February 15


Learn patriotism from Arunachal villagers: Rijiju

New Delhi, Feb 14: Amid the ongoing JNU controversy, Union Minister of State (Home) Kiren Rijiju today advised politicians and intellectuals supporting "elements" propagating anti-India sentiments to stay in Border States like Arunachal Pradesh and learn patriotism from villagers.

In a Facebook post, Rijiju said he was "deeply hurt" by the anti-India slogans raised by some students at Jawaharlal Nehru University recently at an event against the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

"Freedom of Expression is not absolute and unqualified. It can't be at the expense of national interest... It is a tragedy for India that we have some politicians and intellectuals who are supporting such elements," he said.

Rijiju said a "true Indian" will be proud to be at Attari Indo-Pak border or any other border post and see how the country's soldiers give their today for "our tomorrow". "The souls of our martyrs in the heaven must be crying for they gave their lives for such people," he said. PTI



ANSU demands inquiry into student’s death

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) has expressed grief and shock over tragic death of Joram Tadir, and blamed the Railway authority for negligence leading to his death.

Taking serious note of the indifferent act of Railway authority, who did not respond despite being  informed, ANSU held the Railway staff on duty completely responsible for Tadar’s death.

The students’ union demanded the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh to constitute an enquiry committee to find out the facts behind the death of Tadir. Further, ANSU demanded both the Governor and Railway authority to identify and arrest the culprit responsible for Tadir’s within 15 days.

It demanded the Railway authority to ensure safety and security of passengers from Arunachal Pradesh while travelling by train through Assam.

Tadir, a BSc (Agri) final year student of Dolphin (PG) College of Science and Agriculture, Chandigarh, died tragically after he fell down from Guwahati-Itanagar (Naharlagun) Inter-city Express train on the night of February 12 at Mazbat, Assam.



Centre conspiring for ‘khichdi’ govt in AP: Tuki

New Delhi, Feb 14: Nabam Tuki, ousted Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, today accused the Centre of conspiring to install a government comprising dissident Congress MLAs and BJP by revoking President's rule in the state and said any such move will be "completely unconstitutional".

It will be in violation of law as the matter is already before the Supreme Court, he contended and warned of political instability and law and order problems in Arunachal Pradesh if a "khichdi" government is formed in the state.

"I have come to know that all dissident MLAs and BJP MLAs were taken to Arunachal Pradesh through a chartered plane first to Assam and then in helicopters to Itanagar.  The MLAs are lodged in two hotels in Itanagar and they are waiting to meet the Governor to stake claim to form the government under the leadership of Kalikho Pul, Tuki told PTI.

Tuki, the leader of the Congress Legislature Party, said if the dissidents and BJP MLAs form a government it would be completely unconstitutional and against the law as the Supreme Court is still hearing a case regarding the imposition of President's rule in the state and dismissal of his government.

The former Chief Minister accused Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh, of conspiring with the dissident Congress MLAs. "He (Rijiju) is the person doing everything. He has sponsored the MLAs, providing security to them and destabilising my government. He had succeeded in it.

"Now the central government is conspiring to form a government," he said.

Tuki said if a "Khichdi (potpourri) government is formed, it will not last long as there would be law and order problems and political instability".  "Such a government will not last. I have come to know that after forming the government, they would recommend mid-term poll," he said.

Assembly election in Arunachal Pradesh was held along with the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Congress party, which had 47 MLAs in the 60-member assembly, suffered a jolt when 21 of its lawmakers rebelled.

Eleven BJP MLAs and two independents backed the rebels in the bid to upstage the government.

Later, 14 rebel Congress MLAs were disqualified by the Speaker.

The Supreme Court, which is considering pleas against imposition of President's rule in Arunachal Pradesh, is hearing petitions seeking examination of constitutional schemes on the scope of discretionary powers of the Governor. PTI



Saga of pain and indifference

[ Amar Sangno ]

19 years old Miss Oyi Mosing of Mechuka Sub-division in West Siang district has been waiting for a call, since 2014, that will change her life  from Nephrology department after she enlisted her name on long waiting list (now serial number 65), looking for kidney donors in Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Her kidney failed her three years ago.

Oyi chooses not to give up, though her treatment adds extra-financial burden on her family with each passing day. She has been staying in rented room at Sarathinagar (1 KM off CMC) considered mini-Arunachal by local Tamils.  The amount that she had saved for kidney transplantation has already been exhausted while paying for rent-house, food and water. Nonetheless, she derives her strength from fellow Arunachalee who live next-door for treatment of her son, who suffers from aplastic anaemia.

CMC, Vellore has remained a symbol of hope for millions of people who are battling many curable and incurable, but dreaded health issues. The century old missionary hospital is regarded as one of India’s most reliable diagnostic destinations since its inception.  With a glimmer of hope, hundreds of thousands of patients from India and Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka throng the hospital each passing day.

During the course of treatment, many manage to dodge death and walk out from hospital bed with a smile; many often have to accept devastating diagnosis. For hundreds, dreams crumble before their own eyes and shatter into million pieces when they see their loved ones motionlessly lying on stretchers.

On the other hand, mad rush in the hospital results in slow process of diagnosis and treatment.

“We have been here for last two months, but were able to see the doctor only twice” said Lobsang, a monk from Tawang.

The attendants and patients start swarming at OPD building around 3 AM to get a place in the long queue.  From dusk to dawn, men and women, old and children are seen in queue. Some often lose their footing as they are pushed to the wall because of shrinking space.  Security guards, utter just three words “Line mein or rukho” (Be in queue or wait) as they struggle to keep the patients and attendants in proper queue.

There is no segregation between outsiders and indigenous Tamils as everyone has to be in queue and wait for their turn; golden rule of this century old missionary hospital.

“Getting doctor’s appointment is like finding a gem,” quipped Hamdu Rapung.

Most of the patients and attendants are appalled by delay in appointment, but that apart, they are happy with the treatment.

As many as thirty families from Arunachal have been camping in Vellore waiting for treatment for kidney ailment, bone marrow transplant and various forms of cancer. Most of them are taking refuge in rented rooms at Sarathinagar and Sathuvachari.

The auto charges Rs 10 per trip but during night, it goes up to hundred.

“Due to lack of state owned lodge, the cost of treatment is double” said Chukhu Logi, whose four year old daughter is battling blood cancer. He further says, “If CM health insurance card had worked here, it would have been such a relief to the patients”.

For years, patients from Arunachal Pradesh have been forced to spend a huge chunk of their budget on accommodation. Apathy of state government to provide better facilities for its patients makes the situation graver, as many have to return home after exhausting all resources, midway of their treatments.

It is time for the state government to make it easier for the suffering patients and their families by providing accommodation facilities on a subsidised rate.



Kiren, Ering attends Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi

[ Indrajit Tingwa ]

Bordumsa, Feb 14 : Union Minister of State (Home Affairs) Kiren Rijiju and East Arunachal MP Ninong Ering attended the third day of the ongoing Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi, the ethno cultural festival of the Singpho community being held at Bordumsa.

Dressed in traditional Singpho attires, they participated in the Kumrum Manau, the dance of get together and unity.

Rijiju was appreciative of the fact that large numbers of youths were seen partaking in the festivities.

Terming it the most colourful festival of the region', he further said that the festival should be designed to attract tourists. He assured to look into the memorandum submitted by the celebration committee, where one of the points was declaration of Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi as a tourist festival.

 MP Ninong Ering appealed the youths to take the responsibility of carrying forward the rich culture and heritage.   

Delegates from Myanmar and other states of North East India are participating in the festival. Delegations of the Kachins from Myanmar, the Kukis from Manipur who are considered long lost brothers of the Singpho tribe, Karbis from Karbi Anglong district of Assam and Yobins from Vijaynagar, the easternmost corner of Arunachal Pradesh have been actively taking part in the festivities.

Exhibition stalls have been put up where art, crafts and artifacts of the tribe were on display.

Two rounds of traditional dances around the Manau Shadungs were performed during the day. Fashion show and Mr. and Miss Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi 2016 were the crowd pullers of the night.



Arunachal Crisis- Not Just a Constitutional Question

[ Nani Bath ]

The current political crisis in Arunachal Pradesh is a product of dissident activities within Congress party with tacit support of BJP that resulted into a constitutional crisis, leading to the imposition of president’s rule.

The December 16, 2015 is a day to be remembered in the political history of Arunachal Pradesh. On this day the state had a Governor, two ‘Speakers’ and two ‘Chief Ministers’, a day later. Assembly gate was locked by the magistrate, ostensibly on the ‘Order’ of Speaker. The Legislative Assembly was shifted to a ‘designated’ building in which the ‘Speaker’ was ‘impeached’. On 17th, a ‘no confidence’ against Tuki government was adopted with the Deputy Speaker presiding over the proceedings.

What follows remains a matter of public speculation and judicial interpretations. The matter is now within the perimeter of the highest court of the country. Since the matter is under judicial scrutiny, no judgmental statement may be necessary.

Undercurrent dissident activities got activated once Kalikho Pul was dropped, as Minister (Finance), from Tuki’s ministry. Everything rolled out almost on expected lines thereafter, and the events unfurled as the BJP would have wanted.

J. P. Rajhkhowa, a retired bureaucrat, was appointed as the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh in the midst of allegations about his ‘right leaning’ and RSS connections. The chief minister of Assam had gone to the extent of accusing him of acting like “BJP agent and RSS pracharak”.

On December 9, 2015 a Message was sent by the governor to the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly re-fixing the dates of meeting of its sixth session from 14th January 2016 to 16th December 2015. The Order as termed unconstitutional and the supporters of Nabam Tuki moved Gauhati high court. The court stayed the governor’s action through its interim order. Subsequently, however, the same court had held the governor’s decision as constitutional.

Not many would buy the idea of Congress’s accusation of the Governor being a ‘political agent’. Since inception of our democratic polity, the Governor’s office has not been remaining free from controversies.  It is not that it did not happen during the prime ministership of Jawaharlal Nehru. Congress is the party that started the game- to the extent of politicizing the election of the president of India.

Rumours are making round the Itanagar and elsewhere that the instability in Tuki’s ministry is his own making. A rebel leader says, “Tuki is a good human being but not a good leader”. Tuki fails to accommodate many requirements of BJP MLAs and some of his party’s senior leaders. Surprisingly, many citizens of Ziro and Pasighat may have seen Padi Richo and Bosiram Siram on official functions more than their own BJP MLAs.

Tuki may not be a strong leader is reflected from his inability to maintain the National Highway stretch from Banderdewa to Itanagar. Many pray that it is carpeted, even though superficially, under the president’s rule.

Congress rebel camp accuses the AICC in-charge of Arunachal Pradesh, V. Narayanasamy, as responsible for the instability. On many occasions, AICC in-charges of the state are believed to be manufacturing ‘crisis’ within the party. What do they get by doing so? The answer would not go beyond one’s common sense.

The party (Congress) itself had provided an atmosphere conducive for the imposition of president’s rule. Activities such as, protest march, gherao, bandhhs, etc have become indispensable components of India’s political culture. What is, however, new is the slaughtering of mithun (bos frontalis) as a form of political protest. Was it deliberate? May be, may not be. But seen from the view-point of tribal customary code of conduct, slaughtering of a mithun or any animal in front of somebody’s house (without the consent of the house owner) is either a sign of frustration or a challenge to the opposite party. As per the tradition of the Apatani community, to which the APCC president belongs, one kills an animal or destroys some properties when he is not satisfied with the outcome of a case. Such act is an open invitation for more killings or destructions.

I have heard someone saying that Raj Bhawan is not a personal property of the incumbent governor. It belongs to the people of Arunachal Pradesh. As such, any act of non-political or non-legal intimidation is only an affront to the people of the state.

The tribals do not slaughter or kill animals. They only sacrifice by way of offerings to their relatives or ueis (gods or spirits). The governor could have intervened when poor animals, which had nothing to do with politics, were being slaughtered in front the Raj Bhawan. The Governor was within his constitutional limit to invoke article 371 (H) of the constitution. May be, he had some other plans or designs in his mind.

It is but natural for the BJP, or for that matter any political party, to be in power politics. The party seems to have taken advantage of the situation, created by the Congress itself. Equally, parties cannot expect Kiren Rijiju to isolate himself from the state’s politics.

There are difficulties in identifying Rijiju’s actual role in the present crisis, but traces of his influences over the party and administration are quite visible. When asked about his views, he writes, “Change of government is not unique to Arunachal Pradesh. The problem starts when some people want to occupy the chair at any cost by using unfair means”.

Reportedly Kalikho Pul is meeting the governor to stake claim to form a new government maintaining that he has the support of 32 MLAs in the house of 60. This claim of Pul may not be technically correct unless has the support of 2/3rd members from Congress Legislative Party. But then we must remember a fact that in the legislative history of the state no member of the Legislative Assembly has ever been disqualified on the ground of defection.

Here comes the role of the Speaker. In all its rulings, Speakers had favoured the Members joining the ruling party. Pul and his team members seemed aware of such historical facts. The Congress MLAs under him knew that they face disqualification if they do not follow party instructions. Hence, they did not go for no-confidence motion. Instead, MLAs of other parties were used as a shield for the impeachment of the Speaker.

Each party (Congress and BJP) accuses each other of using ultras (NSCN-IM and NSCN-K) in the present political fights. The elected representatives from Longding district alleged that a nephew of Pongchau-Wakka MLA had been abducted by a member of NSCN (K), who is stated be a close worker of Tirong Aboh, former minister in Tuki’s ministry.

It is pertinent to note that the intensity of the fight for political supremacy grew stronger after a “Memorandum of Settlement” was signed between NSCN (IM) and the Government of India. It cannot be a mere coincidence that the representatives, except one, of Tirap, Changlang and Londging districts are in Pul’s camp.

Do we assume that the Central government and BJP look for friendly-governments in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for the success of the “Final Agreement” with NSCN (IM)?

Who wins or loses is not a big question. A pertinent question is why should there be political instability and at what costs? Who is responsible for the big fight? Why should the common people suffer because of such fights?

Entry of some students unions and community based organizations in the present crisis are highly unwarranted. Politics should be played at the political level. It should not be played at the cost of honour and dignity of our sisters and mothers, and definitely not at the cost of communal harmony. Settling political scores with the help of the underground organizations(s) will definitely boomerang.

A senior journalist of the state wanted to know my view at the time of Gamlin-Tuki tussle. I remember having said that it was the beginning of more such tussles. My only hope is that future political fights are not for ‘projects’ and ‘posts’, but for people and programmes. (The author can be contacted at [email protected])




Clean mind gives clean environment: DC

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: Clean Arunachal fortnight in Kurung Kumey district has been summed up on Saturday with Deputy Commissioner Mamata Riba encouraging the children to emulate Mahatma Gandhi, who always stressed on cleanliness.

Cleanliness drives were organized in the entire district wherein the district administration, all the government departments, NGOs business community, general public, students participated enthusiastically, reports DIPRO, Koloriang.

In the district headquarters here, cleanliness drives were organized in all the 12 wards.

Alongwith cleanliness drive, the Campaign Ambassadors during the fortnight  have conducted individual motivation camps in delegated wards.

Deputy Commissioner Riba, who has been encouraging involvement of school children in socio development activities as a method to bring about change in environment and cleanliness said,  “A clean mind gives a clean environment.”

Nodal Department, Urban Development & Housing with  Hillang Taju, UPO, Nodal Officer for the campaign, organized a seminar  on Swachh Koloriang on Friday where students of various schools of Koloriang and others participated.

To get children involved in the cleanliness, a graphic PowerPoint presentation was made by Urban Programme Officer. Coffee mugs and badges with catchy slogans title “Smarties Litter Less,  Idiots make a mess”, “Littering  Equals Slaps,  Keeping it clean equals claps”  and  “Pledge to keep my surrounding clean”  were  distributed  for  school children through the events.

Though Clean Arunachal fortnight has concluded, cleanliness drives continued in Pasighat today.

According to a report, a mass social service was conducted in Ward no. 3 of Pasighat today.

Around 400 people actively took part in the drive and cleaned the entire area of Forest colony, Agam colony and Donyi Polo area.

The social service was organized under the initiative of Councilor (ward no. 3) Maglek Yomso. He appealed to the dwellers of his ward to encourage this type of noble works which benefits the people more than any other thing.

Though Clean Arunachal fortnight is over, the cleanliness drives will not be over here, he said, and urged them to conduct similar social service regularly.




Jona-1 adopted as model village under SAGY

NAMSAI, Feb14: Jona-1 village Panchayat under Lathao circle in Namsai district has been adopted as a model village under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana by Arunachal East MP Ninong Ering.

Addressing a gathering on Saturday, Ering urged all concerned to devote for holistic development of the village. He requested all the stake holders to take steps as envisaged in the guidelines for improvement of the standard of living and quality of life of the villagers through providing them improved basic amenities, higher productivity, enhanced human development, better livelihood and reduced disparities, access to rights and entitlement and wider social mobilization.

Namsai DC, R K Sharma directed all concerned departments to conduct survey of the village so that a master plan for convergence of all government sponsored schemes and mobilization of local NGOs and public could be done at the earliest. The DC emphasised on preparation of a realistic and perfect Village Development Plan involving all the stake holders.

Namsai Zilla Parishad Chairperson, Chow Kyasing Mounglang, ZPM Chow Mahajini Chowpoo, DVO Dr. K Sarmah and SDAO also spoke on the occasion.

The function was attended by district heads of various government departments, Panchayat leaders, Gaon Buras, NGOs and public of the village.



Advisory on National Deworming Day 2016

[ Dr Tana Natung, MD ]

Arunachal Pradesh, along with rest of the country, observed National Deworming Day on 10th February, 2016 in all schools and Anganwadi centres with a Mop Up Day (MUD) planned for 15 February, wherein 3193 schools and 6028 Anganwadi Centres will be covered and approximately 5.3 lakhs children of aged 1-19 years at risk of parasitic worm infestation across State shall be given free-of-cost Albendazole tablet to de-worm them.

There have been a lot of apprehension among the common masses about the efficacy and safety of the Albendazole tablet that is being administered to the children. To allay this trepidation, this for the information to all concern that the deworming medicine, Albendazole 400 mg, is very safe, effective, and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the treatment of parasitic worm infestation. It is also enlisted on the National List of Essential Medicines of India, and provided for use in children by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Millions of children worldwide have been safely treated with Albendazole. Side effects are rare, mild, and transient; typically resulting from the degeneration of the worms in the intestines. When side effects such as mild abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and fatigue occur, it is often in children who harbour parasitic infestation of high intensity. These side-effects are not serious and do not normally require medical treatment. As per WHO guidelines, it is safe for children to be administered with the drug on an empty stomach.

This is also being informed to all the concern that:

a. Children who are not well on Mop Up Day should not be given the deworming tablet. This is to avoid any misunderstanding that the medication caused illness. Teachers/Anganwadi workers should ascertain that the child is well before administering the tablet.

b. Teachers/Anganwadi workers should ensure that all deworming drugs are administered under their supervision. Children should be kept at school/anganwadi for observation for at least two hours following administration.

c. In case of any adverse event, the Teacher/Anganwadi worker should take immediate action in accordance with the guidelines below :

1. Children with any side effects should be separated from other children and taken to an open and shaded place to rest. They should be provided clean, potable drinking water.

2. In case of any serious symptoms, Teachers/Anganwadi workers should immediately contact the nearest health provider or call Ambulance service.

3. Detailed ‘Adverse Event Management Protocol’ is part of the National Deworming Day Operational Guidelines, which needs to be followed in letter and spirit which has been made available to all concern. (The contributor is  Nodal Officer, Maternal & Child Health , Arunachal Pradesh State Health Mission)




CM’s Trophy: Line up for football quarterfinals complete

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: The line up for men and women’s football quarterfinals of the CM’s Trophy has been completed with winners of each group advancing into the knockout round.

The teams that have entered into the quarterfinals in men’s football are Kurung Kumey, Capital Complex, Kra Daddi, Changlang, Lower Subansiri, Lohit, West Siang and West Kameng.

In women’s football, Lower Dibang Valley, Upper Subansiri, Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, East Siang, Capital Complex, East Kameng and Kra Daadi entered the quarterfinals.

All the quarterfinal matches will be played on February 16.

In men’s football, Kurung Kumey will play against Capital Complex in the first quarterfinal match at 7.45 am while Kra Daadi will meet Changlang in the second match at 9.15 am.

In the afternoon session, Lower Subansiri will take on Lohit at 1 PM while West Siang will meet West Kameng at 2:45 PM.

In women’s football, Lower Dibang Valley will meet Upper Subansiri at 7:45 AM and Lower Subansiri will play against Kurung Kumey at 9:15 AM. East Siang  will meet Capital Complex 1: 00 pm in third quarterfinal in women’s football while East Kameng will be up against Kra Daadi in the fourth quarterfinal at 2:45 PM.

The men’s football team from East Siang played out a 1-1 draw with Upper Siang in their last group level match today and both the teams crashed out of the competition.

West Siang beat Anjaw 4-0 in the last league match in men’s football to become group winner and secure a place in the quarterfinals.  

In women’s football East Siang beat West Kameng 4-0 while East Kameng beat Upper Siang 5-0. Winners of both the matches have advanced to the quarterfinals.

The volleyball tournaments for both men and women section started today.

The results:

Volleyball (men): West Siang beat Tawang (25-9, 25-11), Upper Subansiri beat Papum Pare (25-23, 25-19), East Kameng beat East Siang (25-12, 25-10), Anjaw beat Lohit (25-17, 23-25, 15-10), Kra-Daadi beat Changlang (25-15, 25-18), West Kameng beat Lower Dibang Valley (25-6, 25-14), Kurung Kumey beat Tirap (25-19, 25-13).

Volleyball (women): East Kameng beat Upper Subansiri (25-16, 25-18), Kurung Kumey beat Lower Subansiri (25-20, 23-25, 15-12), Kra-Daadi beat Longding (25-11, 25-10), East Siang beat Anjaw (25-18, 25-21), Upper Siang beat Tirap (25-18, 22-25, 15-12), Capital Complex beat Tawang (25-10, 25-15), West Siang beat Lower Dibang Valley (25-15, 25-14).



Valentine day Blood donation at RKMH

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: As many as 43 young people, including 11 girls came forward to donate blood at RKM Hospital here on Sunday at the initiative of Arunachal Vivekanada Yuva Shakti (AVYS)’s ‘Save Life Mission’.

Initiated by AVYS to mark the Valentine’s Day, the camp, a collaboration of Arunachal Pradesh AIDS Control Society (APACS) led by Deputy Director (blood transmission) Dr Nabam Budh, RKMH Secretary Swami Prathamananada, was conducted by RKMH pathologist Dr Passang Sona, Dr Budh, nurse Rikta Bhattacharjee, para medicos, CDC-Chai-QMS BB, NACO’s NE project NE coordinator Shillong-based Anita Pala assisted by 45  volunteers.  “Blood donation is an act of expressing human values to the society. We don’t lose anything by donating blood but give life to someone in need”, said Pala, who arrived here after conducting such camps in Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Sikkim and Nagaland.

“We realize the importance of voluntary blood donation after analyzing the statistics of state’s population, number of rising road accidents and other major diseases in which blood is most urgently required,” she said, adding Valentine’s Day is an occasion to show our kindness and love of altruistic act of blood donation to serve the humanity, she added.



Microchip for 200 Mithuns

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: The officials of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Kra Daadi district have implanted microchips on 200 Mithuns in Palin area.

Besides, 400 Mithuns were vaccinated and 200 insured during the two-long programme carried out by team of vets led by Dr. Bamang Raja from February 1 to 13. Dwelling on utility of microchips implantation in the last leg of the programme at Yaglung village, Dr. Bamang told the villagers that it will not only help identify true owners of Mithun but also end ownership disputes, which is very common in Mithun rearing tribal society.

The chips were funded by the Kra Daadi Deputy Commissioner from his untied fund.

He said that the numbers of the animal insured during the programme were very less considering the population of Mithun in the area.

He asked the livestock owners to cooperate with the department to get their Mithuns vaccinated regularly twice in a year against all contagious diseases. He also suggested them to avail the benefit of the centrally sponsored Livestock Insurance Scheme with 50% subsidy in premium.

Anchal Samity Member (Yaglung) Toku Maka advised all the Mithun owners to get their priced animals implanted with micro chip and insured.



More Cultural & Heritage Centre sought

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: The  applicants  of the Cultural and Heritage Centre scheme under the Directorate of Art and Culture is of the opinion that the Cultural and Heritage centre should be constructed at various places for better utility and not just in Ziro, Khonsa and Seppa as approved. They have written to the advisor to Governor seeking his intervention into the matter so there is equitable distribution of centres across the state instead of concentrating in just three places.

The govt had allocated Rs Five Cr for construction of Cultural and Heritage centers to the Directorate of Art and Culture.  The applicants say that due to bureaucratic hurdles, suggestions for more centres under the scheme is not moving forward.



Governor conveys Tamla Du greetings

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa has extended greetings to the people of the State on the occasion of Tamla Du.

Governor wished that the festival would continue to facilitate in preservation of the deeply rooted indigenous beliefs and cultural ethos of the Mishmi community.

I am confident that the Mishmi community which has been in harmony with nature over centuries, will continue the ideal tradition of maintaining the equilibrium, the Governor added. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)  



CoSAAP appeals for addressing grievances   

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: The Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) has requested the committee constituted under Principal Secretary (Home) to examine all the pending demands of State Government employees which have not been addressed till date.  In a release, CoSAAP stated that the  committee was formed in a meeting on Feb 5, convened at Raj Bhavan by the Governor to look into the various demands of CoSAAP. The meeting minutes have not been circulated in which it was decided that committee shall submit their report within a month.

Citing that the NOC in the matters of promotion and retirement was stated to be exempted for the non-APST employees only in the meeting, CoSAAP has clarified that its demand for withdrawal of NOC is irrespective of APST and non-APST employees. It added that authority should not discriminate or divide the employees on the line of APST and non-APST.

The release reiterated that withdrawal of NOC should be for all and those individual employees who are found encroaching or destroying of Govt. land/properties should be punished individually as per established service rules and vigilance norms.

Further, stating that the non-gazetted state government employees have not been paid their annual adhoc bonus since 2004-05, CoSAAP has appealed for the payment of adhoc bonus to employees.



Ering assures Rs10 Lakh for Tezu fire victims

TEZU, Feb 14: Member of Parliament Ninnong Ering assured the February 5 Tezu Market fire victims of providing Rs. 10 lakhs from his MP Local Area Development fund. Ering announced it during his visit to the accident site on Saturday.

The MP also donated Rs.1 Lakh to the fire victims as immediate relief.

He was accompanied by Lohit Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak.

As many as 23 shops were burnt down in a major fire accident at Tezu Market on February five.



Interpersonal communication programme

Roing, Feb 14: A week long interpersonal communication activity programme, mainly in order to motivate at the grass root level, the importance of overall personal hygiene and sanitation issues was conducted by the members of Dibang Right Bank Idu Mishmi Charitable Society (DRBIMCS)Dambuk, headed by its President Atek Linggi, along with Secretary Tarun Umbrey and ASM Sirang Kolom Mepo.

The activities under the programme included house to house visits, informing the villagers about hygiene and sanitation, proper use of water, using safe drinking water for consumption, ways to stay clean and to maintain a clean living environment, both at home and surroundings, use of sanitary toilets and avoiding open defecation, safe disposal of different wastes, and training and handling of Field Test Kits (FTK) for water quality testing.

A total of 18 Gram panchayats under Dambuk-Paglam Block was covered under the programme.  Starting from Paglam, followed by Banggo, Keba Tinali, Loklung, Kaling, Anpum, Bizari, Bomzir, Tapat, Yapgo, Remi, and Poblung, the programme was  concluded at Sirang, Dambuk today, with a mass social service at the village.


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Positive side of PR

When the president rule was imposed there was mixed reaction among the people of state. While Nabam Tuki led Congress supporters cried foul and blamed Governor for destabilizing an elected government. Kalikho Pul camp and BJP welcomed the move of central government. The ordinary citizens who have no political affiliation supported the decision for imposition of President Rule (PR). The political battle in the last six month took serious toil on everyone. Governance took back seat and leaders were busy in fighting among themselves.

To his credit since assuming power, Governor JP Rajkhow has managed to bring law and order under control. Governance has improved too. Government officials are regularly attending offices which have led to faster decision making. Governor also took some important decision that will benefit state in the long run. The decision to scrap officiating and out of turn promotion system in the government department has received thunderous applause. In another major step Governor directed the Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary Home to immediately hire the country’s best lawyers to take up Chakma-Hajong refugee case in the Supreme Court. One of the main reasons for state government loosing Chakma-Hajong refugee case was attributed to lack of good lawyer. Therefore this order by Governor will immensely help state during the court battle. Last year apex court directed central government to grant citizenship rights to Chakma-Hajong refugee. The order has been strongly opposed by the people of state. Several other measures taken by Governor have been received with positive by the citizens. Infact large section of people are starting to enjoy the President Rule and are hoping that it last as long as possible.








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A prayer to the governor from a farmer

Dear Editor,

Through your popular daily, I would take the privilege to present the plight of the poor farmers’ of Arunachal Pradesh before the public as whole and the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh in particular.

‘Farmer’ the word in general, accepted world over denotes a person, who is into farming, very rich and feeding the world and living a life, quite contentedly, without the need to commit suicide for the profession that he/she has opted for. But, we the people who are farmers in Arunachal Pradesh in all practices are in fact oxymoron to the word FARMER themselves, why? Because, of the below stated facts;

The fact is that the successive Governments, Bureaucrats, Officers and Officials who have presided and dictated the programme and policies of the Agriculture and Horticulture Departments have never ever implemented anything for the interests of the Farmers in all ways and means. They have only planned and implemented as to what programmes, seeds, saplings, medicines, Tools and Plans are procured at very cheap rates from the market by their appointed ‘supplier’ and supplied to the Departments by paying very high price, so that, the profits are collectively gobbled up by them all but, in the name of Farmers’ and Farmer welfare only on paper.

The proof of which are evident on records of respective offices. It is quite interesting, that almost all the goods/medicines/tools and plans/saplings/seedlings procured by the so called “Central Purchase” Supplier are paid approximately 100 percent more from the market price and at times, even to unimaginable percentage of profits.

In times of draught and other crop loss, the farmers are only paid an amount of Rs. 500/- till now in the history of Arunachal Pradesh and never more than that amount and not even one official from the two Department ever visit any farm to see the actual loss but, on the contrary, in one instance, I had the privilege to meet one of the then Secretary, Deptt of Horticulture, who had even engaged me to send back one Half Bottle of Old Monk Rum that too half emptied, which he had forgotten in the Circuit House, where he had put up the other night, who in fact, had travelled to distant districts to collect the Challan/Bills signed and passed by the District authorities to clear the payments for the “Centrally Purchased Scheme Supplier”.

In my particular case, since 2004, I ventured into my passion in ‘being a farmer’ without looking out for any Govt. job and so, ignorant of the evil designs of the Supplier-Department nexus, I planted more than 8000 Khasi Mandarin plants (commonly known as Orange in AP), spanning an area more than 20 hectares. The saplings were distributed by the Department of Horticulture which was supplied under the ‘Central Purchase’ Scheme. The saturation of frustration and a victim of the so called Central Purchase took the onslaught on me, last year, when the plants started bearing fruits to my satisfaction of a lifetime but, shockingly when the fruits came to ripe, my hard work for the last 11 years, which in fact stands more than thousand trees, turned out to be something else which we have never seen anywhere in Arunachal Pradesh, the fruits are neither Orange, nor Mandarin, neither Sweet lime, nor Pamelo nor any kind of Lemon neither Mausambi. And I am yet again one of the farmers’ who has been sacrificed for the supplier and the Central Purchase Scheme by the Department.

The training and field site touring programmes for the farmers are always attended by the Minister, Bureaucrats and Officials of both the Departments who come back to the state with best ideas as to what would benefit them more through the ‘Central Purchase Supplier’, than the Farmers. Tell me one poor farmer who has been taken on a foreign tour to visit a farm? The two departments won’t have even one name but, we know the then Ministers and Officials who have visited foreign countries with their wives and children all in the name of Exposure, Experience and Field visits sadly, in the name and scheme for the welfare of Farmers.

Another despotic programme of the Horticulture and agriculture department is that the concerned Minister only dictates as to what crops are to be procured as per the suitably of his own place and the best example still is that one of the then Horticulture minister who hails from a place which is more than 2000 (MSL) and where one particular crop was viable, for good returns under the “Central Purchase Supplier”, decided for the programme to be implemented, the same crop was supplied to all the districts and We, poor farmers hailing from just 400-500 meters from the mean sea level (MSL) ignorantly yet obediently planted the same saplings to be confused till this minute as to why it is not fruiting even after 12 years though very-very healthy?

These are the very little light and woes thrown on the plight of the poor farmers of the state and the contentment that are derived by the Department officials of Agriculture and Horticulture in making the farmers more poorer while they get more richer all in the name of the welfare of farmers under the Central Purchase Scheme, even more than their known source of income.

So under the above stated facts and circumstances, I on behalf of all the subsistence farmers of Arunachal Pradesh pray His Excellency, the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh to change the programme and policies of both the Departments and instantly do away with the practice of “Central Purchase” scheme of things and let the plans and programmes be made by us, the Farmers at the grassroots level because, we are the only people who know our soil, environment, our needs and the type of crops, the tools and plans that we really need as Farmers and please, please do away with the purchase of chemicals and fertilisers this year for the reason that, the farmers don’t need them and the same Chemicals and Fertilisers purchased some ten years back or so are still dumped in almost all the District stores which come in use for the Supplier and the Department to show them purchased every year and pass the bills as supplied just recently, under the pet scheme of both the Departments which is in fact, anti-farmer “Central Purchase Scheme”.

Your Excellency is profoundly prayed to look into the matter and do the right for the wrongs perpetrated upon us all these years by the Department and Supplier nexus, at least till you preside over the Government even though we know that we will soon be, yet again under the Autocratic rule of the “Centrally Purchased Department of Agriculture and Horticulture”, both Departments which in all sensible reasons are fit to be renamed as Department(s) for Suppliers and Contractors only.


Vijay Taram

Tebo village, Pasighat




Pay the DRDA employees

Dear Editor,

I want to highlight the problem faced by the DRDA employees of our state as their salaries are not given regularly. It is given after 8-9 months and it is very difficult to take care of our family with the irregular salaries.

All the other department get their salaries regularly but the staff of DRDA are deprived and unable to buy essential things as well as pay bills.

Hope the authority will kindly look into our matter and provide us our regular salaries.


An employee




Bad quality road work

Dear Editor,

The people of Bordumsa are being deprived of good quality roads by state Public Works Development due to the fact that the quality of state highway funded by NEC in Jairumpur circle and Bordumsa Circle have vast difference when the construction agency is same ie Valecha Engineering. Nowadays our respected PWD engineer are repairing the potholes developed in the roads with sand- single and earth, which will be washed up during the rainy season and presently endangering the health of public due to pollution caused by dust in the air. Bike rider and pedestrians are the worst sufferers.

If such policy of road repairing is taken then we can never expect good quality road and it is wastage of public money.

We want chief Engineer Eastern Zone to kindly take notice of the road condition of our state highway of Bordumsa and repair the potholes developed with good quality bitumen and stone aggregate of good grades and not with sand –single and earth.







Delay in declaration of results

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, i want to make our voice reach the concerned authority. In the month of October 2015, PWD had conducted examination for the post of Junior Engineers. Now it’s been four months since examination and the department has still not declared the result. We wonder what is the reason for the delay. Is Four months not enough to check the papers? If we go back to advertisement, it is year now. Is this how the department recruitment is done? Taking note of examination postponed from July to October and now this delay in declaring result, we assume this time also the deserving aspirant will not get the post.

Lastly, I urge the concern authority to declare the result.


An Aspirant