February 17






Spare educational institutes

The land encroachment issue in capital complex area is once again back in the news. On Monday Papum Pare deputy commissioner Pooja Jain took note of the rampant encroachment in Doimukh sub-division. The young officer instructed the Doimukh SDO to prepare and submit the list of encroachers at the earliest for the administration to initiate action as per the law. Many DC's came and went but no one took initiative to stop encroachment in Doimukh and Yupia area. This action by DC Jain is timely and has the support of public.

 It's a well known fact that government land has been encroached on large scale in both Yupia and Doimukh. Surprisingly even Right of Way (ROW) along the national highway is being encroached upon. In another worrying news, the student union of Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic (RGGP) claimed that college campus is facing serious threat from illegal land encroacher. RGGP is the lone technical institute operating in capital complex and is blessed with excellent campus. Authorities should take suo moto action and book the illegal encroacher. Public also should stop this kind of illegal activities. They should alteast spare the educational institutions as land will be required for future expansion. Hopefully new capital DC Sandeep Kumar Singh will take urgent step to save RGGP from illegal encroacher.







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When many hundreds litter to leave a few tens to clean up

Dear Editor,

To me, smartness is not about wearing goggles on forehead or caps back head or error-full Hinglish on lips, neither about big Chinese cell phone in one hand and steering wheel on other added occasionally with cigarette buds between fingers, nor about zip-zap-zooming without helmets and exhibiting stunts on roads. Smartness has nothing to do with the outlook devoid of righteous introspect. Heights of buildings can hardly symbolize smartness of a prospect city unless exemplified by how low its smart denizens can bend oneself to lift its diminishing morality.

Come to the State’s ISO certified Govt hospital at Pasighat.  You will wonder around with splendid exhibits of spitting skills by the ‘smarter’ people mostly accompanying the ill & sick. Some generous companions are so tensely glued to their seats in waiting lobby yet they never forget to leave the hospital paying off return hospitality by gifting decorated reddish-brown spit spots just behind the walls/pillars they leaned on. Some enthusiastic companions are so artistically inclined that they mistake hospital walls for their drawing canvas. Some stunt companions go flying to imprint their spit spots at unreachable heights putting shame to professional martial artistes.

The purpose of this observation is only to aware the concerned  companions of the ills & sick visiting hospital as well urban dwellers & daily commuters that cleanliness is our collective moral responsibility.

It is not the obligation of the PMC or NGOs or Student Bodies or Public/Private organisations to cleanup wastes littered by irresponsible denizens but a collaborative effort to make a positive impact towards cleanliness.  Otherwise, what trend we are setting up in our civilized earth where we talk about cleanliness but never mean it, where many hundreds litter to leave a few tens to clean up.

Let’s make the brain smarter than body since what is soothing to eyes & mind is all about smartness we need to develop foremost to build our Pasighat more as a Moral City than being just a Smart City on the make.


Chandan Das




Nugong Bridge and palpable excuses

Dear Editor,

This is apropos the letter under the caption “clarification” by Executive Engineer PWD Boleng that appeared in your esteem daily which was fabricated with several excuses. The subject of Nugong Bridge is not only about delay but with a question that juxtaposes is how the money was used? Did the NLCPR fund face the same fate like SPA into Special Private Account in the oeuvre of Nugong Bridge? Monsoon disturbance will not be an enough reason to elude from action. If only they adopt work culture the department would have finish the project as dry seasons are longer than the monsoon. The department seemed to have a prior   plan to abandon the Nugong expectation in the subterfuge of Monsoon.  

The executing agency instead of blaming the monsoon rather must be in tune with climatic condition as monsoon is natural and doesn’t last round the twelve months. Wonderfully the point of price escalation was excluded as obvious departments used to do, might be preserved for next gambit.  If I understand right then diagram is prepared first on which fund is sanctioned and construction follow. For PWD the diagram come first or the fund and the whole mess reminds me of the riddle who came first the hen or the egg. If the department is preparing the diagram then, God save us! Is this a new sketch to asphyxiate something over the misused fund?   

The department mentions about two installments amounting Rs.13 crore out of Rs. 1834 lakhs which is 65% of the total amount as used in the construction but the work performance in the site doesn’t justify the clarification at all, as the visible reality is not even 20%. With a naked eye one can see only the anchor block and a single tower somehow erected on the left bank. Will the remaining part fall from the sky?

This is a constituency where the last collapsed Govt. planned to make roads to No Man’s Land with not even a single village to be found in between Yemsing to Tarak, Yemsing to Tadun & Yemsing to Lessing and the irresolute vested purpose is translucent. On the other hand Nugong Bridge was intentionally abandoned for eight years, which was expected as a lone lifeline for eight villages of Nugong.

As per local record from 2005 till date 29 people lost their lives in Komsing village in the absence of connectivity. If PWD Boleng is hindered and scared of Monsoon occurrence then it is better to refund the two installments and retune to finish the work.


Karunath Pazing




Citizens Charter needed

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I take this privilege to present before the Governer of Arunachal Pradesh, the grievance and agony of common man regarding bureaucratic delay in providing efficient services.

Each and every day, numerous Aam Admi's become victims of inefficient services in offices. He/she has to run around each table till slipper gets torn off due to friction. In this way one has to rub off many slippers in office floors for years. Everyone says' "Hath garam karo to kam ban jayega." Hence, poor's have no other option but to stop pursuing further. His basic rights are at the mercy of greedy officials.

The sufferings of Aam Admi's will be redressed only and only if there is Citizens Charter. If there is a Citizens Charter then:

1. He can avail services in a time bound manner.

2. Will not have to depend on the mercy of the bureaucracy.

3. He will not have to face long delays due to red tape.

4. For a passport, a birth or death certificate, a driving licence or a ration card, Aam Aadmi need not have to sweat it out. There will not be any need to grease palms of corrupt officials.

5. He can seek compensation for undue delay in delivery of service.

6. For ex: In Europe people are compensated if the train gets delayed.

7. Basic thrust of Citizens Charter is to make public services citizen centric by ensuring that these services are demand driven rather than supply driven.

Therefore, Governer of Arunachal Pradesh is humbly requested to pass an Ordinance in this regard. It will be boon to the people of Arunachal Pradesh.


Ngurang Achung



Don’t conduct screening test

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to request the AAPSC not to conduct any recruitment/screening test for the upcoming Assistant Engineer(Electrical) Exam.

I sincerely believe that the recruitment test is not necessary or needed for an exam, which is being conducted after a gap of three years. Sometimes screening test (MCQ's) tends to be more favourable to your luck whereas hardwork & dedication takes a backseat. An A.E (Electrical) exam is totally based on technical subject and one cannot judge a person's knowledge of the subject matter just by a screening test. Furthermore the said exam is not an annual affair like the ongoing APPSC state civil service exam. Even UPSC doesn't have any screening test for IES exam. For some it may be the last chance they will get to write the exam due to age factor.

I believe that every aspirant should get the chance to write the exam and stake his/her claim for the mentioned post.


Bhagyo Lego




Do not go for quantity

Dear Editor,

There is no point arguing 1:3 ratio selection as APPSC has already clarified through this daily couple of days ago.

But it is shame on our part to learn that aspiring candidates could not even secure 33% marks in a single paper or aggregate of 45% marks in APPSCEE main exam. Out of 477, only 132 candidates have qualified for the viva-voce.

We doubt, out of these 132 candidates how many have marginally passed the written examination to appear in viva-voce.

Our state needs the efficient and eligible officers. Do not go for quantity.


Concern Citizens,



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Pul set to form govt as Cabinet may recommend lifting of PR
[ Azing Pertin ]
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: With the Supreme Court putting no hurdle in formation of a new government, the Union Cabinet may recommend revocation of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh soon, possibly by Wednesday.
The Home Ministry is waiting for a report from Governor J P Rajkhowa about the latest political situation in the sensitive border state after 31 MLAs, led by Congress dissident Kalikho Pul, met him yesterday.
Official sources said the Governor’s report is expected soon and if it suggests formation of a new government, the Home Ministry will present a note before tomorrow’s scheduled meeting of the Union Cabinet to be chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Yesterday, Pul, accompanied by 31 MLAs, had called on the Governor to stake claim to form the next government in the state which is under President’s Rule. He was accompanied by 19 Congress MLAs along with 11 BJP legislators and two independent members.This led to Congress moving the Supreme Court seeking an order that no new government formation is permitted and status quo be maintained.
However, the apex court refused to pass an interim order restraining the Governor from swearing in a new government in Arunachal Pradesh.
The revolt by Congress dissidents led by Pul led to a political crisis in the state that finally led to imposition of President’s rule on January 26.
Addressing a press conference here,  Kalikho Pul, certain on forming the state government said as and when the President Rule is lifted then he will be called to form the government. Addressing media persons at a city hotel here on Tuesday,
Pul added that BJP members will be giving outside support and have given a written understanding of unconditional support.
Claiming that he would set straight the financial condition of the state after forming the government, Pul said “ govt will come up with a White Paper on Central funds, expenditure and balance of the past years. Particularly, the schemes and works taken up under Civil Deposits will be detected, he added.
On a cautionary note, Pul said, his govt won’t indulge in vindictive methods like SIT investigations against officers and works, but will act on complaints and demands of the aggrieved people.    
Alleging that gross injustice had happened in the state through the State Infrastructure Development Fund (SIDF), Pul added that SIDF schemes were distributed in only 26 constituencies while the majority of the 34 constituencies were bereft of any works under the scheme. The public money cannot be used like personal money for only select constituencies, Pul said.
Commenting on the present President’s Rule in the state, Pul said that it is the creation of the former state government. The state government sponsored blockade of Naharlagun-Itanagar National Highway and subsequent dharna of Dec 17, 2015 before the Raj Bhawan, slaughter of a Mithun and dharna again on Jan 13, 2016 by supporters of the state government were the crucial incidents which displayed that there was law and order breakdown in the state. We are grateful to the President’s Rule as law and order has been restored and peace prevails, he added.
Citing from the High Court’s final judgement copy and order disposing of the three petitions against the Assembly proceedings, Pul stated that the Assembly Session conducted on Dec 16 and 17, 2015 stands valid.
Earlier, reiterating his allegations at the former state government led by Nabam Tuki, Pul stated that the financial bungling of years and the resultant overdraft of Rs.1294 crores is mismanagement of the Tuki led government. He said the former government should clarify to the people of the state on the mismanagement leading to the huge overdraft and running the government without any Annual Operating Plan (AOP) for the last three years.
Narrating the entire chronology of events leading to the present day situation, Pul said that any cabinet colleague who questioned the working style of the Chief Minister was dropped starting with him in Dec 2014. Likewise unsatisfied with the working of the CM, former ministers Chowna Mein and Pema Khandu voluntarily resigned later on, he added.
Clarifying the entire episode of disqualification from the Congress party membership, Pul said the Courts have vindicated him thrice and he is in the party. The whole issue of disqualifications of 14 MLAs in December 2015 was also totally incorrect as per the 10th Schedule, he added.
On the sidelines, commenting on the constant allegations leveled by the Tuki camp, PD Sona said that ousted Chief Minister is a cry baby with a jaundiced view of happenings.  (With inputs from PTI)

Reacting to the controversy surrounding an audio tape, Congress leader Kalikho Pul once again distanced himself from it. While talking to this daily, Pul made it clear that he is not against any community and will always work for the greater interest of Arunachal. “I have wonderful friends hailing from Nyishi community. In fact many Nyishi contractors are working in my district. Therefore question of me harbouring ill feeling for my fellow tribal brethren does not arise at all,” said Pul.
He also said if allowed to form government, he will work hard to make Itanagar the best capital of India. Pul appealed public to cooperate so that law and order keeps on improving in the state.
Further, he clarified that he has no personal issue with former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and political fight is based on certain ideology.
Longding MLA Thanwang Wangham termed previous Tuki led government as ‘Lootera govt.’ He also alleged Tuki of using UG groups to intimidate legislators and stated that kidnapping of the cousin of MLA Honchun Ngandam is the best example of erstwhile Tuki govt using UG elements.

Disappointed media houses set deadlines for clearance of pending bills, demand removal of officials
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Taking strong exception to the blatant misuse of power and position to entangle the four-year long pending bills despite repeated pleas in writing and verbally, the media bodies – Arunachal Press Club (APC), Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and Arunachal Electronic Media Association (AEMA) - have unanimously decided to launch a “non-cooperation movement” with the government authorities till full and final settlements of the entire outstanding bills is done.
“To begin with, the press bodies shall boycott celebration of Statehood Day and events related to thereof if all the pending bills are not cleared within February 19 next,” said APC President Chopa Cheda.
Taking reference of a meeting held on November 2, 2015, when a delegate of media fraternity met the then Chief Minister Nabam Tuki who then had assured to clear around 15 per cent of the outstanding dues within a week, the media fraternity has expressed disappointment at not receiving the said amount till date. Further, the former CM had directed the officials to clear the rest of the pending bills (around) 85 per cent within a month’s period. However, despite repeated follow-ups with the Chief Secretary, Secretary IPR and Director IPR and also despite repeated assurance and commitment to clear the file as directed by Tuki, the concerned authorities, especially the Finance Department (Principal Secretary and Secretary) are indulging in arm-twisting the media houses which can only be construed as an attempt to harass and exploit the entire value-chain.
It must be also noted that Finance Secretary, who deals with the file has denied appointment to the representative of the press fraternity who had gone to meet him in connection with his indulgence in Red Tapism.
Terming the absolute incoherent file notings and for seeking ridiculous queries by Secretary (Finance), BM Mishra, the media fraternity termed it as nothing but lack of mental application, attributed to his lack of aptitude to grasp numerical and inability to comprehend the nuances of business of both print and electronic media industry. Thus, the media bodies seek immediate removal of the incumbent Principal Secretary and Secretary (Finance) including the IPR director.

In view of several observations regarding functioning of Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) amounting to inefficacy and non-transparency, the media bodies have served a notice to the Director on Monday last.
Accusing Director CM Longphong of dereliction of duty, the press bodies have expressed serious concern over losing the file concerning the implementation of IPR Policy 1999 which had received seal of approval from the state cabinet in the first week of November 2015.
“We have been seeking for implementation of the “IPR Policy 1999” for more than a decade. Therefore, losing such an important file that could have provided a permanent solution to the hindrances in the entire value-chain, we have already set a deadline for its implementation in the letter address to the Director,” said Chief Advisor, APC, Pradeep Kumar Behera.
“When we are serving the people and the state round the clock, such negligence is not expected and will not be tolerated,” Behera added.
Basing on inputs received from an official of the same directorate, the press bodies have sought audit reports on several financial matters affecting the press bodies with a special emphasis on alleged exhaustion of the corpus funds running into several lakhs.

Arunachal Press fraternity condemns attack on media persons
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: The Arunachal Press Club (APC), Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) and Arunachal Electronic Media Association (AEMA) strongly condemned the attack on journalists at the Patiala House court in the national capital on February 15 last.
This is tantamount to an attack on the freedom of the Press and there is a need for strong action against those who were involved in the incident, said APUWJ and AEMA in joint press statement.
“We are appalled by the manhandling of journalists outside an institution that is a symbol of morality and all that is good with humanity. Such constant attack on the media is an alarming trend that needs to be collectively condemned by one and all, not just by those in the Press,” the statement said.
If the Press should have to live in constant fear, it will be the death knell of democracy, it said and the perpetrators of the cowardly and fanatical attack must be brought to justice.
“We stand by our fraternity members in solidarity during this time of ordeal.”

Festival of Arunachal goes a notch higher, spreads to  Naharlagun and RGU
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Festival of Arunachal has always been a treat to Arunachalees every year. And this year, the gala event is going a notch higher with the celebration spreading to Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) campus and Naharlagun in addition to the main festival ground, Indira Gandhi Park here and will have something for everyone.
Lovers of music, be it folk or the contemporary can drive down to Naharlagun for Boulevard of colours- Culture and music street pageant to be organized from Sango hotel tri-junction to G-extension tri junction, Naharlagun on February 21 to 22 next.
Disclosing this at Press Club this Tuesday, Programme director CCRD, Moyir Riba informed that the two day event is set in three stages: stage 1- acoustic, stage 2-folk dance and stage 3- live bands with the them ‘celebrating oneness’.
Other highlights will be craft exhibition of various handicrafts, food carts and book exhibition by our very own young writers of the state such as Banta Natung, Subi Taba, Anto Rukbo and Daniel Ering.
“It will be a mix of artistic expression,” Moyir said of the event.
“By convening the festival at Naharlagun also, we are bringing the festival to people,” she added.
On the literary ground, a symposium on growth of representative democracy in Arunachal is also going to be organized as part of the festival by RGU political department at RGU auditorium.
Informing this, associate professor Nani Bath informed that the symposium will commemorate the 50th year of the Daying Ering report which resulted in the formation of Panchayat Raj system in the state.
“It would look into the economic angle to the changes in the growth of Arunachal,” he said.
The symposium will have personalities like litterateur Y D Thongchi, former RGU registrar Dr Tai Nyori, MP Ninnong Ering,  former minister R K Khrimey and women leaders Jarjum Ete and Tadar Mepung to delve into the changes that the state has been witness to for the past 30 years.
Theatre lovers will also get a chance to witness a theatre production by actor Riken Ngomgle ‘Mein Arunachal’ based on the changes of past 30 years in AP on February 21st next.

Large quantities of marijuana seized in East Siang
[ Mingkeng Osik ]
PASIGHAT, Feb 16: Large quantities of Ganja (Marijuana) were seized from Bijari village under Dambuk circle of Lower Dibang Valley by the members of Women Against Social Evil (WASE) of Pasighat on Monday.
The WASE team following information carried out a search operation with help of local police, administration, Gaon Burah and public at the house of one Meneng Langkam of Bijari village and recovered 19.2kg Ganja.
Dambuk Police took custody of seized Ganja and also registered a case against Langkam. Earlier, on February 13, the WASE team caught three local youths red-handed while they were consuming Marijuana at Sibo-Korong. The WASE team was on regular visit to check illegal and unlawful activities like consumption of Ganja and various other psychotropic drugs by the minors.
After prolonged interrogation, the three youths revealed the name of the supplier of the drugs as one Meneng Langkam from Bijari village.
After the disclosure, the WASE team led by its president Omem Ering and its general secretary Jaya Tasung Moyong rushed to Bijari village on February 15 and carried out the operation which led to seizure of the drugs.

CM’s Trophy: Capital Complex, Changlang, Lohit and West Siang enter semis in men’s football
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Capital Complex, Changlang, Lohit and West Siang entered into the semifinals in men’s football in the CM’s Trophy tournament being held at Chimpu near here.
Capital Complex beat Kurung Kumey 3-1 in the first quarterfinal and Changlang beat Kra-Daadi 2-1 in the second quarterfinal played in the morning session Tuesday.
Lohit pulled off an upset 3-1 victory over formidable Lower Subansiri in penalty shoot-out in the third quarterfinal in the afternoon while West Siang defeated West Kameng 2-1 in the fourth quarterfinals in men’s football.
Capital Complex will meet Changlang in the first semifinal of the men’s football and Lohit take on West Siang in the second semifinal on February 18.
In women’s football, Upper Subansiri will play against Kurung Kumey in the first semifinal and Capital Complex will meet East Kameng in the second semifinal on Wednesday.
The Upper Subansiri women football team beat Lower Dibang Valley 2-1 in the first quarterfinal while Kurung Kumey eves defeated Lower Subansiri 3-0 in the second quarterfinal on Wednesday.
Capital Complex entered into the semifinal beating East Siang 5-0 while East Kameng beat Kra-Daadi by solitary goal to secure place In the semifinals.
The results of league level volleyball matches of both men and women are as follows:
Volleyball (Men): West Siang beat Siang (25-4, 25-18), Upper Siang beat Papum Pare (25-21, 25-18), Capital Complex beat East Siang (25-12, 25-17), Lower Subansiri beat Lohit (25-11, 25-19), Kra-Daadi beat Longding  (25-15, 21-25, 15-8),  Namsai beat Lower Dibang Valley (25-6, 25-12).
Volleyball (Women): Upper Subansiri beat Lohit  (25-22, 25-15), Lower Subansiri beat Papum Pare (25-15, 20-25, 15-8), Longding beat Changlang  (25-9, 26-24), East Siang beat Siang  (25-2, 25-7), West Kameng beat Upper Siang (25-10, 25-11), Namsai beat Tawang (25-21, 21-25, 15-7).

Governor calls for preservation of tribal languages
Oriah Festival celebrated
ITANAGAR, Feb 16:  Governor JP Rajkhowa called for promotion and preservation of rich cultural heritage and tribal languages of the state.
“At the same time efforts should be to develop their own script,” said Rajkhowa while addressing a huge gathering on the occasion of Oriah Festival celebration at Mopin-Solung Ground here on Tuesday.
Rajkhowa exhorted the people to preserve their age-old cultural values and traditions as loss of culture is loss of identity.
The Governor called for communal harmony in the State and strengthening the spirit of ‘Unity in Diversity’. He said that major tribes must ensure the ground so that minor tribes can carry forward their identity.  
Recalling the age-old relationship between Ahom King and a Wancho Princess, the Governor called for amity amongst the two neighbouring States, thereby restoring the age-old ties.
Earlier, initiating the commencement of the festival by performing ‘Zangwan Wan Tong Shom’ (offering to God), Rajkhowa along with State’s First Lady Rita Rajkhowa offered prayers for wellbeing of the people, bounty harvest and communal harmony.
Gabriel Wangsu, President of 14th Oriah Festival celebration at Itanagar, said that every tribe of the State observes festivals which are diverse in colours and rituals but ethos and ingredients are same for all the indigenous festivals of the State. He urged the people to celebrate the commonness in the culture and traditions.    
A colourful cultural programme including, famed bamboo dance of the Wancho, war dance, fashion show and remix of traditional and gymnastic dance were presented on the occasion.
Wancho community of Itanagar along with public representatives of Tirap, Changlang and Longding also attended the celebration.  PRO to Raj Bhawan

Oriah celebrated in Bhopal
The Wancho artists, who are currently in Bhopal constructing their traditional Wancho house as a part of Open Air Exhibition in Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IRGMS), Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, celebrated Oriah in the IRGMS campus.
Prof. SK Chaudhuri, Director of IRGMS, officers and officials of the Sanghalaya and foreign tourist attended the celebration.
The activities includes offering of Zangvan, displaying of local dances, songs and vakhaapsah (bamboo dance).

PDS contractors demands clearance of bills
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: The All Arunachal Pradesh PDS Transporters Welfare Association (AAPPDSTWA) while reiterating its demands for early payment of pending Hills Transport Subsidy (HTS) bills has urged the state Governor to take up the matter with the centre for early reimbursement of funds which the state government has released on the directives of the court.
Addressing media persons at the Press Club here today, AAPPDSTWA General Secretary Puinnyo Apum said that the PDS contractors have not received payment running into over a hundred crores since 2005. Citing the GoI guidelines, he said that as per the guidelines, the state government should first make payment to the transporters/contractors after which the GoI would make the re-imbursement through the Food Corporation of India within a month to the GoAP.
‘The state government in its cabinet meeting held on Nov 2, 2015, has decided to clear the pending bills in order to avoid a collapse of PDS supply in the state and a revise estimate of Rs.70 crore was proposed for the same to be tabled in the next session of the assembly but the matter is now being sidelined’, Apum said and appealed the Governor to direct the Finance department to make budgetary provision under Revise Estimate in the current fiscal to ensure release of HTS bills within the current month.
He further threatened that the Association will be forced to launch state-wide boycott on lifting and distribution of PDS items with effect from March this year in case the authorities fail to release the contractor’s pending bills within the current month. And if there arises a food crisis in the state, the department of Finance, GoAP should be held solely responsible for it, he declared.
The Association had earlier also submitted a representation to the Governor in this regard.
AAPPDSTWA Vice Chairman, Likha Tabo and Chairman Bengia Bado were also present on the occasion.

Lohit and Anjaw celebrates Tamla-du
TEZU, Feb 16: Tamla-du, the major festival of Mishmis of Lohit and Anjaw districts was celebrated with traditional fun fare and gaiety at Tamla-du ground here on Monday.
The locals along with people from all walks of life with their best traditional attires joined the celebration.
Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak, Advocate Sunil Mow and Superintendent of Police Ved Prakash Surya also joined the celebration.
DC Tatak emphasized on preserving one’s tradition and culture with pride and dignity. He called upon every inhabitant of Tezu to come forward and participate in festivities of all the communities and work collectively for prosperity and development of the area.
Tatak hailed the civil society organizations for aspiring to preserve as well as popularize their culture and traditions for which adequate assistance and support will be provided from the government side.
He asked the youth to abstain themselves from any kind of drugs addiction and contribute to the betterment of the society.
Advocate Mow, former minister Nakul Chai also spoke on the significance of the festival.
Tamla-du is an agriculture-based festival and is mainly celebrated as a thanksgiving to Timya-Tamlaya, Buruya-Duyaya and Amik Matai for bumper harvest and also to protect and ward off all the evils and diseases which may bring deaths and bad luck.
Two tourists from Scotland also witnessed the celebration and they were felicitated by the Tamlu-Du festival celebration committee.
A skit on importance of girl education and menace of opium was presented by the youths of Sunpura circle.
Stalls of traditional food and cuisines, textiles and handloom, handicrafts, etc were exhibited in the festival ground during the day- long celebration. Traditional dances and folk songs were performed as a Part of the celebration. DIPRO

Film, Northeast-2015 all set to begin
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Film Northeast-2016 is all set to begin on Wednesday with participation of 42 filmmakers from North East with their best films, including master filmmakers Aribam Syam Sharma and Jahnu Baruah.
A total of 84 films will be screened in during the three-day festival.
An outdoor Cineplex has been created at the Annexe Lawn of the IG Park for the festival which has two air conditioned mobile theatres, two pavillions and a film bazaar where film lovers can buy different genres of films.
Special screening of “Phum Shang” a film by Haobam Paban Kumar from Manipur, which has won the Golden Conch Award for the best documentary at 14th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF 2016), would be one of the main attractions for the cine buffs. Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajlhowa will inaugurate the Film, Northeast 2016 at Annexe Lawn of IG Park at 5 PM on February 17 while at 11 AM, First Lady of the State Rita Rajkhowa will inaugurate ‘Bioscope’-- the children’s film segment of the festival.

DA ban weapons
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: The Capital District Administration has banned carrying of weapons like dao, knife, firearms in person as well as in vehicles in the Capital Complex, particularly in the I.G. Park, Itanagar in view of the celebration of the Arunachal Statehood Day and Festival of Arunachal at I.G. Park.
District Magistrate, Itanagar Capital Complex, Sandeep Kr. Singh said that it is expedient to take precautionary and preventive measures to stop misuse of such weapons in the Capital Complex.

Nyokum Yullo: Traditional food stalls declared open
NIRJULI, Feb 16: Adi, Apatnai, Tagin communities and non-tribals joined with the Nyishis to set up 48 traditional food stalls including one by residents of Damin along China border were opened at Nyikum Niya ground here as a precursor to 11-day Silver Jubilee Nyokum Yullo.
After inaugurating the stalls, Itanagar Municipal Council CMEO Habung Lapung, flanked by Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries chief adviser Pradeep Kumar said this reflected the unique similarities among various tribes of the state. This great festival reflects the rich traditions and customs of the indigenous population, he said  
Supporting Lapung, Kumar said mitakuye oyasin (we all are same in Japanese) had reverberated during International Conference of World Elders of Ancient Traditions at Jaipur (Feb. 5-10, 2006) where 250 delegates from 42 countries spread over five continents representing 257 traditions were stunned to find striking similarities in designs and patterns on dresses and ornaments worn by people of different traditions in the world and their Sun and fire centric rituals for the welfare of humanity. Peoples irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and region were representing one race—human and not living in isolation, Arunachal delegates were convinced.
The stalls would offer delicious local cuisines on demand, said stall in-charge Tadar Kaha but assured the rates would be reasonable.
Miss Nyokum on February 25 evening would be the most attractive item of hosts of events including cultural competition with prizes, games and spots (men & women volleyball matches), said celebration committee chairman Tarh Nachung. Local lawmaker Techi Kaso join the main celebration on February 25 next, he added.   
 People of late have been showing keen interest to maintain their tradition and using the Nyishi headgear (bopiya), said its maker Techi Bida, 50, engaged in the job for over 15 years. The Hornbill being state bird is protected by us now for which its original beak is not available now-a-days. Only the fibre beak used bopiya is sold for Rs 3,500 per piece.
 “I am ready to meet any demand as I have people to assist me in making this unique bopiya. Demand is rising as manu bahut bhhal pai acche (people using it with love and hour), he added.
“The festival once in a year is an occasion that cements our fellow felling spirit and strengthen social bond. It offers enough scope to refresh and energize ourselves from our daily chores while rising above all misunderstanding. Moreover, our rich age-old traditions and customs also get popularized,” young women Nabam Sina and Tadar Nanu said smilingly. Both have set up food stalls to serve the visitors.
The three-year-eight months-old Yuram Amma in best traditional dresses posed to send a louder message that the younger generation are inheriting their forefathers’ traditions and customs to do away with the fear for threat to state’s unique tribal mosaic.  

New cat fish discovered
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: A team of ichthyologists from Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), Doimukh has discovered a new catfish species Amblyceps waikhomi (Siluriformes: Amblycipitidae) from a stream in Nongkon village under Namsai district.
This stream flows through the village drains and falls into Noa Dehing river which is a tributary of Brahmaputra.
This is an addition to the 18thAmblyceps species considered valid worldwide and the 6th discovered from the stream flowing into Noa Dehing river of Upper Brahmaputra basin of Arunachal Pradesh.
The holotype and paratypes of the species were deposited and preserved in Zoological Survey of India (ZSI),Itanagar and Rajiv Gandhi University Museum of Fishes (RGUMF), Doimukh, respectively.
The species epithet ‘waikhomi’ is derived and given in honor of Prof. Waikhom Vishwanath Singh for his extraordinary contribution in the field of fish taxonomy.
The details of the discovery have been published in PLOS ONE-- a USA/UK based international journal.  

KVK organizes pre-rabi meet
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Zilla Parishad Member Ngelang Songthing requested the KVK, Deomali, Tirap to provide all necessary technical guidance, support and helps to farmers for adopting the new technologies and improving their existing conventional farming systems to increase production in food grain and other agricultural commodities.
ZPM after inaugurating the one day pre Rabi Meet at the KVK on Tuesday urged the farmers to abstract full benefit from the KVK scientists from such type of programme.
Dr. Indu, Programme Coordinator of the KVK said that utmost emphasis must be laid on agriculture and its allied sectors as people are totally dependent on them for subsistence. The Programme Coordinator advised the farmers to use all the available technologies to increase productivity.
A total of 106 farmers from entire Deomali subdivision attended the programme.
Various type of farming models, posters, photographs were also displayed.
Field day on “Scientific Cultivation of Toria was organized at KVK farm and Scientific Cultivation of Lentil under NFSM were conducted at Natun Basti in presence of all the farmers and agricultural extension functionaries.
Different seed supplier agencies from Tinsukia, Assam also put up stalls during the programme and sold seeds, fungicide, insecticide and small farm implements to the farmers.

5 stolen bikes recovered
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Yazali Police have recovered five stolen motorcycles.
The motorbikes, which are currently kept under the custody of Yazali Police Station, include two Yamaha FZ, two Pulsar (150 CC) and one Yamaha R15.
OC Yazali, Police Station Inya Ete requested the owners to claim their stolen bikes with proper documents and evidences.

Raj Bhavan initiative to promote communal harmony
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: In a move to promote peace and communal harmony, strengthen the spirit of oneness amongst the people of the State, the Raj Bhavan under the guidance of Governor JP Rajkhowa and First Lady Rita Rajkhowa is organising a social event with theme ‘Communal Harmony-Our Pride, Our Strength’, at Darbar Hall of Raj Bhavan on February 19.
A couple from each tribe, including Wanchos of Longding in the East to Monpas from Tawang in the West of the State will be participating in the event. Moreover, Nahs of Upper Siang, Yobins of Changlang and Puroiks of East Kameng will also participate.
They all will be the guests of Raj Bhavan during the 30th Statehood Day function, a new concept started by the Governor and the First Lady. (PRO, Raj Bhawan)

Puppet Show
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youths (SPIC MACAY), organised a puppet show at Kendra Vidyalaya, Nirjuli on Tuesday.
The show was demonstrated by a group of seven artists of Doll theatre, a puppet theatre group of Kolkata.
A workshop was also arranged in which the teachers and the students of the school actively participated and exchanged their views.
The programme was managed by Coordinator of the SPICE Madhuparna Sharma and supported by AAPSU team members
The main objective of the puppet show was to expose the students and young people to the beauty, grace and wisdom embodied in the age-old Indian art forms and its heritage
SPIC MACAY has been campaigning in Arunachal Pradesh since February 14 and would continue its show till February 22. The first show was held at Kimin on February 15 and similar programme will also be organized at Rajiv Gandhi University, few schools within the Capital Complex and at Gerukamukh.

Villagers urged to promote good sanitation practice
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: A workshop under Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) was held at Gipulin village of Dibang Valley District recently to sensitize the community members about safe and proper sanitation practices.
The team of officials from PHE&WS Sub-Division Anini sensitized the villagers to promote good sanitation practices and encouraged them for clean village without open defection.
PRI leaders, including ZPM (Anini-Mipi) Dipen Molo, ASM (Gipulin) Lango Mihu also attended and appealed to the villagers to adopt good sanitation practice and make their village free from open defecation.
A drawing competition on the topic “Clean India/Swachh Bharat” was conducted among the students of Class six to 11 at JNV School Anini in two categories—senior and junior—the results of which will be declared on the Statehood Day.

ATI training on good governance
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: A three days training on good governance for middle level officers of various departments commenced at Administrative Institute (ATI), Naharlagun on Tuesday.
ATI Director Pate Marik, who inaugurated the training, emphasized the need of understanding the concept of good governance. 'Maximum Governance Minimum Government” being the slogan of the Central Government, he urged the officers to be people centric and maintain transparency in all levels in public delivery system.
Due to advancement of Information Technology, introduction of Lokyukta and enactment of RTI Act, the working systems of the government are easily accessible to general public. We being the agent of government and public servants cannot hide the government policies, Marik said.

PPA demands revocation of President’s Rule
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: People’s Party of Arunachal has called for revocation of President’s Rule in the state as the ends of political and social justice have been considerably met. The Legislative Assembly which remains suspended needs urgent revival so that the majority of the legislators who wish to constitute a workable all party Government, can have their say and form an opposition-less Government under the leadership of Kalikho Pul, the Party said.
“In a Democracy, transparency, accountability and good governance are indispensable features and not the Opposition. Opposition means opposing the Government which may not yield much of what the people want” said its President Khafa Bengia. On the other hand, if accountability through the instrumentalities of the House, Committees, Courts  is ensured, then democracy is bound to be strengthened. Therefore, the chance to have an opposition- less Government in Arunachal Pradesh on the model of Nagaland must dawn on the State, he added.
Secretary-General Kaling Jerang said that PPA, despite not having its legislative presence in the House, will be able to perform a positive role in reorienting the political climate of the State. He wanted that the PPA must find its place in the all party alliance that is emerging since; to start with, the House had 5 PPA members who merged with Congress under allurements. Jerang appealed to Kalikho Pul to take due notice of the presence of PPA on the political plane of the state.

Submit UC on time: Shinde
Seppa, Feb 16: While addressing a meeting on SPA today in Seppa, East Kameng DC reviewed the projects undertaken by various executing (engineering) departments under SPA advised the departments to submit UC on time and cautioned against any misappropriation and mismanagement.
DC Deepak Shinde He enquired about the adoption of e-tendering process by the departments. Appreciating the overall progress, he directed the departments to conceptualize a target plan and accordingly, follow the timeline strictly as the working season is limited.
In a meeting on Jal Kranti Abhiyan (JKA), he directed the EE, WRD to constitute teams and asses the proposed sites and submit feasibility reports in the next meeting for final selection of proposals.

AKKDSU against shifting of CHC Palin
ITANAGR, Feb 16: Claiming that a proposal has been placed to the GoAP for the shifting of Community Health Centre (CHC) at Palin to the defunct 50 bedded hospital at Jorung, the All Kra-Daadi District Students’ Union (AKDDSU) has expressed its opposition for the move.
In its complaint letter to the Director, Health Services, it said that the move to accommodate HoDs office at the CHC and shift it to the defunct hospital at Jorung, which is about 3 kms away from Palin town, will make the locals suffer as there is no mode of transportation from Palin to Jorung.
Saying that the entire people of Palin are upset with the move, it suggested that instead of shifting the CHC to the defunct hospital, doctors, nurses and other medical staffs should be posted to make the defunct hospital functional.
The union, meanwhile, has threatened to resort to democratic movement if the shift is not stopped.

Panchayat Parishad calls for review of power devolution
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: The All Arunachal Pradesh Panchayat Parishad has requested for reviewing devolution of power to Panchayat.
In its letter to the advisor to Governor, it expressed disappointment that the notification for devolving power to Panchayat Raj system in the state has stayed just in paper.
It alleged that none of the departments are complying with the order and are not transferring fund to the Panchayat Raj institutions.
The Parishad further expressed dissatisfaction that the Zilla Parishad Chairperson of the district is not the Chairperson of District level bodies according to the Gram Panchayat Development Plan.

Incentive for UPSC prelim qualifiers
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: The Higher & Technical Education Directorate has sanctioned Rs 5 lakhs as incentive to five students for qualifying in the Combined Civil Services Preliminary Examinations 2015 conducted by Union Public Service Commission.
An amount of Rs 1 lakh each will be given to Tai Arun, Chukhu Yalar, Ngali Tato, Jaki Tulang and Mingkeng Tamut, informed OSD (stipend) of the Directorate Minto Ete.

Capacity building programme for farmers
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: More than 300 farmers of 15 (Fifteen) villagers under Yomcha circle participated in a capacity building training at Yomcha in West Siang district on February 10 last organized by Young Mission Adventure Club (YMAC).
15 farmers club were formed during the programme.
A progressive farmer of Ziro, Kago Kampu, talking as resource person explained in detail the role of farmers Club and SHGs.
She made a power point presentation on the technique of cultivation of Tomatoes and other vegetables.
DDM NABARD, Ziro office, O P Mounglang explained about the role of NABARD and importance of bank - relation with Farmers Club for availing loan and subsidy for farmers.
The training programme was sponsored by NABARD, regional office, Itanagar. An awareness programme on SHG, Farmers Club and de addiction at Darak Circle was also organized in collaboration with Mothers Vision (MV), Aalo.

Association refutes illegal appointment in IT Dept.
ITANAGAR, Feb 16: Reacting to a news item under heading ‘Illegal Appointment Alleged’’ published in this daily on Tuesday, the Employees Welfare Association of Information Technology & Communication (DITCsEWA) strongly refuted the allegations.
“No illegality was committed with regard to the appointments of Project Officers, Project Coordinators, Technical Assistants of the Department as due recruitment procedures were followed through Walk-in-Interview held during the year 2011,” the DITCsEWA claimed in a release.
With regard to the appointment of Director, the association stated that after the retirement on superannuation of the then Director IT, the senior most Joint Director of IT was elevated to the post of Director as per Recruitment Rules duly published in the Gazette Notifications. As such, nothing illegality has been committed in this matter, it said.
The competent authority on various occasions has examined their allegations. In this regard, an inquiry was already instituted by the Government and report submitted to the Government. No actions could be initiated because there was no illegality, it said.
Moreover, if the IT/CS graduates have found any illegality they should have approach the Court to seek justice instead of tarnishing the hard earned image and reputations of the employees and the department, the association said and requested the IT/CS unemployed graduates to refrain from such baseless allegations in future.