February 12


Log drum at IGRMS

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: A log drum (Kham) has been installed at Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS), Bhopal by the villagers of Senua in Longding who have already constructed a traditional Wancho dwelling house as part of open air exhibition.

Director IGRMS Prof. SK Chaudhuri inaugurated the exhibition on Thursday.



Governor cancels out of turn promotions, functional  appointments

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh J.P. Rajkhowa has issued an order on Thursday directing cancellation of all officiating or functional appointments and the promotions made on ‘out of turn’ basis with immediate effect. All departments will ensure that postings to posts are as per inter-se seniority, the office memorandum read.

The Governor has instructed concerned Secretaries and Heads of Departments to issue necessary orders accordingly.

It has been decided that henceforth, no officiating posting or promotion outside the merit or inter-se seniority list would be allowed to any junior level officer by bypassing a senior officer in any Department, Organization or Office under the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

In exceptional circumstances, if any officiating or functional arrangement is required to be made that too for a very short period purely in public interest; the same may be considered only as an exception, for which written approval from the Chief Secretary has to be obtained on file, in advance, the memo read.

The action was necessitated in view of numerous complaints received from civil societies, as well as Government officials alleging out of turn promotions in an irregular, illegal and unjustifiable manner. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)




Governor can't take away Speaker’s powers: SC

New Delhi, Feb 11: The Supreme Court today critically examined a decision of Arunachal Pradesh Governor J P Rajkhowa ordering maintenance of the party-wise position of MLAs in the assembly and said he had "no role to play" in it, as the anti-defection aspect fell under the domain of the Speaker.

"How can the Governor take away the constitutional powers of the Speaker to disqualify lawmakers on the grounds of defection? The Governor may have some role in the functioning of the assembly, but he has no role to play in issues prescribed in the Tenth Schedule (anti-defection provision) of the Constitution," a five-judge Constitution Bench headed by Justice J S Khehar said.

Observing that democracy was part of the basic structure of the Constitution, the bench said, hence, any "undemocratic" decision would be open to judicial review.

"Democracy is a basic structure of the Constitution and if some decisions are anti-democratic, it is the subject matter of judicial review," the bench, also comprising Justices Dipak Misra, Madan B Lokur, P C Ghose and N V Ramana, said.

Senior advocate T R Andhyarijuna, appearing for Rajkhowa, defended the Governor's decisions saying when the Speaker was under clout and part of a conspiracy with the state government, the Governor exercised his discretionary power which is "undefined" in the Constitution.

He also said such an exercise of discretionary powers leaves hardly any scope for judicial scrutiny.

Andhyarujina also said the Governor's act may be "questionable", but he is not "answerable".

"The Governor has three kinds of powers under the Constitution. He has to act on aid and advice of the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers. Second, he has discretion... Third, (his) power is undefined," he said.

During the hearing, the bench said the Governor may have the power to summon and advance the sitting of the House, but he cannot ask that a particular party-wise composition be maintained, as it would amount to interference in the working sphere of the Speaker.

"Is the Speaker prohibited under the law not to accept the resignation of legislators," the bench asked when one of the lawyers raised the manner in which the resignations of rebel Congress MLAs were accepted.

The court also said its observations are "tentative" in nature. PTI




Study on hunting-trapping economy in NE needed: Experts

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Feb 11:  The number of hunting gathering tribes in the country has dwindled to only 15, which are trying hard to survive with their traditional mores in a rapidly developing world, said Former HoD of Anthropology, Utkal University, Prof. Jagannath Dash while addressing students during inaugural day of the two-day national seminar on ‘Hunting-Trapping Culture in North East India’ held at Government College, Doimukh today.

While explaining about the hunting-trapping practice prevalent in the North East, Prof. Dash said that these practice could also be termed as hunting-trapping economy or foraging economy. The study of hunting-trapping economy or foraging economy will help in better understanding the human culture, he said and further expressed concern over the declining number of hunter-gatherers in the world, a mere 15%, attributed to the rapid development and large scale destruction of forests which is subsequently affecting the hunting tribe’s dependence on it.

Speaking in context of the state’s tribes, the Prof. lamented the lack of research work done on Puroiks of Arunachal. The Puroiks have given a new concept of reciprocal dependence and a proper research on them ought to be made which will give new insights into the study of hunting and trapping culture, he added.

Organized by the College’s Department of History under the sponsorship of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi, the seminar aims at understanding the historical importance of hunting among the tribal people of the North East.

Citing the example of the hunting tribes of Nepal and Bangladesh which are now non-existent, Prof. Dash said that the only tribe which could be termed as pure  hunter gatherers are the Malla tribe of Odisha.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tage Habung said that many tribal communities in India are forest dwellers whose lives are environmentally circumspect and despite their agricultural/livelihood based on slash and burn, are heavily dependent on forest for food, medicine and products for trade.

He said that the hunting–trapping cultures in the tribal societies of North-East India present an interesting case, since it is entwined with their cultural tradition. The seminar is proposed to understanding hunting-trapping culture among the tribal society of North East India from historical perspective by indentifying hunting-trapping traditions, role of women, adopted tools and technique, socio-religious aspects of hunting trapping tradition, he added.

Principal Dr. NT Rikam, in his address rued the lack of studies and research being taken up on a much relevant topic like hunting-trapping. He said that in Arunachal unchecked hunting has led to wanton destruction of the biodiversity which could be further saved from destruction by creating much needed awareness among people. More research needs to be done on the subject to help put a stop on such reckless hunting of wildlife, Rikam said.

Education Secretary, Marnya Ete further urged Prof. Dash and the resource persons to give recommendations to the department to help take up more research on the topic.

Among those present on the occasion were Deputy Director ICSSR, Dr. Uttam Bathari, HOD of History Dr. Jommi Loyi and RGU’s Prof. Sarah Hilaly who will also be taking part in the two-day technical session as resource persons.




Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture to start soon at Dirang

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The way forward has been drawn for early functioning of the newly created Regional Research Station of Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture, ICAR at Dirang. This was informed by, Head of State Horticulture Research and Development Institute (SHRDI) Egam Basar at an interactive meeting convened by Dr. N K Krishna Kumar, DDG ( Horticulture), ICAR, at New Delhi.

Basar informed about current status of land transfer and approval of the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the State Government to expedite the process of establishment and functioning. The MoU between ICAR and Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh is expected to be signed in the first week of the April 2016 and the DDG has reiterated the commitment of ICAR to make the centre functional as soon as possible.

It was agreed that since it will require a considerable time for ICAR to recruit manpower to run the institute, till such time, the SHRDI will help in functioning the station by deputing its manpower and carry out the mandated research works in collaboration with the CITH, Srinagar.

The Regional Research Station which was conceptualised during 2012 had finally got approved by Govt. of India during 2014 and it is expected to boost the production of temperate horticulture crops and help raising horticulture based economy of Arunachal Pradesh and other north eastern states.

The farmers in particular will be benefitted through technological intervention, availability of Quality Planting Materials and training on production of important temperate crops like Apple, Kiwi, Walnut and high altitude medicinal plants, which otherwise was very difficult due to dependence on other States like J&K and Himachal Pradesh, Basar said.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Deshbir Singh, Director, CITH ( Srinagar) and Dr. Manish Das, Principal Scientist (Horticulture), ICAR, New Delhi.




Minor raped at Ruksin, accused arrested

ITANAGAR, Feb 11:  In yet another shocking incident, a minor girl of 10 years old was reportedly raped at Ruksin in East Siang district,  January last. However, the incident came to light only after victim’s family lodged a complaint against the alleged accused Tom Taki(32) of Lingka Village under Ruksin alleging him of raping the minor girl on fateful night of January 23.

It is said Taki himself revealed about incident in a drunken state. In its complaint letter, the victim’s family said that accused had abducted the minor when she went out to attend nature’s call and took her to a deserted house and raped her. Subsequently, police arrested the accused and registered a case with Ruksin PS under POCSO Act, 2012.

The Officer in charge Ruksin confirmed that accused has been arrested and booked under non-bailable section.

Meanwhile, Adi Bane Kebang (Women Wing), East Siang District and Hirik Hiru Peoples’ Forum (HHPF) strongly condemned the incident and urged the authority not to grant early bail. The organisations also appealed for speedy trail so that accused may get exemplary punishment under appropriate section of law.




Alleging misbehavior, IMWA demands DC’s ouster

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Alleging misbehavior by Capital DC Sandeep Kumar Singh, Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) President Yumlam Achung demanded his immediate replacement by a more “experienced IAS officer with over 10-15 years of service who knows tribal behavior and mentality”.

Achung shared that he had approached the DC regarding eviction of illegal vegetable sellers from footpaths which he said is becoming a menace to capital dwellers.

However, there was no proper response from the DC, he lamented while addressing media persons here in Press Club on Thursday.

Adding that the business community was aggrieved by Singh’s highhandedness towards their president, Achung informed that over two third of shops will be closed voluntarily in Itanagar tomorrow from 8 am to 3:30 PM.

“Our association has always cooperated with the capital administration. However such unruly behavior from an IAS officer is uncalled for and we demand for his immediate transfer”, Achung added.

He further disclosed that IMWA will soon be meeting the governor to put up their demands.

When appraised about the DC’s popularity in East Kameng (EK), where he was last posted, for his effective administration, Achung countered that there was no comparison between EK and the capital as “East Kameng was still a rural area”.

 Singh took charge of his current office just last week following a bureaucratic shuffle by Raj Bhawan after imposition of President’s Rule. Known for his strict administration, Singh has won gold medal for his meritorious service in East Kameng.

Meanwhile, Singh has clarified that although he had considered the memorandum submitted by the IMWA president, an alternative location has to be provisioned before evicting the vendors.

 Further, he revealed that the supposed insult purported on Achung was a result of his attempt to intimidate him. Singh asserted that “there’s a basic courtesy to be maintained while talking to another human being”. “We must respect civic societies, but rather than simply exposing flaws, they must come up with viable solutions first”, he added.

Singh also decried the proposed shutter down by IMWA terming it as a loss to both “business community and the public”.

Singh also shared that improvement of capital roads before arrival of monsoon will be his first priority. Traffic woes, teacher absenteeism in schools and improvement of infrastructures will be tackled next, he said.

Exhorting the public for their help and support for smooth running of administration, Singh hoped that IMWA also is part of it.




A day spent with players of CM’s Trophy

[ Nellie N Manpoong ]

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The state has been witnessing a rise in sporting talents, and it has been raining awards for the truly dedicated. Considering the conditions they have to put up with during training, such achievements are truly worthy of applause.

On a trip to witness the Chief Minister’s Trophy on Football and Volleyball currently being held at the Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA), it was slightly disappointing to see that there were only a handful of spectators; sitting on the moist grass. The other participating teams, students of SLSA and officials made up more than half of the spectators.

No doubt, the initiative provides players from the remotest of places from the state to display their skills, with prospects of availing an opportunity to play with the big leagues in the national level. However, on a closer look and some questioning, it was learnt that players who had arrived to participate in a competition of the state level were denied basic essentials.

We could ignore the lack of ball boys on the field, the absence of an announcer or commentator, the inoperative score board and missing seats that could pull more audiences, but  it is rather difficult to sideline the fact that accommodation for the players were ill managed and not to the standards expected of a state level tournament.

Some players on terms of anonymity said that the living conditions are unhygienic, with no one to clean the dormitories and bathrooms. There were also complaints that the some girls have been allotted ‘tent dormitories’. “On days when it rained, the girls could not sleep well the entire night because the plastic roof had leaks in it”, informed one player and admitted that “We, as men, are accustomed to adjust to any given situation, but the girls and women have a difficult time. People can easily see through the tent and that is unacceptable.”

With overcrowding, many female players share the men’s bathroom and wait in queue from 4 AM, but still it results in delays for everyone. With no lid covering the water tanks, insects come pouring down along with the water. The players do not have proper beds and have been provided mattresses which are more like yoga mats and seem like they have not seen sunshine in years.

“The mattresses have given us rashes and makes sleeping difficult”, said another player. Some parts of the dormitory walls have creepers clinging on to it, which shows that there has been very less or no maintenance of one of the most popular sports academy in the state.

We also know how players need their nourishment to keep fit and raring to go at any given time, but there were again a few issues regarding the food that was being served. Some said that the food was too spicy for their palate and the drinking water was directly filled from the taps to the water filters without boiling, causing reasonable scare of coming down with a stomach infection or other diseases when they need all their energy to perform.

“We had to go through similar situations last year and this year is not much different. We do place our problems to the officials, but maybe their hands are tied as well”, said one.

On a slightly brighter note, officials of the Directorate of Sports on their part informed that they are trying to bring in changes to the scheme in a way that benefits the players in more than only monetary terms. They are also planning to put more attention on accommodation and sports gear for all the players and hope that it further encourages them to take sports as a career and not merely as a passing hobby.

An athlete can only perform well when he or she is provided with proper, if not the best of facilities. To an outsider, these complaints may seem minuscule, but when half of their time is spent fetching water and waiting for their turns in the filthy bathroom, there are bound to be disappointments and half-hearted performances.

With plans of the state government to soon hold the Governor’s Martial Arts Championship, Governor’s trophy T20 Cricket and Governor’s trophy in Archery, one cannot help but wonder how it would differ from the Chief Minister’s Trophy on Football and Volleyball, apart from the different field of sports chosen.

As the state government prepares its vision for the Governor's Trophy, let us hope sportsmen and women of the state receive more than cash awards and brass trophies; let us hope they receive better treatment and respect that comes without question in the sports world.




CM’s Trophy: Lohit, KK, EK, LDV register wins in men’s football

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Lohit, Kurung Kumey (KK), East Kameng (EK) and Lower Dibang Valley (LDV) won their respective matches in men’s football in the 3rd CM’s Trophy tournament being held at Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy Complex, Chimpu on Thursday.

Lohit beat Papum Pare 2-1 in the first match while Kurung Kumey beat Namsai 4-0 in the second match played in the morning session.

Rowonso Drai and R. Tandia scored one goal each for Lohit. Tana Budha scored the only goal for Papum Pare through penalty kick.

Gyamar Apa (3 goal) and Tame Dolu were the scorers for Kurung Kumey.

In the afternoon session, East Kameng beat Longding 3-1 and Lower Dibang Valley beat Tirap 2-0.

Atam Bagang, Tero Dodum and Karan Talang were the scorers for East Kameng. Wangto Wangsu scored the only goal for Longding.

Meta Dele and Twu Mili scored one goal each for Lower Dibang Valley.

In women’s football, Capital Complex beat West Siang 1-0, Lower Dibang Valley beat Longding 3-0, Tirap beat Tawang 2-0.

The match played between Papum Pare and Lower Subansiri ended in 1-1 draw.

Nabam Kami and Tar Yano were the scorers for Papum Pare and Lower Subansiri respectively

Yesterday, Changlang defeated West Kameng 2-1.

Vivek Gurung and SN Deori scored one goal each for Changlang while RD Karma scored the only goal for West Kameng.



Employment, connectivity, tourism high on Governor’s agenda

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa emphasised on creating more employment avenues for youth with special focus on skill development particularly for school dropouts, improvement of quality of Higher Education, road, rail and air connectivity and communication network, and promotion of tourism potential in the State in the Governors’ Conference, according to a copy of the speech which was circulated at the 47th Governor’s conference. The Governor did not attend the event held at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi on Feb 9 and 10 owing to the “unavoidable commitment at headquarters”.

He called for early establishment of institutions of national repute viz. AIIMS, IIT and IIM. He further called for financial assistance from Government of India for establishment of a State University at Pasighat.

He also called for fast track execution of Act East Policy and implementation of flagship programmes.

Under the Act East Policy (AEP), it will be necessary to improve the road connectivity of Arunachal Pradesh with the rest of India and also to improve the connectivity within the State, he said.

It would be necessary to expedite completion of the Trans Arunachal Highway Project , to take up the Frontier Highway Project connecting all the towns and district HQs. along the China border and the proposed East West Industrial corridor along the Inter-State border with Assam from Bhairabkund (West Kamrup district) to Ruksin (East Siang district). In addition, Lumla-Tashigang Road in Indo-Bhutan Sector (only 12 kms. in Bhutan) needs to be completed. It will not only reduce the distance between Tawang and Guwahati by 155 km, but would boost up Tourism and MSME Sector, he said.

Stressing on up-gradation of Communication Network, including Internet, Mobile, Radio & Television, he emphasised that BSNL and other service providers may be directed to develop their infrastructure to bring the connectivity standard to National Level.

Similarly, the Governor said that air connectivity mainly facilitating the under-construction Advance Landing Grounds (ALGs) at Ziro, Along, Pasighat, Tuting, Mechuka, Vijaynagar, Walong and Tawang for landing of Civilian Aircrafts for benefit of the local population as well as tourists would be necessary.

A proposal for two more ALGs at Anini and at Koloriang also need to be decided upon urgently, he said. Upgrading of infrastructure of existing 26 helipads and construction of about 30 new helipads in remote and border areas needs to be taken up to meet the standards of DGCA and DCA, for which he requested  the Centre to sanction the required fund of about Rs.200 crores. Considering the vastness of the State with more than 83,000 sq.km of land area, he requested the Prime Minister and Civil Aviation Minister to sanction another 3-4 Airports for Arunachal Pradesh.

Expressing his concern for people in border areas, the Governor said that in the border areas, it is mostly the Indian Army which has access to basic facilities of survival and livelihood. He suggested for evolving a mechanism whereby the joint resources of both the Army and the State Govt. can be complementary and both the Army and Civilian can use the facilities.

He urged upon the Central Government to sanction and implement appropriate projects, in partnership with the State Government and major private players for promoting Arunachal Pradesh as a Tourism Hub. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)




State level workshop on integrating rural livelihoods

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Two- day State Level Workshop on Integrating Rural Livelihoods commenced at State Institute of Rural Development Arunachal Pradesh SIRDA, here on Thursday.

Inaugurating the workshop, Rajeev Takuk, CEO cum SMD called upon all the delegates to appreciate the need for proper articulation of demand at Gram Sabha level, for which the Gram Sabhas would be required to be provided with required information on their living conditions. He clarified that the emphasis of governance has changed from acquisition of Knowledge – Skills – Attitudes to Attitudes – Skills – Knowledge (from KSA to ASK). He also emphasised on the need to have adequate clarity on specifics especially amongst the senior functionaries, in order to provide meaningful leadership.

He also appreciated SIRD Arunachal Pradesh for organising the workshop and said that he was looking forward for all delegates shall be able to acquire required attitudinal values for ensuring timely execution of the Gram Panchayat Development Plans. He expressed hope that ArSRLM shall be able to facilitate NRLM compliant SHGs to participate in the GP Planning process from the end of next financial year.

Speaking on the occasion, Director RD Tayi Taggu, said that convergence is central to improve the livelihoods of social and economic upliftment of people, therefore it was essential that all the concerned especially the DPDOs, PD DRDAs, DPOs, BDOs and Chairpersons of ZPs come together as a team to achieve the end objectives of the rural development programmes.

He also called upon all the PDs and BDOs to ensure that MIS under all rural development programmes is updated and that updation of MIS shall be the basis of assessing physical and financial progress of rural development programmes and consequent release of funds. He said that with cooperation of all concerned Arunachal Pradesh can be amongst the best performing States in reference to Rural Development and Panchayati Raj.

Sanjiv Das, Programme Officer HQs MG NREGA and N.Breeze Doye, Senior SMM from ArSRLM have also provided valuable inputs participating in the workshop.  

Faculties from SIRD including Dr. Vijay Kumar Sharma Dy. Director cum Workshop Coordinator, Likha Kiran Kabak, Dy. Director cum SNORGPSA, Dr. Rakesh Srivastava Dy. Director cum Co-coordinator and SW Bagang, Asstt Director cum Core Faculty are also involved in the conduct of the workshop. All efforts are being undertaken to involve all concerned delegates for ensuring timely implementation of GPDPs and timely development of State Rural Development Plan for Arunachal Pradesh.

The programme is being attended by Chairpersons of Zilla Parishads, District Panchayati Raj Development Officers, Project Director DRDAs, District Planning Officers, representatives  from Arunachal State Rural Livelihoods Mission, APOs and Block Development Officers.  The programme also involves representatives from Department of Rural Development and Department of PR, Government of Arunachal Pradesh.  The workshop is sponsored by ArSRLM




Coordination meeting of Papum Pare district held

YUPIA, Feb 11: A coordination meeting of Education Department of Papum Pare district was held at DC Conference Hall here today. The meeting was chaired by DC, Pooja Jain (IAS).

District Project Coordinator (DPC), SSA J Tiwari, talked about  issues and problems along with the status report of different interventions under elementary & secondary education comprising of RMSA, SSA and MDM with the developmental schemes falling under renovation and maintenance, furniture and water tank.

DDSE, Papum Pare District, T T Tara appraised the status of the education department of the district and placed the problems and issues and sought suggestions as well as guidance from DC for the betterment in the field of education.

Later, the DC directed the authority of education department of the district to abide by the norms stressing upon the need based requirement to be placed before deciding the activities of development to be initiated in action.

She further directed that any work assigned to be taken in action be completed in due time. (DIPRO)




Karpung Karduk Folk Music Academy shines

PASIGHAT, Feb 11: An Adi traditional Ponung performed by Karpung-Karduk Folk Music Academy, Rayang East Siang, enthralled the audience of the 12th South Asian Games, in Guwahati, Assam on February 9 last. The performance, a part of ‘DHAROHAR’, a diverse culture of India with special focus on North-East, was organized by the Sangeet Natak Academy (North East Center, Guwahati).

The team was led by Ustad Bismilla Khan Yuva Puraskar recipient Delong Padung. (DIPRO)




Trees planted

ZIRO, Feb 11: More than 150 ornamental trees and pine trees were planted in the compound of Gandhi Middle School by Apatani Women Association, Ziro (AWAZ) here today.

Ziro has witnessed many such plantation drives in office compounds as well in line with the DC Kanki Darang’s ‘three for trees’ campaign for a greener Ziro. (DIPRO)



Clean Arunachal Campaign at Seijosa

SEIJOSA, Feb 11: Seijosa joined the rest of the state in the Clean Arunachal Campaign with three days of cleaning programme from Feb 8 to 10.

The Medical Colony, Seijosa Main Market and Darlong were cleaned on Feb 8, 9 and 10 respectively. The cleanliness drive was organised by the district administration with cooperation from the Bazaar Committee, Panchayati Raj members and the local people. The people of the town, particularly the shopkeepers were asked to maintain their surroundings neat and clean and to inculcate the habit of proper disposal of waste and garbage.

An official release stated that similar cleanliness programmes are a regular activity in the area and visible changes in the habits of the people in maintaining a clean environment has been witnessed. However, the absence of a proper garbage disposal site and sanitary workers has been a major stumbling block in maintaining a proper system of garbage disposal.



Raj Bhawan staff dies

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa has condoled the demise of B.C. Mallick, a staff of Raj Bhavan, who died on Feb 10 after a prolonged illness.

Conveying his condolences to the bereaved family, the Governor and the First Lady Rita Rajkhwa prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

A condolence meeting was conducted at the Governor Secretariat led by the Secretary to Governor, Dr. Joram Beda, where two-minute’s silence was observed as a mark of respect for the departed staff.



Org seeks Tuki’s ouster from CM’s Bungalow

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The Joint Action Committee, Arunachal Pradesh has demanded ouster of former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki from the CM’s official bungalow claiming that he is still occupying it.

It wrote a representation to the Governor asking him to issue order for vacating of the bungalow within 24 hours.

Further claiming that the bungalow is being used for political meetings by Tuki’s supporters, Committee warned of taking up democratic movement if the order is not issued immediately.




Reh celebrated at Upper Siang

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Reh was celebrated with traditional fervour at Singa circle headquarters under Upper Siang.

Attending the celebration, DTO Rajkumar Keche emphasised on maintaining, preserving and practicing the age-old culture and tradition of the Idu Mishmi community. Speaking on the importance of education, he also urged the students to focus on their studies.

Speaking on the occasion, Anchal chairperson, Monge Mello urged the gathering to stand united and to preserve the traditions and customs of the society.

On the occasion, cash prizes were awarded to Gojen Migi for being the first male graduate from the Idu Mishmi community of Upper Siang District and to Ephilli Mello, the first female graduate. Academic toppers of Class XII 2014-15 were also given cash prizes.




Cleanliness drive in schools

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Cleanliness drive was carried out in all the schools of Khonsa today. Teachers and students thoroughly cleaned all the class rooms, offices, school and hostel buildings, drains and the School premises. DC Ravi Jha inspected the cleanliness drives in all the schools and appreciated the teachers and the students for their enthusiastic and willing participation. (DIPRO)



Bordumsa all set for 32nd Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi

[ Indrajit Tingwa ]

BORDUMSA, Feb 11: Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi, the four day ethno cultural festival of the Singpho community will commence at the Singpho Heritage Centre at Bordumsa on Feb 12.

Today, members of the celebration committee and the Singpho Development Society, apex organisation of the community were seen giving the final preparatory touches to the constructions and other repairs and renovations at the heritage centre.

Union MoS Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju will attend the festival on the Feb14. The organisers and the community are upbeat regarding the participation of Kiren at the festival.

  Speaking to the media, Jowkhong Singpho, President Singpho Development Society said that the festival this year will be on a bigger note in terms of attendance. He further said that assimilation of community members during the occasion will undoubtedly foster more bonding and integrity.




National De-worming Day launched

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: National De-worming day (NDD) was launched in Kurung Kumey district by DC Mamata Riba at Govt. Middle School, Koloriang yesterday.

During the launch, the DC expressed happiness that Kurung Kumey Health Department is performing excellent in grass root level despite of many hurdles. She also congratulated DMO Kurung Kumey for receiving SILVER Medal during the 67th Republic day celebration.

ZPM Chello Tagor requested all the teachers, Anganwadi Workers, Supervisors to co-operate with the Nodal Department to make the programme successfully.

In West Siang district, the programme was launched at Town Middle School Aalo by DC Pige Ligu.

The DC administered Albendazole tablet to few students in the presence of Deputy Director, ICDS, L Singpho, and DFWO Dr K Ori. In his brief speech, he advised the students to take advantage of the programme launched by Govt. of India.

The Aalo DMO visited Yomcha and Nikte health centres to oversee the effective launching of the programme in those centres. (With inputs from DIPRO)




Provide benefit under horti scheme’

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Anchal Samity Member of Torajan under Kangku circle of West Siang district has requested the Horticulture Director to take necessary steps for providing benefit to the people under Horticulture scheme.

In a representation to Horticulture director she claimed that during her tenure as ASM no benefit has been provided to the horticulturists till date under Kangku circle.


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Proper monitoring is the need of hour

One of the biggest issues concerning people of Arunachal whenever any infrastructure project is launched is quality of work. Majority of project fails due to poor quality. Interestingly this is happening despite the presence of so many monitoring bodies.  The nexus between contractors and corrupt government officials is the root cause of poor quality work. Therefore it’s important that senior government officials intervene and take control of the situation.

Yesterday Tirap deputy commissioner Ravi Jha expressed his dissatisfaction over the inferior quality of work on the PDS go-down at Khonsa under the urban department. Deputy Commissioner asked the executing agencies not to compromise with the quality of work at any cost. This was a rare instance when a deputy commissioner pointed out the mistake in public forum. DC Jha deserves appreciation for being bold enough. Other government officials should take inspiration from him and start calling spade a spade. For a state like Arunachal which is totally dependent on central government even for single penny, there is need to ensure that funds are properly used. Misuse of fund over the years has severely affected the developmental process of the state.  Execution of poor quality work leads to misuse of fund.







Readers’ Forum




Tenure over

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to bring to the notice of all the students community of Arunachal Pradesh that the present executive of AAPSU has completed its 3 years term in January 2016.

But till today no notification regarding holding of Conference cum Election has been issued.

According to the present AAPSU constitution, it is explicitly mentioned that after completion of the term, election is mandatory and there is no provision of extending the tenure at any ground.

The DSU’s being the federal of AAPSU should jointly look into this matter, in order to preserve the very sanctity of the provisions laid down in the AAPSU constitution.

Therefore, the present AAPSU executive members are requested to conduct the Conference cum Election as early as possible in a free and fair manner.


Nabam Akin

President, RGUSU





Declare results

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of the Tax & Excise Department regarding the delay in declaring Written Examination results for Assistant Inspector. Written examination for the post of Assistant Inspector was conducted on 26th July 2015 but result is not yet declared.

Delay in declaration of result creates doubts and confusion in the minds of aspirant candidates. On the other hand, there may be some favoritism in the selection process.

Therefore, through the help of your esteemed Daily, I would like to seek the kind intervention of Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, regarding the delay in declaration of written examination results.


John Tallang

Seppa, East Kameng




Post doctor

Dear Editor,

Whether we are under president rule or not it does not make much difference to those common public who got nothing to do with who forms the next Government but what really matter us and worries us is lack of Govt institute and its staff. Seemingly, at present the denizens of Boleng ADC headquarter is surviving without any doctor to look after the Boleng CHC for a very long time. Boleng town which is surrounded by natural beauty is relying under God’s mercy for very long time. The people of Boleng has to go all the way to Aalo district medical or Pasighat District Medical which are 45 km and 95 Km distance from Boleng respectively even for minor checkup. Boleng is also considered as a populated town with many private and Government schools which is also the educational hub for peripheral villages in newly created district of Siang.

So, just imagine in such kind of condition, how we are going to handle the situation if there is any medical emergency. The Common public is more concerned with health and education and good road connectivity and mobile facility not schemes and mega projects which are out of their dream. For common men schemes, projects and contract work are like building castle in the air.

 So, the need of the hour is we need a regular doctor and proper medical facility in Boleng town.

Therefore, I request Governor JP Rajkhowa and the Health department of Arunachal Pradesh to kindly deploy a good and sincere Medical Officer in Boleng at the earliest as rainy season has already started out, which is an indication of typhoid, malaria, jaundice and more diseases.

I just hope with the imposition of president rule the people of Boleng will get to see a qualified doctor in Boleng CHC very soon without further delay.


Mity Tatak,





JNCSU-democracy ender

Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight regarding students elections in  JNC, Pasighat.

The notification states that each candidate must expend only up to Rs 25000, which is fair and decent.

But in reality, lakhs are being expended and every-one knows it.

I’ve seen better people with better leadership qualities and really promising but poor who can’t afford the lakhs.

Where is equality? Rich gets all opportunity and poor although better gets no chance at all.

So, I hope this matter be looked into seriously and everybody gets their fair chance.






Wrong ratio of candidates

Dear Editor,

The recently declared APPSC (mains) exam result has created much confusion and has compelled me to put my queries before the commission. First they took more than two years to conduct mains exam and another few months to declare its result which shows inconsistency with govt. norm of selecting 1:3 for viva voice against vacant posts. As per advertisements, there are 50 post in all total for which 150 candidate must be selected for viva voice complying established norm of 1:3. But commission opted for only 132 candidates for viva voice and physical test which show gross violation of norms. The act of commission has deprived as many as 18 candidates of their right of equal opportunity. Commission must come out with clarification if there is any changes in the selection procedure for viva voice and if not they must declare the mains result with exact number of qualified candidate against 50 vacant posts.

This is high time commission stop playing games with careers of deserving candidates and culture of deprivation.





Work Culture

Dear Editor,

Once we heard a statement of Lt. Lummer Dai, writer and former Director of IPR spoke in a Convention of All Arunachal Pradesh Tribal Employees Association held during seventies at Ziro “If 80% of Group C and 100% of Group D employee are reserved for APST, who will hold the office key to open and lock the office “.

The statement of Lt. L Dai is seen today.

The word obedient in government employees are completely wiped out. Now a day, Chowkidar assigned for opening and locking the office as per own convenient; Casual workers organising rally against own department undermining their appointment terms and conditions; group C employees skip from official duty in the pretext of urgent of works and officers avoid office for the sake of pleasing their political godfather expecting promotion out of turn and choice posting. Right from top to low grade, staffs rarely attended office in full working hours. The ultimate sufferers are public and visitors. Any government servants are duty bound and all are come under CCS Rule and can be punished as per Conduct Rule.

The root causes of negligence of duty of government employees in Arunachal Pradesh are corrupt system of governance and weak administration of ministers, bureaucrats and technocrats. Here, some steps to improve work culture of Arunachal Pradesh govt. employees are:

All govt employees should be recruited through competitive examination. Back door appointment for the exchange of cash and favour should be completely be stopped. Here in AP education qualification is for sitting in examination whereas political favour and cash are criteria for appointment.

1. Appointment on functional basis should completely be banned.  Morality of any employee shall come down when junior starts dictating and writing Annual Confidential Report of a senior by virtue of illegally acquired chair. In reality, functional Officers/officials has no gut to lead his subordinate staffs rather he/she  would try  to prepare fishy and flimsy activities to secure his position thereby encouraging the corrupt practices. Generally, functional appointment is done to bridge the gap for limited period and is filled within six months. Here in Arunachal functional appointments are more than regulars. Functional appointment system is the safe method of the ministers and bureaucrats to extract public money through functional officials/officers.

2. Regularisation of Adhoc and casual Services should be done on seniority-sincerity-cum-merit basis. In present practice, regularisation of a casual employee having no political and bureaucratic patronage seems a distance dream.

Rotation of transfer and posting. All govt employees should have equal opportunity to be posted one-third service length in their town/district hqtr, Area-II/interior area and other districts. The system prevailing in Arunachal is that the employees of kiths and kins of MLA/MP/Ministers or party workers remains in home posting throughout their service period whereas those who are doing duty impartiality remains away from home and family. Consequences are that all govt employees are better servants of political party.

The entitlements of government employees should be provided so that heart and soul of govt servants could be drained toward public service.

Proper In-service training on Involvement & Limitation of Government Employees in political affairs and Unions/NGOs should be imparted to all appointees. Likewise, high ranking officers should give logical guidance to honourable ministers, MLAs and MPs in service matters.

It is the President Rule (PR), so to say Purity in Running the government under leadership  of His Excellency, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh and respected Chief Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh from whom common people considered as beginning of clean administration.

The present system of governance of Arunachal is credited to corrupt elected leaders.


A concerned Citizen