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December - 06


A word of appreciation



Dear Editor,

I convey my appreciation to the APPSCC for declaring 'the result' within a short time. Hope it will retain on its position even in future, while giving a value only to the right!


Pakli Lombi (on email)





Dear Editor,

The Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society congratulates all the successful candidate of recently completed Arunachal Public Service Commission combined examination.

We wish every success in their future life. We also appreciate the APPSC who have completed the whole exam in one single calendar year. This is first time in Arunachal Pradesh that the process of APPSCC examination is completed within the same calendar year and declared the result promptly. This seems to be fair exam and the deserving candidates have qualified for the post.

We congratulate all the APSC members, the Chairman and his teams of officers and officials involved in this exam process. We hope and pray that near future they will conduct the exam in same sprit so that the desirable candidate may get another chance before his/her age bar is completed, and request is also made for conduction of such examination in regular/yearly basis.


General Secretary

IBCS (on email)



Let us know the pattern

Dear Editor,

UPSC has announced the new scheme of examination for IAS 2011, based on the recommendation of Alagh committee reports. With the idea to introduce an aptitude test CSAT (civil service aptitude test) in place of the existing optional subject paper in the civil services preliminary exam, which was adopted in 1979 on the recommendation of the Kothari commission, since then, the pattern lasted for 41 years, with some minor change once in ten or fifteen years.

Now being APCS aspirants we are in dilemma whether the APPSCCE (Arunachal Pradesh public service combine competitive examination) prelims to be conducted in 2011 is going to follow the new pattern or existing old pattern. More over the free coaching for APPSCCE prelims 2011 is going on full swing, even on Sunday in DN College funded by UGC, based on existing old patterns under the chairmanship of free coaching centre Dr. M Q Khan.

It is my request to APPSC committee on behalf of APCS aspirants to announce the pattern for APPSCCE prelims 2011 at the earliest possible time, so that we the aspirant instead of wasting our precious time, energy and direction, can solely focus according to the pattern recommended.

Last but not the least we are very thankful to Dr M.Q Khan for his selfless devotion for helping us deal with various problems faced by the APCS aspirants.


Tilling Tayo (On email)




What’s in a name

Dear Editor,

Since the last couple of days, it is seen that a few readers don't like me writing as 'Vox populi' and want to see name etc. But does it really matter as much as the substance of what I write? Do we know the person who invented the wheel in Samara, that is in ancient Iraq? Do we know the person who struck upon fire when striking two stones? What is important is the importance of the subject matter, what the write-up says, not who is writing.

Do we know who wrote the Bible, Koran or Veda? Yet people follow what is written in them. Of course, I am no writer, but the point is that it is not necessary who is writing, what is important is are we a truly, really informed people.


Vox Populi (On email)




Remember that public is not your servant

Dear Editor,

Heartiest congratulations to all the 51 candidates who have made through the finals of the APPSC exam 2010!

My sincere request to all those young achievers is that since you all are the custodians of Arunachal Pradesh, it is the moral responsibility of you all that the image of Arunachal Pradesh is kept high at all cost. As you all have strived hard enough to get this coveted post, like wise you need to toil and sweat more to restore and uphold the dignity of Arunachal Pradesh in the days to come.

Please don’t put your legs in the same shoes as that of the present generation bureaucrats of Arunachal Pradesh who have literally done nothing to improve the socio-economic growth of Arunachal Pradesh except for hatching their own eggs to fulfill the materialistic demand of the worldly life. Kindly uphold your self esteem and personality and never budge to the pressure tactics of the pseudo politicians of Arunachal Pradesh. If you become a true public servant and serve your people with true heart and soul then none can dare to stop you from discharging your duty and the common people of Arunachal will be always there to support your endeavour.

If you stick to your principle of living with honour and dignity in public life then we can dream that the futures of our young ones are in safe hands. Please dont let yourself washed away with the emotions of family and community in particular and of course political pressure in general while discharging your duties. Remember our next generation is watching you keenly and they rely upon you for their bright future.

So lead an exemplary life in your own sphere of working space and always deliver true justice for the poor and the needy because ultimately you are selected for the very purpose of serving the public. Always remember that you are a public servant and public is not your servant.

I wish that you all reach the zenith of your career and thereby make this state of Arunachal Pradesh a paradise on earth where we all can live freely with equal opportunity and helping each other.


Tao Chada,

RGU (on email)



Be true to your chosen profession

Dear Editor,

I congratulate all those successful candidates of the recently concluded APPSC exam. I wish them good luck and hope a bright future ahead. The APPSC cadre is the backbone of the administration of the state and hence they all must perform up to the expectation. You all must be true to your work, your profession and to yourself.

The responsibility entrusted upon you will be judged by the people whom you are going to serve and that’s how you will be respected and inspire others.


Captain Togum Rime

1 Arunachal Scouts Bn,

(on email)



Abide by the agreement

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw the kind attention of Rites company, Gurgoan and the concern authority of the state that the construction work of Jawaharlal Nehru Vidyalaya (JNV) at Gumto is going on at a very slow pace.

As per tender agreement between the construction agency and the RITES Company, the construction work was to be completed within 18 months. But it is surprising that after 4 years construction work is still going on.

Hence I appeal the company and the construction agency to complete all the construction work by 31st March 2011 and urge upon the concern authority to immediately shift JNV from present place at Doimukh to Gumto from the next academic session.

I further hope that Deputy Commissioner of Papum Pare would be able to implement MGNREGA, TFC, IAY, Hariyali, RKVY and other panchayat related schemes at the grass root level so that poor and needy are benefited.


Nabam Vijay

ASM Chairperson

II-Doimukh A/S





All email and surface mails must be accompanied with contact numbers and full postal address. Do keep writing but please make sure that letters are short and to the point.        


Now an FIR against Jaypee

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: A group of citizen has lodged complaint against the Jaypee Group executive chairman Manoj Gaur and joint managing director Pankaj Gaur and others at Pasighat Police Station, East Siang district today for allegedly publishing distorted political and geographical map of India, portraying wrong image of Adi tribe in their Social Impact Assessment (SIA) report in Oct last in regards to Lower Siang Hydro electric Project.

Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited (JAPL), a unit of Jaypee Associates, is set to execute a 2,700 mega watt hydro electric project on Siang River that is set to dislocate upto 39 villages in three Siang districts.  

In its complaint letter, FSD general secretary Vijay Taram, Maksup Yomso, Daniel Jamoh, Oyar Gao, Ogam Mengu and Aku Borang said  the published report clearly show that the very LSHE project is coming within the territory of China.

The letter further said that project authorities insulted the Adi people of the area by circulating  false, derogatory and defamatory report against Adi community stating that ‘Adis are divided broadly into two group - Minyongs and Gallongs, adding marriage takes place by abductions and even offering services to would be fathers-in-law!  

It was intentionally published in the report that polyandry system exists among Adi tribe, thus defaming the chastity and morality of Adi women, the complainants said.

The letter demanded investigation in the matter and arrest of the  culprits responsible  for ‘attempting to disintegrate the Adi community and for insulting the practice, belief, tradition and customs of indigenous people of the project affected area.’

Meanwhile the villagers of Padu Village, Upper Siang District conducted a general body meeting recently at Padu, regarding the construction of Microhydel at Yamne–II by Abir Infrastructure Private Limited.

The villagers strongly opposing the construction of Micro Hydels at Yamne-II, claimed that earlier, the villagers headed by village Secretary submitted a memorandum to the authority of the company. But, the authority of the company could not turn up and instead of addressing the concerns of the villagers;  the company is carrying out their activities in the worksite.

The villagers further expressing their displeasure at the company, state government and the local MLA said that the company did not even convene any meeting in the village till date and neither the state government nor the Local MLA communicated with the villagers of the surrounding Padu, Adi Pasi and Damro villages regarding the intention of construction of Microhydels, issues of loss of land, destruction of Flora and Fauna, compensation and upstream and downstream effects of the micro Hydel.


On foot, Dibang Valley DA reaches remote Anelih and Italin

Anini, Dec 5: For landlocked Dibang Valley deprived of roads and other modes of communication, people are often left on their own. Most often than not, government schemes hardly reach them. Caught up in harsh conditions, they do not even care much or leave it for another time.

Aware of such trying conditions, the district administration and Zila Parishad took the administration to their door steps.

Accompanied by heads of Department, Deputy Commissioner Abu Tayeng, Zilla Parishad chairperson, Empi Meya undertook a tedious four days tour on foot to remote circles of Anelih and Italin despite heavy down pour which made the already tortuous and rugged track more difficult.

The mobile office issued as many as forty STs and thirty PRCs at Anelih circle and fifty STs  and thirty PRCs  at Italin circle in an effort to make the public delivery system more efficient and faster.

A series of meetings and interaction session were held at all the villages enabling the officials and Zila Parishad to know the about the grass root problem and basic infrastructure requirement of the villagers and schools.

DC has reviewed the progress of various projects and schemes in the circle and instructed the departments concerned to ensure the quality work and time bound completion.

DC informed the villagers that JANSUVIDHA will be launched within a month to facilitate faster delivery of public services.

DC underscored the need of panchayat members and villagers in making govt schemes successful for community development and the role of

He assured possible redressal of every problem on priority within his capacity and vowed to take up other problems with Govt. at an appropriate level. He urged upon villages to identify some trekking route and tourist spot to allure tourist and bring the district in tourism map of the state.

Putting light on the importance of ensuing population census and UID programme, DC appealed every individual to co-operate and assist the District Administration in making the programme a success.

Tayeng further called upon Jindal Power Ltd. and Ethane power co. to maintain transparency in public dealing and respect public’s sentiments.


Arunachal & Assam interdependent: Jalley Sonam

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are interdependent in many areas particularly in economic and social issues said Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Worker Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam at annual loving feast function organized at Spirit of Truth Academic School, Amlokhi Pait village,19 km away from Silapatar, Assam yesterday.

He further emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and tranquility between the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, appealed the people of Assam particularly who are residing along the NH52 from Pasighat to Itanagar to extend all possible help to the Arunachal people whenever any problems arises within the Assam territory and also appealed the Arunachal People to maintain the same in the state.

The Chief Guest emphasizing the importance of education urged the parents and villagers to encourage their children to attend school and assist the teachers in developmental activities of the institution.

Further, the chairman advised the villager, GBs and PRI Leaders remain united and work for the over all development of the area.

Later, he gave free exercise books to the students of the institution. Principal of the institution, Pait acknowledging the contributions of Arunachal people appreciated those people of the state who visited the institution and contributed fund for the development of the infant institution.

Evangelist, S Dolley from Jonai, Assam also appealed the people of both states to maintain good relation in near future as well.


ANYA to revive traditional sports, dances

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: In its endeavour to revive and popularize the forgotten traditional games and sports, folk-dance, folk-lore, folk-songs, the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has decided to conduct tour of Nyishi majority districts shortly.

It may be mentioned here that a group of 10 sportspersons from Arunachal Pradesh representing the state showcased Dapo and Bobo--two different traditional risky sports of Nyishi Community at the on-going Hornbill Festival, Nagaland which was highly appreciated by Army personnel and foreign tourist and even they were given standing ovation by the all present on the occasion.

Its president Taring Mama said that ANYA will resolve in its next executive council meeting to submit a memorandum to North East Council (NEC) for inclusion of the two sports in National Rural Games.

“We have also decided form clubs to groom talents in traditional sports, especially Dapo and Bobo, Mama added. An ANYA team will interact with the village elders, priests and others, who have a good knowledge about such cultural items, traditions, and document during its tour.

“It is very sad and matter of grave concern that our young generations are not aware about many of our traditional cultural practices which were practised by our fore fathers. We will conduct a tour of Nyishi majority districts to collect those forgotten cultural practices, including musical instruments that were played on various occasions by our forefathers,” said Mama.

“We will compile a docu film on such cultural items and bring it into media limelight for wide publicity. We are also asked to submit a copy of the film to North East Zonal Cultural Centre, Dimapur by its deputy director for wide publicity,” Mama added.

Beside Nyokum Yullo-- the main festival of the Nyishis and famous Rikam Pada-- there are many other such festivals, traditional dances, folk-songs, folk-lore also in Nyishi community which are still in darkness due to lack of publicity, ANYA Information and publicity secretary Gida Punnung said. He said that he has found only Nyokum Yullo and Rikam Pada in reference book on Nyishi culture at a library in Nagaland.

ANYA general secretary Tadar Binglo urged the NES, ANSU and all the Nyishi legislators to extend all possible help to ANYA and its humble initiatives for revival of lost cultural and traditions of the tribes. He also urged the State Government to have a interaction with those 10 sportspersons, who have represented the state in Hornbill festival at Nagaland, which will motivate them to go ahead.


Ultimatum' issued  for early creation of Lower Siang district

Itanagar, Dec 5: The District Demand Joint Action Committee (DDJAC) for the creation of Lower Siang district comprising 28 Likabali and 36 Nari-Koyu Assembly constituencies unanimously adopted an eight-point resolution including a 30-day 'ultimatum' to the government for spelling out its action on the various representations submitted in this regard.

DDJAC chairman Sengo Taipodia told UNI that democratic means in the form of dharna and bandh would be organised if the government failed to respond at the earliest, adding the resolution was adopted at the committee's first plenary meeting. The committee vehemently condemned the role played by the state chief secretary Tabom Bam for allegedly misguiding the Cabinet in decision-making and it decided to make a representation to the government for taking appropriate action against the chief secretary.

The DDJAC decided to call upon both the elected representatives of Likabali and Nari-Koyu constituencies for seeking information about the steps taken for the creation of Lower Siang district.

It was decided that there shall be no claim upon the land in the name of clans or individual and there would not be any demands for reservation to posts and contract-work at the proposed district headquarters.

The Committee urged the public to donate voluntarily in accordance with their capacity for mobilising resources in this regard.

The committee also demanded that with the withdrawal of delegated powers of SDO, Likabali, in respect of issuance of PRC, the ST certificates be immediately revoked.

Addressing a gathering, the DDJAC chairman, while briefing about the movement for creation of Lower Siang district, said the creation of the district was not committed to the boundary issue as 75 villages under 28-Likabali Assembly constituency fell under disputed areas with Assam.

Former Minister Kardu Taipodia said the matter should be raised in the forthcoming Winter Session of the Assembly for adopting a resolution to initiate democratic action if the government failed to respond within the stipulated time. UNI


NESO condemns atrocities on NE students

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: The North East Students Organisation (NESO) in its Executive meeting condemned the atrocities meted out to the North Eastern Students who are studying outside the Region. It said that despite assurances by the Prime Minister, the attacks on students of this region is going on unabated. The recent rape of a woman employed with a BPO has an indicator of Prime Minister’s hollow and callous promises, it said.

The NESO has resolved to reiterate its earlier charter of Demand submitted to the Prime Minister of India on June 2006 which includes Special Education commission for North Eastern Stats. It further called for an education policy relevant to the people of NE including rich cultural heritage, languages and history of this region in the main curriculum of NCERT textbooks.  Immediate deportation of Illegal foreign settlers including Chakma Refugees of Arunachal Pradesh from the soil of north east, scrapping of AFSPA from the north eastern states wherever it is imposed, and honour the United Nations Covenants for Guarantee of Humans Rights are other demands.

It further called for Inter-states Boundary Commission for North East to examine the claims and counter claims of the different people/states and to evolve a mechanism to settle the long pending disputes taking into consideration the sentiments of the states and its people.

The Union further demanded a Separate Time Zone for north east to do away with regional and economic imbalance.

Secretary General of NESO Gumjum Haider said that on the request of AAPSU, the NESO has taken up the issue of murder of Likha Yapi and entrusted All Assam Students Union for the follow up and ensure punishment for the criminals involved.

Meanwhile, Naga Students Federation (NSF) has rejoined the NESO fold.


Podi-Barbi celebrated with pomp and gaiety

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: The Ramo, Pai-Libo and Bokar communities residing in and around the capital complex, Itanagar celebrated ‘Podi-Barbi’ in a grand manner at AAPBn colony, Chimpu, Itanagar here today.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, MLA Techi Kaso said “Religion is a personal matter of every individual but our aged old indigenous festival, custom and tradition is our identity and we must preserve it”.

He went on to add that in this age of cultural cross-current, it is imperative that  the present generation should uphold traditional values which have given them a distinct identity. The festival celebration was marked with colourful cultural presentation by the women cultural troupe of Libo Bokar and Ramo Welfare Society, Itanagar besides other programmes.

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An inspiring journey of determination of an average student

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: In Arunachal Pradesh if children passes Class X exam with 40% mark, parents get depressed thinking the kid has no future. It has become fashionable to judge future of children on the basis of marks attained in class X and XII. If similar yardstick were applied for students like Sarah Enung Borang, she definitely could have no future to dream off! Despite scoring 47% in class X, 51% in class XII and 45% in graduation (B.Sc), Sarah is on her way to become a circle officer after securing 23rd rank in APPSC exam 2010.

Being an orphan and currently working as peon in Tax and Excise department, suddenly world around her changed after the news of her cracking APPSC exam made headlines in all the major dailies of Arunachal.

 On Sunday afternoon, this journalist caught with Sarah Enung Borang, whose raise to fame sounds like a fairy tale.

Dressed in traditional Adi attires, she landed up at my office and first thing she said to me was, “I am just back from attending Church service.  If you don’t mind, let’s not talk about my past life. Enough has been said and written about my tragic past.”

Talking about her success, Sarah told, despite being orphan she always had high dream and wanted to become an IAS officer since childhood. “All my life, I had studied in government schools and then graduated from JNC, Pasighat. Because of economic problem and family tension, I could not secure good marks during school and college days,” tells Sarah. Because of her pre-occupation with family life, she hardly could take part in any extra-curriculum part during school days.  

            While most candidates who secured seat in APPSC exam are rejoicing, Sarah says she is not really enthusiastic about her achievement. “I think me clearing APPSC exam is not a big thing. I just hope my achievement can inspire women and other orphans to dream big in life. Social message which am sending through my achievement is more satisfying for me than clearing APPSC exam,” says Sarah.

Asked what people can expect from a young officer like her, Sarah says, “Coming from a humble background, I will surely work dedicatedly for poor and downtrodden section of society. Also I feel there is too much corruption in our system because of influence from mainland India. Our tribal people never knew about corruption earlier but they were taught by outsiders.” She also told that class system which is emerging in our state on the basis of wealth is very dangerous trend. “Money, cars and social status has become big thing in our state. Poor people like me are always looked down as if we have no right to live in this state,” Sarah added. Further she tells that till few days ago when she was just simple peon nobody cared for her. “Ever since news of me cracking APPSC exam became public, I have been inundated with congratulatory calls,” says Sarah.

 On being asked how much this success means to her, she tells, “Finally, I feel am at peace with myself. Despite all the difficulties, I always wanted to achieve success and be role model. I have shed enough tears in life and went through much difficult time, now I guess better days are arriving for me.”

Story like that of Sarah still makes us believe that hard work and determination pays off in life. Her story should inspire many poor youths who are distraught with prevailing situation in Arunachal, where corruption and nepotism seem to be the way of getting jobs.

Also present team of APPSC lead by Chairman Rinchi Tashi and Secretary Huzar Lollen deserves accolades for conducting successful exam in record time. Their sincere conduct of exam has restored the faith of students in Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. Hope other departments can learn something from commission and conduct open exams instead of opting for backdoor recruitment policy.


‘Knowledge Horizon’

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: ‘Knowledge Horizon Classes’, a joint venture of Sriram Group initiative and New Horizon Worldwide Inc.  in association with the Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan opened its  Study Centre at E Sector, on Dec 1 last. Presently the demo classes are going on in the Centre and formal classes will begin from Dec 8 next.

The study centre offers CBSE and Foundation courses for IITJEE/PMT (Cl- IX and X, Maths and Science), CBSE and Integrated Courses for IITJEE/AIEEE/AIPMT (Cl –XI & XII, Physics, Chemistry and Maths and Biology) and IITJEE/AIEEE/AIPMT courses for XII pass students (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology)

It also offers capsule course on CBSE Math and Science for the Class X students appearing in board examinations -2011 and contact programme for CBSE, Engineering and Medical for Class XII students for board exam-2011.

Most of the faculty members of the Study Centre are from different IIT’s, NIT’s and other prestigious universities and having practical teaching experience of more than 7-8 years.

‘IIT Study Circle’ and ‘Vidyamandir Classes’ are learning partner and content provider respectively of the Knowledge Horizon (KH) Classes.

K H Classes is a strategic unit of  New Horizon Group focussed on academic excellence in integrated coaching such as preparation of board exams as well as engineering/medical entrance preparation.


International Campaign to Stop Violence against Women

Ribbi Riba

Violence Against Women (VAW) and Girls is a universal reality but at the same time it is invincible. It is the most widespread violation of Human Rights and has been used to deprive women from their property rights, deny them their right to Health and Education, to keep them out of decision making forums, to exploit their labour and to degrade the dignity of women keeping them perennially in conditions of inequality and injustice. It can include Physical, Sexual, Psychological and Economic abuse and it cut across boundaries of Age, Race, Culture, Wealth and Region. Violence is not always committed by strangers but people commonly known to us. It takes place in the Home, on the Street, at the Work Place, Schools, in the Farms, Refugee Camps during conflicts and Crises. It has many forms- from the most universally prevalent form of Domestic Physical and Sexual Violence, to Eve Teasing, Molestation, Sexual Harassment at the Work-place, Rape, Kidnappings, Trafficking, abuse during Pregnancies, so called Honour killings, Dowry Deaths, Female Foeticide and infanticide.

The general Low Status of Women and the entrenched nature of discriminatory structures have led to what is seen as a lifecycle of VAW. Even before birth women suffer from sex selective abortions, at infancy they may face female infanticide, as young children they will have to put up with incest and son preference, as adolescents they may be sexually abused or trafficked, as young they may suffer rape, sexual harassment as wives they may experience domestic violence, dowry related violence, marital rape or honour killings and as widows they may be deprived of property and dignity. The vulnerability at every stage makes VAW a terrible legacy. Each of these instances of Human Right’s violation has been protested against in several forms. One such movement is the Campaign to Stop VAW.

The international Campaign to Stop Violence Women is observed the world over from 25th of November to 10th of December every year. It was launched by the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute, USA, in 1991. In 1999, the United Nation General Assembly declared November 25 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW) and the white ribbon has become the symbol for the day. It marks the beginning of the fortnight campaign to Stop VAW and ends on December 10 which is the Human Rights Day.

In Arunachal Pradesh, people are becoming aware of an institution called the United Nations (UN) and quite interesting many of the people I have come across talks about using the UN mechanism to address the refugee issues, indigenous peoples rights but yet when it comes to women and women right this same people consider it as domestic issues. But we have to bear in mind that if the United Nations has passed United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Right (UNDRIP) it is the same United Nations that has also passed the resolution on Conventions on Elimination of All kinds of Discrimination of Women (CEDAW) involved in discussion of the issues relating to discrimination against women in political and civil life as well as economic, social and cultural life.

We too need to observe the VAW campaign as many in our state believes that VAW is only domestic violence but there are traditional practices that are repressive and violent to women. In Arunachal we are lucky not to have the dowry system as well as honor killings but our society is also infected by the myriad contour of VAW. Reports from the State Commission for Women, Press and other sources reaffirms the fact that VAW in Arunachal Pradesh has been on the rise. There are some social and cultural practices that are violent towards women and harmful to their health. For instance, child marriage a crime punishable under law is also prevalent in certain communities. Girl child are sold to strengthen matrimonial relations and in some cases due to abject poverty of parents. These children have been victims of abuse at a tender age and their lives are marred with memories of bitter experience for the rest of their lives. Incidence of maternity death is also high in these areas. In many community’s women are considered as tradable commodities. In times of marriages bridal price are paid in Mithuns. And women are subjected to verbal abuses.

In one of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, the tradition and customary practice of polyandry where brothers can share wives is also common but not necessarily with the consent of the women in question. Many a time women have been subjected to molestation and harassments during family gatherings, festivals because man have the preset idea that it is permissible to misbehave with sister-in-law. Sometime back a women was raped by her brother in law (the younger brother of her husband) while on her way to the farm. She took up this matter to the village council but justice was denied to her as the village council gave the verdict that this particular case has no ground as the man in question is her brother in law and according to the traditions it is acceptable.    

The principles of Tribal customs and traditions have never been discriminatory towards women. Rather it had uphold the dignity and superiority of women in a way we see that in many of our religious affairs and festivals we mostly revered the goddesses to give us bountiful harvest and good life.

Thus religion and tradition should not be used to justify acts of violence.






Awareness prog

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: A one day awareness programme was held on Dec 4 at Hapoli on Women education, health and Govt. developmental plan organized by Dr. Tage Rupa, Assistant  Professor, Rajiv Gandhi University under UGC sponsored Major Research Project entitled, “Women participation in Land Management among Apatani tribe: an observation and analysis, Arunachal Pradesh”.

Dr. Tok Reena Boa, Assistant Professor, RGU talked on the Role & Importance of Women education while Health issues related with women were dealt by Dr. Chin Dei Kim, Health centre, RGU.  The project coordinator Dr. Tage Rupa talked in length on Existing Govt. developmental plan for women particularly in Ziro and Arunachal Pradesh as a whole. More than 50 participants attended the programme.


NFA allege

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: The NERIST Faculty Association (NFA) has alleged that a  one of its members, the Head of Civil Engineering Department of NERIST was physically assaulted by three staff members.

It said that because of this incident Building & work sub-Committee had to be postponed. The assault amounts to physically preventing an officer from performing his assigned duty and it also amounts to an attack on the dignity of the entire teaching community, it said and demanded appropriate punitive action against the culprits so that NERIST functionaries can discharge their assigned duties without any feeling of insecurity. However a case was yet to be registered.


GSU urged to reconsider bandh

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: The Donyi Polo Government College, Kamki in West Siang district has appealed to the Galo Students Union (GSU) to reconsider its decision to go ahead with bandh on December 13 in protest against those accused in the PDS scam.

The college principal in a release today said that the House test scheduled from Dec 1 to 20 next  cannot be postponed  as it is in accordance with the university calendar.  The college would be having examinations for English,  Hindi and other Honours papers on Dec 13 as per the exam scheduled and  the exam timetable has already been circulated among the students who hail from Upper Subansiri district besides those of West Siang, the release said.


Training prog

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with the Kameng MPCS Ltd organised a HRD Micro Finance Programme for SHGs at Seppa, East Kameng yesterday.

The programme was sponsored by the Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP), Arunachal Pradesh. Around 75 SHG group members took part in the training programme. Similar programme will be organised at Jung, Dirang, Bomdila, Rupa, Kalaktang, Ziro, Daporijo, Aalo, Pasighat, Boleng and at Koloriang during the next 10 days.


JAC oppose

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: The  Joint Action Committee (JAC) formed by the law students of different legal forums has unanimously decided to oppose bandh being proposed by the ALSU saying that it has no consensus of  the primary members of the union.


Arunachal loses

ITANAGAR, Dec 5: Meghalaya cricket team defeated Arunachal cricket team by 5 wickets at Under-22 tournament.

Meghalaya team reached the 163 run target set by Arunachal Team in 35th over losing five wickets. Rajesh Oraon of Meghalaya was the top scorer for the team with 66 runs while Sams Alam, Momar Ori, Tana Begi and Suhel Hussain took 1 wicket each for Arunachal.

Opener Joram Richo scored a significant 38 runs for the team, while Captain Brena Kri was the highest scorer from Arunachal with 42 runs. At the Women’s event, Bihar defeated Arunachal Pradesh by nine wickets at St. Anthony's Cricket Stadium, Shillong on Dec 5.


Peace rally

ITANAGAR: The International Campaign to stop Violence Against Women is observed the world over from 25th of November till the 10th of December Every Year. It marks the beginning of a fortnight’s campaign to stop VAW and ends on Dec 10th symbolically linking VAW and Human Rights.

Women In Governance- Arunachal is organising a Peace Rally to observe the VAW campaign. The Rally will start from G-Sector opposite R K Mission Hospital to Bank Tinali.


Union demands

ITANAGAR: Naharlagun Traders’ Union urged the state government to improve all roads and drainage system and construct dust bins at all sectors of Naharlagun.

The union further demanded the authorities of SBI to immediately restore the ATM service of G-Extension and set up a new ATM booth at Borapani Market.