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Continued ignorance is deeply regrettable

Dear Editor,

We strongly protest against non-publication of our writings in reply to the writings of three Nepali friends in which they had claimed with the intention that Vijoynagar was a forest area with no human habitation when Ex-Assam Rifle settlers came to the area in 1964. You had confused the people of Arunachal by publishing the writings of Advocate Gyan Gahire, Bhumi Upadhayaya and Bikram Newar and then later refusing to publish our counter-writings which we had intended to explain in detail the misgivings by such unwanted writings.

We really wonder your sense of editorial judgment when you had abandoned mid halfway just after entertaining the above three people's writings and refusing to publish our writings just after that. Even after pleading for the second time to re-consider our request for publication in parts and your continued ignorance is deeply regrettable. Anyway thank you.


Philip Ngwazah and friends. Shillong,

(on email)



Take note of the ground realities

Dear Editor,

The demand made by DDJAC 28 Likabali and 36 Nari-Koyu is in stark contrast to the reality. The cabinet approval for creation of Lower Siang dist. comprised of 29 Basar and 28 Likabali assembly constituencies.

Resorting to bandh calls will only create problems for the commuters as Likabali serve as the corridor for West Siang, Upper Siang and some adjoining areas of upper Subansiri. In case 36 Nari-Koyu be made party to the proposed Lower Siang dist, the demand should be made as such and not altogether removing Basar which has an equal right to be included in the new dist.

Assuming that Likabali or Nari is given the dist. Headquarters- it should ensure that proper land is demarcated for the govt establishments, but it is no exaggeration to say that on my stay in Likabali circuit house I have found that;  not even a single space is left for further establishment, and the case being same with Nari. On the other hand the DDJAC(Likabali-Nari) has also placed the proposal of Siki Rema or Luki Kamnya for the dist. HQ which is still a virgin land and for the govt to start from scratch it would involve more than 500 to 600 crores of rupees which in bitter fact is far above the annual budget of Arunachal Pradesh. This proposed land is around 12 to 15 kilometres inside the mountains with no habitation and access to the outside world.

While shedding light to this fact, I would like to appeal the DDJAC Likabali-Nari Koyu to go for an amicable solution in keeping with the ground realities. The Galo people in particular and West Siang in general is thankful to the present govt. of A.P. and hence, instead of infighting we should extend our cooperation in the development of our state.


D. Ete (on email),  Aalo



Uff Gandhis, ohh Vihars and Nagars

Dear Editor,

This is in response to "Uff Gandhis, ohh Vihars and Nagars" by Taba Ajum. I must say the article was worth reading and an eye opener. As a matter of fact, the similar confusion with "Shri" case came across in my life too on the first day of my college. They put my name aside for investigation as I had given 'Shri' before my name in some of my certificates and it took two days to clear the smokes. Wonder what made me write Shri before my name.

Likewise, the names given to some famous places in town are really unpleasing to ear. Like, Gyaker Syini is the original name for a Lake in town but people call it Ganga Lake. Just wonder why. We should follow the name which is traditionally given to it.

Hope by coming days people will realize the gravity of the concern and will preserve the traditional nomenclature given to any place or individuals.

Thanks to Taba Ajum for his insight


Dhon Bagang (on email)

Salem, Tamil Nadu



If you still want to rule, fight for your kingdom

Dear Editor,

“Daughter can’t inherit father’s land, because it is ancestral property”. Since childhood every daughter is taught in this way, this is a mind set no matter it is 6th or 21st century, many things may change but this can’t be changed because it is a tradition... Our father and brother is the king in the house but becomes rat as soon as they step out of the house. They will order, suppress, abuse their wives, daughters, sisters and mothers but when there is real need of this strength for the society as whole they will keep mum.

Today I would like to point out to all the senior citizens of Dam affected area, the bureaucrats, the politicians and the peasants all alike, that Jaypee have come to build dam in your river, whether the dam is safe or broken your land will not be yours anymore, it will become the property of Jaypee which will be resided by lakhs of skilled and unskilled non-tribal laborers, which will automatically invite cultural invasion in our society. What happened to your famous slogan ‘Loss of Culture is Loss of Identity’? Are you really ready to lose your identity for the sake of electricity? Simply thinking will not do, you will have to put it into action. ‘Dreaming is good but a dream without action is just waste of time’. So, respected Fathers and Brothers, if you still want to rule, fight for your kingdom now!

You are ready to give your land to an outsider but not to your daughter who happens to be your own blood, right? What a thoughtful father you all are! I wish our valley was a matriarchal society because no matter what, a mother would have died fighting to save her children’s livelihood.


J. Nung Yirang,  (on email)



A strong administration means a strong State

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to all the successful candidates of recently declared APPSCC Exam. The APPSC team also deserves credit for conducting a free and fair exam within a record one year.

Huzar Lollen, IAS, Secretary APPSC has again proved his efficiency. A man of unmatched wit and character, he as Deputy Commissioner of West Siang Dist. also was very impressive.

Over the years, this allied service which was and still is the 'iron pillar' of state machinery has been degrading in power and position.

It is high time that State Govt. take steps to correct this anomaly and bring back its lost lustre so that very foundation of state machinery remain strong and APCS continue to attract young talent. A strong administration means a strong State.


Lijum Ete, Aalo

(on email)



Inspiring story of Sarah

Dear Editor,

Hats off to the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission and the Government for their endurance, efficiency and transparency in conducting the exam within a record span of 11 months.

I was so impressed to go through Honi Bayang’s brief biography. He seems to have been a brilliant student since day one, which is a tech-savvy designated as team leader with giant IBM.

On the contrary your publication dated Dec 03, of Sarah Enung Borang is inspirational and intriguing. She was a below average student with a humble background who was employed as a peon in Tax & Excise department. Because of the greater difficulties she has encountered, she seems more significant and higher in inspiration than the ones who have even topped. Personally for me it was as if I was reading a modern era ‘Cinderella fairy tale’. Sarah’s success fits precisely with the quotation of Evan Esar, “Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration”. I’m certain that anyone who has read or heard of her struggle to success has something to take home.

Looking forward to read in your next issue about Sarah’s mantra to success... guess it would be just three tips - hard work, hard work and hard work.


Nima Khenrab,

Tawang  (on email)





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Project affected citizens dismayed at Govt’s lack of response

ROING, Dec 6: The Dam Affected Citizens Committee (DACC) for Dibang Multipurpose Project has expressed dismay over lack of response from govt to their demands.

DACC spokesperson Takuso Mimi said that despite their repeated plea to govt, the principle of ‘People First’ policy is being simply ignored.

In a meeting held on Sept 27 last at New Anaya, the committee had resolved not to allow public hearing to take place for Dibang Project till their demands were fulfilled.

Earlier demands submitted through Realistic Assessment Committee, constituted by District Administration, Anini on March 25, 2009, were also not been approved by NHPC and the state government, said Mimi.

In its demand placed to the Chief Minister on Oct 14, 2010, the DACC and the local panchayat bodies had demanded that 10% of the total revenue collected by the state exchequer from NHPC’s Dibang project should go for developmental expenses of the fully project affected areas.

A proposal for a new road realignment to be undertaken by BRO, starting from Ranli to Awali village via Old Anaya, Old Akeya and Old Kano was made in the petition.

The project affected people had also demanded for a new administrative headquarter, of not below the rank of Sub-Divisional Officer at the new resettlement site.

Besides, the committee had also asked for other benefits like contractual works and job reservation in the category C and D specifically for project affected people.


Central team in Arunachal, CM bats for comprehensive plan for flood protection

ITANAGAR Dec 6: A high level Inter Ministerial Central Team from Government of India, led by K K Pathak Joint Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs is on four days visit to Arunachal Pradesh from today. Their visit is aimed to assess the damages caused due to natural catastrophe during 2010 in the state and verify the worst affected areas. The team of eight member representing various ministries will be conducting aerial and field survey of flood affected districts of East Siang, Upper Siang, Dibang Valley, Lohit, Anjaw, Papumpare, East Kameng and Tawang and will be guided by State Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin. The worst affected areas will be physically inspected by the visiting team.

State Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu apprised the visiting central team about the lives and property losses in the state during the current year. The visiting team had called on to him this evening.

Khandu emphatically pointed out that the current year had witnessed the worst disaster as the nature had created havoc disrupting surface communication for months together and engulfed numerous lives and properties.

The state being a flood prone zone, a comprehensive plan for flood protection is required for minimizing the life and property losses in such natural disaster, Khandu asserted. He urged the team to enhance the relief amount by considering the magnitude of losses incurred by the state and its people. Deliberations on various other topics were made during an hour long meeting. Pathak assured to do his best to ensure that the state gets its genuine share of fund to restore the damages and provide adequate relief to the victims.  

Later, in a joint meeting of commissioners and head of departments, the visiting team was briefed about the quantum of damages caused due to the natural catastrophe through power point presentation. The Chief Engineers of the state gave a statistical figure of the loss caused due to landslides and landslips which disrupted the surface communication.

The eight member team included S R Meena, Director, Ministry of Rural Development, A K Rajput, Director, Ministry of Power, Y C Sharma, Joint Director, Deptt. Of Expenditure, S P Sharma, Director, Ministry of Planning, S K Bishwas, Director Agriculture, Munnilal, Supdt. Engineer, Hydrological Observation and Ravi Prasad, Regional Officer, Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways GoI. (PRO to CM)


Tana Tapi and Takum Nabum win the Sanctuary-RBS Wildlife Service Awards 2010

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), together with Sanctuary Asia, announced the winners of the annual Sanctuary-RBS Wildlife Awards for 2010 on Dec 3. The Wildlife Service award was given jointly to Tana Tapi and Takum Nabum for enforcing anti-poaching measures at the Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh. Tana Tapi, Divisional Forest Officer, Pakke Tiger Reserve, and his team work in near impenetrable forests against all odds to protect a vital park and its wildlife. For six years now, he has been setting up anti-poaching infrastructure including 32 RCC camps, 65 km. of patrolling paths and 41 km. of rough motorable roads. These measures have reflected positively on tiger densities in Pakke. When he was posted to Pakke, the park was understaffed with just 25 people employed. Between 2005 and 2007, together with upgraded facilities, the departmental strength grew to 140 with as many as 24 active anti-poaching strike squads. Backed by a fearless and loyal team, he has led uncounted armed operations against poaching gangs. By involving the Ghora Aabhe or village fathers in his efforts. The Sanctuary-RBS Wildlife Awards 2010 was presented on 3 December, 2010 at the Tata Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai.

This is the 11th year in which RBS has partnered with Sanctuary Asia to recognise the best in the field of wildlife conservation and  to celebrate the unsung heroes of India who are defending our wildernesses and consequently safeguarding our food and water security. The awardees were selected from nominations received from across the country by a panel comprising active wildlifers, educators and conservationists.

Meera H Sanyal, Country Executive, RBS India said “Despite a diverse background, the awardees have one thing in common and that is their love for India’s rich natural heritage  and they are not afraid to stand up and be counted in the defence of the country’s wildlife and environment. We know that their dedication and actions will inspire more people to also make a difference to the world we live in.”

Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia added, “The service of the Earth Heroes we are honouring is no less than that of the patriots who won India her freedom, for they too are fighting to give future generations of Indians a life of security, dignity and independence from the worst impacts of environmental degradation and climate change. The wild animals they protect are the gardeners of our fragile Eden and are critical to the ecological and therefore the economic future of our nation.”

The categories of the 2010 Sanctuary-RBS Wildlife Awards consist of one Lifetime Service Award, five Wildlife Service Awards, one Green Teacher Award, three Young Naturalists Awards and a 'Wind Under Wings' Award for an organisation that has supported one or more of its employees to be of service to nature.


Nyishi Nyem Acham celebrates foundation day in style

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: Nyishi Nyem Acham has celebrated its 4th Foundation Day in style  by felicitating and recognizing the Nyishi women achievers in various sectors at Millennium Hall, Doimukh today. Prominent among them are Binny Yanga, Chairperson Oju Welfare Association and Dr Joram Aniya, Asstt Professor of DNGC. While Yanga was felicitated in recognition of her outstanding services and contribution in the field of child and women development and promotion of handloom and handicrafts in Arunachal, Dr Joram Aniya was felicitated in recognition of her outstanding achievements and dedications in Hindi literary works both in state and the national level. The Society also felicitated five meritorious Nyishi girls, namely, Nabam Rich, Sangte Taku, Likha Yajur, Minam Toko in recognition of their excellent performance in M.Tech, AISSE and AISCE, 2010.

Further the NNA congratulated its convenor Neelam Yapin Tana for her elevation of post to Dy. Director in the Department of Science and Technology, Itanagar and also congratulated successful Nyishi candidates in recently held APCS exams including topper Honi Bayang from East Kameng district.

The chief guest of the function, Nabam Rebia, Parliamentary Secretary, industries while congratulating successful Nyishi candidates in APCS, encouraged NNA to work for positive advancement of the society. He also urged the parents to nurture and help their children to face the competitive world.

Guest of Honour, Pige Ligu, DC, Papum Pare encouraged the women for proper upbringing of the children. He emphasized the crucial role of mother for good education to children. He appreciated the Yachuli-Yazali belt for bringing out so many educated ladies which is the sign of development of the society.

Activist Tadar Yadir and Binny Yanga also spoke on the occasion.

While lauding the NNA for the achievement, both of them encouraged to keep on work for welfare of Nyishi women.

A.C. Don, EE, on behalf of the Nyishi Elite Society called upon the NNA to continue its efforts for welfare of women.

Malo Yam Gollo briefed the aim and objective of the Society and requested all Nyishi Nyem to join the society as members.

Speaking on the topics “Role and importance of education for women” RGU Asstt Prof Boa Tok Rina said the education is the only way and means for the empowerment of women and solution to all discrimination, suppression, economical deprivation. Rina said every woman should try to educate herself first irrespective their marital status.

Tadar Mepung Bage, Vice Chairperson, SCW explained the positive and negative side of the Domestic Violence Act 2005.

In response to her deliberation, the participants requested her to give training to the men for better understanding and implementation of the Act in letter and spirit to prevent any form of violence in the society.


Committee formed to safe guard forest resources

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: Forest & Environment Protection Committee (FEPC), Kimin was constituted at a meeting which was attended by all the Head of Department of Kimin Sub-Division, Panchayat Leaders,  Head GBs & GBs, NGOs, Self Help Groups and local populace of Kimin Sub-Division.

The meeting unanimously selected Bamang Yayu, ZPM as the Chairperson of a Committee to protect the forest and its resources to prevent Global Warming and other related affects of it in and around Kimin Sub-Division.

It was further decided to stop felling of trees, hunting of wild animals, blasting for mass fishing, carrying of raw materials like timber, river boulders, minor minerals with immediate effect.


Peace rally to end violence against women

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: Around 50 women and girls attired in black tee-shirts with white ribbons walked from RKM hospital to Zero point in Itanagar calling for putting an end to violence against women and girls. Organised by Women In Governance- Arunachal, the peace rally was part of the International Campaign to stop Violence Against Women which  is observed the world over from 25th of November till the 10th of December Every Year. It marks the beginning of a fortnight’s campaign to stop Violence against Women and ends on Dec 10th symbolically linking VAW and Human Rights.

Sunil Mow of HRLN spoke on the issues of domestic violence and legal provisions. Mow informed that the Indian law was one of the best for providing protection to the victims of domestic violence but due to many factors the women couldn't avail them. Briefing on some of the important issues, Mow said that most of the women were not aware of the law and provisions to get justice against domestic violence and needed awareness generation on a mass scale. The pro activeness and full knowledge of the protection officers and service providers were also called upon for providing better protection to the domestic violence victims.

In the states context, Mow called for allocation of separate budget and appointment of separate protection officer as it was a grave issue. In Arunachal Pradesh, the CDPOs are the concern protection officers but most of them lack awareness on the provisions and dealing with cases of domestic violence.

The members gathered also shared their experiences on the issue and called for wider dissemination of knowledge and awareness on domestic violence. The members consisted activists from Peoples Action Centre for Empowerment, Action Aid Society Arunachal, Athupopu Social Foundation, Dish, Human Rights Law Network and Ringtey Denney Society.

Members from All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union and All Nyishi Students Union also joined in the rally.


Training on court procedure begins

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: A week-long Orientation Training Programme on "Court Procedure-III" commenced at ATI, Naharlagun today. As many as 25 APCS officers in the rank of EACs and COs are attending the training programme.

While addressing the participants as the chief guest of the inaugural function, Nani Grayu, District & Session Judge, Yupia, called for more efficiency and knowledge of the APCS officers as they have to discharge the duel work of executive and judiciary in the state where the function of judiciary and executive move together for socio-administrative constraints. He also described the training on court procedure as an important step for the officers holding the magisterial function.

Narrating the evolution of administration of justice over the century in the country, he said today's period of administration of justice revolves round the provision of the Constitution on India that is the Supreme Court and its democratic values.

With the rapid transformation in the development of social, economical, political fabric of the state, the functions of judiciary have also been gradually changing from the earlier system of Kabangs etc. to the present day law and judiciary system for settlement of major complex disputes, Grayu said while adding that the traditional system of justice too is still being maintained at village level for redressal of minor social disputes etc. He said it is the need of hour that officers holding judicial powers and functions should posses sound knowledge in law and judicial and equally perfect in legal procedures.

He further urged the participants to give more time on judicial works to avoid inordinate delay in justice delivery system.

The Chief Guest requested all the participating officers to work with dedication, sincerity for the over all justice and welfare of the citizen of the State. Grayu, hoped that the training course will be beneficial much to the officers.

The ATI being the apex training institute of the state should be equipped with adequate physical infrastructural facilities like Training hostel along with in-house faculty team at par with other state ATIs and national institutions, he further said.

Earlier, Director (Training) Pema Tshetan in his welcome address pointed out that this week-long orientation training programme of "Court Procedure" is aimed at providing the participants the scope to understand various functions under Court Procedures and to acquaint themselves with the latest knowledge on important court decision/ judgment besides Acts & Rules promulgated by the State Legislatures as well as Central Govt.

Tshetan further urged the participants to adopt the principle of  “simple living & high thinking” and become a role model with sincerity and hard work to the society.

P Tayang, Asstt Director and Course Coordinator highlighted the details course designed and developed for the training Programme.

Apart from Nani Grayu, the panel of gust resource persons include Rajiv Takuk, Director Border Affairs, Chuku Apa, SP, Capital, A.K Singh, prosecuting Officer, PHQ, Itanagar, Dr. Techi Rekhi, Forensic Specialist, GH, Naharlagun, Pritam Taffo, Advocate of GHC, Itanagar permanent Bench, Naharlagun.

T. Lodo, Dy. Director, training in his address sought cooperation of the participants for the success of the training programme, according to an official release.

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Catholic Church Nyopin celebrates Silver Jubilee

ITANAGAR, Nov 6: ‘Keep praying at all times and remain in faith in all situations’, said Rev. Fr. Jacob M, Vicar General of Itanagar Diocese as he blessed and dedicated the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Nyopin Catholic Church on Dec 5.

The program started with Eucharistic procession. Led by Rev. Fr. Jacob M, who represented the Bishop of Itanagar, many believers from all over Nyopin, Koloriang, Parsi Parlo, Damin, Passang and Palin areas took part in the procession.

Nyopin MLA Bamang Felix inaugurated the Memorial Stone of the Silver Jubilee Celebration as chief guest on the occasion. In his address, Felix highlighted the Christian way of living. He said ‘your lifestyle should now be changed from the old ways. He called upon the believers of Christianity to live with the values of Bible and teachings of Jesus. “It is the attitude that makes a distinction in the living style of a person”, he said. He also assured the people that he is always with them at all times.

APCU president Tok Buttum, the guest of honour, urged upon the people not to shift worshiping styles. He said the Catholic Church is the mother Church that follows a universal method of worship. There is uniformity in worship throughout the world on the Catholic Church. ‘Be at peace yourself and make others peaceful’, he said.

Speaking on the occasion as special guest, APCU general secretary Taw Tebin while quoting the book of Sirach, said, ‘A loyal friend is like a medicine that keeps you in good health’. There cannot be any enemy if the entire world follows this principle. Every Christians should be a friend to all fellow humans in this world. As he highlighted about the existence of APCU, the people expressed their happiness and assured to set up the Parish Unit APCU immediately.

APCU vice president Domnic Tadar said that the peace in Kurung Kumey region of the Nyishi area has come through the Church alone. One should be able to maintain that peace and never let it escape from the land.

Tar Miri, Chairman of the Jubilee Celebration Committee, highlighted about the history of the Church.

The candle light procession lit up the entire Nyopin town in the evening which was followed by cultural event.


Training on web page designing

SEPPA, Dec 6: A five days training on Web page designing for ministerial staffs started at Kameng Hall at Seppa today.

The week-long training will help the ministerial staffs know about the know- how of e-governance for smooth functioning of Govt offices.

Addressing the trainees, Deputy Commissioner, Tope Bam said training will be a helpful for the ministerial staffs who are the integral part of the district administration in all official works. The computer knowledge of ministerial staffs will lead to the smooth functioning of the district administration, he added.

He called upon the trainees to get maximum benefits of the training. It is the good opportunity for some of the employees who are not well acquainted with the computer to gain maximum knowledge from the programme, he added.

Earlier, CO (Estt) Liken Koyu, who is also the course coordinator, while welcoming the participants highlighted about the importance of Web Page designing.

Besides the participants, W. Santi Singh, DIO, NIC, the course director of the training, explained the basics of the computer and other applications. (DIPRO)






ALSU defers Capital bandh

Itanagar, Dec 6: Following  a number of pleas made by various students’ unions, the Arunachal  Law Students’ Union (ALSU) has deferred its proposed 12-hour capital bandh to Dec 21 next. Earlier, the bandh was proposed to be held on Dec 7. ALSU deferred the schedule of the bandh call in view of the ongoing semester examinations in colleges and house tests in schools. Meanwhile, the union informed that the Conference Committee constituted in connection with its IVth general conference cum election has been dissolved. It also appealed the market committees and traders not to give donation to any individuals in the name of ALSU.


Kaso inaugurates road

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso inaugurated village link road from NH52 (A) to Nirjuli-II (B) and Aniya village on 4th December.   During the day, villagers submitted a memorandum to Kaso, seeking proper water supply, proper road, flood protection and creation of 1 more gram segment for Aniya village. Local MLA assured to take look into their demands. Also present on the occasion was Borum I-ZPM Taro Modi.


Association calls for provision of water

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: All Chayang Tajo Youth Welfare Association has urged PHE department to urgently take necessary steps to provide water supply to Chyangtajo Township. In a press release association claimed that current source of water has dried up and ordinary citizens have to collect water from Pari Nallah, a natural stream which is around 5 to 6 km away from township.

 Association informed that due to damage of single DG set, Chayangtajo town is reeling under darkness and if new DG set is not provided at the earliest public will face big trouble. Further association has urged BSNL authority and concern contractor for immediate completion of WLL communication service in Chayangtajo.

They also claimed that government cooperative of Chayangtajo Township is totally defunct and because of this fair price shopkeepers are selling their commodities in the district headquarter. It has also been informed that all the commodities are being sold in APL rate. BPL and AAY rice are not reaching the targeted area, association claimed.


Union opposes

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: All Tirap Students Union (ATSU) has opposed interview conducted for assistant teachers on 26th of last month.

In a written complaint to deputy commissioner, Tirap, union stated that there was no proper notification for the interview. Union claim that on 24th and 25th November department issued admit card to few selected candidates. ATSU has urged authorities to issue re-notification for the interview.


Award for Tamuk

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: Tage Tamuk, vice principal of Dera Natung Govt. College, Itanagar, has been selected for ‘Rashtriya Gaurav Award’ by India International Friendship Society in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of academic administration.

The award would be conferred on him at a function in New Delhi on December 14.


AAPTF unit formed

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The Upper Siang unit of All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPTF) was formed recently with Tasing Libang, Tallom Miyu and Bharat Modi as president, vice president and general secretary respectively.


AAPWU appointment

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: All Arunachal Pradesh Worker’s Union president has appointed Yagam Cheda, Koro Yangfo and Julu Tayem as president, vice president and general secretary respectively of AAPWU’s East Kameng district unit. Further, Fema Natung, Sapik Dada and Yaso Lago were appointed as Women’s Wing president, vice president and general secretary respectively.


NSS annual special camp

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The NSS volunteers of Govt Hr Sec. School, Itanagar organized social service, tree plantation and various games and sports and cultural shows during its Annual Special Camp at Kamyir village from December  1 to 4 last.

The closing session of the camp was attended by school principal Gomo Kato and ZP chairperson Tali Yali as chief guest and guest of honour while the inaugural day of the camp was attended by Kamyir village GB Reli Hid and Kamyir Youth Welfare Association president Teli Richo as chief guest and guest of honour.


Ziro Govt HSS to conduct Subroto Cup Football tourney

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The Director of School Education has authorised the Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Ziro to conduct the U-17 district level Subroto Mukherjee Cup Football Tournament, 2010 among all the Govt Higher Secondary Schools of Lower Subansiri district, according to an  official release.


Allegation denied

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The NERIST staffer trio has denied alleged physical assault on Dr. S Baishya, head of Civil Engineering department of NERIST.

Reacting to the news items published in a section of local daily alleging physical assault on Baishya, the NERIST deputy registrar, Liaison officer (SC/ST) and a staff of ME department termed the allegation baseless which aims at defaming their image.

The trio in a release “cautioned Dr. S. Baishya not to involve in cheap propaganda of maligning others’ character and career and also urged NERIST Faculty Association (NFA) and other vested individuals not to instigate Dr. S. Baishya to tarnish the image of any employee of NERIST.”


Foundation day celebration

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The All Boje Ao (clan) foundation day was celebrated with a three day programme from November 26 last. On the occasion, the Boje Ao foundation stone was unveiled by West Siang ADC Nyiten Lollen. He also released the Boje Ao genealogy book written by  Nyage Potom Boje on the occasion.

The foundation day was attended all the clan members from different places in the state.


Annual function

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: All Ollo Welfare Association (AOWA) will conduct various games & sports, cultural and literary competitions during its annual function scheduled from December 9 to 11.

Member of Parliament Ninong Ering will attend the function as chief guest on Dec 11 as chief guest while Education Minister Bosiram Siram and Finance Minister Setong Sena would be the guests of honour.


Si-Donyi celebration

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The Si-Donyi Celebration Committee Capital Complex has selected senior priest (Nyibu) Chakto Siga to be the priest of the Si-Donyi festival in Capital Complex 2011.


APCC observes Dr. Ambedkar’s death anniversary

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The Legal Cell of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) observed 54th death anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar as part of year-long celebration of 125 years of Indian National Congress at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan today.

The celebration started with dignitaries paying floral tribute to the portrait of Dr. Ambedkar.

APCC legal cell chairman Kholie Tado highlighted the Dr. Ambedkar’s immense contribution towards the nation and described him as the architect of Indian Constitution.

The programme was attended, among others, by Parliamentary secretary Gadam Ete, APCC general secretary TC Tok, Minkir Lollen, Tanyong Tatak, Naresh Glow, Byabang Nikh, BC Tok and spokesperson Vishal P Nabam.


World disability day

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: Palin Block Resources Cluster Centre of Kurung Kumey district observed World Disability Day on December three last where over 50 differently abled persons, officers, teaching staff and public took part. Palin CO attended the observation as chief guest.