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February - 20


Mra’s gift to Arunachalees on Statehood Day

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Tapi Mra, first Arunachalee Everester climbed the Mt. Kilimanjaro peak successfully this morning at around 8:20 am which is the highest peak of the African continent standing at 19,341 ft. The feat comes as a perfect new year gift for the people of the state.

With this achievement,  Mra has become the first person from North East region to climb the highest peaks of two continents successfully, the Mt. Everest of Asian continent being the first which he climbed last year on May 21, 2009.

Now remaining highest peaks of the five continents is on his list and his dream may come true within two years provided he gets sponsorship.

While talking with Chairman, Taro Opey Foundation, Ziro through satellite telephone from Mt. Kilimanjaro peak, Mra reported that several international mountaineers from different countries were also climbing together but due to bad weather many of them had to retreat. However he and few others could manage to climb it. He expressed his thankfulness for all the moral support from the people of Arunachal state particularly to individual contributors.

He also particularly expressed happiness for the consent of his Mother who allowed and blessed him for the second expedition. He also remembered his Late father Yamin Mra who had inspired him during his childhood.

He stated that his Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition is the success of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. He wholeheartedly mentioned the financial contributors from top of the African continent.

He fluttered the National flag and Arunachal state logo on the highest point of the African continent.

A ten years experienced trekking agency M/s. A.M Tours and Safaris of Moshi town Tanzania headed by Dullah M. Oroond and Abdullah Bakkeri extended trekking guides successfully till the completion of the expedition.

Dullah through satellite phone talking to Chairman, Taro Opey Foundation from Mt. Kilimanjaro said that Tapi Mra is a strong mountaineer who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro without any difficulties despite the bad weather. His descending will complete on 20th morning and will return back to Moshi Town by late afternoon.

He will be in Tanzania for two to three days and is expected to return to Mumbai on Feb 27.


Smiles to hope for

Tongam Rina

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Remember Pinki? The 8 year-old girl from a small village in UP called Rampur Dhavaia, who was the subject of the Oscar winning documentary "Smile Pinki" and was at the award ceremony. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Pinki Sonkar was condemned to isolation and suffering, taunted and tormented.

Her life was magically transformed after a surgery made possible by ‘Smile Train’- the world’s leading charitable organization dedicated to helping people with cleft lip and palate. With thousands of partners and programs in 76 of the world's poorest countries, the organisation’s mission is to help the more than 4.7 million children in developing countries who are suffering with unrepaired clefts. As part of their initiative, they provide free cleft surgery to children from poor families that give children not just a new smile, but also a new life. Now in its tenth year, The Smile Train will help its 500,000th child this year.

Though not all are lucky to go Hollywood, such success stories are found even in Arunachal, thanks to the Smile Train's reach in the state.

Two doctors read the stories about the Train and wondered if they could do anything to help the many children even in our state who are ostracized because of this deformity. Dr Moji Jini and Dr Nirmali Taba approached the organization and soon they were onboard.

The Niba Smile Project under Niba Hospital in Papu Nalah came up in 2008. So far 116 people, including people from Upper Assam, with cleft lip and palate have been successfully operated free of cost. The surgery takes less than two hours on an average and a patient is discharged after three days. For stitch removal they have to report back after seven days and again after a month for post-operative check ups. Blessed with a new life,  many however do not bother to come back for post- operative check ups.

Dr Taba shares that letters were sent across to DMOs all over the state to refer cases of cleft lip and palate so that people with such problems avail a chance to get the corrective surgery free of cost- which also includes the cost of medicines, operations and stay at the hospital.

A parent whose daughter was born with the problem could not hide her emotions after she saw the transformation. “God gave me a daughter who was born imperfect. But saviours on earth have given her a perfect life” she shares.

In the meantime, the doctors at Niba wait for more Pinkis and more smiles to share.


As we celebrate the Statehood Day

Madhurjya Doley

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: As the state readies to celebrate its 24th Statehood Day on Saturday, it seems people are not much enthusiastic about the annual event. Even, many are unaware of the very day; and for some people, it has become a holiday for enjoying.

Celebration of Statehood Day makes no difference to people like us, said the lone bread winner of a poor family.

Infact, the state is now burdened with numerous problems like unemployment, influx of cheap labourers, inter-state boundary dispute, insurgency, alleged rampant corruption, drug menace etc.

"The most burning problem the state is facing is the influx of people from out side. These people, who mainly come in the form of cheap labourers, have become a headache for administrators in maintaining law and order as such labourers often commit serious crime and flee the state. But what step to check such influx is being initiated the state govt. is not known," said AAPSU advisor Ojing Tasing.

On development front, he vehemently opposed the concentration of developmental activities at one place. He was referring to the Capital Complex.

"We do not oppose development. But this must not be taken place at the cost of other people and places.  Developmental activities should be shared by other districts also as development of one place does reflect overall scenario of the state, he added ."

Coming up of the new secretariat building and state assembly building were some of the appreciable jobs done by the Khandu government, Tasing further added.

"Inaccessibility", "communication bottleneck due to difficult topography" have been the common words for our leaders when question of developmental activities in far-flung areas arise. Our leaders should realize that there is no such things that is impossible. What is needed to make the impossible one possible is sincere effort and determination.

Most of the people in Capital Complex often criticize the state government for its total failure to maintain the roads properly.

"The roads in Itanagar has remained the same in the last 30 years. No improvement, no widening of roads," said Shanaal, who is in driving profession for the last 30 years. After taking over of work charge from GREF by APPWD, the condition of roads has worsened further, Shanaal, who is presently driving a trekker, quipped.

The worn out road from Banderdewa to Naharlagun has been not only consuming more fuels but also spoiling valuable times, said another bus driver. He also advocated for permanent stoppages for the recently launched city buses.

When interacted, a lady meat seller of Ganga market, who has been in this profession for the last 7-8 years, urged this reporter to convey her message to the authorities concerned to provide water facility and rainproof shelter for them. This reporter observed that the fish, meat and vegetable sellers in the market were doing their business at shed covered with polythene and tokkopattas.

With such nemerous problem plaguing the state, where is the necessity of celebrating statehood day in a grand manner? another daily wage earner quipped.


Abdullah chief guest of  Statehood day celebration

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah would be the chief guest of the Statehood Day celebration at I G Park on February 20.

Besides addressing the people as chief guest, Abdullah is expected to declare the three-day Festival of Arunachal open on statehood day.

Like the previous year, this year too, the state Govt has decided to celebrate the Festival of Arunachal in a befitting manner starting from statehood Day.  A food village is also set up to let the people taste and experience different cuisines, rare delicacies of state with their original aroma, taste and quality. Cultural extravaganza, textile and handicraft expo, a food village would be the major attraction of this year celebration.


Women’s day out

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Feb. 19: In a patriarchal society like us where women has always lived under the shadow of men, it is an overwhelming experience to see slowly woman coming out of home and fighting for their due share. Mrs Tana Yadum, a resident of Doimukh and mother of two children is one such woman who has mustered the courage of trying hand in entrepreneurship. Her zeal to try out new endeavor has resulted in coming out of new Nyishi Audio Album titled Nyokum. The song reminds the people especially the Nyishi community about their rich tradition and culture.

The album also epitomizes the importance of Nyokum festival for the Nyishi community and re-iterating the message of peace, prosperity and unity. There would not have been a better time to release album just as Nyishi community gears up to celebrate their traditional festival Nyokum Yullo. Talking to this daily, Mrs Tana Yadum has said that the successful launch of this album was all because of her hard and persistence effort, the support of all the people involved in the making this album and also the love and constant support from family members especially her husband. She further added that it is her wish to remind Nyishi brethrens about the importance of festival Nyokum festival through this album. Some of the popular singers of state like Bijnoo Nabam, Taba Yall Nabam, Biki Para Tok and Nabam Pado have rendered their voice in this album.

The album was formally launched on 18th of this month in a glittering ceremony held at Tosum Hotel, Naharlagun. The Chief Guest for the evening was Parliamentary Secretary, Industries, Nabam Rebia. In his address, parliamentary secretary said that in today’s world when people are forgetting their cultural identity in the name of modernization, this initiative to preserve and remind people of their culture & tradition is highly appreciable. He further added “let us not forget our roots” as loss of culture is loss of identity.

Another woman who is striving hard to contribute to the upliftment of our society is Teetu Yoka, who is running an NGO named Action Aid Society Arunachal (AASA) with support of few women.  Her NGO basically works for betterment of deprived and marginalized rural population of state. In the year 2005 she had even organized health care camp for interior people of Daporijo area. “We had to walk around 5 days to reach various far flung villages of Upper Subansiri district. It was quite satisfying to help those people who really need medical treatment,” shared Teetu. She further lamented the fact that in our state real women who are really contributing for the development of society does not get highlighted.

It is story like that of Tana Yadum and Teetu Yoka which can inspire many more women of Arunachal to move out of their comfort zone and take up the challenge of streamlining our society. This statehood day these women are sending strong message that they are ready to shoulder burden of new Arunachal!


Hoping for a better tomorrow

Ojing Tayeng

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The Ganga vegetable market, most probably the oldest in Itanagar is decelerating in terms of developmental activities. Though, most of the Itanagarian specially the older people still loves to visit and buy vegetables from this shed, no major development have taken place.

This market is mainly inundated with local vegetable items, run by local people in the main shed and by others in the pavement to sustain their lives.

While interacting with the shopkeepers this evening to collect public opinion about statehood day celebration, the very motive of the day of this reporter was diverted by the gravity of the various situation faced by the shopkeepers.

While, welcoming the celebration, they said that “we have witnessed numbers of statehood day celebrations in the state capital and various developmental activities around us, but till today no major steps was taken to upgrade our marker shed”.

R Yal, a shopkeeper highlighting numerous grievances of the market shed said ‘sometimes we feel neglected because of improper roof, lack of water connectivity and clogging drains’.

Numbers of local and foreign tourist visits this vegetable market and video graph it, we don’t know for what purpose they are take our photograph. Their quest and quarries regarding the shed and management embarrass us.

With a few hope left with them, the shopkeepers pointed that “if the government could at least manage the major problems like roof, water, drain and toilet problems. Though various numerous developmental activities are taking place in the Capital complex, we wish that government do something for us too. We are ready to co-operate with the concerned department regarding renovation of the market shed”, they added.


Shri Shri bats for violence and stress-free society

Itanagar, Feb 19: Spiritual leader Shri Shri Ravi Shankar today pinned hope over a violence and stress-free society and said that his organisation, The Art of Living (AOL) was working in that direction throughout the country.

''It is a matter of great concern that in the recent times many students have developed a suicidal tendency. To stop this menace we are imparting them training in yoga and other activities to get rid of any depression,'' the spiritual guru told a press conference.

Claiming that because of his constant persuasion many insurgents had shunned violence and joined the national mainstream, Shri Shri informed that he would appreciate the chance to be a mediator in peace parleys between the government and insurgent groups but both sides should invite him and repose faith in him.

''Lack of mutual understanding and respect between government and terrorist outfits is the main hindrance in successful peace process,'' he pointed out and called upon the parties concerned to repose faith in each other for a better solution.

Asked to comment on oft repeated China’s claim over Arunachal’s territory, the spiritual leader maintained that the state was an integral part of India ''since time immemorial''.

Highlighting the initiatives undertaken by AOL, he informed that his organisation had already ventured into various social activities of which establishment of schools in rural areas was one of the priorities.

''We have established a school in Itanagar and one at Pasighat is in the pipeline. Moreover, 50 such schools will be established in the state soon,'' he said and exhorted the youths to venture in nation building exercise. UNI


Capping Ceremony of 40th batches of ANM

Siram calls for dedicated service

PASIGHAT, Feb 19: General Hospital Pasighat, conducted Capping Ceremony of 40th batch of ANM trainees of Training and Research Centre Pasighat at it premises today.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, education minister Bosiram Siram said that nursing is one of the important aspects of Health care services. The trainees should extend their services sincerely and dedicatedly so that people could get better medical assistance. He advised them to follow the ideals of "The Lady with the Lamp" Florence Nightingale."

Guest of Honour, SSP D.C. Srivastava advised the trainees to maintain dignity and strengthen the nursing profession for better health care services in the state and the country as well.

DDHS Pasighat Dr. B. C. Sarma also congratulating the trainees ascertained that Nursing is a noble profession and they have to serve the needy people selflessly with missionary zeal.

Joint Director Health services (HQ) Dr. B. Tada, Senior Surgical Specialist Dr. K. Lego, officer In-charge, Training Dr. Pertin (SMO) and In-charge Nursing Cell, (DHS), Naharlagun C. S. Tada also spoke on the occasion. DIPRO


AKKDSU move CM for solution to district problems

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: State Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu has assured a delegation of the All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union (AKKDSU) to declare the Kurung Kumey as a backward district of the state. This assurance came when the delegation met the CM and submitted its 6-point charter of demands for consideration. After long-discussion, the CM assured to look into the all 6-point grievances, especially demand for declaration of the Kurung Kumey district as a backward district, the Union added.

The demands of the union include completion of on-going road projects at the earliest, redressal of educational and health problems, construction of local Kebang, construction of mega hydel projects, allocation of fund for backward district.


Pre- Nyokum

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Pre-Nyokum Yullo will be celebrated at Tomi Polytechnic Basar on February 24.

DC, West Siang District A Tak and Anchal Chairperson J Basar would attend the day as chief guest and guest of honour.


MLA inaugurates school

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Local MLA Techi Kaso inaugurated the Govt. Primary School Donyi-Polo colony here yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, the MLA advised the people of the colony to maintain peace and harmony. He also urged them not to destroy forest by cutting jungles instead they should involve in afforestation activities by planting more trees for better and greener tomorrow.


Nyokum at RGU campus

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Rajiv Gandhi University Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee will celebrate the festival with various programmes on February 24 at University campus.

Various competitions such as games and sports, cultural etc. will be conducted among PG students, employees of the university and guests. Winners would given attractive prizes, according to festival celebration committee release.


Union threaten bandh calls

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union highlighting their grievances said that they had submitted an 11 points memorandum to state government; however the government failed to look into the demands within the given stipulated time.

Meanwhile, in a meeting held recently, the union decided to hold peaceful mass rally by boycotting classes within the university campus on February 22, 12 hours university campus bandh on March 2, 48 hours bandh on March 8 and 9 and one week bandh on March 15 if their demands were not fulfil by the government.


Awareness Camp on RISC & PRODIP held at Itanagar

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: National Youth Project of Arunachal Pradesh organised a one day Awareness Camp on RISC & PRODIP today in Itanagar. The programme was sponsored by Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

RISC is the common facility unit, which aims to provide infrastructural support and necessary services to the local units to upgrade their production capacity, skills and market promotion and backward forward linkage to Khadi & Village Industry activities. Speaking at the occasion function  Chief Guest (Commissioner)Industries, Textile, Trade & Commerce M.Pertin appreciated the effort and initiative taken by National Youth project for coming up with the  programme to encourage the Entrepreneurs and also sent across a message to the young generation to come forward to uplift the economic and social condition in our state and make a path to generate more employment out of it.

Khoda Ruja(Director)Textile, Handloom & Handicrafts Khoda Ruja also appealed the entrepreneurs to come forward for the uplift of the society.

Resource person S.Dev(KVIB) and members of KVIC enlightened the participants on Rural Industry Service Center and Product Development Design, Intervention & Packaging.

H.P. Biswas, President, National Youth Project emphasized on the better implementation of the programmes and appealed to the representatives NGO’s to work for the development of the villages of Arunachal Pradesh. He also pointed out various initiative taken by the NYP for the rural development in Arunachal Pradesh.

Komoli Mossang, Chairperson, State Women Commission also spoke on the occasion.


Absenteeism resented

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Expressing strong resentment over absenteeism of Govt. employees posted at Bameng, the All Bameng Khenewa & Lada Students’ Union (ABKLSU) cautioned them to stay in their respective places and attend duty regularly.

Their reluctance to stay at their respective posting places despite of serving several notices under CCS rule by the competent authority has clearly shown their negligence towards duty, said ABKLSU, in a release. While urging East Kameng deputy commissioner to send back those employees who are staying at Seppa to their respective posting places, the union cautioned all the irregular staff to face consequences in case they fail to respond positively.


Cricket tourney

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Seijosa Staff XI will play against Seijosa Bluff XI in the final of the T-20 Cricket tournament organized by Jorjo Nabom Memorial Foundation Society on February 20 at Seijosa.

Former deputy chief minister Kameng Dolo will attend the final day as chief guest. The winner and runners up teams would be given Rs. 10,000 and Rs.5,000 respectively.

Earlier, the tournament was inaugurated by WRD Minister Atum Welly on February eight last.


7th National Rafting Championship in Arunachal from March 21

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The 7th National Rafting Championship is going to be conducted over River Siang from March 21 this year, disclosed Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen J J Singh while flagging-in the Assam Rifles Rafting Expedition at Pasighat today.  

The Rafting Championship will be held on his personal initiative, he further said, adding state government is contemplating to develop tourism in this part of the state in the right perspective so that it would become a major hub for tourism activities.

The Governor said that the by conducting the White Water Rafting Expedition in the Siang River AR have helped the state in its efforts in adventure tourism activities which is another wonderful feature in it tourism map.

River Siang has not only hydro power potential but it could be transformed into an ideal spot for adventure sports, he added.

“We have the potential but we need the correct way of its promotion”, he said and requested the Assam Rifles personnel to be “our Ambassadors and promote tourism in Arunachal, where ever you go”.

Calling upon the Assam Rifles to share the experience and expertise of rafting with the youth of the State, Gen Singh said, Arunachalees have the in-born passion and talent for adventure sports, but they need proper guidance. A very good example has been set by Everester Tapi Mra. He also urged the Assam Rifles to train special forces of the State Police on water craftsmanship.

Recalling his association with Assam Rifles as a Captain and as Brigade Commander, Gen Singh said, “I can always count on them. They taught all, how to win the hearts and minds of the tribal people. Noting more commendable then them, the best army of the people”, he added.

Pointing at the recent surrenders at Khonsa in Tirap District, organized mainly by the Assam Rifles Unit posted there, Gen Singh said, it bears testimony to the strong commitment of AR for the national cause.  

Director General of Assam Rifles, Lt Gen KS Yadav  informed that the force has rendered invaluable service to the people of the North East region, identifying itself with the local tribes, helping in their economic upliftment and progress. In the years to come, the force is poised to play a pivotal role in defining the future of the North East and live up to its image of ‘Sentinels of the North East’ and ‘Friends of the Hill People.’  

State Home Minister Tako Dabi, Education Minister Bosiram Siram, Finance Commissioner V K Dev, senior officers of the Assam Rifles and district administration along with denizens were present on the occasion.

The White Water Rafting Expedition is being conducted as part of the 175th Celebrations of Assam Rifles.

Led by Captain Sunney Rathee, the team covered a distance of over 70 km in three grueling days in the Mountain Rivers of Siyom and Siang with camps at Pangin and Rotung.  PRO to Governor


‘Reduce tax period from 15 to 7 years’

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) has appealed the Member of Parliament, LS Takam Sanjoy to convince the authorities concerned to minimize duration of one time registration system from 15 years to 7 years for vehicles in the state.

In a memorandum submitted to the MP during inaugural function of the AAPPTF office at Papu Nallah, Naharlagun today, the Federation  advocated that paying of taxes for 15 years at one time by the vehicle owners is not justifiable as many private and commercial vehicles are not able to run for 15 years in the hilly roads in the state.

The demands of the 10-point memorandum include establishment of permanent terminal point for vehicles at A-sector, Naharlagun, common plying permits for the Assam and Arunachal, construction of permanent waiting sheds, immediate ban on collecting entry free at Police check gate, reduction of license free for booking counter, handing over power of issuing license for booking counter to DTO and mitigation of road tax and plying permit of vehicles.

Earlier, Sanjoy inaugurated the Federation office. Parliamentary secretary for transport Karikho Kri and local MLA Techi Kaso graced the occasion as guest of honour and special guest respectively. AP Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board Chairman Jalley Sonam  was the special intivitee.


Bomdila set to celebrate Losar

Bomdila, Feb 19: Bomdila is all set to celebrate its annual Losar (New Year) on Feb 21 to mark the occasion of 2137th Metal- Tiger Year which would be graced by MLA Tani Loffa as Chief Guest. The Secretary Losar Celebration Committee Kesang Wangda, AMDO, further informed that the Chief Patron of the celebration committee, Parliamentary Secretary for HPD R.T.Khunjuju, Chairman APSPCB T. Norbu, MLAs Phurpa Tsering and Kumsi Sidisow and Deputy Commissioner Swati Sharma would be the Guests of Honour on the occasion.

The Bomdila Losar Celebration Committee has extended its good wishes for a happy and prosperous Losar. (DIPRO)


Disaster management training held

KHONSA, Feb 19: As a part of disaster management training, a block and village search and rescue training and mock drill for village and block level leaders was held at Khonsa on Feb 18.

The training programme organized by Disaster  Management Cell, Khonsa was attended by HoDs, Police Officers and village leaders, T.Aran, EAC who presided over the training asked the participants to take the training seriously and told them to convey to others in their village whatever they had learnt during the training. Inspector S. Monpa threw right on role of Police during disaster. He appealed to the people to be prepared always and remain alert.

A number of resource persons conducted the training. A mock drill was also held on the occasion. As Tirap district is also prone to earthquake, landslide, fire accident etc. such disaster  management training is of paramount importance. (DIPRO)    


Governor urged to take up Assam-Arunachal boundary issue

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The People’s Party of Arunachal Pradesh (PPA) drew the attention of Arunachal Pradesh Governor towards inter-state boundary disputes between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and urged him to take up the issue sincerely.

Praising the Governor for guiding the state towards the path of development, PPA urged him to use his experience and influence in solving the vexed boundary problems permanently.


APCC greets

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee extended warm greetings to the people of the state on the occasion of 23 Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Day.

It appealed the people to maintain communal harmony, peace, prosperity and tranquility in the state for all round development.


Kambang electric project ready

Aalo, Feb 19: Kambang Small Hydro Electric Project will be ready for generating power by March end, 2010.

The project has been completed in all respect and is ready for handing over to the Hydro Power Development department after erection, testing and commissioning of all three units, informed the chief engineer of NHPC for the said project in a coordination meeting convened by West Siang deputy commissioner recently for inordinate delay in completion of the project.

The full load testing of each unit has been completed successfully in presence of DHPD officers last year and work of installation of the Isolation Mode Governor System will be done in the mid of March, 2010, the engineer added.

Kambang Small Hydro Electric Project over Siru river was handed over to NHPC by the Hydro Power Department as per MoU signed in the year 2001. The project was completed and ready for testing in March 2005 but flood delayed the process. DIPRO


Golden Pogoda ready for dedication

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Tengapani, under Chongkham circle of Namsai Sub-division will witness one of the greatest ever gathering during Dedication Ceremony of Golden Pogoda , Budha Scriptures and Monastery on 22nd , 23rd and 24th of February next. The Namsai MLA Nang Sati Mein , Chowna Mein, Minister PHED Animal Husb. & Vety.  and their  family members have invited foreign and inland dignitaries , Bhikkhus, Government officials and members of various communities to witness the dedication ceremony.

The eye catching Pogoda is erected in a beautiful location spreading over several hectors of land with varieties of shrines and traditional structures.

Chowna Mein said that the Vihara will be dedicated to the society not only for spiritual learning but cater religious , traditional, social and intellectual centre of learning to promote and restore old order peace and serenity which is prerequisite for human existence and development of the society.   (DIPRO)


Awareness campaign on TSC

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: A mass awareness camp on TSC program was organised at New Riba LP School on 18-02-2010 by PHE Division Daporijo.

Camp was organized to create awareness among local mass about sanitation, its impact on daily and social life and to motivate them in embracing sanitation as a way of life. The main emphasis was on “Change of Habits of the Mass”, to stop open defecation and construction of Individual Household Latrine for proper disposal of human wastes. The technical aspect of construction of IHHL was well demonstrated and taught to the gathering.

Thanking the gathering for active participation, Er. S. Yomcha, SE appealed for full implementation of TSC program and improvement of village sanitation.

After the meeting, the team visited the newly constructed structures of water supply project of Jiri Riba Village, and appreciated the proper execution of work.


Craft bazaar

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Action for Social Justice Organization (AFSJO), Imphal, Manipur will organize a craft bazaar (Exhibition cum sales of the handicrafts products) at Kangkar Nallah Govt Hr. School playground from Feb 23 to March 4. The expo is sponsored by the development commissioner, (Handicrafts), union ministry of textiles.


Workshop by District Health Society

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Two days workshop on Rogi Kalyan Samiti, Village Health & Sanitation Committee, Sub center Management Committee/Pre- conception & Prenatal Diagnostic Technique Act cum Routine Immunization Meeting and review meeting on immunization was  organized at IDSP hall at District Hospital Khonsa from Feb 18 by District Health Society.

Dr S Ronya, DMO Khonsa formally inaugurated the workshop. In his inaugural speech Dr. Ronya requested the outpost Doctors to be sincere in attending the sick people in Health Centers as well as to be punctual in discharging their assigned programme work. Dr K Perme DRCHO, organizer of the workshop earlier in his welcome speech informed the participant to work as medical officer as well as programme manager at block level and insisted to make full utilization of the fund in time so that NRHM fund flow is in time in the district and in the state as a whole.

Dr.K.Perme sensitized the Doctors on issues like VH&SC, SCMC, RKS and FAQ’S of PC-PNDT ACT  to all the stake holders.


NSUI training camp conducted

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) has conducted a two-day state level training camp for the elected office bearers of the college, district and state level NSUI units at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Itanagar on Feb 17 and 18 last.

Chairman, Basix India Limited Vijay Mahajan, who is also the chairman of political leadership Institute of the Congress Party supervised the training camp. Other resource persons of the programme were Siddharth Sanyal, Dilip Sharma (chairman, Centre for Humanities Development), Mrinal Pant, director training, and Subhramitra Gogoi, former national secretary, NSUI and Mritunjoy Sisodia.

NSUI state unit President Kafa Bagang while speaking on the occasion stressed on development of human resources and called upon the Govt to implement more welfare schemes for the students in remote areas.


“PRIs need to be aware”

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The State Govt. have already empowered the Panchayati Raj Institutions but they are unable to utilize it due to lack of awareness, said ADC cum Member Secretary, Mige Kamki at East Kameng Zilla Parishad meeting held here at Kameng Hall on feb 18. Unless proper knowledge about the Panchayat Raj Act & its impact are gathered, they wont be able to utilize the power vested upon them, he added.

All the Zilla Parishad members pointed out that for transparent  implementation of schemes, the concerned Department should inform the PRI leaders before any kind of policy is made. They also opined that all the schemes implemented in the district should be routed through them for proper monitoring & liasoning.                               All the HODs while presenting their schemes & relevant information requested the PRI leaders to cooperate with them in selection & implementation of the schemes.

The Zilla Parishad Chairperson,Sipi Bagang who chaired the meeting while extending thanks to all the members present in the meeting appealed his colleagues to cooperate with the officers in proper implementation of schemes for all round development.

Meanwhile, on the eve of Statehood Day Celebration 2010,a mass cleanliness drive conducted here at Seppa township by the District Administration in which Govt. employees, PRI leaders, Business Community, Public & All East Kameng Students' Union actively participated this morning from 0600 Hrs onwards.

"I am confident that the district headquarter, Seppa in particular & the district as a whole is heading towards socio-economic development under the dynamic leadership of  Dorjee Khanduji", said town MLA Tapuk Taku while participating in the Social Service.

He further requested the District Administration & the people of Seppa township to extend all possible help & cooperation to keep the town clean. (DIPRO)


Farmer meet in Yingkiong

YINGKIONG, Feb 19: A one day Face to Face Farmers – Scientist- Extension Farmers Linkage programme was held today at Yingkiong which is sponsored by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Upper Siang.

Speaking on the occasion Pawan Kumar Sain, Deputy Commissioner Upper Siang hoped that the interaction will be fruitful.

He said that such meets should be utilized for acquiring knowledge and bring a charge in the mindset. They should be utilized practically so that there is socio-economic development in the society. Multi- cropping should be encouraged to generate more products and income.

DAO Okang Tamuk dwelt in detail about the aim and objectives of interaction. He said that traditional type of cultivation does not give scope for huge and surplus production. Hence all should go for modernization of farming using the latest technologies.

Scientist from K.V.K. Geku were the resource persons and progressive farmers from various parts of the district attended the interaction. (DIPRO)


Arunachal at 24

Bamang Tago

Arunachal Citizens’ Right (ACR)   appreciates  the doings of  Dorjee Khandu led Govt. and the tireless efforts of His Excellency, the  Governor of Arunachal Pradesh for improving the  socio and economic  growth of its people and state including connectivity of railway to Naharlagun.  However, ACR feels that any developmental project and activity should not be at the cost of  Indigenous and tribal culture and identity. Informed consent must be sought sufficiently in advance of any final authorization by the State or third parties or commencement of activities by a company that affects indigenous peoples and their lands, territories and resources. Prior consent requires comprehensive procedure to ensure that indigenous peoples have sufficient time to understand and analyze the information they receive. Time bound requirement for information dissemination should be compatible to the situation of indigenous peoples. (National legislation may contain provisions for a notice or information but this is not sufficient to provide substantial information) Respect is shown for time requirements of indigenous consultation/consensus processes.

Keeping these in mind,  ACR apprehends that massive floating of influx of outsiders alongwith the railway will definitely be a threat to the Indigenous people of Arunachal besides,  increase in crime and health hazard that the railway project may bring with it.

Thanks to British Kingdom responsible for promulgation of Bengal Eastern Regulation  of 1873  which protects the Arunachalees restricting outsiders entry without ILP. Unfortunately,   the present situation of the Banderdewa check gate and other check gates, where ILP is being  checked, has already in an appalling condition with the security (CRPF, ITBP) personnels responsible for checking the ILP seems to have miserably failed  and not on the spirit of  regulation. There have been instances of not going through the ILP documents properly. It has been witnessed that they allow anyone who shows them any stamped document, may it be an appointment letter, an application or any other official letter irrelevant and not connected to ILP. This probably is because of the fact that they are mostly not well educated or may be systematically ignoring the importance of Regulation and with the advent of railways connecting to this tiny tribal populated area might be worsen. Therefore, ACR beseeches that its the duty of Govt. to let the People of Arunachal Pradesh know the mechanism if worked out so far so that the public may not have any doubt and worry  about their security and fear of health hazard and cultural invasion due to unchecked influx. According to the 2001 census on population, Arunachal Pradesh has only 64.22% tribal population out of the total of 10,97,968 persons; the percentage of decadal growth from 1991-2001 being 26.21%. And in comparison to 90.09% and 89.53% of tribal population respectively in districts like Lower Subansiri and Upper Subansiri, Papumpare has only a mere 56.56% of tribal population.

Connectivity is a very important part of progress whether its Rail, Road or Air but priority should be given to the kind of connectivity that benefits the common people of Arunachal Pradesh while considering new Railway, road and Air link projects, we must keep in mind that two third of our villages still remained unconnected.

While some of us can afford to go to Delhi, Kolkata or Bangalore for costly medical care, there are many districts which don’t have district hospitals leave alone public health dispensaries in the circle head quarters.

On the eve of  statehood day our government and those at helm state affairs should be reminded again that the people of Arunachal and our nation state can only progress by developing a strong and meaningful education, health, food distribution system along with livelihood security. (The contributor is Chairman, Arunachal Citizens Rights )


Teacher passes away

ITANAGAR, Feb 19: B N Raisharma, 58 years passed away last night at a city hospital of suspected cardiac arrest.  He was working as an ADEO, Lohit and was in charge of Midday meal.

Late Sharma had come to Itanagar to take part in a meeting of his department when he suddenly fell ill. He was rushed to the hospital by his colleagues where he passed away.

He leaves behind his wife and four children. He joined Education Department as Assistant teacher in 1978 and was few years away from retirement.

His mortal remains was sent back to Tezu last night itself. Parliamentary Secretary Karikho Kri who came to the hospital on hearing the news arranged for the transportation of the mortal remains.  

DDSE Lohit K Rina and DDSE Anjaw K Perme and teachers from their districts were present too.

DDSE Lohit in a condolence message has said that Late Sharma worked with dedication and was the man behind success of implementation of Midday meal scheme in the district. In his death, Lohit has lost a good teacher, he added.

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