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December - 24


Why such disparities?

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the recent assault on journalists in Arunachal Pradesh which has woken up many dumb stricken Arunachalees and amassed eulogies from everyone in our henchmen society.

Are you condemning the culprits because they assaulted a journalist? If, they had assaulted any ordinary public, then what would be your take on it? Had they slapped and slanged a common man or woman, would you have poured the same amount of condemnation? I'm not derogating any journalist instead; i have endearments and respect for journalist and journalism but i dont like the stooges and henchmen nature of our people. We condemn any ill and heinous action against humanity irrespective of what position they holds in our society.

Many a times doctors have been attacked, daughter have been molested almost everywhere. Teachers have been physically assaulted even by most reliable IRBN.  Son is beaten to death in his own home town. A mother is killed. Why so silent on these assaults? Why so staggering Hullabaloo for journalist only?

Oh my people please open an account for Humanity too.  Journalism, the well said fourth pillar of our society, are eyes for those blinds, ears for deaf and voice for dumb. Journalist and journalism, we adore you. We rely upon you for justice, front runner of our struggle for peace and love. Have not you forgotten something that we have always expected from you?

There are many destitute dying, there are skulls and bones of our helpless people lying scattered in some dark corners in our homeland. Our people are economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically, mentally or not to forget physically assaulted at every nick of time. Can't people of Arunachal see that too?

Some of our fellow citizens are drowning into the floods of backwardness. Some people are flying on high-tech airbuses but our people do not even have the fortune to walk on a porter track. Why such disparities? Can’t you prepare a journalistic report on the causes of these floods? Is not this a developmentally assault?

We had no beggars on our streets. Presently, some Arunachalee beggars are seen sporadically on the streets. Tomorrow, every backward family will have at least one beggar. Armies of Arunachalee beggars are sure to be on our streets soon. Some destitute family fails to ignite their oven and their utensils are lying unused. A terrible flame of famine and starvation is swallowing them. Is not it an economic assault? Can't you prepare effective report on them? Or your pen do not work while writing such reports?

When Hindi langauge is superseding our tribal indigenous dialects and thereby becoming the root cause of our cultural holocaust. Don't you think that this is a culturally assault? Or you have a rule to not to write on these issues?

Our students are deprived of modern education like computer, well equipped laboratories, scientific gadgets etc. In the name of these programes, many Governments institutions are selling off computers, scientific instruments etc provided by govt. Why no writings here?

A man who writes 'A' for Apel (apple) 'P' for Pikok (peacock) top in SSA exams and others alike but a man who has Cleared NET, JRF etc could not find a place even in wait list category.

When each MLAs and Ministers are given Job quotas to recruit relatives of his stalwarts, when jobs are purchased openly from politicians or by politicians, why your hands are handcuffed, why your legs are fettered? Why your legs are trembling, hands are shaking in writing such political assaults? Is not it a politically assault? Don't you have paper for available such writings?

Champions in reporting like Mr. X and Y is appointed President and secretary of cow-dog Union, father-mother society or monkey-donkey Association etc. Mr A died, Mrs MLA dressed white etc do not prove your worth journalistic spirit. Mopin festival, Si-Donyi, Nyokum etc is celebrated, Miss and Mr association, cows and dogs union have launched a bandh call etc need no coverage. In fact they'll come to you to report but all these have been your best report that you could publish or write and what else?

The journalists have the power to unravel the hidden pain screamed silently by your people. You are the messiah; you are the one who can help public to address their pain.

In every house in the remote corner of our state, there are families writhing and groaning in silent pain due to hunger, thirst etc.

Go to village, backward regions there are children yet to see school gate. Go to undiscovered hamlets, you'll still find parents and children wearing no cloths.

Reporting golden plates used by high profile MLAs or Ministers disqualifies your credibility. But we believes your moral spirit, we are still confident that you are the one who can change or bring a desired changes in our society.

Our hopes are not yet crushed that you are our social army that will leave no stone unturned to reveal the realities of our problem stricken and poverty ridden society. And I have faith in you that you are not stooge and henchmen journalists. You belong to an elite journalism.


J Jeke Nilling

New Delhi (e-mail)



The fire at Yachuli

Dear Editor,

This is regarding Yachuii firing incident that broke out on Dec 13.

We are Govt registered 1st Class Contractor, and can submit tender anywhere in India but why the Tender was not accepted from our side?

What was the requirement of the local guards at the PWD office whereas Police should have been deployed?

Questions also arise as to why the local administration did not provide any Security during the Tender nomination.

Why did the PWD allowed only one firm to Submit Tender whereas other contractors were also present there.

Why the Police are targeting only some people?

Why the PWD office at Dodo, Pei, Mai, Lej and Puchu were occupied by those people even before the Tender was issued. Are these PWD offices being used as their home?

Our current representative is way too immature because as the leader he has to look into everyone's problem not just his trusted ones only.


Joram Gumsi

Joram (on email)



Listen to the voices

Dear editor,

At a time when the media of our state is just gaining ground, it is a disgrace that there are repeated attacks & threat on the media fraternity.

The attack on journalists was really an untoward incident, the slow reaction to nab the culprits and the way the story unfolded makes one to believe that if you are an IRBN personnel you are immune to the law & more so if you have links with public leaders.

It is time the govt. starts to heed the people's voices and go heavy on such kind of offences to prevent future occurrence.


Khunwang W

Khonsa (on email)



Media and some truth

Dear Editor,

During Vietnam War, the US government and the American mainstream media projected Vietnam as a rich country to their citizens. It was only after a group of three journalists went to the war ravaged country and brought back pictures from Vietnam and published in some responsible news outlets that the people of America realized that their govt and govt controlled/sponsored media was fooling them.

Vietnam was one of the poorest countries in Asia, but with great self-respect.

Likewise we cannot trust the Indian media which is used by the Indian central govt and corporate to publish stories like dams on the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra in China. Is this a concerted effort to draw away attention of the public from the NHPC dam projects in Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border and the hundreds of dams coming up in Arunachal Pradesh? If the report of dams by China is given so much coverage, why is the news of breaking of two dams on river Elhwa in the Americas not given any coverage??


Vox populi (on email)




A Christmas wish!

Dear Editor,

If we are not ready to change, even God cannot change us! So many of our people of Arunachal Pradesh have been converted to Christianity, but real conversion for good had not taken in our hearts, I confess including me.

As we are celebrating  Christmas, let us renew our covenant, and say the following prayers with intention to do practically not just in liturgical during this Christmas so that   the light of Christ Jesus transform us thoroughly, the people of Arunachal Pradesh be liberated from poverty and ignorance, we may stop taking and giving bribes, we may be honest in public, social, political and business activities.          

The wrong notion of people, especially govt. official thinking that cheating and looting public/ Govt. especially Central money by unfair means is not sin may be changed!

The continuous amassing of public resources or money by most of leaders, bureaucrats and especially technocrats to buy power during election, riches and comforts which had created a sort of financial crisis among masses in Arunachal Pradesh be transformed !

May the poor unemployed educated youths of Arunachal Pradesh get govt. jobs as part their ability without giving bribes in any form so that they may serve the nation with corruptless mind !

May the misguided youths know that god loves them and they are to love mankind !

We should not only keep on talking about being good and doing good, nor expect someone else to begin first. For God's sake! The Christians of Arunachal Pradesh. Let us be truly converted Christian so that the light and peace of Christ be shared and experienced in our land!


Bake Tach Anthony




Commendable effort

Dear Editor,

It is indeed very encouraging to learn that AAPSU has taken an initiative for Organizing an Inter Tribe Youth Festival under the motto "One Arunachal". I hope and pray in spite of all our inter tribe disputes and misunderstandings, such events serves as a platform for trust, mutual respect, communal harmony, and peace, and it is worth mentioning that such events should be supported through participation from all quarters of society, especially the youths, as saying goes " Respect your fellow human being, treat them fairly, disagree with them honestly, enjoy their friendship, explore your thoughts about one another candidly, work together for a common goal and help one another achieve it ".

I wish AAPSU the apex body of our student union to continue with the positive work as we all expect such role of yours towards the community as a whole. And pray that dream of "One Arunachal" is achieved.


Debia Rabi

New Delhi (on email)



Not the party but the people

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter ‘A Worthless Furore’ published on 21st Dec’ where the writer  says that ‘corruption is a gift of the congress and will go an so long as India exist’.

I don’t know, to what extent this sounds to my fellow Indian citizens but for me this is absurd especially for having named a particular party. I am not a fan of congress nor a strict opposition but as a concerned citizen of India, I am to say that the same does not hold much water in the land of “khushi khushi” where leaders do run after power, money and what is commonly called “khurchi”.

Very sadly few leaders do really show respect and reverence for the parties like congress, BJP, NCP etc and for the rest it is exchangeable with time and conditions. Religion is a case in point, which does serve equal nurturing of moral and ethical values to the spiritual and physical being  but even then, hatreds, separation and fractionalism creep into it. Since we don’t blame any particular religion for such differences and divisions like wise it is not the party but the people who should be blamed.

Secondly, I am much elated to see the incremental progress done by different associations and Students Union for the Development and welfare of our state but it is unworthy to see the conditions when it is again only few students’ body like Galo Students Union (GSU) and West Siang District Students Union (WSDSU) alone fighting and still steadfast in its opposition against the massive PDS scam. The actions of GSU and WSDSU may seem trivial but certainly deserve attention and one need to learn a lesson from them. So what next? Should we allow the perpetrators of the PDS scam to go scot free or should we wait for another massive scam? Should we all as a united parts of one body jointly wage an unprecedented war against corruption ever in the history of the Land of Rising Sun?


Philip Jerang

Ruksin (on email)






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School infrastructure, University, Chakma refugee issue  high on AAPSU agenda

State Level Martyrs Cup cum Inter Tribe Youth Festival starts

M. Doley

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: The First State Level Martyrs Cup cum Inter Tribes Youth Festival got off to an impressive start with youths of various tribes in their best traditional attire and fire-works adding colour to the opening ceremony at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun, today.

The programme began with hoisting of AAPSU flag by chief guest followed by traditional dances of various tribes presented by youths coming from various districts. Speaking on the occasion, AAPSU president Takam Tatung complimented all the participating youths and said that this is an initiative of AAPSU which aims at fostering communal harmony and brotherhood among various tribes as well as remembering and honoring those AAPSU leaders, who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the native people.

Tatung hoped that this will provide a good platform to all the participants to interact with each other for better understanding and know each other’s culture and traditions in a better way.

While touching upon some burning problems of the state, Tatung urged the authorities concerned to pursue the vexed Chakma-Hajong issue vigorously for early solution.

He further said that various schools in the state are running without necessary infrastructure facilities, like proper sanitation system, school and hostel building which reflected poor education scenario of the state. He urged authority to address the needs immediately by sanctioning a special package.

He also stressed the need for establishing another University to accommodate ever growing students and a juvenile home and a central jail in the state.

Other issues raised by the AAPSU leader were early construction of the Greenfield airport, adoption/implementation of Industry policy, improvement of sector roads within capital complex and a mini stadium at Itanagar.

AAPSU general secretary Tujum Poyum welcomed all the participating youths and dignitaries on the occasion.

Later in the afternoon, East Siang beat West Siang 5-4 (6-5) in a thrilling opening football match via penalty kick after both the teams were tied 1-1 in regulation and extra time.

West Siang shot into lead 38 minute into the match through Gete Ori which was equalized by East Siang in 54th minute through M Padung taking the match to extra time and penalty kick.

Eight teams, including East Kameng, West Siang, East Siang, Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare, Tawang, West Kameng and a team from AAPSU are participating in the Martyrs Cup. The winner will get Rs.One lakh while the runners up and Disciplined team would be given Rs 50,000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively. Best Player, Best Goalkeeper and Highest Scorer would also be awarded Rs.5,000 each.

On the other hand, winner and runners up of the  girls volleyball competition would be given Rs.40,000 and Rs.20,000 respectively. East Kameng, West Siang, East Siang, Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare, Lohit and Dibang Valley are participating in this event.

Meanwhile, the food festival was formally inaugurated at IG Park here this evening and cultural programme was on when this report was filed.


Shillong Chamber Choir receives ‘CNN-IBN Indian of the Year – Special Achievement Award’

New Delhi, Dec 23: India’s North-eastern musical delight – Shillong Chamber Choir was honoured with the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year - Special Achievement Award for putting their homeland’s cultural and musical talent on the national map. The young group of singers from Shillong, dubbed as the ‘rock capital of India’, have not just left the nation spellbound with Western chorals and Hindi classics, but have also enthralled the Obamas during the Presidential banquet held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The event was graced with the presence of the Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee as the Chief Guest and also attended by the crème de la crème of the nation. The grand finale of the award ceremony will be telecast on 30 Dec at 9:30 PM on CNN-IBN.

CNN-IBN Indian of the Year award is instituted to commemorate the achievements of doers from various walks of life whose contributions have brought pride to our Nation. The award ceremony acknowledged the achievements of various personalities and felicitated them with CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2010 under the following categories:

• Politics: Nitish Kumar

Sports: Sushil Kumar

• Business: Kumar  Mangalam Birla

• Entertainment: Shankar

• Public Service: Ladakh Ecological Development Group & SEEDS India

• Special Achievements: J Gopikrishnan,  Shillong Chamber Choir and  Indian Women’s Relay Team of Manjeet Kaur,  Sini Jose,  Ashwini Akkunji, Mandeep Kaur.

• Lifetime Achievement: M S Swaminathan


BJP concerned at mushrooming of hydro projects

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: State unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), concerned at mushrooming of hydro projects along the Brahamaputra and its future impacts on the land and properties of the people of the state demanded the state govt. to aggressively take up with the centre for taking effective measures with the Chinese counter-part apart from the increased economic and trade relations taking place.

We need to feel the sincerity and focused attention of the centre and state government apart from hollowed statements in Medias on these sensitive issues where the future of the state and its people lies, it said.

The government should also focus on the development in the border areas in the larger perspectives of the national interests inclusive of the real prosperity of the local populations in the ground level, it said.

It further wanted to know why steps have not been taken to restore road connectivity to Dibang Valley District.

The party added said that such attitude exposes how “we are prepared to handle the ground situations at such extreme, strategic and sensitive International border areas”.


NABARD workshop on Centrally Sponsored Schemes

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: NABARD, Arunachal Pradesh Regional Office, Itanagar is hosting a Workshop on Centrally Sponsored Schemes at the Conference Hall of State Bank of India, Regional Office, Itanagar at 1400 hours on Dec 27.  

The objective of the workshop is to sensitize the bankers of the Sate on Centrally Sponsored Schemes viz. Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits, Scheme on Pig Development, Scheme on Salvaging and Rearing of Male Buffaloe Calves,   Scheme on Utilization of Fallen Animals & Scheme for Establishing Poultry Estates and Mother Units for Rural Backyard Poultry being implemented by Govt. of India via back-ended subsidy mode through the banks. The proposed outcome of the workshop is to design an appropriate strategy for effective implementation of the schemes in the state in collaboration with all the stakeholders.


In search of a true leader

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: “There go the people. I must follow them for I am their leader,” quoted Alexandre Ledru-Rollin, the famous French politician of 18th century.

Throughout the world leaders always try to understand the mood of ordinary public and formulate government policies accordingly. A true leader inspires people to dream for better life and do not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion and ethnicity.

With due respect to 60 sitting MLAs and numerous other politician or so called leaders, till now I have not come across a true leader who cares for ordinary citizens of Arunachal. In the past one year ever since joining The Arunachal Times, I got rare opportunity to travel various parts of state and got chance to interact with ‘real Arunachalees’ living in interior areas. Every one feels that Arunachal need one leader who can inspire people to dream for a better future. They feel Arunachal need a leader who do not discriminate people on the basis of tribe and who care for every Arunachalee irrespective of tribe and religion. Arunachal need a leader who listens to the problem of poor and do not behave like dictators. Like every other Arunachalees, this poor journalist also desire for one such true leader who can inspire present generation youths to work for betterment of this state.

But keeping in mind the present situation, I sometimes wonder if our dream of having a true visionary leader will remain only a dream? Politics in Arunachal is played on tribe and regional basis. Even leaders tend to think on that front. If a minister belongs to one particular XYZ tribe, it is often seen that people from his or her community get maximum job in that ministry. Also most of the developmental schemes under his/her ministry go to that minister’s constituency. Whereas in true sense being a minister, he/she is suppose to care for whole state. Though our netajis in public platform talk about communal harmony but there is no denying that deep down in their heart all of them think on tribe and regional line.

Leaders are supposed to listen to the problems of citizen and try their level best to solve it. However in our state leaders behave like dictators and impose their will on the people. For example people of Siang belt is bitterly opposed to construction of dam over river Siang but our leaders are hell bent on helping private hydropower developers in going ahead with the construction. The residents of Siang area do not want to part away with their ancestral land but our leaders are not listening to their grievances and are trying to impose their will by letting private developers construct dam over Siang. This is just one example and likewise we can cite many more examples of dictatorial attitude of Arunachalee netajis.

But big question is how long they will continue to impose their will on us? When will our people start rebelling against such disgraceful leaders?

This new year offer us a chance to rebuild the dream of making Arunachal a developed state. For this Arunachalee people need to scrutinize the work carried out by their respective netajis(MLAs).

In the meanwhile let’s keep hoping that one day we will get a true leader who will love state of Arunachal and her people in true sense.


Union unhappy at high price

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: All Nyishi Youth Association, Capital Complex unhappy at price differences of basic commodities said that prices in Itanagar and Naharlagun markets varied from shop to shop which create confusion among the customers.

It further said the some labour wages of building construction have also been raised to Rs.350 and Rs.250 per day, whereas in the neigbouring state it is Rs 120 per day.

The association appealed to the Bazar Welfare Committee Naharlagun and Itanagar, Chamber of Commerce and All Capital Complex Contract Workers Union to control price anomalies and cross check the wages of workers for the welfare of the society.


Implementation of central prog questioned

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: The Anchal Samity Member (ASM) of Yemsing village under East Siang district, in a memorandum, has appealed for constitution of a high level inquiry committee and subsequent verification on gross irregularities in execution of centrally sponsored watershed development project in shifting cultivation areas in respect of Yemsing village.

The ASM further said that a complaint to that effect was also lodged with District Agriculture Officer, East Siang against the ADO, Pangin way back in June, 2009 but no concrete action has been taken till date.

Meanwhile, the report of the enquiry committee submitted to the East Siang deputy commissioner said that "the execution of the said scheme was not upto the mark but was somehow acceptable".


Sports and cultural meet

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Mahdevpur –IV Youth Club and Mahila Mandal Mahadevpur-IV in coordination with Nehru Yuva Kendra,Tezu conducted Cultural and Games & Sports meet at Mahadevpur-IV on Dec 19-21.

The main objectives of the programme was to create cultural and games & sports spirit among the youths and women of the area.

On Dec 21, an awareness meeting on HIV/Aids, drugs, health and hygiene were also conducted.

District youth Coordinator, Nehru Yuva Kendra Pailo Mihu, was resources person and Chief Guest during the awareness meeting. He also highlighted the  programmes activities and scheme of NYKS for youth’s clubs and women.


Making Christmas Relevant

Dr. Bamin Tada

The word Christmas comes from Christmases’ or Crites Masses originally derived from Greek Christos which means- ‘The anointed one’ which is a title of Jesus Christ’. Christmas is also known as X-mass (Greek letter X-Pronounced as Khi) is an abbreviation for Christos.

Therefore, Christmas is built on the name of Christ and a festival or celebration or mass in his honour. This festival is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World.

The Bible predicted the details of the birth of Jesus, including the place, the nature and purpose of his coming.   “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a Son and call him Immanuel” Isaiah 7:14

The Virgin is the Virgin Mary who conceived by the Holy Spirit, and gave to her Son, in a town called Bethlehem or city of David, in Palestine.

The baby was born in a stable because there was no place for Mary in Bethlehem. The baby was named Jesus because the Bible Says “You shall call him name Jesus, for he will save his people from their Sins”. (Matthew 1:21)

Therefore, the name Jesus means the “Saviour.” During 840 BC- God spoke through prophet Isaiah – “The Virgin will be with Child and will give birth to a son and call him Immanuel” Isaiah 7:14

Again in Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah said “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulder. And He will be called wonderful counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”.

On the night when Jesus was born, the world was asleep and mankind was under sins and spiritual darkness but God sent an angel to break the news of birth of Jesus among the shepherds who were watching over their flock in the field.

“I bring you good news of great joy for all people for unto you is born in the city of David your Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, after which the angle was joined by many others singing” “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among men” (Luke 2:10-14)

The Shepherd went to Bethlehem and saw the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

Therefore, the first Christmas was celebrated by angles, joined by shepherded and hence Christmas has universal significances became Jesus was born to be the

1. Saviour of Human being             

2. Secondly his birth to bring Salvation to man kind.

3. He comes as Prince of Peace

4. Wonderful councilor and Mighty God

5. He comes to be the Everlasting Father.

Then, Christmas brings a message of Peace and reconciliation. The Bible concept of Peace is not just the absence of war, conflict or strife, it also means, wholeness, completeness, well being, prosperity and harmonious relationship between man and God and among all mankind.

The purpose of Christmas was not to establish a new religion but to bring a world with peace, harmony, tolerance and reconciliation, which is the need of the hours.

The Bible acknowledges “He is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down the dividing wall of hostility --- making peace and reconciliation us to God through the cross” (Ephesians 2:14-16)

The world needs peace and need to shun violence; hence Christmas message has universal relevance down the ages.

Jesus was born to teach humanity to love God and to love one another.

Jesus did not come to condemned looked down anyone professing other religion or any one of a culture different from him. Rather he denounced his own religious leaders for their self righteousness, apartheid, hardness, and hypocrisy.

Jesus lived with the poor identified with the down cast, fed hungry, healed the sick comforted who mourns and most of all died for sins of mankind. Therefore, Christmas symbolize real spiritual truth. Jesus Christ is the very personification of Divinity. He was born at a time when ignorance, superstition, greed, hatred and hypocrisy, prevailed on the earth, purity was forgotten and morality was neglected.

Christ was born and He transformed the lives of people. But today the world has forgotten the significance of Christmas message. The world is full of strifes, anarchy, terrorism, separation, and regionalism.

This Christmas, will be relevant to us if the message of peace, harmony, love and reconciliation is being practiced. The Christmas reminds us again not only to believe in him but also be tolerant, forgiving, selfless and compassionate and spread the message of peace, love and universal brotherhood.

This Christmas let us spread-

Love where there is Hate

Joy where there is Sadness

Peace where there is Unrest and

Forgiveness where there is Hurt.

God bless all this Christmas and Happy New Year 2011.


Banking with care

Gorik Dirchi

A paltry sum of  Rs. 25 lakhs is enough to establish a co-operative bank. Thanks to the relaxation policy of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and opening up of the economy in past two decades. Many of such small banks & financial institutions which have gone doldrums and premature end at their infancy; instances are galore and reasons well known!

The ultimate sufferers are the consumers whose hard earned deposit might have been swept away.

Banking facilities in India, especially in recognized national level organizations have taken several technological leaps with introduction of ATM, credit card, cashless transactions, core-banking and so on, but deficiency in service to a common consumer still remains on some fonts.

Hefty promises are being made by the banks & financial institutions through the print and vidual media to attract consumers, but often fall short of their promises. Consumers are being charged in the name of so called declared or un-declared services, which are rarely been rendered to. Deficiency in service are of numerous types viz. charging of exorbitant rate of interest against credit card; inadequate supply of money, faulty ATM services, showing wrong statement of withdrawal through ATM; non-credit of amount against deposited cheque in time; wrong transfer of fund; misplacing of drafts/cheques; delay in payment of matured FDR and so on.. An ordinary consumer can hardly go through the prolonged ordeal of fighting with those banks.

Enactment of the Consumer Protection legislation & implementation of the same has given such consumer a wide opportunity to fight for their causes. An aggrieved consumer can sought for speedy, inexpensive redressal of his/her grievances with due compensation. But, before doing so, a consumer should be aware of his/her rights & duties and the procedure for lodging the complaints. A consumer should know :

(i) Banks are liable to pay interest for undue delay in honouring drafts/cheques without       suitable reason communicated to him; For delay in local cheques for more than two days & for outstation cheques beyond a period of 14 days, bank needs to pay interest;

(ii) Bank can’t deny a signed receipt to a consumer who is depositing cheques/drafts  through local “drop box” ;

(iii) Every account holder/depositor/borrower or even a person who has applied for a loan             is a consumer ; and since no free service is rendered by the bank, any deficiency in such service comes under the purview of the Act;

(iv) Delay in crediting Retirement benefit into the account may also amount to deficiency;

(v) Issuance of defective/duplicate currency through cash counter/ATM is deficiency on part of bank;

(vi) 15th of every month or next working day is normally treated as Consumer Day. The head of the branch is supposed to meet the consumer on that day.

REDRESSAL  Machinery available :

1. A consumer may seek redressal of his grievances to the concern local head of the bank first; In case of dis-satisfaction, he may approach the Regional/Zonal Manager;

2. If there is no redressal within three weeks, the case may be lodged with the Secretary(Banking), Ministry of Finance, New Delhi;

3. In case of no redressal within two months, customers may approach the Banking Ombudsman.

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All rights reserved.


News Impact

Taluk Ringu passes away

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Taluk Ringu, Resource Person (Inclusive Education) passed away on Dec 22 at Naharlagun.

Hailing from Telam village under East Siang, Late Ringu had joined SSA’s State Project Directorate as a Resource Person (Inclusive Education) on 12th Feb’2008 to deal with physically challenged children.

He was a registered member of the Rehabilitation Council of India and completed his Diploma in Special Education (Mental Retardation) from the National Institute for Mentally Handicapped, Dehradun.


Common Christmas

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: The Sacred Heart Pappu Nalla Catholic Church, is celebrating a common Christmas consisting of all the Churches of Naharlagun Parish on Dec 25.

The celebration is being marked by various sports, cultural and literary competitions.

MLA Bamang Felix will be the Chief Guest with GM, NABARD BG Mukhopadhya, and Dr Byabang Rana as Guests of Honour.


Colony questions

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Donyi Colony Welfare Committee while responding to a news item regarding appointment of its colony executive said that the appointment of president and general secretary is not recognized by all the members of the colony. Further, a case has also been filed before the concerned authority in this regard by the committee.


PRI leaders resents

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Gram Panchayat Member of Lok Tap village resented at the award of civil work for construction of government primary school, Lok Tap, Kamporijo to a contractor instead of Village Education Committee. It termed it is as gross violation of norms of SSA for awarding of works.

The VEC and SMC claimed that despite appeals to ensure the participation of community, civil works has been awarded to a contractor. It further added that the place where the school building is being constructed is not feasible at all for school going children.

The GPM appealed the concerned district authority to take immediate step by re-considering the work order and allow the community to take up the construction to avoid future grievances.



ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Kage Mara has been appointed as President of Upper Subansiri District, All Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Nyibu Welfare Association Youth Wing.


ABVP conference

ITANAGAR: An 86-member students delegation from Arunachal Pradesh left here for Bangalore to attend the 61st National Conference of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) scheduled from Dec 25-28. The meeting will mainly focus on various problems of the students’ community and also strive to bridge communication gaps between people of Arunachal Pradesh with other states.


BJP greets

ITANAGAR: Bharatiya Janata Party, state unit has greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Christmas and Indigenous Faith Day and New Year.

In a message, the party wished that the festive season would bring in Peace, Tranquility, and Prosperity to all and take the state to new height of Progress and development.


Court vacation

ITANAGAR: The Itanagar permanent Bench of the Gauhati High Court will remain closed from today to December 31on account of winter break and Christmas holidays. The office will remain closed on December 24 and 25.

as greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Christmas and Indigenous Faith Day and New Year.

In a message, the party wished that the festive season would bring in Peace, Tranquility, and Prosperity to all and take the state to new height of Progress and development.