December 15

Racial violence against NE people: Supreme Court gives slew of directions
New Delhi, Dec 14: The Supreme Court today passed a slew of directions, including setting up of a three-member panel headed by a Joint Secretary-level officer, to enhance a sense of security and inclusion of the people from north-eastern states who faced racial violence and hate crimes.
The panel -- comprising Joint Secretary (North-east), the Ministry of Home Affairs, and two other members to be nominated by the Union government -- has been given powers ranging from ensuring strict action in incidents of racial discrimination, racial atrocities and racial violence and suggesting measures to curb such hate and racial crimes.
The court also directed the government that the effective monitoring mechanism suggested by the M P Bezbaruah Committee in its report should be implemented and "should not like innumerable instances of its ilk, languish in dusty shelves of long forgotten archives".
It was also of the view that involvement of the law enforcement machinery is alone not sufficient to resolve the problem and stressed that mindsets have to be changed including in universities, colleges and educational institutions, places of work and in society.
After perusing report of the panel headed by Bezbaruah, a former bureaucrat and member of the North Eastern Council, and the Centre's response to it, a bench headed by Chief Justice T S Thakur said, "We are of the view that in order to enhance a sense of security and inclusion,...the Ministry of Home Affairs should take proactive steps to monitor the redressal of issues pertaining to racial discrimination faced by citizens of the nation drawn from the Northeast."
"For that purpose, a regular exercise of monitoring and redressal should be carried out by a Committee consisting of the following members -- Joint Secretary (North-east), Ministry of Home Affairs; and two other members to be nominated by the Union government (one of whom should be a public figure)," it said.
However, the court refrained from passing any direction on the proposal for amending the Indian Penal Code by insertion of two new provisions -- sections 153C and 509A -- which was opposed by the Centre on the ground that sections 153A, 153B and 505(2) already exist as a part of the penal provision and covers the situation of racial crimes.
Also, the court took note of the Centre's submission that the proposal was under examination and said "whether the law should be amended is for the Union government to decide in its considered assessment of the situation, the nature of the problem and the efficacy of existing provisions. A mandamus to legislate cannot be issued."
The apex court, which dealt with several incidents of racial discrimination and crimes against the people of north-eastern region, said, "The involvement of the law enforcement machinery is alone not sufficient to resolve the problem."
"Mindsets have to be changed including in universities, colleges and educational institutions, places of work and in society. Sensitivity and inclusion have to be fostered.
"In order to achieve this, greater awareness of the history and the rich cultural traditions of the northeast is required to be inculcated. The problems faced by persons from the northeast traverse a whole range of issues, from the mundane issues of daily life to matters of education, employment, social security and the fundamental right to live in dignity.
"The governments, both at the Centre and in the states, have a non-negotiable obligation to take positive steps to give effect to India's commitment to racial equality. This commitment is embodied in constitutional rights, fundamental duties, statutory provisions and in the international obligations which have been assumed by India," the bench also comprising justices D Y Chandrachud and L Nageswara Rao said.
In a slew of directions, the bench said the newly constituted committee's work should be widely publicised in the electronic and print media, including in the north-eastern states, and the panel should be accessible to grievances, suggestions and complaints.
It said the panel should meet periodically and preferably at monthly intervals to monitor the redressal of all such grievances including the implementation of the recommendations of the Bezbaruah committee, to the extent to which they have been accepted by the Centre.
The bench also enumerated the functions likely to be carried out by the panel which would include monitoring, overseeing, pursuing and reviewing the implementation of the Bezbaruah committee's July 11, 2014 report.
Further, the committee will monitor the initiatives taken by the government to curb and deal with the incidents of racial discrimination/racial atrocities and racial violence and monitor action on such incidents and suggest measures and ensure strict action.
The committee will also receive, consider and entertain complaints from individuals and groups of individuals who claim to be victims of racial abuse/ racial atrocities/ racial violence/ racial discrimination and forward it to the National Human Rights Commission and the State Human Rights Commissions and to the concerned police station as the case may be for enquiry and necessary action.
The committee will issue necessary directions including calling for reports on incidents of racial discrimination/ racial atrocities/racial violence from the states and Union Territories, it said, adding that a decision may also be taken by the Centre on whether any of the other recommendations should be accepted. PTI

Sack Rijiju over alleged power scam: Congress
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Arunachal Pradesh Congress leaders on Wednesday put Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA Govt. on dock by demanding the ouster of Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju for his alleged "involvement" in 'Rs 450-crore Arunachal power scam'.
Terming Rijiju's effort to brush off the charge by blaming Congress as meaningless, former chief minister Nabam Tuki said that the 129-page report clearly charging sub-contractor Goboi Rijiju, a relative of the minister, was prepared by NEEPCO chief vigilance officer Satish Verma, not by the Congress.
Tuki apprehended that the scam would have cascading negative impact, particularly on Arunachal Pradesh, as the 600-MW Kameng Hydro-Electric project is located in Arunachal West Parliamentary constituency. Thus, an independent judicial probe by a sitting Supreme Court judge should be conducted to bring the truth to limelight, the former chief minister said.
"Arunachal boasts of NE India's largest hydropower 405-MW Ranganadi HEP and 600-MW Kameng HEP, scheduled for commissioning in 2012 would have added another feather in state's cap but because of Rijiju got delayed for four years. Rijiju has been talking too big all these days but his true colour has been exposed now and his voters would judge him in right perspective,"  Tuki said.
PM Modi who oft repeatedly points out that "mein na khaunga, na khaney dunga" (Neither I would involve myself in corruption nor I would allow), but this scam would prove whether his words match his action or not, Tuki added.
Former Lok Sabha member and senior Congress leader Takam Sanjoy demanded Rijiju's voluntary resignation on moral ground for allegedly selling out the trust and verdict of his voters.
Giving baseless denial in media and terming the episode as politically motivated would not save Rijiju as the CVO's report and voice recording clearly vindicate the charge against Rijiju and his cousin  Goboi.
Goboi had inflated all rates in the bills, quoted scooter, motorcycle and unidentified truck numbers in transporting materials including sand and chip, Sanjoy claimed, adding the matter was discussed by Union Power Minister Piyush Goel and the CVO as the report also quoted Goboi lobbying with the CVO for giving clearance for early payment of the bill in exchange of his promotion to be taken up by Rijiju that proved the junior home minister's clear involvement.
Supporting the demand of Tuki for an independent judicial probe by a SC judge, he said that the CBI comes under union home ministry and would fail to make an independent probe.
Responding to the foul-mouthed statement of Rijiju used against media persons, Sanjoy said that it is known beyond doubt that the Arunachalees are hospitable and greet each other with folded hands by wishing 'Jai Hind'. Thus, a public leader should maintain his/her temperament to not loose coolness and behave politely while dealing with public.  
It may be recalled that state Congress president Padi Richo on Tuesday had also demanded immediate dropping of Rijiju, a CBI probe into all irregularities and a white paper on the alleged scam.  

Arunachalee woman rescued from Ahmednagar
Duping of NE women on the rise: Hibu
[ Tongam Rina ]
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: A 38 years old Arunachalee woman was rescued from Ahmednagar in Maharashtra recently by a team coordinated by Joint Commissioner, Delhi Police Robin Hibu.
A mother of an eight- year-old boy, the woman survived three assassination attempts at the hands of her partner of more than nine years who is an Indian Army personnel before she was rescued a week ago.
Battered by the traumatic ordeal, she hopes that Police and the Army will initiate action against the Army man, for mental harassment and physical abuse.
Robin Hibu informed that rescue was possible because of the intervention of the woman's sister who called him for help.
Hibu mobilized the police, members of Helping Hand, an NGO for the people of North East by the people of Northeast mostly living outside the region.
From Ahmednagar, the woman and the child was picked up by a volunteer hailing from Shillong who put her on a bus to Pune. Dodum Tatak, an Arunachalee volunteer took over and dropped them to Mumbai for onward journey to Arunachal.
Finally, she reached Guwahati with the help of an Army officer from the region, Major Subba Rai who had read about her in the social media sites. She was reunited with her brother and sister last week.
The case is currently being investigated by the Women's Police station, Itanagar.
"We will register a case after the preliminary investigation is done", said the Officer-in-Charge Chuku N Bui.
"We are waiting for the formal registration of complaint", said human rights activist and lawyer Sunil Mow, who has taken up the case.
Hibu says that Army will be approached for compensation and maintenance of the child.
This is the latest in a series of cases of atrocity against women from the region.
Hibu says that there are hundreds of cases of women being lured with false promises of a better life by men who are not from the region.
In many instances, the women are used physically and then discarded, he says. Most of these men are employees posted in the region, the officer informed. In some instances, friendships that start through social media networking sites have turned sour.
People from the region are trusting, little realizing the danger that is ahead, he says.
The efforts are on to contact the army for details.

We are publishing a portion of the interview conducted on Dec 13 by this reporter. The interview  given below was conducted in Hindi

The army man was her phone friend.
He was posted in Srinagar when they became friends on phone in 2007. She says that they spoke on the phone for two months on a daily basis when they decided to meet in August of the same year.
"I left home as we had decided to get married.  He came to Guwahati to fetch me from Srinagar. We were supposed to go to his parents place near Aligarh but I was kept in a rented accommodation of one of his relatives" she said.
The love affair did not last long. The army man had to go back to his job.
"His brother would come to check on my well being while I stayed in a new place on my own for nearly six months."
In the meantime, the Army man was posted to Gwalior.
That's where things started to go wrong.
"One day he told me that we were going to his parents place near Aligarh. We were on the train when he fed me something. Soon after I lost consciousness. I woke up confused and he was nowhere to be seen. I was told that the train was going to Ranchi by co travellers", she said.
She went to the police. They in turn contacted social workers who put her in a shelter home. Against the advice of the police and those looking after her, she reunited with the man who had begged her for forgiveness.
"Soon, I was shifted to Gwalior to another rented apartment and that's when I became  pregnant with my son".
"He took me to the Army hospital where I delivered the baby. Soon after, the hospital asked for my wedding proof. I had none".
That's when the Army told her that he was already married and that polygamy is strictly prohibited in the Army.
"I was told to go. But by then the Army had started an inquiry into the whole episode. Fearing that he might lose his job if the truth unfolded, the Army man came up with the idea that she marry one of his relatives in order to prove that they were not married. She did.
"It was a marriage just in paper and I wanted him to keep his job" she says defending her decision.
That was also the time when she came face to face with her in laws. His wife and children too.
"I lived with them for the next few years. It was not pleasant so I followed him", she says.
In between, she had even come home to Arunachal with her partner.
But soon the beatings and mental abuse had resumed.  
"I never had the courage to call up my family members in Arunachal. I was ashamed of what I had done and I was not sure if they would ever welcome me back home", she says.
The last straw was when he attempted to kill her again in Ahmednagar in front of their  son.
She borrowed her neighbor's phone and finally called her sister for help.
"I paid a heavy price for loving a man who promised a better future for me. But today I am left with nothing", she says.
As of now she is concerned about the future of her son who had to leave school midsession.

CM flags off  Rally of Arunachal
'Arunachal has tremendous scopes for adventure sports'
ITANAGAR, Dec 14:  Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful state having tremendous scopes and potentials in adventure sports, said Chief Minister Pema Khandu.
Pema, who flagged off the 5th leg of Maruti Suzuki National Super League TSD Rally Championship 2016 at Civil Secretariat campus here on Wednesday, said: "Arunachal is a beautiful place. We have lot many places, especially for different kinds of adventure sports, including motorsports, and the state government always encourages such activities."
The Chief Minister was all praise for Lhakpa Tsering, a motorsport enthusiast and son of former Minister Tsering Gyurme for organizing the event in a grand manner and bringing Arunachal's potential in adventure sports to the country.
The "Rally of Arunachal" will reach Dambuk covering a distance of 700 km (approx) via Pasighat, where the rallyists will be able to witness the Orange Festival of Adventure and Music.
The Chief Minister said that he is looking forward to meet again all the rallyists at Dambuk as he will be joining the Orange festival on December 17.
Lhakpa, who heads the Motorsports Club of Arunachal, has been organizing such rallies to showcase the state's potentials to become a leading adventure sports destination. He said this is the first time Maruti Suzuki motorsports has opened a new frontier in Arunachal.
The event is a combination of six different rallies, namely Uttarakhand Rally, Deccan Rally, Backwaters Rally, Mughal Rally, Rally of Arunachal, Rally of Gujrat and offers amateur drivers a chance to participate in it.
The Rally follows Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) format that tests the skills of driver, and retains the adventure of competitive motorsport, thus making more and more amateur drivers to participate in the motorsport activity, Lhakpa informed.
The flag-off ceremony was participated by Advisor to Chief Minister Kameng Dolo, Education Parliamentary Secretary Bamang Felix, Sports & Youth Affairs Parliamentary Secretary Nyamar Karbak, Chief Secretary Shakuntala Gamlin and Commissioner Finance Ashis Kundra.

Then NEEPCO CVO filed malicious report: Rijiju
NEW DELHI, Dec 14: Embroiled in a controversy with regard to a power project in Arunachal Pradesh, Union minister Kiren Rijiju today sought to blame the then CVO saying Satish Verma claiming he had filed a "malicious" report after being transferred from NEEPCO.
The junior home minister also said Congress has made a grave mistake by raising the issue as most of the affected people were its workers or zila parishad members of the party.
Accusing Verma of sending "fraudulently" his "malicious" report about alleged corruption 10 days after his transfer, he said the Gujarat-cadre IPS officer and the then North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) Chief Vigilance Officer wrote a back-dated letter in this regard and took away all the documents from the office of the mini-PSU.
"Look at the character of this CVO officer, who had sent this malicious report. He was transferred on July 5, and 10 days after his transfer, he fraudulently writes letter back-dated and then takes away all the documents from the office of NEEPCO. So, that shows what kind of officer and how fraudulent he was," the minister said.
Accusing Verma of acting "illegally", he said his recommendation letter was related to only small-time local works which run into few lakhs or thousands and Congress' claim of Rs 450 crore scam was exposed as the amount involved was not even one-tenth of it.
Now if there is a debate on this, then Congress will be exposed further, he added.
Local people, mostly Congress workers, were actually benefiting from this but now they are also going to quit the party in protest against it raising the issue, he claimed.
"The Congress party is badly exposed. Those contractors and small-time sub-contractors, those who had met me, they were all Congress zila parishad members, anchal samiti members and Congress workers. So, they are very upset. That is why I said Congress has made a grave mistake by raising this issue and pointing fingers at me," Rijiju said.
"Congress will repent for lifetime and it will be wiped out from my state and the local few remaining Congress workers are also going to quit the party in protest against it raising this issue which was actually benefiting the local people who were mostly Congress workers. So the Congress is really going to look back at what mistake they have committed," he said.
The NEEPCO project, which is nearing completion, includes two dams over Bichom and Tenga rivers.
Asked about action on Verma, he said he cannot comment on the action because there are official norms.
"Officials will take due action, because if somebody has misused the NEEPCO authority, who has been transferred out and misused the position, action will be taken as per norms," he added.
Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha was adjourned twice today following protests over the controversy involving Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju. Opposition members shouted slogans and indulged in heated exchanges with BJP members over the alleged misuse of office by Rijiju with regard to a power project in Arunachal Pradesh, besides also raising anti-government slogans on the demonetisation issue. PTI

NEEPCO authorities urged to directly appoint candidates as per agreement
ITANAGAR, Dec 14:  The Pare Project Land Affected Welfare Committee (PPLAWC), Doimukh has in a release addressed to the Chairman-cum-Managing Director, NEEPCO, Shillong on Wednesday has urged him to appoint 50 nos of ITI trainees from the land affected people of the said project as was agreed upon by the corporation and the members of the PPLAWC on Nov 16, 2012.
'As per the agreement dated Nov 16, 2012 between NEEPCO authority represented by the  then CMD PC Pankanj, Director (P)IP Baroah, General manager, T Kakoti and Pare Project land affected Welfare Committee wherein the corporation assured to appoint 50 nos of ITI trainees directly as  employee of the corporation on contract basis', stated the Committee adding that the corporation has failed to fulfill its assurance and instead the candidates were issued a call letter-cum- admit card for written test for particular post.
While demanding early appointment of the said 50 candidates before Dec 18 next, the PPLAWC has threatened to resort to democratic action in case its demands are met with.

Bandh callers arrested
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Capital district administration and police upping the ante against bandh culture that badly hits the normal life took a bold decision against bandh callers.
Arunachal Youth Organisation (AYO) president Giogi Talar and general secretary Kaling Tasing were remanded to 12-day judicial custody on being produced before Capital DM Sandeep Kumar Singh here today. The duo were arrested on Tuesday by a Itanagar Police team led by OC inspector T Bage under the supervision of SDPO Make Bui and SP Dr A Kaon u/s 3(1) of Arunachal Pradesh Unlawful (Prevention) Act, 2014, the DM order said.
Following a preventive detention order issued by the DM, the arrests were executed as the AYO had given a 12-hour Capital bandh call on November 28 last in protest against the state Govt's alleged lackadaisical attitude in meeting its nine-point charter of demands.
The demands included continuation of governor order on officiating, functional and out of turns promotions, CBI probe into infamous multi-crore PDS scam and abduction drama of SIC chief M J Chauhan at Tipi, eviction drive against illegally encroached Govt quarters within Capital and district HQs, appointment of chairman/vice chairman from among elected MLAs, early construction of Green Field Airport, revocation of District Based Entrepreneurship Act and  Mon & Patkai Autonomous Councils and making late CM Kalikho Pul's diary public etc.

Meeting on Implementation of Transition Economy to Digital Payment Ecosystem held
AALO, Dec 14: A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Additional Deputy Commissioner Nyiken Lollen in connection with implementation and monitoring of expeditious transition of economy to a digital payment ecosystem at DC's Conference Hall here on Monday last.
Speaking on the occasion, Lollen asked all banking, PRI institutions to create awareness on deposit old note of 500 and 1000 besides, stocking of sufficient bank opening forms for normal saving accounts and accounts under PMJDY, putting up of CSTs for 1500 households and mobilization and awareness campaigns through interaction with people.
The meeting also resolved to sit for another round of meeting with the Deputy Commissioner to intensify mobilization works.  FAO, Gomo Sora, Branch Manager SBI, Prabhat Ch. Das, Cooperative Apex Bank Manager, Kimar Ete and Rural Bank Assistant Manager, Elizabeth Bui Nyorak also highlighted their problems and workloads due to demonetization. ZPC, Yaman Bagra, ZPM, Tumpe Ete and DMO, Dr. Marbom Basar also spoke on the occasion. (DIPRO)

DC dedicates work place creche to working mothers
YUPIA, Dec 14:  Papum Pare DC, Tai Kaye on Wednesday, dedicated a work place crèche for the day care of babies to the working mothers of Yupia hqtrs amidst the presence of HoDs and officers.
The crèche was a long felt need to the working mothers as most of the employees have to commute from Itanagar, Naharlagun, Doimukh and Banderdewa.
Earlier, the DC also flagged off the new staff bus for transportation of the employees of DC office here.
Later while addressing the head of departments and staffs, Kaye urged the state government employees to remain dedicated towards their respective duties and called upon all staffs to be punctual and diligent in discharging their duties. He also advised the working mothers to utilize the crèche for day care of their babies during office working hours and to discharge their duty sincerely. (DIPRO)

Medal winning SLSA taekwondo players  felicitated
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: The Taekwondo team of Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy, which finished runners up in the recently concluded 24th State Taekwondo Kyorugi and 6th Poomsae Championship-2016 at Nirjuli, were felicitated by the Principal and teachers of the school (SLSA) on Wednesday.
Altogether, 40 participants comprising 22 boys 18 girls along with Coach Deepak Gurung and Instructor participated in the Championship and won the overall Runners-up Trophy with 15 Gold, 12 Silver and 6 Bronze medals.
The Principal congratulated all the medal winners for their outstanding performance. He also congratulated the official duo for their support to the team in bringing laurels for the Academy.

International Soccer Friendly in Pangsau
[ Tom Simai ]
Pangsau Province (Myanmar), Dec 14: Pangsau Football Club of Myanmar beat Nampong-Jairampur Football Club (India) by solitary goal in an international friendly match at Pangsau Football Ground here.
An initiative of local MLA Laisam Simai to improve cross border ties, the international friendly football was inaugurated last year at Nampong Football Ground.
Simai who was also in the playing eleven displayed the flare of the past with ball.
Earlier, in the jammed pack football ground, Simai thanked the Burmese counterpart for the warm welcome accorded to the 70 delegates from the Indian side. He also invited the Myanmar's cultural troupe to participate in the forthcoming Pangsau Pass Winter Festival.
Like culture, sports has become a symbol of cross border friendship, Simai said adding that he will try to keep the sporting tradition alive.
Tsing Mong MP of Namjong province (Myanmar),   Ke Seng Minister of Naga Self Administrative Zone and the Chairperson of Pangsau Town also reflected their gratitude for the Indian contingent.
Simai was accompanied by ZPMs of Nampong, Jairampur and Manmao, ADC Jairampur, SDO Nampong along with football team.

Shortage of food items in Damin block
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: The 5- Damin Anchal Samiti Anchal Chairperson, Chakpu Gamshi has drawn the attention of the state government and the department of Food and Civil Supplies in particular, towards the shortage in supply of food items at Damin CD Block under Kurung Kumey district.
In a release on Wednesday, Gamshi said that the allotment of 190 quintal rice to the said Block has also been reduced to 30 quintals, which he claimed, could create food crisis in the region soon.
'Of the meagre 30 quintals of rice which are air dropped due to the absence of a proper road in the region, only a small amount reach the godowns,' informed the Anchal chairperson.  He further claimed that people of the area are also deprived of food items under public distribution system and appealed to the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary Food and Civil Supplies to increase the existing allotment of food items to 190 quintals.   

Funds sought for RCC bridge construction
ITANAGAR, Dec 14:  2-Nirjuli Panchayat, ASM Nabam Lama has in a release on Wednesday appealed to the department of PWD and RWD to sanction funds for the construction of RCC bridge over Nirubjuli Nallah at Nirjuli-2 (B) village at the earliest.  
'Every year during summer floodwater causes damage to properties and loss of life. However, despite repeated pleas to the concern authorities for construction of a bridge over Nirubjuli Nallah, no measures have been taken by the concern departments so far,' informed the ASM.

Health staffs asked to implement PMSMA effectively
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Namsai ADC, M K Deori has requested all the health staffs to implement the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritwa Abhiyan (PMSMA) effectively in the district and ensure that no pregnant women are left out.
He said this after launching the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritwa Abhiyan at CHC Namsai here on Tuesday last amidst the presence of DMO incharge Dr. CL Manchaey, DRCHO, Dr. Pill Dipen, all the MO's of CHC Namsai and the staffs of CHC Namsai and DPMU (NHM).
DMO incharge-cum Medical Superintendent Dr. CL Manchey in his address explained about the objective of PMSMA scheme.

Move to merge Gangte circle to proposed Kamla district opposed
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Strongly opposing the alleged move to merge Gangte Circle into the proposed Kamla district, the Gangte Area Anti Merger Committee to Proposed Kamla District (GAAMCPKD) has in a representation addressed to the Kra Daadi DC on Wednesday, appealed to him to take necessary action at the earliest.
The GAAMCPKD said that some groups of people with vested interest have moved a letter of merger of Gangte Circle into proposed Kamla district to the state Chief Secretary. It has also vehemently opposed the referendum which is going to be conducted by the Gangte Circle District Merger Committee to Proposed Kamla District.

Officials instructed to make people aware on note exchange deadline
YUPIA, Dec 14: With December 30, 2016 being the last date for depositing and exchanging scrapped old notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denomination in banks, the Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner (Rural) on Wednesday instructed all the Administrative Officers of the district to make the people residing in remote areas aware of the deadline through awareness programme.
The DC asked the officers to conduct such prorgammes involving the Panchayat leaders and GBs so that the hard earned money of the villagers does not get spoiled due lack of information. DIPRO

DIPR staff no more
ZIRO, Dec 14: Neelam Tabin who worked as a Driver in the office of the District Information and Public Relation Office here has died recently. The staff and officers of the DC office have on Wednesday extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of late Tabin.
Tabin had joined the service in 1981. He is survived by his wife and a daughter. (DIPRO)

Aalo -Pasighat 132 KV HT line to be test-charged
AALO, Dec 14: The Department of Power, Office of the Executive Engineer, Pasighat Transmission Division has notified that the 132 KV Transmission Line from Aalo to Pasighat will be test-charged at any time from December 26 onwards.
General public, especially those residing in close proximity to the transmission line are cautioned not to touch the transmission line nor even go near it. Livestock owners are also advised to keep their domestic animals away from the transmission line. Anyone defying the notice shall be at their own risks and the Department of Power shall not be held responsible for any untoward incidents. DIPRO

Si-Donyi festival in Dumporijo from Jan 4
ITANAGAR, Dec 14: Si-Donyi festival will be celebrated with various programmes at Dumporijo from January 4 to 7, 2017.
Cultural display and competition amongst the participating troupes and games and sports activities will be the main attractions of the festival.
Union Minister Kiren Rijiju and Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein have consented to attend the festival on January 6.
Si-Donyi is one of the main festivals of Tagin community and it is celebrated in January every year with traditional fervor and gaiety.
Tare Yudik has been selected as main priest of this year's celebration.

Construction Co. resents non-payment
ROING, Dec 14: RD Engineering Co., a local construction firm, has alleged violation of deed of agreement and non release of payment for formation cutting work of 2000mt by GYT Trading Centre, Itanagar.
According to proprietor of RD Engg Co. Rao Dele, the proprietor of GYT Trading Centre after winning the tender for execution of PMGSY road from 3 km point on Hunli-Anini BRO road to Abrango village, approached him to share the work and, accordingly, a deed of agreement was signed between the two parties in the court of CJM Roing on 16.02.2015, wherein terms and conditions were also included for the execution of the work allotted to the RD Engg Co by GYT.
According to Dele, the work was completed as per department (RWD) norms and conditions, and a note of completion was also issued by a visiting site engineer (from GYT) on 14.04.2015. However, Dele claims that after the completion of the work, when he approached the proprietor of GYT Trading Centre for release of payment as per their deed, he (Dele) was asked to wait for a couple of weeks. But the payment was not made although a bill of Rs. 13,22,22,222 was drawn from the department by the later.
Dele said that he is yet to receive his payment for the work done.
Dele has also written to the DC Roing and the EE RWD seeking intervention in the matter.





Travesty of justice

The issue of deputation, officiating and functional is back to haunt the government of Arunachal. The employees of Urban Development Department on Tuesday staged a dharna in Itanagar against decision of higher authorities of UD department to bring a junior engineer from PWD on deputation as Urban Programme Officer. The agitating officials termed the move as travesty of justice. They claimed that many assistant urban programme officers are awaiting promotion and the move of department to bring a JE on deputation as UPO will deprive those waiting for their turn of promotion.

The concern raised by employees of UD department is shared by many others but perhaps this is the first time that junior officers has rebelled against the decision of seniors in public forum. The practice of out of turn promotion is quite rampant in Arunachal. Many are suffering in silence and have almost given up. In February this year the then Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa issued an order directing cancellation of all officiating or functional appointments and the promotions made on 'out of turn' basis.  The decision was widely supported by the people of Arunachal. It was seen as major victory for the injustice meted out to the employees who do not have political clout. The decision was taken during the period of president rule. However after the installation of elected government the politicians buckled under the pressure of the out of turn officers. Everything was wrapped under the carpet. But with the mass protest movement launched by the employees of UD department the issue of out of turn promotion is back in limelight. It will be interesting to see how government deals with the situation in days to come.







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A letter to CM

Dear Editor,

Due to the dirty politics in the land of raising sun, we lost a great leader like Mr Pul few months back. Has the pernicious game stopped?? Will the echo of ruckus continue to dominate in the coming legislative sitting? Are you and your colleagues coming up with new schemes for the welfare of Arunachal- a state which is more known for its corruptions and dirty politics across the nation now? Do we common citizens have right to question your integrity and briefing about your future plans? And lastly –where is my state heading towards?

Those are few questions I leave for you to ponder and execute as a concerned denizen of this ailing state.

From quixotic, vacillating and haphazard gamble for power to the road of the state capital, I see nothing but the dearth of progress, instability and acute lack of vision and peace. I see dissatisfaction and frustrations everywhere. Here in your state, no one is willing to praise the condition of the present scenario.

I feel deep envy when I see the conditions of other state. Their proper infrastructure, quality development and proper scope for youth despite of high population are highly applaud-able and relishing. They keep coming up with different Yojanas and schemes for students, youths, farmers, BPLs and citizens dwelling within.

They are working very hard to be economically strong and self sustaining. But ours is always Centre dependent and can change a party instantly – a party which made you the CM of the state. MLAs and ministers are just the VIP and VVIP of festivals. They are meant to grace the occasions and inaugurate a centrally sponsored scheme and monuments. When will we avail benefits of indigenous/state sponsored schemes?

Arunachal still has a long way to go. Even the lone national highway is unmanageable by your govt. It is lurking in foot-holes, smudged and yucky. That reveals a lot about your performance and vigilance. Schools are running without teachers. There are no alternate options for poor patients. Unemployed is crossing its elastic limit. Development is nowhere to be seen. These are just the common problems the citizens are facing.

MLAs change party like clothes. Even a collegian is bewildered to name the party running the state. We need a leader filled with ideology. A leader who twists political issue into social reinforcement is yet to be witnessed.  

Mr CM, you are young and energetic. We hope good governance from you. Before talking about any social issue or cause, kindly filter and remodel the ideology of the elected leaders so that they are party loving, state loving and be with you under any political crisis. West Bengal, Bihar, Delhi and many southern states have performed exceedingly well even after fighting and defeating the central govt in the state elections. A great boss with clean ideology can change the whole system. I hope the same from you. Good luck Mr CM Our CM.


Biku Jaipu


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