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December - 29


Doctors and handwriting

Dear Editor,

This in response to the letter “ Doctors need crash course in handwriting” by Dipak Deb. It may sound funny but he pointed out one of the most important issues of medical practice. Although how to write  correct prescriptions are taught in MBBS courses and most of the doctors either forgot or do not follow the norms prescribed.

There is no global standard of prescription, however every country have different regulations. The most important requirement is that prescription be clear, legible and indicate precisely what should be given. Prescriptions, when handwritten, are notorious sometimes for being often illegible.

In US, medical practitioners' sloppy handwriting kills more than 7,000 people annually, according to a IOM report. Some have advocated the elimination of handwritten prescriptions altogether and computer printed prescriptions are becoming increasingly common in some places. However in our situations it may be difficult but definitely it is good for future consideration.

Many a time’s not only chemist but even doctors get confused when referred cases are being taken up.

If a pharmacist misread what the doctor has written and dispense some other drugs, it can lead to catastrophic effects and even  death. There are many court rulings that states that a doctor should write a prescription clearly and with sufficient legibility. The doctor's negligence had contributed to the negligence of the pharmacist, although the greater proportion of the responsibility lay with the pharmacist. Every doctor knows that prescription is a valid legal documents and any unreadable and wrong prescription can lead him or her to the court.

It is important to remember that prescribing should be part of a logical deductive process, based on comprehensive and objective information on diseases and drugs. It should not be a knee-jerk reflex, a recipe from a cook-book, or a response to commercial pressure.


OriJ, Aalo,

(on email)



Make me Chief Minister for 3 months

Dear Editor,

I would like to request our chief minister to give me his chief ministership for three months and let me change the face of Arunachal Pradesh.

He couldn’t change the status of aam admi so I think he should better resign from chief ministership. If he wants to retain his chief ministership in the coming election, he should follow the  footstep of Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, where pucca roads have reached the most interior places of the state.

I think our ministers should make a tour of Bihar instead of foreign countries to get firsthand knowledge of how to develop our own state.

On the other hand, our chief minister should get rid of his tainted MLA who has purchased second hand Mercedes from Delhi and Kolkata to show his monetary power to aam admi of our poor state.

If our chief minister really feels for aam aadmi, he should be responsible and sincere towards the development of our state. Press conferences are not enough.


A common man,

(on email)



No salute is enough for this nation!

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to Daman Gamlin's photograph of a kid carrying a heavy load with the description "Childhood lost: Too heavy a load"( December 27).

Perhaps the child will be relieved of all pain and sufferings if we enlighten him regarding the fact of India's successful completion of the Commonwealth Games, emerging runners-up in the medal tally in the competition and Sachin Tendulkar's half-century of Test centuries!

No salute is enough for the nation which always resort to rhetoric and gimmicks so as to prove its greatness and modernity and for trying to display that hunger, poverty, malnutrition and child labour do not exist in its shore!


Kajal Chatterjee,




Changes only when ignorant minds are enlightened

Dear Editor,

It was overwhelming to read an article entitled 'Tryst With Freedom' in your paper. I am sure the writer is a compassionate being and one of better human than we all are. The lap of our beautiful homeland Arunachal Pradesh is abundantly blessed with rich flora and fauna. However, it makes me extremely broken to learn that most of them are endangered by the very tribal who claim their right over these forests and the wild species to whom they connect to in their mythologies. Those folktales never use to be found wanting in characters like trees, birds, animals, and fishes which were narrated to us during our childhood. Nevertheless we are soon going to face their scarcity in our real life if we don't protect and conserve them.

Long since hunting has been a main economic activity of tribes in our state like any other forward modernised economies had gone through for subsistence due to acuteness of such varied avenues. However the situation is different today. We have grown in number; because of better agriculture, food supplies, health care and availability of other economic sources. This means it calls for a change in our traditional economic activities to suit the conditions required for our own good in the present times. Yet still activities like hunting are growing in our midst causing threat to existing population of the wild life. Though deforestation is also an another important cause of vulnerability to natural fauna in Arunachal Pradesh but more serious problem has been the issue of indiscriminate hunting in case of wild animals as well as birds and reckless catching in case of fish. In the light of these conditions, I would like to focus much needed attention on the lack of awareness among tribal population. This is so because no governmental policies and laws of any organisations are going to succeed until and unless the ignorant minds of the people are properly enlightened and their participation in protection and conservation activities are ensured. Another important thing is, stop the import of bullets and delivery of guns to the local population that are being used for hunting. Even the guns that have been licensed to the locals in the past should be recalled back. Such recall should be accompanied with proper cost compensation to avoid dissatisfaction and rational explanation about the need for such steps taken but it should be made a punishable offence if anybody fails to oblige the recall as prescribed under law. Thirdly, people should be encouraged to take those meats like chicken or pork etc., which we can breed in the farms. Fourthly, public should be discouraged to buy wild animal meats from the hunters. Fifthly related to fishing the size and hole of the fishing net must be fixed. Beside these the fishing zone of the river should be allotted and fishing beyond that extend be made an offence liable to fine. The use of poisons, chemicals and also the practice of fishing with generators or live electric current should be banned. We should breed more fish to fulfill the demands of the local people.


Tok Sogun

New Delhi, (on email)



Individual issues cannot have precedence over larger social benefit

Dear Editor,

This has a reference to the controversy on appointment of Director  Elementary/ Secondary Education .

Education is a universal Department and everyone is a stakeholder.

With the changing times and circumstances: changes become necessary. It is for the society to consider the matter with an open mind. No Organization or group can treat it as a fiefdom. The general public is concerned about the quality education of the children. Individual issues like promotional avenues cannot have precedence over the larger social benefit. If an efficient, upright APCS/IAS Officer is entrusted with the job, there is no logic in opposing it. The IAS at the national level and the APCS in the state are the forerunners in bureaucracy. For a dispassionate observer, the initiative of the authorities to tone up the system is praiseworthy. It would be unfortunate to involve the innocent teachers in such disputes.

Not long ago, student organizations also voiced their suggestions in favour of such changes. Ultimately, it is the prerogative of the Govt. to make desired changes for highest social good. We should cooperate with the Minister of Education in his effort to revamp the system.


A Concerned Citizen,

Naharlagun,  (on email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        



Laptap host orange festival

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Laptap village located few kilometers away from Sagalee town witnessed festive look today with celebration of Orange festival. Villagers from in and around poured into Laptap village to showcase various agricultural produces with Orange being special attraction. Festival was organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Papum Pare in collaboration local NGOs N.N Charitable Society and Nyishi Agri-allied extension society (NAEES).

Various farmers’ club and self-help groups exhibited their products during the day.  

There was interaction programme between villagers and experts on the ways to improve the agriculture practice.

To mark the day there was a painting competition among school student on the theme “Conservation of natural Resources” and prizes were awarded for the best painting.

Informing about the concept of Orange festival, Dr Taba Heli, programme coordinator, KVK, Papum Pare said, “Through this festival we want to promote rural agricultural products. After Mithun Mela last year, this is our second initiative towards providing common platform for everyone to come together under one umbrella.”


Resolutions and wishes

Tongam Rina

An avid follower of the Gregorian calendar, a dear friend celebrates Christmas religiously.  Apart from attending church services, she ensures that she invites her friends and extended family over to celebrate the festive occasion.

With mouth watering delicacies, laughter, positive energy and good humour in abundance, one wishes Christmas was an everyday event. While we enjoy the food, she asked each one of her guests, about their New Year resolutions and wishes.  

It came very easy to many but yours truly found herself struggling.  Unable to come up with anything worthwhile, she just brushed aside the topic with an excuse that we don’t need an occasion to come up with resolutions or wishes.  

But then I could not help come up with a list of resolutions and wishes as I left her place. Unwittingly but very conveniently, yours truly found herself with resolutions for others. We trick ourselves so well!  On one hand, we would not want to put ourselves in trouble; on the other, we do come up with a long list to be accomplished by others!

Yours truly is no exception.  

As we welcome a new year, with or without resolutions, yours truly just wishes that this state is at par with any other developed state without compromising with our core values, identity and environment. A state that’s stable, peaceful, safe and healthy for each one of us.  

A state where everyone is accommodated and allowed to take a pick for the greater good; a state which has the heart to listen to the opinion of others; a state where everyone is given an equal opportunity, where hard work is appreciated and respected.

A state where citizens take the responsibility to shape it in a way that everyone would be proud of. A state where the youngsters do not stray for want of proper guidance from teachers, parents and elders; government policies and support required. A place where our elders are looked after with respect and love, where children are safe and secured, where youngsters are given freedom to dream and the platform to achieve it, where a professional is given the chance to perform and excel.

A state where corruption is not a way of life; where health care, education reaches every household. Water and power supply and roads reach our homes without having to play with nature, where basic essential items are within the reach of common citizens.

Yours truly wishes for a state where policies are not imposed at whims and fancies, a state which is considerate of others needs.

Yours truly wish that we are given the platform to make our own informed choices devoid of anger, guilt, frustration, anxiety and selfishness.  It’s on us to turn some of our dream into reality.

While some wishes seems almost unachievable but yours truly must be excused for daring to dream. She blames the infectious season of hope!

As another year approaches, let’s wish ourselves the very best.  Her buddy says we could at least start dreaming good dreams. Yours truly could not agree more.


Whitewater Rafting on the Siang River

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: For adventure sports enthusiasts, there is a good new.  Whitewater Rafting trips on the Siang River would start from Jan 10.  This is the first of its kind in the North East and it comes for only 650 INR per person!

The trip cost includes equipment, life-jacket, helmet, paddle, safety talk, training, and a day filled with fun and happiness.

According to the organizers, RiverIndia.com, Nino Dai and Oken Tayeng, the trips are suitable for beginner.  With base in Pasighat, per group consisting of 20 people would raft for 2-3 hours in the mighty Siang with a small picnic thrown in.  

For bookings, interested persons should contact:  Nino Dai at 09436042866 or Oken Tayeng at 09436053870, or email at explore@riverindia.com.


Revoke dismissal order: AAPWU

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union (AAPWU) while taking strong exception at the termination of 22 indigenous Arunachalees from the AG office has demanded immediate revocation of dismissal order.

Secy. Gen. C Tajo has sought immediate intervention of state government to sort out this problem and promised to cooperate with Arunachal Pradesh Accountant General Office Contract Employment Association in their fight for justice.

AAPWU shall not tolerate any injustice meted to its members, the release added.

The local employees were recruited at the time of its establishment with proper written and viva-voce tests and they were trained at Shillong, Union said. There is no valid reason for authority to fire these employees when everything is going on well, it said.  


Congress Celebrates 126th Foundation Day

New Delhi/ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Congress today celebrated its 126th foundation day with its chief Sonia Gandhi unfurling the party tricolour at a function here.

Top Congress leaders including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, his cabinet colleagues and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit assembled at the party headquarters where Gandhi hoisted the flag amidst singing of inspirational songs.

For Gandhi and Singh, 2010 had been tough politically with the party and the government led by it facing sustained opposition attack over a slew of corruption charges relating to 2G spectrum and Commonwealth Games.

The party had last week held a plenary session here which also marked the completion of 125 years of the organization.

The Indian National Congress was founded in 1885 by Englishman Allan Octavio Hume, a noted ornithologist and a civil servant in British India.

At Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan here, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) organized a simple but an impressive function to mark the conclusion of year-long celebration of 125 years of Indian National Congress.

APCC general secretary cum chairman state level coordination committee Minkir Lollen highlighted various issues confronting the state and the timely step taken by state machineries. Speaking on the occasion, APCC general secretary stressed the need for re-building party organization at grassroot level. He reminded the party cadres of the famous slogan of Indira Gandhi--talk less, work more --which hold key to development in every sphere.

APCC executive member Yam Tok informed about the resolution adopted by APMCC during 93rd birthday celebration of Indira Gandhi few month back, which included demand for raising women IRBn in the state, establishment of women college, declaration of Arunachal Pradesh as dry state, if not possible, then to declare at least 3 days in a week and establishment of narcotic cell to save the young people from drug abuse.

The programme was attended, among others, by former minister and APCC vice president Thupten Tempa, APCC general secretaries TC Tok, Tanyong Tatak, Changkom Hondik, Tana Jiri.


NABARD Workshop on Centrally Sponsored Schemes

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: NABARD, Arunachal Pradesh Regional Office hosted a Workshop on Centrally Sponsored Schemes implemented through NABARD at the Conference Hall of State Bank of India, Regional Office, Itanagar on Monday.  

The workshop was attended by various Bankers and selected NGOs.

Dr. B.G. Mukhopadhyay, General Manager, NABARD in his opening remark asked for common shared paradigm amongst the different stakeholders for implementing the Centrally Sponsored Schemes.  

The objective of the workshop was to sensitize the bankers of the State on the details of various terms and conditions of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes on Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries.

O.P. Mounglang, Manager, NABARD in his power point presentation explained the various schemes viz. Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits, Scheme on Pig Development, Scheme on Salvaging and Rearing of Male Buffaloes Calves,   Scheme on Utilization of Fallen Animals & Scheme for Establishing Poultry Estates and Mother Units for Rural Backyard Poultry being implemented by Govt. of India via back-ended subsidy mode through the banks.

Tawang has been identified for Rabbit Rearing and Lohit, Lower Subansiri, West Siang have been identified for Integrated Development of Small Ruminants.

Venu Hazarika, AGM, SBI, RO, Itanagar assured all support for implementation of the Central Sector Schemes and the Chief Manager, Lead Bank Cell, SLBC added that they will make all-out efforts to reach out to the districts. The representatives from the NGOs were emphatic that the schemes can be implemented very well in Arunachal.

There is immense business opportunity for the banks to invest in Animal Husbandry sector, a NABARD report stated.


Classical Dance and Music Work Shop

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Five days Classical Dance and Music Work Shop got underway at Pasighat from Dec 27.

Organized by Sanskar Bharati Arunachal Pradesh, 60 students from various schools of Pasighat town are participating in the workshop.

The workshop is being conducted by Amit Kumar Mukharjee, Principal, Nritayagyan dance and music academy as resource person of Kathak Dance with Suchandana Mukharjee from NDMA, and Ram Noresh Kumar from Pashighat as vocalist.

The main objective to organize the event is to select some talented artiste to participate in north east level mega cultural event Baal Kala Sangham 2011 to be held at Guwahati on 29th to 31st December 2011.


School annual day cum parents meet

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Annual school day cum parents meet of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Bameng, East Kameng, was conducted recently. All the students along with their parents actively participated in the cultural and sports events.

Arunachal Grace of Green Society chairman Demo Dada attended the meet and advised the students to excel in their studies to become good human being.

The chairman along with other school management committee, panchayat members and GBS discussed on various issues for betterment of the students and the school.


Hotel Dawnland makes it entry into the service sector

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: An imposing and well furnished competitor has made its entry into the service sector of the state capital while adding to its fast changing landscape.

Hotel Dawnland, solely owned and managed by a local lady entrepreneur Joram Anu, today opened up to the people here near the ever-vibrant Akashdeep Complex in the busy thoroughfare of Ganga.

Going by the mushrooming hotel industry in the state capital, Dawnland promises to be a part apart with its luxury furnished suits, a bar – Sunset - stocked with every kind of local and imported IMFL brands and a restaurant – Subansiri - serving multi-cuisine dishes churned out by professional chefs.

“We are not professional hoteliers but we have taken the cudgels to run and manage a hotel that would be a class apart from the rest. We are here to prove that when people from other states can survive and succeed in the cut-throat service sector business, so do local Arunachalees can!” Anu said oozing with confidence.

The determination to remain above par from the crowd shows in the room tariffs of Dawnland. While a double bedded suit would cost a visitor Rs 4000, a family suit would make him pay Rs 3500 per night. For the executive class, which has now become a metaphor for the erstwhile ‘middle-class’, there are executive rooms costing Rs 2900 for double bed and Rs 2700 for family bed per night. For frequent travelers there are economy rooms labeled ‘deluxe’ with prices of Rs 1900 (double) and Rs 1700 (family) per night. An extra bed would cost the visitor additional charges of Rs 300. The hotel has four suits, six deluxe and twenty-four executive rooms besides a conference hall.

When pointed that the tariff was a bit on higher side of the scale, Anu said that everything good comes with a price.

“We would provide twenty-four hour room service. There are CCTVs fitted all along the corridors, lift and stairs for fool-proof security. Add to it a sumptuous breakfast for free to all visitors,” she explained.

The incubation period of the Dawnland, however, was not an easy ride for Anu and her hubby Joram T Badal, who is professionally employed with the state government. Financial hiccups forced the couple to complete the hotel in seven long years, a wee bit late.

“We started construction of the building in 2004 on a land measuring 600 sq mtr gifted by my late father. Due to financial constraints we had to stop the work several times. Thanks to SBI Ganga and Axis Bank, we could avail the financial loans needed to complete our dream project,” Badal revealed.

The four-storied building would be managed by a professional team of about 44 staff while the restaurant and bar have at least 40 staff in service. These include professionally trained chefs from outside the state.

The management, on the opening day, threw open the restaurant and the bar for the invitees that included many who’s who of the capital. The rush in the restaurant and the bar immediately after the opening ceremony spoke well about what was in offer.

“Free drinks and meal is only for the day,” announced Anu in a light-hearted joke.

Its time for local entrepreneurs to dare where they have not dared so far.


Aftermath of Dr. Binayak Sen’s conviction

Community health workers at a crossroads

Ajay K Tripathy

Life imprisonment to Dr. Binayak Sen, by a court in Chatisgarah, has triggered several debates both nationally & internationally. The civil society is hopeful that this conviction would not stand in upper court(s). In fact, the common people have strong faith in our judiciary system which is unlikely to punish an innocent like Dr. Sen.

Like the puzzle of egg-first or chicken-first; it’s bit difficult to draw a conclusion between poverty and fight for justice through violent means. However, it’s a true fact that many of the Naxal and insurgency affected districts in India are quite backward. So, poverty and its related features like high morbidity & mortality, low literacy, malnutrition, unemployment, etc. are highly prevalent in these areas.

Violence has no place in civil society; so, crimes being conducted in the name of tribal-development by the Naxals and other groups deserve to be condemned by all sections of society. The so called think-tank those who do not condemn the crimes carried out by the Naxals must understand that violence can only lead to destruction, and the lessons from Pakistan and Afghanistan are sufficient.

Governments have largely failed to deliver in these backward areas of country mainly due to its civil servants, as many Government-staff do not serve with sincerity in hilly areas. Whereas the community health workers, also known as public health professionals, stay in rural and tribal areas and provide best possible healthcare to the people. These workforces include doctors, nurses, allied health workers, etc. They usually do not go for the lucrative assignments in developed areas and choose the difficult path to serve the deserving community who are otherwise neglected without their fault.

In many of the tribal areas; the Governments cannot ensure better security measures which are normally possible in plain and developed areas. However, the Governments always try to provide a sense of security among the people which is simply inadequate to remain safe. Thus, everyone including many community health workers are bound to apply their own minds for security. In fact, they take the risk and live in community and serve the people with utmost dedication.

Here it’s quite possible that one can establish some relationship with different kinds of groups purely for humanitarian purpose which is as per the medical-ethics. Can’t a doctor give same treatment & medicines to a convict in Jail which s/he also gives to the police for similar illness? Can’t a nurse refuse to treat a Naxal or militant who is sick inside the dense forests? However, after hearing the life imprisonment judgment for Dr. Sen many may think twice to go the difficult areas and serve the people.

While leading the health & development initiatives of VHAI, under the PPP project of NRHM in Arunachal Pradesh, I and my colleagues used to handle several challenges which were not ideal but rather practical for the local needs. Once I was informed about a letter being sent to one of the VHAI-managed hospitals asking our staff to pay 24% of their annual salaries as tax to the outfit. I discussed that matter with appropriate authorities; however, nobody was in a position to help us. Again after two weeks, two of VHAI’s Medical Officers were summoned by the underground to the dense forests and asked to comply with their demand. The situation was so fluid that being the team leader, I used both head and heart, as it’s very painful to put the colleagues in trouble. There are many people in the Government system those who understand the reality of working in difficult areas, and we expect that the executive and judiciary would demonstrate due empathy at the time of need. Let’s pray that God will guide them to understand everyone; including Dr. Sen. (The writer  is a Health Economics & Policy scholar at CMC, Vellore. Issued raised in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily of any institution. He can be reached at ajaytripathyindia@gmail.com)


Pacha Highlanders win Yaja Waii Memorial T20 Championship

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Riding on Raju Gyadi’s all round performance, Pacha Highlander defeated Papu Vikings by 19 runs in a keenly contested final match to lift the 2nd Late Yaja Waii Memorial T20 Championship at Seppa General Ground yesterday.

Raju scalped two crucial Highlander wickets and contributed valuable 30 runs from his bat (4X6) to help the team defeat their rivals.

After winning the toss, Highlander skipper Harang Flago opted to bat first and set a competitive target of 160 runs in stipulated 20 overs. In-form Janu Gyadi remained the top scorer with 37 runs of 41 deliveries (6x2, 4x5).

While chasing the target, Vikings lost their opener Banu Lollen for a duck when the scoreboard read 2. He was run out by Pebo Gyadi. After his dismissal Mudhu Muri steadied innings and hammered eight boundaries in his 27 ball 36 run knock. But Muri was finally caught at gully by skipper Harang Flago off Pebo Gyadi’s bowling. Tai Teli’s late surge, who scored quick 38 from 25 balls, was in vain as the innings folded in 19.3 overs.

The winner walked away with cash prize of Rs Two lakh along with the Champions Trophy and the runners up was awarded Rs One lakh along with trophy. The fair play team award went to Passa Samurais.

Ashok Chettry of  Gorkhas was declared ‘man of the series’ while the highest wicket taker, best catch and best innings performance awards went to Aithy Singhi (13 wickets), Vijay Rimo and  R.B Saha respectively. The fair play team and all the individual performers were awarded with cash prize and trophies.

Indian Idol fame Amit Paul performed at the closing ceremony.

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News Impact

Assoc. to eradicate evil practices

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: The newly formed All Pip-Sorang Circle Youth Welfare Association in a meeting today unanimously decided to work for all round development of the area.

The meeting further resolved to eradicate social evils like polygamy, black magic, child marriage and corruption by creating awareness among villagers.


Indigenous faith day

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: All Jaring Bango and Hora Lega Donyi-Polo Namlo Committee, Upper Subansiri District is celebrating Indigenous faith day on December 31 next.


BKYWA appointments

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Banderdewa Karsingsa Youth Welfare Association (BKYWA) has selected Tame Achung and Nabam Pagap as president and general secretary respectively.


ASM demands

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Anchal Chairperson of Kamporijo demanded authorities concerned to award the construction work of upgraded primary school Lok-Tap to the villagers of Lok-Tap.

According to the Anchal Chairperson, a meeting was held on December 3 last involving all the villagers where they had unanimously decided that the building work would be done by the villagers. As such a proposal was sent to the Lower Subansiri DDSE to award the same work to the villagers. But the proposal was rejected by the DDSE and the same work has been awarded to the ‘outsiders’.

Meanwhile, the Anchal Chairperson demanded the authority to cancel the work order and award the same work to the villagers.


Nyodege Haaduku released

Itanagar, Dec 28: Nyodege Haaduku, a Nyishi audio-video album by Ha Nayung and directed by Apak Gadi and Ibomcha Singh, under the banner of Loma Production was released on December 27 last.

The album has eight songs. ‘Ane Sepung’ was shot entirely on DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera, which is the first of its kind in the state.

MLA Markio Tado who released the album appreciated the team and appealed the people to encourage the young and talented youths of the state.

Nyishi Art and Culture Society, Cultural Secretary Nabam Tati said that instead of inviting artists from outside the state, our people should give platform to the upcoming young talents of state.

He further suggested that there should be annual felicitation programe for actors, directors and singers.


Awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Take Bogo Welfare Society organized a one day awareness camp on animal and human health at Hapoli yesterday.

The programme was sponsored by Rastriya Vigyan Evam Prodyogiki Sanchar Parishad, Deptt of science and technology, Government of India.


House gutted in fire

ITANAGAR, Dec 28: The SPT house of Liyum Yumdak, EE, RWD at Chandranagar was gutted and another RCC building damaged in a fire accident at around 1 am today, according to Chandranagar Welfare Committee.

None of the dwellers were present in the house when the incident occurred; the committee informed and demanded the authority to investigate the matter. It also appealed to provide immediate relief to the affected family.



ITANAGAR, Dec 28: Late Linga Paja, a class XII(Sc) student of Govt Hr Sec School Dump-orijo passed away on Dec 24 at Dumporijo. She was born  on 1 May 1993 to Kali Paja and Rijum Paja.

She was crowned Miss Upper Subansiri 2008.  She leaves behind her parents and an elder sister.


AAPSU hopes for positive impact

ITANAGAR: All Aruanchal Pradesh students ’ unions (AAPSU) while thanking all for the successful conduct of the state level martyrs cup cum inter tribe youth festival hoped that the festival will have some positive bearing on the young delegates who made it to the festival from nook and corner of the State.  

We are of the opinion that one Arunachal identity  will be reverberated in different pockets of our Arunachal with the delegates being its ambassador, said a press release from AAPSU president Takam Tatung.


Fishing hunting banned

ITANAGAR: Parang Panchayat Youth Welfare Society (PPYWS) in a meeting has put a blanket ban on illegal hunting and fishing within Parang panchayat. Violation would  invite action under Wildlife Protection Act.


AAF demands early completion of MPCC

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Artiste Forum (AAF) strongly demanded the authorities concerned to immediately complete the construction work of the Multipurpose Cultural Complex (MPCC) at Naharlagun.

The estimated time for completion of the MPCC is almost over and there is still more that 50 per cent work to be done, AAF said in a release, and demanded the authorities concerned to complete it within the fiscal year 2010-11.