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February  - 27


State celebrate Nyokum with traditional fervor

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Nyokum was celebrated across the state today with traditional pomp and gaiety.

At Naypin, Union Minister of State for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Agatha Sangma attended the Nyokum festival this morning.

Inaugurating the celebration at Nyapin General Ground as Chief Guest, Agatha while greeting the people on the occasion, informed that her ministry has sanctioned over Rs 600 crores under PMGSY for improved road connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh. She hoped this would help improve road communication in the remote areas of the state.

The Minister said she is aware of the problems confronting the people in Arunachal Pradesh and would make efforts to help find solutions in regard to relaxation of restriction in the norms under PMGSY so that more remote population can get benefit under this scheme.

Recalling her first visit at Nyapin in 2009, she said she relished her visit to the place. She also lauded the display of various cultural events on the occasion and talents of the dancers. The Minister also released an audio cassette called, Ngolu Nampam which was sponsored by M.L.A. Bamang Felix.

M.L.A. from Meghalaya James K. Sangma, who attended the celebration as Guest of Honour, said there are many commonalities in the festivals of different tribes of North-East which bind the people together. He appealed the people to stay united despite various challenges confronting them and endevour to work for betterment of the country.

The host M.L.A. Bamang Felix who was the Chief Patron of the festival, in his welcome address, thanked the Union Minister for keeping her promise to re-visit Nyapin. He narrated various problems faced by people of the constituency such as frequent affliction of water-borne diseases, lack of proper road communication etc and appealed her to help them by approving suitable schemes.

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu today called for a missionary approach to promote and preserve our rich cultural heritage which is gradually fading due to adverse modernization. Khandu was very specific in saying that change is requisite for progress of a society but one should also ensure that our tradition and customs are not put in stake. He was speaking as chief guest at the Nyokum Yullo celebration of the Nyishis here.

Crediting the conferment of the CNN-IBN and IBN7’s Diamond States Award to Arunachal Pradesh in the ‘small state’ category to the people of the state for their relentless support in making Team Arunachal, Khandu believed that the tempo would move on and the state would receive much more accolades for its developmental initiatives.

Khandu lauded the contributions of the largest tribe of the state.

Expressing concern at the loss of lush green forest by the traditional jhoom practices, he advocated switching over to wet cultivation to save the forest. He also urged to save Mithun whose dwindling population has been facing a threat.

Stressing for urgent need for preservation of the local languages, Prof T Mibang, Pro –Vice Chancellor who graced the occasion as guest of Honour said immediate documentation of the languages have to be done. He also highlighted the relation of human with the wildlife and called for eco-friendly approach to make the state, nation and the world green.

Appreciating the chief minister for the accelerated development the state witnessed during the last three years under his able leadership, local MLA Nabam Rebia, in his address, said that the state has come to the take off stage and would see a better tomorrow in the next few years.

Young and old in their best traditional attires presented colourful cultural programme to mark the occasion.

3 small girls hardly 3-4 years old, dressed in their traditional attire stole the show by displaying traditional Nyishi dance which was best part in the entire cultural extravaganza.

“Yachuli is a beautiful land and I feel fortunate enough to be here amongst you on the auspicious occasion of Nyokum”, said Union Minister for Water Resource and Minority Affairs Salman Khurseed while attending the First Ever Joint Mega Nyokum Yullo Festival celebrations at Yazali today.  Promising to come back next year, Khurseed assured to personally intimate Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and president All India Congress Committee Sonia Gandhi, the representation that included demand of Rs 100 crore package for infrastructural development to prevent flood damages to the area which is in the confluence of Kel and Panyor river, submitted by local MLA and Chairman APEDA Likha Saaya.

I came here as messenger of Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson but I am going as Ambassador of your area," he added emphatically.

Greeting the people on the joyous festive occasion, he assured that the representation submitted to him will be personally handed over to Prime Minister. Later, Khurseed visited the Nyokum Namlo and inaugurated the traditional food and exhibition stalls.

Lok Sabha member Ninong Ering and Advisor (Tourism & Banking) North East Council Jayanti Bhuyan also attended the festival. Earlier, Saaya gave brief account of the achievements and progress made by Khandu led government.

Cultural display by various troops and community feast were the other highlights of the day-long festival. Earlier, people from the three adjoining circles of Yazali, Yachuli and Pistana took out a cultural procession with chorus of Khomi and Rikam Pada added fervor to the festive atmosphere. Meanwhile, around 50 bikers from all over the country congregated in Yazali to attend the Nyokum festival.

On the eve of Nyokum, a beauty pageant was also held to add spark to the festivity. Likha Jirdam was adjudged Miss Nyokum while Taw Tajum won the Mr Nyokum (junior) title. Likha Anjali and Baath Donyi were adjudged Mrs and Mr Nyokum.

Indian Idols Amit Paul and Harshida Madhaparia and Russian and Spanish dancers enthralled the audience during the musical-nite. Elected Panchayat leaders of the area also walked the ramp to add zing to the festival.

At Itanagar, Nyokum Yullo festival was celebrated at Nyokum Lapang today with the participation of the Lok Sabha MP Takam Sanjay, Director Tourism Govt. of AP, A.K. Mishra , GM, Regional Branch , NABARD , Dr. B.G. Mukhopadhyay and Secretary IPR & P, Ajit Srivastava and the local MLA Techi Kaso.

Sanjay said that the Nyishi Community must move forward towards becoming a progressive community through hardwork, punctuality, discipline adding that we as a community need to do some collective introspection on many areas. Through our hardwork and discipline we can contribute to the growth & prosperity of this beautiful state, he asserted. The people of this glorious tribe must work towards creating a positive image of the community, he added.

Speaking on the importance of community festival like Nyokum to promote community bonding he recalled the role of Government and formers leaders of the state in introducing centralized celebration of Nyokum.

He also called for reformation in certain aspects of the celebration to make the festival all inclusive and work collectively to preserve and nurture the institution of Nyokum Yullo for the benefit of the future generations .

Earlier, The guest of honour, A. K.Singh , Director, Tourism urged to promote and market the festival to promote participation of tourists adding that the Tourism dept. is doing its best in this direction.

Earlier, the Local MLA , Techi Kaso as the Chairman, Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee, Nyokum Lapang gave the welcome address.

The festival rituals highlights were ceremonial procession by holding decorated bamboo poles( Tori/ Khome), carried by male members followed by women folk called Gir-Baan-Bo with offerings and rhythmic Buya dance finally culminating with the sacrifice of mithun at the altar. Another feature was a driving away of evil spirits by symbolically driving away Diir-son-bo.

At Nirjuli, Kapa Kholie, Secretary, UD and Housing appealed for eradicating various evil practices, such as forced and child marriages prevailing in Nyishi society. While speaking about promotion and preservation of rich culture and tradition of the community, he urged parents to encourage their child to know their culture, tradition, learn and speak their own dialect. He expressed resentment over the fact that many of our children do not know their own dialect, and he categorically held the parents responsible for that.

He also appealed not to indulge in wanton destruction of forest resources in the name of jhum cultivation. Instead, everyone should come forward and join hands together for conservation of forest resources for survival of human being.

Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Dr. SB Deepak Kumar attended the celebration as guest of honour.

Traditional dances, ceremonial mithun sacrifice were the main highlights of the day-long celebration.

At Banderdewa, the festival was celebrated at circle level where all the villagers under Banderdewa circle enthusiastically took part. The main attractions were the display of group dance competitions by cultural troupes from various villages, groups and tribes, including Tagin, Apatani. Rikham Pada and Buya dances, Mithun sacrifice were the other highlights of the celebration.

Attending festival as chief guest, Adviser to Chief Minister Tame Passang urged people of Banderdewa to maintain peace and peaceful co-existence among various tribes residing in the circle. He appealed to the Nyishi brethren to give up their aggressive attitude and show hospitality towards the visiting guests. He also called upon one and all  to participate in festival enthusiastically irrespective of caste, creed and religion since festivals reflect one’s own culture and tradition.


Governor calls for more rural development projects for the state

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh requested Union Minister of State for Rural Development Agatha Sangma for more rural development projects for the State, when they met in a breakfast meeting at Raj Bhavan here today.

Citing remote places like Vijaynagar, where a person has to walk for six-days to reach; Governor apprised the Union Minister of the difficulties and problems of the people living in interior and frontier areas of the Nation.

Gen Singh, while appreciating rural development programmes in the State called for special consideration while allocating population based schemes. He also called for more programmes which will provide financial empowerment to the rural population, especially women. The Governor also showed her the  visitor’s book where  her father P Sangma’s wrote on 21st January 1981, as the then Union Deputy Minister Industries. (PRO to Governor)


Let the family know where Sanjay is’

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: The family members of abducted Sanjay Kumar, a supervisor of Arunachal Pradesh Mineral Development and Trading Corporation Limited (APMDPCL) Coal Mine, Kharsang, Changlang, has called on the authorities to let the family know about the progress into the investigation.

Kumar’s distraught brother in law Nand Kishore Pandit while speaking to this daily said “the family need to know whether he is alive or dead. For the last three months, we have been waiting for some kind of news. We don’t know where and how he is. No one is telling us anything”.

Sanjay, a native from Bihar was kidnapped on November 24 from Kharsang in Changlang district while he was on his way to the mining fields.

Four armed miscreants are believed to be involved in the kidnapping of Sanjay Kumar.

We are still hopeful that he would be released soon and reunited with his children, wife and aged parents, he said while adding that the family has not given up hope yet.  


Census officials reach Raj Bhavan

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Participating in the second phase of the Census 2011, Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen JJ Singh provided his details to Census enumerator B.N. Kino at Raj Bhavan here today. Led by Director Census Hage Batt and Principal Census Officer Dr. SD Deepak Kumar, Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner, a team of officials including Census Charge Officer, CR Khampa, EAC and Census Supervisor M. Koyu called on the Governor and received the details of State’s first couple.

Interacting with the officials, Governor asked about the exercise in the difficult areas.

State Census Director Hage Batt, who presented a Census memento to Governor on the occasion, apprised him of the on-going exercise. He informed that almost 90% of the operation is over. Director forecasted population of 14 to 15 lakh for the State. The Second Phase of the Population Enumeration is being conducted in the State from February 9 to 28 next with a revision from March 1 to 5.


VAS demands change of leadership, enquiry into corruption

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Voluntary Arunachal Senaa (VAS) has demanded change of leadership and investigation into the corruption in various fields in the state.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, VAS chairman Joddik Tali requested him to bring about a change of leadership in view of alleged irregularities in various fronts under the present state Govt.

Alleging signing of 133 secret MOAs with various hydro power developers without prior and informed consent of the Panchayati Raj Institution, traditional village authorities, land owners and members of various Political Parties, civil societies etc, the letter said that such reckless  signing of MOAs and mortgaging of entire fertile river basins of the state for more than 40 years will not only lead to marginalization of indigenous population but more importantly bring about natural disaster.  It demanded immediate review of all MOA's, states Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy and Policy on Hydro power projects.

Alleging misappropriation of upfront money and processing free collected from various power developers, the organization said, a CBI enquiry shall reveal the magnitude of scam in allotment of hydro projects unilaterally by the Govt to various power projects without competitive bidding.  

Claiming that the CAG Report-2009 speaks nothing but failure, lack of financial discipline, gross irregularities and undue nepotism in various departments, the VAS  further said  “in absence of effective media and arid voices of opposition parties, the misappropriation of crores of rupees under PM package and  fund under SPA (2009-10) are but unfortunate truth”.

The so called third Party Monitoring teams are also used as tools to legitimize the ill doings of the Government, it alleged.

Demanding CBI enquiry into the allotment of mining and mineral licensing rights to various private companies, the letter  also pointed out  the infamous Rs.1,000 crores PDS scams and SGRY scam in the state and also alleged misappropriation of transport subsidy.


East Kameng: Synonymous with backwardness

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: East Kameng is regarded as one of the most backward districts of Arunachal Pradesh. One of the main reasons for backwardness is low literacy rate.  As per the official record, total literacy rate of East Kameng is 40.89% of which 52.66% comprises of male while 28.86 % is female.

The poor education scenario has lead to the underdevelopment of this beautiful district. It is quite hard to pin point what could be the reason for such low literacy rate.

Like rest of Arunachal, people of East Kameng also depend on government schools for education of their children. Most of these state run schools are struggling to maintain the ever growing need of children. Hostel facilities are less in number and can’t accommodate all the students.

A visit to Sebibo Middle School situated just few kilometre away from Seppa town gives hint about reason why education scenario is so pathetic in this district. In Sebibo ME School, students cook food in open air kitchen and with domestic animals roaming around. Even condition of hostel is quite pathetic. If this is the condition of school situated nearby district headquarter, then one can only imagine what will be the condition of school in interior areas like Bameng, Chayangtajo, Pipu, Bana and so on.

State government often claims to be pumping crores of money into backward districts like East Kameng, Kurung Kumey and in disturbed districts of Tirap and Changlang. But at ground level nothing seems to be improving. Real development can only happen with improvement in education scenario, which will make people aware of their basic rights.


News Impact

Union seeks end to violence

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: All Changlang district students union (ACDSU) has supported move of All Tirap District Students Union seeking end of violence in Tirap. Union has appealed to the state government to restore peace in Tirap district as soon as possible.

Meanwhile ACSDU has expressed serious concerned over alleged murder of one Chukam Khimhun, whose decomposed body was recovered on 23rd February from nearby IG Park, Itanagar. Late Khimhu was studying BA 3rdyear in Dera Natung government college.

Union urged police to immediate solve the murder mystery and arrest the culprit at the earliest.


ALSU conference

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Parliamentary secretary, fisheries, legislative and justice, J K Panggeng and Itanagar Bar Association president advocate Kardak Ete,  would  be the chief guest and guest of honour in the inaugural function of the 4th general conference cum election of Arunachal Law Students’ Union (ALSU) at Nyokum Niya Hall, Nirjuli on March 1.

Meanwhile, foundation stone of ALSU office building will be laid at 6 mile between Itanagar and Naharlagun on Feb 28.


Pen down stir

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Arunachal Pradesh SSA Contract Employees’ Association (APSSACEA) would go for three days pen and tool down strike from February 28 to March 2 as its first phase of agitation in favour of its demand for 50 per cent salary enhancement for  the contractual ministerial employees of state and district SSA project offices and regularization of all contractual ministerial employees under SSA. It further said that instead of recruiting new staff under directorate of school education, the vacant posts should be filled up from among the contractual ministerial employees under SSA.


BJP slams Congress

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Criticizing the APCC for defending its party MP despite hurling ‘seditious comments’ on Yoga Guru Ramdev at Pasighat  recently, Bharatiya Janata Party Arunachal Pradesh said that the ‘act of insult’ at Pasighat on Feb 19,  is a serious blow on the image of the people of the state.

The incident exposed how a leader of such stature in the highest law making body  could not have little patience to hear about corruption, the party said and questioned  how  APCC will recover the lost image of the people after the incident which was telecast live across the world.

Pointing out the Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman campaign  to reach out to the people of different states  with a motto to eradicate corruption from the country, the party said that Ramdev, as a citizen, has right to apply his freedom of expression at the Yoga camp, particularly  against corruption in larger interest.


‘Give preference to census enumerators’

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) Papum Pare district unit has requested the directorate of statistics and Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to reserve 40 per cent posts of statistics officer and research officer  for  the teachers with minimum five years of experience as census officers  or enumerators.


Differences sorted out

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union, Upper Subansiri District Unit president and District Medical Officer, Daporijo has solved their differences amicably.

Earlier on February 13 last, the union served an ultimatum to the DMO for not timely attending the road traffic accident case of casual labour late Taka Nalo.


Karate Championship

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Arunachal Karate-Do-Association (AKA) has selected 14 karatekas for All India Karate Championship to be held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on March 11 and 12 next.

The championship organized by Seiko Kai Karate-Do- India carries attractive prizes including cash award, medals and accessories. Further, national ranking would also be awarded to the participants.

The team:

Khofa Raje, Richi Kagung, Raj Kumar Medak, Banenso Towsik, Promot Khomte, Linjiv Gongo, Talin Natim, Mathu Mugli, Tatam Pangeng, Khano Degio, Yesenso Yun, Tadar Eba, Tagri Raju, Higi Yamun.


PhD degree

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Gomo Karbak, Asst. Prof., Rangfrah Govt College, Changlang, has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by Rajiv Gandhi University for his thesis Decentralization, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development in Arunachal Pradesh--A study of West Siang Dist.

He conducted his research work under the guidance of Prof. PK Panigrahi, Deptt. of Pol Sc., RGU.



ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Upper Siang Christian Forum (USCF) expressed deep shock at the untimely death of Late Yakot Tamuk (Paleng),Yingkiong CDPO, who died on Feb  23.

Late Yakot Tamuk was a very sincere and dedicated member of Upper Siang Christian Forum. Her contribution to the USCF will always be remembered in the days to come, said Forum’s executive secretary in a condolence message today. The Forum members prayed to Almighty for eternal peace of departed soul and also attended her funeral service at Bogne village under Kaying circle in West Siang on Feb 24.

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