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December - 03


SPA stands for Special Private Account!

Dear Editor,

The Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has shown his able leadership by  pouring adequate funds under SPA and ACA to all the constituencies for  all round development. But unlike other constituencies, 35th Pangin  assembly constituency is deprived of development under the SPA fund.

In Pangin-Boleng, SPA has become Special Private Account. As per the paper records the works are done but it is phantom. The Pasighat-Pangin road is the naked evidence and lucid proof of the total disappearance of SPA, ACA etc.

The paper works show the excellent task performance but we can't find  it in reality.

As per records received through RTI, ACA fund 2006-07 has been  allocated for the projects - Infrastructure development of Govt Hr S  School, Boleng, ` 30 lakh, improvement of township road at Boleng `10 lakh and improvement of infrastructure of health centre, Boleng ` 10  lakh.

Under SPA 2006-07-08, fund were allocated for the projects --  Improvement of Health Centre at Pangin ` 40 lakh, improvement of  Pangin township road ` 10 lakh, restoration of Pasighat-Pangin,  Pasighat-Ledum-Tene-Koyu road ` 1 crore, Construction of road from BRTF  road to Siang river at Riga village (4Km) ` 1 crore and construction  and implementation of various roads under Pangin administrative Centre ` l crore.

Similarly, as per RTI records, fund were also allocated for projects  like construction of cluster of MIC under Boleng sub-division ` 2.50  crore, construction of rural link roads under RWD sub-division Pangin  ` 1 crore, and construction of sub-transport station at Boleng ` 35  lakh under SPA 2008-09.

However, some funds were allocated but on the existing MIC finished  works.

As per the RTI information (Memo No ESD/MLALAD/RTI-7/2008&9/1869 Dt.  Pasighat 23rd° July 2008) there was also total imbalance in MLALAD fund  allocation. Some funds were disbursed to different villages whereas  Yemsing had been given the maximum ` 4828000 excluding CGI sheet and  rural house up-gradation but some villages are left out.

How can a constituency develop where all the fund meant for development of  the infrastructure of the areas and also to improve the socio-economic condition  of the people  disappear. The fund did not reach the destination like the story of  the river Okavango (Cubango) in Angola which never reaches the ocean.

One wonders, if the state Government has any remedy for the sad state  of affair? Will the Chief Minister hear the outcry of 35th assembly  constituency and take necessary action?

Pasighat is celebrating its centenary in 2011. What Pangin would do  which is going to become century-old in 2017? Pangin  is still lagging  behind in development front- be it education, socio-economic  or spiritual and political development. Developments were  nil under former representatives from this area, and now we are getting  only lip service under present representative.

I request the state Govt. to form a High power inquiry  Commission and take further necessary action to assess the ground  realities.


Karunath Pazing




AESDSU is not a divided house

Dear Editor,

This is in regards to a news item published today pertaining to All East Siang District Students’ Union (AESDSU) in which your daily has termed the Union as “A Divided House”. It was really shocking and unjustified to see a reputed media house like The Arunachal Times carrying such a fake release which hold no grounds.

Terming the dignified office of AESDSU as “Divided one” is truly regrettable and obnoxious.

For your information the office of AESDSU has already got its new incumbent President in me which was the outcome of the unanimous decision of the various federal unit students’ organization of the district. The AESDSU as a federal unit of the apex students’ organization of the AAPSU has already referred the matter to AAPSU.

Upholding its constitutional responsibility, the AAPSU after commissioning a fact finding committee has already solved the imbroglio and endorsed me to the office of AESDSU  as the new President. The notification of AAPSU has already been made available to your esteem office and other dailies. So the question of “A Divided House” does not arise at all.

Above all, the AESDSU has no complaints toward formation of any organization but out rightly reject and organization using the nomenclature of AESDSU which is already existing. Moreover endorsing such press release is maligning the office of AESDSU in particular and people of the district in general.

Therefore, I on behalf of AESDSU earnestly  implore your daliy to abstain from such fake and bogus press release made by some disgruntle students in the name of AESDSU in near future whose sole purpose is to infuse confusion among the people.


Tageng Nyitan          

 (on email)

President, AESDSU



Back to dark ages

Dear Editor,

One of the oldest towns in Arunachal Pradesh ‘Pasighat’ and the most beautiful and peaceful place is facing a very major problem. The frequent breakdown in power supply in Pasighat town has been the major problem since decades.

Politicians promises and does blarney talk every time when the elections come that they will fix the problem of light and other things like road connections, water supply etc, but after elections they would not take a second glimpse on the things that they have promised.

Every time when rainy season comes the light will fluctuate like the rain is swallowing or eating up the electricity and if we inquire in the power house about it then they will say that some poles or some wires has been crushed by the trees or the heavy wind. What does the trees got to do with that? Are the electricians are just sticking the electric poles in the trees?

Now let me tell you the present condition of Pasighat , the maximum percentage of people uses their own personal invertors or generators because they all are fed up with this trend of power cut. Even all the administrative government offices also have their own personal generators or what we call that ‘special light’. They are also not depending upon the power house that it will generate light for the town. The main problem arises for the common masses and middle class people as they are not in a position to buy this type of expensive mechanical equipments to generate electricity; they have to rely on the power house for light. The communication process, the students and all the people are affected by this. We don’t see light for two to three weeks in a month, however if the light comes it comes it fluctuates or is dim. We cannot watch News on TV because of light and the newspaper also comes sometimes 2-3 days later due to road blockage in Assam. This problem has to be faced by common people like us.

Is it the government’s illusive motive or intention towards the people of Pasighat to accept the ‘SIANG DAM PROJECT’ or to face the electricity problem?  

What will be the future if this type of ignorance prevails? If this trend continues we are sure to be going back to those ancient days when our ancestors used stick torches made of bamboos for light, even though our dressing and living style have changed into modern form.

The people of Pasighat have immense hope that our representative will come up with a permanent solution regarding the current situation. We shall be very happy for his determined steps, which shall bring fruitful solution for the common masses of Pasighat because the people have suffered a lot and it is the time to evolve and move forward.                      


Mingkeng Osik,

RGU (on email)



Improved law and order in Seppa

Dear Editor,

The Sango Lamte Foundation lauds the performance of both the district administration and the police department for their indefatigable effort in improving the law and order situation in the district.

Law and order problem of the district has improved a lot in comparison to recent past. The people and the govt. official are now feeling secure.  The gammon India has now resumed its construction work of Seppa-Chayang Tajo road which was halted in the middle period due to the apprehension and manhandling of the Gammon India official and its other staffs by the miscreant that have been arrested by the police led by the SP Kime Aya.  

I  also laud all the MLAs of the district for extending their helping hand to the district administration. Without their support, the arrest of miscreants could not be possible.

I request other NGOs , public leaders and the general mass to cooperate with the district administration and the police department  in maintaining proper law and order problem in the district. I urge the police department to post more policemen and officers to facilitate the night patrolling coverage in the vulnerable locations, especially the Hr. sec, School Seppa, JNV, new Seppa  modern Village Seppa, ALC line, Medical  colony etc.  

I appeal the DC and SP to establish Police Outposts and Police Stations at Pipu, Gyawepurang, Bana, Pakke Kessang also.

In Seppa there should be patrolling by the police and the paramilitary in the market area till late evening to allow the market to remain open till 8/ 9 pm so that the people of the district and the other government officials from outside district could  feel more secure while marketing and other activities in the township.


Payi Gyadi


Sango LomteFoundationn



We are simply doing our work as per laid down procedures

Dear Editor,

It is to clarify here that the State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs) in case of a state and Union Territory Pollution Control Committees (UTPCCs) in case of a Union Territory are neutral agencies entrusted by the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Govt. of India to conduct public hearings for developmental projects that come under the purview of EIA notification’2006 and subsequent amendments.

It is also to clarify that State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs) and Union Territory Pollution Control Committees (UTPCCs) has nothing to do with the scrutiny of the EIA, EMP, Executive Summaries or any other relevant report submitted by the project developers for conduct of public hearings. The Ministry of Environment & Forests(MoEF), Govt. of India has  issued directives to the Member Secretaries of all the State PCBs/UT Pollution Control Committees Vide letter No.J-11013/56/2004-IA.II(I)-Pt file dated 6th  May’2008 and reiterated Vide letter No. J-11013/41/2006-IA.II (I) dated 25th January’2010 wherein it states’  It has been brought to the notice of the Ministry of Environment & Forests that some of the State Pollution Control Boards are refusing to give Draft EIA/EMP receipt of reports submitted to them by the project proponents for conduct of public hearing in terms of provisions of EIA Notifiaction’2006 on the plea that these reports are required to be checked for their completeness in terms of the prescribed TORs. This action leads to avoidable delay in conduct of public hearing. The matter has been considered in the Ministry. All the State/UP Pollution Control Committees are hereby directed that as soon as the request for conduct of public hearing along with other documents as prescribed in the EIA Notification, 2006 is submitted by the project proponents, an acknowledgement for the same should be issued immediately and further necessary action for conduct of public hearing should be initiated as per the procedure laid down”.

Therefore, as per the directives of the Ministry of Environment & Forests, the Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSCB) has issued the notice of Public Hearing for Lower Siang Hydroelectric Project (2700MW) on November 16 to be held on December 20th, 21st, and 22nd December’2010 in the Siang valley in due consultation with the Deputy Commissioners of the respective districts regarding the suitable venue for the greater public participation.

Regarding the cancellation of the public hearing the EIA Notification’2006 dtd 14th September’2006 and subsequent amendments (Appendix-VI, 3.3) states that “No postponement of the date, time, venue of the public hearing shall be under taken, unless some untoward emergency occurs and only on the recommendation of the concerned District Magistrate/Deputy Commissioners the postponement shall be notified to the public through the same national and Regional vernacular dailies”.

It is to inform that the Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB), Itanagar is a neutral agency and neither issues the notice of public hearing nor postpones it at the whims and fancies of any project proponents nor of any organization supporting or opposing it. It is simply doing its work as per laid down procedures, nothing less nothing more.

If anybody has any doubt regarding it, then information/circulars are available on the website of the Ministry of Environment & Forests.


JUMLI KATO (on email)

Scientist, APSPCB



Retain the existing policy

Dear Editor,

This has a reference to the question of increasing the retirement age suggested by the AAPSU.

Even if a person joins service at age 33 or 35, he gets more than twenty years of employment which is a long period. Earlier, the associations had opposed the idea of raising the age of retirement which the Govt. acceded to. Any right-thinking employee will be glad to make a graceful exit after attaining 58 years so as to pave way for the younger generation.There are many other important issues confronting the state than to alter the age of retirement for Govt. employees.

So, I request the Govt. to retain the existing age of superannuation in the larger interest of the society.


K Riba


(On email)





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


State level Karate championships concludes

ITANAGAR, Dec 02: The 16th State Level Karate-Do Championship organized by Upper Subansiri District Karate-do Association, under the banner of Arunachal Karate-do Association, concluded on November 28 last at Daporijo.

The result:

Girls individual Kumite (below 11 years): Tap Mania (Gold), (SLSA), Papum Pare, Loki Hango (Silver) Upper Subansiri

Boys individual Kumite (below 11 years ) : Vinod Digio, (Gold) SAI Papum Pare, Thojo Saya (Silver) SLSA, Lebin Nguri, (Bronze) SAI Papum Pare, Raja Yangfo (Bronze) SAI.    

Girls individual Kumite (below13 years) : Yapung Sonam (Gold), SLSA, Iry Pul (Silver), Lohit  Yajum Duchok (Bronze), Upper Subansiri.    Boys individual Kumite (below13 years): Samual Dolo (Gold) SAI, PC-Dingla (Silver)  SLSA, Nibu Dara (Bronze), East Kameng

Girls individual Kumite (47 kg, below14-15 years): Bamang Yakom (Gold), SLSA, Laxmi Chetry (Silver), East Kameng, Decenlu Manyu (Bronze), Anjaw, Kambung Wangsa (Bronze), SLSA

Girls individual Kumite (54 kg below14-15 years): Reibeyalu Kri (Gold), Lohit, Sangha Yabe (Silver) SLSA, Yasa Rei (Bronze)HQ Itanagar,

Girls individual Kumite (+54 kg , below 14-15 years):  Dado Mema (Gold), Kurung Kumey, Olisho Pul (Silver), Anjaw

Boys individual Kumite (-52 kg, below14-15 years): Sine Meku (Gold) SLSA, Bamenso Towsik (Silver), Lohit, Takio Dagam (Bronze), Upper Subansiri, Binetso Manyu (Bronze), Anjaw    

Boys individual Kumite (-57 kg, below 14-15 years): Nikam Sonam (Gold) SAI, David Rijuju (Silver) SLSA, Nochung Hodong (Bronze) SLSA.

Boys individual Kumite (- 63 kg, below 14-15 years) : Asenga Malo (Gold), SLSA, Janam Dodum (Silver) Lode Kare (Bronze), Pema Kri (Bronze).

Boys individual Kumite (-70 kg, below 14-15 years): Promote Kamte (Gold), East Kameng, Vijoy Techi (Silver), SAI, Nicha Sonam (Bronze), East Kameng, Kambe Uli (Bronze), Upper Subansiri.

Girls individual Kumite (-48 kg, below 16-17 years): Juna Dada (Gold), SLSA, Regainlu Towong (Silver), Anjaw, Symailu Kri (Bronze), Lohit.

Girls individual Kumite (-53 kg, below 16-17 years): Rei Yadi (Gold), SAI, Menan Tekseng (Silver)SLSA, Bachanlu Khamblai (Bronze), Anjaw.

Girls individual Kumite (-59 kg, below 16 -17 years): Mepong Tana (Gold), SAI.

Girls individual Kumite (+59 kg, below 16 -17 years): Ania Dugi (Gold), Upper Subansiri, Yanu Bagbi (Silver), Upper Subansiri.

Boys individual Kumite (–55 kg, below 16 -17 years): Takiang Bagang    (Gold), SAI, Tongkap Techi (Silver) SLSA, Matu Mugli (Bronze), Upper Subansiri, Balive Rangmong (Bronze), Lohit.

Boys individual Kumite (–61 kg: below 16 -17 years): Dunun Miyu (Gold), SLSA, Karbu Kena (Silver), Upper Subansiri, Taje Nilling (Bronze), Upper Subansiri, Nimoso Pul (Bronze), Lohit.

Boys individual Kumite (–68 kg:below 16 -17 years): Dongro Dodum (Gold), SAI, Tage Saa (Silver), SAI, Decenso Kamblai (Bronze), Lohit, Labin Dai (Bronze), Upper Subansiri.

Boys individual Kumite (–76  kg: below 16 -17 years): Runa Dada (Gold), SAI, Raye Venia (Silver), East Kameng.

Girls individual Kumite (– 50 kg: above 18 years): Parvati Belai    (Gold), Lohit, Nanee Gamnu (Silver), HQ Itanagar.

Girls individual Kumite (– 55 kg: above 18 years): Higi Yamum (Gold),HQ ITA.

Girls individual Kumite (– 61 kg: above 18 years): Chunu Sangnu (Gold), SAI.

Men’s individual Kumite (– 55 kg: above 18 years): I.B Chetry (Gold), Capital Complex, Nyabu Baja (Silver), Upper Subansiri, Wangcha Lowang (Bronze),SAI.

Men’s individual Kumite (–60 kg: above 18 years): Talum Moya Nikam (Gold), HQ ITA, Matup Tambling (Silver), Anjaw, John Bagang (Bronze), East Kameng.

Men’s individual Kumite (–67 kg: above 18 years): Tam Tampak (Gold), Capital Complex, Charu Tata (Silver), HQ ITA, Jyotish Medak    (Bronze), Capital Complex, Byabang Sakap (Bronze), Kurung Kumey.

Men’s individual Kumite (–75 kg: above 18 years): Tagru Tama (Gold), Capital Complex, Dari Lokam (Silver), HQ Ita, Gamli Bagra (Bronze), (HQ ITA.

Men’s individual Kumite (+ 75  kg: above 18 years): P. Nobin Jomoh (Gold), SAI, Yesenso Yun (Silver), Anjaw.

Girls individual Kata       (13-15 years ): Bamang Yakum (Gold), SLSA, Yasa Rei (Silver) HQ ITA, Loki Hangu (Bronze), Upper Subansiri.

Boys individual Kata (13-15 years): Likha Lej (Gold), SLSA, P.C. Dingla (Silver), SLSA, Samual Dolo (Bronze),SAI.

Girls individual Kata (16-17 years): Ania Dugi    (Gold), Upper Subansiri, Rei Yadi (Silver), SAI, Juna Dada (Bronze),SLSA.

Boys individual Kata (16-17 years): Husa Yun    (Gold), Anjaw, Taking Bagang (Silver), SAI, Tonkap Techi (Bronze), SLSA.

Wonem individual Kata ( above 18 years): Yomken Noshi (Gold), HQ ITA, Higi Yamum (Silver), HQ ITA, Chunu Sangno (Bronze), SAI, Parvati Bilai (Brone), Lohit.

Men’s individual Kata (above 18 years): I.B Chetry (Gold), Capital Complex, Wancha Lowang (Silver), SAI, Yesonso Yun (Bronze), Anjaw, P. Novin Jamoh (Bronze), SAI,

Boys Team Kata: Gold (SAI),  Silver (SLSA), Bronze (East Kameng).

Girls Team Kata: Gold (SLSA), Silver (HQ Itanagar), Bronze (Anjaw)

Girls Team Kumit:  Gold (Kurung Kumey), Silver (Lohit), Bronze 1st (Anjaw), Bronze 2nd (East Kameng).    

Boys Team Kumit: Gold (Capital Complex), Silver (Upper Subansiri), Bronze 1st (Kurung Kumey), Bronze 2nd (East Kameng).



ERO visits Dibang Valley

ROING, Nov 30: Tape Bagra, Commissioner RD visited the Lower Dibang Valley district recently as the Electoral Roll Observer of Election Commission of India for 42nd Dambuk and 43rd Roing, Assembly Constituencies to oversee the ongoing special summary revision work.

Bagra visited various Polling Stations under Roing, Koronu, Paglam and Dambuk Circles and interacts with the ERO, AEROs and BLOs of the district. He was accompanied by M. Tato, ERO Roing during his visits to these circles.

In his interaction with the EROs, AEROs and BLOs at Roing, he emphasized to make a correct and clean photo electoral roll. He told the BLOs to take necessary action for genuineness of enrollment on the basis of population ratio and also asked them to render their possible helps for checking of electors name at the time of filling claims and objections. He stressed that no eligible voter’s name should be left out in any case at the time of preparing the revised photo electoral rolls so that no one is denied their right to franchise. He asked them to delete all bogus voters/shifted voters/dead voters from the existing photo electoral roll after giving proper hearing notices and proper enquiry from GBs. He also asked them to give special care to ensure that no voter is enrolled in more than one A/C or Polling Stations within an A/C. He also cautioned them to properly check the genuine documents like Date of Birth Certificate/Ordinary proof of residence while receiving any claims and objections.

Bagra expressed satisfaction on the progress made on EPICs in respect of 42-Dambuk (ST) and 43-Roing (ST) A/Cs under Lower Dibang Valley District which is 99.96%. (DIPRO)


RTI interaction at Tezu

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Manish Sisodia, social activist based in Delhi and drafting committee member of RTI Act,2005 accompanied by one of the Pune based social activist working in USA interacted with the public leaders RTI  Activists, lawyers, engineers, government employees, social workers, students and general public of Lohit and Anjaw District today  at Tezu.

They were very happy to be part of the team comprising of individuals from different backgrounds.

There was fruitful interaction at length about the constraints being faced by the RTI Activists. And the citizens got the opportunities in getting clarifications about the Act and its essence and thus the morale of the citizens has been boosted.

The visitors lastly apprised the house that this is the most powerful tool in the hands of the citizens of the country by citing many examples how the citizens are being benefitted by exercising the RTI Act,2005. He urged the house to exercise the RTI Act,2005 to know about the money he has paid in the form of taxes/vat is being spent by the public authority. He also urged the activists to take the advantage of the electronic media in obtaining the relevant documents which are in the public domain.

The interactive programme arranged by the RTI activists and citizens of Lohit and Anjaw with Manish Sisodia will surely help the citizens in their effort to bring transparency and accountability in the functioning of the public servant and will thereby uphold the spirit of the RTI Act,2005.






Academic Scholarships

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Saint Claret College, Ziro in collaboration with SS Foundation, U.S.A distributes study scholarships to 50 meritorious girls of the college. The Foundation has been collaborating with the college in the women upliftment programme since last year. The scholarship reduces the educational burden of the girls and gives them a chance to be independent based on their intellectual abilities. The educational organization has made a contract with Saint Claret College for the next five years.

The scholarships were given away by Lt Col Satish Jadhav, OC 85 RCC yesterday. In his speech he encouraged the students to aim higher and contribute for the nation building. During the conversations that followed after the distribution of the awards, the Colonel encouraged the ladies to build up women power in the area making use of the scholarship opportunities.  

Meanwhile ‘Lingua Franca’ launched its first monthly publication on Saint Claret campus. The publication was officially released by Lt. Col. Satish Jadav, OC 85RCC, yesterday. The first copy was handed over to Dr. Hage Tam, the DMO, Lower Subansiri District. Lingua Franca is a special enterprise of the English Department of the College. In the multi-cultural milieu of the state and especially of the College, Lingua Franca encourages the use of English as the medium of communication on the campus. It also explores the possibilities of language through creative writing and other language related activities.


NBITS Training

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: A Two Days Training on Name Based Information Tracking System and Review of HMIS under NRHM was organized by the District Health Society, East Siang District at Audio Visual Hall, General Hospital Pasighat in three batches from Nov 27.

The Training was inaugurated by Dr. T. Taloh, District Medical Officer and attended by MS General Hospital Pasighat, MO i/c all PHCs/CHCs, 58 GNMs/ANMs/Other Paramedics of all SC/PHC/CHC/GH, newly appointed BA/DA of all Blocks and senior officers and DPMSU staffs.

The Resources persons for the NBITS training were Dr. M. Perme, DRCHO, Ipi Doke, District Programme Manager and Jeevan Tayeng Data Assitant.

Inaugurating the training, Dr. T. Taloh, DMO informed the participants that NBITS is a new programme launched by GoI for tracking of mother and child where the data will be recorded in system called E- Mamta software. He also advised the participants to take advantage of the training and to be sincere while attending the training and ask all the participants not to go back without clearing their doubts.

Earlier Dr. M. Perme, DRCHO cum CEO, DHS informed the participants that the main objective of the NBITS is for case specific monitoring of ANC & PNC and Child immunization and Aims to have effective monitoring of maternal and infant mortality.

He also asked the participants to implement the process from December 2010 and report should flow by January 2011onwards. Further he asked all the MO i/c of respective PHC/CHC/GH to co-operate with ASHA Trainers during the Training period, as the Block Level Training of ASHA on 6 & 7 Module duration of 5 days will begin from 29th Nov.2010 and continue till 21st Jan. 2011.  


Wushu team bags 3 bronze

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Yenkhom Harsh, Noarem Chinglen and Kshetri Dilbar of All Arunachal Pradesh Wushu Association won a bronze medal each in 10th Sub-Jr National Wushu Championship, 2010 held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai from November 22-27 last. Y Biren and M Bimol was the coach and team manager. Premkumar Singh of Arunachal Pradesh was the head judged in the championship.  A total of 16 players participated in the tournament.


ACA announces U-19 cricket team

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Arunachal Cricket Association (ACA) has announced the U-19 years cricket team for  the BCCI Affiliate and Associate Members Tournament scheduled to be held at Sikkim from January one. The players have selected on the basis of the performance of the recently held tournament inter club ranking tournament, according to an ACA release.

Song Tacho and Nabam Hina were named as new captain and vice captain of the 15-member team.

The squad:

Kamsa Yangfo, Akhilesh Sahani, Techi Neri, Licha Tehi (Nirjuli Cricket Club, Nirjuli), Song Tacho, Bengia Aruna, (Nirjuli Market Welfare Cricket Committee), Nabam Hina, (Donyi Colony Cricket Club, Itanagar), Nabam Gunya (Mengio Cricket Club) Teli Aboh (CRY Cricket Club, Chimpu), Techi Dorya (Poyupaga Cricket Club,Mengio), Nidu Yomcha (Kargu Kardi Cricket Club), Senjar Taipodia (Jaryir Cricket Club, Hime, Likabali), Venkat Rao, Aniso Chaitan  (Eastern Region United,Tezu), Rajesh Kumar (XI Stars Cricket Club,Itanagar).


NNBA team visit cane & bamboo undustries at Kimin

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: A team of National Mission on Bamboo Application (NMBA) under Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), New Delhi has visited the BKL Cane and Bamboo industries at Kimin on Nov 27.

The team headed by Deepak Chauhan, programme association (NMBA) and Pratap Goswami, Bamboo processing expert, Nagpur alongwth G Rime, divisional manager of Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation visited the bamboo based charcoal briquetting production unit installed by the Hillang Nikpo, proprietor of B K L Cane and Bamboo industries.

Nikpo request the expert team to guide the industries in right direction for smooth functioning.


NBCC conference

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Rev Kara Tayo and Executive member NBCC Ngamar Baba would attend as speakers in the 26th Annual Youth Conference, Nyishi Baptist Church Council at Yachuli Town Baptist Church from January 13-16.

Delegates from Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare and East Kameng Districts are expected to attend the conference.


Art of Living workshop

ITANAGAR, Dec 2:  The Art of Living has brought its Know Your Child (KYC) workshop to Itanagar. KYC is a 3-hour interactive workshop designed to help parents understand children better and thus improve the quality of family life. The first batch of KYC workshop will be held on December 4 at the Art of Living Centre, H Sector, Itanagar.

Explaining the effectiveness of the workshop, Mitra Agarwal, trained resource person of the Art of Living, said, “Parenting these days has become the most challenging task because of the ever-changing paradigms and exposure children get. Parenting requires specialised skills. A couple of decades ago, that skills were available from the extended family -- parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. But that link is missing today.  

KYC will help parents acquire those skills in just three hours.”



ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Sanju Tatan and Tobit Riba have been appointed President and General Secretary of All Arunachal Pradesh Youth Organization, East Siang District Unit.



ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Meder Nello Council, Itanagar along with all Meder Nellos of Apatani valley has deeply mourned the untimely demise of Secretary, management committee, Naharlagun Meder Nello Habung Tagyun, who died in a road accident at Nowboicha, Assam on November 28 last.

The members of the Nellos prayed almighty god for the eternal peace of the departed soul and grant enough strength to the bereaved family members to bear the irreparable loss.



ITANAGAR, Dec 2: The executive members of Arunachal Pradesh Junior Economics and Statistical Personnel’s Welfare Association (APJESPWA) have condoled the sudden demise of one of its members UK Kalita on November 30 last. Kalita was presently working as SIS at EAC office, Chowkham in Lohit district.

He was 58 and survived by his wife, 2 daughters and a son.

While conveying their deep sense of condolence to the bereaved family, the members of the association prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.


‘Situation tense’

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Situation  at Changkun Geka near Rupung village of Leporiang circle was reportedly tense following a land dispute between the people of Pakke Kessang and Leporiang circle, informed Papum Pare District Leporiang Circle Boundary Action Committee.

It appealed to the  Home Minister to deploy para military forces immediately to bring normalcy to the area.


CNCP appointments

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: City Nationalist Congress Party (CNCP) president has appointed four general secretaries who included Khoda Tagio (pol. affairs), Kamata Sonam (admn), Gora Taro (i/c city frontal wing), Takam Abri (women wing)for smooth functioning.


Anchal chairperson quits

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Bullo Habung, Anchal Chairperson, Niiti Anchal Segment of Lower Subansiri district, has resigned from the post on personal ground, according to a signed statement. His resignation has been accepted by the Zilla Chairperson, the statement further said.


NEDWS office inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: North East Development Welfare Society (NEDWS) of North Eastern States has inaugurated its Branch Office of Arunachal Pradesh in E-Sector, Itanagar today.

It was inaugurated by Dr. Sabitri Mara along withTony Koyu (Managing Director APIDFC) who is also a Chief Advisor of the Society.  

They urged the organization to stress on preservation of identity and indigenous culture of the state.

President and Secretary Tabom Boje and Nangram Tanam briefed about the society. Among others, tree plantation at Jawaharlal State Museum, Monastery, APIDFC and State Gazette Office complex and Mega Social Service and Tree Plantation at Donyi Polo School for Hearing Impaired at Chimpu.


Nomenclature changed

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: The Chandra Nagar Development Welfare Committee in a meeting held recently has changed its nomenclature to Chandra Nagar Welfare Committee.

Meanwhile, the house unanimously selected Bem Maching, Nabam Dolla and Siti Rimo as its President, Vice President and General Secretary respectively. Rupa Richi and Yomnya Membom have been selected as its women wing president and general secretary while Nguri Tata and David Maying selected as Youth wing president and general secretary respectively of the society.


Dapo and Babo is a crowd puller

ITANAGAR: A group of sportspersons from Arunachal Pradesh displayed two different indigenous games of Nyishi Tribes Dapo and Bobo, the risky sports on the second day of the week-long Hornbill Festival at Kohima today.

According to information received here today, the two sporting events was the biggest crowd puller on day-2 of the festival and also drew attention of Army personnel, foreign tourists as well as all others present on the occasion.

The Department of Art and Culture, Nagaland had invited the Arunachalee team to demonstrate the two traditional sports in the festival.


Exhibition on agri/horti/handicrafts

ITANAGAR: An Exhibition programme on Agriculture, Horticulture and Handicraft was organized by the Parang Valley Farmers Club on November 30.

Nabam Yakum, chairperson, Sagalee CD block who attended the occasion as chief guest, assured farmers to help provide CGI sheets and marketing shed as demanded by them.

Honi Bayang tops AP Civil Service exams

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: A Software engineer with IBM has topped this year’s Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission Combined Competitive Examination. Honi Bayang, currently with IBM as a senior Software engineer at  Bangalore, made it to the top of the list of the prestigious exams. He opted for DF & CSO/ADF and CS/DRC.

The other names in top ten are Koj Yabyang, Bengia Yakar, Oni Padun, Geram Jongkey, Keni Bagra, Nikita Panggam, Makbul Siram, Dani Rikang and Takam Nicholas.

Of the total 51 successful candidates, ten made it to Arunachal Pradesh Police Service; while three each made it as DIPRO and APO while 34 made it to Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service. The Commission declared the results this afternoon within 24 hours after the completion of viva voce.  Unlike other times, this year the exams were completed within a record time of 11 months beating the records of the UPSC! The Preliminary exams were held in Jan this year.

Huzar Lollen, the Secretary of the Commission said that team work made it possible to declare the results on time. “We were determined to ensure that results are out on time and worked hard for it.

He further said that merit was the sole criteria for selection of candidates.

He further informed that APPSCCCE would be an annual event and the process for advertisement of posts has already started.


AAPSU to organize inter-tribe youth festival

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) is going to organise the Martyr cup cum inter-tribe youth festival from Dec 23-27. The five days event will witness cultural program, literary competition like debate, quiz and essay writing, sports contest like football for boys and volleyball for girls.

While cultural programmes will be held at Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar, the sports competition will be held at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun. Also food stalls will be set up at Indira Gandhi Park during festival.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu will be chief guest for the occasion whereas PWD and UD minister Nabam Tuki will be guest of honour.

Informing this, AAPSU President Takam Tatung in a press release today stated that main reason for organizing Martyr cup sports tournament is to pay homage to those AAPSU activists who sacrificed life while taking part in AAPSU activities.

“Many youths have sacrificed their life while fighting for the cause of state during AAPSU launched movements. We want to recall their contribution  by organizing Martyr cup and let present generation Arunachalee be aware of their great deeds,” stated AAPSU President Takam Tatung.  He also stated that despite linguistic differences, Arunachalee tribal people had always maintained cordial relation and there is need to continue that communal harmony.

“Youths are future of this state and they need to think above communal line. There should be more interaction between youths of different tribe which will help them understands culture and tradition of each other in better way,” stated Tatung. Inter-tribe youth festival will be new beginning towards cementing strong bond among youths of Arunachal, Tatung said.



A day for differently abled

Man in Wheel Chair bats for better facilities to people with special needs

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Dec 02: On December 3, to mark the world day for differently abled, a group of our fellow citizens sitting on Wheel Chair, with spectacles, walking sticks, hearing aids jointly celebrates the day with various Non Governmental Organizations, institutions and the concerned department.

Every year the day is also celebrated in our state by the differently abled group of people.

In our state there are above 40,000 persons with disabilities as per the 2001 census and only few of them have access to aids and appliances.

The numbers may be much higher now due to increase in age related disabilities, traffic accidents, malnutrition and other medical related issues.

These groups of citizen in the state needs to be better understood and there is a acute need to implement various policies by the government.

But the matter should not left alone with the state government and the concerned department, the persons with disabilities should themselves be made active participants in the development process.

Thought there are many welfare policies and programmes available for them, these policies and programme are not being carried out satisfactorily not only in the state of Arunachal Pradesh but in the whole country.

Though of late, it is worth mentioning that Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) has started education for differently abled children in the state last month with the appointments of resource teachers with a hope that these children get basic education.

The Ministry of Social Justice and Employment, Government of India is also facilitating infrastructure and capacity building at district level for provision of comprehensive services to the persons with disabilities through setting up of DDRCs in the un-served districts of the country. Accordingly it has already approved for establishment of District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRC) at Itanagar in 2001, Tawang and East Kameng in 2006-07, while Papum Pare and West Siang have been identified for establishment of new DDRCs during 2010-11 and 2011-12. These districts have been identified on the basis of high disabled population and their unserved/underserved character.

However, it seems that the DDRCs are not functioning properly, it need proper monitoring mechanisms to revitalize these centers, besides implementing various welfare policies.

To assess the problems and hurdles of this group of citizen, this reporter met the “Man in Wheel Chair” Tami Tanyang yesterday.

He is heading the All Arunachal Pradesh handicapped Welfare Society, Naharlagun as it’s Chairman since its establishment in1995 and also received National Award in 2002 for his outstanding performance in the field of welfare of the people with disabilities.

The Man in a wheel Chair, while informing about the movement of the society for the welfare of the differently abled person since its establishment, informed that Society has placed various grievances to state government from the beginning and even filed numbers of Public Interest Litigation against the government for the welfare of the persons with disabilities.

And accordingly, the state government has assured to look into the many demands of the society like pension for senior PWDs, free education for differently abled children, placement of independent commissioner, state disabled policy, separate colony within state capital and implementing the 3% job reservation in various departments.

However, the demands for unemployment allowance for educated unemployed youths, allocation of 30% fund from MLALAD Fund of their respective constituency, regularization of services of handicapped contingency staff, allocation of 5% job reservation in public and private sector were not taken up by the government till today, he said and appealed the MPs of the state to allocate 4% from the MPLAD fund for the welfare of the persons with disabilities.

He further, appealed the state government to provide financial assistance to those achievers recognized at the national level, so that they could take up their own business and serve the fellow citizens.

The chairman further briefing the major problems being faced by the people with disabilities in many occasion in the state, appealed each and every person with special needs and care to come forward and support the society to fight for the cause of the special community.


Committee reviews preparation

PASIGHAT, Dec 2: With only 45 days remaining for centenary celebration of the Pasighat township, a coordination committee meeting was organized by the Pasighat Centenary Celebration Committee to review the preparation for the celebration at DC’s conference hall today. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Commissioner incharge S C Debnath (ADC).

Addressing the gathering Education Minister Bosiram Siram said Pasighatians understand their responsibilities and every penny would be judiciously used for the celebration in a befitting manner.

The minister informed the house that all the five MLAs of the district are wholeheartedly cooperating with full strengths to make the celebration a grand success.

Siram expressed his gratitude to Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, Tourism Minister Jarbom Gamlin and the Finance Minister Setong Sena for their moral and financial support for smooth conduct of the event.

While appreciating the Organizing Committee, the minister said there is no confusion that different committees and subcommittees of CCC are working in tandem and everything is going in the right direction.

Earlier, the SP Alok Kumar said that higher authorities have already been informed about requirement of adequate number of security personnel during five-day celebration. He further suggested that few high ranking officers from PHQ, Itanagar may also be called and entrusted charges to ensure tight security arrangements in the district during the celebration.

The Director AYUSH O Dai and Officer Commanding GREF also made aware of the latest developments of their respective departments. There has been noticeable progress over the last few months, said the Organizing Secretary Bittem Darang (DFO). He, however, stressed the need of accelerating the activities and informed the house about on-going preparation for centenary celebration. Such meetings provide a chance for the committee chairmen and other members to understand each others perspective, he said.

The organizing committee reviewed the progress on various plans for the celebration which included infrastructure, art and culture, publicity, security management, communication, transportation, electrification, waste management and city beautification etc. Besides committee members, many senior and retired IAS and APCS officers and local leaders were present. DIPRO


Project authorities urged to follow pollution guidelines

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Expressing concern over the releasing of blasting materials and chemicals directly to the Pare river and disposal of waste materials in Sopo and Jumpa village area by HCC company under NEEPCO, All Nyishi Youth Association, Papum Pare district has appealed the state Govt to direct both State Pollution Control Board and hydro project authority to strictly follow the Environmental (Protection) Act 1986.

The ANYA unit in a letter addressed to chief minister said that aquatic life of river Pare has been facing extinction and the downstream people of the hydro project are also facing health hazard as they are consuming the river water being polluted by the muck disposal of the hydro project. It urged the hydro project authorities to lift the dumped waste materials from public area for re-disposal at notified area of the Govt. The ANYA unit also appealed the Papum Pare district administration to strictly check ILP of doubtful workers who are wandering in the project area for safety and security of the people of Hoj and nearby areas.


Veg market at Hayuliang

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: In a first of its kind in Anjaw district, a vegetables market was inaugurated at Hayuliang today by ADC R.K.Borthakur amidst huge gathering of farmer, P R leaders, govt. Official, students and shopkeeper in the down town of Hayuliang.

Speaking on the occasion Borthakur hoped that with the installation of the market the economic condition of the farmer will get a boost. He called upon the farmer to supplement their income with more production in agriculture. No fewer than sixty farmers mostly women folk staged overwhelmingly with their commodities at the maiden market. Oranges, green vegetables, cassava, tomatoes and sweet potatoes were main items of attraction. ADC announced an amount of Rs.5 lakh (Five) for the construction of permanent shed which will be funded under NABARD. The installation of the market was the brain child of Balling Ngadong, Kuweso Tamai , Liya Tayang, Arunso Tayang and Jumesi Ritti of Govt. Higher Secondary School.

Earlier consumer/customer at Hayuliang had to face many artificial economic crisis like price hike, shortage and rotten items caused by vested shopkeeper.


Workers appeals for wages

ITANAGAR, Dec 02: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union blamed the heads of departments for delay in payment of salary of workers/contingency and WC staff.

While reviewing the present condition of workers in an emergency meeting here today the union said that main reason for the delay in payment of workers’ wages is the non-submission of necessary papers by the departments, particularly engineering department to the finance department for arrangement of salary. The union appealed the heads of the department to submit all required papers to finance department for early release of workers wage.

All Arunachal Pradesh Government Department Labour Union also expressed concern over the delay in salary of workers payment. It appealed the various government departments to immediately pay the salary of casual labours.


East Kameng District Level Vigilance & Monitoring Committee Meeting held

Seppa, Dec 2:  The district level vigilance and monitoring committee meeting was held under the Chairmanship of East Kameng Deputy Commissioner, Shri Tope Bam at Kameng Hall of residence today.

Bam while addressing BDOs, the HoDs of various department and the PRI leaders urged all to follow the laid down norms while implementing the programmes. He advised all the PRI members to cooperate with the govt. officers who uphold the meaning of word ‘DEVELOPMNMET’. He assured the house of all possible help for the smooth implementation of the schemes.

Kego Essi, Project Director, District Rural Development Agency highlighted the sad plight of DRDA staffs who are not getting monthly salary since last May. He further highlighted that in spite of repeated proposal sent to Govt. of India and Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, there is no positive outcome on the salary Issue.

The house felt that Govt. of A.P must take active initiation to get central share released at the earliest.

He further urged all the BDOs to implement the entire scheme under various programme of RD department with quality of work and transparency in their dealing so as to avoid any sort of doubts or confusion with the PRI members and the villagers. He stressed that IAY beneficiary should be selected on the basis of IAY waitlist so that targeted group are benefited in a true spirit.

All the BDOs of seven blocks in the district highlighted the physical and financial achievements on various programmes like MGNREGA, IAY, SGSY, Hariyali aand IWMP. All the ZPMs, Chairperson of 14 Anchal Samities, nominated members and head of Department also attended the meeting.

The PRI members present in the meeting raised question as to why central or state govt. are not releasing the fund under MGNREGA for 100 days as per the said act. The project Director, DRDA, Seppa informed that proposal has been submitted to Ministry for early release of next installment which is expected shortly.

In the meeting it was decided that IWMP project, sanctioned recently in the district should be implemented through respective BDOs.

Earlier in the morning the governing body meeting was held  under the chairmanship of  Sipi Bagang, Chairperson, Zilla Parishad, East Kameng District in  which he suggested all the programmed officers-cum-BDOs and other officers to implement the programme as per the guidelines given.  He also advised his PRI members to cooperate with the govt. officers for the better implementation of the scheme. (DIPRO)


Volleyball final cum cultural competition

ITANAGAR, Dec  2: The final match of the 3rd Phassang Tafar Memorial Volleyball tournament and cultural competition organized by Banderdewa Karsingsa Youth Welfare Association (BKYWA) will be held on December 3 at Nyokum ground, Bander-dewa.

The final match will be played between Niya Village volleyball team and Rikam Nabam Volleyball team.

State NCP president and former MLA Ngurang Pinch will attend the function as chief guest while Assistant Engineer RWD Karsingsa, Rido Alo would be the guest of honour.


GHSS Arunodaya to represent Papum Pare in Subroto Cup

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Arunodaya won the 2nd district level U-17 Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football tournament defeating Govt. Hr Sec. School Naharlagun 5-3 via penalty kick at Rono Football ground, Doimukh today and will represent Papum Pare in the State level tournament, according to an official release.

Doimukh ZPM Tana Bado attended the closing ceremony as chief guest and distributed trophy and certificates to both the winner and runners up teams.

While wishing the winning team a very good luck for the state level tournament, the chief guest advised the losing team not to be discouraged by the lose as winning and losing are part and parcel of games and sport.

The tournament was participated by all the Govt. Hr. Sec. Schools of the district.

Earlier, the tournament was inaugurated by Papum Pare DDSE TT Tara on November 29. The inaugural match was played between GHSS, Itanagar and GHSS, Doimukh in which the latter defeated the former by margin of 4-2 goals.


World Aids Day observed

ITANAGAR, Dec 2: On the occasion of Worlds AIDS Day Jawahar  Navodaya Vidyalaya Palin Kurung Kumey organized a public awareness programme among the grown up children under Adolescent Education Programme through skit play and speech competition in Vidyalaya  campus with much enthusiasm.

In the morning students of the vidyalaya organized a rally to create awareness on HIV-AIDSs. Students from nearby school participated in the awareness programme. The main ideas of the programme were to give awareness on HIV/AIDS and to sensitize the Men in uniform who happened to be most vulnerable.

Dr. T Machung ,Medical officer CHC Palin along with his two colleague Dr.Nima  & Dr. Mije advised the Youth not to indulge in unsafe sexual behaviour and abstinence from sexual behaviour till marriage and there is no permanent cure for this disease so far and prevention and compassion are the most reliable ways to deal with it.

The NSS Unit St Claret College of the college inspired the youth to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day. In an educative demonstration, the DMO of Lower Subansiri District, Dr. Hage Tam exhorted the students to keep the society away from this dreaded disease and encouraged them to take precautionary methods.

Dr. Nani Rikka graced the occasion and joined the resource team. He conscientised the students on the origin, spread and prognosis of the disease. The students pledged to adhere to the safe practices of sex and life skills.

The District Aids Control Society, Upper Subansiri, Daporijo organized the World Aids Day, in a befitting manner in the District Hospital Premises. The day started with a procession by school students in the town followed by a meeting graced by Tanga Byaling, Minister Health and Family Welfare.

Speaking on the occasion, Byaling cautioned the students about the HIV infection and its dangers. He also informed them about how it spreads and the preventive measures that can be adopted to be safe from the infection and stay healthy.

District Medical Officer, Dr.Dubom Bagra educated the students on universal access and human rights on the occasion of World AIDS Day. A procession by the students of Bazar Middle School, Daporijo and Blue Mount School, Daporijo saw the participation more than 1000 students spreading the message of World Aids Day. Prizes were also distributed to the participants of Bazar Middle School and Blue Mount School.

SHEEP (Social Harmony and Educational Environmental Promotion) Society observed the World AIDS Day in Taraso circle along with the women, students and panchyat leaders of Taraso area on Dec 1.

The NGO members distributed Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to the participants for AIDS awareness. The society also lauded Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society project and NRHM mission director for extending all possible support to the Society for successful observation of the day.


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