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February - 06


Tuki calls for Centre’s cooperation for timely completion of road projects in state

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: The implementation of the  Road Projects within the given time will require immense cooperation between the Central as well as the State Government, said  state PWD and UD Minister Nabam Tuki while addressing the meeting of the PWD ministers on national highways at New Delhi today.

The work for survey and preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) of the road projects has been awarded to various consultants, Tuki said adding some of these reports have been submitted to the Central Ministry.

However, the minister said, since no fund has been received from the ministry on this count, the state Government has been mobilizing resources from its end for sustenance of these efforts.

The minister appealed the Union Road Transport & Highways Minister  Kamal Nath to intervene into the matter and place funds to state Government so that the DPRs can be submitted on time.

Pointing out the issue of forest clearance, the PWD Minister said various applications for Forest Clearance have been submitted to the union ministry of environment and forests, which needs to be disposed off expeditiously.

The people of the state are looking forward to development of several roads and highways which have been announced under the PM Package. However, ‘the process of delivering these assets in the field has been painstakingly slow as we are yet to commence execution in any of these projects at this point of time’, the minister said while stressing sincere effort both at the Central Government and the State Government levels so that projects are being completed within the time line prescribed by the concerned ministry. Giving a detailed status of road projects in the state, the minister informed that department of Road Transport and Highways, GOI  has decided to take up 776 km of 2-Lane roads under BOT (Annuity) and balance 1530 Km on EPC.  Recently, around 73 Km of these Project Roads has been put to the bidding process under EPC Mode. The bids are expected to be opened on the Feb 19.


Out of the 620 Km roads entrusted to state PWD, DPR for 245 Km has been submitted. The concerned ministry has sanctioned 4 packages namely, Papu - Yupia, Yupia - Hoj, Hoj-Potin and Shantipur-Meka aggregating to 73 Km amounting to Rs. 312 crores for which the tenders have been invited, The DPR for the balance length of 375 km are in advance stage, he informed.

Since up-gradation of existing roads of NH¬229 and NH-52 B and 4-Laning of NH-52A will require some times, the critical section of these roads need to be provided with optimum maintenance funds for keeping the roads traffic worthy. The condition of NH-52 A which is the life line of State Capital is in bad shape due to damages during monsoon and non-availability of funds for carrying our repair works. There are pressing demand from defence authorities, specially in the eastern sector covering Changlang-Khonsa-Longding-Kanubari under NH-52B, for proper maintenance of roads to contain insurgency operations, Tuki said.

The minister further said that till March 2009, 49 numbers of schemes under Central Road Funds (Normal), amounting to Rs. 176.50 crores had been sanctioned. Against this, 24 number of schemes have been completed. There are 25 number of balance schemes, sanctioned for Rs.113.77 crores against which the expenditure upto March 2009 was Rs. 40.14 crores, leaving the balance sanction of Rs. 73.73 crores. The allocation during 2009-10 is Rs. 24.43 cores, leading to a shortfall of Rs. 53.30 cores.

Tuki appealed for immediate release of additional amount of Rs 30 crore to reduce the gap and for early completion of the many incomplete schemes.

During 2009-10,  the state Govt had submitted new proposals for 16  number important projects for an  approximate cost of Rs 86.68 crore under CRF (normal) and 7  schemes under ISC schemes for Rs 260.97 crores and formal approval of the projects is still awaited, Tuki said adding priority  of Inter-state connecting roads to accelerate the economic activities in the state.


NSCN (IM) Town Commander apprehended, utilisation of Tirap MLA LAD funds in question

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: In a major breakthrough, 19 Assam Rifles apprehended Self Styled town commander of Khonsa, Captain Angam Wangsa of NSCN (IM), yesterday from Khonsa Market.

The commando platoon of 19 Assam Rifles along with Tirap District Police after a joint operation nabbed Wangsa.

While the operation was in progress, six rounds were fired by other NSCN (IM) cadres around 300 meters away from the place of operation.

Undeterred, however, the Security forces conducted the operation clinically with no loss to any life or property.

One M-20 Automatic Pistol, eight rounds and 300 grams of Opium, 30 capsules of Proxyvon (banned drug), extortion money amounting to Rupees 8,915/-, extortion letters and other incriminating documents were recovered from Capt Angam.

Documents recovered reveal startling information regarding siphoning off of crores of rupees from MLA LADS (2009-10) fund to the underground groups, according to sources.  

Documents have allegedly laid bare the unholy nexus of undergrounds with a host of leaders, government servants and a number of businesspersons from Khonsa.

The details in the document prove that the nexus is deep rooted which warrants immediate remedial action by the people responsible, the source added.

The list of telephone numbers, which include senior government officers and leaders and the call details, underline this nexus.  During the Joint Interrogation, Capt Angam was made to speak to many government servants that revealed their comfort levels with each other. The interrogation highlighted the nefarious activities of the same people who are supposed to be serving the Government of India.

Incriminating documents recovered from the apprehended cadre also contained information about their strength and weapons.

The information regarding the organization/command structure of NSCN (IM) in Tirap included existence of Upper Wanchoo Command lead by SS Capt Pangtai, Lower Wanchoo Command lead by SS Capt Pangami and Laju Command lead by SS Capt James.

The strength of cadres is approximately forty and weapons include three M-22, four M-21, three M-16, four AK-56, two AK-47, six SLR,   five MK-III, two MK-IV, one LMG, one Longsa and one Sniper.

Captain Angam was involved in extortion, issuing of threats, smuggling of weapons and drug peddling in Khonsa.

In the week that went by, he audaciously threatened the Security forces and District Police with dire consequences.

Reportedly, he roamed about with weapons threatening the civil population and extorting money at will.

With the kind of strength of cadres and weapons in Tirap district, the UG group was planning to take over this area methodically using coercion and force, as revealed by the cadre during interrogation.

Post operation many civilians were questioned about the activities of the apprehended cadre. Initially people were hesitant but on assurance of secrecy, they came out with startling revelations about how Capt Angam the Khonsa town commander had become a menace.

Repeatedly, the state and central government have stated its commitment to find a solution to the insurgency problem in Tirap district.  It remains to be seen what steps the government takes to strengthen the forces in the district and instil confidence among the citizens.


‘Urgent steps needed to conserve wildlife & environment’

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: There is an urgent need to conserve environment, natural resources and wildlife, said  state Assembly Speaker Wanglin Lowangdong while addressing a symposium on ‘Urgency in Addressing the Needs of Environment and Conservation of Wildlife’ in Bhopal today.

Due to encroachment on the natural habitats of wildlife by humans, either for sustenance or for commercial purpose animal-human conflict has risen which has led to the killing of much important wildlife, he said adding animal flesh, bones, skin etc are used for merchandise purpose as these are the most profitable business in the international market and is the second largest profitable business after narcotics. The tiger population of the country which was 3642 in 2001-02 drastically reduced by more than half to 1411 according to Tiger Census report released by National Tiger Conservation Authority in February 2008, he pointed out.

However, Lowangdong said, the conservation of wildlife and their habitat in Arunachal Pradesh is implemented through a wildlife division and a territorial division. Moreover, the tribal people live in close harmony with nature and practices wildlife conservation. To protect environment and wildlife approximately 12% of the total forest areas have been constituted in Protected Areas Network and as many as 13 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks including Biosphere reserves have been constituted in the state.

To further protect the  environment and wildlife, the wildlife wings of the Forest and Environment Department have taken up various activities with assistance from the Government of India,  he said. However, the organizational supports like manpower and capacity building should further be strengthened, besides, raising of forest protection force so as to implement wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, he said.

Arunachal Pradesh with 82% forest cover of its total area of 83,743 sq. km has a greater role to play on conservation on wildlife and protection of environment, he said while mentioning the symbiotic relationships with nature and the vibrant tribes of Arunachal Pradesh for whom the forests and wildlife has been  an indivisible part of life since time immemorial. However, with increasing population, development activities and unsustainable land use practices like shifting cultivation, the pressure on forest resource is consistently increasing leading to their degradation, affecting environment and wildlife of the State, the Speaker added.

Pointing our the global warming , Lowangdong said “Our forest cover is shrinking at an alarming rate as almost 1000 hectares of forest cover is destroyed everyday, causing unnatural climatic changes coupled with severe uncontrolled emission of Green House Gasses in the atmosphere which has been attributed to the effects on global warming.

The growth of population and development in education, healthcare, transportation and other livelihood options have resulted in people migrating to the plains of the foothills for settlement and cultivation thus bringing into confrontation with the wildlife especially elephants. Although eco-development work are carried out in the elephant zone along with mitigation measures like erection of electric barrier fencing etc. however due to very large extent of the elephant zone in Arunachal Pradesh, the funds provided under Project Elephant (CSS) and Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitat (CSS) are not sufficient, needing it to be enhanced so as to reduce “Human-Elephants/Animal conflict.”

To maintain a healthy environment in Arunachal Pradesh, the Centre should provide financial and technical assistance to state  to mitigate man-animal conflict and to take up other measures for protection of wildlife.

Pointing out that as most of the development projects in Arunachal Pradesh are affected because of being under Reserve Forests and Lowangdong while advocating a golden mean between conservation and development suggested that the much needed development should not be hampered in the under developed state on the pretext of being in Reserve Forest areas.

In the same time, the needs to preserve and protect our fragile eco-system with all its flora and fauna should also be given the urgency it requires involving all sections of civil society. The state legislators and parliamentarians also need to focus greater attention on taking appropriate measures to save the environment and wildlife thereby enriching our eco-system, he said.


PMEGP can decrease the unemployment problems


ROING, Feb 5: The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation programme (PMEGP) is a boon,  especially for those unemployed  and budding entrepreneurs to become self-employed  and live a respectable and dignified life. Keeping in view the benefit of the PMEGP and to guide the    budding entrepreneurs the District Industries Centre (DIC), Roing  conducted a day-long awareness camp recently. The programme was sponsored by Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC). Altogether twenty unemployed youths  took advantage of the programme and participate in it.

Briefing in detail about the viable projects and other basic procedures and formalities for getting financial assistance under the programme, Mobia Pugang DDI Lower Dibang Valley said that the central government under the PMEGP has envisaged lots of benefit to those unemployed to earn a living by adopting project feasible according to the raw materials and market available at their door step. He advised the unemployed youths  to conceive a vision & plan of their interest and then lay out in paper to get financial assistance.

“The real meaning of entrepreneur is to get maximum benefit with meagre investment by having strong foundation and continuation with extensive marketing strategies. The commitment and interest must be develop to carry forward your business at the peak so to make yourself self reliant for the progress of the district and the state”, exhorted the DDI further. A Pertin ADT&H, who was also resource person mentioned the workable projects under the Agro-based industry, Forest based Industry, Handmade Paper/fibre, Rural Engineering, Bio-Technology and Service Industry including Textiles which are highly in demand even at the semi- urban and rural sector. “For becoming a successful entrepreneur your determination and hard work together with you interest of project mattered must” he suggested.

Explaining about the financial assistance, Hemanta Chaudhery Field Officer SBI said that the bank finances those plans which are viable and also depend upon the individual competency and their interest.  

Pointing out the bank defaulters  who still failed to return the load taken to buy Auto rickshaw and set up shops  under the Prime Minister Rojgar Yojana (PMRY), he said “This sorts of practices is discouraging and unable other to get the benefit of the loan”. The benefits made available by the government have to avail in right perspective for the development, he further suggested.

The first beneficiaries of PMEGP, Jibi Pulu, a budding entrepreneur shared his know-how in getting the loan and the project taken. He told that individual interest and vision are the prime quality instrumental in reaching the dream true. He advised them to be serious and make every project successful for being a successful entrepreneur.

However, the DDI and ADT&H have opened their door for the interested candidates about the procedures and technical know-how to get optimum advantage of the PMEGP in order to make a better living out of it.  


5th Namdapha Eco-cultural Festival inaugurated

Ngandam appeals people to preserve cultural heritage & natural resources

MIAO, Feb 05: The festival of culture and rich bio-diversity ‘5th Namdapha Eco-cultural Festival’ got underway today at Miao, Changlang District.

Minister of Horticulture Honchun Ngandam heralded the unfolding of the 3-day extravaganza as Chief Guest by beating the traditional gong amidst the presence of various dignitaries and thousands of people at the much-embellished festival venue.

Appreciating the endeavour of the people for initiating the festival, Ngandam gave a clarion call to the people of the region to preserve the rich bio-diversity, particularly found in Namdapha National Park, which is a prominent theme of the event.

Lamenting the traditional practice of hunting and fishing and degradation of forest resources, he called upon the people to introspect and change their outlook.  “Killing of animals was considered to be a manly quality earlier, but we have to rethink over this”, he said and urged all sections of people, particularly the leaders to desist from such practices.

The Horticulture Minister also came heavily on “the prevailing negative attitude of the people” of Tirap and Changlang districts and rampant opium addiction. He termed the habit as a major obstacle to the way of development and asked the people to march shoulder to shoulder with other developed societies of the state.

Finance and IPR and Printing Minister Setong Sena, lauded the organizers for offering a common platform for all communities to interact, exchange ideas and to forge communal harmony and unity. He also appreciated their initiative for integrating the theme of preservation of environment in the celebration of the festival. Terming the practice of rampant destruction of environment in the name of development as a negative trend, the Finance Minister appealed the people of the region to help preserve both the rich bio-diversity of Namdapha National Park.

Sena also stressed on maintaining peace for overall development of people urged the people of Tirap, Changlang and Lohit in particular to develop a new and positive attitude so that they can go hand in hand with other advanced communities.

He also announced that with the clearance given by Forest Department for construction of Miao-Vijaynagar road which passes through the Namdapha National Park, preparation of DPR and other survey works are on.

Earlier, Sethai Sena, organizing president of the festival, highlighting the aims and objectives of the festival, informed that this celebration primarily aims at promoting the rich cultural heritage of the people besides highlighting unparalleled natural and wildlife resources of the area. He expressed hoped that with the initiative, the people would be able to highlight the issue and attract both domestic and foreign visitors.

Local MLA Kamlung Mossang said Nature has been kind to the people by bestowing immense resources. According to him, a visit to Namdapha National Park is lifetime luck and informed that major objective of the festival is to transform Namdapha as the number one tourism destination.

He expressed hope that the occasion would help promote the rich cultural and environmental resources of the entire state to the outside world.

Youth Affairs and Sports Parliamentary Secretary Wangki Lowang, while participating in the festival, said that the Namdapha National Park has brought laurels to the people. He urged the people to help preserve its rich bio-diversity.

On the occasion a souvenir of the festival and a book on Namdapha National Park were also released by Setong Sena and Wangki Lowang respectively.

Around five thousand public of adjoining villages and neighbouring Assam thronged the venue this morning to enjoy the beautiful landscape and cultural extravaganza. Participated by several NGOs, private agencies including OIL India, the site is packed with over 162 stalls, and cultural troupes of all communities of the state besides mainstream India thus converting the event into a melting pot of culture.

Many dignitaries including Phosum Khimum, Parliamentary Secretary Geology and Mining, Thinghaap Taiju, Parliamentary Secretary IPR and Printing, Thangwang Wangham, Parliamentary Secretary Trade and Commerce and several senior government officers and dignitaries also participated on the occasion.

Apart from traditional food exhibition, exhibition by all government departments and private agencies, conducted tours to various locations, traditional games and sports, fashion shows, folk songs and dances are being conducted in the three-day show. DDIPR


‘Indiscriminate killings of animal continues’

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: People For Animals(PFA), State Unit Itanagar after a yearlong survey has concluded that practice of hunting of wild lives is more prevalent in East Siang , East Kameng, West Siang, Upper Siang, Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri compared to other parts of the state.

The victims include rare species like the great Indian Hornbill, Clouded Leopard, Hillock Gibbon, ,Barking Dee and others.

PFA stated that the indiscriminate issue of gun licences have further aggravated the killings of wild life.

It called on the government to steps up efforts to save wild lives from further exploitation.

The organisation further requested the state govt. to immediately control issue of gun licenses and further take strong measures against violators of animal protection laws.


Workshop on food processing sector

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and  the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM)  is jointly organizing a two-day seminar cum Workshop on ‘Opportunities in Food Processing Sector’ at Nikum Niya Hall, Nirjuly on Feb 11-12, according to an ACCI release.

The two-day summit will provide a platform for an interaction amongst the major players and stakeholders involved in food processing, food technology, quality, standards and senior and operational management of companies.

Prof  Amitabh Mitra,  Vice Chancellor,  Rajiv Gandhi University, will deliver special address while, joint secretary, ministry of food processing industries Ajit Kumar will deliver keynote address on inaugural day of the two-day programme.


ATMA governing body meeting held

ROING, Feb 5: The 5th Governing Board (GB) meeting of Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Roing was held in the Office Chamber of Deputy Commissioner, Lower Dibang Valley District, Roing recently.

T. Ete, Agriculture Development Officer cum Coordinator, ATMA has highlighted the detail activities and achievements of ATMA in different fields like district level farm training, field demonstration, information dissemination and field farm school taken up during the period from 2007-08 and 2008-09.

T Tatak, PD DRDA suggested that SHG members taking up different activities should be actively involved in execution of activities under ATMA. Nasia Mena, ADO cum BTT Convenor ATMA briefed the importance of Farm School in imparting modern farming techniques to the farmers. Jatan Pulu, Tokmin Perme and Israel Megu, GB Members actively participating in the meeting has sought the cooperation from all the members for effective and proper implementation of various schemes under ATMA in the district.

M Pertin, EAC presiding over the meeting as chairman has expressed his happiness on the role played by the ATMA in disseminating information and imparting modern agriculture techniques to the farmers of the district and urged the implementing department to maintain the same spirit in future too. Altogether 14 GB members attended the meeting. DIPRO


Road safety awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: PHQ, road safety cell, Itanagar conducted traffic safety awareness campaign at government middle school, police colony Chandranagar today.

On the occasion, besides lectures on road safety, hand signal demonstration and pamphlets and other awareness items were distributed to the gathering.

Altogether, 350 students and 37 teachers attended the programme and the headmaster of the school appreciated the team for organizing the awareness campaign in the school.


ITBP cycling expedition flagged in at Itanagar

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: The eight days ITBP cycling expedition which was flagged off from Aalo, West Siang district on January 26 last was flagged in at ITBP Sector Headquarter here by ITBP DIG Itanagar on February two last.

The DIG, while flagging in the expedition complimented its members for their feat and hoped that the goodwill and awareness generated during the expedition would go a long way in sensitizing the people of the need to conserve environment for greener earth.

The expedition mainly aimed at promoting the  spirit of adventure sport among ITBP personnel and local people, sensitizing and spreading the knowledge about the need of environmental conservation, HIV/AIDS  and benefits of Yoga.

The expedition team covered a total distance of 465 km in eight days. The team halted at Regidoke near Tirbin, Daporijo, Godak, Tamin, Ziro, Posa, Mani and organized health and awareness camps, friendly football and volleyball matches and, screened documentary film on ITBP.

The team members also interacted with the Gaon Burahs and local public to know their problems. It was also an attempt of the ITBP to identify the areas to be undertaken under their Civic Action Programme, if required.

Anil Kumar Chouhan, Asst. Commandant, who led the Eight-member expedition, later presented the tasks performed during the expedition, according to an ITBP release.


Safety tips imparted on disaster management

YUPIA, Feb 5: The District level on Disaster Management was organized by the Relief, rehabilitation & Disaster management, Yupia in collaboration with Directorate of Relief, Rehabilitation & Disaster Management, ATI, Naharlagun, PWD E/Z and Health dept. for Masons, Engineers, medical staffs, Police personnel, NCC, Scouts & Guides and others recently.

Speaking on the occasion, Christine Wanglet, Deputy Director, RR&DM informed the engineers from various depts about implementation of Disaster management programme and its future aspects in Arunachal Pradesh. She also discussed the inappropriate techniques in buildings, different types of structures which the state has faced in recent flood damaged.

Er. A. Lego, SE, PWD E/Z Basar on behalf of Hazard Safety Cell, urged all the masons and others attending the program to practice the correct methods of construction techniques so that in case of any eventualities the effects should be at minimum level.

Citing the Bhuj, Kashmir, and recent Haiti earthquakes  he  said that there were errors  in building methods resulting in severe damaged to life and properties. He urged all the engineers from various depts to adopt the safe methods while constructing any structures. Practically he demonstrated the preparation of column and lintels etc and explained in details about their significance in overcoming the disaster like situation.  

Dr. L. Jampa, SSO, Health dept, imparted basic techniques of First-Aid. He demonstrated the appropriate techniques and procedures to be rendered during any kind of disaster.

S.C. Majumdar, Station Officer, Fire Service, Itanagar while imparting training on search & rescue methods urged to be practical and act fast during any kind of disaster. He along with Dr. Nawang conducted a Mock Drill at ATI campus where all the participants took active part.

Ms Wanglet also  briefed the on going DRM and DRR programmes. She informed the future aspects where all the communities has to be involved in mitigating the process of DM. ADC, Tai Kaye, Yupia attended the programme as Chief Guest.


State BJP to protest against price rise

ITANAGAR,  Feb 5: The Bharatiya Janata Party, Arunachal Pradesh has decided to join the nationwide protest against price rise in Arunachal Pradesh through democratic movements.

Meanwhile, the national president, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and National Prabhari for BJP’s Nationwide Protests Abhiyan over the price rise in the country on foods and essential items for Northeastern states, Amit Thakkar and P. Chandrasekhar Rao, in charge BJP - Northeastern States is arriving Itanagar on February 06 for a day long visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

They would attend extended state BJP Office bearers meeting attended by senior leaders and elected Representatives besides review the Organizational matters.


Annual day celebration postponed

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: Royal International School’s staff and students conveyed their condolence to the demise of Yasi Siram and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Meanwhile, the 10th annual day celebration cum smart class inauguration of the school which was scheduled to be held on February 6 has been postponed.


NES appointments

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: WRD and Civil Aviation Minister Atum Welly has been appointed as Chief Patron of Nyishi Elite Society (NES) along with state information commission member Nabam Nipo as Chairman of the 9th general conference cum 3rd Nyishi day celebration committee at Seijosa which will held on April 18 to 21.


School annual day celebration

ITANAGAR, Feb 5:  Kendriya Vidyalaya-2 is celebrating its annual sports day in Vidyalaya premises on February 6.

DIG, ITBP Sector head quarter, Itanagar Kripa Ram has consented to attend the function as chief guest.


ALSKKTD appointments

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: Yomdo Tadu and Tatung Tamo have been appointed as president and secretary general of All Lower Subansiri and Kurung Kumey Truck Federation.


MSME trainings

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: MSME, Itanagar in collaboration with Manipal Institute of Computer Education is conducting training programme on computer software, DTP, beauty parlour at Aalo, Naharlagun, Barapani, Itanagar and Pasighat from February 8-22.


SDP on soft computing concludes

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: Around 60 faculty members from different AICTE recognized Institutions all over the country have benefited from AICTE sponsored two weeks long ‘Staff Development Programme on  Soft Computing in Engineering Application’ which concluded at NERIST today. The interaction between the experts and the participants reflect that the programme is very useful to them for their academic purpose.  

The chief guest of the valedictory function was Prof. P. K. Das, Dean (Academic); Guest of Honour was Prof. M. Muralidhar, HoC (CATRD). Besides, Chairman of the Staff Development Programme Prof. Sunirmal Ray, HoD (Mechanical Engineering Department); experts of the SDP; faculty members, Staffs of NERIST took part in it.

The Staff Development Programme on ‘Soft Computing in Engineering Applications’ was inaugurated by Director, NERIST on 25th January. For this SDP 15 experts from different reputed Institutions of the country delivered lectures. During this programme, various Soft computing techniques such as FLC, ANN, GA, etc and their applications in all engineering and science were discussed elaborately.  

Resource persons including Hyderabad based DRDO Scientist Dr. D. Sethy, S. K. Parida of IIT Kharagpur, Prof. S. B. Nair of IIT Guwahati, Prof. R. G. Narayanan of IIT Guwahati, Prof. U. S. Dixit of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Prof. B. B. Bhattacharjee of Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata, Dr. Probir Saha of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Dr. S. K. Pradhan of CET Bhubaneswar, Prof. M. Muralidhar of NERIST, Dr. M. P. Thadeus of NERIST, Prof. P. K. Das of NERIST, A. K. Patra from NERIST delivered lecturers on important subjects during the programme, according to a Dr. S. K. Panigrahi,  Programme Coordinator NERIST.


35 days SDP on Handloom begins at Chongkham

ITANAGAR, Feb 5: National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh launched 35 days Skill Development Programme at Wakro under Lohit District. Altogether 25 selected beneficiaries are taking part in the programme sponsored by NABARD and formally inaugurated today by the CO, Chongkham Circle.  

Chief Guest motivate trainees to come forward for their development, while Anil Burman of NYP   highlighted details about the SDP and its future aspects in terms of self employment. After completion the trainees will ink up with the banks for financial assistance. Also NYP will engage trainees in the various exhibitions, fairs and festival for the marketing of their product, according to a NYP release.

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