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Sort out the issue

The Chief Ministers Universal Health scheme is one of the rare government schemes which have benefited the public in true sense. Ever since the scheme was launched in November 2014, it has benefited thousands of people. However in recent days a serious threat is looming large over this hugely popular scheme. Few days back Tomo Riba State Hospital Naharlagun stopped this scheme alleging non-payment of backlog by the Insurance Company. The hospital authorities alleged that more than Rs. 2 Crores liabilities are yet to be cleared by the Insurance Company.

 But to the contrary of the claims made by Tomo Riba State Hospital, the insurance company on Friday hit back and lodged counter allegation against the hospital authorities.  The New India Assurance Company Limited alleged that despite auto generated reminders, the hospital authority has not provided adequate medical documents supporting hospitalization, resulting into delay in processing and finalization of claims. It is not for us to judge who is right or wrong. However both hospital authorities as well as insurance company should sort out the niggling issues at the earliest. The non-continuation of Chief Ministers Universal Health scheme is matter of deep concern for the poor people. Most of them depend on this scheme for the medical treatment. Keeping political difference apart, the new government should also prioritize to continue this immensely popular health insurance scheme.






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The Mystical Kanhaiya Episode

Dear Editor,

Recently, a group of students shouted anti-national sloganin Jawaharlal Nehru University. This action is grossly unacceptable and undoubtedly condemnable. Subsequently, Kanhaiya Kumar, the elected President of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union, delivered a fiery speech, and said “We are of this country and love the soil of India. We fight for those 80 per cent of this country’s people who are poor. For us, this is desh bhakti.”He was arrested on charges of sedition. Kanhaiya Kumarhas rejected the allegation against him and condemned the incident of anti-national sloganeering. When Kanhaiya Kumar was being brought by the police to Patiala House Court for trial, he was beaten up by a section of lawyersaccusing him as anti-national.

Itis gravely disturbing phenomenon thatimpacts the basic rights of democracy,which our Constitution endows to us. The Preamble to the Constitution of India ensures to all its citizens the liberty of expression.

Freedom of Expression is the cornerstone of democracy. In the judgment by the Supreme Court in the case of Romesh Thapar versus State of Madras, Justice Patanjali Shastri observed “Freedom of speech and of the press lay at the foundation of all democratic organizations, for without free political discussion no public education, so essential for the proper functioning of the process of popular government, is possible.”

During 4th to 5th century BCE, in Athens, the cradle of early democracy, speaking the mind was the most central and definitive institution of democracy. All men irrespective of their position and occupation had equal right to speak their mind.

Article 19 of the Constitution of India guarantees every citizen the right to freedom of opinion and expression, which includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.  

In Athens, freedom to speak was not absolute or without regulation. Similarly, under Indian law, the freedom of speech does not confer an absolute right to express one's thoughts freely. Clause (2) of Article 19 of the Constitution empowers the legislature to impose certain restrictions on free speech to maintain security of the State, friendly relations with foreign nations, public order and sovereignty and integrity of the country. Also, appropriate restrictions can be imposed on free speech to safeguard decency and morality, and to prevent defamation, contempt of court and incitement to an offence.

Particularly in regard to the offence of sedition, which is the contentious issue in the case of Jawaharlal Nehru University incident, Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code defines it as any action by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise that brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the Government established by law in India. Explanation 3 to this Section clarifies comments expressing disapprobation of the administrative or other action of the Government without exciting or attempting to excite hatred, contempt or disaffection, do not constitute sedition.

The incidents of Jawaharlal Nehru University have posed a serious question on the perception and manner of dealing with freedom of expression - a fundamental right in democracy. Instead of suppressing the right of freedom of expression under the guise of morality and decency or public order, upholding peoples' right to speech and expression is of paramount responsibility of the executive.

A way to address the issue is neither high-handedness nor political maneuvering. It lies in a tolerant but firm approach as articulated through the attitude of Fancois-Marie-Arouet, popularly known as Voltaire, the French philosopher and a courageous polemicist of the 18th. century. Voltaire indefatigably fought for civil rights and his principles on freedom of speech described by his biographer, Evelyn Beatrice Hall is “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


Amitava Basu

New Delhi



Why are we still living in primitive analog world when world has gone digital?

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the clarification given by the employees of Department of Information Technology or State Council of Information Technology and e-Governance.

As boasted by the said employees that they have been recruited genuinely without violating any norms or regulations, we would like to put forward various facts and figures which prove their ineligibility and violations. According, to “The Arunachal Pradesh Gazette” office memorandum for the recruitment of post of Project Officer and Research Officer (Group ‘B’ Gazetted), these posts are 100% promotional post from the post of “Project Co-ordinator” (SCITeG) who have completed 8 years of regular service in the grade having a “Degree in Information Technology” from a recognized university. And, also according to “The Arunachal Pradesh Gazette” office memorandum dated 18th August 2009, for making appointment on ad-hoc/officiating/contract basis, it is clearly written that “the service of the candidates selected for ad-hoc/officiating/contractual appointment shall not be regularized and for regularization of their services they must go through regular procedure of direct recruitment.” Same goes for other posts too.

But, in the said case, SCITeG have regularized the employees appointed for the posts who were illegally recruited through a secret walk-in interview on contractual basis and then regularized without going through a direct recruitment or without arranging a DPC. Also, surprisingly, the notice for the so called walk-in interview (No. SCITeG/04/2011-12 dated 04/11/2011) was only pasted on the department notice board and their defunct website. Also, the date of notice was 04/11/2011 and the date of interview was 12/11/2011. So, here question arises how can candidates from other districts came in this short notice. And, in the said notice it is clearly written that the education qualification for the post of Research Officer is just “Graduate from a recognized University”, not even basic computer knowledge, at least, which clearly violates The Arunachal Pradesh Gazette. Any lame person can tell that this is clear violation. How can a person without computer IT/CS degree become a Research Officer, that too in Department of Information Technology, the nodal department for Information Technology for the state?

Also, in the appointment of Director of the department, the person concerned was just an undergraduate Assistant Teacher in Government of Arunachal Pradesh, who was deputed to SCITeG and got promoted to the post of the Director of IT department, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh on 2015, within a span less than 20 years.

However, it takes atleast 4 to 6 years to reach the Director from the post of Jt. Director. But, in this case, Jt. Director appointed/regularized in Nov ‘2014 was promoted to Director in the Month of Jan ‘2015. Moreover, the Incumbent Director has submitted Masters in IT certificate after graduating B.A. Is it possible to do Masters in Technical subject after B.A?

Even though we have submitted numerous representations and appeals to Chief Secretary, Secretary and other high dignitaries but all have gone to deaf ears and blind eyes. For last, we have submitted to Governor of Arunachal Pradesh with some hope. But, if still we don’t get justice, our last option will be to knock the door of House of Justice, which we are going to knock very soon. Hope justice prevails.

We would like to appeal our fellow citizens of Arunachal Pradesh to judge this case and decide who is wrong and who are right? Who are violating norms and who are suffering? When citizens of other states are enjoying high speed connectivity and applying every form online, why our state is still lagging behind? Why do we have to keep 100 copies of Xeroxes of our documents? Why do we have to make long queues at Banks for filling Challans? Why are we still living in primitive analog world when world has gone digital?

So, please help us fight these kinds of corruptions and save our state from going back to dark ages. And help the poor and deserving people to get their deserving rights.


CSE/IT Graduate




RR of  Laboratory Technicians

Dear Editor,

Through this column, I would like to express my views regarding the Recruitment Rules (RR) of Laboratory Technicians in the Health Department.

Through these lines I also want to tell the govt. as well as the common people of Arunachal Pradesh about the  Minimum required qualification needed for a Laboratory Technician as per the centre Recruitment Rules  and UGC/AICTE Guidelines.

They are as follows:-

12 Science or BSc. (general) with D (MLT) for2 (two years  from a UGC/AICTE recognized University.

12 Science with BSc. (MLT) for three) and half years or four years from a UGC/AICTE recognized university.

Last but not the least I shall request the health department of Arunachal Pradesh to re- verify the certificates of each and every Contractual Laboratory Technicians working across the state.


A BSc (MLT) Student


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Governor’s order creates uproar among engineers
[ Amar Sangno ]
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: The office memorandum issued by  Governor on February 11 last, directing all the secretaries and commissioners to immediately cancel officiating, out of turn promotion and functional postings in various departments has created a ripple effect in Engineering departments as affected employees are trying all tactics to  fend for themselves.
The Arunachal Times has accessed the number of employees, though random, to be affected by the Governor’s pronouncement wherein it shows that Rural Department tops the affected list with more than 200 employees ranging from Joint Directors to Block Development Officers. However, the official record available with the Commissioner is 26 which is in  contradiction to the  actual number  of affected employees.
Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) and Public Work Department (PWD) stand second and third with 46 and 29 numbers of functional and officiating officers respectively. The Hydro Power (Electrical) Department has seven and RWD-three.  Water Resource Department (WRD), has reportedly only one functional case.
The governor’s order was hailed by some section of officers who termed it a significant and bold step to streamline promotion system without jeopardizing inter-se seniority.  Governor’s order has broken the long-tradition of elevation and out of turn promotion for some officers, with help of political clout, bypassing seniors.  
However, the affected employees has started to cry foul, terming the order as ‘political vendetta’ victimizing the officers. They claimed that order would instead mess up the situation during the peak hours of working month. Expressing their resentment, the affected officers said that they should be treated fairly and given equal opportunities to defend themselves.  The officers also alleged that there is a serious flaw in departmental promotion system that needs to be corrected.
“Cancelling functional and officiating officer en-mass is not a solution rather it would make the situation graver” said an Assistant Engineer. He further opined that with compliance of Governor’s order, several posts will be vacant and there would be no officers to fill in.
The affected employees are reportedly pondering to opt for legal recourse to defend themselves.
However, it is reported that even before the compliance of Governor’s order by concerned department, the politicians have started putting insurmountable pressure on Secretaries and Commissioners to keep the order in abeyance till the end of March.
Now, all eyes on new Chief Minister Khalikho Pul’s administration whether office of memorandum would be effectively implemented or not.  

Saaya switch side, Pul says 12 more to join
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: A day after he formed the government with the support of BJP and Independent, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul got a boast with joining of MLA Likha Saaya in his camp. Pul made the announcement at a press conference in Itanagar. The chief minister said that 12 more MLAs are expected to join his camp and form a strong and stable government in the state.
Accompanied by MLAs Likha Saaya, Pema Khandu, Thangam Wangham, Kameng Dolo and Honchun Ngandam, Pul said that some MLAS are being kept forcefully in the other camp making it difficult for them to join his group.
“A Congress Speaker removed two Congress MLAs”, Pul said citing the cases of Gabriel D Wangsu, W. Sawin who lost their seats after Supreme Court rejected their pleas against the dismissal. Wangsu and Sawin maintains that they were forced to sign the resignation letter under duress.
Responding to Nabam Tuki’s allegations that Pul’s Government is unconstitutional, Pul said that “a government can never be unconstitutional. The one who has the required magic number will form the government.”
Speaking to the press, MLA Saaya said that he believes in the leadership and vision of Pul as he said that he is under no pressure from anyone to support the leader of his choice.
He has sought the approval of the people of his constituency before extending his support to Pul, Saaya said.

CM statement upsets media fraternity
One week deadline set for clearance of bills
ITANAGAR, Feb 21:  On Sunday, an emergency meeting was held at the Arunachal Press club which was attended by representatives of Arunachal Press Club (APC), Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists, Arunachal Electronic Media Association and newspaper owners, pertaining to issues arising out of a contentious statement made by Chief Minister at Statehood day celebration and regarding the boycott of the 30th statehood day celebration and related functions
There seems to be lot of confusion among people of state regarding decision of press bodies to boycott the statehood day celebration and therefore the meeting decided to place everything on record.
An appointment with Secretary Finance was sought by the APC President which was not entertained on Feb 15. Following this, on Feb 16, a press statement was issued in the newspapers seeking redressal of the issues raised, including clearance of the bills, where a decision was taken that there would be boycott of the statehood day and events related to it if the pending bills were not cleared by Feb 19. With the expiry of the Feb 19 deadline, a decision was taken to blackout the front page of all the newspapers in protest against indecisiveness of the state administration in meeting the demands of the media persons of the state. However, in the rest of the pages, the news, including the formation of the new govt and adverts were duly carried.
However, to the astonishment of the media fraternity, new Chief Minister Kalikho Pul in his Statehood Day address at IG Park, made allegations which were uncalled for a person holding the highest office of the state instead of taking cognizance of the issue raised by the press fraternity. The fraternity took exception to the Chief Minister’s statements that the press in the state worked under the dictate of the former Chief Minister.
Press releases of Chief Ministers Office and Raj Bhavan are given due importance as many a times it pertains to important policies and programme and announcements of the govt. The same will continue in days to come, irrespective of the person holding the office of the Chief Minister or the Raj Bhavan.
In his speech, pointing out at media people who had come from outside the state to cover the event, Pul said that even though the media had announced a boycott, they were present to cover the event. The media fraternity took exception to his statement and clarified that the event was not attended by the media persons of the state. The media persons also questioned his intention of making the provocative speech, which could incite the people of the state against the media fraternity without understanding the ground realities. Due to his confrontational stance, some of his supporters have even made threatening calls to the media persons. The members of the press fraternity have expressed sadness over this and said a person holding the responsible position of Chief Minister should not have made such incriminatory statements.
Despite the repeated attempts of the press fraternity to convey their long-pending grievances, the Principal Secretary Finance Satya Gopal and Secretary Finance Dr B M Mishra have turned a blind-eye, leading to the present situation, the meeting said. Considering the single-window clearance of various pending bills by the Governor under the President’s Rule (PR), the fraternity considered it wiser to implore on the immediate release of four-year long pending advertisement bills during PR.
The serious negligence on the part of state officials have demoralized the fraternity and made the situation precarious, leading even to non-payment of salaries. The very existence of the media fraternity is in tethers, while some of media houses are already on the brink of closure due to non-payment of pending bills. It was also decided that all government news and advertisements will not be entertained if the government fails to meet the demands of the media houses by Monday, Feb 29.

ANSU accuses Pul,  Rajkhowa of targeting Nyishi employees
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: The All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) has accused Governor JP Rajkhowa and Chief Minister Kalikho Pul of targeting senior government officers of Nyishi community in the name of transfer and posting in various departments. ANSU has demanded for immediate cancellation of all transfer and posting order issued by Governor and reinstate those officers in their respective departments with same position, power and function as they discharged earlier.  In a release ANSU President Byabang Joram has questioned continuation of deployment of Para Military forces in state capital despite withdrawal of President Rule from Arunachal Pradesh on February 19. He also questioned payment of allowances, perk and salary to Para Military forces from state exchanger. Further ANSU alleged that despite demand placed by them, Governor failed to constitute any enquiry committee to find out facts behind death of late Joram Tadir who died in a tragic accident at Assam. Union claimed that Rajkhowa is hesitant to conduct enquiry because the accident took place at Assam.
All Nyishi Students’ Union also made it clear that it will never give up the audio clip issue in which Chief Minister Kalikho Pul is alleged to have defamed whole Nyishi Community and said that the case is under trial at CJM Yupia.

RI-Homeland and Ajeyo bags top awards at Film Northeast
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: Pradip Kurbah’s RI-Homeland scoped four major awards at the recently concluded Film, NorthEast, held at the Annexe Lawn of the IG Park, Itanagar.  The film fetched Kurbah the best director, Lionel Fernandes the best editor, Elejiva Shullau, the best actor in female role and Merlvin Mukhim, the best actor in negative role.
The best feature film was bagged by Jahnu Barua for Ajeyo. The award carries a cash prize of Rs 5 lakhs.  Ajeyo also fetched the best cinematography award for Sumon Duarah and Best Actor for Rupam Chetia. The best actor award was shared by Saugat Malla of Sikkim for his role in Katha.
 In the short film section, Tribeni Rai walked away with the best film with her “Memory of a Heart” while best documentary film was bagged by Nagaland’s Kivini Shohe for her film “Oh My Soul”.
Suraj Kumar Duarah bagged the best debut feature with his film Orong. All of them were given cash prize of Rs 2 Lakhs.
Best Director in Short film category was bagged by Sophy Lasin and Sesino Youshu of Nagaland for their film “Story of a House”. Parthajit Baruah got the best director (Documentary) for his film, “The Dhemaji Tragedy”.
The  Jury Members of the Film, Northeast 2016 were acclaimed writer YD Thongchi, Nupur Asthana, director of  three Yashraj films, Anjali Joseph, British-born Indian author, Nicholas Kharkhongar, the director of Mantra, Sanjay Barnela, one of India’s noted environmental filmmakers, Chaitali Mukherjee, a senior National Geographic filmmaker, Gurmeet Sapal, a documentary film maker.

Issues plaguing Sports sector
[ M Doley ]
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: The recent achievements of Sambo Lapung, winning a gold medal in South Asian Games and Nishu Konia, becoming national champion in bodybuilding has given us a reason to cheer.
In recent times, few athletes have shown some remarkable performance particularly in individual sports.
SAG gold medalist Sambo said during an interview that his mantra for success was hard work and good training facilities.
In Arunachal Pradesh, training and coaching faculties are still at nascent stage. There have always been complaints among the sports fraternity because of lack of infrastructure and coaches. Few individuals having interest in sports are running their own coaching and training centres/clubs with their own resources, which are not adequate.
It is true that a coach can’t make a sprinter run fast; but it is also to be noted that the coach can make the sprinter/run faster.  Hence, the role of a coach in the performance of an athlete is vital.
The Governor recently directed the sports department to take immediate action to strengthen the State Sports Authority. It was also decided in the meeting with officials of sports department that the State Government would conduct Governor’s Martial Arts Championship, Governor’s Trophy T20 Cricket and Governor’s Trophy in Archery.
No doubt, it is a good initiative on the part of the Governor.
But, the Governor may not be aware of the fact that the state still does not have a single cricket stadium.
It is also matter of pity that there is only one football stadium of national standard in entire Arunachal Pradesh which is located at Nari, East Siang.
In case of martial arts, the National Junior Taekwondo Championship was organized in a temporary house at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in 2012.
The 20th Sub Junior Cadet and Junior State Level Karate Championship was conducted at a Community Hall in Yupia in December, 2015.
The State had let the opportunity of hosting the National Junior Badminton Championship slip away due to lack of infrastructure.
If the Governor is really interested in development of sports in Arunachal Pradesh, he should first initiate for creation of sports infrastructure.  Besides, young players need exposure to gain knowledge.
It is pertinent to mention here that many athletes come from family with poor economic background and they have to fully depend upon their respective parent associations/individual sponsor or seek the government’s help to participate in events conducted outside the state and country. In most cases, they do not get the necessary financial help from the authority in time.
Under this circumstance, the players are left with two options—borrow money from other or bury the hope of participation.
These are some of the real and serious problems being faced by the sportspersons of the state which need to be looked into.
The only silver lining is that the sportspersons are still taking up sports seriously and sincerely.

Law and order, curbing corruption top on Pul agenda
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has stated that, “Maintenance of law and order, curbing corruption, effective fiscal management and concrete development in all fronts by ensuring transparency and accountability will be government’s top agenda”.
Minutes after his swearing in, Pul assumed the office of the Chief Minister at Niti-Vihar and called an emergency meeting with top bureaucrats of the state.
Putting forward his priorities and vision to Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi, Principal Secretary Home Dharmendra Sharma, Principal Secretary Finance, Satya Gopal Sinha, DGP Nithiyanandam, Commissioner to CM Hage Kojeen, Secretary Personnel, DC and SP Capital, the CM issued strict directives to ensure that there is no breach of law and order in the state, particularly in the Capital Complex. He made it clear that lawlessness in the state would not be tolerated.
Pul further called for a strong work force and collective effort to take the state to newer heights. Seeking their cooperation in uprooting the evil menace of corruption, Pul said that effective and efficient financial management with utmost priority towards transparency and accountability, judicious utilization of development fund will be his ultimate and prime agenda so that the fruits of development are equitably distributed to every citizen of the state.
Emphasizing on paying due attention towards health and education, Pul said that these prime social sectors need to be thoroughly overhauled to secure the society and the future of Arunachal Pradesh. Various other sectors were also taken up for discussion, reports PRO, CM.
Meanwhile, the Chief Minister Kalikho Pul accompanied by his wife Dangwimsai Pul called on Governor JP Rajkhowa at Raj Bhavan, Itanagar on Saturday.
The Chief Minister assured the Governor that he will carry forward all the welfare initiatives taken by the Governor during the President Rule. He also assured that all measures will be taken to maintain peace and communal harmony throughout the State.
Chief Minister Pul informed the Governor that vigilance apparatus will be set up in the State Secretariat, departments, districts and sub-divisions to check corrupt officials.
Pul also assured that the developmental fund will be distributed on free and fair manner and would be need based and distributed equitably to all constituencies.
Governor Rajkhowa reposed his faith in the new Chief Minister, that, he will do all that is required to safeguard the interests and development of Arunachal Pradesh, reports PRO to Governor.

Wancho House open for visitors at IGRMS
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: The newly constructed house of Wancho tribe of Arunachal Pradesh has been included as a permanent exhibit at Tribal Habitat Open Air Exhibition of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya.
The house was formally inaugurated on Sunday by Longding, Zilla Parishad Chairperson, Phezon Wangsa and Director, IGRMS, Prof. Sarit Kumar Chaudhuri.
Congratulating both artisans and anthropologists, Prof. Chaudhuri said, “Anthropology has the rare strength to bring people from different communities together”.
He further said this is not just a House, it talks about society at large, the whole idea of identity and the changes which are coming into the community.
Speaking on the occasion, ZPC Wangsa said that the establishment of Wancho House in a national museum is an important step towards conserving the cultural heritage of Wancho tribe. Now the cultural enthusiasts from all over the world will understand about Wancho tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, she added.
A cultural performance by the artisans from Wancho tribe who constructed the house was displayed during the function. The artists and Dr RM Nayal (Asstn Keeper, IGRMS) shared their conceptualising and building the house.
The programme was coordinated by Nokkai Wangsham, an anthropologist who had been instrumental from very beginning.

CM’s Trophy: Capital Complex lift men’s football title
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: Capital Complex lifted the 3rd CM’s Trophy for men’s football defeating West Siang 4-2 via penalty kick at Chimpu on Sunday.
The keenly contested final match went to tie-breaker after both the teams were tied 0-0 at the end of the full time.
Toko Poliam, Rooney Ramching, Gobinso Drai and Gyamar Kuku converted the spot kick for Capital Complex.
Limar Loya and Doba Loyi scored for West Siang before Capital Complex Goalkeeper Tage Pilya had saved two goals ensuring victory of his team (4-2).
Capital Complex also won the women’s football on Saturday defeating Kurung Kumey in the final.
The winners of both men’s and women’s football Capital Complex were given Rs. 5 Lakh each along with trophies while the runners up teams (West Siang in men’s football and Kurung Kumey in women’s football) were given Rs.3 Lakh each with trophies.
Rs. 2 Lakh each was given to the winners of men and women volleyball competition Kra-Daadi and Lower Subansiri respectively.
Runners up in men and women’s volleyball East Kameng and Kra Daadi respectively were given Rs 1 Lakh each.
Limar Loya of West Siang and Achom Degio of Capital Complex were declared ‘best  football' players in men and women category respectively. The titles for best male and female volleyball players went to Nabam Takio of Kra Daadi and Nabam Yano of Lower Subansiri respectively. They were awarded cash prize of Rs.10,000 each.
DS Patnaik, Advisor to Governor, Secretary (Sports) Dani Sallu, officers and officials of Sports, Youth departments were present during the closing ceremony.

First State Level Judo Championship begins
ITNAGAR, Feb 21: The 1st State Level Judo Championship-2016 began in the main indoor hall of Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy, Chimpu on Sunday.
Apart from providing a platform to young judokas to show their talents, the championship has been considered as the event for preparation and selection of players for the ensuing national level Northeast Games to be held at Imphal, Manipur and National Judo Federation Championship.
All together teams from 16 districts comprising 100 Judokas and 30 officials are participating in the championship. Information Commissioner cum vice president of Indian Weightlifting Federation attended the inaugural programme along with Sports Authority of Arunachal vice chairman Gechi Doke, Director of Departments of Youth Affairs DK Dinglow, Director Sports Tadar Appa, SLSA Principal Tabia Chobin, Member Secretary, SAA cum President Arunachal Judo Association Ramesh Linggi.
Following is the results of day-1 events:
35 Kg (Boys)-- Ponkap Techi (Gold), Changlang, Byabang Buphai (Sil), Kra Daadi, Nyemwang Hutu (Br), Tirap, Nangbia Tadar (Br), Kra Daadi
40 Kg (Boys)-- Thowang Lomnyu (Gold), Tirap, Tachai Manham (Sil), Longding, Jirangso Pul (Br), Anjaw, Ogam Libang (Br), Upper Siang.
46 Kg (Boys)-- Nikja Tadu (Gold), Kurung Kumey, Tagru Simon (Sil), Kra Daadi, Heri Bate (Br), Kra Daadi, Yumsen Kongkang (Br), Tirap.
55 Kg (Boys)-- Toku Tachu (Gold), Kra Daadi, Ogam Boli (Sil), Upper Siang, Manjar Alam (Br), Papum Pare, Aguk Juja (Br), Tirap.
66+ Kg (Boys)-- Kamdon Boi (Gold), Tirap, Lukpin Doni (Sil), Upper Subansiri, Mirem Tayeng  (Br), East Siang, Kato Ngadong (Br), Lower Dibang Valley.
48 Kg (Girls)-- Teli Jermin (Gold), Papum Pare, Pona Rumsu (Sil), Tirap, Phehai Nokbua (Br), Longding.
52 Kg (Girls)-- Silom Tesia (Gold), Tirap, Yamyum Kocha (Sil), Tirap, Nali Meto (Br), Dibang Valley.
57 Kg (Girls)-- Anjali Sagro (Gold), West Kameng, Kabin Doyom (Sil), West Siang, Nasali Mikhu (Br), Dibang Valley.
57+ Kg (Girls)-- Yari Maying (Gold), Upper Subansiri, Paya Taku (Sil), East Kameng, Ekta Murtem (Br), Upper Subansiri, Ehalu Tega (Br), Anjaw.

Police helpline
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: Taking note of the Jat stir for quota in Haryana for which the army was called in nine districts of Haryana on February 19 and curfew imposed in two districts, in which many people from NE region, including Arunachal Pradesh have reportedly been trapped, DGP S.Nithiyanandam urged those affected  to contact IGP Navin Payeng (Mobile phone number: 09436040704) for help.

Apang hopes for stable, corruption free govt under Pul
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: Former chief minister Gegong Apang in a message to the new Chief Minister Kalikho Pul expressed the hope that Pul having vast experience in planning and finance depts as well as with his administrative acumen will make his best effort to provide a peaceful, stable and corruption free government in the state.
Apang said that Pul  has been bestowed the opportunity to serve the people of this strategically sensitive international border state at such a critical juncture when the state is facing acute challenges at various fronts.”
Former Chief Minister  hoped that Pul will fight against evil forces to steer Arunachal Pradesh to its greater heights in all aspects of development putting a break on rampant corruption caused by the previous government.

BDC for Sawa as CO HQs
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: The Bodo Development Committee (BDC) has expressed its opposition to the shifting of CO headquarters from Sawa to Myomeriang claiming that a proposal on the matter has been received by the ADC Chayang Tajo.
In its representative to the East Kameng DC referring to the move as undue political influence, it advocated for Sawa as the CO headquarter and said that Myomeriang has no road connectivity and not condusive for helicopter landing.

Segi- Gusar to Daporijo APST bus flagged off
DAPORIJO, Feb 21: A newly introduced Segi- Gusar to Daporijo APST bus service was flagged off by General Manager, APST Abu Tayeng at Segi on February 17 last.
While expressing gratitude to the GoAP for contributing daily bus service for Gusar Circle, he appealed the villagers to extend their cooperation, to avail continued service.
He further assured all possible assistance for continuous and smooth functioning of the bus service.
SP Upper Subansiri Taru Gusar, a local boy from the area, advised the youths to maintain proper behavior with the staff for uninterrupted service.
ZPM Puto Bui who spearheaded the demand for the service appreciated the dept for speedy public service.
The bus service will benefit more than 25 villages and about 8000 population. (With inputs from our correspondent)

GJCMCC’s Trade Fair
AALO, Feb 21: In its continued effort to mobilize fund and facilitate buyers to get new articles at doorstep, the Golden Jubilee Central Mopin Celebration Committee is conducting a month long Trade Fair at Aalo Club. The Fair was inaugurated by President CMP &CS, Degam Ete on Feb 19.
Addressing the gathering, Ete appealed the traders to be buyer friendly so that different items are made available to the people at reasonable prices.
GJCMCC President, Doi Ado and Secretary General Henrik Basar briefed on the main objectives behind inviting the Trade Fair at Aalo. Secretary CPM &CS, Tumto Ete and Ige Lollen Jini also spoke on the occasion. DIPRO

Health Camp at Silla
SEPPA, Feb 21: A total of 115 people benefitted from the health camp cum awareness on Malaria, ANC, immunizations and health & hygiene at Silla village on Saturday, a remote village under East Kameng district.
The camp was conducted by Public Health Centre Bana under the District Health Society, under ICDS awareness on Self Help Group, duties of AWW at village and under APEDA - use of Solar Energy.
Medicated mosquito nets and solar lamps were distributed to villagers and blood sugar, BP checkup were done for adults.
DMO, Dr. Chasen Lowang Mallo advised the public to follow the knowledge imparted practically and assured to provide health facilities to the public according to availability. He stressed on mosquito control, proper use of mosquito nets, allow spraying of DDT in all houses.
Govt. Model Degree College Seppa, Principal, Robin Hissang stressed on importance of education and health & hygiene. (DIPRO)