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Indo-Myanmar relation improving

It's a well known fact that majority of insurgency groups operating in the North East region are based in neighbouring Myanmar. Over the years these groups have killed thousands of people and have become biggest obstacle in the development of region. Myanmarese authorities never initiated any action against the insurgent groups. They exhibit lack of will power to act against them. In some case they have developed tacit understanding with UG groups and extracts profit from them in return.

However ever since NDA government came to power at centre they have been putting best effort to end this trend. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval visited Myanmar on couple of occasion and convinced their government to take action against UG groups. As a result of Indian government's initiative, the Myanmar authorities have carried some raid against UG groups. Also the military cooperation between two nations is increasing. Recently the Fourth Edition of the India-Myanmar Coordinated Patrol (IMCOR) was successfully undertaken from February 13 to 16 along the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) in the Andaman Sea. Indian Navy Ships Saryu and Bitra along with Union of Myanmar Ships Aung Zeya and FAC 563 participated in the 4th IMCOR. During the Closing Ceremony of 4th IMCOR, the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for IMCOR was also signed between Indian Navy and Myanmar Navy. This is only the third country with which India has signed a formal agreement for maritime coordinated patrols and reflects growing naval interaction between India and Myanmar. In the same line, the armies of two countries should explore the possibilities of joint patrolling along the border. This will send strong message to the underground groups operating from Myanmar.







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Should   democracy override our patriotism?

Dear Editor,

Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Kanhaiya Kumar is tied with the charges under Section 124A (Sedition) and section 120B(Criminal conspiracy) of IPC.

The controversy erupted after a group of students on Feb 9 held an   event at the JNU campus and allegedly, shouted slogans that were anti-national, including discussion on the hanging of parliament attack convict Afzal Guru as unfair and right of Kashmiris for self rule. While the president of JNUSU denied the allegations poured on him, he is also being called a terrorist by some.

The debate here is between the values of democracy and the patriotism. Should   democracy override our patriotism? If we refer to Indian constitution, article 19A holds the freedom of speech and expression while on the other side we also have unlawful activities act 1967 which vehemently condemns the activities that is a threat to national sovereignty and integrity and which simultaneously puts limits on certain rights including Article 19A.

The ABVP and others opposing JNU's move have a argument that Afzal Guru was a terrorist and one's supporting terrorist is also a terrorist. They claim JNU as anti national. While the arguments from the supporters of JNU are "JNU has always been a platform for massive debates. The debate was not on supporting or criticizing Azfal Guru's hanging but a debate on whether there should be a "fair trail" even if there’s a judicial hanging. Also the anti national slogans were not preached by them but the ones that came to attend the debate from outside.

Yes of course the anti-national activities should not be spared but without a concrete proof, one should not also not talk about shutting down a University and tagging whole of university as anti national. Such allegations without a concrete proof can actually have negative impacts on the young minds. But having a debate on fair trail is not anti national provided no anti national slogans raised by JNU students.  However, its also state's responsibility to condemn and take necessary action against those who preach anti national activities. Therefore, there should be proper investigation of the case, all the details of the case should be disclosed and the ones that are actually responsible should not be spared.

 As in the words of one of the makers of Indian constitution, Sardar Vallabhai Jhaverbhai Patel" Every citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in this country but with certain duties "


Atu yekar

Rajiv Gandhi university




Perennial challenge of illegal immigration

Dear Editor,

NE and eastern India, mostly West Bengal represents an economically under developed and vulnerable region with respect to long term security of the nation. However, the perennial challenge of illegal immigration and infiltration into the region is one of the most important aspects that need to be addressed properly.

One needs to clearly understand why this is happening in the region since independence and what could be a possible solution. The NE region shares boundaries with other nations of South and SE Asia like Bhutan, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Although the Bhutan and China borders are not so prone to illegal immigration and human trafficking due to heavy security and difficult terrain; both the Bangladesh and Myanmar borders are porous and regularly infiltrated. The Myanmar border is more regularly used by drug traffickers and insurgents taking advantage of the thick virgin forest and hilly terrain; none the less all contributes to some form of immigration into the porous NE. The adjacent nations of Bangladesh and Myanmar are over populated beyond their carrying capacity and with resources being either under used or not enough to sustain local population; the automatic alternative choice appears to be infiltration into India for a livelihood.

Furthermore, instable political situation, lack of socio-economic opportunities, education and health care, ethnic cleansing, persecution of minority and ethnic groups are also pushing marginal populations and communities towards a porous Indian border. This is not possible to stop completely by beefing up security measures or just by fencing the border. Desperate people from the other side with the help of traffickers will find weaknesses in the system to infiltrate into India.  

India is economically progressing and slowly turning into a global powerhouse. Hence, it will be important for India to make adjoining neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Maldives and Sri Lanka included into this process of economic empowerment. It will be India’s long term interest to establish industries and manufacturing units within these countries, help in developing local agriculture, forest management, infrastructure for improving connectivity and traffic movement where applicable to fuel local employment and open up economic opportunities.

India should also make the visa application process easier, less expensive or may even waive visa fees for legitimate laborers/professionals/intellectuals/students from adjoining countries (as mentioned above) with security clearance for allowing them to work legally for specific periods in India. Such passive and long term steps will possibly have more positive impacts in reducing unwanted illegal immigration into eastern and NE India in the future.


Saikat Kumar Basu

Lethbridge AB,





Don’t take the citizens of Arunachal for granted

Dear Editor,

Amidst the political drama, here arises the very known and predictive situation that most of us already predicted, i.e.  The “Game of Greed for Political power”.

The very first step taken by Nabam Tuki to acquire the Chief Minister’s throne has always been a matter of debate and it always will be.

It is questionable as to why few politicians are ready to do anything for political gain and monetary power.

Having said that, why did Kalikho Pul keep quite on the facts of misappropriation of funds? Why did he open up about financial position only after he was dismissed from the ministry?

Why didn’t he resign from his post voluntarily and put the facts before the public?

Individuals, organizations, and student communities should stay sharp and not get easily dragged and used. Don’t let yourself used as a dumb puppet.

I humbly request all the politicians and political parties to stop making Itanagar and our state a political war zone as we have suffered enough already.

And don’t take the citizens of Arunachal for granted as we are the ones who put you in that position. Don’t misjudge our patience as our weakness.


Manpho Lowang,





Does commission have plan B ?

Dear Editor,

Once again APPSC is in lime light. Last two APPSCCE were conducted as per criteria of 33% and 45 % but situation of shortage of candidates for viva-voice never arose.

Hence, no body complained and nobody’s attention went in that direction. But this exam has exposed the loophole in this recruitment mechanism of APPSC.

It has been rightly pointed out by some that as per 33% and 45% criteria , in some exam it may happen that not a single candidate have qualified or lesser numbers of candidates have qualified for interview. For that situation, does commission have plan –B?

Calling 132 candidates for 51 post for interview means, ration has been reduced to 1:2.58. Usually it happens that due same marks obtained by candidates in written exam sometimes ratio for viva-voice is increase from 1:3 to 1:4 , but never heard of reducing the ratio in spite of availability of candidates.

APPSC has no right to play with those 21 candidate’s three years hard labour, time and money spent on preparation of this exam. I being parents of aspirants have seen that how our children studied day and night, spent sleepless night, now I can see frustration in their eyes which is only because of defective recruitment mechanism of APPSC.

Through this daily esteemed daily, I would like to ask question to all the APCS officers of state, including APCS officers of Commission and IAS/IPS/IFS officers posted in the state whether they have ever seen or heard of shortage of candidates for viva-voice in any civil service exam in your entire career. This entire episode has proved that Arunachal Pradesh is really land of khusi-khusi where things happen without any rules or norms.

Therefore, I appeal to the Governor who is also retired civil service officer to immediately do something on this issue. And at the same time I also appeal to civil societies, political parties to put their opinion on the issue.


Tajuk Tapu,



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SC lifts status quo, transfers disqualification case to HC division bench
NEW DELHI, Feb 18: Clearing the decks for revoking President’ rule and forming a government in Arunachal Pradesh, the Supreme Court on Thursday vacated its earlier order on maintenance of status quo on political developments in the state after being satisfied with the Gauhati High Court order staying the disqualification of the 14 rebel Congress MLAs.
A five-judge constitution bench headed by Justice J S Khehar, on perusing the records regarding disqualification of 14 rebel Congress MLAs, said it is prima facie satisfied with the High Court order.
The bench transferred the case regarding disqualification of the 14 legislators from the single judge to the division bench of the high court and asked it to expeditiously decide the matter within two weeks.
The bench, however, made it clear that any further action taken will be subject to the outcome of the matter pending before it.
Hours after the Union Cabinet had yesterday  decided to recommend revocation of President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh, the apex court had ordered maintenance of status quo in the crisis-ridden state till it examined judicial and assembly records on disqualification of the 14 rebel Congress MLAs by former Speaker Nabam Rebia.
The interim order had came after senior lawyers F S Nariman and Kapil Sibal, appearing for Arunachal Congress leaders, had sought maintenance of status quo till their plea seeking to restrain Governor J P Rajkhowa from swearing in a new government in Arunachal Pradesh was decided.
The bench had directed the Secretary General of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly and the Gauhati High Court Registry to furnish records, pertaining to the proceedings conducted by Speaker Nabam Rebia under Xth Schedule of the Constitution pertaining to disqualification of the MLAs, by today.
The bench, while noting that some part of the records was also in the safe custody of the Gauhati High Court, had directed the Registrar General of the High Court to ensure that the sealed record pertaining to the disqualification of the 14 MLAs, was produced in this court.
Nariman and Sibal had also mentioned before the bench, which is hearing a batch of pleas on constitutional powers of the Governors, that Union Cabinet had recommended revocation of President’s Rule in the state.
Both senior lawyers had urged the bench to consider their plea for interim relief yesterday, apprehending swearing-in of a new Chief Minister by today.
Nariman had said the Governor had on January 26 dismissed the Chief Minister and his council of ministers even when the assembly was in suspended animation.
“Governor cannot pass any such order during subsistence of proclamation,” he had said, adding that even the Gauhati High Court should not have stayed the disqualification of the 14 MLAs as Chief Whip of the party was not impleaded in the case.
The bench had then said that the interim order of the High Court came on the ground that these 14 MLAs were not served notice.
“If you have some evidence that they (rebel MLAs) were served notice before being disqualified by the Speaker, then its altogether a different matter,” the bench said.
Nariman had denied having any such record with him and said that an ad-interim order passed by the High Court cannot be passed in the limited powers of judicial review.
Senior advocate Rakesh Dwivedi, appearing for some rebel Congress MLAs, had opposed the plea and contended that this petition was not maintainable.
He had said the hearing was deferred on December 14 to 15, 2015 after the Speaker was informed that notices have been not served. PTI

Create your own identity with the assets you have: Jahnu Baruah
Film, North East 2016
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: Speaking at the Film, North East 2016 at Annexe Lawns, IG Park, filmmaker Jahnu Barua stressed that we must have our own identity. “Create your own identity with the assets you have”, Barua said as he spoke on unique assets and availability of subjects in the state.
Speaking on the process of filmmaking, he advocated for never compromising with the essence of our stories and subjects. “Without compromising on sanctity of the subject, present the film to the entire world”, he said.
Responding to challenges faced by the filmmakers of the state   in reaching a wider audience because of  local languages barrier  that  affect their commercial viability, he said that it is a huge opportunity to seek a solution by adopting newer techniques.
“It is a unique problem for AP and we need to solve the problem” he said. He advocated in taking help of technology in terms of dubbing by identifying languages that has larger number of speakers.
He emphasized that the Film fraternity of Arunachal need continued all out support from the Government in overcoming the various challenges.
When Arunachalee Filmmaker, D.K. Thungon urged him to share tips in creating cinematic magic, he said that “what you make is really what you want to make. Technical course can only guide you”. However, he added that there is need to update on the latest technological changes in filmmaking.
Further, speaking on his passion for filmmaking, he shared that “ Cinema keeps me happy, struggles doesn’t deter me. Every time, I make a film, it gives me so much energy.”
On the occasion, the Filmmaker was felicitated by Sahitya Akademi Awardee, Y.D. Thongchi.
Assistant Professor, Dept of Sound Recording and Design, from Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Abhimanyu Deb also conducted a workshop on Sound Design.
Among others, actors Hage D Appa and Dosam Beyong attended the programme held at Pavilion -1 of the IG Park. (DIPR)

Governor instructs inquiry on assault on theatre personality
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: Taking cognizance of the news report, published in ‘The Arunachal Times’ on Feb 18, under the caption ‘Theater personality, 3 other at the receiving end of SSB brutality’, Governor JP Rajkhowa has asked for immediate enquiry into the incident.  
The Governor has asked Advisor to Governor (H&P) BD Sharma, to institute an immediate inquiry in to the reported incident and ensure taking necessary disciplinary and other actions by the competent authority against the Security Personnel responsible for the “savage behavior”.
Expressing his extreme displeasure, the Governor pointed that it is an extremely serious matter and in spite of the instructions and directions issued by him, Advisor, DGP and SP, Capital Complex, such atrocious incidents have been taking place.  
The Governor reiterated that under no circumstances, except in self defence, no police or other Security Personnel on Law and Order and Naka duties would resort to any third degree method. If anybody is found violating the Law, including Prohibitory Orders under 144 Cr PC or driving in drunken condition, such persons must be taken to the nearest Police Station or handed over to Civil Police for necessary action under the Law. PRO to Governor

Affected people demand for uniformity of land rate
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: Agitated by the rate approved, Upper Subansiri district, All Arunachal Pradesh Trans-Arunachal Highway Welfare Association on Monday demanded uniformity in land acquisition rate across the state.
Addressing the press conference on Thursday, the association General Secretary Tadam Lida claimed that sanctioned amount of Rs. 83,72,88,000 (Rupees Eighty Three Crore Seventy Two Lakhs Eighty Eight Thousand) for 141 kilometers from Bopi to Tai in Upper Subansiri District approved  by Ministry of Road Transport & Highway New Delhi for land compensation is not genuine, but manipulated by the authority.
Lida also alleged that out of total amount for 141 kilometers stretch, Rs 64 crore alone is for the structures while only Rs 5 crore is for the jhum land.
Lida further claimed that despite written protest lodged by affected people, the authority has approved the amount. It is said that TAH affected people of Upper Subansiri had protested against the compensation rate notified by the state government on 26th November 2011, which states Rs 11 for  per square meter for jhum/plantation land.  
It further stated that land affected people will not accept the current amount approved by the authority at any cost; questioning variance in the rate of jhum land in different districts.  Seeking equality in fixation of land rate, the association has threatened to go to the court if their demands are not met.
“We are being treated unfairly by the authority in terms of equality and uniformity in fixation of land rate, how can they expect us to allow them to execute” said Talom Babla Upper Subansiri District unit (AAPTAHWA) general secretary. He also added that they want development but their genuine demands should be addressed first by the concerned authority.
“If genuine land owner is deprived, we will opt for legal recourse” he stated. The association also demanded for corrective measures from the authority to resolve the deadlock.

PPA to boycott statehood day celebration
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: Reiterating its opposition to the Statehood Bill 1987 wherein the state has been placed under Article 371 (H) according to which the rich resources of the State, including its jungles, land and culture, do not belong to the Arunachalees but to the Centre, Peoples’ Party of Arunachal (PPA) has decided to boycott the 30th statehood day celebration.
The party is demanding that a government resolution act should be passed during the assembly session to amend the bill.
“Unless it is amended, we will always be deprived of our rights. Unlike Nagaland, which has been given special status and control over its cultural and land resources under Article 371 (H), we have been deprived,” PPA president Kahfa Bengia said addressing press persons at Press Club on Thursday.
“Our resources have always been misused by the Central government. Even the large part of the revenue generations from the Namchik Namphuk Oil Refinery is taken away by the Central government. Huge nos. of MoUs and MoAs have been signed for hydropower power projects in the state, yet no consent was taken from the land owners,” he said further adding, that the state, in the first place, should never have been granted statehood with nothing of its own.
Chairman PPA Kamen Ringu said, “They want to squeeze our resources and enjoy on our expense.”
He further requested the police personnel not to bother people, especially during festival season, saying that people are being harassed for carrying dao.

Engineer fined
ITANAGAR, Feb 18:   The Arunachal Pradesh State Information Commission has imposed penalty of a total of Rs. 50,000 under section of 20(1) RTI Act 2005 on Boleng, Executive Engineer S.S.P. Bhatia for defying the order of the Commission. The information was sought by Obang Paro and Tadam Talom.

AAPPTF questions quality of road work
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: The All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF), welcoming the initiatives of the Public Works Department (PWD) for re-carpeting and renovating the roads in and around the capital complex has at the same time expressed resentment over the quality of work being implemented.
In a memorandum submitted to the PWD Chief Engineer (Highways, Western Zone) on Thursday, AAPPTF led by its President Dobing Sonam and General Secretary Gyamar Talik apprised the CE that the quality of work is being compromised by the concerned authority which is implementing the work.
“The thickness of blacktopping is below 2 inches at many stretches which is not up to the standard. Due to this there is every possibility that the road would not be able to sustain the downpour of the upcoming monsoon,” the federation wrote in its letter.
Requesting the PWD to immediately improve the quality of the work, AAPPTF also appealed the department to carry out its work during the night (as it is doing now) taking into consideration the traffic congestion which occurs during the daytime.  
Further condemning the incident of assault on the labourers working on the NH 415 on February 15 and 16 last respectively, the AAPPTF has also appealed the people to be careful while driving their vehicles during night to avoid such accidents.
Meanwhile, the PWD Chief Engineer has assured to look in to the demands of the federation on utmost priority.

Governor invites Barua to make films on Arunachal
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: Governor JP Rajkhowa has invited eminent Film Producer and Director Jahnu Barua to make films on Arunachali society.
Interacting with Barua at Raj Bhavan on Thursday, the Governor said that Arunachal Pradesh is a treasure trove of cultural diversity and traditions. Each tribe being unique provides magnificent bulk of stories and subjects. In a way, every day there is a festival, reflecting vibrant culture of the State, he added.
The Governor informed Barua that the subject of opium cultivation needs to be highlighted among the masses. Message should go to the people of its ill effects and stories could be scripted on this disturbing subject. He said for the interest of the people of the State, Raj Bhavan will facilitate all kinds of supports including logistic for such projects.
Acknowledging and appreciating the budding film producers and directors of the State, the Governor pointed that it is heartening; through films they are questioning evil practices in the society.
The Governor also suggested Barua for making film on communal relevance involving artists from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. He said that such initiative will strengthen the age-old relations and messages of goodwill and amity will reach to every nook and corner of the State, region and nation.
While declaring his service in harnessing the potentials in the field of cinematography in Arunachal Pradesh, Barua said that Arunachal Pradesh has lots of subjects to tell and express. The youth of the State should take this responsibility in the world of creativity and send message to the world through good films. I will be always there for you to guide and mentor you, he reassured.
First Lady Rita Rajkhowa suggested films based on social issues and gender to sensitize and motivate the women to stand up for their rights and wellbeing. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)

Raj Bhavan visit restarts
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: On the festive occasion of 30th Statehood Day, the Governor JP Rajkhowa has announced the restarting of Raj Bhavan visit from the coming Sunday, Feb 21. As it is Spring time, the Raj Bhavan is adorned with rows of blooming flowers in different hues and varieties. Apart from the flora, one can keep an eye on the greenery of mini golf course and innovative projects like Hornbill Cottage, Orchid Houses, Water Harvesting cum Fish Pond, Dairy, Poultry Farm, Agriculture and Horticulture gardens and Solar electric plants.
Forest Range Officer, Taba Teni informed that there are 75 varieties of flowers in 25 species, with additions of new varieties every coming year. It is our endeavour to present new flowers to the people, like double cutting dahlias etc. Flowers include varieties of roses and blooming colourful petals of antirrhinum, dianthus, marigold inca, French marigold, poppy, pansy, petunia, phlox, salvia, gerbera, nasturtium, zinnia and dahlia along with gladiolus beautify the compound. The Raj Bhawan Orchid houses have 45 varieties of orchids in fifty different colours.
It is significant to note that unlike other Raj Bhavans, Raj Bhavan, Itanagar is open to public every Sunday. It was discontinued temporarily due to some construction works inside the compound. The Raj Bhavan visit is being organized in the line of Mughal Garden of Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi. It is open to public every Sunday from 1 to 3 pm.

DHS meeting held at Changlang
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: A District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (DLVMC) meeting of District Health Society (DHS), Changlang to monitor the progress of implementation of National Health Mission (NHM) in the district was convened at DC’s Conference Hall Changlang.
DC cum Chairperson DHS, Wayong Khimhun urged the health department to make all necessary arrangements for 48 hour medical stay for new mothers by ensuring nutritious diet and proper sanitation as per funds provided under JSSK to encourage institutional births and stay. He further asked the DMO to furnish the overall performance report of various NGOs running medical centers in the district on PPP mode to review their feat. Stating that the Annual Operation Plan of DHS must be placed before the chair well in advance, the DC stated, so that the committee may ensure to strict adherence to terms and reference, prudent fiscal norms, inter-sectoral convergence, community participation and effective monitoring.
ZPC cum Co-Chairperson DHS, Marina Kenglang requested the MOs to effectively track the maternal-child health through compulsory issue of Immunization Cards and motivate the ASHAs to perform better in their field activities as well as monthly reports.
DMO Changlang, Dr. Karrik Basar lamented on the dismal performance of MI Phase III and IV and Pentavalent Vaccine in some PHCs despite providing all logistics including extensive training to ASHAs and Anganwadi workers. He called on the MOs to strive harder and better the performance next time. He also requested the department of ICDS to observe the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Day (VHSND) in the Anganwadi centres mandatorily in the presence of ANMs. He informed that the district faced shortage of 30 allopathic medical officers. In fact, three PHCs are currently being manned by Ayurvedic doctors.
Giving a presentation on NHM activities, DRCHO Changlang, Dr. Tope Yomcha, explained the targets set and achievement thereof with respect to Routine Immunization (RI), Mission Indradhanush (MI), JSY, JSSK, Adolescent Health Programme, IPPI, WIFS and observance of National Deworming Day. The District Health Action Plan has been devised for Khimiyang, Changlang, Jairampur-Manmao-Nampong, Miao-Khagam and Bordumsa- Diyun blocks.
The Department of Health has further placed proposals for similar plans for two more blocks at Diyun and Nampong before the Govt. along with proposals for RI vehicles, setting up of District De-addiction Centre and New-born Stabilization Centre, placements of specialists in the fields of Pediatrics, Gynecology and an anesthetist in the District Hospital. DIPRO

Pasighat gear up against vector borne diseases
PASIGHAT, Feb 18: “Maintain cleanliness to prevent vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue etc,” said DC In-charge Rahul Singh while attending an awareness campaign held at Banskota Dere(Community Hall), Municipal Ward-8 on Thursday morning, organized by health department in association with PMC Chief Councilor  Denong Tamuk.
Singh told the gathering that maintaining cleanliness in surroundings was of utmost in tackling chikungunya, malaria and dengue. Everyone should ensure that there is no water stagnation around homes as municipal body alone with limited strengths cannot do this job. There must be a collective responsibility to tackle the diseases, he added.  
The DC In-charge spoke on the efforts of the health department and municipal council for curbing the dengue epidemic and the role of councilors and PRIs.
He instructed the DMO to ensure timely DDT spray, fogging as a source reduction measures and to equip Pasighat general hospital and all health centers with malaria and dengue treatment kits in advance. Under Swachch Bharat Mission, all households would get sanitary toilets in the township soon. He gave away 1072 Insecticide-treated bed nets to 357 families.
DMO Dr. M Perme threw lights on importance of Insecticide mosquito nets while informing that 45,000 Insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs) would be distributed in the district. ITNs remain a highly effective tool in the fight against malaria and dengue. In general, awareness surrounding malaria and dengue is problematic and so community level educational components are necessary to address these deficits, he said.
Chief Councilor Denong Tamuk who is also local councilor of the area stated that better environmental management strategies may offer improved potential for combating all vector-borne diseases. He sought support and cooperation from the denizens to make the township clean, beautiful and disease-free. (DIPRO)

RKM conducts Fancy Dress Show
The Ramakrishna Mission School organised a Fancy Dress Show on cross section of themes for its Preparatory and Primary Section students in its School Auditorium on Feb 16. DIPRO

CM’s Trophy: Capital Complex to meet West Siang in men’s football final
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: Capital Complex will meet West Siang in Men’s football final of the Chief Minister’s Trophy on February 20.
Capital Complex entered into the final beating Changlang 3-0 in the first semifinal at Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy Complex, Chimpu on Thursday.
Gobenso Drai (11th min), Leki Nirin (24th min) and Toko Poliam (66th min) were the scorers for Capital Complex.
West Siang defeated Lohit 2-1 in the second semifinal.
Limar Loya (32nd) and Jumdo Padu (70th min) scored one goal each for the winning team. Tasha Appollo scored the only goal for Lohit in 74th minute.
Capital Complex also reached the final in women’s football.  The team will be up against Kurung Kumey in the final to be played on Friday.
In Men’s Volleyball final, East Kameng will play against Kra-Daadi on Friday at 9 am.
Kra-Daadi beat Capital Complex (25-22, 26-24, 19-25, 25-10) in the first semifinal while East Kameng beat Anjaw (25-11, 25-22, 25-18) in the second semifinal
In Women’s Volleyball final, Kra-Daadi will meet Lower Subansiri on Friday at 8 am.
Kra-Daadi entered into the final beating West Siang in 3-1 sets (25-22, 25-13, 25-27, 25-14) and Lower Subansiri beat  Kurung Kumey in the three straight 25-15, 29-27, 25-12 sets.

Mingkhi makes Arunachal proud
PASIGHAT, Feb 18: Mingkhi Talom of East Siang District representing Arunachal Pradesh has won the Doubles Championship title in Under-18 category organized recently by the All India Tennis Association and Uttrakhand Tennis Association at Shanti Tennis Academy, Dalanwala, Dehradun.
In the finals, Mingkhi Talom and Chauhan Chinmay Dev beat Maitreya  Bhagat and Deswal Pradeep with scores of 6-3, 4-6, 10-4. In singles, Mingkhi went down in semi-final to Subham Mahalotra 4-6, 5-7.
DC Isha Khosla, Lok Sabha MP Ninong Ering and Pasighat MLA Kaling Moyong have congratulated Mingkhi. In their messages, all expressed hope that he will continue to win laurels for the State.
Meanwhile, East Siang District Tennis Association also congratulated Mingkhi and appreciated the Talom family for enthusiasm and appealed to the Director of Sports, Government of Arunachal Pradesh to release appropriate pending incentives to Mingkhi. DIPRO

Challenger team lifts Ligang Cricket-2016 Trophy
Prafulla Kaman
RUKSIN, Feb 18: Challenger Cricket Club lifted the 17th edition of Ligang Cricket (T-20) Trophy conducted at Oyan village in East Siang district on Wednesday.
Challenger Cricket Club and Mustang Team, both from Silapathar Assam locked horns in the final match, wherein Challenger club beat the defender team by crossing the set target of 78 runs in 14 Overs losing 4 wickets. Mustang Club, which opened batting in the match, had scored 77 runs in 20 over losing all wickets.
The champion team was given cash prize of Rs 30,000 along with a trophy, while the runner up team was awarded cash money worth Rs 15,000 along with the coveted trophy.
Attending the concluding ceremony, state’s Commissioner of Textile and Handicraft, Tahang Taggu, appreciating the efforts of the organizers said that such sports programme would increase cordial relation with neighbouring Assam.
The tournament was organized by Lisang Donyi Welfare Society of Oyan, an NGO dedicated to socio-economic and educational development.
The Society’s secretary, Jitendra Pait in his address said that his mission aims at proper utilization of the youth force for their personality development and welfare of the nation.
The trophies for champion and runners up team was donated by one Tabang Talom of Oyan in memory of his Late father Takum Talom. A total of 28 cricket teams from different parts of Siang districts and Assam participated in the tournament.

Consumer awareness campaign cum exhibition organised
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: A consumer awareness campaign cum exhibition was organised by the department of Legal Metrology and Consumer Affairs at Community Hall, Tenga market in West Kameng on Thursday.
AMDO Singchung, RT Khum appreciating the departmental exhibition and the huge participation of general public stated that this kind of initiatives are important for the interest of public while creating awareness amongst the mass. The exhibition would educate the people and save them from the malpractices of the traders and shopkeepers, he added.
Bazaar Secretary, Anil Phinya, assured that they would always extend their support to the department, public and monitor the market from time to time.
While briefing the gathering, Assistant Controller, LM&CA, Tasso Gurro informed that customers should learn about the characteristic features of packaged commodities, non-standard consumer goods which have glutted into the market. Emphasizing on the quality of service sectors, he cited various examples of transport and communication, insurance, banking and health services. Further he informed on how consumers are being cheated by shopkeepers, procedures of lodging a complaint and the compensation measures.
Earlier, Inspector LM&CA, Taw Tassar, highlighted the objectives of the campaign and asked the people to make queries on their doubts.  
The exhibition was actively participated by the traders, shopkeepers and the local public.

Contractor Association seeks renovation of road
ITANAGAR, Feb 18:  In a complaint letter submitted to the state Chief Secretary today, the All Arunachal Registered Contractor Association, Lower Subansiri district unit, has claimed that the concerned authority has not repaired the Potin to Raga road despite sanctioning of adequate funds by the Highway Authority of TAH and appealed to him to direct the authorities to renovate the same within March this year.
The Association claimed that the road which connects the districts of Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey and Upper Subansiri is in a very deplorable condition due to want of maintenance. The poor condition of road has caused much suffering to people of these areas especially, patients travelling for treatment, it added and further threatened to launch democratic action against if the road is not repaired soon.      

Food Festival cum exhibition marks Statehood day celebrations
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: A three days Food Festival cum exhibition of different tribes to mark the 30th Statehood day began at Anini.
ZPM Depen Molo inaugurated food stalls amidst a huge gathering of Govt. officials and public. ZPM lauded the district administration for the initiative and he assured cooperation for a grand and better celebration.
The main attractions of Food Festival are Anu-nu and Asumbrihi dishes of Idus, Poka of Galos and Pike-Pilla of Apatanis. DIPRO

Skill Development Programme under BADP
KOLORIANG, Feb 18: Skill Development Programme is one of the finest programmes, said, Mamata Riba, Deputy Commissioner, Kurung Kumey during selection cum awareness programme on Skill Development and Capacity Building under BADP scheme which was held in the DC’s Conference Hall, Koloriang on Thursday.
Urging the youths of Kurung Kumey district to take benefit of such programmes, DC Riba said, skill development programme is another opportunity to take education in particular trade for youths who drop-out or discontinue their education in any reasons.
Kurung Kumey Zilla Parishad Chairperson, Sangha Tagik suggested that selection of trades should be as per local needs and youth should take full benefit.
Upper Koloriang, ZPM, Chello Tagar, ACP, Riya Yagu, DPO, Dr. Joram Anu and Er. Bamang Chai also spoke during the programme. DIPRO

Students rue poor state of  Government Women College
ITANAGAR, Feb 18:  Poor infrastructure has been plaguing the lone Government Women College of the state in Lekhi Village, Naharlagun since the past two years. The college has been deprived of basic facilities like proper sanitation, road, electricity connection, classrooms, library besides, absence of boundary, furniture and bus, said the College Students’ Union General Secretary Soni Kipa in a release today.
She said that the College, established in 2014, has been since facing shortage of teaching faculty and presently has been functioning with only 7 faculties including; guest lecturers which is inadequate   for the over 340 students studying in the college. This has resulted in the low pass out ratio of the college with only 48 students graduating while, another 60 graduating with back paper, she added and further appealed to the Governor, Chief Secretary and Capital Complex DC to initiate early steps to improve the college infrastructure.

Worship team attend healing crusade
ITANAGAR, Feb 18:   Divine Word Touch Ministries, Itanagar Director Jumi Dora along with her worship team was the main speaker during the two-day long Christian revival and healing crusade organized by the India Evangelical Crusade team, Kuchugaon which concluded in Kokrajhar on Wednesday.
A large number of believers from parts of the country attended the programme.

Students take part in quiz competition
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: In all 150 students took part in a Road Safety Cell of PHQ conducted quiz competition held as part of the ensuing Statehood Day celebrations at Garden Dew School and Vivekananda Central School, Itanagar on Thursday.
The competition was organized under the supervision of SP (Traffic), PHQ Hibu Tamang along with SI AU Ansari and Head Constable Sorang Take.

Mini Marathon race
ITANAGAR, Feb 18: “Run for Peace & Harmony”—a mini marathon race for both men and women is being organized by the Directorate of Sports in collaboration with the Capital Administration on February 22.
The race will start at Govt. Secondary School, Chimpu and culminate at Indira Gandhi Park.
The first, second and third position winners will be awarded with cash prizes. There will be consolation prizes for the top 10 finishers.
Interested participants are advised to report at 5.30 am at the starting the point.