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Sarah, thanks for showing us the way

Dear Editor,


Taba Ajum really deserve appreciation for covering the story of Sarah Enung Borang, in his article “ An inspiring journey of determination of an average student” dated 6th December. It was really a very heartening article and inspiring too. The real stories of people like Sarah Enung Borang make us realize that God is really there and everything happens for good. She has sent a very strong message through her success that hard work and determination always pay off. The success of Sarah Enung Borang despite all the odds should be an eye opener for every youth who thinks life holds nothing for him/her and give up trying. I would like to congratulate Sarah Enung for being an example setter. Kudos!


T. Sono

Seppa (on email)




Dear Editor,

Taba Ajum's column speaks volumes of the human perseverance. A demanding situation that Sarah took up in the early years of her childhood gives us ample chances to improve our own. She had the fire in her dream and nothing could extinguish the spark. She had the will of iron to overcome the vengeance of poverty. Hats off to her!

Taba Ajum portrayed her as an icon of feminine supremacy over all odds. To the little girl child, I declare that they are second to none.

I wonder if we really understand our sisters, who, not only in Sarah's case, have been the building blocks in moulding the future of the society.

Securing star marks in examinations has nothing to do with the future. Earning stars in your life is what it matters the most, so much as it helps develop motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person's thoughts and actions.

47% in X, 51% in XII and 45% in B.Sc. could not deter her will. Kudos to Sarah that she has the guts.


Kada Tabu (on email)




An encouragement

Dear Editor,

Declaration of APPSC in a very short duration of time will encourage the poor student to think once again and regain their lost memories and study material; those who were unable to pay for the tuition fees.

With conduction of exams every year, now more and more student will come forward for the exam.

Congrats to all those who cracked the exam.


Radhe Mobin

New Delhi (on email)



The trick always has been the stick and the carrot

Dear Editor,

This is in response to a news item published in your esteemed daily, wherein some Hindu association had claimed to be working in association with the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP), which in turn was refuted by the IFCSAP and denied any association with the said group. So, here totally aligning my thoughts with the IFCSAP, which stands for the whole of our state and which has been taking commendable steps towards the upliftment and preservation of our indigenous faith and culture, I wonder why is it that every other religious group tries to superimpose themselves on us and our culture. I for one am very proud of what I am and what my beliefs are. I can very proudly say that I am a tribal and I follow Donyi-Poloism, which is a treasure that has been passed on to me from my forefathers. According to a recent survey, within 100 years all the indigenous beliefs, languages and culture would be lost. So, Isn't it the necessity of the time that we should try our best to preserve our culture and tradition, which we should further treasure for and pass onto our future generations?

We are tribals who have connected with the mainstream very recently only and as such we are most susceptible to all the influences that is waiting for the innocent brains. There are scores of stories around the world where the tribals have always been targeted and as a result the tribal beliefs and culture is fast diminishing. We have our own distinct beliefs and practices and we should be very proud of it. Somebody said that we, the tribals are pagans, who worship the nature like the sun and the moon, and as such we are also Hindus, as Hindus also worship sun and moon. Is it true? But the perusal and interpretation of the dictionaries reveal that the word 'pagan' simply means people who practice and follow religions other than the major religions of the world. So, the fact remains that we are people with own beliefs and practices and we are not in any way connected or subordinate to any other major religion of the world.

We as people have always been very tolerant to outsiders and further we have always shown a tolerance towards all the religions. But this tolerance is in fact turning out to be a bane for us all. As we are tolerant to everybody and are without any major religion, we have always been a soft- target for religious conversion. The conversions have never been forced ones, rather the trick always has been the stick and the carrot. We, like the children in the pied- piper of Hamilton have allowed us to be led into something else which we are not. There is a race going on between the preachers of all the religions as to how much of the tribals can be converted and in this race our culture, beliefs and practices are being crushed like anything. I have all the respects for every religion, whether Hinduism, Christianity, Islam etc. but I believe that we should be spared to follow our own faith and belief and practices. I further believe that the IFCSAP is an organisation which is well- equipped and with enough strength and force to answer any necessity arising out of any exigencies in respect of our beliefs and culture.

As in the words of some great person,

"Ishwar, Allah, Wahe guru, Chahe kaho Sri Ram,

malik sabka ek hai, alag alag hai naam"

The same lines further in simpler words mean- god is one and lets not fight on the name of religion.


Duge Soki (on email)





Wild life and us

Dear Editor,

Forest department is not supposed to protect wild life rather they are only to receive fund from the Ministry and distribute proportionately among all the people in power. No one would be surprise if I say that the poor villagers are encouraged by officers, elected leaders and even forest rangers to hunt rare and endangered species just to enjoy a bite of wild meat.

You go to Ganga market of Itanagar any day at anytime; you can find every kind of wild meat right from rat to Himalayan black bear selling like hotcake.

Do not forget to say hi to the forest officers whom you would see bargaining price for the hornbill for the Baido may assume you to be friend of that officer and you can buy deer meat next day in reasonable price.

After all, forest officers and public leaders are also human being.

They do long to taste flesh of wild animals. I know one elected leader of our state who never takes his meal without wild animal’s meat and he spend most of his time either hunting or fishing camping in the jungle for days together. No prize for guessing.  The irony is that we talk of his hunting skill during election campaigns and impressed by it vote him back to power to buy one more sophisticated arm.

If the department even cannot stop selling of wild meat in the open market of State Capital then imagine, how can they stop hunting in the wilderness of this tribal state. But the Ministry can do one thing for sure. They can stop funding in the name of wild life protection not only in Arunachal but in the entire country. Because poaching and killing of wild animal is rampant all over the country and this cannot be stopped at any cost. If we think we can stop by churning out orders after orders and spending millions and millions of money, we are either hypocrite or we just want excuse to spend money.  We always talk of awareness campaign and spend thousands million of money in such programmes. But the fact is that till today not a single villager has shunned hunting convinced by lectures of any wildlife activist.  

But yes, I have seen some villagers who have given up hunting after they were baptized to Christian and Buddhist faiths in Arunachal Pradesh. In that case, the government should rope the help of religious Missionaries. Excuse me this was just to ventilate my desperateness.

In my opinion the government should invest its resources in the field of education and infrastructure development instead of helping some individuals to buy some more Scorpios.

Having said that, I would be failing in my duty if I do not make last attempt, though futile to appeal the PCCF and CM to devise some mechanism to stop selling of wild animals in the open markets in the State. In that way we can at least minimize killing of wild animal for money and once selling is stopped killing will automatically be lessen. We should not unnecessary make laws prohibiting killing of wild life in the state as it is not possible in this tribal state to stop hunting altogether. But we can surely discourage killing of wild animals indirectly.


Common man (on email)



Hope it is just a coincidence

Dear Editor,

The APPSC cadre no doubt is the administrative backbone of our state. So we hope, APPSCC, along with completing the exam process within an appreciable period must also have selected the genuine candidates only, since congrats wishes are flooding the reader’s forum. We pray that the whole process was clean and definitely no eyewash. Most of the candidates from elite society didn’t miss it and made it to the final selection. Hope it is just a coincidence. We desperately hope that no genuine candidates who should’ve been in top were pushed to bottom.  

Hope RTI findings itself won’t be a maneuvered or concocted one. At this point of time every Arunachalee are trying to build faith in the system. Amen!


Yater (on email)



Allegation which has no substance

Dear Editor,

This is in response to a letter by one Karunath Pajing ‘SPA stands for special private account” which appeared in Dec 3 edition of your daily in the Readers Forum.

His allegation that “35th Pangin Assembly constituency is deprived of development under SPA fund” is shocking and baseless.

It is true that developmental packages have been allotted to 35th Pangin Assembly constituency under SPA  for various works to various departments. The funds allotted to the PWD department have been judiciously utilized and works have been completed as per designed scopes and specifications which can be verified practically at ground for standing structures and other assets created against the allotted fund.

Without verifying the ground realities such baseless allegation is nothing but a kind of irresponsible and anti-development motive to tarnish the image of the executing department and would discourages the spirits of works culture.

Such untruth, baseless and irresponsible allegation against department by any citizen do not deserved to be entertained without verifying the ground realities.


Executive Engineer

(on email)

Boleng PWD Division






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ERO visits C/Tajo, Bameng

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: The Electoral Roll Observer of East Kameng district Sonam Chombay, Special Secretary (Transport), visited Chayangtajo and Bameng on Dec 5 and 6 respectively to oversee the disposal of claims and objections.

He inspected the filled-up forms of claims and objections and BLOs’ register during the disposal of claims and objection by the concern EROs. He also interacted with the claimants. Chombay impressed upon all EROs to thoroughly cross check the electoral rolls and also called upon the BLOs to physically conduct door to door visit to verify the credentials of voters.

It is worth mentioning here that the special summary revision of photo electoral roll of East Kameng district is in progress. The date of final publication of the E roll is January 5, 2011.

Meanwhile, along with the rest of the country, “National Voter’s Day” will be celebrated in all the polling stations including district HQ in East Kameng on January 25, 2011 in order to spread awareness among the voters for effective participation in the electoral process. DIPRO


Siram on inspection spree, takes stock of various development activities

PASIGHAT, Dec 7: Education Minister Bosiram Siram has visited the juvenile home near the Central school here today. The minister is on whirlwind tour to his constituency since Dec 2 , interacting with Govt officers and local leaders and taking stock of the development activities of Pasighat.

While inspecting the functioning of the juvenile home and infrastructure development, the minister found that a sum of Rs one lakh sanctioned earlier from his MLALAD fund was not utilised for water connectivity.

At Juvenile Home, the Dy. Director ICDS Inu Baishya and CDPO Kaling Moyong presented a detail report of the home and also placed grievances which include regularization of service and paucity of fund for salary of staffs, need of vehicle, construction of administrative building, separate building for boys and girls, educational building, staff quarters and posting of Superintendent/warden and modification of compound, water supply connections etc. Responding to the grievances, Siram assured to take up all the matters with the concerned Parliamentary Secretary and Secretary ICDS for necessary action at the earliest. However, he expressed his dismay over non-utilisation of Rs 1 lakh MLALAD fund for water connectivity. Finding many centrally supplied defective aids for differently abled persons in the store he directed the officers to call the supplier and the dealers rectify or replace the defective equipments.

The education minister also conducted surprise visits to schools in and around Pasighat. During his visit, the minister called upon teachers to be sincere, discipline, punctual and to impart quality education to the children to make Arunachal a fore ranking state in education sector.

Few school authorities are raising funds by imposing fines, subscriptions etc in the name of developmental activities which is unaccepted by the govt, Siram said. He further informed that under RTE the Govt is planning to grant two years training course for the untrained teachers in order to improve their teaching skills.

After receiving complaints, the minister also visited the SBI ATM counters and met the Chief Manager BR Boro. Pointing out the dissatisfaction of public over the function of the SBI, Siram urged the manager to take initiative to open more bank branches and ATM counters to deliver better services to the people.

The worried minister stated the situation may be horrible during Centenary Celebration when thousand of tourists will be visiting Pasighat. However, he assured that he would not leave any stone unturned to setup other nationalized banks at Pasighat soon. The minister also conducted tour to West Siang district yesterday.

Earlier on Dec 2, Siram participated in a coordination meeting organised by the Pasighat Centenary Celebration Committee (CCC) and reviewed the work progress.

Accompanied by DC Onit Panyang, other Govt officers and local leaders Siram inspected the construction of Centenary Pillar at the forest park near Siang Guest House by the Water Resource Department and maintenance of road network of Pasighat next day. He urged the authorities and contractors complete all the major roads within December and continue repairing works of the link roads on priority. Siram along with Director School Education T. Taloh also attended a formal meeting organized by the ATA East Siang at the Siang Guest House and discussed various departmental issues. Later in the evening the minister interacted with local media (Pasighat LIVE) and made aware the people about the latest developments of his constituency. DIPRO


State Level Athletics meet starts

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Dec 7:The first State Level Athletics Meet organized by Arunachal Amateur Athletics Association (AAAA) off to a colourful start at Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy playground near here today.

Over 150 participants from six teams including, Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare, East Kameng, Lower Dibang Valley, Upper Subansiri and SLSA are taking part in the event. The events conducted till 1 pm were 200 M and 400 m race for both Men’s and Women.

Tulum Tapum of Papum Pare, Taewo Ngadong and Gangte Epo, both of SLSA won the first, second and third positions respectively in Men’s 200m race while the first, second and third position in Women’s 200m race were won by Anjali Sagro (SLSA), Eyakphen Longri, (SLSA) and Giogi Nani (Kurung Kumey) respectively.

Speaking at the inaugural function this morning, Arunachal Olympic Association (AOA) president Padi Richo suggested youths of the state to opt for non-expensive field and track events instead of other highly expensive sporting events. He said that sportspersons in Arunachal Pradesh have the potential and the ability do well in field and track events, if they pursue it sincerely.

He informed that Government has made provision of organizing athletics meets in block and district level every year from which athletes will be picked for the State level competitions. He asked the respective authorities to conduct the same regularly.

The AOA president, meanwhile, expressed his unhappiness over non-implementation of job reservation policy for sportspersons in various Govt departments, excepting Police. He said that such departments should recognize the contributions of the meritorious sportspersons by recruiting them in their respective departments as per Govt policy. "This would not only solve unemployment problem but also encourage our youths to opt sports as their career," the AOA president said.

While describing the role of games and sports in resource development, Richo said that we can prevent aimless youths from going astray by encouraging them to take up games and sports activities which, if pursued sincerely, will not only earn name and fame, but also earn livelihood for them. He, however, reiterated the need of a proper sports policy for overall development of sports sector in the state.

Meanwhile, Richo sought suggestions from participating teams, various sports administrators and experts for better organization of the meet next year.

Uncertain future and pathetic condition of sportspersons in India, who end up their life in abject poverty, could be attributed to under development of games and sports in our country, PHED & WS Minister Chowna Mein, said. The Government must initiate welfare measures like incentives to meritorious sportsmen and women and secure their future by adopting a proper sports policy in favour of them to see them excelling in their chosen field of games and sports, he said. Otherwise no sportspersons would be courageous enough to opt sports as their career in our state, he opined.

Lack of facility is another main reason that is why we failed to produce sports persons of international calibre, Mein said, and assured for improving the facilities at Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy for which he will pursue the matter with the Chief Minister personally.

"Our boys and girls do well at Junior and Sub-junior level but they give up practicing sports activity at senior level perhaps thinking about their bleak future in this profession, reasoned Mein. He said that he has seen lots of talent in Arunachalee youth to compete with players of other countries of the world. He was referring to the players of African countries, who are presently dominating in long distance race in world of sports and whose geography is similar to Arunachal.

He exhorted youths of the state to pursue games and sports sincerely and win laurels for the state as well as the country.

Later, the students of SLSA demonstrated Karate and Judo shows which was appreciated by all.


Rafting at Subansiri

Daporijo, Dec 7: The people of Daporijo beheld a different sight today in the river Subansiri, which flows along the the town, with the passing of a Rafting Team consisting of 5 rafts and 3 Kayaks carrying 30 people along with provisions. The expedition led by Major General Chandan Nugyal and Vaibhav Karla of Aquaterra Adventure started from So- Nallah, 25 kilometers north of Taliha, on 5th December and will end at the Gerukamukh Dam on 9th December.

On reaching Daporijo today, the team was received by D. Raji, Tourism Information Officer, Daporijo and R. Duchok Secretary General (Arunachal Citizen’s Right) at half kilometer point from the bridge at Lida village.

The team members expressed their appreciation of the natural beauty of the area and scope for adventure tourism along with some concerns too.

Major General Nugyal was very concerned about increasing pollutants through littering and dumping of garbage along the river banks which was spoiling the pristine natural beauty and ecological balance in nature.

A Canadian member of the team expressed his reservations over the development which would come up with the coming up of Dams over the river.

He said that it would change the course of the rivers and in turn would limit the opportunities for white water sports life rafting, kayaking and canoeing etc in the area.

Individuals from India and countries as far away as USA, Belgium, England and Canada are a part of the expedition which has been going on for many years. The expedition is in its 5th run over the Subansiri River and has been conducted 10 times over the Siang River from Tuting to Pasighat and also over the Lohit River. (DIPRO)


National Voters Day

Ziro, Dec 7: Programme for celebration of National Voter’s Day (NVD) in Lower Subansiri District on 25th January 2011 has been chalked out here  today at a meeting of Officers from All India Radio, Field Publicity, Education, IPR, District Administration and Election departments in the Official Residence Lower Sbansiri DC.

While Presiding over the meeting Lower Subansiri DC Sadhana Deori, said it is a very important initiative of the Government to make the people particularly the rural youths aware  of the democratic process and thereby involve them in the governance of the country. The objectives of observing the National Voter’s Day is to increase enrollment of voters, by using this occasion so as to make universal adult franchise a complete reality and thereby enhance the quality of Indian Democracy. The Day will also be utilized to spread awareness among voters regarding effective participation in the electoral process, she added.

Good Block level Officers in recognition of their work and young voters will be felicitated on the NVD for which all Electoral registration Officers, Assistant Electoral Registration officers  district have  been instructed to identify good  Block Level Officers and young voters who have  registered themselves as voters.

With up gradation of Yachuli Circle Headquarter post to Independent ADC headquarter, the ADC, Yachuli will be designated ERO while three Circle Officers of Pistana, Yazali and Yachuli under Yachuli  sub-division will be appointed as AEROs, for which the approval  of ECI is being sought, she added.

The chalked out programme for the district includes-Radio Talk and Discussion and Jingles related to adult franchise with special emphasis on enrollment of all eligible voters in English, Hindi, Apatani and Nyishi Languages from Ziro station of All India Radio (AIR). These programmes will aired from  during local programme slots till  January 25 next.

Slogan writing competition among the students . A public function at Abotani Hall will be held on January 25 next where PR members, representative from select NGOs, Government Officers will be invited.  Display of Banners and posters and distribution of pamphlets will be other highlights of the celebration.






15 days EDP at Hapoli begins

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh launched KVIC (Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Govt. of India sponsored 15 days Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) on Bamboo Handicrafts at Seinyi Apu Training Centre, Hapoli today.

20 unemployed artisans were selected for the 15 days long programme which will be run up to Dec 20.

The objective of the EDP is to provide orientation and awareness pertaining to various managerial and operational functions.

The inaugural function was attended by A.P. Chobin, Assistant Director, KVIC as Chief Guest and H.P. Biswas, President NYP as Guest of Honour along with other guests and public leaders.  


Awareness camp

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: Members of All Nyapin Sangram Phassang Youth Welfare Association recently toured the said area from 1st to 5th December to conduct social awareness campaign. The main focus of campaign concentrated around socio-economic and education uplift of people living in these areas.


AEKSU seeks adequate posting of officers

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: All East Kameng Students Union (AEKSU) has urged the state Govt to post adequate officers in various administrative circles of the district.

While reminding the chief secretary of its one-point memorandum submitted in June 17 last, the union said the general public of various circles of the district have been facing problems due to absence or non-posting of administrative cadres. Most of the administrative works in some circles remain pending for long time due to shortage of officers, the union said. Even in district headquarters, the officers are facing many administrative burdens due to less number of officers, the union added.


Maitree Diwas

Tawang, Dec 7: Tawang is gearing up for Maitree Diwas, the friendship festival of army-civil administration and public of Tawang district.

In this regards, a combined meeting of army and district administration was convened in the Conference Hall of Deputy Commissioner, Tawang.

Headed by Gamli Padu, DC, Tawang the army and district officials, bazaar secretaries, and representative from YUVA attended the meeting.

The three-day celebration will kick-start on the Dec 27.

Main attraction of this three day friendship festival are ski-diving, textile and handicraft stalls, game stalls, dog show, cultural programmes, etc.

Padu asked for cooperation from all the members present in the hall for successful completion of Maitree Diwas.


Awareness rally

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: ENVIRON would organize a Mass Awareness Rally at Naharlagun and Itanagar respectively. The rally is organized to create awareness among the people to keep surrounding clean and to avoid gutkhas, pan masala etc.

In Naharlagun, Kendriya Vidyalaya No-1 and Govt M.E School D- Sector are going to participate while at Itanagar, the students of Aroonodaya Govt Hr, Sec, School and Vivekananda Central School would take part.

The date of rally at Naharlagun is fixed on 8th December 2010 and at Itanagar on 9th December 2010.


Yoga in Naharlagun

NAHARLAGUN, Dec 7: The Art of Living has announced a five-day yoga workshop  in Naharlagun  from 8th to 12th December, 2010.  

The workshop will be conducted at Kali Mandir, E Sector from.



ITANAGAR, Dec 7: Tamin Elite Society has condoled the untimely death of late Babai Giba, who was pursuing bachelor of engineering final year at Nagarcoil, Tamil Nadu. According to society, late Babai was found dead under mysterious circumstances on 28th November in his rented room at Nagarcoil town.  

Further they have thanked Arunachalee student communities of Tamil Nadu and Kerala for lending helping hand in evacuation of deceased body to Arunachal.  


Warnings for dog owners

ITANAGAR: Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) has warned pet owners not to let their dog wander around market area claiming that it creates traffic problem. IMWA also claimed that cases of dog biting have been reported in recent days in Itanagar market areas. They have urged pet owners to take care of their dog and have warned that dogs could be shot if they pose threat to public safety.


Central scheme progressing at snail pace

ITANAGAR: The execution of the Storm Water Drainage System, Centre’s ambitious scheme for urban infrastructure development for small and Medium Township, at Seppa was progressing at a snail pace, according to information obtained through RTI by Arunachal RTI Activists.

The Central Government has introduced the scheme of worth Rs. 13 crore in Seppa township during 2009-10, but not a single work is being done as per the DPR, the Arunachal RTI Activists said in its memorandum to East Kameng deputy commissioner.

The memorandum said that many of such developmental schemes sanctioned for East Kameng district have either remained incomplete or lost their existence thereby depriving the people from real development activities.

It also appealed to the DC to distribute contract works among poorer and unemployed youths, who do not have backing of MLA/Ministers.



SGRY haunts govt yet again, SC says yes to SLP

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: In yet another blow to the government and the Chief Minister, the Supreme Court has called for issuance of notice regarding PIL No. 52/2007 which was earlier dismissed by Guwahati High court.

Justice R V Raveendran and A K Patnaik on Dec 5 while admitting the special leave Petition  of Voluntary Arunachal Sena Versus State of Arunachal noted why the matter should not be remanded to the High Court to appoint amicus curiae in place of the petitioner and examine the matter on merits.

The PIL No. 52/2007 was filled by one Borang Lama following alleged discrepancies in the lifting of foods under Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana scheme.

The PIL was subsequently dismissed by the Guwahati High Court vide its judgment date 12th of May, 2010.

This is second petition on the same case. The earlier Special Leave to Appeal was filed by one Rahul Aggarwal versus the state of Arunachal.

In 2004, Centre invoked special food-for-work programme under its Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana scheme after a devastating floods.

The records states that in 2004, a contractor hired by the Arunachal Pradesh government transported rice to flood victims, charging `68.44 crore, or about six times the `11.7 crore that the Union government had spent to buy the rice for relief supplies to the north-eastern state. During the time, the present Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu was the Relief Minister in the government headed by the Gegong Apang.

The transport company, an unregistered firm, RD Carriages, headed by a member of Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu’s family received the contract without the required tendering process.

The firm showed head-loads in places where there are roads; increased the head-load distances where there are no roads; and inflated the hiring cost of trucks by three times.


Social welfare measures and their schemes

Tongam Rina

The eighth report on the most vulnerable social groups and their access to food by the Commissioners of the Supreme Court makes one wonder whether the government of India’s social welfare schemes is just for the sake of it.

The poor implementation and extreme lack of accountability at the state level and centre’s inability to do anything is too massive to ignore.

The Commissioners report in bits and pieces on Arunachal is yet another reminder how major welfare schemes and public distribution system despite all tall claims by government is nowhere near where it should be.

The Supreme Court appointed the commissioners to monitor the implementation of the Court’s orders on various welfare measures and schemes as an aftermath of path breaking public interest litigation in April 2001 by People’s Union for Civil Liberties Rajasthan known as “PUCL vs Union of India & Others, Writ Petition (Civil) 196 of 2001” seeking enforcement of the right to food.

Initially, the case was brought against the Government of India, the Food Corporation of India and six states, for inadequate drought relief. However, the case was extended with all states and union territories as respondents.

The Commissioners would soon come up with their next report. The performance of Arunachal this time remains to be seen but the fact remains that lot more need to be done when it comes to implementation of social welfare schemes and Public Distribution System.

The Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY) aimed at addressing urban poverty alleviation is a major govt initiative. It stipulates that a 3 per cent reservation of coverage or finances is mandatory for differently abled people. All over the country the target is not met. Needless to say, in Arunachal Pradesh, according to official data it is a stark 0 %.

The supplementary nutrition programme of the ICDS, along with other services such as nutrition counselling and referral health services are aimed at reducing malnutrition among children under six. The data of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS 3) says 46% of children under three are underweight for their age in the country. Arunachal figures in the list of states where the situation of malnutrition among children under three has worsened.

Emotions do run high when we talk about children but yours truly just pray that we better our performances by the time the next report comes in.  

The report by Commissioners on public distribution system makes an interesting reading too.  The conundrum is such that most of the targeted Below the Poverty Line do not get food grains and those Above the Poverty Line (APL) do not bother to use the ration card because of high price.

In Arunachal, identification of BPL families is an interesting issue. There is an instance where a son of a Deputy Commissioner found his name in the BPL list. This is not an isolated case. Systematic looting of poor continues unabated.


CESC to invest Rs 630 crore in Arunachal power project

Itanagar, Dec 7: RPG group company CESC Ltd today announced its foray into hydel power generation in Arunachal Pradesh by constructing a 90-MW hydel power project at a cost of ` 630 crore.

CESC vice-chairman Sanjiv Goenka said the company had signed an MoU with the Arunachal Pradesh government for construction of the 90-MW Jarong Hydro Electricity project in West Siang district, which is expected to be commissioned in 2015-16.

The company does not forsee any hurdle in securing the environmental clearance within 15 months, Goenka said adding despite construction of a diversion barrage there would be no submergence of any village.

He said the company was also looking for inorganic growth in hydel projects in the north and Northeast India to increase its total hydel capacity to 500 MW in the next 5-6 years.

"We are holding discussions, but I cannot divulge anything more now. The project will be financed on 70:30 equity basis and financial closure will be achieved within 18 months," he said. (Sources)


Central team at L/Dibang Valley to assess damages

ROING, Dec 7: A high level eight member Central Team headed by K K Pathak, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs accompanied by Power Minister Jarbom Gamlin, of the state landed at Roing today and had a discussion with the Head of department of the district to assess the damaged made by the natural catastrophe in the district during the year 2010.

Y W Ringu, Deputy Commissioner of the district made a power point presentation of the damages due to natural catastrophe like landslides, landslips, floods during the year to the visiting dignitaries in the meeting which lasted for half an hour.

Ringu highlighted that the natural catastrophe like landslides and flood/silting had caused a great devastation during the year hampering communication to some parts of the district which need to be restored yet and also to the electricity and drinking water supply system to the very heart of the district headquarter, Roing.

She also informed that many agricultural/horticultural fields were damaged by floods at different pockets of the district and some villages at Paglam,  Dambuk are in the threat of flood every year. Many houses and HT power lines were destroyed by the storm during the year.  She also mention that a mountain at 82 km point at Roing-Anini roads ripped apart forming a gap of 2-3 feet during the month of July over a night which she invited for a seismic study by expert. She also highlighted the various measures taken by the district administration and other departments during the time of crisis caused by landslides and flood during the year. (DIPRO)


Single-minded dedication required to eradicate violence: Mossang

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: In order to eradicate violence against women and the girl child, single-minded dedication of all the stakeholders is required Chairperson, Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women, Komoli Mossang said.

She was speaking at the State Level Workshop on prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 and protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 being organized at Itanagar SIRD conference Hall on 7th December by the Papum Pare ICDS Project under Deputy Director Ponung Ering Angu in collaboration with the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women, under the aegis of the National Commission for women.

The event organized to mark the global fortnight campaign against domestic violence starting from the 25th of November, is a statement of commitment towards intensive implementation of protection of women’s rights, she said.

Thanking the Government of Arunachal Pradesh for allowing the officers of the Department of Social Welfare Women and Child Development  to fulfill the functions of Child Marriage Prohibition Officers under the Child Marriage Prohibition Act 2006 and  appointment of Protection Officers under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 she exhorted participants comprising of Judicial Magistrates (First Class) and the Deputy Directors ICDS and CDPOs to take the campaign to the village level by making relief available to the victims at the districts.

The technical session of the event being organized under the aegis of the National Commission for Women was chaired by Vice Chairperson of APSCW Mepung Tadar.

The resource persons include Law Officer Dani Belo who has actively associated with women’s rights through his contributions via television and the radio talks, spoke on the Child Marriage Prohibition Act 2006 while Samanadhan Anila, Assistant Professor Law College spoke on the PWDC Act 2005.

While appreciating the contribution of NGOs in women empowerment, the APSCW requested performing NGOs to come forward to open up at least one shelter home in each district for women and child victims, so that immediate problems of shelter safety and social rehabilitation are mitigated.


Soceity appeals for implementation of accords

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: Sajolang (Miji) Elite Society has requested various private companies, including NEEPCO KSK, SEW and Patel Engineering working under Sajolang area, to implement the agreements made with the State Government. Speaking at the office inaugural function of Sajolang (Miji) Elite Society, its president Aju Khonjuju said that there is 15% job reservation for local people in managerial/professional, ministerial/clerical, skilled and unskilled jobs as per MoA.

Khonjuju also stressed the need for preservation of culture and tradition of Sajolangs.

Earlier, former MLA Rinchin Kharu inaugurated the society office and suggested the students of government higher secondary school Nafra to wear their own (Sajolang (Miji) dress once in a week.

Former minister Japu Deru and Nafra EAC also spoke on the occasion.


Efforts on for establishment of institution of higher learning: Siram

Golden jubilee celebration of Kaying HSS

Aalo, Dec 7: The State Education Minister Bosiram Siram inaugurated the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Govt. H.S.S. Kaying on 6th Dec last.

Addressing a massive gathering, Siram said that present Govt. has formulated education policy for the state and various acts that encompass elementary, higher and technical education will give new dimension to education system in the state. Govt. will rely on NCERT books to do away frequent changes in text books involving unwanted expenditure in the past and efforts have been made to establish medical, engineering, polytechnic, law so that learning is available in our doorsteps.

Free and compulsory education and free text books up to class VIII comes under the education policy of the state and free dress and separate directorate for elementary education have been initiated, he said.  He also disclosed that a record sort of post creations have been made for Principals, Headmasters and teachers to fill up the existing vacancies in different streams.

He asked school administration, teachers and students to look into all managements at their level and work with missionary zeal to improve education scenario in the state.

He further assured to look into the public memorandum which included science stream, extension of class rooms, construction of boys and girls hostel, posting of science teachers.

Speaking as special guest on the occasion, 32 Rumgong MLA Tamiyo Taga expressed his dismay over only countable graduates from the school in its fifty years of existence in this era of competition and urged school authorities, teachers & students to work on all loopholes. The administration, school authority and public should act tough and demarcate school boundary for future extension of the school, he added.

The Special Guest and Director of School Education Tapang Taloh said that Golden Jubilee should not be seen as a mega celebration but an occasion for self-introspection and yardstick to measure our achievements. Urging teachers to come up with more commitments, he said that a single teacher has molded his destiny to stand before them as director.

Earlier, the School Principal T. Nyigang gave a detailed overview of the school.

The ZPM Kaying Tasar Tamir, Alumni of the school EAC Tayek Pado, ASM Chairpersons Yadop Pado, Tatong Pado and Tasing Padu, organizing secretary also spoke on the occasion. Various traditional cultural programmes were exhibited by different tribes on the occasion.


50 engineers trained on PMGSY

ITANAGAR, Dec 7: The State Institute of Rural Development in collaboration with Rural Works Department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh conducted two numbers of three day each, central sponsored refresher training on PMGSY for Assistant and Junior Engineers of RWD of the state.  

50 engineers were provided training, which covered hands demonstrations of quality control tests, tests on soils, aggregates and bitumen etc. preparation of DPRs, deficiencies in DPRs and weaknesses and investigations, MoRD specifications of rural roads, standard biding documents & contract management, use of emulsion in road construction, Manufacturing of Emulsion, Bitumen Testing and Cold Mix Technologies and other important aspects including convergence etc.

The training was imparted by resource persons from Rural Works Department Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Bitchem Asphalt Technologies Limited, Guwahati and Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat.   

Two batches of training were held at RWC, Rupa from November 27 to 29 and December 02 to 04.

Professor P. K. Khaund, Jorhat Engineering College, which is also functioning as State Technical Agency [STA] for PMGSY in Arunachal gave a vivid presentation on how realistic Detail Project Reports can be prepared.  He also gave valuable tips on how the deficiencies in DPRs preparation can be overcome to save time and resources keeping in view of MoRD specifications for rural roads.  Professor Khaund also addressed issues related to according technical sanctions and extended support to the participating engineers in reflecting ground realities with full support of documents and photographs.  

He also assured that he would be willing to visit to various locations on invitation in order to justify the realistic and genuine cases for the benefit of the state.

Er. A. Purkayastha, Head, Marketing, Bitchem, Guwahati provided detail knowledge on use of emulsion in road construction and the processes involved in emulsion, bitumen testing and cold mix technologies. He also provided a view of how Bitchem, Guwahati has been able to extend its operations in ensuring construction of environmental friendly and safe road construction etc.

Er. T. K. Tagin, SE, RWC, Rupa, Er. M. Ngemu, EE, RWD, Singchung and Er. N. Nyodu, EE, RWD, Tawang also supported the training as expert resource persons on various important topics.  Besides, Er. D. D. Choudhury and R. D. Mosobi, ASCO, RWD, Rupa were instrumental providing hands on practice on various laboratory tests to the participating engineers.    

V. K. Sharma, Deputy Director, SIRD and programme coordinator of the programme also provided an insight on how PMGSY can be beautified in reaching the unreached by convergence approach, which requires an attitude of partnership at various levels.

In the post programme feedback participating engineers opined that universal testing facilities at the work sites would help them in quality controls, which is very essential in PMGSY road construction.  They also shared their difficulties in preparation of DPRs in a hilly and tough terrain in far flung areas of our state.  Participating engineers unanimously felt that the training of such kind should be for more duration and it should include more laboratory tests as well as field visit to PMGSY roads.  An opinion that engineers serving all over the state should be provided opportunity to have exposure of road construction works in other parts of the state and region/country emerged as one of the suggestions given by the engineers.  It was also suggested that such types of training to site engineers engaged by contractors should also be organised at regular intervals.  Such initiatives would be very useful to have common understanding of various parameters of rural roads construction in hilly areas will help in long run in achieving total development through connectivity in our state.

It may be mentioned that SIRD was involved as coordinating agency for PMGSY training programmes in the state with full support of Ministry of Rural Developemnt to cover all Assistant Engineers and Junior Engineers of the Rural Works Department.  

The institute since June this year has successfully conducted two numbers of six days batches and six numbers of three day batches for about 172 engineers from all over the state and remaining programme would be conducted soon.


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