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December  -  24


Consumer forum fines government department for inefficient service

AALO, Dec 23: In a landmark judgement, West Siang, District Consumer Forum imposed a fine of Rupees five thousand to a Govt. Department for inefficient service!

One Toli Ete of Sipu Colony, Aalo obtained an application form from the Office of Deputy Director School Education (DDSE), Aalo  on payment of Rupees ten as cost of form for appearing at the interview for the post of Junior/Assistant Teacher under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). While the duly filled-up application form was submitted to the SSA Coordinator, he refused to accept the application on the grounds that the forms issued from DDSE Office would not be accepted.

Ete had to purchase another application form from the Office of SSA Coordinator, which is a branch office under DDSE Office, Aalo. this had caused him enough mental harassment and agony besides additional financial expenditure to approach the District Consumer Forum for delivery of justice.

Pursuant to the complaint as filed by Ete, the Consumer Case No. WS/CP/CASE-10/2008 was registered under Section 2 (1) (g) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. After going through the papers on record and hearing arguments of both parties, the Forum found that there was deficiency in service by the Education Department and ordered it to pay Rs Five Thousand to the Ete for causing mental agony and loss of money as additional cost of the application form.

TV dealer penalized by the District Forum

On December 19, 2008,  S.K. Borah, an employee of BSNL, Aalo in West Siang District purchased one 20” LG Colour TV from M/S Music Den, Dealer in LG TV, Old Market, Aalo with warranty for a period of six months. But, within two months, the TV stopped functioning obviously due to manufacturing defects.

Borah therefore, approached the firm for replacement of the defective TV with a new one. However, despite assurance for immediate replacement.

After paying a number of unsuccessful visits to the firm for replacement of the TV set, he at last found no option but decided to approach the West Siang Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (District Forum), Aalo for redressal of his grievance. Accordingly, consumer case No.WS/CP/Case-18/2009 was registered under section 2 (1) (g) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

After hearing of the case in detail from both complainant and opposite party, the Forum found that the opposite party had committed discrepancy and directed M/s Music Den, Old Market Aalo to handover a brand new 20” LG Colour TV  to S.K. Borah within a period of seven days.


Tussle over Church continues

APCRCSC, ACF, TKSC demands action from the govt

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: The row over a building of church at Namsai has gone a step ahead with Arunachal Christian Forum and Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Sub Council and Tai Khampti Singpho Council (TKSC) demanding intervention from the state government.

All the organizations accuse the other of instigating violence and being forceful.

Meanwhile it is interesting to note that Namsai administration has banned building of any religious sites without prior permission from the administration.  

It is reported that on Dec 18 a tussle broke out between the members of the organizations after a church was being built in Namsai.

Christian organizations are  upset that construction of the church was halted while TKSC  says that church was being built without the consent of the local people. TKSC says that people from outside Namsai descended over the area uninvited to build the church and while the Christian organizations says that their religious rights have been curtailed.

Further, the members of the Christian organizations said that they had gone to Namsai to bring a solution to impasse over the church and help build it while the TKSC says that sentiments of the local people were hurt at the intrusion.

As the fight for supremacy continues, all the three organizations have called on the state government to intervene.

Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Sub Council has called for to state to intervene to enable it to build a church at Namsai. In a press release while giving details of the debacle while they were trying to build a church at Namsai, the Sub Council said that land on which the church was to come up is not in a prohibited area which the TKSC disputes. The Council maintains that the area in which the church was coming up is a government land.

Church Sub Council  said that believers of the Christian religion were assaulted when they arrived in Namsai on Dec 18 to help with construction and to solve the impasse after the erected structure was demolished on Dec 1.  It further demanded arrest of Tai Khampti Singpho Council secretary for instigating violence and leader of Tai Khampti Students Union for assaulting its members and damages caused to vehicles and action against EAC for failing in his duties to prevent violence.

On the other hand, The Arunachal Christian Forum while condemning the unprovoked aggression deplores the ‘violent incidents and hopes that all concerned will desist from any act that may precipitate matters.’

General Secretary of the Forum Toko Teki called on the Government to take stern action against those responsible for act of aggression.

ACF further said that government should act immediately to restore the confidence of the community.

Meanwhile the TKSC says that “be it a message to the brethrens of all Arunachal that, the Khampti-Singpho people are always peace loving and believes in religious coexistence and under no circumstances the incidents as occurred is against any tribe, community or religious faith of the people of Arunachal Pradesh’.

“There are already more than five church’s in and around Namsai Township of different denomination. Hence, it is baseless and unfounded to allege that religious rights are being curtailed and Christian believers are being tortured and live under threat” it further said.

It urged the concern organizations to abstain from constructing such disputed establishment which invites social disharmony and tension.

The battle for supremacy continues in the state famous for its multi religion and multi culture society.


State Scouts and Guides unit shines

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Lishang Unit of Bharat Scouts and Guides of government middle school Oyan, East Siang district stood 1st in the state exhibition competition among north east state in the regional tribal scouts and guides meet 2009 held at Aizawl recently.

Scouts and Guides of Arunodaya Higher Secondary School and Ganga Secondary School brought laurel by achieving overall winner in each of scout and guide sections in the recently concluded regional standard judging camp held at Tripura. The Scout section achieved grade A in fire rescue, back wood man’s cooking, pioneering, colour party and grade B in march past and camp craft. While the guide section achieved grade A in fire rescue, back wood man’s cooking, pioneering, and camp craft and grade B in mapping.


Khonsa women lead fight against drugs abuse

KHONSA, Dec 23: The women members of Khonsa Self-Help Group took out a procession at Khonsa Township today carrying banners and placards decrying the rising cases of drugs abuse amongst the youth in Tirap district.

Students, public, government employees and shopkeepers participated in the procession. Later, speaking on the occasion, DMO Dr. S. Ronya while lauding the effort of SHG, asked the parents, teachers and leaders to play pro-active role in creating awareness on adverse effect of drugs abuse.  He assured all help from his department.

MO Dr. T. Matey, said that drugs abuse not only retard the physical and mental growth of the drug users but also ruins the society.

President, DMCC Sontung Lowang, said that drugs abuse amongst the youth has hampered the social-economic growth of the district and appealed to all to be united in their fight against drugs abuse.

Earlier, Y. Lowang explained the objectives of the meeting and said that the fight against drugs abuse would continue. (DIPRO)


Raj Bhavan vegetable garden impress Poma farmers

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: ‘Ale mopa’ said the Gaon Burah from Poma village, while visiting Raj Bhavan today, which has been turned into a repertory under the initiative of the Governor Gen JJ Singh and State First Lady Anupama Singh.

The Gaon Burah was one among the group of farmers, youth, Panchayat members and Gaon Burahs from Poma-Jote area who visited the horticultural farm, kitchen garden, orchidorium and medical plant project of the Raj Bhavan. The team also saw the fish pond, the bee hives and poultry.

During the visit, they saw the extensive use of cane and bamboo product in the Raj Bhavan furnishing.

Interacting with the group, the Governor asked them to go for organic farming. He said, today, everyone; especially the well-informed people prefer organic products,  as they are aware of bad effects of the chemicals.

Gen Singh further called on them to take up farming for sustainable source of income.The Governor urged upon the Gaon Burahs to disseminate the ideas among the local populace.

Agriculture Development Officer T. Angu, who supervises works in the garden, informed the villagers that the produces are free from contamination of synthetic fertilizer and agro chemical, while showing the twenty odd varieties of vegetables. The Raj Bhavan vegetable garden measures an area of 2088 Sq meters.

While imparting methods of organic farming, Angu dwelled on details of construction of vermin compost pit and also of nature manures. She also suggested on community support agricultural programme wherein local management and participation of family members are emphasized.

Impressed by the ideas implemented at Raj Bhavan, the group expressed their enthusiasm in starting such projects in their villages.

The visit of the villagers was conceptualized by the Governor to provide exposure to the new varieties of vegetables and to ensure that the local farmers are acquainted to the new farming skill. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)


Public hearing of Nafra hydroelectric project held

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: The public hearing for granting environmental clearance for NAFRA hydroelectric project (96 MW) to be executed by SEW Nafra Power Corporation Private Limited was conducted at Nafra Community Hall, West Kameng yesterday by the Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB).

300 enthusiastic participants shared their views and voiced their opinions publicly in the hearing. On the whole, the public were supportive of the project and requested additional clarifications regarding employment issues and  award of civil contract works to the local people. Some questions were also raised on the availability of grazing land for Mithun and the conservation of local aquatic ecology.

DC  Swati Sharma asked the project proponent SEW Nafra Power Corporation Limited to clarify the various doubts /issues raised by the public during the hearing to their satisfaction and assured the gathering that issues like job reservations, compensation , rehabilitation, afforestation would be as per Government norms and implemented with utmost transparency.

Parliamentary Secretary, Hydro Power Development R. T. Khunjuju, and former MP Kiren Rijuju also attended the hearing. (DIPRO)


Bishop of Itanagar appeals for tolerance

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Rt. Rev. Dr. John Thomas, Bishop of Itanagar, extending his Christmas greetings appealed for tolerance in Society. We should never see the one who does not profess our creed as “the other”.  He/she should be seen as a brother/sister who is also genuinely in search of truth. Jesus did not want a fragmented world so he prayed, “that they all be one”, he said in his message.

He further called upon all Christians to work together for a society where charity takes precedence over a creedal formula. May this celebration of Christmas usher in an era of peace in our beloved country, he added.  Meanwhile, Parliamentary Secretary Karikho Kri in a Christmas message said, “let us imbibe the sacred teachings of Jesus Christ and rededicate ourselves to spread his universal message of love and compassion for the welfare of the society the world over. I believe that his spiritual effulgence would greatly help to realize the vision of a peaceful and harmonious world in the 21st century”.

He called on all to rededicate to work for the needy and underprivileged.  

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee in its message called on all to rededicate the feeling of human values, oneness and communal harmony. It further expressed the hope that people of the state will be blessed with good health and prosperous life.


Many turns up for Civil Service counseling prog

NAHARLAGUN Dec. 23: Many youngsters aspiring for positions in coveted Civil Service exams turned up today at a  free career- counselling cum induction programme held at the Library of Dera Natung Govt. College.

Secretary (Planning), Ankur Garg, a topper of Indian Administrative Service exams of his batch while sharing his experiences called on the students to put in their best attempts. He said that competition was not as other exams as it requires mental toughness, support from families and friends, determination and quality studies.

He said that apart from job satisfaction, they would get a chance to serve the society.

Are we ready to imbibe changes?


Dear Editor,

The recent media statements issued by the  Minister Education Bosiram Siram to consider competence and ability as added criteria for promotion of teachers to gazetted posts needs to be assessed in the light of the new line of thinking postulated by planners and policy makers for good governance in our country.

Siram’s statement is another shot in the arms of progressive sections of our society who dare to innovate and take risks as opposed to the moribund and conservatives who, in the name of discipline and decorum, both laudable virtues in their own rights, are fearful of any new changes to status quo. It has to be admitted that the present system of education has been sharply criticised by intellectuals and layman alike as a system that only promotes rote learning and conformity, while not being conducive to bold enterprises and creativity.

Personally, I would like to suggest  our  minister Education in my capacity as a concerned citizen  to consider for the recruitment of headmasters/vice-principals and principals through the APPSC as is being  done in other states.

The idea of direct recruitment of HM/VP and Principals will not go down well with the ideologues of the teaching community (excepting, of course, the teachers of colleges and universities who have to prove their academic worth time and again for every promotion and pay increment and as such, earn rightfully their due) but, it should be a happy news for the unemployed educated youth of the state who are serious scholars and wish to serve the department of education with distinction.                   

Alternately, the government may also consider for conducting of limited department examination amongst the serving teachers with a minimum prescribed period of services for promotion to the posts of HM/VP and Principal, say 50% of the total vacancies, so that competence and ability is also rewarded along with that of seniority

The recent Kothari committee and Satish Chandra committee have sought to overhaul some of the basic premises of the service condition of the IAS and its recruitment process. It all points to similar directions as proposed to be tracked by our Minister Education in his quest to keep pace with the modern times.

One of its recommendations seeks to curtail the number of attempts by a candidate and reduce the qualifying age  in order to appear for the exam. It is argued that younger people are basically more open to innovations  and have a more plasticity of mind as well which is suited to make the IAS  a more dynamic and progressive oriented service in nature.

The moot point here is whether the  the  Minister Education’s policy of rewarding academic dedication and distinction, aptitude and ability of serving teachers will have any takers from most of the conservative minded teachers who are mostly concerned about weighting sluggishly for their next promotion and do nothing exceptional to deserve it or earn it through an exam like the proposed limited department exams to test their aptitude and decision making skill as well as the dedication to acquire new developments in their respective fields of excellence as just rote learning is not a real learning and merely reporting for duty regularly strictly doesn't mean imparting of real education to our children. I wish our beloved leader all the best in his endeavour to justify the hype that we have one of the best men to sit in the august chair of the education ministry.


James Toche

(on email)



We believe in peaceful co-existence


Dear Editor,

Christianity, one of the widely practiced religions in the world, believes in peace and follows the ideology of communal harmony.  The people of the democratic and secular country like India have also the right to practice any religion. Therefore, I on behalf of the  Christian Youth of CRC Akashdeep, appeal all the persons who are reportedly involved in violent activities and assaulted the CRC missionaries at Jaipur Road, Namsai on Dec 19, not to repeat such type of unexpected activities against any religion.


Dampak Mindo

A youth of CRC Akashdeep, Itanagar.




Don’t deprive us


Dear Editor,

We the aspirants of the RFO examination under APPSC request the commission to reschedule the RFO exam date which is scheduled to begin  just 3 days after the APPSC exam (i.e. from 14.1. 2009 onwards).

 It is almost impossible to revisit Capital from the district headquarters to appear in RFO exam within three  days of  “the mother of all exam. Considering the problems being faced by the aspirants living in the districts, APPSC should reconsider the RFO exam schedule so that every aspirant can take the opportunity to appear in the exam.


Lim Modi

Nyokum Lapang.

He further congratulated Department of Higher and Technical Education for organizing the programme and termed it a positive step for the Civil Service aspirants.

Director for Higher and Technical Education and NERIST Dr  Joram Begi, earlier in his speech said his department will always be delighted to encourage the students for all the competitive exams and render all the necessary help in their endeavour.  He urged all the students to come forward and appear in such exams. (DIPR)


NYC organizes  volleyball competition

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: East Kameng district unit of Nationalist Youth Congress, the youth wing of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) conducted a volleyball competition on December 21 which was participated by various block youths of NYC and general public of the district.

Speaking on the occasion, NYC East Kameng unit president Achung Sono Yangfo spoke about the importance of games and sports in today’s world.


MLA asks officers to work with missionary zeal

KHONSA, Dec 23: Longding MLA and Parliamentary Secretary for Trade & Commerce Thangwang Wangham asked the officers to work with missionary zeal and assured his whole-hearted support and help. He told them to update their knowledge on policies and programmes of the departments and work in close coordination among the departments. He also asked them not to compromise on quality of work.

The MLA was addressing the coordination meeting of Head of the Departments at Longding on Dec 21.

Earlier, in his welcome address, ADC Habung Donyi asked the officers to openly highlight their problems if any while executing the schemes.

Later, the HoDs threw light on progress of work under their respective departments. Some officers also expressed their problems at implementation level. The meeting discussed threadbare all problems of Longding area and the members vowed to work with renewed vigour and energy to accelerate pace of development in Longding area which is lagging behind in all spheres. (DIPRO)


ACF organizes Pre-Christmas Get-together

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: A Pre-Christmas celebration was organized by the Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) at Banquet Hall yesterday.

Rev. Fr. Jacob Mattathilany, The Vicar General of the Diocese of Itanagar, in his message said that Christmas comes just after the United Nations Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen. He urged the people to explore ways to make our lives more environment friendly so that we can bequeath the next generation a safe globe to live in.

While addressing the audience on the occasion, Bosiram Siram said that Christmas emphasizes the message of peace and self-giving, “Jesus Christ by His example showed us that there is nothing greater than giving one’s self totally for others. That is what we are called to do as we celebrate Christmas,” he said.

Rev. Modam Dini, in his message called upon Christian believers to give importance to the up lift of spiritual values.

UD and PWD Minister Nabam Tuki, MLA Techi Kasso, Government officials and religious leaders, attended the celebration among others.


Khunjuju assures development

ITANAGAR, Dec 23:  Parliamentary Secretary R. T. Khunjuju assured that he would work whole-heartedly to bring all possible development in every sector with a special attention in the field of Hydro power for the entire state and Nafra in particular. He gave this assurance at a public meeting in Nafra Circle on Dec 21.

He said that defunct hydro power plants in the area need to be made functional soon.

He further said that PWD road from 9-mile to Nafra need to be well taken care of as it has been damaged by regular use of heavy machineries by power developers. He called on the power companies to extend support to make the road broader and better.


NSS camp concludes

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Annual NSS Camp was held at Jote Secondary School from December 17-21.

The camp was inaugurated by Vice Principal Government Higher Secondary School, Itanagar D Kato and Principal G H S School, Itanagar T Nyodu attended the valedictory function as Chief Guest.

Both the guests advised the volunteers to carry forward the idea and motto of NSS for nation building.


SP calls for community participation to contain drug menace

Changlang, Dec 23: Addressing a Police-Public meeting today, SP, Changlang K Aya while appreciating the people of the district for their co-operation for maintaining peace in the area, demanded greater participation from them to stop Opium and drug menace which is spreading in the district like a wild fire. He further elaborated at length on public role to control crime, extortion problem, and creation of village defense party.  

The ASMs, GBs and other public leaders unanimously suggested for the need of creating check posts at the outskirt of Changlang township area both at Changlang-Khonsa road and Changlang-Khimyong road. They urged the police department to bring more improvement in town patrolling and start colony patrolling in the township areas.

Khongpong Tangha, Public Leader while appreciating the creation of village defense party emphasized that government should train them properly and provide arms with ammunition. He also suggested for payment of honorarium to the VDPs to boost the morals. (DIPRO)


Union calls for action against encroachment

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Doimukh Students’ Union submitted a two point memorandum to Extra Assistant Commissioner, Doimukh today.

The memorandum said that government quarters and its land are being encroached and occupied by government servants and public, adding that the concerned authority are also issuing land allotment certificate to the individuals without proper verification and survey.

It appealed the authority to control further encroachment on government land within Doimukh circle and urged the authority to demolish all the ongoing construction, which is being carried out in government land and premises of government quarters.

It further said that stone, sand and other materials are being collected from near Dikrong River Bridge which is a threat to the Bridge and called for putting an immediate ban on the activities.


ABSU silver jubilee

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: The premier students organization of Pasighat, All Bogong Students’ Union (ABSU) established in 1985 would celebrate its “silver jubilee”. This decision was taken today at a meeting. The programme is scheduled tentatively towards the last week of January.  An organizing committee was constituted with Tobom Dai, spokesperson of AAPSU, who is also a senior student leader of the area as the chairperson.


Technology week 2009 at Papu Valley

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: Technology week 2009 was organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Kameng at Papu Valley recently.

During the Programme, Subject Matter Specialist and Programme Assistant of different departments along with Programme Coordinator visited farmlands of the Papu Valley to identify the problems and need of the farming community.

Flagging of the training programme, Programme Coordinator of KVK Dr. Sanjoy Borthakur spoke on the need of integrated farming system while SMS (Agronomy) Binod Kalita, informed the villagers on the Pulse base cropping pattern in Papu valley.

SMS(Fishery),  Satyendra Kumar spoke on scope of fish farming in Papu valley’ and informed the villagers on how to utilize the river for rearing fish in Cage and pen culture.

Programme Assistant (AH & Vety) Dr. Lige Basar educated the villagers on Common disease management of livestock and poultry’.

During interaction programme, farmer showed keen interest to adapt double cropping with introduction of Boro rice.

Programme Coordinator assured the farmers to give technical support as well as to conduct demonstration.


Society demands

ITANAGAR, Dec 23: All Arunachal Pradesh Handicapped Welfare Society in a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner, Capital Complex appealed for establishment of a Colony at Karsingsa, issue of small business permits, allocation of shops at government sponsored market, construction of disable friendly building, special entry cards to civil secretariat.

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