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December - 30


Cultural holocaust because of Uncle Hindi

Dear Editor,

We the people of Andhanchal Pradesh are very happy because we can speak, read and write Hindi even better than Biharis, Punjabis, Haryanvis or any South Indians.  So congrats for such poly lingual experts.

Magic of Hindi has completely engulf the people of Chamchanchal Pradesh.

Today our people cannot convey their thought and feelings without using Hindi. From oldest granny to the newest born baby, our society is now dancing to the tunes of Hindis and they cannot survive without Uncle Hindi. ''Amma or Baba'' are the first words a little child learns. Where has Ane or Abu gone? Yes, the Magic of Hindi has enchanted marvelously. We are enthralled, enslaved and imprisoned by hypnotics of Uncle Hindi.

Even toothless child knows that because of shadow effects of Hindi, our culture is dying. He even knows that our cultural treasure is stored in our language.

Today we are slave of Hindi in such a way that we speak in Hindi, we learn in Hindi, we understands any text by translating it mentally into Hindi. We eat Hindi, we dreams in Hindi, we talk in Hindi. Where is your language? Why do you think Hindi is not a reason of our cultural decay? Yes it is!

We do not hate the Empire of Uncle Hindi but we love our culture.

I'm not Blaming Uncle Hindi for slaughtering our culture but I’m blaming our people for giving our indigenous culture in the hands of slaughterer. I'm blaming ourselves for putting sharp knives on our own soft neck. It is funny enough to think that the dog will not eat when a plate of fried meat is kept unprotected in front him.

When your children can’t speak or understand their own dialect, what do you think the reason could be? It is because of parent who have become slave of Hindi. When the elders, do not use it, how can they expect the younger’s to learn it. When you have relied upon Hindi language, why should you spit on younger citizen for losing culture?

If elements are removed from land of khusi-khusi, out of compulsion, people may either learn English or their mother dialect and English being tougher, they may switch over to their own language.

My dear fellow citizens how long we are going to escape from reality? How long you'll hide like an ostrich? The reality is we are slave of Hindi. We cannot unleash ourselves from den of Hindi. The reality is our hands are handcuffed; our legs are fettered by magic of Hindi. The reality is we cannot take ourselves out from captivity of Hindi.

 Let’s tell our sleeping people the truth, tell the blind the realities. Inform all the realities of status of our culture. Come let us save our language. Let save our culture. Let us save our identity.

Remember, our cultural holocaust is inevitable and the only question is how soon it will be? We all are responsible for it.


T. Jeke Nilling

Delhi-36,  (on email)



Instead of blah-blah, teach children to speak in mother tongue

Dear Editor,

Apropos the article of Takam Yayi “Revive Tribal languages and Nefamese” dated 28th December. I would like to elaborate few facts in the same context. The writer has strongly advocated for the revival of Nefamese. I really fail to understand why we need one more language when we have so many already. After all any language is only a mean to exchange our views and ideas.

Writer’s statement that the Assamese has evolved from the influence of our Arunachal’s tribal languages holds no water. I wonder how many people in Asom will agree with the writer on this, I guess not many, may be none. The matter of fact is, there is not a single tribal language which is in any way related to Assamese and vice-versa. In fact, today the Assamese has diluted the mother tongue of tribal people living in foothills areas. It may be possible that our tribal people came in contact with Assamese people and their language before the advent of Hindi or English in our state. But it is still a foreign language.

Even if we listen to the suggestion of writer and revive Nefamese, it can never be treated as the indigenous tribal dialect. It will only be a derivative. In other word it will be a duplicate Assamese language.

Onus of preservation of our tribal dialect is on our shoulder only. We cannot expect other people or organization to come and teach us our mother tongue and its importance. So instead of all the blah-blah, let us teach our children to speak in our own dialect.

I appreciate Takam Yayi and other for their concern for our tribal dialect but what about the preservation of our dying culture. Any answer?


T. Sono, Seppa

(on email)



The Hindi bully

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Takam Yayi for his brilliant letter "Revive tribal languages and Nefamese"( 28 December). He has rightly stated that Hindi has been imposed from Delhi by policy makers of India. He has referred to different tactics adopted by Delhi durbar to impose Hindi --- NCERT textbooks, Bollywood films and songs. However, the meanest approach that has been taken by the authorities is to brainwash the general Indian public. Not only does it refer Hindi as the "Rajbhasa"(which directly implies that the non-Hindi speakers are the "Prajas" or subjects of the cow belt), the fanatic brigade even dares to go to the extent to publicly declare that only knowledge of Hindi can enable one to appreciate the essence of India! That means those who are ignorant in Hindi are completely in dark about national affairs! If this is not a classic example of linguistic imperialism, then I don't know what is. The authorities are crude enough to adopt muscle power to eradicate different languages right in their own soil.

Thus, in different Railway stations and Centralized institutions of West Bengal, Bengali has been done away with and posters are displayed exhorting people to learn Hindi.

However, if people of Arunachal Pradesh or West Bengal can drive out these fanatics if we learn to become a bit respectful to our indigenous languages and cultural roots. I have been to Orissa, Gujarat and South India and seen it myself that the highly proud and conscious people of these regions have not allowed the Hindi imperialists to set foot on their soil. Right from Government offices, public places to schools --- the respective local language rules the roost. If we can draw inspiration from those states, we can surely defend the bullyism of Hindi and prevent our own rich mother tongues from meeting its doom.


Kajal Chatterjee,

Kolkata-114, (on email)



Pave way for development

Dear Editor,

In reference to unfortunate incident that took place at the premises of PWD Division Yazali on Dec 13, the Capital Complex Yachuli Area Welfare Association (CCYAWA) would like to express deep sense of regret and resentment for causing inconvenience to people from outside who were supposed to participate the tender process. Due to this unlawful act by the mob the tender process could not materialized. Since this is an open tender invited by  PWD amounting to ` 22 crores for construction of road from Yachuli to Gerukhamukh via Mai, Pochu, Pai, it is obvious that competent contractors would participate.

There were allegations and counter allegations by the parties involved in the incident. However, the situation or incident could have been prevented had the police and local administration taken cognigence of the situation. But to our utter surprise the incident took place leading to vandalisation of PWD office Yazali and exchange of fire. It is also reported that large numbers of public surrounded the oflice of the PWD Division Yazali involving youths, women, old aged persons etc. and obstructed the participants from submitting the tender papers. It is further reported that the tender box as such was also guarded by the common public at the time of incident. If such was the case, why there was no cooperation from police and local administration to tackle the situation peacefully and normally.

We are of the view that the incident happened due to failure of local administration and as such we feel that proper and appropriate action is required from the authority so that such ugly incident may not occur again in future. Having said that we appeal one and all to give away their vested differences and co-operate with each other to resolve the issue for the sake of area development. We also appeal concerned public of the area to maintain peace and harmony.


Joram Khoda


Toko Togur

Gen Secy

Capital Complex Yachuli Area Welfare






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Sanjay Kumar’s family appeals to kidnappers for early release

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: The anguished family members of Sanjay Kumar, a supervisor of APMDPCL Coal Mine, Kharsang, Changlang who was kidnapped on November 24 has appealed the abductors to release him on humanitarian ground. We hope with the new year dawning, abductors would show some mercy on us and reunite him with the family members, said one of the relatives while speaking to this daily.

It also appealed to the government of Arunachal Pradesh to take sincere steps on a war footing to rescue Sanjay, who is the sole bread earner of his family.  

A month has passed since the kidnapping, however it appears everyone is clueless and all efforts in vain so far.

Four armed miscreants kidnapped Sanjay Kumar when he was traveling towards mine site in his departmental vehicle in the evening of Nov 24.

The four miscreants reportedly stopped the vehicle and forced the driver out of his seat. As they were driving towards Namchik, the vehicle broke down at Balithan Tinali. Leaving the driver behind, the kidnappers took Sanjay away on foot. The Cold Field Authorities lodged a complaint the next day and a case was registered at Kharsang Police Stattion case NO. 31/10 U/S 447/365/121/34 IPC R/W SEC 25 (1B)(A) Arms Act.

Sanjay is originally from Chapra district of Bihar.

Before Sanjay’s kidnapping, an IFS officer Vilas Bardekar was kidnapped from Kamengbari area in West Kameng by NDFB cadres. The IFS officer was released later after almost two months in captivity.


Blow to International drug trafficking racket

KHONSA, Dec 29: 19 Assam Rifles dealt a severe blow to the International drug trafficking racket active in Tirap district by arresting four people including a Burmese.  The unit received information regarding involvement of locals alongwith Myanmarese nationals in procuring and selling of opium in Tirap district from across the border. One column of 19 Assam Rifles alongwith district police identified the suspected house and carried out surprise search on Dec 29.  The column apprehended four persons including a Myanmarese national namely Thakbin.  Through search of the area led to recovery of opium worth around 1.8 lacs rupees.

Interrogation of the apprehended persons revealed details regarding nexus of Myanmarese and local drug peddlers.  The apprehension of these drug peddlers has exposed the drug trafficking racket active in Tirap district.  These apprehensions have been the result of synergy between 19 Assam Rifles and district police.

Tirap is one of the worst drug hit district in the state.



NABARD supports Skill Development for livelihood promotion

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: In order to extend   its outreach for livelihood promotion, NABARD will support and sponsor five Skill Development Programmes (SDPs)  by NN Charitable Society, Sagalee in Papum Pare and Lower Subansiri District.

The locations identified for the training are Sakiang, Paga, Arung and Kamrung villages under Mengio Circle of Papum Pare District and Pistana in Lower Subansiri District.

The progarmmes will target 125 rural unemployed youth (men & women), SHG members

The participants will acquire skills in areas of cane and bamboo handicrafts and broom making for their livelihood promotion.      

The average number of trainees per programme has been restricted to 25 per programme for effective participation.

The present sanction is based on successful implementation of Cane & Bamboo SDP sanctioned earlier by NABARD to the NGO. 07 trainees have already availed credit from APRB Sagalee branch through Artisan Credit Card (ACC) and started production of cane and bamboo handicraft items from their homes.

Broom making has been sanctioned based on the potentials available for income and employment generation.

At the end of the programme, the NGO will collaborate with the banks for credit linkage for enabling the trainees to start their own units.


Unions submit representation to AAPSU

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: The second coordination meeting of all the district student unions discussed various issues confronting the students community and others and submitted a representation to the apex students body All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) to take up the issues with the authorities concerned for early redressal.

While describing the hardship faced by the students of all the districts due to non-release of stipend, the representation appealed AAPSU to pursue the matter with the authorities concerned.

It also demanded continuation of stipend to primary level which has been stopped by the Government.

Air dropping of PDS items at remote and inaccessible areas of Kurung Kumey and East Kameng district, enhancement of rice quota, arrest of PDS scam accused, proper utilization of education fund, calling back SSA teachers from normal school to SSA school, taking up Tibetan refugee issues and immediate conduct of Federal Assembly for review of AAPSU constitution were the main demands mentioned in the representation.


Guwahati to host BJP conclave

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: The three days Bharatiya Janata Party national executive meeting would be held at Guwahati from January 07 to 09. This is for the first time that BJP’s top decision making body conclave is being held in the region. The conclave will be followed by Mass public meeting at Guwahati where BJP leaders will address.

Meanwhile, a two days National Executive organizing Committee meeting was held in Guwahati on Dec. 27 and 28 to review the preparedness of the meeting which was attended by the BJP National General Secretary (Orgn) Ramlal and National Vice President and former Union Minister, Bijoya Chakravorty and all BJP MP’s from the region.

The Arunachal Pradesh State General Secretary and Organizational-in-Charge, BJP Tai Tagak who is one of the members in the Organizing Committee also attended the meet.

Apart from the national issues in the recent days and the policy decisions for the coming days issues of corruptions and price rise are expected to  be in focus during the meet.


Sack Belliappa, appoint new VC, demands RGUSU

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU) has demanded Union Ministry of Human Resource Development to take immediate action against Prof. KC Belliappa, Vice Chancellor, RGU, on the basis of the findings of the one-man committee constituted to probe allegations of mis-conduct against him.

According to a report published in a national daily, the fact-finding committee has found evidence that the vice chancellor had sent a ‘lewd’ email to a senior faculty member. “The committee has found evidence to establish that the VC had sent an email with objectional contains”, it said.

“Since the report has been made public by the Ministry and it was also published in many national dailies, the Ministry should not delay in taking action against Prof. Belliappa”, RGUSU said in a release.

It demanded appointment of a new VC by sacking Belliappa immediately.

Various students organizations, including AAPSU, ANSU, RGUSU, RGU Teachers’ Association, RGU Non-Teaching Employee Association, RGU Women and Children Welfare Association have been demanding ouster of Prof. Belliappa for his alleged mis-conduct and mis use of office and power.


Identification of children with special needs not satisfactory

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: All East Kameng District Handicapped Welfare Society said that the identification of differently abled  children carried out under SSA Rajya Mission Arunachal Pradesh was not upto the satisfaction and expectation of the people.

The Society alleges that this was due to preponing of dates and change of venue for the identification of differently abled children of Seojisa block.

The union alleged that date was preponed to Dec 23 from the scheduled December 25 and venue changed from Pipu block to Pachi camp, thus hampering the process as the children could not reach the spot on time.

It appealed the district administration to observe the matter personally and take necessary step so that total identification is carried out in the district.


Girls’ student convention

ITANAGAR, Dec 29:  Arunachal Shiksha Vikas Samiti is organizing Balika Shivir at Donyi Polo Vidya Niketan, Ngorlung village, East Siang District from December 26 – 30.

The programme is aimed at showcasing the talents of the girls in various fields as well as to promote harmonious co-living of the girls belonging to different communities.

Altogether, 500 girls from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas, Donyi Polo Vidya Niketans and Abotani Vidya Niketan are participating in the inter school competitions in several literary, fine arts and cultural activities.

Besides, crafts exhibitions and vocational items as well as project works in various subjects are the main attractions of the events.



Yachang Tacho

The second stage of preparation for the ensuing Myoko festival of the Apatanis has completed with bringing of Babo and Lapang from the jungle, the first being biding laniing which was done successfully in the month of October and November.

Myoko is one of the most unique and a wholesome festival celebrated by Apatani community in the month of March-April every year for which there is stage-wise preparations. Biding laniing and lapang-babo collection are two main components of the celebration of the festival.

Activities involved in celebration of this festival elaborate the tradition, culture and religious practices of Apatani in total. Therefore, it is considered most important festival of the community to retain their identity as well as to get blessing from the God and Goddesses.

But, now a days, some people who have embraced other religions are abstaining themselves from observing some of the key formalities of the festival, while others are taking up efforts towards preservation of culture.

Those who are in favour of preservation wants that the festival is not viewed from religious angle and participate wholeheartedly.  It is not necessary that the festival is celebrated in totality the way, it was done in early times. It can be modified with the change of time.  A lesson may be learnt from a priest Kago Charung Siiro who for the first time performed Danyi Tunii a ritual appeasing Sun Goddess without sacrificing hen or egg as required in normal practice. Bringing changes in practices according to the need and time is better than to quit it abruptly.

Few Biinii Ajing (traditional friendship) are reportedly broken merely for differences in religious beliefs.

A senior citizen said “it is an attack on culture which should be discouraged by everybody”.  Myoko is approaching. No further mistake should be done. If one has to know and preserve one’s own culture, he should actively involve in celebration of Myoko festival” he added.


DLFSU’s Silver Jubilee concluded

Extension of village towards paddy field discouraged

ZIRO, Dec 29: Descendent (Pura) Lyube Family Student Union (DLFSU), Hija village celebrated its silver jubilee at Biinyi-Bo, 3 km from Hija village on Dec 26 last.

Hija ZPM, Nada Dumi while attending the function as the chief guest appreciated the Union for organizing the event  and bringing out a compilation on genealogy.

She further urged the people of the area not to construct houses in the paddy fields.

Hija Anchal Chairperson, Pura Muni in her speech as the guest of honour appealed people to extend their support in bringing development to the village.

Yachang Tacho, Editor, The Subansiri weekly, Ziro as special invitee, congratulated the organizing committee for successful compilation of the genealogy which will remain as treasure and source of inspiration for Pura Lyube descendants. He appealed organizing committee to conduct a competition in Apatani as the youngsters are forgetting their own language.

Appreciating proposed extension of village to Biinyi-Bo (Subu Lapang), he asked people to extend the villages in available space instead of settling down in Paddy fields.

Describing the background for choosing Biinyi-bo (Subu Lapang) as the celebration premise, Pura Tama, chief patron of the silver jubilee celebration committee informed that earlier there were settlements at the area which was abandoned later.  



From Darkness to Light

(The Eyes Of Eternal Mother Kolyun, Almighty Sun And Moon)


The following verses are taken from Ballad Song Yorda Ayyu. It is in itself an independent and complete ballad which can be added with other ballads, Hymns and Chanting. Traditionally, it is prescribed with a little re-arrangement in its set up and accent of singing for addition with other hymns and chanting of various ceremonies specially, Myoko, Muruñ, Subu and others. It describes earth and its elements and various events happened in the mythical period of Iipyo, when the human being was born out of the Earth and recognized the Almighty God, the ultimate truth and its manifestation in form of Ayo Danyi or Ane Donyi.

“Iipyo ngurmiñ hulin kiile, Ayo karmiñ huliñ lyi. Uei ngurmo hulin kiile, Ato karmo huliñ lyi.”

The above opening verse says that Eternal Creator transcended into the period of Iipyo and manifested as Iipyo Ngurmiñ-Ngurmo to carry forward the eternal creation.

“Iipyo hubyañ ho chantu hulin kiilye, Chantu Hubyañ ho Tani”

Next following verse reveals that when Mother Earth enters the period of Iipyo from Mythical period of kolyuñ passing through Kolo and Uei, the first human being our fore father Neha Tani/Nikiñ Tani was born form her womb.

“Karmiñ oho pa, Ayo Kami dulliñ. Karmo oho pa, Ato Kamo duliñ lyi. Ayo Karmi Kami tiigo kama, Ato Karmo Kamo riigo kama  doh”.

In the early part of Iipyo, Ngurmiñ and Ngurmo created Karmiñ and Karmo, who gave birth to Ayo Kami and Ato Kamo, the Lords of darkness and ignorance. They rule over the early period of Iipyo and due to their spell darkness, ignorance, disorder and chaos prevailed upon the Earth and Sky.

“Yompiñ Rhee mi tali pai tanii, ato Liipi mi papu siilyi. Hachañ Raguñ mi Tajer khengyi tanii, ato Lapi mi khempu siilyi. Topo Kano lu siimiñ chite tanii, ato ami mibu mi chiku siilyi. Tare Kimu lu Khiinu Khate tanii Anii khiinu mi khapu talyi. Kami tiigo kama, Kamo riigo kama lyi. Aya malyi.”

The prevalence of darkness and ignorance was apparent from the actions of early humans and animals of the Mythical period Iipyo. While trying to clear the Jungles and Bushes of the visible distance, they tend to cut their own hand instead. Topo Kano the wild Cat while hunting mistook his own tail for prey. Tare Kimu the wild Dog, during mating season could not differentiate his own mother from other female. Truly, there was prevalence of ignorance, chaos and disarrays. Almighty felt that it was purposeless and not good.

 “Kami Kamo nyika oho pa, Ami Niido tamañ Niido mi biiliñ. Aba ma ka myiamya sampya mi selo biidu la nyanyi ala tonyo biidu la, Ami Niido Tamañ Niido mi, Niido aju mi junyo lala. Mun munyo, Sha sanyo lala. Pamung hecka to hike le.”

Then Almighty planned otherwise and encouraged Kami and Kamo to have courtship. Due to their celestial courtship, a daughter Ami Niido, Tamañ Niido was born and she grew up to a very beautiful young damsel expert in every trade. One day, she poured honey in celestial bronze Tray (Sampya) of Aba Ma and by looking her reflection into that Tray filled with Honey, she dressed herself up and put on the most beautiful and intricately designed celestial dresses and ornaments and went out in search of her Male partner to have courtship with.

Ami Niido, Myotii lembyañ pamuñ teka kiile, Muñ sumpii Sha khunte malyi. Liitu kaliañ Lashiñ kalian malyi. Pilya lembyañ pamuñ teka kiile, Muñ khajer Sha sumpii malyi. Tubo lemba, Lyabo lemba boka kiile, Muñ sumpii Sha khunte malyi. Ami Nido ka muñ sumpii Sha khunte mie nyima yu.

Thus, beautifully adorned with celestial ornaments Ami Nido, visited the villages of Myotii- Pilyas, Tubo-Lyabo the prominent personalities of the world of Spirits.  But she did not find either of them or any other of those villages as suitor for her courting. Disheartened, Ami Niido returned to her abode thinking that there was nobody in this universe that she could have courtship with.

“Miido Popi ka gombyii alyañ mi golo biniiñ, “Jindo Taziñ ziñ Giile dune ke. Talu myopii mi pyunyo biito la,Talo myokha mi senyo biito la. Dimbo liipya mi siiran hiinyo, Biipii Tadii mi argyiñ gyinyo, Biishañ Dolyañ mi malo senyo, Toro Nyago mi Chanchu dinyo biito la . Ami Nido nho eñshi mi muñ sha shaka tho.” Hiito la.”

Then, the eternal Teacher Miido Popi spoke to here through the voice from the sky, “Listen Ami Niido! There is a great person called JindoTaziñ Ziñ giile, who resides in a house with the Floor and Wall made of metal/Bronze plates on the Pillers made of Tibia and fibula of Deers, Beams and furlongs of celestial Snake Biipii Tadii and Biishañ Dolyañ. The hearth of his house is adorned with Boars Skull as tripod. You may go to him and approach him for courtship with.”

“Miido Jindo ka Jindo Taziñ mi Ami Nido muñ Sha shaka  kiile. Muñ Sumpii Sha Khunte lyi. Talu Myopii mi Pyunyo Talo Myokha mi jindo Taziñ senyo biije dhomi. Muñ Sumpii Sha Khunte dho hiila, Ami Nido nyi Jindo Taziñ nyi Doshi Liishi, Dopii Liipii piika la Taziñ Hila1, doker hila solii niiñ hii.”

As told and directed through voice from the sky by Miido Popi, She approached Jindo Taziñ and found that he was truly a great personality. She liked him and persuaded him for courting with her.  Zindo Taziñ also liked Ami Niido and accepted her proposal and their courtship begins. Consequently, due to their conjugal relation she got conceived.

Ami Nido, Piilo Konte siipii tindiñ Hecko paba lyi. Piilo Koa ho Khiinu rudu, Maso ngodu ho. member bare bari kiile, Jomii mipu, member bare bari kiile Jomii Miikhe alyi lyi. Talu japa lyi

Member bare Jomii Mipu,Member Bare Jomii Mikhe alyi lyi


First  flow of anmoitic fluid white cloud and from 2nd  dark cloud was formed

kiilyi lyimi, Talo japa lo kilo lyimi Khiinu ruma rui lyimi. Simi nii hiila pe armyañ talyi nii hike le.

and amniotic fluid flush out. From the first flow of amniotic fluid White Cloud was formed and from 2nd flow the dark cloud was On passing of each month her stomach bulged more. At the end of the ninth month, the time of delivery, the membrame raptured formed.. It was followed by birth of dazzling Bright Sun in the shape of Talu andand Talo, rounded metal/ bronze plate. Thus the Almighty physically manifested in form of Sun.

Talu japa lyi kiilyi, Talo japa lo kilo.


Dazzling rounded Sun was manifested

“Myoho Myala Myanti siisa, Tañge niika myaniiñ hii, Siichañ Khalo pa, Khalo Hiimii pa, Khalo Yaapa pa armyañ sha hiila. Tau Tinda Hudo ka Kojiñ hiisa, Takhe Tinda Hedo Piilo hiisa. Neha Tinda Lanji muñ hiisa, Paber Tinda Tedo Milo hiisa, Biirii Tinda Padu Torbo hiisa. Hike le.”

Now, the new born was to be named. Some proposed the name of great personality with specific and particular domain only  as Bright Kojiñ of Tau Tinda, Hedo Piilo of Takhe Tinda, Lanji Muñ of Neh Tinda, Tedo Milo of Paber Tinda  or Padu Torbo of Biirii Tinda.

“Myala boka myaniiñ, Miido Popi ka myaniiñ hii, “Piijo Kami tiigo kama Kamo riigo kama donhe ke. Yompiñ Rhee mi tali patii tanii  Laphi papu , Hachañ Raguñ mi Tajer khengyi tani Liipi khempu siine ke , Simi, Iijañ niipa Nyimii niipa, Hai niipa Milo niipa  dotii poro ho Iijañ Nyimii Niitii niipa, Hai milo pero niipa Iijañ habyu Pada habyu byuda sha, Iijañ Nyimii mi armyañ sa Hai Milo mi armyañ sa hiilyi.”

But, the wise Popi said. “Earlier there was prevalence of Darkness, Ignorance, Chaos and every thing was in disorder. She has lit up whole of the earth, sky and the Universe and has drive away the darkness and ignorance, leading living beings towards light and knowledge. Therefore, I proposed a high personality’s name as Iijañ Anii the Great Mother of brightness and energy the Sun and Hai Aba orPiilo, the sustainer and protector the great father the Moon or Danyi Piilo; Who will light up the Earth, sky and Universe energising the living beings, vegetations and lead the humanity from darkness to light from ignorance to knowledge for eternity.”

“Hoko dha embyo hiila, Dotii Poro ho Iijañ Nyimii niitii niipa, Hai milo pero niipa Jindo Taziñ, Ami Nido Oho mi Iijañ lembya ho Iijañ agyu mi gyucha biilyi.”

Accordingly, every one accepted the Miido Popis proposal and the daughter of Jindo Taziñ Ziñgiile and Ami Niido was named as Iijañ Anii-Hai Aba/Danyi-Piilo and her abode was shown at Dotii poro high up in the sky as a great celestial personality.

“Danyi biidi halyi.  Shu Myoro hii Danyi mika luniiñ,“ Danyi Shii nyi hiisu  sha,Shu lyelyañ mi lyenkiñ sho, Iijañ lyelyañ mi lenkiñ siisa hiilyi. Hoko dha iincho hiila, Danyi lyeniiñ, Iijañ lyeniiñ hii Changii Lyenker, Dogii Lyenker, Palo Lyenker Malo lyenker palyi niiñ. Shu lyeniiñ hii Yorpii Goda, Myoro lyeniiñ hii Siikro goda.”

Shu-Myoro, The God of protector and sustainer of living being asked Ayo Danyi the Sun, “Let us work together with the eternal resonance of creation, sustainance and protection of the lives in the Universe and let us spread our hands and have our domains.” Ayo Danyi Agreed the proposal and spread her rays all over the Earth, Sky and Universe and Shu-Myoro could spread his hands only at the selective places like deep gorges and sides of the hills and mountains where the sun’s ray could not reach and it was very limited.  

“Aye ! Danyi Yaii ka Palo Malo, Changii Dogii Lyenker biilyi nii. Ngiinyi kii Yorpii, Siikro heda hiila. Shii kiimur lyi, Myoro kimur lyi. Hiila kiimur la, Kiiei Mutañ Mutañ Tamu mi mali kurgii la. Danyi mi Tamu Gombu ho juluñ polii biilyi.”

Danyi mi Tamu Gombu juluñ polii

Ijjañ Anii in the captivity of Tamu

Therefore, Shu-Myoro got disappointed, as he was elder than Iijañ Anii the Sun, but was left with lesser domains than her. His disappointment grew to jealousy towards the Sun. So, he conspired to eliminate her by entering into an alliance with Kiie Mutañ Tamu the Lord of Strength, Valour and War and persuaded him to capture and eat up Danyi-Piilo the Sun and Moon.

“Kami lyiku kiilyi, Kamo lyiku kiilyi, Aya kuma kiilyi. Iijañ Nuribhije nepe ha? Hai Hanyo jaje nepe ha ? Dolyañ Tachañ (Miido Tapuñ) Doko Pere (Kiire),Iijañ siiphi mi Hai Siieiñ mi tah kiile Tamu Gombu ho. Iijañ Nuri biyo masu, Hai Hanyo Jayo masu. IIjañ hilañ mi Miku Lampii lo, Hai hido mi Radi Munii lo, hilañ tuliñ hido pyaliñ nañku pe hiito la. Iijañ Lyarii, Lyarii Nyibu Iijañ hilañ mi, Hai hido mi miku lampii Radi munii lo, hilañ tuliñ hido pyaliñ kuke le. Iijañ Nyimii niitii lyiku, Hai Milo Pero lyiku.”

Accordingly, Kiiei Mutañ Tamu captured the sun and gulped her into his mouth. Resultantly, darkness and chaos reigned again upon the earth and the sky. Than Dolyañ Tachañ, celestial Sky Lark and Doko pere celestial Mole was sent to inquire if sun has died in captivity of Tamu. They found that Sun was not yet dead, rather directed them to rescue her by performing Hilañ Tuliñ, Hido Pyaliñ a ritual to rescue the captured Spirit and restore the physical health. Iijang Anii Niitii mamang doku

Light and orderliness restored

Accordingly, Iijañ Lyarii, Lyarii Nyibu the high Priest performed the ritual with a bunch of leave of a holy and sacred Tree Kiira and she was rescued. On her release from the mouth ofTamu, the light and orderliness was restored upon the Earth, sky and Universe.

“Iijañ Anii mi, Iijañ Lentii mi, Pyagañ Lentii mi, Lenda Paka tho hiikele. “ Ngo Iijañ Lentii, Pyagañ Lentii Lenda mi kachiñ marañ. Ngo, lenda pader ladii marang”.  Hiilyi niiñ. Hohko dha hiila.Toro Muryañ, Siitiñ Murko Lenda paka giike le, Tani Myakhu raii la, Lentii pake giila, pader giila ma. Kutu Lamu paka giike le Tani Dalyi ka Myapyu Giirii Tapyu raii la Lentii pake giido, Pader giila ma. Kardu Dulyu Pihañ Dalye paka giitii pader giila malyi niiñ.”

Following Her release from the captivity of Tamu and restoration of light and orderliness, Iijañ Anii was asked to establish her path in Dotii Poro the Sky. But she expressed her inability to establish her rout as it was a new venture for her. Therefore, the celestial animals Turo Muryañ the celestial Boar,Siitiñ Murko the celestial Bear, Kutu lamu the celestial Rat and all other animals tried to help and lead her to establish the route but they all failed.

“Iijañ Abañ pa Iijañ Liinyi Liinyi Liiyañ, Hai Abañ pa Hai khonyi khonyi khoyañ saliñ lala. Hii, Pyagañ Daye dikho chagii la. Hai Lentii mi, Suru Pabu phiidhe yugii la. Iijañ lentii mi, Hai lenda mi pagii. Dotii Poro ho Pyagañ Poro ho Iijañ Nyimii mi niitii mamañ dado pa lenda pagii biilyi.”

At last Iijañ Liinyi Liiyañ and Hai Khonyi Khoyañ was born as Iijañ’s elder to help her and establish Iijañ Lentii the heavenly route. Accordingly, the elder of Iijañ Anii lead her to establish the heavenly rout. They established it so high, up to the centre of the Sky and dawn below to the Horizones of Earth. Since than she moves daily on that established rout and light up the Earth and enrgize the Vegitation and living beings as a great celestial personality for eternity.     

“Iijañ Hoda ka Murta Tapu mi, piirii dhiikiñ dho. Iijañ piirii pa Murta Tapu mi, Hai piirii pa Hintii Tare mi Iijañ Lyarii Lyarii Nyibu hii piirii dhiila la. Sodii Subu ka loti Lobu mi, Tadii Piita pa taliñ. Soso Subu ka Lotii Lobu mi, Tahso Piita pa taliñ lala Iijañ Laa mi Hai Siibhi mi bhikiñ dho.”

Thereafter, Iijañ Anii (Ayo Danyi) ceremonised a party by sacrificing the Murta Tapu and Hintii Tare, the Celestial Mithuns and distributed its body parts as her blessing, the meats as good Luck, the Bone and tendons as bad luck for the recipients.

“Tadhii Piita mi taliñ la, dema Laa bhiniiñ hii. Binii aburmi,

Garpii achañ ho Mirañ Laa mi, Dokhe laa mi, Mishi Pinchu, Mila Yapiñ mi bhipo. Milo Abur mi, Garta achañ ho Dokhe Laa mi,Pabyiñ Yalyu mi Pabo Yakho mi bhipo. Diigyii Tashe mi, Huli Laa mi. Byala Tamya mi Hula Laa mi bhipo. Sankiñ Biiliñ mi Yassañ Diima pa, Pudu Tachi mi Yanii diima pa Laa bhibii lyi. Miloo Diima mi, More Hagya ho, Dasañ Putu ho Siinyi Piicha mi,

Dasañ Piicha mi bhipo biilyi (Giimya ho Subu Apu dopa)”. Hiila, diima Laa mi Bhipo tela.  

While distributing so, her blessing of bad Luck i.e, the Bones of MurtaTapu fall to the hand of the Biinii Abur, the hard lucked woman, who received a Jug of Tears and abundance of weeds in her paddy field. The bones and tendons which fall into the hand of Milo Abur, the unlucky man received aboundance of unwanted Grasses and Spikes of bamboo and woods in his Paddy field. Diigyii Tashe and Byala Tamya were blessed only with wild roots Huli-Hula …………so on and so forth.

Ho, Niider Tani mi, Danyi-Shii lenda ha endu la,Danyi Byoda Piilo Karda hoka biinii milo Sanii mi. Miñgo Laa mi Dulu Karñgu, Diila Karge mi, Tamho Laa mi Miguñ Chantuñ ,Mire Chada mi , Miji Laa mi Ato Dotu, Achi Penji mi, Miguñ Laa mi Kharii Khatii mi, Migyiiñ Laa mi Sulu Bath mi. Jishu Laa mi Palo

Radhe mi, Jile Laa mi Malo Radhe mi, Dañkho Laa mi Miido Taku, Phanyi Laa mi Sha Kuli mi, Eñku Laa mi Ato Kojin mi, Permo Laa mi Hirii Tatu mi, Lyiku Laa mi Ato Tiiro mi,Tassañ Laa mi Hintii Hiimii mi, Iiji Laa mi Hirii Hiimii mi, Hiimii Laa mi Buya Tadu mi, Hiiro Laa mi Bumo Tado mi……… Iijañ piirii Murta Tapu mi, Hai piirii pa Hintii Tare mi Dotii Poro Pyagañ Poro ho piirii diila la. Hiila, Laa bhipo tela.   

And to a lucky and who are on the noble path of uprightness, truthfulness, compassionate, Faithful to almighty was blessed with the following blessings. Dulu Karngu and Diila Karge were blessed with richness and Prosperity.Miguñ Chantuñ and Mire Chada were blessed with Valour and Strength. Elder Dotu and Penji were Prey; Palo Radhe and Malo Radhe was blessed with knowledge on Art, Craft and Metalurgy; Miido Taku and Sha Kuli with Weapons; Miido Kojin and Hirii Tatu was blessed with aboundance of Rice and Paddy. Aboundance of dry Porks to Ato Tiiro; Beads and Cloths to Hintii with Sacred knowledge of hymns and chantings; Kharii Khatii was blessed with Sacred oral literature in prose form; The hunter Sulu Bath was blessed with hunting expertise with aboundance of Hiimii and Hirii Hiimii so on and so forth every blessing was showered upon humanity from her abode Dotii Poro high up in the sky.

“Ayo Dany mi, ngunu Karii Lyio (Danyi Tulyi ho) Ludu. Iijan Anii ha noh, Dotii poro ho pyagañ poro ho Iijañ dimiñ Riichi dimiñ jidiñ dula, Hai Siira Khemyo Siira jimer dula. Iijañ dimiñ Riichi dimiñ jidiñ hiilyañ, Hai Siira Khemyo Siira jimer hiilyañ. Dotii Dimiñ Jidiñ hiilyañ Pada Siimer jimer hiilyañ pa, Noh……(Name of couple for whom prayed)……… ka Riichi dimiñ jidiñ Khemyo Siira jimer tiika ah. Ayo Danyi, noh ngunu mie Riichi piita mi pidii pima pisho pigii niipa, Khemyo Piita mi tadii tahma tasho tahgii niipa, Dornii Phanyi mi pamu pama paje pagii niipa, Siinii Pahnyi mi pamu pama paje giinii pa, Tasshiñ Pyaku mi pyalo giinii, Tashi pere mi helo  giinii pa, Iijañ liimiñ Hai Lahmiñ pyagii niipa hiila gonchu dorpu mi pulyañ lyili sose mi selyañ siilyi ah……. Iijañ Laa mi deñki Laa mi bhipo tiika, Iijañ Liimiñ Hai Lamiñ mi pyabii tiika ah. Dinii hapu Tupe Hapu dopa, Ahu Apo mi Habu sulu Jojo miilyo dopa, Ahiñ tiimin tiigii tiika ah.”

Ngo, Aba Nibo Jilo Dimiñ, Lyayu Siira jimer byola ah. Hiila ludu, Danyi Piilo mi.

Therefore, we pray upon almighty God Ayo Danyi (Iijañ Anii).  “O! Almighty mother (Iijañ Anii), as your rays of brightness spread upon earth and Sky and the prevalence of abundance of waters upon this Earth. May our posterity grows like your thousands rays and like abundance of water on earth. Do not bless us the bad luck; but bless us with good luck, that we may have healthy sons and daughters, Cattles, vegetations, and fertile land, may we be blessed

Iijañ dimiñ Riichi dimiñ Jidiñ Hai Siirañ Khemyo siirañ Jimer

Iijañ Anii The Almighty blessing the vegetation and Mother Earth.

with love, compassion, sound health, peace of mind and soul.”

Every living being lives in two plan, i.e. Physical plan and spiritual plan. In the context of spirituality, Danyi-Piilo/Donyi Polo refers to Almighty God, the ultimate truth. In the complimentary physical plan Danyi-Piilo is uphold as physical manifestation of that Almighty God with unending love and compassion in form of sources of energy for plant and animal. One can not imagine the existence of life without the Sun.

Thus, this is the knowledge I could recall and relate from the sayings as I heard from my elders.


News Impact

Society demands posting of teachers

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: Shalleyi Anchal Welfare Society expressing displeasure over the shortage of teaching staff at government middle school, Pistana said that despite posting of numbers of teachers in the institution, only few teachers are attending the school.

The society appealed to the concerned authority to look into the matter and post sufficient teacher in the school.


Si Donyi football

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: Dumporijo Labour Union Football team beat Bazar old players’ team in the final match of the 37th Si-Donyi festival football match.



ITANAGAR, Dec 29: Nangram Toglik, Biro Taba and Taniyang Ningee have been selected as president, vice president and general secretary of Rajiv Gandhi University Employees Association


Society demands action

ITANAGAR, Dec 29: Totpu Panchayat Youth Welfare Society alleging misuse of MGNREGA and TFC fund of 48-Totpu Panchayat for the 2008-9 and 2009-10, appealed to the concerned authority to take appropriate action against the defaulters.

The society further demanded the ASM of 48-Totpu panchayat to resign from the post on moral ground bearing the whole responsibility for misuse of fund.


DDJAC calls for review

ITANAGAR: The controversy regarding the creation of Lower Siang district has gone one step ahead as the District Demand Joint Action Committee has called for review of High Power Committee constituted by the government.

 With head office at LIkabali, Committee  has demanded review of High Power Committee constituted by the government to “examine the ground realities and recommend the district headquarters and also the boundary of the new district to be curbed out from the existing West Siang district”.

The seven member Committee formed by the government on Dec 24 has been asked to submit its report at the earliest.

The Committee wants that Nari Koyu of East Siang be included in the new district as proposed ealier.

It said that the Chief Minister had stated that the new district would include Nari-Koyu of East Siang and Likabali, Basar, Gensi, Kangku of West Siang.


Dal Diwas observed

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal observed Dal Diwas at Indira Gandhi Congress Bhawan today at Naharlagun.

All the Pradesh district office bearers and Seva Dal volunteers attended the function.

On the occasion, APCSD, chief organizer Taki Taba advised the Seva Dal cadres to be more active and vigorous while discharging their duties.


West Kameng cricket

ITANAGAR: The District Level Cricket Tournament (DLCT) organized by All West Kameng Youths Association began at Buddha Stadium, Bomdila on December 25. The opening match was played between Kashi XI and Bazar Youth XI in which the former defeated the latter by three wickets.

Altogether 12 teams are participating in the tournament. The final will be held on January 16 next.

rganizer Taki Taba advised the Seva Dal cadres to be more active and vigorous while discharging their duties.