February 20






Don’t compromise with quality

After waiting for months finally the re-carpeting cum repairing of capital road is going on in full swing. PWD (Highway) is concentrating in re-carpeting of national highway passing through urban areas in Itanagar and Naharlagun. In the last monsoon, the condition of NH 415 severely deteriorated.  People of capital complex faced harrowing time due to pathetic condition of road. The much talked Itanagar-Banderdewa four lane highway project is also in doldrums. The compensation and other technical issues have put a brake on the four lane project.

Therefore there was lot of expectation that repairing cum re-carpeting of NH 415 will make life better for the capital dwellers. However much to the disappointment of everyone, the ongoing road repairing work being carried out by PWD (Highway) is not upto the mark. The quality of work is very poor and in many stretches the newly repaired road are starting to wear out. This has not gone unnoticed. On Thursday members of All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) in a memorandum to Chief Engineer (Highway) alleged that quality of work is being compromised by the concerned authority.  The Federation expressed resentment over the quality of work. Infact every capital dwellers agrees with the concern raised by AAPPTF. PWD (Highway) should take note of the concern raised by the citizens and ensure that quality is not compromised. There is no clarity about when four lane project will be implemented. Therefore PWD should atleast make sure that till four lane project starts, the capital road is properly maintained.







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What is the real principle of natural justice?

Dear Editor,

In reference to the jocular appeal from the so called aggrieved officials!

I dare say it was rather in contempt of all moralities and

ethics that the so called    AAAO,FGEF -which is just another one of the many manifestations of these corrupt minds; has gone on record shamelessly posing themselves as victims and begging for succor from the noble order passed by Governor Mr J.P Rajkhowa, which was intended only to serve natural justice to the real victims.  By posing themselves as victims and citing their petty reasons:-

1) that it has been the norm , 2) that they've got a lots of dependents and 3) that they face risk of falling into depression ; they have only proved themselves laughing stocks and in the process have also lost the last vestige of respect that might have otherwise had as government officials and as sensible human beings.

Here it is pertinent to ask these comics a few questions   -

1. Norms though prevalent were wrong, knowing all well of which you took advantage. Didn't you?

2. What of the real victims who have been victimized by your superseding acts accomplished hand in glove with the corrupt people?

Don't/Didn't they have dependents?  Did you ever consider what heights of depression you have already subjected them to?

3.What is the real principle of natural justice?

Now in contradiction to all their assumptions of garnering sympathy and public opinion in their favour, these people have also lost the last shreds of respect from their fellow colleague government officials.

The only natural justice would be that all illegal appointees be terminated and the out of turn promotion grabbers be reverted to their original designations. In fact it wouldn't be unwarranted to penalize them for their crime against fellow denizens- the deserving candidates who lost their opportunity at employment or their due promotions who given the opportunity, I'm sure would have performed better than these comical characters.

The correction of system and alleviation of people's sorrow in Toto or even part may be a dream but we will rather cherish and cling on to it. And pray that governor acts stern on his word. Though in the end we might just be left high and dry, and they might go on with their way of high and mighty life, these people should at the least have waited for the President's rule to end. But for the lack of self respect and their desperations, it's all in the public domain now.

Let them soak in shame.


A Citizen




APPSC should get an award

Dear Editor,

Through the column of yours daily, I would like to state that APPSC should get an award for the title of highest controversial public service commission in India. Not a single examination conducted by the commission is free from controversies and flaw. Adding to their feather is the latest criteria of 33% and 45% respectively which candidates have to secure for qualifying in viva-voce. Owing to this criterion, for 51 posts only 132 candidates were selected for interview out of more than 500 odds candidates. Consequently the ratio has come down to 1:2.5 which supposed to be 1:3 or 153 candidates. Even UPSC doesn’t prescribe such criteria in their recruitment process. Is this not a flaw? Is the commission not dynamic and flexible enough to cope with such situation which is bound to occur in future also?

The Manipur public service commission has discard such criteria way back in 2014. If one go through the question papers particularly general studies, this time the questions were at par with UPSC so fixing minimum criteria of 45% doesn’t make a sense which is injustice to the remaining 21 candidates because competition is not yet over as viva-voce carry 175 marks which can either make or break.  Selecting 153 candidates who secure highest marks among 500 candidates should be called for interview.

Therefore, I kindly request the Secretary to reconsider the result once again so that the dignity and prestige of commission remain intact.


A concern citizen



Woes of contractual employees

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I the behalf of the all contractual employees working in various centrally sponsored vertical health programmes would like to highlight a few pertinent issues to the Governor of A.P for immediate remedy of our grievance.

The first problem faced by us is that we have no future job security. As per the famous Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory: good Salary, job security & promotions are prerequisite of any organisation to keep up the motivation level of its employees for better output of that institution. However, in our state the govt. is least bothered about the problems of the contractual employees. The issue is that neither the state govt. nor the central govt owns our job security.

Recently, the state govt. sanctioned some post for technical staff ignoring other contractual employees. The colonial mindset that medical department is only run by doctors, nurses & Lab Technician should change. Whereas, in health sector many other personnel like IEC Officers, Consultants, Office Assistants, Counselors, Data Entry Operators, Accountants, drivers and host of other staff  work in tandem with rest of the health fraternity for  better health care delivery to the public.

The pick and choose policy of state govt should end for just and equal opportunity for all. Many non- technical staff have served health department for past 12-15 years. Thus, giving their prime time for the interest of public health and thus ignoring them in terms of job regularisation is doing injustice to them.

Therefore, my appeal to the Governor of A.P to devise a policy of regularisation of contractual employees on seniority basis irrespective of his/her position in the department so that natural justice prevails and perpetual nature of our contractual job ends.

Next point to highlight is existence of gross pay anomaly among contractual workers in various vertical health programmes like National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, National Health Mission. For instance, salary of a lab Technician varies from health programme to another. Such Pay disparity makes a mockery of dignity of labour. Hence, my appeal to the Governor is to prevail upon the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for a corrective step.

Finally, delay in disbursement of salaries of contractual employees is one of the chronic issues which need a permanent solution. The process of transfer of fund from state civil deposit to parent department takes undue time sometimes achieving a record of 5-6 months.

Any health programme Annual Action Plan (AAP) is divided into quarterly work schedule and subsequently centre releases fund on quarterly basis on production of UC. Delayed release of fund for state not only hampers the programme but it bring economic nightmare to working employees.

Therefore, my appeal to His Excellency, the Governor is to find a solution for speedy release of fund from State Civil Deposit.


An aggrieved

contractual employee




Promote and protect all languages

Dear Editor,

It was first announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999 that 21 February would be observed as International Mother Language Day every year to promote the preservation and protection of all languages. The date, 21 February, was chosen to honour the language martyrs who were killed at the street of Dhaka on this day in 1952 when they were demonstrating for the inclusion of Bangla as one of the national languages of East Pakistan.

We need to protect them for our own survival. It is unfortunate that thousands of languages are under the threat of extinction. Most of them are spoken by either aboriginal or tribal people. Their extinction would lead to the loss of a storehouse of information on tropical medicines and herbs available only in these languages. We are going to become almost an alien in our Mother Earth if we lose valuable information and knowledge about her treasure. So, it would not be an iota of exaggeration if we compare language imperialism with matricide.

On the day of 21 February, 2016, I must salute all the language martyrs of the world.


Sujit De, Kolkata




Let the process complete

Dear Editor,

It is in response to all the agitating APPSCCE 15-16 mains unsuccessful candidates.

Firstly, you had not been able to secure the minimum marks requires to be obtained.

Secondly, you can't make a demand for reduction of the post, once it is advertised.

In every stage of examination, there is filtration of the undeserving candidates, so that the better go ahead. We have qualified for viva, maybe because we performed better.  

We too had toiled day and night to reach up to here.   APCS examination process has already taken three years 2013-2016; let it get done within this year so that the recruitment of the next batch starts at the earliest.


An Aspirant, New Seppa




Accept the truth and gear up for next APPSCCE

Dear Editor,

Apropos news items that appeared in your daily in the last few days regarding hullabaloo on disproportionate ratio selection of qualified candidates in APPSCCE ( Main ) 2013-16 , my thoughts on this issue :-

The result of the qualified candidates in the APPSCCE (Mains) was announced within a week of State Emergency. Undoubtedly, The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh deserves our appreciation and reverence for looking into the persistent demand of aspirants .Had the erstwhile Govt. continued, this could have been a big scandal, reasons best known to all of us. Countless illegal & backdoor appointments were made prior to Govt. dismissal in many departments. It is also doubted that if any Govt comes to power now, hobnobbing and lobbying for manipulation in viva voce will start.

As per the criteria set by APPSC (which of course have been followed in 2007 & 2011 APPSCCE) a candidate has to secure at least 33 % in every paper and 45 % in aggregate to qualify Main Examination. Many candidates did not qualify due to non attainment of the requisite %. This clarification was already given by Commission in this daily Dtd 13th Feb 2016.

According to the ratio norms of 1:3, 153 candidates should have been selected for Viva – voce. However, only 132 have been selected. These qualified candidates are those who attained requisite minimum % in all papers and in aggregate as well.  RTI Act is in place for redressal  for those who claim to be aggrieved.

 It is ridiculous to argue by some one that such thing hasn’t happened in earlier exams / APPSCCE and that the number of post be reduced.  The simple logic is it never happened because papers were easy then, hence candidates more than the ratio qualified. The number of post as advertised can increase but reducing is irrational and unfounded.

If the rest of candidates didn’t score required minimum marks and the selection has been made following the laid down norms & rules, why should Commission be at the receiving end for candidate’s failure and non-eligibility?? Blaming others for one’s own incapacity is preposterous.

Instead of venting out exasperation, please do have the magnanimity to accept the truth and  gear up for next APPSCCE .


A citizen





Let there be justice

Dear Editor,

As one of the victim of the inter-se seniority, I am gratified by the decision taken by the Governor vide letter No. OM No.Gov AP/2015 dated: 10.02.2016.

I personally appeal the higher authorities especially to the Governor and the Chief Secretary to closely monitor the whole process to avoid any further manipulation by the illegally appointed candidates and corrupted officers. I just hope that this time justice will be done to genuine and deserving candidate.


A Victim


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Kalikho Pul becomes the Chief Minister of Arunachal
Staff Reporter
ITAMAGAR, Feb 19: Kalikho Pul has been sworn in as the 9th Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh on Friday at Raj Bhavan, Itanagar.
After a yearlong political battle, that saw imposition of the President’s rule in the state, vertical split of Congress Party and coming together of BJP and Congress, Pul took oath of office, administered by Governor JP Rajkhowa.
Speaking to media persons, Pul claimed that his is a Congress government and BJP is extending unconditional outside support.
“We all want good governance and have come together for the betterment of state,” said Pul as he said that his first priority would be improvement of law and order situation.
He appealed the public to fight against corruption as he said that “We will strongly tackle the corruption issues.”
Pul said that new cabinet will formed son after discussion with the senior leaders.
Meanwhile, Governor Rajkhowa claimed there is no controversy in coming together of Congress and BJP to form a government.  
State BJP President Tai Tagak termed the day as historic and said that Arunachal has shown way to the rest of the country.
All the 11 BJP MLAs, MLAs of Congress faction led by Pul along with large number of supporters were present on the occasion.
INC and the 26 MLAs supporting ousted Chief Minister Nabam Tuki skipped the swearing in ceremony though senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Mukut Mithi attended.
He did not take any question by media.
The new Chief Minister holds the record as longest serving Finance Minister of the state.  A seasoned politician, he was also the Chairman of High Power Committee of Public Distribution System between 2004-07.
He has been representing Hayuliang ST Assembly Constituency since 1995 and was first inducted as a Deputy Minister (Finance) in the Gegong Apang ministry, the same year.
He has been holding various ministerial portfolios till 2014, when he was dropped that eventually led to the rebellion within Congress party.
A Kaman Mishmi, he is the son of Late Tailum and Koranlu Pul, and was born in July 1969 at Walla village in Hawai Circle of Anjaw. A graduate of Indira Gandhi Govt. College, Tezu, he is married to Dangwimsai Pul and they have five children.
He has been a student leader beginning in 1982 and was the Gen. Secretary, Students Union, Indira Gandhi Govt. College.
Just before he was dropped from the Nabam Tuki Ministry in Dec 2014, he was the Minister Health & Family Welfare, Women and Child Development, Social Justice.
Earlier, the President Pranab Mukherjee approved the Union Cabinet’s recommendation for revocation of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh which was imposed on Jan 26.
The President’s nod came after the last ditch effort by deposed chief minister Nabam Tuki seeking an interim direction that his party be allowed to go for a floor test in the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly to prove majority was rejected by the Supreme Court on Friday.
The Union Cabinet had recommended the withdrawal of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh on Wednesday after Pul, accompanied by 31 MLAs -- including Congress rebels -- BJP and independents met governor J P Rajkhowa and staked claim to form a new government.

Cong to fight democratically to win political battle in Arunachal: Sonia
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: All India Congress Committee (AICC) President Sonia Gandhi said that Congress would fight democratically and constitutionally to win the battle in Arunachal Pradesh.
“The Centre after failing democratically to win the confidence of the peace-loving people of Arunachal Pradesh used President's Rule to take over the stable Government in the State,” the AICC Chief said, when a delegation of Congress MLAs, senior party functionaries and representatives of various frontal wings led by CLP Leader Nabam Tuki and PCC President Padi Richo called on her at New Delhi on Friday to apprise her about the political developments in Arunachal Pradesh.
Sonia expressed her solidarity with all the MLAs and all the loyal Congress workers, who have stood by the Party despite the continuing attempts of the BJP and the Centre to dismantle the duly elected Congress Government in the state, according to an APCC release.
She also said that the ‘artificially’ created Arunachal Crisis has become a national issue and that it has exposed the designs of the NDA to get power at any cost disregarding the mandate and sentiments of the people.
She clearly stated that this is a fight to protect the Constitution of India and the final outcome of this case would be a landmark in the constitutional history of the country.
She appealed to all secular forces to fight in united against the BJP and NDA Government to save the sanctity of the Constitution of India.
The Congress President also said that there is no leadership issue in the CLP and the Party is fully backing Nabam Tuki in his fight to save the Congress Party in Arunachal Pradesh.
She also directed the PCC President to officially inform the Governor that Nabam Tuki is the duly elected CLP Leader of Arunachal Pradesh.
Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Congress Party (APCC) on Friday submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh requesting him to reject the claim by MLA Kalikho Pul to form Government in the State.
“MLA Pul is not the CLP Leader and his move staking claim for formation of Congress Govt. in the State with the support of 11 BJP MLAs and two independent MLAs stands invalid,” said the APCC in its memorandum to the Governor.
APCC requested the Governor to reject such claim which is against the Constitution of India and CLP decision.   
APCC reiterated that “Nabam Tuki is the democratically elected Congress Legislature Party leader in the state since May 18, 2014, and since then, there has been no changes in the CLP.
All India Congress Committee (AICC), in its letter on February 11, 2016 has clearly stated that Tuki is the incumbent leader of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) in Arunachal Pradesh, the memorandum said while proving a copy of the AICC letter to this effect.

NEFA formed to bring Northeast closer
Film, North East 2016
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The Film, Northeast 2016 saw the formation of North East Film Association (NEFA), as advised by veteran filmmaker Aribam Syam Sharma while participating in the forum with the topic ‘Is there a cinema of the Northeast or a cinema of 8 states?’ at pavilion-1, IG Park, Itanagar on Friday.
“To understand the movies of Northeast, one has to understand our culture and not to forget about our Mongoloid features as we have different expression of emotions culturally”, Sharma said sharing his thoughts on the problem faced by the films of the region. All the representatives from the eight NE states agreed upon creating a new market for films, building bridges within the Northeast states like exchanging movies and redefining Northeast in positive way to promote cinema and breaking away from the language barriers.
The veteran filmmaker from Manipur further advised the filmmakers, not to be disheartened by the challenges that will come on the way but to challenge and convince the GoI about the importance of Northeast movies.
He also advised to organize such film festivals in all the Northeast states to build bridges amongst each state and break away from the language barriers.
Earlier, Raja Chinnal from National Film Development Corporation while briefing about ‘pitching proposal for accepting fund’ for films and filmmaker said that it is all about sharing ideas to various audiences for which the subject of the movie must be very clear and that it should come with a synopsis and vital information of the content of their film.
Other highlights of the day were selected movies from different states in various categories playing in theatre 1 & 2 in the Annexe lawn and Cinepolis 3D. (DIPR)

CS concerned over delay in releasing MDM fund
ITANAGAR, Feb 19:  Taking serious note of delay in release of Mid Day Meall (MDM) funds to the schools, Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi advised the Principal Secretary (Finance) to release MDM funds on priority.
Chairing the State level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee (SLSMC) meeting of National Flagship programme of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Arunachal Pradesh, Negi said that there is no need to park the sanctioned MDM funds in the Civil Deposit which causes unnecessary delay in release of MDM funds.
The Chief Secretary also suggested for setting up a committee under the chairmanship of Secretary (Finance) to bring out a mechanism for transfer of MDM funds directly to the school accounts.
He expressed his concern that only a single DDSE in the district headquarters is having a DDO power for entire Education Department in the District.
The Chief Secretary called for delegation of more DDO power to lower level officers at Block or Circle level for decentralization of various schemes in Education sector.
The CS also assured to release the matching State share against MDM scheme on time.
The Chief Secretary also called for constitution of monitoring committee involving local Panchayat members, local women organizations and parents for inspection and monitoring of Mid Day Meal scheme in the schools.
He suggested this in view of the fact that it was very hard for the officials and the monitoring institute to visit the schools located in far flung areas for inspection and monitoring of the scheme.
The members of SLSMC including Commissioners and Secretaries from Departments of Finance, Health, Education, Food & Civil Supply, Women & Child Development and others participated in this meeting.
The Directorate of Elementary Education placed before the SLSMC the Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B), 2016-17 for Mid Day Meal scheme in the State.
The same was approved by the Chairman in the meeting for submission to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, GoI.
The proposed budget outlay of MDM Plan for 2016-17 was Rs.3836.14 lakh only for Arunachal Pradesh.

Raj Bhawan initiative to promote peace and communal harmony
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: A cultural evening themed “Communal Harmony: Our Pride, Our Strength,” was organized at Raj Bhawan to promote peace and communal harmony among the people of the State, wherein a couple each from 30 tribes along with cultural troupes attended.
Conceived by Governor JP Rajkhowa, the programme aimed bringing all the tribes of the state under one umbrella. While felicitating them, the Governor urged upon the participants to become messenger of peace and brotherhood.
The Governor said that all tribes should maintain cooperation and amity amongst them. They should safeguard each other, their customs and traditions and be proud of it, he said.
The Governor wished that such endeavours are organised regularly in different parts of the State.
The Governor also felicitated Jimjang Deru, International weightlifter and Nishu Konia, Bodybuilder. PRO to Raj Bhawan

Insurance Company blames hospital for delay in APCMUHIS fiasco
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: In reaction to the news item published in this daily on Feb 18 with the headlines ‘Popular health insurance stops as Insurance Company fails to pay debt’, the New India Assurance Company Limited has said that the news report does not give true picture of the circumstances leading to delay in settlement of claims and only one side of events have been presented.
The insurance company in a release today, claimed that a total number of 3,346 claims have been settled in respect of Tomo Riba State Hospital, Naharlagun and an amount of Rs.6, 59, 55,855 was paid to the hospital authority since introduction of the scheme.  
It further informed that the claims are processed by the company’s service provider, Dedicated Healthcare Service TPA (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai on the basis of documents submitted by the Hospital authority and of late, the service provider observed that papers submitted by the Hospital authority were not in order and asked the hospital to submit documents in support to the treatment taken for processing and finalization of claim. Despite auto generated reminders, the hospital authority has not provided adequate medical documents supporting hospitalization, resulting into delay in processing and finalization of claims, the release further informed.

Road connectivity a prerequisite for development: Rijiju
BOMDILA, Feb 19: Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said that road connectivity is a prerequisite for all developmental initiatives and no socio-economic development is possible without proper road communication.
While taking stock of the progress of various road projects, including Tran-Arunachal Highway in the district in a meeting at DC’ office here on Friday, Rijiju directed the BRO authorities to put in extra efforts for timely completion of all the on-going road works.
The progress of the works in various roads seems to be satisfactory but it needs to be accelerated further, he said.
He asked the Deputy Commissioner and the GOC 5-Mtn Div to jointly plan and execute wayside amenities and view points for promotion of tourism in the district. Likewise, the monastery officials should ensure that proper arrangements are made for the tourists, both foreign and domestic, who come in thousands to Bomdila and Tawang.
Earlier, Deputy Commissioner AK Singh gave detailed presentation on the Balipara- Charduar- Tawang (BCT) Road, Orang-Kalaktang-Shergaon-Rupa-Tenga (OKSRT), Trans-Arunachal Highway, Munna-Chander-Thungri, Dirang-Mandala-Debrabu- Naga GG and Shergaon-Morshing-Mandalaphudung roads in the district.
Later, the Union Minister inaugurated the Office of the Sector Headquarters of SSB at Pedung under Bomdila and expressed the hope that it would strengthen the functioning of the force in the region. He credited the SSB for playing a vital role in creating the sense of patriotism in the hearts and minds of the people of the state in the distant past. He assured to facilitate early funding for construction of the Station headquarters.
Among others, DG SSB, DDG BRO, DC, SP, CO 28 MADRAS, CO 2 Arunachal Scouts, Commanders 14 and 42 BRTF and HODs of the district headquarters Bomdila attended the programme. DIPRO

Administration talks tough against miscreants disturbing TAH construction
SEPPA, Feb 19: East Kameng Deputy Commissioner, Deepak Shinde has directed the representatives of the Sushee Infra & Mining Limited and administrative officers work in close co-ordination with police in order to tackle law and order problem if any during the process of road constructions.
The DC made the direction in a meeting with SP, administrative officers, DLRSO and representatives of Sushee Infra & Mining Limited to expedite the Trans- Arunachal Highway (TAH) road construction works in East Kameng district at DC’s chamber, Seppa on Friday.
The DC also directed the administrative officers to initiate strict action against those creating unnecessary problems and acting as a deterrent to the pace of constructions, barring few cases pending in the court.
Further he asked the EE PHED and Electrical for early shifting of utilities of their departments falling under RoW. The executing agency was also directed to ensure that the soil/mud should be dumped at designated location where ever necessary.
The matters relating to compensation issues, progress of the works, eviction of structures under RoW, security concerns etc were thoroughly discussed and action plans were evolved in the meeting.
Project Director, Sushee Infra & Mining Limited, J.K Pardeshi presented the status of road constructions and other action plans. He informed that the formation cutting of 30 KMs stretches from Seppa to Sede have been almost completed and 6 KMs from Bana to Seppa stretches have been completed out of the 24 KMs, while 30 KMs stretch of Seppa to Sede shall be blacktopped during this season.
It was resolved in the meeting to setup W.T station at Bana and Pakke Kessang and depute forest staff.  The maintenance of Seppa to Bana road, procurement of a Transformer for Micro Hydel of Pakke Kessang and a vehicle for EAC Pakke Kessang by the Sushee Infra & Mining Limited under Corporate Social Responsibilities were the other decisions taken. DIPRO

Over hundred beneficiaries to undergo training on skill development
ROING, Feb 19:  In all, 103 beneficiaries from the urban poor of Roing have been selected to undergo a three month-long training on skill development training programme under National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) which was inaugurated by Lower Dibang Valley Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ravi Dhawan at Anchal Samiti Hall here on Feb 19.
Ravi Dhawan in his inaugural address urged the youths to gain skills to engage themselves in gainful employment as well as to improve their economic condition. Stating that he will regularly monitor the undergoing training, the DC further exhorted the trainees to avail the golden opportunity saying that if one pursues the excellence, success will definitely follow.
Speaking about the NULM, which is a flagship programme under the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, to reduce the vulnerability of the urban poor household by enabling them to gainful self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, DUDA Deputy Director, Riya Powak informed that NULM is a Mission which also aims at providing shelter equipped with essential services for the urban homeless in phased manner.
He also informed that there are six major components under NULM and employment through Skilled Training and Placement (EST&P) is one of them. It will target the urban poor subjected to occupational vulnerability and after completion of the training, 50% of the trainees shall also be placed in various industries across the country, he added.
He further informed that a minimum of three months training will be imparted on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode and the cost per beneficiary shall not exceed Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000 for North East and Special Category state.
Earlier, UPO, Tao Tadap informed the selected will be imparted training by the empanelled Training Partner of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) namely, Teamlease Service Pvt. Ltd., Indus Edutrain Pvt. Ltd. and AISECT Skill Mission Society. Courses offered in the training are Hardware & Networking, Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing, General Duty Assistant, Handset Repairing Technician, Fashion Designing and Computer Fundamental & MS Office. (DIPRO)

CM’s Trophy: Capital Complex wins women’s football, Kra Daadi, Lower Subansiri wins men and women volleyball titles
ITANAGAR, Feb 19:  Capital Complex won the women’s football title in CM’s Trophy defeating Kurung Kumey 3-1 through penalty shoot-out on Friday.
The match went to tie-breaker after both the teams played out a goalless draw in regulation time.
Achom Degio, Tarh Sumpi and Techi Amin converted the penalty kicks for Capital Complex. For Kurung Kumey, Takam Yaram could only score the spot kick.
Kra Daadi won the men’s volleyball beating East Kameng in three straight 25-18, 25-14, 25-20 sets.
In women’s volleyball, Lower Subansiri beat Kra Daadi in 1-3 sets to win the title.
The men’s football final match will be played between Capital Complex and West Siang at 2.45 pm on Saturday.

State Judo Championship begins today
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The 1st State Level Judo Championship-2016 will begin at Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy, Main Indoor Hall at Chimpu on February 21.
The State Judo team for the ensuing National Level North East Games-2016 under Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan (RGKA) scheduled to be held from March 2 to 7 in Imphal, Manipur will be selected through this State Level Championship, informed Arunachal Judo Association.

AAPSU seeks enquiry into the death of Joram Tadir
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) team led by its vice president Toko Happy called on advisor to Governor (Home) BD Sharma and appealed to constitute an enquiry committee to unearth the truth behind death of Joram Tadir, a student from Arunachal studying in Dolphin College (PG) of Science and Agriculture, Chandigrah (Punjab).
Late Tadir fell down from a running train at Mazbat, Darrang district of Assam on February 12 midnight while traveling from Guwahati to Naharlagun.
Meanwhile, AAPSU in its press release has informed that the advisor has assured to form an enquiry committee headed by the IG RPF to look into the incident

Dustbins installed
YUPIA, Feb 19: As part of a mass social service conducted on the eve of Statehood Day celebrations, 10 numbers of dustbins were also installed in various corners of the district headquarter by the officers and staffs of DC office and all other departments under the supervision of Yupia DC Pooja Jain here on Feb 19.
The Department of Tourism, Yupia had provided the dustbins as part of World Tourism Day to maintain and encourage cleanliness.
31Bn ITBP personnel also took part in cleanliness drive.(DIPRO)

Sensitization prog for street vendors
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: A three days training cum sensitization programme for the vendors on goods waste disposal methods, maintenance of hygiene and food safety, financial literacy awareness, vendors specific policies, its rights, role and responsibility was organized by Itanagar Municipal Council in collaboration with State Urban Livelihood Mission at IMC Hall, Naharlagun from February 15 to 17 last.
Addressing the vendors on the occasion, IMC Chief Councilor, Kipa Kaku urged them to keep their vending areas neat and clean and also advised them to follow provisions of Vendor Act.
IMC Deputy Chief Councilor, Kipa Babu urged the vendors to obtain proper vending license from the authorities.
IMC Chief Municipal Executive Officer (CMEO), Habung Lampung dwelt at length about provisions of Vendors Act and urged the participants to follow the provisions. He informed that town vending committee have been formed and submitted for Government’s approval.
The vending committee will identify vending zones in various locations, after studying the feasibility.
STP, Town planning and Urban Local Bodies, Sukhvinder Singh appealed the participants to trade in their designated places after procuring vending license from the concerned authority. He also informed about various  Govt schemes such as Skill Development Programme.
While talking as resource person, State Urban Livelihood Mission (SULM), Mission Manager, Ravi Sharma, highlighted various aspects of financial inclusion and benefits that the street vendors can avail through the schemes. He informed that individual vendors will get subsidized loan, subject to timely repayment through self employment programme of NULM.

Farmers training conducted
DAPORIJO, Feb 19: Two days farmers’ skill development training on packaging skill for large cardamom, kiwi and orange was conducted by the Horticulture department, Upper Subansiri, under Border Area Development Programme at Daporijo on Feb 15 and 16.
Attending the training, Upper Subansiri Deputy Commissioner, Komkar Dulom advised the farmers to assimilate and learn the technical training imparted and apply the knowledge in their respective fields for sustainable income generation in the villages. He also stressed on the cultivation of low volume high price crops like King Chilli, Onyor, Gram as inter-crop in their jhum land.
DHO Rudham Sindhu also advised the farmers to apply the technology imparted in the fields.
DPO Same Timba emphasised on the provision of training and encouragement in cultivation of large cardamom to the trainees.
HDO Talin Raji trained the farmers on package of practice on large cardamom, Kali Bayor on post harvest management packaging and marketing on large cardamom, while Molar Bui and HDO Tamar Riamuk on packages of practice on kiwi and orange respectively. DIPRO

DVMC meet reviews implementation of RD progs
KHONSA, Feb 19: Tirap District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (DVMC) in a meeting on Friday reviewed implementation of various programmes under the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD).
Tirap Deputy Commissioner Ravi Jha, who presided over the meeting, suggested the BDOs and line departments to be proactive in the process of convergence of schemes such as MGNREGS with other schemes.  
Further, he exhorted the PRI members to take active participation in the process of planning at village level.
“BDOs should take active initiative to train PRI members about planning and implementation of various programmes including the ‘My Village, My Development Plan,’” Jha, who also is the Member Secretary of the DVMC, said. He informed that the BADP scheme would be monitored through DVMC henceforth.
Participating in the discussion, Chawang Lowang, Zilla Parishad Chairperson also stressed on regular visit of every CD Blocks and monitor the implementation of schemes like MGNREGs and IWMP.
In the meeting, DRDA and BDOs tabled the physical and financial reports of MGNRES, IAY, IWMP and BADP. The Chairpersons of Anchal Samities, who also attended the meeting in the capacity of members of DVMC, put forth their grievances and observations about the implementation process of various programmes.
Earlier, DRDA Project Director Dahey Sangno dwelled on the roles and responsibilities of the DVMC in ensuring quality expenditure and proper implementation of programmes under MoRD.  DIPRO

Week-long activities to mark Statehood Day celebrations at Koloriang
KOLORIANG, Feb 19: “My Town, My Effort” was organized in collaboration with the Department of Urban Development and Housing by the district administration at Koloriang on Feb 15 as a part of week-long statehood celebration.
A mass plantation was  also organized on Feb 16 marking it as  Forest Day. Saplings were distributed by the Forest department and residents of Staff Line, Treasury Office, Police Colony and SBI, Koloriang were given the opportunity to nurture the planted saplings for a greener Kurung Kumey district.
As ongoing part of the celebration, the District Vector Borne Disease Control Society, Kurung Kumey District conducted an awareness camp on Thursday as part of programme titled Health Day. A total of 3513 Long Lasting Impregnated Bed Nets (LLIN) was distributed to the public on the occasion and benefits of its use were highlighted by Dr. Singpor Rigia, DVBDCPO, Koloriang.
ZPM Chello Tagar, DPO, Dr. Joram Anu, DPO, Dr. Takam Sakter, MO, Dr. Boni Tuluk, DSO(IDSP), PRI members, ASHAs and public attended the camp which was held in the Conference Hall, Koloriang.
Further, Village Day was organized on Friday by conducting a mass cleanliness campaign led by PD, DRDA, Kurung Kumey, Nighee Bengia at Yapak Model village by the villagers and govt. officials. An awareness camp on consumer rights, traffic rules was also organized in the DC’s conference hall. DIPRO

Film maker felicitated
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Renowned national and international film maker Aribam Syam Sharma was felicitated by the Manipuri Welfare Society of Arunachal Pradesh (MWSAP) during a felicitation programme held at Annexe Lawns, IG Park here on Feb 19.
Sharma, is also the Guest of honour of ongoing Film North East, 2016. MWSAP Vice-President Ng. Manglemjao, General Secretary N Sudhir Luwang and other executive members of the Society were also present on the occasion.

Nyokum Yullo Badminton Championship
SEPPA, Feb 19: The Nyokum Yullo Badminton Championship 2016 with theme ‘Let’s Play for Nyokum Yullo,” organized by Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee (NYCC) got off to a flying start here on Friday.
The championship would be held for various age categories, including veterans, sub-veterans, mixed doubles, U-19 men & women singles and doubles and open to all singles.
The winners of the tournament would be felicitated on February 26 which is also the last day of Nyokum Yullo celebration.
DDSE Kata Rangmo and members of the organizing committee attended the opening ceremony.

Cleanliness drive
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: As a part of Clean India-Arunachal programme, the Department of Tourism in collaboration with Ane Siang Tours & Expeditions organized a mass cleanliness drive at Pangin Town on Friday.
Supported by the district administration of Siang District, more than thousand people from all walks of life, including business community, panchayat leaders, government officials, students from both private and government schools and common public joined the day-long social service.
They cleaned their respective office premises, colonies, school compounds, market area, residential areas, football ground, helipad.
District Tourism Officer, Siang District TK Kopak informed that the main objectives of the campaign was to sensitize and motivate the people to keep their surrounding clean and green and free from pollution.
He further sensitized the people on the importance of tourism for the growth local economy.
Later, the participants took pledge and decided to keep their surrounding clean and pollution free.

Thousands participate in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan rally
YINGKIONG, Feb 19: Over a thousand people comprising of various government HoDs, officials, public leaders, PRI members, members of various NGOs and SHGs besides, residents of various colonies took part in a mass Swachh Bharat Abhiyan rally-cum-social service here on Feb 19. After the rally, which began from the General Ground, later all the groups conducted cleanliness drives at their respective colonies.
While addressing the gathering, Deputy Commissioner Remo Kamki said that the huge turnout of denizens in the rally-cum-social service is a sign of their positive attitude towards making the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan movement a success in the country. (DIPRO)

Ex-servicemen to stage dharna
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: The All India Central Paramilitary Forces Ex-servicemen Welfare Association Arunachal unit will be staging dharna at ITBP headquarters, Khating Hill on March 15 next. The forces have been demanding OROP and several other rights for CPMF personnel under central civil services rules.

87 doctors enrolled under APCMUHIS
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Indian Medical Association (IMA) Arunachal Branch Conducted a Special enrollment drive for Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s Universal Health Insurance Scheme(APCMUHIS) for Doctors of Capital Complex in Tomo Riba State Hospital, Naharlahun on Friday wherein a total 87 doctors were enrolled under the schemes along with their family members.
The special drive was conducted keeping in view of busy schedule of the doctors. The programme was initiated by IMA Arunachal Branch in collaboration with Nodal Officer APCMUHIS, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

Farmers undergo awareness training
CHAYANGTAJO, Feb 19: Farmers of Chayangtajo and adjoining villages were imparted training on various methods of Indigenous Technical Knowledge and seed replacement which will help the farmers of the area for procuring higher yield during a department of Agriculture conducted awareness training under ATMA programme at Chayangtajo on Feb 13. Chayangtajo ADO, Tadi Dodum informed the farmers about various aspects, scope and importance of agriculture, benefits which can be availed by farmers from the department in terms of inputs and suggested them to grow off season vegetables for which the area has suitable climate.
ADC, Ashok Tajo and BEO, Dali Tajo, in their address also encouraged the farmers to take up agriculture as a business enterprise to uplift the socio-economic status. SDAO, S Bengia also spoke on the occasion.

Marathon race to mark Statehood Day
AALO, Feb 19: A mini marathon race initiated by District Administration and sponsored by Executive Engineer PHED was held here on Friday as part of Statehood Day Celebration and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The race was flagged off by West Siang Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu from Aalo General Ground.
Altogether 65 runners, both male and female, took part in the race that covered 10 in between Kabu and Pobdi village and culminated at General Ground, Aalo.
In men’s category, Karbu Kena, Rimmo Lollen and Bintum Lollen came first second and third while in women’s category Doter Kamduk,  Dakpi Lollen and  Geyir Lollen  came first, second and third. The winners were awarded cash prizes.
The top 10 finishers from both the categories were also given consolation prizes. The cash prizes and certificates will be awarded to all on Statehood Day celebration. DIPRO

Free eye camp benefits hundreds
KHONSA, Feb 19:  One day free eye check-camp was conducted by the KK Saharia Eye Hospital, Dibrugarh in collaboration with the district administration and district health society, Tirap at District Hospital, Khonsa on Friday.
The eye camp was led by Dr. Arundhati Tamuli, CMO of KK Saharia Eye Hospital, Dibrugarh. She checked up the eye patients and provided medicines to them free of cost. Spectacles were also given at a reasonable price.
She was assisted by eight paramedics from Dibrugarh and staff from Khonsa District Hospital.
Dr. A. Handique, Retinal Surgeon of KK Saharia Eye Hospital, Dibrugarh screened the patients for cataract and several cataract patients have been identified. The cataract operations will be done at Dibrugarh at a reasonable fee for which the eye hospital will provide lodging and food to the patients free of cost.
Tirap Deputy Commissioner extended all logistic supports to the eye camp which have benefit the people, especially from the interior areas. DIPRO

IRBn jawans clears debris at fire ravaged IGJHSS
PASIGHAT, Feb 19: The jawans of 5th IRBn on Friday conducted a social service in the premises of fire ravages IGJ Higher Secondary School, Pasighat.
The jawans led by Commandant Dilip Yachung cleared debris of all the five fire-devastated rooms and also cleaned the school compound. DIPRO