Editor,

This is regarding the increased sumo fare between Daporijo to Itanagar route. The people of Daporijo town, especially the unemployed, students and the villagers are facing lots of predicaments due to the rise of sumo fare.

I wonder what is the reason of rising of sumo fare?


Gepu Don  (on email)

DN  college




No platform for us

Dear Editor,

All Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Labour Welfare Society (AAPTLWS), was established way back in the year 2009 to safeguard the rights, privileges and welfare of the members of the Indigenous Tribal Labour Class of our State.

But inspite of our utmost effort since its inception in the year 2009, we are unable to redress the numerous grievances face by the Indigenous Tribal Labour Class of our State, the only reason being that in most of the Government operating within the state, it has been observed that the maximum numbers of the Group-C and Group-D staffs, viz, Driver, Mali, Peon, Electrician, Watchman, Plumber etc are non-Tribals. This in return has hampered the employment prospect of the Indigenous Tribal Labour Class.

So, taking in to view the welfare of the Indigenous Tribal Labour Class of our state, there is an earnest need to provide maximum employment opportunities to the Indigenous Tribal People of our state by providing that cent percent preference should be given to the Indigenous People of our state in the Group-C and Group-D category in all the Government Departments, Semi Government Enterprises and Private Companies within the state, so as to cope with the ever increasing unemployment problem faced by the Indigenous Tribal Labour Class of our state.

Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Labbur Welfare Saciety (AAPTLWS) appeal to all concerned to kindly look into the grievances of the All Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Welfare Society (AAPTLWS), so that the welfare of the Indigenous Tribal Labour Class of our state may be safeguarded.


Meeli Sora




The pain of those who travels by public carrier!

Dear Editor,

This calls for special attention of the concern authorities responsible for smooth service of APSTS, Miao. The APSTS service once considered and known for best public transport is miserably failing to be of service to the common public. Every passenger aspires to travel on time, reach on time and get back on time. Most common passengers who travel by the APSTS are those who can’t afford to have vehicle of their own or pay off taxi fares.

The APSTS gets loaded and overloaded on top and in with huge sacks and bundles of big shop orders leaving hardly any space for passengers to move in and out. The stoppage of bus at every place loading and unloading the goods badly irritates and angers the worn out travelers. Added to this, the unpolished bahaviour of the conductors and regular late arrival causes most unpleasant journey.  The goodness and silence of the public on travel cannot be overridden by the money minded interest of APSTS employees inclusive of Drivers and Conductors.  On behalf of the common public passengers who have no choice but to travel in APSTS, it is the responsibility of the authorities of APSTS, Miao to see to better transportation of public passengers. “Your convenience our pride” should be the motto of every public transportation.


R. K. Paul Chawang,

(on email), Namphai-I




A need for a revolution

Dear Editor,

I feel that we are indeed facing the Taliban system. Social crimes are expanding day by day. Corruption, nepotism,  injustice, criminal activity and all other unwanted elements are increasing by leap &bounds. Dirty politics rules everywhere. No one is thinking for the betterment of Arunachal Pradesh. Everyone is communal. Politicians, bureaucrats, student bodies and every responsible and powerful association thinks for their own benefits.    

Everyone knows to play politics. They are kings of sweet talking but, whenever the dark moments come they turn their back.

Every other association is taking the opportunity to condemn the man who assaulted the two journalist. But, is there any effect on that man? Probably no.

I really don't know what the matter was and whose fault it was. But, I beg these so called associations to stop making easy comments every day. We are fed up of these same filmy lines. We are living in a disintegrating society. Probably and hopefully a French revolution is needed.


Nikrun bui, (on email)




Make way for media to work

Dear Editor,


This is concerning the attack on two journalists recently in Itanagar. It’s an appeal to my fellow citizens that please give the respect that’s due to the journalists working in Arunachal Pradesh. People really haven't seen the hardship that comes with this profession and to be honest in a state like ours it’s not an easy job to hang on to and survive for long. There are many reasons to that fact including the packages, the countless hours at the field and in office digging a story, skipping of meals to get the news published in the paper so that it lands on our doorstep the next morning and added to that dealing with bullies and unknown callers with threatening dialogues.

The journalists of our state are striving hard, very hard to establish the power of media in our society. And it’s all for us to acknowledge their selfless and unconditional hard work.

It’s a prayer to the people of Arunachal to give the media freedom and help shape a state we have always dreamt of. We must remember that we have to give some answers to the coming generations.


Lobsang Chombey,

(on email), New Delhi



A disgrace

Dear Editor,

The recent incident of assault of mediaperson is very shameful and disgraceful for the whole of learned Arunachali's.

A free and fare media is the key to success of every state, country etc.

Take the example of the developed nations, the media is so powerful that it could make or break a country. And they are very much the reason for a place to grow.

Take example of poor and war struck countries like Somalia, North Korea, where the media is ill-treated. One of the reasons for the suffering of these countries are because of the lack of media freedom.  

As a student and young member of the state I want to express my deep agony and anger over the assault and that too on ladies.

I want to request my brothers and sisters to please respect media person for they are the mirror which will show us our true face.


Tonia Mara, DN college



Under the threat of sophisticated conspiracy

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate that the locals are under the threat of sophisticated conspiracy. Over the years Sanskritisation and westernisation which penetrated into the land of Arunachal Pradesh in guise of modernity has taken a toll of our tribal rationality. The tribals, their traditions, cultures, customs, norms and belief system are belittled and despised by so called the agents of intruding cultures. For them it is a religion to assume that we are incapable of ushering a tribal renaissance and stirring the wheel of self determination of our own destiny. From hundreds or thousands of miles they condition their mind with prejudices against the locals and come to assist or administer us. The consequence is that they dump their social order and attitude on the innocent hill men who is unable to comprehend such intricate reflections of their intentions because they always come with a canopy. The lid may be sometimes uncovered but since they control the structural nerves like bureaucracy, finance, commerce, education, religious institutions, security etc, they are hard to deal with. So for instance, the story of external infection whether it be corruption and lack of motivation from the Bhimaru states of India, inferiority complexion from ambassadors of education and religious preachers still continues to prevail. I wonder why it has to be that way and I wondered again when I read the news in your esteemed times about the thrown out local employees by the Auditor General.

If the state government cannot provide jobs for 705,158 Arunachalees, then it is a shame. And it is much worse if it cannot protect its people from intrigues of the outsiders to capture the suitable jobs of the government offices in our state. In the past it had started and it is still going on. The officials belonging from outside states have formed a secret confederacy to occupy the highest post in the government institutions of ArunachalPradesh. It is ridiculous that our representative government has always sidelined with them on the pretext of incapability of the local population but truth is that it facilitates them to have the lions share in corruption, they are good puppets who pose no threat to them in future because eventually these officials retire back to their own states while leaving no evidence.

Here I would like to give a disclaimer that I am not being parochial or ethno-centric. My focus is on the attitude and actions of the outsiders. Had not it been admirable if they had assisted and administered us with good faith without pseudo service and mediocracy? Without indulging in sophisticated conspiracies. The time is discouraging when Arunachal is grieved by socio-political and economic backwardness, cultural aggressions, environmental and security threats in dimensions too alarming. The situation is in existence because civil society lacks awareness and we have given license to the government without will.

I imagine what will be the change when every four arms of each Arunachalee extends out to determine the fate of this state, their home, and for the posterity. Some of us have done something but we need to be democratically ruthless in intensity.


Tok Sogun, (on email), New Delhi



Have some control on effortless money making

Dear Editor,

Countless MoU’s have already been signed between state government and power developers. I don’t know if I have narrowed my view on perceiving the fact that such agreements have already exceeded 100 and are still going on. It has burdened me to consider that either the people in the govt. or the power developers have lost their minds. Again I thought, people in the govt. can’t be tricked, when it comes to money and materials, their great appetite and full-size oval bellies understand better business than the corporate wits. But I don’t think it is that way, our politicians and bureaucrats can be easily convinced, show them money magic and one walks back with works done. No doubt money matters, I would be lying if I say it doesn’t. After all it’s in our human nature; all that pride we have inculcated is because of the confidence that money gave us. But when it comes to damaging impact of dams on majority of the people, I think as a human being we should have at least some control over our urge of effortless money making. I don’t want to talk about impact of these dams on environmental portion and relating theory of global warming because according to us these talks are way too impractical, we only talk matured stuffs like central schemes and department tenders. It is pleased to learn that people are in favor of the hydro power potentials, and I can only hope that this personal belief is not funded. I’m not against the prospects of hydro power in the state with economic visions but at the present time I don’t trust the authority. No matter how mature or practical they sound, the results are right before us in the form of never ending scams.


Haku Tatak (on email)




A worthless furore

Dear Editor,

The furore over corruption is worthless. Corruption is a gift of the Congress and will go on so long as India exists. It is the culture of India.

Even the Nobel Prize for Rabindranath Tagore was due to the lobbying by his friend, the famous, influential British poet Graham Greene and some senior British officials who were pleased with his services to the Queen. So Niira Radia is no criminal as such.


Sumon Das, (on email) Bhubaneshwar







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MP Takam Sanjoy’s PSO surrenders & granted bail in the journalists assault case

IRBN personnel at it agains

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: In a dramatic but well plotted ‘eye–wash’, constable Hina Tada of 2nd IRBn who is the accused in the December 12 ‘Journalists Assault’ case, sprung a surprise and surrendered before Naharlagun police station of Capital Complex Police at around 6 pm Monday evening.

Accused Tada walked into the police station armed with an anticipatory bail granted by district and session court judge, Yupia and surrendered before the investigating officer (I/O) SI Ngilyang Lali. Later Tada was released the same evening after preliminary questioning. Earlier on Monday morning, the Capital Complex Additional district magistrate had issued a non-bailable warrant.

With that ended the ‘indefinite pen-down’ stirs of the Press bodies and media houses in the state.

The media fraternity took to street on December 16 last; blacked-out portion of newspapers for three days and resorted to pen-down strike  from Dec 19-21 after the humiliating assault on two of its members - Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen - on the night of December 12 last.

Sources confirmed that accused in the case is a serving constable of 2nd IRBn and is currently on assignment with ‘VIP Security Cell’. Also, sources have confirmed that he is deputed as personal security officer (PSO) with Lok Sabha Member of Parliament, Takam Sanjoy. Reportedly, Tada is a habitual offender and it is on record that a departmental enquiry is pending against him for defying the authority while asked to go on duty to Jharkand in November 2009; and was reportedly absconding from duty during November 20, 2009 to January 4, 2010.

Coming down heavily on police department, a joint press communiqué of APUWJ and APC alleged that police knew the identity of the accused within 24 hours of the incident; but kept denying knowing anything about him because of the fact that accused has been attached to high profile Lok Sabha MP. It is highly intriguing to note that police came out in open about the identity of the accused only after the MP called up one of the senior journalists to inform that accused is attached as his personal security officer and he has directed the SP to arrest him immediately.

Apparently, Capital Complex Police was caught off-guard by his surrender at 6 pm because Tada’s mobile was tracked at Guwahati till 5 pm. His moves to hoodwink the police were well chalked out that reflect his ulterior motive and also proves that there are many helping him evade the law.  With this latest incident, men in uniform continue to create fear psychosis in the minds of commoners.


History sheet of men in uniform

12 December 2010:  Two women journalists were assaulted while reporting an accident at around 8 pm on NH 52 between Nahalagun-Itanagar. The culprit turned out to be an IRBN constable who is currently serving as PSO to a Lok Sabha MP.

14 September 2010: Khya Sonam, a junior teacher from  Government M.E. School, Seppa, East Kameng district was severely beaten up by IRBN personnel for not wearing helmet. He was on his way to pay electricity bill. Sonam suffered from broken ribs and he is still waiting for justice.

2 August 2010: At Roing, a 55 year old man Miti Mepo was assaulted by the IRBN personnel, when he tried to intervene in a brawl at night on August 2 last. He was brought to the hospital in a serious condition, where he succumbed to death.

15 July 2010: An employee of the State Transport department, Jumchi Nguso was hit by a speeding police vehicle (AR-01D-0251) belonging to the CM’s Security Cell near Papu Nallah on NH 52. SI Suresh Singh reached the spot and brought the injured to the Police Station. After doing the formalities he took Jumchi to Naharlagun General Hospital. Within minutes he died mysteriously. On 17 July, came the suspicion on police in tampering the dead body.



The kitchen and media

Tongam Rina

Yours truly can’t afford to lodge a complaint if the food is bad. “You get to eat what you buy” is the usual response.  “But that’s what the budget allows” does not work here. If she is in a mood to talk, she would retort “I don’t care what the budget is. Either increase or eat what I cook or cook”.

 The scope of further discussion is firmly cut short. There is no other way out; either eat or go on a hunger strike. Hunger strike is the usual response but with an anticipation that she might come up with some magic recipe. But she chooses otherwise. She is firm in her take that you get what you deserves!

The half hearted antics and threats to go on a hunger strike have been put off permanently.  

Before you question why all these trivial kitchen details are being shared, yours truly would like to draw a comparison between what happens at her kitchen and media in Arunachal.

All these years, the media in Arunachal has been trying to do some work, if not hard enough. In the last five years or so, workings of the media have changed and yours truly would unabashedly claim that media persons have tried their best in spite of limited resources.

Journalism is not about solving problems but informing the people; with a hope that readers, irrespective of who they are would pick up from there. But it hardly happens.

The civil societies, numerous organizations who claim to work for Arunachal and common citizens is not much concerned at what happens to our state.  That’s the ultimate and sad truth.

 It is in fact irresponsible to expect that our society would change overnight. When we don’t want to take on the challenges and responsibilities, it is ridiculous to expect one of the members to work on our behalf and bring in changes. Why risk ourselves and our family members? No matter how selfish we are, putting family members and their careers and sometimes their lives, at constant risk is not what we seek. Some hard facts to digest but that’s the facts for many journalists working here in the state.

Citizens will have to continue reading about appointments of office bearer of some sector or colony or organisation and opening and closing ceremonies of some weird and alien sounding government sponsored program.  As someone said, you get what you deserve.

Forcing media to close down for three straight days, because of deliberate inaction by the people’s first government and its police and administration is a reflection on our society too. A society which refuses to grow up and a society used to accepting diktats and believing what those in power tells us.

Take the recent case of two journalists who were not only obstructed from carrying out their duties but assaulted in full view of public. The wanted man happens to be security personnel of MP Takam Sanjay.

 Our dear MP, instead of facilitating his arrest sends a message of solidarity to the media houses. Thankfully, this media house received the message from the MP after the journalists had already decided to boycott government releases. That saved us the embarrassment.  And his as well, presumes yours truly.

The people’s fist government was too happy to hit the mute button as well. In a society, not used to any kind of criticism, blind acceptance of failure, hand me downs diktats and accommodating crimes and making way for its growth, it would  be foolish to expect anything otherwise.  


Press bodies demand trial in the ‘fast track Court’; to boycott govt press releases and functions

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: APUWJ and APC in a joint press statement has raised question about the manner in which Hina Tada was granted bail by Nani Grayu, who is the judge of district and session court, Yupia. Press bodies expressed their displeasure over the circumstances in which ‘anticipatory bail’ was granted to him by the judge. It raised question as to why neither the case diary nor the investigating officer of the case was called by the judge before granting the anticipatory bail, given the fact that accused has been on the run since December 12 night after assaulting and attempting to raise the modesty of two female journalists who were on duty and attempting to throw one of them to the gorge four times amounting to ‘attempt to murder’.

Further, it states that bail could be a matter of personal right, but when an accused has committed a crime that too against media persons, those who serve as the mirror of the society, even the judiciary, which also forms part of the society, can not overlook natural justice – whether bail be granted in a particular case or not.

Thus, the anticipatory bail stands questioned as has been granted to the accused under the given circumstances, which needs to be reviewed.  It also demanded that this case be treated as special in the light of continuous attacks on the fourth pillar of democracy; thus, this case be put on fast track court for speedy trial.

APUWJ and APC informed that in accordance with the earlier decision taken in the extra ordinary general body meeting of the bodies, entire press houses in the state would boycott the official press releases, functions and programmes for one month from today onwards. During this one month period, the DIPR tariff for official advertisement would be ignored and media houses would apply the commercial terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, the organizations have called off the proposed rally from Chief Minister’s Official residence to Raj Bhavan for the time being after the surrender of the accused.


BJP demands Home Minister’s resignation

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: The Arunachal Pradesh BJP has demanded resignation of state Home Minister owning moral responsibility for total breakdown of the fourth pillar in the state, following administration’s inaction to nab the accused involved in assault of two women journalists here on December 12.

The PSO's and MPs high-handedness can also not be ruled out in the incidents that are to sabotage the functioning of the impartial and free Press exposing the massive mismanagements and corruptions in the country and the state of Arunachal Pradesh, BJP spokesperson Tai Tagak said in a release.

It is unbecoming on the part of the ruling Congress to keep silent on such inhuman attacks, he said adding, the government has no right to scuttle the right of the people to keep them informed on the happenings around them and world over.

The local media was on strike since the incident happened and due to the pen down strike, not a single paper hit the stand for three days. But the state government was indifferent to their protest, Tagak said.

The media strike has also affected the livelihood of sections of local people involved as newspaper vendors and businesses connected to it, he added.

Meanwhile, BJP demanded the Government to fulfill the grievances of various sections of the society while adding that various organizations are resorting to bandh calls to attract attention of the government.

Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) has expressed deep concern over the inhuman attack on journalist Appu Gapak and Nyapi Bomjen. Claiming such attack a blot on the civilized society, IMWA questioned ineffectiveness of present government to nab the culprit. Urging capital administration to give exemplary punishment to the culprit, IMWA took serious note of media persons being ill-treated and harassed in Arunachal.

It threatened to launch democratic agitations if justice is not delivered.

Meanwhile Donyi Colony Welfare Association, Hirik-Hiru Students Union and Upper Subansiri Graduates and Post Graduates Unemployed Association has also condemned the attack on two journalists and sought strong punishment for the attacker.


Three dies in road mishap

ROING, Dec 21: Three people died and seven others critically injured when a Tata Sumo bound for Anini fell off the road at around 10 am at 67 km from Roing.

The accident took place as driver of the Sumo lost control due to sheet of ice deposits on the road. During winter, the road in this high altitude region becomes extremely slippery due to snow.  

Two died on the spot and one on way to hospital in Roing. The injured have been admitted in the hospital. Anini SBI Branch manager S Roy and the driver of the ill fated vehicle are among the injured. Of the eleven people travelling in the vehicle, one is reported to be out of danger.

The deceased have been identified as one Late B. Pandit of Sagar, Late Pratap Aich from Tinsukia, Asom while the identity of one is not yet known.


GSU bandhs against PDS scam, 50 arrested

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: 12 hour bandh call issued by Galo Students Union along with West Siang District Students Union (WSDSU) in Galo dominated areas and in West Siang district against those involved in the multicrore PDS scam from Galo community ended peacefully today.

All the major towns including Aalo, Basar and Likabali witnessed complete shutdown today as all the market places, government offices were closed and vehicles were off the road.

At least 50 students were arrested by police during the day but later all of them were released on bail.

GSU and WSDSU has been fighting against inaction by government against PDS accused belonging to Galo community which includes many high profile names ranging from officers, contractors and a sitting MLA. Meanwhile GSU General Secretary Pakmik Taipodia said that, it will continue agitation till state government act against PDS accused belonging to Galo areas are brought to book.

“We are fighting for those poor people whose food were snatched away and our struggle will continue till government act against accused”, he said.


One arrested in Aalo pharmacy attack case

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: The Arunachal Pradesh Chemists & Druggist Association (APCDA) informed that one Nyumkar Bagra, accused in the December 17 extortion and pharmacy manager attack case has been arrested on December 20 last following overnight raids.  

Bagra during interrogation has admitted that he attacked M/s Niri Drugs Distributor manager Like Niri with a rod and decamped with over Rs 1 lakh on the evening of December 17, it informed.

Likha Teji, President, APCDA informed that Niri was brought to the General Hospital here on Saturday last but was rushed to Shankardev Netralaya, Guwahati, on being referred by the ophthalmologist.

The police after registering a case (No 99/2010) under section 452/326/392/307/506 IPC has launched investigation. The victim’s family in a written complaint had demanded exemplary punishment to the attacker.  While condemning the attack on life of its member, the APCDA had resorted to downing the shutters of pharmaceutical shops in Aalo since December 18. Though the pharmacies were opened on Sunday, they remained closed on Monday and were reopened after the arrest of Bagra, Taji informed.

The association has demanded that the culprit not be granted bail, and called for an expeditious trial to award exemplary punishment to Bagra.

Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh organized three days painting workshop at Frontier Higher secondary School Ziro, Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh from Dec 17.  110 participants from different school of Ziro valley participated in the work shop.

Moni Kumar Bordoloi, painter cum sculpture from Morigaon District of Assam was the resources person.


12-hour bandh affects normal life

Itanagar, Dec 21: A 12-hour bandh called by the Arunachal Law Student’s Union (ALSU) in protest against administration’s inaction to nab culprits, involved in burning a car of one of its leader, affected normal lives today.

All financial establishments, educational institutions, markets remained closed.

Some vehicles plied normally on the main thoroughfare; however, it was less in the sectorial roads.

The bandh passed off peacefully as no untoward incidents were reported.

Earlier, ALSU had served an ultimatum to the state government for arresting the accused person involved in the car burn case.






‘Mwha Lama’ released

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Nyishi Video album ‘Mwha Lama’ produced by Panye Taram was released by Bengia Hemento, member, Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi, on the first ever conference of Nyishi Art and Culture Welfare Society on December 16 last at Nyikum Nyia Hall, Nirubjolli.

In the conference Nabam Tati and Techi Lombu were re-selected as chairman and general secretary respectively of the association.

Further, the meeting resolved to rename Nyishi Gyungle Rwjz Gouye (NGRG) as Nyishi Arts and Culture Welfare Society.


Union demands

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: All Papum Pare Students Union (APPDSU), All Sagalee Students Union and All Capital Students Union in a joint press statement informed that on 15th December, some unknown miscreants destroyed the vehicle of Gollo Aza, a former student leader of APPDSU. The unions have condemned such act and urged concerned authorities to immediately trace people involved.


Silver jubilee

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Tom-Miya Baptist Church, Deed Pastoral Range, NBCC is celebrating its silver jubilee celebration from 27th to 29th December at Miya village, Pistana circle. Rev. Borthakur, executive secretary, Good News Mission will be speaker for the programme.



ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Kipa Niya and Kipa Simi have been selected as president and general secretary of Nyokum Yullow Committee of Phassang Circle, Kurung Kumey district.

Indian Dental Association, Arunachal Pradesh State Branch has been formed with Dr. Tayu Nani and Dr Nyada Mara as its president, Dr. Maipo Kenlang Longchang, Dr. Babang Ratan and Dr. Sangey Norbu as its East, Middle and West Zone vice presidents respectively.



ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Arunachal Pradesh College Teachers Association has condoled the sudden demise of late Chiranjeev Tripathy.

Late Chiranjeev Tripathy passed away on 14th December at Mumbai . He was the son of Dr R B Tripathy of Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar.

Association prayed almighty to bestow enough strength to the bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss and also prayed for departed soul.

Meanwhile Pasighat Bar Association has mourned the untimely demise of Geeta Pao Pangging, the first advocate of Mishing community, who died on 17th December at her private resident, Pasighat.

Late Geeta was a graduate from Faculty of Law, Delhi and had practiced in Delhi High court for four years and later joined Guwahati High Court, Itanagar permanent bench, Naharlagun.

Association has termed her death as great loss to Mishing community and state of Arunachal in general.

Murh-Hatey Academic Development Society has condoled the death of Bamang Potom on December 15 last and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Potom left behind his wife, a son and three daughters. The society also appealed to the Government to provide compensation to the bereaved family.


Si Donyi

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Tagin community residing in and around Aalo, West Siang district will celebrate the Si-Donyi festival at Donyi Polo Dere ground Aalo on 6th January 2011.

Si-Donyi, the main festival of Tagin Community is celebrated every year  for three days starting from the 5th January.


Association demands

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Itanagar C-Sector Welfare Association expressed displeasure over the frequent transfer of Medical staff, doctors from Itafort Dispensary, Itanagar without reliever and has called for immediate posting of a medical officer at Itafort Dispensary.


Bengia clan meet

Naharlagun, Dec 21: Members of Bengia Clan from Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri, Papum Pare and East Kameng district today converged at Nikum Niya Hall, Nirjuli   for triennial General Conference.

The members besides adopting various resolutions and reviewing the Bye of the Bengia Welfare Society  elected Dr. Bengia Tobin, DMO, and Sri Amit Bengia, DFCSO,  have been elected as Chairman and General Secretary, respectively of the Society for three year term of 2011-13 along with other members.

Bengia Tarun (94%),Bengia Ceemo(90%) Bengia Mama(70%) were also felicitated with certificates and cash prizes of Rs 5000/- each for their performance in school examination.


Committee for affected people

ANINI, Dec 21: A committee has been proposed for affected people of proposed 4500 MW Etalin/Athunli/Eron hydropower by Jindal Hydropower Project Pvt Ltd.

This was proposed in a meeting convened by Empi Meya, Dibang Valley Zilla Chairperson Etalin circle headquarter recently.

The committee named as Etalin-Athunli and Eron Hydropower project dam affected committee which aims to work for safeguarding the interests of the people will have a village wise committee to carry forward the demands and grievances of every village to the company. It will educate and inform people about rehabilitation and resettlement benefits as framed in state govt’s RR policy.

Asking for transparency in works of the company, the meeting resolved that if benefits are not guaranteed to people then they would cease cooperation to company and govt for construction of dam.  People have demanded for priority in employment and contractual works for the affected people.


Attack on church alleged

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Alleging attack on Baptist Church at Tawang by some anti-social elements on December 17 last, Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) has demanded arrest of the culprits.

Attack on Christians and Christian churches in Arunachal Pradesh was on the rise in the recent past which has become a matter of grave concern, the letter said and criticized the Government for not taking any effective measures to nab the culprits.


Society refutes

ITANAGAR, Dec 21: Langchung Village Youth Welfare Society has refuted the claims of All Sagalee Sub-division Gaon Burah Association that the land dispute between youth of Langchung village vs Dedollo village has been settled, which was published in various local dailies on December 15 last.

VYWS is unaware of any such order from administration and court; and any discussion on the issue needs court sanction since the matter is sub-judiced, the society said in a release and urged the Sagalee ADC to punish the guilty as per law for defying the court orders.


Five houses burnt in Mukto

Tawang: Five houses are reported completely gutted following a major fire accident at Mukto in Tawang district in the wee hours of Monday. 20 other houses are reported damaged extensively while nine people were injured as they fought to extinguish the fire.

SSB personnel and local citizens swung into action and stopped the fire from further spread.  


VAS demand CM’s resignation

ITANAGAR: Voluntary Arunachal Sena (VAS) has demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu on moral grounds following the admittance of Special Leave Petition (SLP) by the Supreme Court regarding misappropriation of funds under SGRY amounting to Rs 68 cr.

It said that Chief Minister Khandu should follow the footsteps of Asho Chavan of Maharashtra who resigned over charges of corruption.

VAS further added that the Chief Minister’s son is also involved in the multi-crore PDS scam.

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