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December - 27


Let’s party but let’s strive real hard to do something more meaningful

Dear Editor,

With the end of the year at our doorsteps everyone seems to be in a frenzy planning picnics, Christmas and most of all the waiting night parties. Here I am reminded of a very wise old landlady, of a friend of mine during the college days, who always used to say, "every time before meal, ask yourself, what have I done today that I deserve this meal?" This is the same introspection that we need to do at this time. We are all so busy figuring out dates and venues and list of the friends to celebrate the parties with, but it is the same question again, "what is the great thing that we did or achieved in this year that we are so eager to party about?"

In fact, the year and a half that I have been here after my studies, I have always felt it was the wrong reasons that have always hogged and topped the headlines. The top ten items that was most covered in the media in this year does not provide any opportunity or realm to enjoy ourselves. The murder of late Nguso, then again the murder of late Miti Mepo, assault of teacher in Seppa (all by the men in uniform), the indiscriminate and hushed signing of MOUs for the dams, the infamous PDS scam, the arrest of one of our beloved CM in the same scam, the death threat to one of the journalist, the pathetic condition of the state, call for the resignation of the CM, lots and lots of bandh calls and for the topping, in the fag end of the year the assault on two lady journalist- this was how the year 2010 was. So, are we celebrating this? I don't feel these are good enough reasons to celebrate. The year around we have seen tall claims and brags about the good deeds that govt. have been doing and about how much development is going on in our state but I guess it is all either imaginary or the development has been in their bank accounts only. As in the words of one of the most eminent writer and the first IAS of our state, "the people are worried about their sustenance and doesn't care about the border issues." I do strongly feel that these are the most suitable and befitting words that would apply to our people at this crucial crossroad, where they are caught in between two time frames. We don't care even if the Great China goes on making claims and claims over our state. In spite of huge expenditure of the central govt. and initiatives to support our state (in reality the centre is just trying to protect its territory) our state figures last in the human development index in the whole north-east. Ours is a state where in some places a kilo of salt costs 150 rupees. So are we celebrating this? As far as I understand it is human psychology to get over the worst part of our lives and try to cover it up with something good, maybe we just doing that. We are partying just for the sake of partying and here I am reminded of a very famous line from bollywood, "peene walo ko peene ka bahana chahihye". So do we really need to party and laugh and dance for the sadist approach of the govt. towards the people of our state? Just for the sake of argument, I would like to add, 31st of a month comes 7 times in a year, so what is so great about the 31st December?

On second thoughts, I think it is the human optimism that drives us to have these parties. Maybe we are partying to thank god that at least this dreadful year has gone by. Maybe we are partying because we want to start a new year with a new zeal, more optimism for the human spirit and for better prospects. And if this is the reason, then let's party till the dawn but before that let's resolve and strive real hard to do something more meaningful in the new year. Let's cherish humanity and its living spirit. Happy New Year to one an all.


Duge Soki



Stance of state BJP on important issues is yet unclear

Dear Editor,

A barely audible 'hiss' after an abnormally extensive hibernation, timid and defanged state BJP's demand for Home Minister's resignation on moral ground rather appear lethargic and ambiguous. The recent act of a MP's security personal manhandling lady journos was undoubtedly ignominious and deserve severe condemnation. But ruefully such instances occurred many a time earlier whenever a guilty realized the press getting too close to be comfortable. The associate editor of this daily too was threatened with dire consequences not too long back due to her sting probe into the PDS scam. One wonder why the main opposition preferred to be in forced slumber then, especially in concern to the PDS scam. Instead of playing the role of important and responsible opposition BJP's exit to oblivion, when flames of burning issues like PDS scam, PRC, protest against multiple hydro projects, prevailing rampant corrupt practices engulfing the poor state, is nothing but perjury. Stance of state BJP on important issues is yet unclear through opaque and camouflaged policy designed by a party in pell-mell. No wonder catering to the dictates of ruling party and singing their tunes is the shibboleth of our political leaders hitherto expecting ruling party ticket, a safe deposit for a certain victory, in the preceding election. It is time Aam-admi turns the table and snatch the rein to dictate those jumping jack politicians and crush the established paradigm.


Legobaying (on email)



Why they only target education department

Dear Editor,

This is apropos to the news item (ATA rejects verbal assurance) published on Dec 25.

I would like to express my view that the demand of Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) regarding appointment of Director, Elementary Education (DEE) is genuine and should be supported by all. I don’t understand why our State Govt. usually takes such decision which is not tolerable by a certain section of the people. Once again, is it ‘the people first Govt.’? Never! It is also heard that due to lack of placement for Officers of APCS cadre, govt. has decide to appoint those officers in various department. If so, why they only targeted education department? Rather I would say that an IAS or APCS officer should be given the post (Chair) of the Chief Minister and all the ministries. The State govt., especially The Chief Minister and the Education Minister should have remembered before making such policy that what had happened previous year when an IAS officer was temporarily given the charge of the Director of School Education.

ATA must stick on their demand as the demand is for the welfare of all the officers of the education department as well as for every teacher. And definitely accept the APCS officer as DEE until and unless an IAS or APCS Officer is appointed in the post of Chief Minister and Education Minister of our State, otherwise, the day would come when the post of teacher will also be replaced by the APCS cadre! So, keep up ATA.


Koding Peyang




Doctors need crash course in handwriting

Dear Editor,

This may sound funny but is an urgent matter to be noted of by the Govt. and the medical councils. Doctors should undergo at least a crash course in handwriting practice as they are prone to show their own style of writing prescriptions which are extremely illegible and unreadable. It is always difficult to make out the name of the medicine and the direction to administer the same on the prescription even by the medical store personals and therefore, they issue medicine only on presumption. This attributes to many of the wrong treatments that often happen around us.  It appears that writing illegible prescriptions has become a universal phenomenon. No doctor ever regrets on the matter of his inability to write legibly and does not take it a matter to be taken care of. This is a serious matter and needs attention of all concerned. The Medical council must think to include a subject on handwriting practice and technique to write prescription in medical degrees.   Medical entrance tests must have some extra marks for good simple and legible handwritings. In addition there should be negative marking for illegible handwritings too. These measures are urgently required to make the doctors write their prescriptions in a manner that can be easily understood and read.              


Dipak Deb

Tinsukia(on email)



Contradictory letter  

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Ori J’s letter from Aalo, published in your esteemed daily on Dec 22 which is self contradictory in itself. However, please don’t treat it as a reaction but  an attempt to clarify Mr. Ori’s confusions as  being an ordinary and neutral citizen as claimed by him, he is unable to decide what is wrong and right regarding present imbroglio of newly created Lower Siang District and its HQ issue.  

While going through his letter, he cannot be treated a neutral one because though he tried to appease people of Basar constituency but he clearly indicated his solidarity towards our brothers of foothills. However, it’s not his fault as he has lots of misconceptions, misinformations and contradictory ideas regarding the issue. However, he has rightly pin pointed out that development is a continuous process. As such, it is one among the central ideas for which the people of Basar demanded a new District with HQ at Basar. The present status of Independent ADC HQ Basar is neither jumped sudden in a day nor established through a forced means, but it is an outcome of continuous evolution since NEFA days from APO – II to CO HQ, EAC HQ, SDO HQ and then to present Independent ADC HQ. These administrative growth  as usual evolved naturally as per requirements of the respective periods in regard to population growth, topography, need based administration, developmental process, nature and response of civil society, feasibility and viability of the area etc. Now, ultimately if Basar became a District HQ, it is a due process of law and development and it deserves too. In similar way, naturally such will come to everywhere in right time.

However, while going through his idea, “as per as District HQ is concerned, preference should be given to less privileged”. If it is so, it would be better now if the present HQ Aalo be shifted somewhere at the Upper Belt of the present West Siang District which is most backward and less privileged in comparison to the rest, the national Capital Delhi be shifted somewhere at North – East India and our state Capital Itanagar be shifted to most backward and least privileged region.

Regarding his comparisons of problems like communications, medical facilities and education, it is not Basar but foothill areas are in advantageous positions by virtue of being in close vicinity to comparatively developed Assam and easy access to towns and cities like, Silapathar, Dibrugarh, Pasighat, Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Guwahati and even our state Capital Itanagar. Economically they are also in advantageous position in many manners due to close vicinity to business hub like Silapathar. But, here in hills, life is very miserable depending upon all goods and services came from Assam in exorbitant rates and most of the people practicing tough Jhuming to run the family.  Don’t go alone with administrative tag of Basar as ADC HQ and its township area, until and unless one will have visits to nearby villages specially at Tirbin areas, ESPL belts and other backward areas of Basar, Dari areas etc, one will have no correct measurements of these problems. Otherwise, one may never convinced that Basar is advantageous than Foothills. In Politico - developmental aspects also, unlike Aalo which have two Assembly constituencies, each of us have only one MLA with same limitations and possibilities. Infact, unlike Basar, either way foothills always found a part, good command and role to play in Government. Hence, how come Basar is better than Foothills?

So far as administration and law and order is concerned, it is directly proportional to the population and its growth and the civil environment where it works of which Government is well aware of and understands better. Hence, both Basar and Foothills must be in equal position. And as per as boundary problems of our Foothill brothers including other parts of Arunachal is concerned, it is a vexed state issue which can’t be amicably solved until and unless our state and counterpart Assam Government will have political will power to do so or the people concerned themselves will turn up to made sacrifices with their counterparts for an amicable and peaceful solution.  

Lastly, if he really wants to be a neutral one and mediate between us, better make an introspection and not to make party to anybody. He should have given his decision based on not emotions and utopian ideas but in regard to practicality and realities. Offcourse, don’t forget to appreciate the biggest sacrifices made by the people of Basar Constituency for not rigidly sticking to Cabinet’s approval of 07/07/2009 besides approval of Basar as HQ of the newly created Lower Siang District bifurcating the present West Siang District in response to public demand and inspite of all sorts of things and sacrifices made by the people of Basar constituency for the cause. Infact, as decided by the Government, now we are eagerly waiting for early visit of the High Power Committee (HPC) and hope justice will prevail for all in this regard. Hope, in the name of neutrality and mediator, instead of creating more confusions and distances, intellectuals like him will encourage both DDAC and DDJAC to resolve the issue across the table and will also lead and join hands to develop the Foothills and Basar constituency in right perspectives in building not only a district HQ but whole new district to be a model district as its early creation will pave the way for over all development of not only these parts but it will have its positive impacts on whole of West Siang District, Galo Community and Arunachal Pradesh.


Jumdak Basar

General Secretary (BASU), (on email)



Don’t blame Hindi

Dear Editor,

Of late, some people are repeatedly vocalizing against the use of Hindi in our state as its lingua franca. They have even gone to the extent of saying that Hindi is threatening our culture and is responsible for slow disappearance of tribal dialects. To some extent, they are right regarding the excessive use of Hindi in our daily life. It is indeed saddening to see that today many of our tribal children cannot speak in their mother tongue properly and some even do not know it at all. But for that we are ourselves responsible, children will only follow their parents, peers and elders. If we insist them to learn and speak in our own dialect they will surely follow. But it is rightly said that example is better than perception and charity begins at home. So we should set example to them by talking to each other and in front of children in our mother tongue only.

Having said that, I feel it is really unfair to held Hindi as language responsible for all the anomalies. Our state is home to more than 26 major tribes and many other sub-tribes with their own distinct dialects. Inter-tribe communication would have been impossible had we been stuck to respective mother tongues only. Now, how do we communicate with people from other tribe? We do need an understandable medium of communication to interact be it Hindi, English or Assamese. It is only coincidence that we opted for the language that is spoken by majority of our countrymen and in no way it has been imposed upon us. If not Hindi then today we would have either English or Assamese in its place. It is an irony that its’ ok if we speak in English or Assamese but not Hindi given the fact that all three are foreign to us.

Cultural holocaust taking place in our state as mentioned by some reader in readers’ forum is indeed a matter of fact but it is not because we speak in Hindi. It is happening more or less due to our own indifference toward our culture and dialect and lack of collective will for its preservation. It is also happening due to the fact that some of us have chosen to differ with our very own indigenous faith and beliefs and practices. To blame any particular language for our sorry state of affair is not justifiable. What we really need is self reform and little introspection.


T. Sono

Seppa (on email)





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Indian Idol Sourabhee mesmerizes audience

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: On the 3rd day of Martyr Cup cum Inter-Tribe Youth Festival organized by All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) Indian Idol Sourabhee Debbarma performed to the feet tapping songs. Whole capital complex was brought to a standstill as around thirty thousand people crowded Indira Gandhi Park to witness performance by singing sensation Sourabhee. Even couple of foreign tourists also joined it. The evening began with felicitation of around 100 student representatives from various parts of North-East region by AAPSU members led by President Takam Tatung. The programme was attended by North-East Student Organization (NESO) Chairman Dr Samujjal Bhattacharjya, Advisor Artex Simery, General Secretary Gumjum Haider, AASU Vice-President Jotin Bora, James Bond president of All Manipur Students Union among others.

Speaking on the occasion NESO Chairman Dr Bhattacharjya urged people of NE to remain united and do not discriminate against each other.

Beside performance of cultural troupes from East Siang, Lohit and Tawang districts crowd also witnessed the scintillating dance performance by Vijay Singhie and Takam Nikum, the winner and runners up of Arunachal Boogie Woogie 2010. A group named Idiot Boys, dressed in traditional attire danced to the tune of "I am a disco dancer" song and won the hearts of crowd with their mesmerizing dancing moves. There was even performance by teen sensation Toko Teji.

But the evening belonged to Indian Idol Sourabhee who enthralled capacity crowd present at IG Park with her breathtaking performance. She began by singing popular Bollywood song "It’s rocking".  Moment she started singing, cell phones were out in large to capture every moment of her performances. Crowds roared to her every performance. Sourabhee, who was overwhelmed by love and affection of Arunachalee people said, "I thank AAPSU and every Arunachalees for this wonderful love. I have learned many things about this state in last few days and would love to come back again in future."

Expressing happiness over presence of large number of people on the occasion, AAPSU President Takam Tatung, hoped that this Martyr Cup cum Inter-Tribe Youth Festival will usher in a new era of communal harmony in the state. "Students of various districts have got a chance to know each other in better way through this festival. We believe this will help in understanding each other’s culture thereby promoting communal harmony," Tatung added.


Christmas celebrated with zeal in Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: The occasion marking the birth of Jesus Christ "Christmas" was celebrated with religious fervor and enthusiasm all over the state.

On the occasion people exchanged greetings and gifts with each other, besides offering and prayers at all the churches of the state.

At Upper Nallah Tipi Revival Church, Bhalukpong,  West Kameng District, the Christmas was celebrated with religious fervor and gaiety yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion as Speaker and Chief Guest Indian National Trade Union Congress, (INTUC) State Secretary General and All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union (AAPWU) President Jalley Sonam advised the believers to maintain peace, harmony and tranquility for over all development of the Puroik community and their area.

The secretary general while briefing about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ said that "Christ showed a way of life to humanity based on the values of truth and Charity". The Secretary General also strongly advised them not to discriminate any religion and their principles or any individuals in the name of religion. He urged them to respect other religions and extend their cooperation in time of need.

He assured an amount of ` 50,000 for construction of Upper Nallah Tipi Revival Church.

Later, Sonam along with Secretary APCC Soni Degio and all the believers prayed for the peace and prosperity of the state in particular and country in general.

Besides exchanges of gifts, prayers and offering, community feast were also organized to mark the day.

Sacred Heart Pappu Nalla Catholic Church, Naharlagun also celebrated the day.

The celebration started with the holy mass which was administered by the Vicar General Fr. Jacob of Itanagar Diocese. The Vicar General prayed for the peace and prosperity of the world and also prayed for the administrators and the public leaders of the state to serve the people of the state with devotion and sense of service.

The Chief Guest of the day MLA Bamang Felix, exhorted the  gathering to upkeep the values of Christian life by loving, caring and helping one another. He also said that coming to church and confessing is not enough until and unless we help ourselves and others to realize and fear the presence of God.

Guest of honour Dr. Byabang Rana in his Christmas message appealed to the gathering to take advantage of being a Christian and bring changes in our personal life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. NABARD  General Manager, Dr. Mukhodpadya,who was the Special Guest, said Jesus Christ is the symbol of universal peace and has brought changes in the life of people particularly in Arunachal Pradesh.

The central church of APCRCC-Christian Revival Church Naharlagun also joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Christmas Day. The two day long celebration witnessed literary, sports, choreographies, artistic programmes, prayers, praise and worship, discourse by scholars, cake-cutting, merry-making and feasting.

APCRCC vice-president David Pertin reminded the gathering that Christmas is an occasion to seek Christ and let him take birth in our life, society and church. He urged all to shine like the star of Christ and be torchbearers.

Rev. Inya Riba, one of the veterans of APCRCC and the speaker of the occasion said that Christmas should be celebrated and observed from within and should not be made a showy affair only. He further stressed that, Christ the Prince of peace should be invited in our families for restoration of peace.

The service chairman Pastor Hillang Taya, Patron Tenzin Lodo, Organising Secretary Toku Nigla also spoke on the occasion. President APCRCWW Assu Taba, President NSUI Kafa Bagang, Dr. Mope Riba and many other officers and public leaders attended the celebration.

Christians community of Roing town also celebrated Christmas with religious fervour. All the churches were decorated with colourful lights and illuminated with Christmas trees.

Rayang Baptist Church, Idu Baptist Khumu Intaya village and Divine Word School, Roing also celebrated the Christmas.


BJP celebrates Vajpayee’s birthday

Itanagar, Dec 26: State Bharatiya Janata Party today celebrated the 86th birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee with various programmes.

At state BJP headquarters here the party leaders, legislators, frontal wing functionaries, party workers and well wishers while celebrating Vajpayee’s birthday prayed for good health and long life of the veteran leader.

State BJP president and MLA Dr. Tangor Tapak, Leader of State BJP Legislature Party and MLA Tamiyo Taga, State General Secretary Tai Tagak highlighted about the life, leadership quality and sacrifices made by Vajpayee. They called upon party workers to fulfill Atalji’s dreams and follow the path and leadership quality shown by the veteran leader.

Padmeshwari Jamoh, state vice president and state BJP Mahila Morcha president, Kenjum Pakkam, state Yuva Morcha president, senior party leaders and workers were present on the occasion among others.

At Pasighat, the party leaders and workers visited the District General Hospital and distributed fruits to the patients and interacted with them followed by birthday function

The district BJP unit of Tirap, Lohit, Anjaw, East Kameng, Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Changlang, Upper Subansiri also celebrated Atalji’s birthday with various programmes.

At national level, Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh visited and greeted Atalji and presented bouquet besides greetings and wishes from various quarters and well wishers and children.


National Consumer Day observed

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: Global Human Rights Organisation (GHRO) observed the National Consumer Day at Government Secondary School, Bam on December 24 last.

Chairman of GHRO Goken Bam briefed about the salient features of the Consumers Protection Act 1986 and also highlighted the consumer awareness activities carried out by the organization.

He appealed to the authorities concerned, PRI leaders, GBs, local NGOs, women organizations, other civil societies and youths to create awareness among consumers about their rights adding that due to illiteracy and ignorance most of our villagers become victims of unfair trade practices.

He also highlighted about how to lodge complaints to redress their grievances as a consumer.

ASM Margo Bam and GB Rekar Bam also spoke on the occasion and suggested the organization to conduct such awareness campaign in remote areas and called for active participation of PRI leaders and GBs in such programmes.


Tryst with freedom

By Tamo dada

(This is a dedication to –Seppa (male) and Seppi (female)-first two orphan Asiatic black bear cubs to be hand raised and rehabilitated back to wild in the world.)

In India four species of bears are found, which are Himalayan brown bear, Asiatic black bear, Sun bear and Sloth bear. Asiatic black bear are large forest dwelling bear of the Himalayas. They are also called as moon bear due to the crescent shaped white mark on its glossy black chest. It has longer hairs on its neck region which might be an evolutionary adaptation to escape the bites of predators such as Tigers. They have been reported to hibernate in the upper reaches of Himalayas especially in the western Himalayas but no such behaviors had been reported from the jungles of North East India.

  These black bears are hunted whole over the Asia for their bile duct, which is supposed to have aphrodisiac properties in Chinese medicines. In Arunachal Pradesh, these black bears are hunted opportunistically for their meat, furs, which are used for decorating the daos, such as by the Nyishis and for making shield by many tribes of the state. But of late with the influx of outsiders the locals are being lured to hunt these magnificent animals for their bile duct too, which is surely a bad omen for their survival in the state.

Asiatic black bears, especially, the females are most vulnerable when they are lactating and have cubs along with them. They are very protective of their cubs and become very vocal and present themselves directly to any sign of danger. This character of ‘dabhangness’ causes them to become an easy target for the hunters and the cubs so orphaned, generally end up as pets or in zoos, which is a kind of life long imprisonment for no fault of the animals.

With a noble idea to give such orphan bear cubs a second chance to grow and live in wild again. Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) along with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and with close support and encouragement from Department of Environment and Forest, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, established Center for Bear Rehabilitation and Conservation (CBRC) in Pakke Tiger Reserve in the year 2001. The idea was to confiscate and rescue all bear cubs that are being kept as pet from whole over Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Such cubs were to be kept in a seclude enclosure within the prime subtropical forest of the Pakke Tiger Reserve with minimum human contact. And when they were of two years of age, they were to be released in the wild. Such methodology was called as “Hard release method”.

By “Hard release method” three, two to three years’ old bear were radio-collared and released deep inside the jungles of Pakke Tiger reserve. Of the three, one of the bear was killed by villagers on the route to Pakke-Kessang and another was also killed in Assam. The third one was killed possibly by a leopard in the Tippi range of the Pakke Tiger reserve. The death of the bears gave in puts for new methodology to be exercised. The new methodology was called as “Assisted release technique “or simply as “walk the bear to freedom”. The new methodology had a proven record of being successful in rehabilitation of leopards and a tiger by great Billy Arjan Singh in Duhdwa region of Uttar Pradesh in late sixties and such modified methodology was also incorporated in rehabilitation of sun bears in Indonesia.

In the “Assisted release technique “or simply as “walk the bear to freedom” methodology, the bear cubs were directly brought to the site of their eventual release area. There the cubs were gradually introduced to diverse kind of habitats, terrains and were also encouraged to eat various kinds of food plants and insects. Such gradual acclamation process helped in inculcating foraging abilities and in developing the predatory instincts of the bears. Initially such acclamation zone were limited to few kilometers from the site of camp and gradually the size of this zone was increased, with increase in “wildness” of  the bears till the bear themselves walk away to freedom.

I met three months old  ‘Seppa ‘ (male) and  ‘Seppi’ (female) bear cubs when they were rescued from being sold in Seppa vegetable market, ( so their names) after their mother was killed and were brought to the Center for Bear Rehabilitation and Conservation (CBRC), Seijosa.  It was love at sight; both were tiny ball of black fur constantly in mood to play and to eat, unmindful of the circumstances that brought them to us. Their carefree attitude and innocence resolved me to help them regain their rightful heir to freedom in wild without any fear of being hunted and to prosper and rear their young ones in the comforts of safety and respect.

Like any new parents, we would wake up in the middle of the night, either to prepare milk for the cubs or to change their sleeping soiled mats and covers. I clearly remember their first attempt to climb a tree only to fall on ground below. Unmindful of the failures they would climb again and succeed. It was an adventure and fun to walk along with them to explore various types of bamboo culms and to eat various kinds of berries and fruits. Of the lot, that were offered by the jungles of the Pakke Tiger Reserve most preferred fruits of the bears were to munch the berries of plants like toko, various species of canes and to eat various kinds of bamboo shoots and culms. Once exploring a new stream we meet a herd of wild elephants sleeping and snoring.  It was for the first time that the cubs had seen a herd of wild elephants and they were very frightened. It was great opportunity for us to teach them how to avoid confronting with elephants and to survive in the jungle.

In few months our cubs who were only weighing around two to three kilograms in weight when they came first to us, now began to weigh over fifty kilograms and we could notice profound change in their characters too. ‘Seppi’ was becoming more and more independent and was exploring vast areas and where as ‘Seppa’ was beginning to ascertain his dominance around the camp site. We knew like any parents that our son and daughter had grown up and were ascertaining their strength and zeal to conquer the whole world. We radio-collared them and eagerly waited for their eventual departure. It came in the early days of the month of May of the year 2007.

Like most parents we were saddened by their departure but was happy in the knowledge that we had raised them successfully to be wild and free again and in heart of heart wished them all success in life and to raise large number of their own cubs in the safety and comforts of Pakke Tiger Reserve, without any fear of being hunted.

Suddenly one day, ‘Seppi’ appeared near our camp with a gunshot wound in her right hind leg, after months without any contact with our monitoring team. She had fallen victim to occasional hunters coming from Assam side of the Reserve. She was immediately evacuated to Khanapara Veterinary College in Guwahati. Where she was successfully operated upon and was brought back to Center for Bear Rehabilitation and Conservation (CBRC), Seijosa for further recuperating.

Recovering from fourth malaria attack of the year, the sight of ‘Seppi’ in her recuperating cage brought a wave of emotions of sadness and anger in me.  ‘Seppi’ had lost lot of weight and was bravely coping with her new situations. When everyone was of the opinion that ‘Seppi’ has lost her chance for freedom and was doomed to spend her rest of life behind the bars, the sparkle and spirit in her eyes told another story. Her eyes were oozing with confidences of wildness and freedom. After recuperating for almost two months and after few interventions, she was released back in her favorite location of Pakke Tiger Reserve. Both the bears were monitored for a year till their radio-collared automatically droped as programmed. By that time both of the bears had firmly established themselves as one of the proud residents of the Pakke Tiger Reserve.

The year 2008 brought five more bear cubs rescued from various parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to the Center for their rehabilitation in wildness and freedom. With earnest effort these new cubs were brought under the schedule of the rehabilitation as shown by their predecessor ‘Seppi’ and ‘Seppa’. By the end of the year 2009, all them had completely become wild and independent and were firmly establishing their presences among the residents of the Pakke Tiger Reserve.

During one of the routine monitoring of the new bears, we encountered a wild female bear with a slight limp foraging along a nala. All my experienced and faithful trackers knew whom we were witnessing; she was our own ‘Seppi’ with her two month old cub. Aware of our presences the cub was very agitated but her mother was very cool and peaceful, knowing who we were. We called ‘Seppi’ with our own unique established call but for her cub, she was quite wary.

As I am embarking on new venture in life and one more year is passing by. My thoughts and love will be always with my son ‘Seppa’ and daughter ‘Seppi’. And I profoundly thank them for allowing me to peep and share their unique adventures of life with me. And I rest in peace with the knowledge that their offspring’s too will have the chance to live in world without the fear of being hunted in the midst of wildness and freedom. (The writer is a Wildlife Biologist and be contacted at: tamodadda@gmail.com)


Creativity workshop on skit presentation

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: Volunteers of APNE Library, Wakro and Son Hu Son Chang Library, Chongkham conducted a Creativity Workshop on "Skit presentation from Library books" for students of class V to X of Chongkham circle recently.

During the workshop, the participants presented English poetry recitation and hair-raising skit. In the technical session, the library activists imparted training to participants on skit-presentation and poetry recitation.

A Khamti language skit was also presented by Nang Prabhavati Khamhoo and team on the occasion.

Earlier, Kithika Lungkeing, patron, Changkum Library, highlighted the objectives of the workshop.

Son Hu Son Chang Library, patron, Dr. Chandramukhi Namchoom, appreciated the participating schools for their active support in promoting the joy of reading among the students of Chongkham. She also appreciated Col. H.S. Chouhan, CO of 26, Maratha LI and the Surajmal Jalan Charitable Trust, Dibrugarh for their active support to the Youth Library Movement in Chongkham-Wakro circles.

Akawonna Hopak, a library- activist of Son Hu Son Chang Library also spoke on the occasion.


Vivekananda Kendra to organize Samartha Bharat Parva

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: Vivekanand Kendra Vidyalaya Itanagar would conduct the Samarth Bharat Parvaan intellectual awareness program for students,   from December 27 to January 14 next in the school premises. The basic objective of this program is to highlight India’s contribution to the world.

A two-week long lecture series will be held in the school by the participating eminent personalities from the different fields on the key theme. A debate, quiz and pictorial exhibition will also be conducted during this period to focus India’s contribution to the world.

Meanwhile, the Prant Sanghthak of Vivekananda Kendra Rupesh Mathur said, Samartha Bharat Parva is celebrated in the memory of Swami Vivekanand’s meditation on Kanyakumari Sree Padam on Dec. 24 to 26, 1893.


Kurung Kumey eves win volleyball competition

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: Kurung Kumey eves down Lower Subansiri 3-0 in straight set to win the Women’s Volleyball competition in the first state level Martyrs Cup conducted by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) today.

The winner bagged a cash prize of Rs.40,000 while the runners up team was given Rs.20,000.

Meanwhile, Kurung Kumey will lock horns with Lower Subansiri in Football final at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium tomorrow.

Kurung Kumey beat Tawang 3-0 while Lower Subansiri defeated Papum Pare through Golden goal in the semifinals. The winner will pocket a cash prize of Rs. One lakh, informed Tadar Kakum, sports secretary AAPSU cum Chairman 1st State Level Martyrs Cup.


News Impact

Boori Boot Yullo favoured

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: The general body meeting of Boori Boot Yullo Committee Itanagar favoured using the present refined form ‘Boori Boot Yullo’ as the nomenclature of the festival.

The meeting which was attended by senior social workers, college and university students, government employees, intellectuals of Lower and Upper Subansiri zone and representatives of Nyishi Elite Society presented their views in favour of using the present refined name Boori Boot Yullo which is cumulative, integrative, and has wider social dimension and harmonizing in nature.

Dr. Hui Tag, Faculty of Botany in RGU while taking part in the debate has clarified the etymological meaning of the term "Boori Boot Yullo" and informed that terminology endorsed in NES ordinance is quite a meaningful, cumulative and integrative in nature.

The meeting was presided over by former minister Talo Mugli.


Trekking expedition

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: Two days trekking programme was organized on December 22 and 23 in the rural villages of Upper Subansiri by district authority. Seven villages namely Patum, Battak, Jeram, Motu, Lamdik, Sekam and Soki covering twenty kilometer was covered.

Participants included D. Vijay Kumar, IAS, Private Secretary to Union Rural Development, M Vijay Kumar, IAS, SDO, Government of Meghalaya and large number of villagers. The excited villagers of the circuit welcomed the guest in their traditional attire and actively cooperated with them. Villagers also expressed their willingness to cooperate in such kind of programmes in near future.

During the night group camped at "Chiba Lalin" the highest mountain top of the area to experience real thrill of adventure tourism. Trekkers used bamboo as source of cooking to promote traditional style of cooking and cuisines. Expressing their satisfaction about the programme, guest trekkers urged the villagers to preserve the wild life resources and their cultural heritage.


Si-Donyi festival

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: Union Minister for water resource, Vincent H Pala and Megalaya MLA Shitlang Pale have consented to attend the Si-Donyi festival celebration at IG Park, Itanagar on January 6 as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

Meanwhile, Arunachal Students Union Of Mumbai (ASUM) celebrated pre Si-Donyi festival on December 24 along with students of different tribes and religious background.

All the students residing in and around Mumbai were present at the auspicious occasion.

Renowned singer Mibi Nyodu enthralled the audience with her melodious songs. The yearly calender and brochure was also released on the occasion.


ACGF felicitates achievers

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: The Apatani Career Guidance Forum (ACGF) has felicitated all the Apatani successful candidates of recently concluded Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination (APPSCCE), 2010, in a function at Dree Ground, Papu Nallah, Naharlagun today. A total of eight candidates from the community have cracked this year’s APPSCC Examination for the coveted post in the State Civil Service out of which seven candidates have been selected for APCS (Entry Grade) and one for APPS (DSP).

Er. T.H. Tayung, Chairman of the ACGF gave away a memento each to the achievers as a token of appreciation and encouragement. All the senior members of the community were present in the function and showered their appreciation for their excellent performance in the tough competitive Examination conducted by the APPSC and said that their achievement would certainly inspire the younger generations. The forum also launched its much awaited website which can be log in to apatanicgf.com and invited suggestions for further improvement of the site.


‘Appoint the right person at right post’

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: Criticizing the appointment of Deputy Director of Urban Development Department, Er. Talo Potom as the Additional District Magistrate cum Judicial Magistrate  First Class (ADM cum JMFC)), Youth Under Volunteer Activities (YUVA) has demanded the authorities concerned for appointment of right person at right post.

While describing the harassment meted out to one Kipa Niya by ‘mis using’ the power and position by the ADM without any valid reason,  YUVA, in a release, said that any person to the post of judicial magistrate should be an Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service cadre who must have held the post of atleast CO or EAC.

YUVA demanded the authority to send back Potom, who is basically from engineering back ground, to his parent department of PWD/UD at the earliest; or else YUVA would be compelled to launch democratic movement for fulfillment of its demand.



ITANAGAR, Dec 26: All Tamu Tadu Welfare Society, West Belt Unit, Taliha circle expressed its deep shock over the premature death of Maji Natam on December 23 last.

He served as president of the ATTWS, WB unit and was also an active social worker. His sudden demise is a great loss to the society, ATTWS said and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul. They also conveyed their heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss.


Bridge inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: The newly constructed Lipu Bridge was inaugurated today in a simple function at Lipu Village, Upper Subansiri District.

The 100 metres suspension bridge was constructed from ` 15 lakh under Rashtriya Sam Vikash Yojana (RSVY) funding and will benefit the villagers of Lipu, Tama-Ripa and Tashi Doni.


Arunachalee nurse receives TNAI centenary award

ITANAGAR: The president of Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI), Arunachal Pradesh branch, C Susan Tada has been awarded the TNAI Centenary Award during the 23rd biannual conference of TNAI held at Ernakulam, Kerala recently. She was one of the 24 nurses of the country selected for the coveted award, which is conferred on nursing personnel in recognition of their meritorious services.

She was also the recipient of Khosla Nightingale Award, State Award and national Award for nurses.


RDS conducts training prog.

ITANAGAR: Rural Development Society (RDS) Upper Subansiri district organized a nine days training programme on water quality testing at Limeking, Nacho and Siyum blocks from December 15 to 24. At least 170 PRI leaders received training, according to RDS release.

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