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December - 23


Not a good way to protest

Dear Editor,

The recent report of assault on media should be condemned by all sections of the society. We dont know what exact circumstances led to assault on media. In any way nobody should assault anybody on duty in any situations. However punishing the whole population due to act of some few habitual offenders is not justified at all. Media personnel are working in many difficult situations where persons sometimes get emotional or react improperly. The same as doctors who deal with people when persons are very sick or dead. We always expect and anticipate some short of reactions from near and dear ones in hospitals.

Many a time doctors have been beaten up for no fault of theirs but it doesn’t mean that the whole hospital should be closed and let public die. There are many cases of media being misbehaved with or threatened, even kidnapped in many parts of the world and unfortunately some personnel have lost their life in such process. As such the nature of work is challenging and needs more sensitivity and professionalism to handle the situations where human dignity, loss of property and life etc are being covered or interviewed.

Hope next time, media will resort to alternative way to protest in future. And also justice be done to them.


Concerned student

(on email), RIMS, Imphal



There is no truth in allegation

Dear Editor,

This is regarding allegation of leakages of question papers in the recently concluded Recruitment Exam for SSA Teachers in Lower Dibang Valley District.

Paper leakage as alleged is totally baseless and unfounded which was aimed to tarnish my image and to distract the attention of vandalizing my official residence by some miscreants on the night of 13th Dec.

If anybody or organization have any suspicion or a proof of paper leakage, why any complain was not lodged either with the Deputy Commissioner or Deputy Director of School Education Lower Dibang Valley District Roing till date.

I therefore, appeal to the concerned authority to order judicial enquiry to unearth the truth leveled against me and the department as a whole.


Tanyang Tatak



Lower Siang will have its bearing

Dear Editor,

That a new dist viz. Lower Siang is to be carved out from existing West Siang has come as a great relief to its citizens except for the ongoing crisis wherein Likabali has shown more interest in the status of the HQ rather than the dist itself.

In comparison to Basar area, Likabali and the adjoining foothill areas enjoy more accessibility because of their vicinity to Assam. Big towns like Silapathar is just 5 kms away from Likabali where every necessity of a human is available at reasonable prices. In case of medical emergencies, cheap labours etc they have more easy access. All these areas in the foothill lie almost in a straight line with numerous towns of Assam running parallel, and with Itanagar also being relatively nearer.

Basar on the other hand has only its dubious position as an ADC HQ with nothing in reality. It is akin to making fun on the people of Basar, Tirbin and Dari circles by very often referring to them as being in a better position than their counterpart in the foothills. Life is hundreds of time tougher in the hills. We dont have any other alternative other than feeding ourselves through agriculture that too in the rough hilly terrains. Talking about more number of well to do people in Basar area, can you assure us that they are going to feed our stomach?

The creation of Lower Siang will have its bearing on entire West Siang and Arunachal Pradesh. Please dont make it look as if it is an issue where only Likabali and Nari-Koyu is concerned.   


Citizen (on email)



Police, VIP and us

Dear Editor,

The public already had assumption from the mysterious silence of Police that the person who physically assaulted the two journalists on December 12 would be someone close to VIP. And lo! it is none other than the PSO of our honorable MP. That too an IRBn personnel. This is nothing a surprise. In fact no sane person could have acted without political instruction in this case .So the helpless Investigating Officer cannot be made scapegoat. But what intrigue us is the way he was granted anticipatory bail by district and Session Court Judge Yupia. The Judge even did not think it necessary either to call the Investigating Officer or case diary and granted bail solely on personal request of the culprit. He should have atleast followed the legal formalities for sake of formality.


Common man (on email)



Help us reach home

Dear Editor,

I would like to request Directorate of Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to release the stipend of students immediately as soon as possible.

The delay in stipend has created a lot of problems to the students as many hopes and aspirations are associated with the same. Most of the students of this institution belongs to poor family backgrounds, further the student from the far flung areas depends on stipend to reach back their respective hometowns to be with their families.  

All these hopes would go in vain unless the stipend is released in due time.

As such, I request the competent authority to release the stipend without further delay in this session.


Nikson Tamut

(on email), RGU



Thank you!

Dear Editor,


Today I don't intend to write for any cause or attention. This letter is simply to express my profound gratitude to the press fraternity for their endurance, dedication and service. As one more hectic year is all set to pass by and leave us with anticipation for a better year ahead, I marvel and stand at awe at the untiring efforts media has put up. We complain of 6 working days a week at stretch, and here I see a bunch of underpaid people toiling hard 24/7 just so that others may get their share of news on their breakfast table, the next morning. They deserve to be respected for what they are doing. The least we can do for them is not to ill treat them.

At this era of biased authorities and money seduced governance I have this instinct that media could be a harbinger of revolutionary change in this crippled state. Today, I see few young and eager minds shouldering the responsibility of media houses. And I think they are doing fairly good. And as I finish this letter and try to think of an appropriately exclusive word to thank them, I can think of none. Hence, simply put "Thank You".


Hage Mala, (on email),




Attack is violation

Dear Editor,               

The attack on Baptist Church at Tawang is unfortunate, condemnable and orthodox act.

Attacking a Church or any other religious place is total violation and murder of secularism. It is clearly stated in the Part-III of Indian Constitution under Freedom of Religion that every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully.

 Instead of attacking, everybody should regard and respect other's religion.


Koj Kapa, (on email)



Legalized and law-empowered militants

Dear Editor,

In reference to the report published in your daily titled "MP Takam Sanjoy’s PSO surrenders & granted bail in the journalists assault case" and a briefing of IRBn's acts titled "History sheet of men in uniform" the concept of Peace and Secure land of rising sun is changed.

The outsiders who visited Arunachal and stayed here for a reasonable period said that Arunachal is the land where women can walk at midnight without fear and every one can roam freely as there is no fear of militants or other underground organizations.

The acts which made AAPSU, press, and other well established associations and unions to agitate so democratically in recent days by the men in uniforms are worse than the so called terrorists and other militants. They always attack the government through innocent people for a cause whether valid or invalid, but these men in uniforms harass the people in the name of government itself which is worse than anything. They are the legalized and law-empowered militants who are filling the gap for the same as we don't have any underground organisation.

IRBn jawans and all the Police Personnel having the same mentality should be sent to the borders and other such tensed areas.

Strong action should be taken against those caught in the offenses of assaults on the media persons.


Byabang Ganga

(on email)



Devoid of factual information

Dear Editor,

It is a fact that Govt. of India sanctioned "Improvement & extension of dosing-Pareng-Sine-Yibuk Ligging Road" under NLCPR schemes for an estimated cost of Rs. 1826.08 Lakhs. The allegations made by one Tajing Taki, ASM, Komsing is devoid of the factual information and the materials facts.

It is to clarify that the department took up the construction of the project departmentally using available machineries and Tools & Plants besides hiring heavy T & Ps like bulldozers, excavators etc. from private individuals as the departmental T & Ps were not enough for timely execution of the project as per time schedule in the sanctioned estimate.

Formation Cutting of 1.50 Kms and widening of 9.00 Kms have been completed upto March'2010.

The department hired bulldozers and excavators from

M/S Donyi-Polo Enterprises, M/S Gagam Enterprises and M/S Mibang Service Station for Formation Cutting & Widening. Payments made to the firms are mostly the hire charges of T&Ps. The reasons for pointing out the name of Sanju Taloh only amongst all other firms Taki, ASM is best known to him only. Further, Taloh is not a foreigner but an indigenous tribal contractor hailing from 35-Boleng-Pangin constituency. It is not an act of crime by the department to hire purchase T&P from any agencies for the interest of the work. The hire purchase is made on approved rate, terms & conditions of the department. As official record reveals that two firms named M/S Donyi-Polo Enterprises were operative, the huge amount of Rs. 48.05 Lakhs as alleged to have been paid to Sanju Taloh by Tajing Taki is incorrect. .

There are still quite a number of Work charged (W/C) and Casual Labours in the Division besides daily waged labours on Muster Roll. Their pay & wages are charges against on-going projects as there was no AOP during 2009-10 where salaries & wages could be charged. The department cannot be inhuman to the daily waged labourers who are also human having family members. They cannot be thrown out easily on the pretext of fund crisis against ongoing schemes on humanitarian ground. That is why their salaries, wages etc. were paid from available fund of aforesaid project.


Executive Engineer,

Boleng Division, PWD







All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.





Shelter Festival

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The Balapu Roman Catholic Church celebrated its 4th Shelter Festival on December 20 at Balapu Catholic Church.

Speakers on the occasion advised the villagers to follow the path of truth and faith and maintain unity and peace in the society.


Water quality testing training

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Rural Development Society (RDS) Upper Subansiri District conducted three days water quality testing training programme from December 17 at government secondary school Nacho.


CSU against encroachment

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The Capital Students Union (CSU) has cautioned public of capital complex not to encroach Govt school land.

CSU said that some people with vested interests are trying to occupy land of Govt Middle schools,Papu village, Naharlagun and Sinki Park. It sought cooperation from common public to protect school land from the land grabbers.


Si Donyi committee organize Sports competitions

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Si-Donyi Festival Celebration Committee-2011 Capital Complex organised various sports competition at Romeo Bn. ground, Chimpu from December 11 to 18 last.

The final of the cricket match was played between Hills River vs Sippy Valley in which the former defeated the latter by five wickets. Vicky Rai of HIlls Rider was declared man of the match for his unbeaten innings of 63 runs from 48 ball.

In badminton singles, Mode Nyilling was announced winner after his rival Nyali Rigia failed to turn up for the final match. In doubles, Michu Kare and Mode Nyilling beat the pair of Dama Dubi and Mepong Soki 18-21, 21-13, 21-19.

The final of the volleyball tournament would be played between 1st AAP Bn aaand Sippy Valley on January four next at Si-Donyi ground, Naharlagun.


12th Gori Open Tournament

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: D.K Sports Club beat Karko Ao Team in the final match of 12th Gori Open Tournament (GOT) 2010. While, Bagra United Team defeat Pushi Lendo Team in Volleyball final match played at Basar today.

The tournament was organized by Gori Youth Association in collaboration with People of Gori village.

In the closing ceremony Anchal Chairperson, 11th Basar Anchal Samity Jonya Basar and ASM, Nyigam Village Toi Basar attended as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour and gave away the championship trophy along with cash award to the winners both the events.

Earlier, the tournament was kicked in December 16 last and altogether 33 football teams and 12 Volley Ball teams took part in the tournament.


Committee cries foul

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Chandra Nagar Welfare Committee defending its president Bem Maching regarding complaints lodged against him by a Junior Engineer Electrical and consequent arrest of Maching on December 20, appealed the concerned authority to take necessary steps to settle the grievances.

The committee clarified that the allegation leveled against Maching in connection with dismantling of departmentally constructed wall, adjacent to power house fencing Chandranagar is false as the wall was damaged by the staff of the department itself.

It further claimed that the site in which the wall is constructed belongs to public of Chandranagar and the approach road was also verified by Extra Assistant Commissioner in July 2007 last.


PRI’s tour

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Panchayat leaders of Nyapin-Phassang community development block of Kurung Kumey district recently went on an exposure tour to Assam and Meghalaya.

Team was lead by Zilla Parishad Member Tadar Ado and Anchal Chairperson Tadar Lalik and was joined by 19th Anchal Samity members.

 During the tour Panchayat leaders had interaction with their counterparts and visited various historical places and also learnt about agricultural practices of the area.


Indigenous Faith Day

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The Indigenous Faith and cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) would celebrate Indigenous Faith Day on 31st December throughout the state with traditional cultural competitions, cultural processions, traditional games and sports besides literary events in all the prayer centres of the state.

The main function will be organised at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun from 10 am onwards.

Eminent writer and Sahitya Academy award winner and President , Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society(APLS) Y.D. Thongchi and Bengia Tolum, President of Nyishi Elite Society(NES) would take part at the celebration as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.



ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Kage Mara has been appointed as Upper Subansiri District, All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Nyibu Welfare Association Youth Wing.

Gyamar Amit and Lindum Tatang have been selected as president and general secretary of Donyi Colony Welfare Committee Ganga, Itanagar.

The Jairampur (Changlang) unit of All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) has re-appointed Tonlong Wangpan as general secretary, Nemthai Mungray and Rumto Mossang as its Women Wing president and general secretary for five years.


Nyokum Yullo at Toru

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The people of Kheel under Toru circle of Papum Pare district in a meeting held on December 20 last has decided to celebrate the Nyokum Yullo 2010 at Toru.

Tana Nido, Toru ASM has been selected as President, celebration committee for the successful conduction of the festival, said a release.


Arunachal to host NE games

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh will host the North East Games in 2011 from April 10 to 16.

The disciplines to be included in the Games are Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Football, Weightlifting, Judo, Wrestling and Table Tennis.


Students appeal

ITANAGAR: The Rajiv Gandhi Students' Union has demanded early release of stipends of the university students. The Union informed that University examinations would be over by Dec 24 and stipends should be released before that.  


Tadak Gab elected VP of CISTA

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Small Tea Growers’ Association President Tadak Gab has been elected as vice president of confederation of India Small Tea Association (CISTA) in its election cum 3rd Tea Day celebration held at Tamil Nadu recently.

Meanwhile, the APSTGA appealed for taking up necessary step for promotion of tea cultivation in the state and make Arunachal a tea tourism state.


ALSU threaten yet another bandh

ITANAGAR: The Arunachal Law students Union (ALSU) threatened to call 24 hr Capital bandh on January 4-5 if the Government fails to fulfill its 3-point demands.

Meanwhile the union condemned the assault on media persons and demanded for exemplary punishment to the culprit.


ARCA demands

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: All Arunachal Registered Contractors Association (ARCA) in a release said that first priority should be given to its member while awarding contract works and APPWD manual be implemented properly.

While lamenting that no Arunachalee contractor has been yet issued Class I Grade A certificate since the state achieved statehood, ARCA demanded  that Class I registered contractors should be allowed to take part in joint venture system of global bid. It also demanded compulsory packing system of project/scheme and upgradation of contractors of lower grade so that every contractor gets works.


Villagers say no to Indian Army move

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The Indian Army move to have an artillery firing range at Dollungmukh is facing stiff opposition from the people of the area.

A public hearing was conducted on Dec 20 at Kolaptukar in which the members present from the villages said no to the move by the Indian Army to conduct artillery firing. The Indian Air force has a base at the area which is considered an important firing range in the northeast.

The meeting further demanded that IAF base be shifted out from Dollungmukh once and for all and urged the authorities concerned to end activities by the Forces at the area.

Meanwhile in a letter to the Indian Army, the PR leaders and Subansiri Lower Power Project Implementation Committee (SULPIC) said that people of the area had no proper knowledge about leasing out 4150 acres of land to Indian Army while adding that those signatories were not authorized by the representatives of the areas.  

Lumsi, Paro, Tanya, Bomte, Kherbari, Midpu, Rajali, Rigyu, Kolaptukar and Sipu are located in the vicinity of the firing range. It said there are numerous state and central government establishments and the area is no way a no man’s land.

It further said that one person was killed in 1992 during routine bombing operation of the Indian Air force. Despite several appeals to the Indian Air Force authority by the relative of the deceased and state government, no compensation has been paid till date, it informed.

The representatives further said that several cases of health hazards including loss of hearing, eye sight and birth defects and spread of epidemic have occurred in the area aftermath of live bombings.

Environmental pollution and ecological imbalance has been created in the area making the lives of common people and wild life miserable and barren, it added.

In 2005, the IAF had moved for eviction of a school and a hostel. The IAF maintains that firing range has been heavily encroached upon. The local on the other hands says  that the villages have been in existence even before 1945.


AG office forced to close down

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The Itanagar office of the Auditor General has been forced to close down for a third consecutive day after it shot letters of termination to at least 22 indigenous Arunachalee employees.  

The terminated employees continued its strike forcing the office to shut its work.

The terminated employees have decided to seal the office from Thursday and said that it will not allow the AG and DAGs to enter the office premises.

Till a solution is arrived including reinstatement of tribal employees, office will remain closed, the sources informed.

The agitating employees have sought cooperation of NGOs and human right groups in their fight against the “deliberate injustice”.

Recently AAPSU, the apex student body of state has warned AG office to immediately revoke dismissal order failing which the student body had threatened severe consequences.


A health camp for elephants

DIYUN, Dec 22: A health examination camp for captive elephants was organized at Diyun and Piyong on Dec 15-16 by Wild Life Trust of India (WTI). It was the first ever exposure of the animals to veterinarians.

Of the nine captive elephants screened for endoparasite, seven elephants were positive. The team found that all the adult elephants had abscess due to occupational hazard and is the major problem noticed. One adult female elephant had two chronic bursitis on the left hind legs. All the adult elephants examined were infested with filarial dermatitis.

On the first day of the camp, the team met elephant owners from Piyong, Diyun, Namsai and nearbly local areas. Examination for general health of captive elephants was carried out the next day. The elephant owners were distributed with deworming drugs, mineral supplements and dressing materials for wounds of the animal.

Besides the health awareness, the camp also was organized to collect some baseline data of captive elephant population in these remote areas by building confidence with the elephant owners and mahouts belonging to Khamti and Singpho tribes. The team from WTI comprised of Dr Bhaskar Choudhury, Dr Abhijit Bhawal and Dilip Deori undertook these two days of awareness camp with support from local people of Diyun village.

The objective of the health camp was to impart education on common diseases prevalent among this animal in this remote northeastern part of the country where there is no access to veterinarians.

Having achieved the building of confidence with the owners and mahouts of Piyong and Diyun areas in this two days camp, the team received appreciation and request for a “larger” health camp initiative was also made by the locals.  Captive elephant management practices are age old in North Eastern region of India. The traditional elephant keeping tribes like Khamtis, Singphos, Tangsas and Moran have passed their rich traditional knowledge of elephant management through generations orally.


TTA announces team for Sr. national champs

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Arunachal Pradesh will participate in the 72nd Senior National and Inter-state Table Tennis championship to be held in Kolkata, West Bengal from January 17 to 23, 2011.

Table Tennis Arunachal (TTA) has selected a 7-member squad for the event, which includes four men and three women players. The selection trial was held today.

The team:

Men: Hage Tachang, Reyom Ete, Abson Tana, Gauri Das; Women: Nich Menia, Radhe Yaja, Hage Yami.


VAS writes to Sonia, demands dismissal of CM

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Voluntary Arunachal Senaa (VAS), in a letter to Chairperson, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) cum president, Indian National Congress (INC), has demanded removal of Dorjee Khandu from the post of chief minister for his alleged role in misappropriation of public money.

The Supreme Court has admitted Special Leave Petition (SLP) regarding misappropriation of fund under SGRY amounting to Rs.68 crore.

While appreciating the UPA Chairperson for axing Union Minister Sashi Tharor, Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and Commonwealth Games organizing secretary Suresh Kalmadi for their alleged involvement in IPL controversy, Adarsh housing scam and misappropriation of Games fund, VAS said that Khandu should step down from chief minister ship owning moral responsibility for his alleged involvement in the scam.


ANSU rush to rescue Takam Sanjoy

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) has come to the rescue of MP Takam Sanjoy whose personnel security officer assaulted two journalists on Dec 12.

The assaulter Constable Hina Tada of 2nd IRBn was on the run till his dramatic surrender in Dec 20 after being granted an anticipatory bail by the Districts and Session court judge, Yupia.  

Union said that dailies of state should not have blamed MP Takam Sanjoy without any proper proof for wrong doing of his PSO.

The way things are going, it seems this whole issue of attack on journalists have been politicized by few media owners for their personal benefit. This is absolutely wrong. The institution of media should not indulge in such character assassination of a member of parliament, it said.

Such kind of attack on MP smacks of political vendetta and we will not tolerate such move against a popular leader like Takam Sanjoy”, the Union added.  

It went on to term the media report as very provocative.

While expressing solidarity with media persons over “reported attack” on two journalists, it said that all assault cases of journalists should be tried.


3 hardcore NDFB militants arrested

ITANAGAR, Dec 22:  Three hardcore NDFB militants, believed to be involved in Doimara firing incident in which seven Arunachal Pradesh government employees were killed have been arrested.

The rebels were arrested from different parts of East Kameng district bordering Assam.

One AK 56 rifle, 33 rounds of live ammunition and two modified air pistols with three numbers of point 22 bullets were recovered from them, police sources said.

On November 9, a group of NDFB militants waylaid a private bus traveling from Tezpur to Seijosa in which seven Arunachal Pradesh government employees were separated from others passengers and shot at point blank.

Earlier, two NDFB cadres in the Gamon India engineer kidnapping case, were arrested. UNI


Tado bats for Yukar and Tagru

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Tali MLA Markio Tado urged the authorities concerned to provide all necessary facilities to lifters Yukar Sibi and Soram Hitlar Tagru.

Sibi had won two gold medals while Tagru a bronze in the just concluded Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championship in Penang, Malaysia. Describing them as role models for the young generations, the MLA said that the duo despite being from a very isolated part of the state deserves hearty congratulations for their perseverance and hard work. Their achievement will inspire many more youths of the state, he added.

Both Sibi and Tagru hail from remote Tali area of Kurung Kumey district.



1st State Level Martyrs Cup cum Inter Tribe Youth Festival all set to start

ABC “Ride for One Arunachal”

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The first State Level Martyrs Cup cum Inter Tribes Youth Festival organized by All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) will get underway at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun, tomorrow.

The main motto of the event is to foster communal harmony, unity and brotherhood among various tribes in the state as well as NE region.

Various games and sports, literary and cultural competitions and food festival will be organized during the 5-day programme. The main attractions will be the Miss AAPSU contest and stage show by Indian Idol Sourabhee Debbarma on December 25 and screening of first Hindi film of the state Meri Maa Meri Dharam on the concluding day.

The winner of the Miss AAPSU contest will be awarded a Chevrolet Spark car.

While Games and Sports activities will be held at RG Stadium, Naharlagun the food festival, cultural and literary items would be organized at Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar.

The programme will be attended by students leaders from various NE states, including AASU advisor Samujjal Bhattacharjee, who will be the special guest.

Over 680 delegates from all the 16 districts are participating in the programme.

AAPSU and NESO leaders led by AAPSU president Takam Tatung and NESO general secretary Gumjum Haider briefed on the 1st State Level Martyrs Cup cum Inter Tribe Youth Festival at a joint press conference. Appealing to all including the former AAPSU leaders to come out and attend the festival enthusiastically, Tatung said, ‘it is high time that we come out for communal harmony in the state and particularly the youth’. He also called upon the state government for treating Indian Idol 4 winner Sourabhee Debbarma as a state guest and providing proper security when she performs on Dec 25.

North East Students Organisation general secretary Gumjum Haider thanking all for supporting Sourabhee Debbarma during the Indian Idol contest informed that, we had promised a show of her in Itanagar and now she will be performing as a Christmas gift from us. He also informed that student leaders from all the student organizations of the North Eastern states will be guests.

AAPSU vice president Nabam Tamar informed that the whole spirit of the celebration is for promoting communal harmony among the various tribes of the state and remembering and honouring the AAPSU martyrs who laid down their life for the organisation. A festival like this would be a platform for interaction among the youths of various tribes from all over the state, added Tamar. Meanwhile, the capital region once again reverberated with the thunders of the Arunachal Bullet Club for the cause ‘Ride for One Arunachalism’ today from Gohpur Tinali Itanagar to Rajiv Gandhi University Rono Hills. The ride was a roaring prelude to 1st State Level Martyrs Cup cum Inter Tribe Youth Festival.

    Earlier, AAPSU president Takam Tatung, former MLA Kipa Babu and North East Students Organisation general secretary Gumjum Haider flagged off the rally at Gohpur Tinali. The ABC bikers adorned with all their biking regalia numbering around 37 in all were also joined in by 6 bikers from the Assam Rhino Club.

The rally passing and halting at various points at Itanagar, Naharlagun, NERIST, Doimukh and RGU spread along the message of one Aurnachal.


Allegation against hydel project

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: Alleging very low quality work, Koloriang Native People Society, has demanded the authorities concerned to ensure proper construction of the hydel project at Yapha, Koloriang.

While describing the low quality work, the society in a release said that various RCC slab culverts executed by the contractors were cracked and no tests has been conducted by the concern site engineer in-charge. The execution of soiling and others of WBM-I, WBM-II and WBM-II were carried out without specification, it said adding that the thickness of WBM-I, II, II were also not as per specification. But, surprisingly payment were released without conducting the test check, it said.

It also alleged procurement of materials without inviting any tender and irregularities in construction of approach road to forebay tank.

It demanded that open tender which is mandatory should be invited for proper implementation of the hydel project and for judicious utilization of the fund.


Training and health camp

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: The Voluntary Health Association of Arunachal Pradesh has conducted DAI’s Training and Health camps on Reproductive and Child Health at Khupi, Kimi of West Kameng District on Dec 11-13.

Niglar Sawa Samity, the Field NGO, collaborated with VHAAP and Donyi Polo Youth Federation organissed another prog from Dec 14-16 at Nomora and Baliso area of East Kameng District.

In the training, ASHA’s, the pregnant women, Community stake holders and panchayat leaders participated. The training advocated on how to conduct safe delivery, Ante Natal, Post Natal care and Family planning.

In addition, the required health care materials with delivery kits were distributed to Dai’s and Health workers.


AUSP mourns the death young engineer

NAHARLAGUN, Dec 22: The members of Arunachal-Utkala Sanskrutika Parishad (AUSP) have deeply mourned the untimely demise of Chiranjibi Tripathy, son of Prof RB Tripathy, following a motorcycle accident in Mumbai on December 12.

A brilliant student throughout, Chiranjibi after passing out from government HS school, Pasighat, had completed his BE (electrical) from Burla Engineering College, Orissa and joined Tata Consultancy Services as an engineer in 2007.

But as ill luck would have it, he met with an accident sustaining brain hemorrhage and was rushed to multi-specialty Fortis Hospital in Mumbai, where he succumbed to his injuries after fighting for life for 48 hours on December 14.

The members closely associated with him recalled him as a soft spoken, hard working and intelligent young man with a very high IQ which stood him in good stead all through.

They observed two minutes silence to pray for the eternal peace of the departed soul and conveyed their deepest sense of condolence to the bereaved family.

Prof Tripathy is the political science HoD at DNGC, Itanagar, and vice president of the AUSP.


Backyard Rabbitry

Dr. Doni Jini

Rabbit is the only  food-producing animal, which could thrive entirely on greens, forages and by-products. They can convert forage into meat more efficiently than ruminant animals.It is one of the micro-livestock that can be reared in the backyard to meet the increasing demand of meat in the region were majority of population are non-vegetarian.

The existence of rabbit with human being remained from the time immemorial. Romans were the first to domesticate wild rabbits. There were different views concerning the domestication of rabbits. Some say rabbits were domesticated by 1st century B.C. but others say that the first experiment in domestication of rabbits took place in monasteries of France between 6th and 10th century A.D. During Second World War rabbit’s meat was denoted as ‘Underground Mutton’ and served as a source of food for rural families. At present China is the largest producer of rabbit meat, constituting approximately 40% of global production followed by the European countries .In India rabbit farming gained importance during early sixties in places like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir through introduction of German angora breed. In 1977 the government of India took much interest in rabbit raising in states and established a Central Research Station to encourage rabbit farming and to envisage research program to mitigate the problems in rabbit farming .Tamil Nadu is the premier state in rabbit farming in India.

The breeds mainly reared in India are crosses of New Zealand White, Soviet chinchilla and Dutch crosses. There is a very good potential for rabbit production. Rabbits have small body size leading to efficient space utilization. They can easily thrive on the various greens grasses and vegetable left over. Attains early sexual maturity 5 months in Does (Adult female) and 7-9months in Bucks (Adult male).With a gestation period of 1 month producing 30 to 50 young ones in a year. Within 3 months a baby rabbit (kid) gain market weight of 2 kgs to 2.5 kgs. With a dressing percentage of 60-65%. The meat is almost cholesterol free compared to most other meat and therefore good for heart patient’s .It is high in protein and low in fat, cholesterol and sodium. The meat is white, fine-grained, delicately flavoured, nutritious and appetizing .Rabbits produce dung, which makes good fertilizer. Rabbit skin and fur have many uses.


Healthy and productive rabbits need clean, dry homes. This depends on the location of rabbitry, local climate and size of the enterprise.They are kept in cages, hutch or colony type. One rabbit is kept in a single cage and the cages can be made up of welded wire mesh .Another method of rearing rabbit is in hutches were more than one rabbit are kept according to age group, floor should be made of concrete. The walls of colony houses system can be made of pucca to half the height and rest half with wire net. The floor should be concrete. Roof can be made using corrugated or bamboo.The bottom of the cage should be a metre or a metre and a half above the ground--a convenient height. There should be provision for waterer and feeder.


They can be fed with concentrate feed pellets of 4-6 mm diameter and 10-15 mm length along with greens. Concentrate feed has to be given in two divided doses and should precede greens as per different age groups. Rabbits generally eat more during night in summer. With the onset of winter the requirement increases and the feeding shifts to day to time. Adequate fibre in the ration is a must to prevent enteric diseases and fur chewing. Clean potable water must be provided throughout the day. Broiler type rabbits can be raised on sole feeding of mixed greens and vegetable wastes and the final bodyweight of 2.0 kg and 2.5 kg can be attained at 12 weeks and 16 weeks of age.


Rabbits can be bred any time of the year. They are polyoestrous, Male rabbit (Buck) and female rabbit (Doe) can be used for breeding after 4-5months and 7 months onwards. The doe is taken to the buck cage and never vice versa. If ready for breeding doe will allow the buck to nuzzle and mount, and will facilitate  mating by lifting her rump/back. After successful mating the male usually produces a typical sound and falls down to one side .Gestation/Pregnancy period is around 29-31days.Fur plucking phenomenon can be observed on last two days of pregnancy. Newborn rabbits eyes are closed and they don’t have hair on their body. Hairs start to develop from 4th day onwards and open their eyes from 12-13th day. Regularly replace the bedding material and provide warmth through lighting. After 21 days of birth rabbit can be fed green grasses. 42 days onwards weaning/separation of young ones from mother should be done.

Female can be again being mated after 42 -43 days. So, in a year 5-6 times mating and average of 25-40 young ones can be obtained from a single doe.


Cleanliness, ventilation and close observation of rabbits are important. Pregnant and old females should not be purchased. A quarantine period of 2 weeks is required for rabbits purchased from different sources. Beginners should start with 2 males and 10 female rabbits only. Rabbits are susceptible to heat stress; they don’t have sweat glands, avoid sudden acute exposure to high temperature than to chronic exposure to high temperatures. They should be examined closely every day for signs of disease, especially signs of nasal discharge or diarrhoea. A sick rabbit does not eat and drink, lethargic, has a dull appearance in its eye, has rough hair coat and is generally unthrifty. Consult a registered veterinary practioner.

Rabbit meat is a wholesome, tasty product. Hence, backyard rabbit rearing is a potential means of improving the nutritional status of people. More attention is required to be made to popularize and commercialize the meat of it. (The writer is a Scientist, Vety.Extension Education, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar,West Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh.)

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