February 18






High drama over JNU incident

The whole drama over sedition charge against president of Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union president Kanhiayya Kumar is being blown out of proportion. It is alleged that on February 9 pro-Afzal Guru and anti-India slogan were shouted inside JNU campus when a group of students tried to organize an event to condemn Afzal Guru's hanging. Delhi police based on the complaint by right wing student group ABVP arrested JNUSU President and charged with him with sedition. On his part Kanhaiyya has given statement to court claiming he never raised any anti-India slogan and was only acting as peacemaker when tense stand-off broke out between two groups inside the campus.

A huge debate over sedition charge is going through-out the country. While opposition parties alleged that union government is using brute force to stifle voices of dissent, the BJP advocates for stringent action against alleged anti-national elements within JNU. With matter reaching court after arrest of JNUSU President, everyone thought finally law will decide the case. However to the utter shock and horror of every law abiding Indian, the lawyers of Patiala house court where case related to Kanhaiyya Kumar is being heard has been going berserk over the incident. On Wednesday for the second time in the last 3 days lawyers beat up media persons and students of JNU inside court complex. These goons in disguise of nationalism created mayhem and took law into their own hand. Unfortunately Delhi police have not made any arrest even though accused has been caught on tape indulging in violent activities.  The situation is so bad that on Wednesday morning Supreme Court had to issue a series of directions to ensure peace in the court in the wake of Monday's violence. It was hearing petition seeking action against persons responsible for beating of journalists, JNU students and teachers at Patiala House court complex on Monday.  But lawyers in complete disrespect of SC order once again indulged in violent activities inside the court premises. If JNU students who raised anti-India slogan deserve strong punishment, then these goons in disguise as lawyers also deserves the strongest punishment. Their action is no less anti-India as they are acting against democratic values of India.






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Commission must clear their stand on 1:3 ratio norms

Dear Editor,

The clarification given by APPSC regarding selection of 132 candidates to fill up the 51 vacant posts is totally unreasonable and carries no meaning, instead it create more confusions and doubts. Commission must clear their stand whether they are going to fill up all 51 vacant posts or post will be accorded as per qualified candidates maintaining 1:3 ratio norms. If commission is in favor of filling up all vacant posts then they must re-declare the result as per the norm matching the number of vacancies and if not they must without a second thought keep remaining 7 post for next advertisement. Regarding the qualified mark, commission must not forget that there is more than 100marks to be awarded in viva –voice test which means there is a scope for those candidates who are behind with differences of 2-3 marks. Commission must know that competition is not yet over. The rigidity shown by commission once again proved their inefficiency to preserve its sanctity as it had happened during preliminary exams where 100s of candidates drag commission to the court and today many of them qualified for viva-voice. In this case also, what if those candidates who are behind with 2-3 mark outperform the candidates with qualified mark during viva -voice? Will commission refuse to select that candidate only because he/she has not obtained the qualified mark? If one goes with the clarification given by the commission then conducting viva-voice is ridiculous since mark obtained is sole criteria to fill up the vacancies.

The easiest way for commission would be to directly issue the appointment order to candidate securing highest mark.

Commission is stick to its own criteria while neglecting the criteria adopted by all other department thus, violated the established norm and lowered down the creditability of institution.

I may request our Governor to kindly intervene into the matter so that deserving candidate may not deprived of their right only because of less mark and sanctity of institution may retain.


An aspirant



Mindless slaughtering of Mithuns in the name of Ritual

Dear Editor,

With the Supreme Court banning the Jalikattu(bull taming sport) as a part of Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu, wherein it has cited cruelty to animals as the reason for the ban, I wonder, is it time for our society to have some restraint or perhaps a blanket ban on the mindless and senseless slaughtering of Mithuns(Bos Frontails) in marriages, festivals and other social occasions.

Earlier in our forefathers’ days, sacrifices used to be rare and also confined and restricted as per the prevailing customary laws and were acceptable to some extent. But with the advent of  prosperity and purchasing power of the people having gone up, it has become a fashion today to sacrifice these mithuns in violation of the laid down norms and permissible limit.

On the pretext of one or other occasion this innocent and defenceless animal is slaughtered mercilessly by individuals more for fun than to appease the deities. It is a known fact that nowadays it is more to do with ‘showing off’ and ‘display of wealth’ than to do with the culture. Influential families have started using it to show the might of their wealth and in the process, the theory of ‘need of culture’ has been diluted.

There needs to have a serious debate on the issue. In a recent occasion of a private marriage between two wealthy families it is reported that a staggering 30 mithuns were slaughtered to solemnise the occasion. And mind you this is the official figure!  Whether it was done to appease the deities for well being or aya agam or for the sheer show of money power remains debatable, no matter whatever is the justification. Is this practice acceptable in today’s modern and scientific age? Hasn’t the practice become nomadic and redundant, though howsoever intrinsic it may be with the culture and tradition?

Ironically people involving in such extravaganzas are the ‘educated’ sections of the society! People who are supposed to show the way ahead and are treated as elites. Young kids are taken to the site and are made to watch the ‘show’. The show where these innocent animals are chopped off their heads one by one! Isn’t it amounting to inflict violence and cruelty in the impressionable young minds in the name of culture?  Is it in anyway contributory to the psyche of a young growing child in his /her tender age? Is it justified under the garb of saying that our tribal culture is animistic in nature? Is this cruel act so intrinsic to culture that it can’t be amended?  

As is understood, the maximum limit of sacrificing mithuns in marriages or any other social occasions is 10. If anyone exceeds the number then he or she has to pay a fine and can proceed!  This concept itself is laughable as the person who can afford to slaughter 20-30 mithuns would find the imposed fine as peanuts. Why not to ban it altogether beyond 10 ?  The  Galo Welfare Society or Galo Baane Keba, though a recommending body, should play more pro active role and should be provided with more teeth to counter this burgeoning problem of the society today, which if not tackled at this stage may have cascading effects for the upcoming generation. Isn’t morally binding on every member of the society to have some self introspection on the long term consequences of such practices ? GWS/GBK being the apex bodies, must come out with a strong mechanism to stop this practice so that some sections of the people don’t act on their own whims and fancies. If so, then what is the mechanism in place to curb such practices of countless and wishful slaughtering and the speed at which it is going. The frightening practice that may ultimately lead to extinction of this noble and mighty animal which is found only in this part of the country. The alarm bell is ringing! Isn’t time for an amendment?  Will anyone at the helm of affairs pay heed?


Raja Jini, Aalo



Where do I stand ?

Dear Editor,

The State has been witnessing corruption almost in every field, especially in the education department. The recent interview conducted by The Director, Elementary Education for the post of APTET qualified PRT/TGT is one such example of master minded foul play.

I would like to highlight few unfortunate events as I am a victim of the very melodrama. First of all, the State Level Teachers Eligibility Test in the State known as APTET was conducted in the year 2012. The result notification along with marks secured in the APTET exam conducted during 2012 & 2013 were published in local dailies & department website. But there was no transparency of APTET qualifiers during 2014 & 2015.

The first interview for direct recruitment to the post of APTET qualified PRT & TGT was conducted on August 2014 without any written examination, whereas APTET is merely a qualifying test.  Accordingly, other than direct recruit many candidates were in waiting panel. However, in spite of available vacancy post, all the wait listed candidates were intentionally made to wait for an extendable period and immediately after cease of that period, 2nd APTET, qualified  PRT & TGT interview was conducted for the same vacant post, prejudicing the former, only for better interest of some high profile politicians and officials.

Moreover, out of appointed candidates there are some, who did not secure 45% marks in Graduation as per advertisement norms, some are over aged and even some candidates have been placed in waiting panel without appearing viva.

Above all, the interview conducted by Elementary Education for Junior Teacher was an act of violation against Arunachal Pradesh Education Rules 2010.

Taking account of the above, I want to know from the respected office bearers, Political Leaders and everyone involved in the whole corruption process please tell me my position. Where do I stand?   Do I have a future?  And since I belong from a poor family, have no political influence and money power as my poor parents have already spent the last penny for acquiring my Graduation, Master Degree and B Ed degrees.

Should I murder, steal or kidnap?

Lastly, I request the Raj Bhavan to review the whole recruitment process. Let this be the 1st step towards sweeping corruption.


A Victim


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Film, North East starts with Jahnu Barua and Aribam Shyam Sharma in attendance
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: Film,  North East, the four day Film festival has started in Itanagar on a resounding note with more than 50 film makers from the eight states of the region with 75 films in attendance.
Much to the delight of film lovers, noted film makers Aribam Shyam Sharma and Jahnu Barua are in town with their films.
The formal inauguration was organized on Wednesday evening at the makeshift Theater one, Annexe Lawn, IG Park with a screening of a documentary by Sanju Dodum and Apak Gadi on the journey of film making in Arunachal.
Addressing the event, Aribam Shyam Sharma said that festival will give a chance for expression to the people of the North East through films. He said that film making gives a chance to Mongoloid people of India to showcase their cultures and various ways of life.  
Sharing his vast experience in Film Making, renowned Jahnu Barua said that filmmakers of Arunachal need not look elsewhere as the state has so many stories to tell of its own. He said that cinema is a powerful medium for the development of mind and has to be used for betterment of the world. He appealed the govt of Arunachal to help the filmmakers of the state to tell the stories of the people of the state as he called on the filmmakers not to copy but make their own stories.
Festival Director and documentary film maker Moji Riba said that the four day event was an effort to promote an understanding and appreciation of the diversity on cinema in the region.
The Governor J P Rajkhowa, who inaugurated the event lauded the effort of the State Government, the department of Information and Public Relations and Film Federation of Arunachal for taking initiative in organising the first Pan North East Film Festival in Arunachal Pradesh. He added that while the State Government is encouraging film making, it should also take initiative in providing places for its screening.
He called upon private individuals to promote and finance film making in the state.
Secretary Art and Culture Dani Salu said that the event was a meeting point for filmmakers of the region and they would come together to enrich themselves in the art of film making.
“Though Arunachal Pradesh is a late starter in filmmaking, the state is gradually picking up the momentum with various good movies being produced, said president of Film Federation of Arunachal Chopa Cheda, while addressing the gathering.
The main idea behind organising the event is to create a platform where filmmakers from the region can discuss issues concerning the film making industry and share ideas to take the industry to a new height so that it could compete with other film industries of the country as well as abroad, Chopa said.
He informed that the  concept to organise the regional film festival in the state was conceived by former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and former  IPR Parliamentary secretary Bamang Felix, to provide a platform for the upcoming film makers of the state so that they could take filmmaking as a profession.
Director in-charge, IPR, Obang Tayeng briefed the gathering on the contribution of the State Government and his Department in promoting films in the state.   
The inaugural event was marked by mesmerizing invocations by Bamang Loram , the Mishmi Igus and Lamas of the Itanagar Monastery.

SC orders status quo in Arunachal Pradesh till records perused
New Delhi,  Feb 17: Hours after the Union Cabinet decided to recommend revocation of President's Rule in Arunachal Pradesh, Supreme Court today ordered maintenance of status quo in the crisis-ridden state till it examined judicial and assembly records on disqualification of 14 rebel Congress MLAs by former Speaker Nabam Rebia.
The major interim order came after senior lawyers F S Nariman and Kapil Sibal, appearing for Arunachal Congress leaders, sought maintenance of status quo till their plea seeking to restrain Governor J P Rajkhowa from swearing in a new government in Arunachal Pradesh was decided.
The lawyers had not succeeded in this effort yesterday when the five-judge constitution bench headed by Justice J S Khehar had refused to pass an interim order on their plea.
The bench today directed the Secretary General of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly and the Gauhati High Court Registry to furnish records on disqualification of the MLAs preferably by tomorrow.
"We are of the view, that it is essential to peruse the original record pertaining to the disqualification of the 14 MLAs.
"The record pertaining to the proceedings conducted by the Speaker Nabam Rebia, under the Xth Schedule of the Constitution pertaining to disqualification of the 14 MLAs, held on December 14 and 15, 2015, be produced in this Court in a sealed cover at the earliest, preferably by 10.30 am on February 18, 2016, by the Secretary of the State Legislative Assembly, in whose official custody, we are informed, the original record is available," the bench said.
The bench, also comprising justices Dipak Misra, M B Lokur, P C Ghose and N V Ramana, said that some part of the records, was also in the safe custody of the Gauhati High Court and has been retained in a sealed cover.
"The Registrar General of the Gauhati High Court is directed to ensure that the sealed record pertaining to the disqualification of the 14 MLAs, is produced in this Court at the earliest, preferably by 10.30 am on February 18, 2016.
In the meantime, the parties before this Court shall maintain status quo," the bench said.
When the apex court, which is hearing a batch of pleas on constitutional powers of the Governors, resumed proceeding after lunch, senior advocates Fali S Nariman and Kapil Sibal mentioned that Union Cabinet had today recommended revocation of President's Rule in the state.
Both senior lawyers Nariman and Sibal requested the
bench to consider their plea for interim relief, saying they apprehend that by tomorrow morning a new Chief Minister will be sworn in.
Nariman said the Governor had on January 26 dismissed the Chief Minister and his council of ministers even when the assembly was in suspended animation.
"Governor cannot pass any such order during the subsistence of proclamation," he said, adding that even the Gauhati High Court should not have stayed the disqualification of the 14 MLAs as Chief Whip of the party was not impleaded in the case.
The bench then said that the interim order of the High Court came on the ground that these 14 MLAs were not served notice.
"If you have some evidence that they (rebel MLAs) were served notice before being disqualified by the Speaker, then its altogether a different matter," the bench said.
Nariman denied having any such record with him and said that an ad-interim order passed by the High Court cannot be passed in the limited powers of judicial review.
Senior advocate Rakesh Dwivedi, appearing for some rebel Congress MLAs, opposed the plea and contended that this petition was not maintainable.
"Till now, the complainant (Chief Whip) has not come before the court. They should have challenged the interim order of the High Court or should have filed an application for vacation of the stay," Dwivedi said.
He said the hearing was deferred on December 14 to 15, 2015 after the Speaker was informed that notices have been not served.
The bench then said it wanted to see the original records of proceedings which happened on December 14 and 15 and posted the matter for further hearing on tomorrow. PTI

Popular Health insurance stops as Insurance Company fails to pay debt
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb: 17:  In a major setback to Arunachal Pradesh Universal Health Insurance Scheme, the Tomo Riba State Hospital Naharlagun on Wednesday withheld the scheme as it said that no new admission would be made till further orders. The notification was issued by Dr. R.D Khirme, Chief Medical Superintendent following the alleged non-payment of backlog by Insurance Company.
With this notification, Insurance card will cease to work. The notification would hit hard on poor and needy people who rely on Insurance Card for their treatment. Sources from medical department informed The Arunachal Times that more than Rs 2. Crores are yet to be cleared by the Insurance Company.  
When inquired by this daily, Dr. Khirme disclosed that more than two crore liability is yet to be cleared by the Insurance Company while adding that as per the agreement between the New India Assurances Co. Ltd, a Bombay based Insurance Company and Tomo Riba State Hospital Naharlagun, the hospital has to provide information on patients, its admission and diagnostic details, however, the insurance company is yet to release the payment of 1068 patients (Rs 20000  on average) totaling more than Rs 2 crore, on pretext of seeking note on operation and treatment details.
The hospital authority had already written to the state government informing the crisis. The stalemate between Insurance Company and the Tomo Riba State Hospital; Naharlagun may trigger controversy as the Insurance scheme is one of the hugely popular policies that has benefited thousands of ordinary citizens who rely on govt insurance scheme for medical treatment.

Two NH-415 labourers assaulted, one arrested
Staff reported
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: There seems to be no end to attacks on labourers working on the NH - 415 in Itanagar as two more have been assaulted.
On Feb 15, a labourer was knocked down by a motorist driving an Alto car with Registration No- AR 01 D 9991.
The labourer has been hospitalised with a broken leg. Again on February 16 evening, a worker was attacked by motorcycle rider.
Work has been halted several times because of assault on labourers during the highway carpeting which started two months ago.
Due to intimidation and physical violence, all the labourers had left while carpeting Naharlagun road on Jan five.
DC Capital Complex, Sandeep Kumar Singh informed that police has identified the car and arrested the alleged accused.
To ensure safety of workers at site, DC further informed that quick response team has been deputed from 7 PM onwards everyday at the site till the completion of work at Itanagar.
DC has appealed to public to cooperate with the authority for early completion of road work.
Earlier, DC along with SP Itanagar, EAC and Engineers from Highway inspected the site and security situation was reviewed.
DC further directed the SP Capital to direct OC, PS Itanagar to attend the problem as soon as any obstruction reports come. Meanwhile, EAC Habung Lampung has been appointed as nodal officer to monitor the quality of work along with EE Highways.

Theatre personality, 3 others at the receiving end of SSB brutality
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: Theatre personality, Riken Ngomle and three of his colleagues were beaten up by SSB personnel on duty near Mithun Gate, Itanagar on Wednesday morning.
The incident happened when Riken,  National School of Drama (NSD) graduate along with three of his colleagues on their way to Naharlagun were stopped by the SSB personnel at work.  A verbal altercation took place because of excessive checking while Riken opened the boot of his car for inspection, at the instruction of the personnel that led to physical assault on four of them.
Riken and his colleagues were beaten up with lathis and slapped by the personnel and those who took photographs of the incident were abused and chased away, according to reports.
Among those who were assaulted by SSB include another NSD Graduate Vivek, Film maker Partho Borgohain and artiste Srikant who are part of a play, under the Arts and Culture department to be staged during the 30th statehood day celebrations.
While speaking to this daily, Riken said that 20 odd personnel ganged up against the four of them.
“We come back from Naharlagun late at night after rehearsals every night. We bear their frisk, nasty comments and thorough checking of the car but this morning, they started abusing when I told them there was nothing inside the car,” Riken said.  
I can’t believe that in my own state I have to deal with such ruthless violence, he added.

Ali Aye Ligang celebrated
RUKSIN, Feb 17: The Adi and Mising people of Sille-Oyan area celebrated ‘Ali Aye Ligang’, the main agriculture festival of Mising tribe with great enthusiasm at Oiram Bori Cultural Complex, Oyan.
The day-long programme, which started with the hoisting of Ligang Flag and cultural procession, was followed by Taku Tabat and paying homage to pioneer of Mising art & culture- Babu Oiram Bori, Gumrag dance, discussion and colorful cultural presentations.
Attending the festival, East Siang Deputy Commissioner (DC) Isha Khosla said that festival of every tribal community has a symbolic expression about their traditional practices, which is related to environment.
Stating that festive celebration is a medium to keep different ethnic groups united, the DC urged the community to preserve their age-old culture with local languages.
“Agriculture is not only the way of living, but it is also good business for economic enhancement”, said DC while stressing on the need for modernization of agriculture. On the occasion, seven prominent villagers including four women, who have brought laurel to the village through their outstanding contributions, were felicitated by the celebration committee.
Addressing the occasion, former Pasighat-West MLA, Yadap Apang said the festive celebration is very meaningful for the tribal groups.
Reports of Ali Aye Ligang celebration with great fanfare have poured in from Pasighat, Namsing (Mebo) and parts of Lower Dibang Valley and Assam to this daily.

SPB  to prepare vision document
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: While reviewing the action taken report on the decisions taken during the last board’s meeting, the Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APSPCB) in its 13th Board meeting held at Paryawaran Bhavan, Naharlagun today decided to prepare a comprehensive vision document by collecting information from  the Pollution Control Boards of other states and place it in the next Board meeting for approval.
Speaking on the occasion, SPCB chairman Techi Tagi Tara emphasized on creation of offices of Pollution Board at districts in order to monitor the industrial pollution efficiently.
Participating in the deliberation, mainly on the pollution free environment in the state, the members suggested for better management of solid waste and bio medical waste, they also stressed on bringing in more pollution awareness through print media, workshops, seminars in various districts.
The members further advised to make a comprehensive study report on pollution control in consultation with Pollution Control Board, Assam and submit the report in the next board meeting for approval. Further the Board also approved the Budget for the financial year 2016-17.
Besides the  pollution board chairman Tara, Dr. Z Changsan, Central Pollution Control Board, North Eastern Zonal Office, Shillong, Indra Malo, Commissioner, Rural Development, Dr. C M Rao, Special Secretary (E&F), Itanagar, C.N. Longphai, Joint Secy. (Health & Family Welfare), C D Singh, MD, Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation Limited, Dr. Ajay Bharti, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Civil Engineering, NERIST, Dr. L Wangchu, Associate Professor, College of Horticulture & Forestry, CAU, Pasighat, Dr. M Berlin, Associate Professor, NIT, Yupia, Lama Bagang, ZPM, Chayang Tajo, Prof. Amitava Mitra, Department of Economics,  and Prof. Nishamani Kar, Department of Geography, RGU, Taru Talo, Director, Industries and Ngilyang Tam, Member Secretary, APSPCB were present in the meeting.

Over 9 lakh revenue realized during vehicle registration drive
RUKSIN, Feb 17: The East Siang District Transport department realized revenue amounting to Rs 9.33 lakhs as registration fees, late fee and taxes etc, during the week-long drive which concluded here on Monday.
As many as 230 new vehicles including 30 four wheelers, 195 two wheelers and 5 three wheelers were registered while, High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) were affixed on another 810 vehicles at different vehicle check post at Pasighat, Mebo, Sille and Ruksin areas during the drive with the help of police and magistrate.
District Transport officer, Chakfa Wangsu informed that many vehicle owners came forward to get their vehicles registered and to get High security registration plat to the spots. He further informed that Ruksin circle bordering Assam has marked highest number registration of light motor vehicle.

Project affected people submit representation to DC
ROING, Feb 17:   Members of Project Affected People Forum of Etalin Hydro Electric Power Corporation Ltd (EHEPCL 3097 MW), led by its Chairman Tasku Tayu on Wednesday met the Dibang Valley DC and submitted a representation seeking early approval of land compensation against EHEPCL, Etalin as awarded by the DC on July 20, 2015 and forwarded to higher authority for approval.
The Forum in its representation stated that after getting consent for Environmental Clearance by the project affected people, the company has not fulfilled the Charter of Demands as assured in the public hearing on Dec 12, 2014 till date. Further expressing concern over the news report in Economics Times of India stating that the EHEPCL is planning to sell out and auction the project to NHPC, the Forum appealed to the DC to ensure that the Power Corporation first convenes a tripartite meeting with seller and buyer company, district administration and the Project Affected Forum before taking any initiative.
Meanwhile, the DC on his part further assured to take up the matter with appropriate authority at the earliest. (DIPRO)

APPTF put forward its demand including opening ISBT
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: The Arunachal Pradesh public Transport federation (APPTF) has drawn  the attention of governor urging him to fulfill its 6 points charter of demands. The demands were immediate functioning of ISBT at Lekhi Village, creation of parking space near secretariat and Banderdawa, closure of APST sumo service, shifting of APST Bus depot from Naharlagun to ISBT.
Speaking to reporters at Press Club today, Chief Advisor, Takar Goi informed that despite repeated plea to the former Government to immediately open the newly constructed Inter State Bus Terminus and Truck Terminus to minimize traffic congestion in the capital complex, there has been no response.
While, appreciating the capital administration for constructing a parking Space near PCCF office, he also suggested for such space near secretariat and Banderdawa check gate.
Meanwhile the organization also criticized the Itanagar Municipal council levying of parking tax under capital complex. “There is no transparency in levying of parking tax in the capital complex. Hundreds of commercial vehicles drivers are being charged Rs 200 to 300 a day to park their vehicles which is not genuine as the commercial vehicle pay their taxes annually, claimed President Dobing Sonam.
We are not against the development or collection of parking tax by the IMC but it should be in proper system, he said.
Meanwhile, APPTF  also urged the concern authority  to put an end to the sumo service run  by APST in some places like Roing, Gensi. The introduction of APST sumo service has been heavy on the  private  sumo service  as the owners and drivers engaged are mostly unemployed youths’,  Dobing said.

Teachers to undergo training under specially designed course
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: In all, 47 teachers from various VKVs of the state will take part in a specially designed course to guide the selected gifted children of each VKV during a four day-long camp which began at VKV Itanagar on Feb 16.
In his inaugural address, Education Officer of VKVs, Unnikrishnan PM said that normal classrooms are insufficient to cater to the needs of gifted children so a scheme, ‘Vivek Inspire’ was launched in Nov.2015 to guide, motivate and nurture such children. He further advised the teachers to take responsibility to motivate them.
VKV Itanagar Principal, SC Dixit also spoke on the occasion.
Educational Secretary of Jnana Prabodhini, Pune, Vivek Ponkshe, Educational Psychologists from Pune, Dr. Vanita Patwardhan and Dr. Sujala Watve are the resource persons of the programme.

BJYM organizes protest
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha(BJYM) Arunachal unit joined the nationwide protest against alleged anti national activities inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus, Delhi. The state Yuva Morcha on Wednesday burnt down the effigy of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar. They alleged Congress Vice-President of indulging in vote bank politics and also alleged JNUSU president of acting against nation.
BJYM also condemned all political parties and its leaders who are against the arrest of Kanhaiya. They demanded stringent punishment to him. State BJP leaders including Vice Presidents Techi Necha, Kenyir Ringu, Nani Lajie, state General Secretary Mahila Morcha Bengia Yayang and her team members participated at the protest.  

Panchayat leaders seek Governor intervention
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: The Panchayat members under Yachuli constituency have sought the intervention of  governor against shifting of Heritage village site from Yazali to Hoj under Papum Pare district.
In a representation to the secretary and the advisor to Governor submitted on February 2 last,  six Anchal Samity members headed by  Yazali ASM chairperson Nabam Piju said  that the scheme for heritage village  which was sanctioned  for implementation at Yazali has been purportedly shifted to Hoj under Sagalee PW division in violation of the court orders.
Terming the  shifting of the heritage site illegal, the   representation said that  the  construction of the heritage village at Yazali was a policy decision of the Govt and the same can not be shifted from Yazali to Hoj on the basis of UO note (MPWD -22/2014) dated January 11, 2016 issued by the then PWD minister.

Organization seek high level enquiry
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: The members of All Arunachal Pradesh Disaster Management Relief Organization visited the IGJ Higher secondary school, Pasighat which was recently hit by major fire accident. The organization has demanded high level enquiry into the incident.
They also appealed to local MLA and concern authorities to provide special package for immediate re-construction of school building.

Aggrieved officials plead for reconsideration
ITANAGAR, Feb 17:   Following the issuance of cancellation and revision of all irregular officiating, functional and out of turn promotion by the Governor on February 11,  the affected employees under the aegis of All Arunachal Affected  Officiating, Functional Government Employees Forum on Wednesday appeal the governor for reconsideration of the decision.
In a press statement the Forum stated that good initiative of Governor should also ensure equal and adequate opportunity for appeal without hampering the principle of natural justice. The affected employees said that such irregularities have been an integral part of the system since inception of Arunachal Pradesh and even when the frontier territory was administered directly by the ministry of External Affairs.
It further added the faulty administrative machinery and various loopholes it provides to manipulative elements have to be blamed but not the aggrieved officials. The forum also said that the decision of the government will affect thousands of officials as well as their dependents and rendered them jobless or subject them to extreme depression.  The aggrieved official further stated that developmental works will be generally hampered, as more than ninety percent of the workers are functional and officiating appointees.

Food stalls inaugurated
ITANAGAR, Feb 17:  A total of 26 traditional food stalls offering local cuisine and beverages set up by the Doimukh Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee 2016 was inaugurated by its General Secretary Debia Muj at Doimukh Nyokum center on Feb 17.
Some of the events which will be held during the week-long celebrations include performance of a play ‘Jeet Ane’, Mrs. Nyokum contest besides, games and sports and cultural competitions.

Heri Sono crowned Miss Kra Daadi
ITANAGAR, Feb 17:  Heri Sono has been crowned as Miss Kra Daadi while, Toku Mama Daming and Aruni Tagru have been declared as  first and second runner up respectively, during a Ringte Dene Society organized beauty contest held at Palin on Sunday.
Former Councilor Higio Aruni and Kra Daadi DC Habung Donyi were also present on the occasion.