February 13


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Governor highlights needs & aspirations of Arunachal

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: Governor Gen. (Retd) J J Singh has called for a consolidated package from the Ministry of Defence so that all the requirements such as road connectivity for unconnected administrative centers, porter tracks and bridges and drinking water facilities in border areas are covered in a single go.

Highlighting the needs and aspirations of the people of Arunachal Pradesh in the two days conference of Governors at Rashtrapati Bhawan today, Singh called for strengthening of Border Roads Organization (BRO) by providing them more administrative and financial autonomy. BRO is executing almost 1,000 km of roads in Arunachal Pradesh and works on several of these strategically important roads are getting delayed due to issues like low labour rates, low material procurement rates etc.

The Governor said that the State of Arunachal Pradesh has long international borders with three countries and therefore, occupies a very critical position in the geo-political mosaic of the country. He reiterated his belief that India is secure only when Arunachal Pradesh is strong.

Stating that the State Government has been providing basic administrative and civic services to the residents of remote habitations along the border areas at their door-step so that they do not migrate to better developed areas, the Governor stressed that in such areas of national concern, the Central Government should also not apply the typical formulae of economic cost-benefit analysis before sanctioning infrastructure development projects. He added that the Prime Minister’s package projects of illuminating border villages and providing road connectivity to 513 border villages have provided some relief, but there are still lots to be done.

The Governor also requested the Ministry of Defence to set up a Sainik School and additional units of NCC in the State, including a naval wing.  On strengthening delivery systems of Government programs, the Governor informed that the State Government strongly supports the decision for Direct Cash Transfer in beneficiary oriented welfare schemes. He said that this will put hard cash in the hand of the end-user, giving him or her freedom to spend on where he needs it the most.

Highlighting on the initiative of the State Government for checking leakages and corruption the Governor briefed on third party monitoring mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of government programmes and use of GPS cameras mandatory in the process of project monitoring in the State. He also suggested for provision of an effective grievance redressal system, including SMS and telephone help-lines, and staff well-trained to handle.

Stating that in the absence of 2nd green revolution amongst the eastern states, the fertile land of the region has not yielded their full potential, that Governor requested to Ministry of Agriculture to rename the programme as ‘Bringing 2nd green revolution to eastern and north-east India’ and include all N-E states for funding under the same. He said that though the States of the North-East are small in terms of size and population, the need for ushering in the 2nd green revolution is more acute in their case.

On water Management and sanitation in the State, the Governor suggested that the Ministry of Water Resources should come out with a new scheme where assistance is provided for setting up of rain-water harvesting systems, especially in areas of heavy rainfall and heavy run-off at District level directly through deputy commissioners depending on local requirements. For the hilly States of North-east, the Governor emphasized that such scheme should be funded to the extent of 100% by the Center.

Pointing out that one of the commonest reasons for lack of proper sanitation is lack of water supply in the toilets, the Governor proposed for enhancing of the unit costs of toilets under the present schemes as it is hardly possible to constructs a decent usable toilet under the current financial norms.

The Governor, who raised the issue of Look-East Policy in the last Conference of the Governors, once again emphasized on more tangible action at ground level for meaningful Look-East Policy. He said that the chief pre-requisite for a meaningful Look-East policy is land connectivity. Most of the 1,726 km long historic Stilwell Road is now in a usable position and only about 160 km portion in Myanmar needs renovation and repairs. Opening of this road provides direct connectivity to Myanmar, Thailand and Yunnan province of China.

The Governor emphasized that in addition to opening of road communication, the Border Trade at Pangsau Pass must also be formalized on priority. It is noteworthy that the major items of trade from Myanmar would be valuable timber (teak), precious gems, medicinal plants and other agricultural products. The timber could help revive many of the wood-based industries that had to be shut down following Apex Court’s restrictions on timber operations in 1996 and also create job opportunities to unemployed youth.

The Governor further added that on similar lines, tourist circuits with South-east Asian nations have to be opened.

Convened by the President of India, it is the 44th Conference of the Governors. Among the dignitaries who participated in the conference were the Vice President, the Prime Minister, nine Union Ministers, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, and Chairman UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).  PRO to Raj Bhawan



Ex-gratia relief for Daporijo fire victims

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: Chief Minister Nabam Tuki has expressed serious concern over frequent fire mishaps reported from various parts of the state with the latest report coming from Daporijo in Upper Subansiri.

As per official reports, a massive fire broke out at Daporijo late night on February 10 killing three persons including a pregnant woman and her two daughters and injuring six others. Several houses were gutted down in the inferno rendering more than 100 families homeless.

Expressing grief over the death of three persons, the Chief Minister has announced an ex-gratia of Rs 1.5 lakhs to the next of kin of the deceased. He has also directed the Relief Department to assess the loss as well as provide relief assistance to all victims of the accident as per official norms. He also assured the victims of the Pasighat fire mishap of relief assistance according to laid down norms.

The Chief Minister appealed the people to take preventive and safety measures to avoid such incidents. He expressed concern that despite repeated appeals, people hardly paid attention to safety measures while installing power connections and burning candles, kerosene lamps and fireplaces in their homes.  “Fire mishaps are results of our own carelessness and therefore, we need to voluntarily take preventive measures for our own good,” he said in a statement today.

He also directed the district administrations to create awareness in respective districts especially in areas and colonies prone to such mishaps besides keeping fire fighting machineries on high alert during the winter season and power black-outs.

Mourning the death of a pregnant mother and her two daughters, the Chief Minister prayed for strength to the bereaved family members to bear the loss.

Meanwhile, he appreciated the noble and humanitarian gesture of various organizations coming all out to provide relief and assistance to the victims at such a time of distress.  



Arunachal make early exit from Santosh Trophy

AT News Desk

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: Arunachal Pradesh made early exit from the 67th National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy after playing out a 2-2 draw against Himachal Pradesh in their second cluster level match at Kollam, Kerala today.

Arunachal was leading the match 2-1 until last moment but Himachal Pradesh restored parity 40 seconds before the final hooter through a penalty kick.

The state team shot into lead 26 minutes into the match through a penalty kick by Techi Takar. Ligang Bunggo added another goal two minute’s later bringing much cheer to Arunachal camp. Arunachal was leading 2-0 in the breather.

Arunachal Pradesh Team coach has alleged some ‘controversial’ and ‘biased decision’ by referees in today’s match.

Protesting the penalty kick offered in favour of Himachal Pradesh in the last few seconds, Team Coach Kipa Bharat rued that “refereeing decisions have cost us the match”. He also complained the use of local (Kerala) language by the referees in giving instructions to the players thus making them confused. Meanwhile, the coach appealed to the football fans of the state not to be disheartened by the defeat as the team has taken it a lesson. He promised a better performance by the state team in the next edition of the championship.

Arunachal will take on Daman and Diu on February 14 before signing off their championship campaign with a match against Karnataka on February 16.

Arunachal lost to Bihar by solitary goal in their first match on February 10.



Budding researchers to represent RGU in Durgapur convention

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) has conducted a Students’ Research Convention at the EDUSAT Centre of the University today wherein the young budding research scholars presented their research projects in the field of research.

A total of 16 students participated, of which five of them have been selected to represent RGU at the AIU organized Zonal Convention “Anveshan: The East Zone Student Research Convention-2013” at NIT, Durgapur, West Bengal from February 19 to 21.

The selected candidates are Vicky Saroh, Akepi Linggi Ehili, Tenzin Gombu, Kago Yamang and Rinkiolu Chai and their trip to Durgapur will be sponsored by the University.  Vice Chancellor Prof. Tamo Mibang, in his address encouraged the young researchers to take up the research works wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to achieve the target by making it a career.

Chairman of the Panel of Experts Prof. KC Kapoor shared his expertise in his note to the gathering.

Earlier, the Coordinator of the Convention and Deputy Registrar (Academic) Dr. David Pertin highlighted the programme and stressed that research activities are the mine base of a University and its precious resources.

The Panel of Experts included Prof. Arup Kr. Das, Prof. Tomo Riba, Prof. Sudhir Kr. Singh, Dr. Utpal Bhattacharjee and Dr. Otem Moyong.



Devastating fire destroys 18

houses in Pasighat

PASIGHAT, Feb 12: A devastating fire ripped through 2 mile area near here burning down 18 houses and many motor garages on Monday evening.

Though the actual cause of the fire is not yet known, local sources said that fire broke out in a garage at about 5 pm and engulfed the whole area within no time.

Fortunately, there was no loss of life in the tragic incident. Properties, including one Marshal Jeep, one Tata Sumo and Tata Mobile parked inside the garages were reduced to ashes in the massive fire.

Eye witnesses said local people were seen engaged in rescue operation carrying water in buckets and other utensils to douse the rising flames. Fire tenders reached the spot immediately and joined the locals in the operation but not before major damage was caused.

Education Minister Bosiram Siram and Deputy Commissioner RK Mishra who were attending MMC on HIV/AIDS at Gandhi Marg rushed to the spot along with the officers to extend all possible help but in vain as fire already engulfed the entire area.

Siram along with the DC, DDMO G Tsomu, local officers and leaders revisited the spot today and shared their grief and sorrow with the victim families.  “Every year we are losing property worth lakhs of rupees but no one is taking any serious steps to control these fire accidents,” said Siram. He appealed to the colony dwellers to make proper installation of electrical connections/wires by trained technicians and use candle and other inflammable items carefully while stating that fire accidents are common in the town, especially during the winter.

Siram handed over Rs 50,000 to the DC for distribution to the victims as immediate relief and also sanctioned 20 CGI sheets on the spot to each victim family from his end. He assured to take up the issue with the Chief Minister on priority for their quick rehabilitation.

The DC granted Rs 30,000 from his disaster relief fund to the victims and assured them every possible support from the administration.

BCC (I) President Tobuk Dai, who also is one of the land owners of the area, urged the visiting team to provide at least three fire tenders for Pasighat.

Local people welcomed and appreciated the prompt actions extended by the minister and DA for relief works. DIPRO



Man-elephant conflict in Deomali area

Denhang Bosai

It has been observed that the elephants of late are becoming more and more dar-ing and freely entering the human settlement areas, especially in Deomali area. Every evening, especially in winter, herds of pachyderm invade the outskirts of sleepy Deomali town and eat up and destroy the paddy, bananas, tapioca and other crops. The residents keep vigil for whole night sporadically bursting crackers and sometimes firing guns to scare away the giant creatures. The people also beat drums, shout and make all kinds of sounds to drive away the elephants but the daring elephants leave leisurely after they had finished the crops of their choice.

Not only Deomali Township but the entire road stretch from Nagaghat near Joypore in Assam upto Pansumthong village, the elephants roam freely on the roads. Sometimes they are with their babies, which compounds the problem because elephants are very protective of their babies.

The elephants coming upto Pansumthong village, hardly 12 km from the headquarters Khonsa is a new thing. Earlier, they used to come only beyond Hukanjuri check gate towards Khonsa. As a matter of fact the entire Khonsa-Bogapani-Joypore road falls under elephant corridor so, it is natural for the elephants to roam freely, after all their habitat. But why they come out in large numbers in winter is intriguing. In summer they are hardly seen. But fortunately, there has been no incident of elephants attacking people. They are very intelligent.  They slowly give way to the passing vehicles. But still it is really risky to travel through that road, especially at night.

Here, as always, the culprits are the human beings. Because of their greed, they have usurped and cleared the thick jungles which rightfully belonged to the elephants. The main culprits are the wood cutters who indulge in hand-sawing by felling the huge trees and the farmers who have entered deep inside the jungles to cultivate the areas. Now, where will the elephants go? They have been forced to enter the human settlement areas thereby creating havoc. During the last one decade it has been observed that the population of elephants has increased while their habitat has depleted greatly.

Some hunters clandestinely kill some elephants for meat and the invaluable tasks. Sometimes some elephants are electrocuted. Here, the forest department has to play a pro-active role and minimize the man-elephant conflict. The department needs to think out of the box and take steps if possible to re-locate the elephants. As I said before, the number of elephants is on the rice while the habitat of the elephants is depleting fast.

DFO VK Jawal is doing his bit to ensure that the man-elephant conflict in Deomali area is stopped. Unfortunately, he does not have the wherewithal to deal with the strange situation. He is greatly under staffed and is handicapped to deal with the burgeoning problem.

But more than the Forest department the common people must be conscious. We must not intrude into the elephant habitats. They should be left alone to enjoy freely in their home, forest. We have no right to destroy their home. If we do not disturb them, they will not invade our villages and homes. We must learn to love this giant. It doesn’t harm if we don’t harm it. Let our wild life flourish like before. (The writer is DIPRO, Khonsa and can be reached at [email protected])



Are we too greedy or too credulous ?

Amar Sangno

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: Any lucrative product or material that has widely been advertised in print and electronic media or through internet  and  mobile SMS service may not be real or true one at all. I am sure, this is the general perception of the common people in other parts of the country and the world. But apparently for us, we tend to believe in what we see in newspapers and television set or hoarding as advertisement, be it financial institution or products thus paving the way for malicious people to dupe and rob us easily.

The infamous M/s Roja House Hold Complex and its master planner K. Suppaih who already fled the scene from Itanagar with lakhs of rupees after duping hundreds of customers is an eye opener for the people here.  

According to police it was appeared to be a well and coordinated plan to cheat the innocent people.   Complaints against Suppaih are still pouring in and seeing the complaints reaching the police station, it can be predicted that the  duped amount may  touch the figure of crore. K. Suppaih who is from Tamil Nadu lured the customers by offering plenty of house hold items with cheaper price, police said.

Suppaih’s deceiving trick is a great lesson to be learnt for people of Arunachal before investing and purchasing anything. Many people’s dream to have luxury house-hold articles have been shattered, they built castle in the air after pumping money into fake company.  There are many such similar cases occurred across the state which went unreported.  Call it too credulous or too greedy, but the fact is that the innocent local people are easily cheated and duped by outsiders.

One must realize that prowlers and malicious people who come in Arunachal  had in-depth research on the tribal people’s spendthrift nature.  It is said they see every Arunachalee as foolish and income box. Many fake companies be it financial institution or product manufacturer  first establish their offices and open store and shops to make people believe that their company is financially sound and doing good business all over the country.

In fact it is necessary to investigate and know details of a company which offer products much below the reasonable rate or  financial institution  which  offers  money with higher interest rate.



Field publicity campaign on health and family welfare

AALO, Feb 12:  The Directorate of Field Publicity, Ministry of I & B, Govt. of India, Aalo Branch, organized a series of special publicity campaign on Health and Family Welfare (NRHM) in the months of December and January in co-ordination with district health department and ICDS, Aalo at Darka, Raglam, Jirdin, Kabu, Pobdi, Tadin, Kugi Pomte, R.K. Mission Vivek Nagar to make the villagers aware about Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojana  (JSSK), immunization, various diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer and other child and mother health care.

Various group discussion, street rally, and public meeting and quiz contest were organized among the participants during the campaign and prizes were given to winners. Resource persons Moli Nyodo, CDPO, Minu Devi, DIEMO and J Riba, from health department, Pegum Sora, AMO, PK Deb, Malaria department were the resource persons.

The campaign aimed at making the rural and semi-rural masses of the state more health conscious and consequently come forward to take benefit of government health schemes. Directorate of Field Publicity Government of India in collaboration with NRHM launched such health awareness campaigns. T-Shirts, bags were distributed to the participants as per guidelines. DIPRO



Parents held responsible for juvenile crimes

Karda Natam

DAPORIJO, Feb 12: District Planning Officer Same Timba has categorically held parents mainly responsible for increasing juvenile crimes in Upper Subansiri district.

Attending the convocation ceremony organized by Secret Heart School Daporijo on completion of third batch training for 65 school drop outs and illiterate women here recently, Timba called upon parents and guardians, especially mothers to take proper care of their children for their bright future. Most of the women in every colony in Daporijo town are frequently found passing time leisurely playing cards etc. They hardly take care of their child, he said.

“The increasing crime rate among children in the township area is just because of their negligence towards their children”, he said. Children who come from villages to town generally fall victim of drugs addiction thus ruining their lives. He, however, encouraged the women to take care of their children and maintain proper health and hygiene.

Addressing the trainees, Timba said that merely attending a training and getting course completion certificate will not serve any purpose if the knowledge gained during such training is not used in practical fields, he opined.

He urged the women trainees to come forward and utilize their knowledge which they have learnt from the training programme.

Citing successful stories of many great people, who started their livelihood by earning at grassroots level, he encouraged them that they can too contribute to the nation by simply working hard and making themselves self dependent.


Joydam festival celebrated

SOMPOI, Feb 12: The celebration of three days Joydam festival of the Deoris – also called the festival of joy and togetherness –concluded here in Changlang district Monday.

Over 2000 people from all over the state gathered for the celebration at the general ground here. Besides people from Deori majority villages such as Mahadevpur, Mohong, Bordumsa and Sompoi, the Khamptis, Singphos, Morans and Chakmas participated with equal zeal and spirit in the cultural events, and joined in prayers to almighty Kundimama for the well-being of all people and for maintaining of the age-old cordial relations among the various tribes.

Union MoS for Minority Affairs Ninong Ering, who was the chief guest of the valedictory function, sought full participation of the communities in preserving and protecting the state’s traditions and culture. He announced to provide Rs 1 crore for constructing an auditorium here, and another Rs 1 crore for the construction of a higher secondary school in Enow. The MoS also assured to look into the demand for declaring February 11 as local holiday.

All Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Welfare Association general secretary Tapa Ruji said the association supports the Deories in their effort to get ST status in Arunachal Pradesh.

Cash reward stands

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: The cash reward of Rs 2 lakh announced by the Arunachal Pradesh Police for giving information or clue leading to arrest of the assailant/s of Tongam Rina, Associate Editor of The Arunachal Times still stands. The identity of the informer/s will be kept secret.  The informer/s may contact Capital SP at tele. numbers : 09436040006


Recognize the contributions: APPDSU

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) has urged the state government to honour Nabam Runghi with state award to recognize his contribution in Itanagar becoming capital of the state.

“The contributions of Runghi in Itanagar becoming capital of the state can not be ignored,” APPDSU said in a release and urged the state government to honour this forgotten hero on the occasion of statehood day celebration with a gold medal.


Career Guidance Cell

CHANGLANG, Feb 12: Changlang District Career Guidance Cell (CDCGC) has been set up in Deputy Commissioner’s Office to provide employment related information to the unemployed youths. The cell will provide employment news, both in central, state govt., private sectors and PSUs. DIPRO


Centre to boost bamboo activities in state

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India SS Gupta has reiterated the commitment of his Ministry towards the development of bamboo based industry and handicrafts in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Development Commissioner, in a meeting with Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Resources Development Agency vice chairman Yora Tagung discussed in details on various schemes which can be taken for enhancing bamboo based activities in the state. They discussed specifically the setting up of a Common Facility Centre for Bamboo Products, a Bamboo Museum and other similar infrastructure. Gupta mentioned that he was ready to co-operate with APBRDA by means of facilitating modern technology and manpower to increase the export competitiveness and forge market linkages for bamboo based handicrafts of the state.

Gupta mentioned that he would call on Chief Minister Nabam Tuki soon and discuss with him the handicrafts plans of the state for the next financial year.

Tagung gave an overview of the activities of the APBRDA and sought the help of Government of India to undertake training programmes in the bamboo sector with the intention of involving the unemployed youth in accordance with the CM's Employment Generation initiatives.


Society conducts free medical camp

ITANAGAR, Feb 12:  The Dirchi Welfare Society conducted free health camp on 8th of this month at Dali village under Daring circle of West Siang district. The medical team of district hospital Aalo took part in the campaign. The team comprised of Dr Goter Doke (Gynaecologist), Dr Bai Bam (Eye Specialist), Dr Jombom Kato (Medicine Specialist), Dr Chipe Dirchi (Dental Surgeon), Dr Karmar Dirchi (SMO) and other staffs of hospital.

Patients from Padi, Ichi, Dali and nearby villages were benefited. Altogether 174 patients including women, men and children from Padi, Ichi, Dali and nearby villages availed the benefit of camp. Medicines were distributed free of cost to the patients.

Earlier, the camp was inaugurated by Mokar Riba, circle officer of Daring circle. While appreciating such kind of camp, he advised villagers to keep their surrounding clean and maintain hygiene.


Seva Dal convention held

ITANAGAR, Feb 12:  The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal conducted one day state level convention today at Indira Gandhi Congress Bhavan Naharlagun. The convention was chaired by Taki Taba, state chief organizer, Congress Seva Dal cum Chairman AP Khadi and Village Industries Board. Altogether 100 participants including Pradesh office bearers and Mahila Congress Seva Dal cadets participated in the convention.

The convention basically focused on participation of Seva Dal members in the forthcoming Panchayat and Municipal elections.


AAPSU women wing demands action against kidnappers

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) women wing president Aman Tayang has appealed the concerned authority to take action against the persons/organization involved in  the kidnapping of the Mahadevpur Govt Higher Secondary School principal recently.

She further appealed the state Govt to uproot the militant activities from Lohit district immediately  before it spreads its tentacle to other districts of the state.


AAPRDDEA coordination meeting held

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: The co-ordination meeting of All Arunachal Pradesh Rural Development Department Employee's Association (AAPRDDEA) was held on 9th February at Namsai Circuit House under the chairmanship of Gulapi Manyu, Block Development Officer, C.D. Block Roing. The departmental employees working in various blocks of Upper Dibang Valley, Dibang Valley, Changlang, Longding, Tirap, Lohit and Anjaw Districts took part in it.

AAPRDDEA general secretary M F Bengia highlighted the aims and objectives of the co-ordination meeting. Bengia also highlighted the excess appointment of BDO's on lateral induction quotas from DRDA APOS, Illegal appointment in the department which resulted to promotional stagnant  and other issues.

Among others, M.N. Singpho, BDO Hq, Directorate Office, Itanagar, S. Roy, BDO, Namsai, M. Rangai, Jt. BDO Damuk, K. Rangwa Jt. BDO Khonsa, Tarh Tata, convenor, AAPRDDEA and Vijay Doka, Co-convenor (AAPRDDEA) also spoke on   the occasion.


ASF demands arrest of kidnappers

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: Arunachal Students Federation (ASF) in a representation to the Lohit deputy commissioner demanded for immediate arrest of the kidnappers who kidnapped Mahadevpur Govt Higher Secondary school principal Mana Lingi on February 8 last.

While visiting the spot where the kidnapping took place, the ASF team strongly condemned the kidnapping incident saying that such incident will not be tolerated in future.  “It is unfortunate that the kidnapers have detained a lady principal for  more than 14 hours demanding huge amount,  the ASF said.


27th AIBCRCA annual convention held

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: A three days long 27th All India Bodoland Christian Revival Church Association Annual Convention (AIBCRCAAC) was organized at Aojarguri- Panbari, Baksar district, Bodoland, Assam from February Feb 8 to 10.

In his message as guest speaker, renowned Gospel Preacher Evangelist Dr. Joram Dol, who is also the founder President of the Apostolos Bible College Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh urged the people of Bodoland to shoulder the greater responsibilities and be a torch bearer towards bringing positive changes in the Society. He also appealed to maintain unity, peace and tranquillity within the state.

On this event, many people from Assam and the Bodoland shared the love of Lord Jesus Christ and made themselves to maintain love and brotherhood relationship. Traditional folk dances and cultural programs and many other activities were organised on the occasion.


DRDA Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting held

PASIGHAT, Feb 12: With a view to revitalizing the role and functions of the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) and also to facilitate the rural poor with the benefits of the centrally sponsored schemes, the 3rd quarter of Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (V&MC) meeting was held under the Chairmanship of DC-cum-Member Secretary RK Mishra at DC’s conference hall yesterday.

Among others, ZPC Yiai Dabi, officers of PHED, RWD, ICDS, DRDA, BDOs and PRI members of the district participated in the meeting.

Underscoring the need for collective efforts by the stake holders for success of the various schemes, Mishra reiterated the need for proper monitoring and follow-up actions. While urging the PRI members and the officers for judicious and reasonable use of government funds, he stressed on timely implementation of all the poverty alleviation programs. He called for the targets specified and achievements made so far to be screened and debated upon in the house for factual socio-economic development of the rural populace. Issue of utilization certificates is mandatory for the release of the second installment, said the DC. The DC also stressed on proper use of fund so that  benefit of the programme reaches to the rural poor.

Implementation of all the schemes in the rural areas was also discussed in the meeting. The Project Director DRDA Manik Bui presented various developmental reports of all the ongoing projects. DIPRO


Capacity building training prog for in-service teachers

TEZU, Feb 12: 5 days orientation cum capacity building training programme for 120 in-service teachers was organized by Pedagogical Cell of District Level Management Committee (SSA), Lohit at BRC hall, Tezu from February 8 to 12.  

The aims  and  objectives of the training programme were highlighted by VS Tiwari, Dist. Pedagogy & Training Coordinator (SSA), Lohit District, Tezu. He stated the focal point of the orientation programme of D.El.Ed.Lohit and proper implementation of CCE in the light of RTE.

Addressing the inaugural session of the training programme, Lohit Deputy Commissioner R K Sharmah stressed upon the need of quality education as it is our prime agenda of teaching-learning Process. He also advised the teachers to be role model for the student and society as a whole. He also asked the teachers to design new and innovative activities for teaching different subjects.

Lohit DDSE K Rina, who  was the Chairman of the function has explained about D.El.Ed programme and its implementation in the district.

Dr. B.K. Nath, Principal, IGG College, Tezu being the key Resource Person has also addressed the teachers participants and explain about effective and innovative method of teaching learning process and Scholastic and Co-scholastic area of Teaching Learning Process.


Union opposes capital district

ITANAGAR, Feb 12:  The All Sagalee Students Union has opposed the creation of capital district. Terming the move illogical, the union endorsed the demands put forwarded by APPDSU for immediate recall of cabinet decision for creation of capital district.


Unions support ALSU demand

ITANAGAR, Feb 12:  The All Lower Subansiri Students Union and All Banderdewa circle students union have supported the various demands put up by Arunachal Law Students Union including immediate removal of sitting parliamentary secretary for home Gadam Ete.


Free dental camp

ITANAGAR, Feb 12:  Young Mission Adventure Club (YMAC), a capital based NGO, organized a free dental camp at Yomcha, one of the remote places of  West Siang district recently.

Altogether 230 dental patients registered their name for free check up.  Out of 230, 56 patients underwent dental surgery conducted by a team of doctors including Dr Rime Ngulom, Dr Lala Wage, Dr Joram Nisha from General Hospital, Naharlagun. Free medicines were also distributed in the camp.  The resources persons also educate the patients about the need of taking proper care of the teeth  and also made the  participants aware about the ill effect of tobacco  consumption.


GIFCC general body meeting held

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: Galo Indigenous Faith and Cultural Council (GIFCC) has discussed various issues including the policy and programmes for preservation and promotion of the Galo indigenous faith and culture in its general body meeting held at Naharlagun on February 9 last.  Advisors, patrons, executives of GIFCC and members of other Galo based organizations took part in the meeting.

Addressing the participants, GIFCC chief patron Tony Koyu briefly elaborated the background of fixing the September 27 as Kargu Gamgi Day. GIFCC vice presidents Goken Bagra and E Rumi also spoke on  the celebration of Kargu Gamgi day.

Nyamo Doji, President of GIFCC said that celebrating the 27th September as Kargu Gamgi Day would ensure unity and integrity among the Galo Indigenous Faith believers. The meeting also unanimously resolved to constitute a committee for developing GICFF Anthem.

Doji moved the house on constitution of the Research and Documentation Board.  While appreciating the move, advisors of GIFCC Jomnya Siram, Morge Ete, Boya Potom, Yido Boje, Yai Mara, President of Women Wing, suggested to compile the articles on Mopin Festival Mythology, Pirne Togu and its mythology, etc. The house also stressed on maintaining the identity and originality of Mopin Festival and Pirne Togu.

Bai Taba, Secretary General of GIFCC also spoke on the occasion.

The members present in the meeting also discussed many other issues including felicitation to the singing icon and social workers   of Galo community.


Half marathon, tug of war competitions

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: The Department of Sports and Youth Affairs is organizing prize money ‘Open Half Mini Marathon Race for both Men and Women and ‘Tug of War’ for men only as part of Statehood Day celebration and Festival of Arunachal on February 21.

The half marathon will start at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun and culminate at Indira Gandhi Park Itanagar. The Tug of War would be held at IG Park here on the same day from 8.30 am.

Interested athletes are advised to submit their names and address to the District Sports Officer, Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Naharlagun. The medical check up for the Mini Marathon runners will be conducted on February 20 in the DSO office at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium Naharlagun from 1 pm to 5 pm.


‘Steps taken to fulfill ALSU demands’

ITANAGAR, Feb 12:  While reacting to the two-week ultimatum served by Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) to fulfill its charter of demands which included early separation of Judiciary from executive, establishment of separate High Court in Arunachal, appointment of High Court judges from the State and creation of AP Judicial Services Commission, the  law department of the state Govt  reiterates that the Government has already initiated processes for fulfillment of all the demands in order to ensure smooth functioning of the judiciary system in the state.

Disclosing that clarifications to the above mentioned demands have already been communicated to the said Union and also made public through a press statement earlier, the  law department in a release said raising the same demands time and again and proposing to go for an agitation in this regard does not augur well for the common good of the people as well as the Government.

Blaming the government without understanding the basic facts and figures and launching agitations won’t speed up the process. Instead these would demoralize officials concerned who are sincerely pursing the matters from all fronts, the release said.



212 days have passed. The culprits involved in the July 15 attack on The Arunachal Times associate editor Tongam Rina are still at large. 

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Measures needed  to thwart global health threats

The world risks a repeat of the disastrous 2006 bird flu outbreaks unless surveillance and control of this and other dangerous animal diseases is strengthened globally, FAO warns.

The continuing international economic downturn means less money is available for prevention of H5N1 bird flu and other threats of animal origin.  This is not only true for international organizations but also countries themselves,” says FAO Chief Veterinary Officer Juan Lubroth.  

Continued strict vigilance is required, however, given that large reservoirs of the H5N1 virus still exist in some countries in Asia and the Middle East, in which the disease has become endemic. Without adequate controls, it could easily spread globally as it did at its peak in 2006, when  63 countries were affected.

Investing more in prevention makes economic sense given the huge toll inflicted by a full-scale pandemic. Between 2003 and 2011 the disease killed or forced the culling of more than 400 million domestic chickens and ducks and caused an estimated $20 billion of economic damage.

Like several animal diseases, H5N1 can also be transmitted to humans. Between 2003 and 2011, it infected over 500 people and killed more than 300, according to the World Health Organization.

This is all the more regrettable as it has been shown that appropriate measures can completely eliminate H5N1 from the poultry sector and thus protect human health and welfare. Domestic poultry are now virus-free in most of the 63 countries infected in 2006, including Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand and Nigeria. And, after many years of hard work and international financial commitment, substantial headway is finally being made against bird flu in Indonesia.


Save Sille police station

Dear Editor,  

Encroachment is not only restricted to capital complex or district headquarters. It has not even spared the sub divisional area. Today you visit any subdivision or circle, sign of encroachment is quiet visible.   Sille police station, located some 20 km from Pasighat is town has been encroached to such extend that it is almost become invisible. There is hardly any space left for any quarter construction. People say that police personnel posted there are themselves sleeping in the lockup. And during daytime they are always present besides road barricade. But they cannot be blamed. It is the responsibility of the higher authority to protect the area for future expansion. I failed to understand, what the officer in charge of the police station is doing. Are you afraid of the muscleman or busy collecting road chanda? If police stations are not spared then there is no security for any other place.

I doubt whether DC Pasighat, SP Pasighat and LRSO are even aware of encroachment going on at Sille. As they are mostly busy at headquarter? But these are the beginning and we have to crush it while it is infant stage. As they say “justice brings joy to the righteous, but terror to those who practice crime’. You have to be terror for this evildoer.

I am an ordinary citizen and I will not sit on dharna or call any band. But my hearth cries to see how our future assets are being destroyed so mercilessly. Are we increasingly afraid of muscleman and murderers, who thinks Govt land is their father’s property.

I know my effort will fall in blind eye and deaf ear. This ignorance is the root of all the future conflict.     "Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done."   


T Tagi

Sille, East Siang,



Frequent fire incident cause of worry

Dear Editor,

I would like to mentions few words in your daily in regards to Daporijo fire incident. I would like to request our district Deputy Commissioner and concerned Daporijo MLA constituency for immediate enquiry about causes of fire accident which has led to the loss of property worth crores and causing death of one pregnant woman along with two children. I would like to request to the authority to release relief fund to all victims as soon as possible.

I would also like to appeal our deputy commissioner, authorities of fire service department, Local MLA, NGO and student leaders to carry out awareness campaign in order to impart knowledge to public of Upper Subansiri regarding fire safety. Fire incident is creating havoc repeatedly in Daporijo town. I also want to question to the fire service authority as to why don’t they attend telephone calls of public? The department does not fulfill its service during fire accident.

It is time the public of Daporijo Town also aware themselves about fire accident. They should properly maintain colony road for better movement of fire service vehicle at the time of tragic incident.  


Doli Nguki, Spokesperson (NSUI)

Upper Subansiri Distt. Unit



Belief in humanity revisited

Dear Editor,

I met with an accident on 7th December 2012 and many people thought that I will not return to normalcy so fast.  After that day, I could experience the love, affection, prayers and good wishes from the hearts of many people. It included my colleagues in Rajiv Gandhi University, tribal and non-tribal people, my family and community people and so on. Before this incident, I never thought that I will get such care and love from the people. I did not give anything or helped many of them before. But the way, they extended their support and help at the juncture of my need is so fantastic and soothing that I and my family members will never forget it in our live. I felt that God came to me through these persons. Their wishes and prayers helped me to come back to my normal life so quickly than what myself and my family members expected.

I earlier thought that people are so selfish and are after materialistic pleasure. They do not have soft corners, compassion, and love towards their fellow human beings. I also believed that they do not have any time even to pray for the needy person in their vicinity. But, after recent experience, my views and believes has changed altogether. It also changed my belief that there would not be anybody except God when someone is in deep trouble. I found that my colleagues, family, friends, and community members stood by me all along. I wish and pray that all the needy people get such help and support that I got during the days of my need.

I have no words to thank my colleagues of all categories, my family member, relatives, community members and all others who stood with me during my difficult times. Without their help and pray I could not have overcome from the accident. I know very well that the treatment only cannot save somebody completely. But Gods hands in the form of well-wishers are also required.


Nangram Toglik,

Asstt. Registrar (A & E),

Rajiv Gandhi University,

Rono Hills, Doimukh