February 23






Crucial budget session

The budget session of parliament which will start tomorrow is expected to be stormy. Opposition parties are gearing up to take on government over issues like Arunachal political crisis, sedition charge against JNU students, death of dalit scholar Rohit Vermula, etc. The last winter session of parliament also witnessed boisterous session and many bills could not be passed. One of the major bills which are still stuck in Rajya Sabha is GST bill. The passing of this bill is very important for economic growth to kick start.

During the session, the Rail Budget will be presented on 25th and General Budget on 29th of this month. The first phase of the Session will come to an end on 16th of next month. The second phase will start from 25th April and conclude on 13th May. This session is very crucial considering the fact that country's economy has not picked up desire speed. When present government came to power at centre there was massive expectation that economic growth will be accelerated and India will witness massive development. But things have gone stray and government's narrative has gone out of track. Instead of issues like good governance and economic growth, now intolerance and minority bashing has taken centre stage. The coming budget session has provided good opportunity to the union government to redeem themselves. As country gears up for assembly election in crucial states like Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and UP, this may be the last opportunity for government to set economy in order. People are running out of patience and desperately want to see promises being turn into reality.






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The history of partition

Dear Editor,

Both Punjab on the western front and Bengal and Assam provinces on the eastern front of the erstwhile British India underwent surgical separation; resulting in a blood ridden partition that caused cruel death and displacement for countless millions of unfortunate soul on either side of the border. The sad history of partition will always remain a saga and a deep, excruciating pain inflicted on the history of the subcontinent. Unfortunately, in the history books, media, movies, poems and novels of the nation only the blood soaked history of partition on the western border and that of Punjab has been highlighted. The new generations of Indians coming out of the schools and colleges rarely note that equally sad, blood thirsty and devastating was the partition of Bengal and Assam on the eastern front of old British India. People suffered equally on the Eastern and North Eastern part of India.

However, although the partition of Bengal is vaguely mentioned and noticed in some forms; the pain people of the people for the erstwhile Assam province (that constituted most of present day NE states) that suffered the destructive wave of partition is hardly mentioned anywhere in the history books both in India and overseas.

The pain of partition is a monumental burden in the history of India and there should not be any regional definition given to that sad dynamics of history. However, highlighting only north western India and predominantly Punjab; completely ignoring Bengal and Assam is also not justified.

Our next generation should learn the true history of the formation of the nation state of India and what people sacrificed across the length and breadth of the country and not just one highly politicized community.

I humbly request local historians to work extensively on the plight of partition in erstwhile British Indian provinces of Bengal and Assam; and the long term implications it had on the eastern and north eastern India as a consequence of that. People from the region need to highlight and advocate the pain of partition that they had withstand and is still suffering from true historical, social, cultural, political and economic multi-dimensional perspectives.


Saikat Kumar Basu

Lethbridge AB Canada




Saga of illegal appointments

Dear Editor,

The incidents of illegal appointment have become so common that nowadays they hardly strike the conscience of common people, for all of us are so accustomed to this draconian practice. The menace of illegal appointment has crippled the entire web of official working mechanism. Quite often we encounter clerks who are unable to write letters of most easy formats which hardly requires in-depth knowledge of English.

A recent viral trend which is adding fuel to the fire is illegal appointment through contractual process. Firstly, the person is appointed as a contractual worker and with the passage of time, these highly fluidic individuals with the blessings of near and dear ones in the political chairs coupled with the sound bureaucratic connections comfortably perpetuates easily into the holes of various department. This menace has also invaded into the naïve holy departments like education, the highly opaque doors of various educational institutes have become a shield for the breeding illegal appointment, and we hardly know the whereabouts of these institutes. After being absorbed through contractual  process mysteriously this sporadic incident is then followed by strikes for regularization without keeping in mind that there are others in the race that are running from door to door with more caliber and potentials intact in them. Although when it comes to D and C group it does not inflict much pain and produce much of ripples because poor students like us have trained our mind to get accustomed with some adversity, but the same process of illegal appointment when experimented with the higher coveted post it buries the hope and aspirations of deserving and industrious people. We have almost lost the faith in weather like politicians of our state, these groups seems to be elected by delights rather being elected by us. Most of them spending their time in air conditioned rooms, without giving a second thought of those poor chaps studying in remotely places, where the roofs are devoid of ventilation and  natural air conditioned room of these classrooms  are being overpowered by blowing wind causing cooling sensation in half exposed parts emanating from poverty. The inter culture practice between cattle and human seems to be so common in those remotely schools. The last string on which we hang on is the power of bureaucrats; the bureaucrats need to unleash their power of being strict in approach to curtail the rampant march of illegal appointment. The paranoia of illegal appointment is engulfing our state into its dirty mouth. The holy action of some likeminded bureaucrats have the power to refill the vacuum of hope, the holy act can generate an immense wave of faith in hard work. A hard working bureaucrat equipped with integrity will never let the goons to play the role, for he knows what it takes to study in midnight lamp when all the hopes of family lie on that single soul. The time is ripe for our educated bureaucrats to make the way safe and secure for the competent ones in, so that the hopes and spirit are not damaged and their dreams transform into reality.


Shankar Bagang





Let meritocracy prevail

Dear Editor,

The general perception of public regarding the selection of qualified candidates in the APPSCCE ( Main Examination ) 2013-16  is that the eligible candidates are very fortunate largely due to the fact that the result was declared owing to due intervention of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh for immediate declaration of result. Thanks to his pro activeness and genuine concern. If it had not been for State Emergency, God knows how long it would have stretched. The other notion going around in the public domain is that all qualified candidates are bright and deserving, the reason being   scoring requisite % in  all papers and in aggregate as per the rules of commission.  

Now the president Rule has been lifted. It is speculated that those  in power  might use its unwarranted influence to campaign for selection of their kith and kin in the final merit list.

My fervent appeal to our Honourable Chief Minister and Public Service Commission is that let the final process of selection in APPSCEE be made in outmost transparent and fair manner by not being influenced by political and money power thereby maintaining the sanctity of the constitutional body. Let meritocracy prevail under your leadership!


Concerned Citizen


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SC verdict on ‘Arunachal crisis will affect India’
NEW DELHI, Feb 22: The Supreme Court, on Monday said that the verdict will not only have its effect in Arunachal Pradesh but it’s going to affect every state.
“The verdict is going to affect every state. This will set precedence,” the Constitutional bench headed by Justice J.S. Khehar said.
The bench, which reserved its verdict on a batch of petitions dealing with discretionary powers of the Governor to summon or advance the assembly sessions, said it had the powers to undo the damage.
The Bench refused to pass an interim order on a fervent plea of Congress against “illegal” swearing-in of its rebel leader Kalikho Pul-led government in Arunachal Pradesh, saying it can “set the clock back” if the Governor’s actions are found unconstitutional.
“Don’t mix up too many things. If you mix up to much, then it would be difficult to compartmentalise. I think lawyers know that we can put things back...have you not read that passage of S R Bombai judgement,” the apex court said when senior lawyer F S Nariman sought an interim order by referring to subsequent developments in the crisis-hit state where Pul was sworn in as Chief Minister late on Friday night.
The bench, however, segregated two other sets of petition which were filed against the subsequent promulgation of President’s Rule in the state and its revocation thereafter which led to the formation of a new government.
It has now fixed these pleas for hearing after the pronouncement of verdict on petitions dealing with Governor’s discretionary powers in advancing the assembly session and setting the agenda of the House.
Another senior lawyer Kapil Sibal, appearing for Arunachal Congress leaders, endorsed Nariman’s view and added that the swearing in of the government led by Pul would create “a new kind of methodology of toppling governments”.
Observing that Pul was a Congress MLA who has been sworn in as the Chief Minister without any communication from the party, he apprehended that soon the House may be dissolved which would ultimate render the pending petitions infructuous.
To this, the bench said even if the House is dissolved, “we can still set the things straight if we agree with you. And if we don’t agree with you, things will be as it is.”
Both Nariman and Sibal contended that how can a Governor who is a party in the case, can swear in a new Chief Minister who is Congress party leader without any communication from the party appointing him as the leader.
Sibal further said that at 6.30 p.m. last Friday, President’s Rule was revoked in the state and at 10 p.m. the new Chief Minister was sworn in and observed that during this period there was no government in the state.
“During proclamation, the assembly is in suspended animation and once the proclamation is revoked, a government has to take its place. Here the constitutional provisions were violated as there was no government for 3.30 hours,” he said.
The bench, however, said it will take up this matter after it closes the case concerning discretionary power of the Governor.
Senior advocate T R Andhyarujina appearing for Governor J P Rajkhowa, while concluding his arguments in the case, said he had acted under his discretionary power to advance the session of the House.
He claimed the Governor was assaulted by two ministers of the Nabam Tuki government and abused by the Congress party leaders at his house.
“If he has no powers of discretion, then the whole thing falls. If he has the power of discretion, then the sequences follows,” Andhyarujina said.
The bench then said that according to it, tentatively, everything will go if it did not agree with the contentions of Governor and rebel MLAs, and if it agrees, then everything will be as it is. PTI

Curtains drawn on Festival of Arunachal
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Three-day Festival of Arunachal-2016 concluded at IG Park on Monday evening.
The curtains were brought down with prize distribution and felicitation ceremony where Chief Minister Kalikho Pul, Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi  and a host of dignitaries were present.
Prolific writer and thinker Oshong Ering was felicitated for his contribution towards promotion of socio-cultural ethos. Ering is a retired IAS officer.
On the occasion, Chief Minister’s Excellence Award was also conferred on 15 teachers of the state.
The Department of Fisheries felicitated four of its hardworking, sincere, honest and punctual officials,
who included Kenbom Chisi, DFDO, Yinkiong (Most hardworking officer), Kaling Borang, Supdt (Most sincere official), Dani Koyang, Peon (Most honest official) and Taro Kacho, retired Chowkidar (Most punctual and regular official).
The award for the ‘Best Exhibition Stall’ was jointly given to Geology and Mining Department and Women Commission and Legal Services Authority.
Oshong Ering, Sahitya Akademi Awardee YD Thongchi, Secretary Art & Culture and Chairman Organising Commiiitee Dani Salu and DC Capital Complex Sandeep Kumar Singh gave away the prizes in various categories.
Prizes for various categories in cultural, literary and drawing and painting competitions were  also given away.
A marathon race was also organized on Monday as part of the celebration. Director (Youth Affairs) D.K. Dinglow flagged off the rally.
Kojom Potom won the race in men’s category followed by Ghanesom Chetry and Soma Pao in second and third positions.
LD Neithinloi Chiru, Soni Nalo and Achik Wangsa won the first, second and third positions respectively in women’s category.
All the winners were given cash prizes. Consolation prizes were also given to the top 10 finishers.
Other highlights of the closing ceremony were folk dance performed by various tribes of the state, Rock Show designer’s (Rubu Diming) Fashion Show.
Social worker and former chairperson of APSCW Jarjum Ete  representing the symbol of women empowerment was the showstopper at the fashion show.  The proceeds of the fashion show will go to Gyan Mission Orphanage, Itanagar.
Earlier in the evening, the Chief Secretary Ramesh Negi accompanied by Dani Salu, Chairman, Organising Committee, Festival of Arunachal and Sonam Chombey, Secretary Planning and IPR visited the Culture and Music Street Pageant “the Boulevard of Colours” at Naharlagun. The street pageant has been introduced as a part of the Statehood celebrations to provide platform to creative expression by young artistes.
Tai Tugung of 0 Km Fame and Nending Omo hosted the closing ceremony. DIPRO

Govt heeds to demands of media fraternity
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Submitting to the demands for clearance of outstanding dues to the media houses in the state, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul handed a copy of the release order of the first installment in a meeting with the Arunachal Union of Working Journalists, Arunachal Press Club and Arunachal Electronic Media Association on Monday afternoon.
Pul handed over a copy that informed that Rs 35 lakhs from the total amount of approximately Rs 4 crores was released and remaining amount will be released shortly.
With this, the state media lifted the coverage ban on the three-day Statehood Day celebration imposed since February 20.
While addressing press persons in his office conference hall here, Pul said that "immediately after the oath taking while talking to media, I urged that the ban be lifted and assured to clear all pending bills and extend all support".
He also said that government officials had informed him that about Rs. 70 lakhs in advertisement bills were outstanding.
Media persons clarified that the ban was not against the Chief Minister but is the result of accumulated frustration that has been growing since 2004 when editors and publishers had moved the GoAP to allocate funds to the IPR department as per the Information & Publicity Policy, 1999. The pending bills were submitted repeatedly to the IPR department and after scrutiny by the IPR was intriguingly objected by the finance department, the CM was told.
Pul sought suggestions to streamline advertisement bills which the media persons consented to submit in writing.  

Pul to do away with functional appointments, ‘out of turn’ promotions
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Supporting the order issued by Governor for cancellation of all officiating or functional appointments and the promotions on ‘out of turn’ basis, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Kalikho Pul said that he would continue with the stand of doing away with the favoritism culture.
He said this while chairing a meeting with top officials of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh including Chief Secretary and DGP in Itanagar on Monday.  
Pul has prioritised Health, Education, Power, water supply, effective policing and Investment & revenue generation, as he said that the state government would leave no stone unturned to achieve the targeted milestones in these sectors.
CM said that these critical essential service sectors will be accorded top priority which would include sufficient fund, adequate manpower, proper infrastructure and efficient monitoring at all levels for effective deliverance. This would also include transfer and posting of required officials, suspension and even termination of the erring officials who does not perform in accordance to their assigned duties.
Chief Minister directed the police administration and the magistrate to strictly deal with lawlessness. Admitting that the department lacked adequate man power and hurdles created by political corridors during maintenance of law and order, CM instructed the DGP to take note that there is no breach of law and order and those found involved in illegal activities are booked as per the law of the land without succumbing to any pressures.
According top priority to education and health sector, the Chief Minister said that he would ensure all the colleges and schools in the state be filled with sufficient subject teachers in a year time. Stipends to the students would be dispensed on monthly basis and there would be regular release of salaries to all categories of staff.
He announced to create more than 2000 posts of medics, para-medical including specialists and GDMOs in the health department to cater to the need for efficient health delivery system in the state. He also announced to make the already upgraded zonal hospitals at Khonsa, Pasighat, Ziro, Bomdila, Tezu and Aalo functional by providing all the required equipment and medicines with adequate man power in the current year.
Citing examples that the infrastructure created by the departments for essential services are not properly maintained while many are non-functional, Pul called upon the department officers to prepare realistic projects which would genuinely benefit the populace.
Underscoring the importance of Power in day to day life, CM said that the state although having enormous potential for becoming a power surplus state, it has been lacking in expediting the construction of power projects already allotted to PSUs and private players. He called upon the people of the state not to be carried away with the misconception created by few vested interest organisation in the name of environment protection and stalling the developmental process. Hydropower need to be developed for revenue generation, employment, industries promotion and making Arunachal Pradesh a self-sufficient and self-reliant state in the days to come. Besides advocating for harnessing the rich green and clean energy through hydro power development, CM also pitched for harnessing of power potentials of small rivers and rivulets by developing small hydels with installed capacity of 10-20 KW to supplement the power requirements of remote administrative blocks.
Unleashing his priorities towards tourism promotion which is one of the prime revenue and employment generation industry, Pul opined for creation of full-fledged tourism infrastructure and facilities all along the tourist circuits like wayside amenities, hotels, lodges, local markets, good roads, drinking water facility, parking lot, drinking water facilities, sanitation etc. so that the visiting tourists does not face difficulties or regret visiting our state.
The CM disclosed that the state government would give utmost importance to the PRI and Urban local institutions by releasing the grants in toto. He also appreciated the Clean Arunachal campaign initiated by the chief secretary which received massive response from the local denizens. In order to carry forward the momentum and good work, CM announced immediate appointment of “SafaiKarmcharis” on contingency basis with procurement of dumpers and waste lifting machines. He directed the UD department and the Municipal to ensure that the capital city and rest of the state is kept clean and hygienic.
In a special reference, the CM also revealed that the state government shall create jobs in service sectors to employ thousands while all the appointments to the group C & D posts for the districts would be done in the districts itself in order to maintain equal representation from the region, community and the district.
Issuing directives to maintain office decorum and discipline, the Chief Minister asked the Chief Secretary to ensure that no private individual carries government files by hand. Pressure tactics, intimidation or corruption of any form would not be tolerated while the government will ensure your safety and security, CM said.
In an another important directive, Pul asked the Chief Secretary to issue orders for shifting all the powers of an officer or officials to link officers or officials whenever the prior is on leave or on tour. He maintained that due to non-transfer of complete powers to link officers, officials and even dealing assistants, many files get struck and the people coming from far flung areas are stranded for days together for no fault of theirs.
He also issued directives to all the departments to submit in detail of the ongoing projects, completed projects, physical achievement supported with photographs and video, pending projects lying with the Government of India and such other projects of the state as well centrally sponsored within a weeks’ time.  
An overview of priorities
1. Basic Essential Services on priority  
2. Effective Policing for upkeep of law and order.
3. Recruitment of more than 2000 police personnel
4. Women police station in all district head quarters
5. 400 women police personnel to be recruited
6. Placement of sufficient subject teachers in all colleges/ schools
7. Monthly disbursement of stipends to students
8. Peons &Chowkidars to be appointed against all schools and health institutions
9. Regular release of salaries to contractual employees like NHM/SSA etc.
10. Post creation of more than 2000 medical staff including Specialist and GDMOs for making all the health centres functional
11. Six Zonal Hospitals to be made completely functional with required equipment and manpower.
12. Proper tapping of all natural resources for revenue generation.
13. Harnessing of power potentials of small rivers and rivulets for providing power to schools and hospitals in remote blocks
14. Creation of full-fledged tourism infrastructure along all the tourist circuits to attract national as well as international tourists.
15. Release of grants in toto to PRI and Urban Local Institutions.
16. Clean Arunachal Campaign to be strengthened further with sufficient man power and machines.
17. Thousands to be employed in service sectors, appointments to group C and D to be done in districts for equal representation from district, community and area.
18. Half yearly conduct of DPC to maintain seniority charts for Government employees.
19. Merit and seniority criteria for promotion in Government Job.
20. Transfer and Posting of employees to be streamlined. (PRO TO CM)

Investigate financial mismanagement, BJP tells Pul
ITANAGAR, Feb. 22: The State unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) urged the State Government to initiate investigation into the alleged financial mismanagement and measures to check corrupt practices in the State.
“Chief Minister Kalikho Pul should take necessary steps to investigate the rampant financial mismanagement, measures to check corrupt practices and streamline the rusting development process in order to restore financial health as well as bring development activities in track,” the party said in a release.
“BJP has played an ‘important’ role when the state and its people were suffering from the brunt of unending political turmoil and uncertainties due to factional rivalries in the previous State Congress Government,” the party release said.
The meeting was attended by party’s Organization In-charge for Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland Prasant Arora, State BJP president Tai Tagak and leaders and members of the party.

CM’s Health Insurance Scheme is on, no default on payment: Dr Jini
ITANAGAR, Feb 22:  There has been no government notification regarding closure of “Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s Universal Health Insurance Scheme (APCMUHIS) and the scheme is still active and running smoothly in all empanelled hospitals in the country, said Executive Director of the CM’s Health Insurance Scheme, Dr. Moji Jini.
Responding to the news published on February 18 in this Daily, Dr. Jini, who also is the Director of Health Services, stated that the State Government has not defaulted in releasing the premium that is due to the insurance company as per the agreement.
Further, the New India Assurance Co. Ltd. has not served any notice for discontinuing the scheme to the Government, Dr. Jini said.
The services provided by any empanelled hospital of APCMUHIS and subsequent reimbursement/settlement to the hospital is governed by the laid down terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the signatories of which are the Insurance Company (NIACL) with its representative Third Party Administrator (TPA) and the individual hospitals.
The unfortunate notice to withhold the scheme by the Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) of Tomo Riba State Hospital (TRSH), Naharlagun was fallout of technical fault, he said.
For final settlement of the claims by the hospital, supporting data and documents are to be furnished, which in this instant case was not adhered to leading to delay in settlement/payment by the insurance company to the hospital (TRSH), said Dr. Jini. The Director of Health Services cum Executive Director of APCMUHIS said that he had earlier directed the insurance company and the Chief Medical Superintendent to sort out the issue.
“The decision to withhold the APCMUHIS in TRSH is premature and without the approval from the Government,” he added.

NES demands withdrawal of Governor Orders
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Nyishi Elite Society (NES) has demanded immediate withdrawal of all the ‘vindictive’ orders issued during President’s Rule effecting downgrading, transfer and posting.
“Kalikho Pul in connivance with the Governor JP Rajkhowa slashed the charter of duties of senior Nyishi bureaucrats and effected massive bureaucratic re-shuffle to sideline the members and well-wishers of the community,” alleged NES President Bengia Tolum. He said that Pul has managed to get a gubernatorial notification on February 10 during the period of President Rule on downgrading the functional/out of turn appointments with an ill intent to target a particular community, which must be rescinded forthwith and status quo strictly maintained.
“Pul has also managed to unceremoniously effect re-shuffle through the Governor on February 19 involving the top technocrats of a particular community in PWD and PHE Departments,” Tolum said.
“These maiden actions are just a tip of an ice-berg divulging massive action plan against a particular community in the days to come,” Tolum said.  
This is for the first time in the history of Arunachal politics that a particular community is being targeted and terrorized which is detrimental to peaceful co-existence and integrity of multi-tribe state, the NES president said.
“A mean minded and chicken hearted fellow laced with communal hatred cannot sail the state of multi-ethnic and varied heritage like ours,” the NES president said and advised Pul to carry on the legacy of his predecessors.
Alleging that Union Minister Kiren Rijiju orchestrated the whole episode, NES also demanded explanation from him.
NES warned of a vigorous movement to protect the image of the community on the viral audio issue involving Pul and also from the alleged step-motherly, vindictive and repressive action on communal lines from the present leadership after the Nyokum Yullo 2016.

Dilemma of journalists
[ Ranjit Sinha ]
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: When the crises in democracy reach its zenith, the common people take refuge in the Fourth Pillar of democracy – the media. But the helplessness of this Fourth Pillar of democracy speaks otherwise.
Dreadfully, Patiala House Court Complex was the latest site that witnessed the cruel face of our democracy. One wonders, how come the lawyers, upholders of laws are so terrible and meandrous making the journalists their soft target.  And the most remorseful episode is that the attackers in lawyers robe did not think twice and serenely dubbed the journalists as terrorists (sic).
It is said that the scene of violence in the court took place under the very nose of police personnel present in large number and the journalists were attacked as if they were dreaded criminals. Even the faculties from JNU are the target of the so called ‘patriots.’
There is no gain saying that many a times in workshop, seminar and public platform, journalist are advised about the pros and cons of journalism. The role of media takes centre stage as a topic for debate and the media’s proclivity for sensationalism comes under severe attack more than often. The scribes are also taught about the human rights. Irony is that no one is ready to accept the fact, that the journalists are also human beings, apart from being the watchdog of the society and its people under the guidelines prescribed by the statutory body.
Are the so called self-styled preachers of journalism are really concern about the plight of media? That remains a big question. It may sound disgusting, but the reality is that Fourth Pillar of democracy is constantly under threat despite having constitutional legitimacy and the journalists are like no man’s children.
It is not for nothing that India finds its position among the three most dangerous countries in Asia for journalists.
When the other three pillars of democracy -- Legislature, Judiciary and Executive --  come under scanner,  many organizations and intellects appear from nowhere to protect the “pillars” and detect  the wrong-doers and when it is turn of the  media - the Fourth Pillar, they seek comfortable zone as observers !
One thing is clear, pen pushers will not come under the wheels of unwanted pressure tactics as they are also the part of the democratic set up and devoted social activists in their field of activities under the ambit of Constitution of the country.

IAF rescues 15 stranded persons in Dibang River
ROING, Feb 22: Lower Dibang Valley district administration on Monday rescued 15 persons stranded by rising water in Dibang River with the help of Indian Air Force (IAF).
Ten employees of Navayug Engineering Company, who were working at Dibang River Bridge construction site along with five villagers, got stranded in the middle of the river near Bomjir village after sudden rise in water level in both sides of the river due to torrential rain.
On getting the information early in the morning, the District Administration sought the help from the government and got requisitioned an MI-17 helicopter from IAF for rescue of the stranded persons.
Machinery for cutting/excavation and removing earth of the company also got stuck in the river due to a sudden rise in water level.
It was informed that the Bomjir and Nizam Ghat linking the Dambuk Sub-Division with Roing was temporarily closed down due to rise in river water resulting in total disruption of surface communication to Dambuk. DIPRO

Miscreants set school kitchen on fire
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Some miscreants have set the kitchen of Oju Mission School, Papu Nallah, on fire in the wee hours of February 21. An FIR has been lodged with Naharlagun Police Station by the Chairperson of the Mission against the miscreants.
It was also informed in the FIR that some miscreants armed with weapons exchanged heated verbal arguments with the staff of Oju Mission School and threatened them of dire consequences on Sunday.
On February 15, some miscreants also pelted stones at the school campus at night time which could have caused serious injuries to little school children. An FIR in this regard was also lodged with Naharlagun Police Station, she informed.
The Chairperson appealed to the OC of Naharlagun PS to conduct an early investigation into the incident and arrest the culprits involved in it.
The OC was also requested to depute two security personnel to guard the Oju Mission School.
Meanwhile, Police has launched investigation on Monday after registering the FIR u/s 636/447/506 IPC.
Police sources said that foul play was suspected behind the incident as the fire was lit at three places outside the kitchen of primary section of school hostel at Papu Nallah and the kitchen hall was littered with night soil.
Investigation has been launched, an investigating officer appointed to bring the culprits to book as the poor, downtrodden and orphan children are reading in the Oju Mission School,” Naharlagun PS OC inspector Kambi Roniya added.
Meanwhile, the school authority informed that Governor JP Rajkhowa sent one of his ADCs to the Papu Nallah School to conduct an investigation to report him.

Proper management needed to minimize loss during natural disasters: DC
TEZU, Feb 22:  Lohit Deputy Commissioner (DC) Tamiyo Tatak has stressed on the need of a systematic and proper management to help minimize loss during any natural disasters like fire, flash flood, earthquake etc. in the district.
He was addressing a coordination meeting in connection with Disaster Management Contingencies Plan which was convened by the DC at the DC’s Conference Hall here on Feb 22.
Superintendent of Police Ved Prakash Surya, Officiating Commander of 48th BRTF Ajay Chikhale, other representatives from 82 Mountain Brigade, 25th and 9th ITBP, HoDs, NGOs and PRI members  also attended the meeting.
The DC said that the meeting aims to chalk a systematic and planned action plan where the civilian and police administration and military and paramilitary forces could combine into one force and fight natural disasters like fire, flash flood earthquake etc. in the district.
While asking all the departments to provide logistics available with them so that the resources could be mobilized during the hour of need, the DC further shared an idea to bring out a booklet where all the contact numbers of the persons of the department concerned will be available whom the victims or onlookers can contact to and inform about the disaster.
‘Our main aim should be to reach out to the area of calamity at the shortage time possible and avoid or prevent the calamity’, he said adding that a team of trained personnel along with required equipments and men power will stand prepared to fight any natural calamity which are beyond human control.
SP Ved Prakash Surya who was also present on the occasion suggested for formation of a Standard Operating Procedure where mock drills will be conducted at regular intervals and with all the stake holders while, Ajay Chikhale from 48th BRTF told the house that their force is mainly based on development of infrastructure so availability of resources in terms of man power and equipments depends upon the kind of construction and requirement of works.
Informing about their available resources like fire tenders, water tankers, doctors with ambulance and medicos, fog lamps etc, representatives from 82 Mtn Brigade, 25th ITBP and 9th ITBP  further said that their men and material are prepared for any kind of disaster. However, expressing their dissatisfaction over the poor mobile connectivity which may hamper passing of information, they further requested the DC to direct the authorities to improve telecommunication soon.
It was also decided in the meeting to form a Disaster Response Team soon after collection of all the logistics. (DIPRO)

Training on scientific management of livestock
ROING, Feb 22: Altogether 28 Farmers/Farm women, SHG and NGO members, actively participated in a three-day skill based training programme entitled 'Scientific management of livestock for better productivity' organized under Tribal Sub Plan programme by ICAR- National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Lower Dibang Valley at KVK premises Balek here from February 18 to 20 last.
Aimed at imparting skill among livestock farmers so that locally available resources (livestock, land, water and manpower) are effectively utilised for sustainable income and livelihood, various deliberations were made covering  aspects such as  selection of location specific  livestock breeds, construction of  house based on climatic risk, on farm balanced feed formulation and feeding strategies,  care and management of dairy animals, application of  artificial insemination, reproductive diseases of livestock, livestock based aquaculture for realising higher profit.
Dr T J Ramesha, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, Lower Dibang Valley encouraged the participants to take up livestock sector as a source of livelihood and income generation.
District Veterinary Officer, Dr E Lego briefed about the livestock scenario of the district and appealed livestock owners to adopt scientific management practices for better productivity.
Earlier inaugurating the programme, an innovative organic farmer from Yibuk village Jatan Pulu called upon farmers to rely upon scientific management of livestock to overcome the meat and egg scarcity problems, as well as urged them to take up the enterprise as a lucrative avenue.
Dr D Medhi, Senior Scientist, Dr S S Hanah, Scientist, Dr M Hussain, Senior technical officer from ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak, Dr. K. Phukan, Senior Veterinary Officer, DVO office, Roing and Dr. Dipankar Hazarika, SMS (Animal Science), KVK, Lower Dibang, also participated as resource person.
Improved variety poultry chicks (Kamrupa, a dual purpose breed) procured from College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati were also distributed to the farmers for ensuring nutritional security.

Workshop on hospitality management concludes
[ Prafulla Kaman ]
PASIGHAT, Feb 22: The two days workshop on Hospitality Management conducted by Tourism department at Siang Guest House, Pasighat concluded on Monday.
Attending the concluding function, East Siang Deputy Commissioner, Isha Khosla called on the local people to share a collective responsibility for development of tourism. Emphasizing on good approach for the foreign tourists, she requested the people to provide home-stays to make them familiar on their cultural practices.
The DC also distributed certificates were distributed to the trainees by DC, Khosla.
Supervising the training activities, Assistant Director Tourism, Bengia Manna said that the Siang valley has several tourist destinations and the tourism department was eying on the rich tourism potentiality to harness it in a phase-wise manner. She informed that the department is all set to conduct more such programmes at different places covering all tourist circuits in the state.
Among others East Siang District Tourism Officer, Nuyee Talong, Tourism Information Officer, Yedi Duyir attended different sessions of the two-day occasion.
The workshop included training on house-keeping utilities, food & beverages services for the hoteliers, and home-stay and lodge owners of Siang region. About sixty participants including house-wives, hotel and lodge owners from the Siang districts besides the students participated in the workshop.
Resources person Soumyadeep Dutta from Nature’s Beckon (Assam) stressed on development of eco tourism in Siang region as the traditional culture of the local tribes are closely related to nature and wildlife.
The tourism department in collaboration with Association for Conservation and Tourism is organizing the series of programme aiming to prepare the state as a destination for comfortable home-stay for domestic and foreign tourists next year to mark the ‘International year of Sustainable Tourism for Development’.

Madin and Anjali best men and women Judokas
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Madin Hina of Upper Subansiri and Anjali Sagro of West Kameng were declared best men and women Judokas of the first State Level Judo Championship.
Tirap emerged overall team champion while Papum Pare finished overall team runners up in the championship which concluded on here Monday.
Bate Manyu of Lohit and Yari Maying of Upper Subansiri were chosen as best disciplined Judokas in Men and Women’s category respectively.
Final day result:
44  Kg (Girls): Aya Mipi (Gold), Dibang Valley, Nomi Malo (Sil), Papum Pare, Mikel Natung (Br), East Kameng.
30 Kg (Boys): Nabam Tania (Gold), Papum Pare, Ngamto Langkam (Sil), Lower Dibang Valley, Omin Patuk (Br), Upper Siang, Karik Tayeng (Br), East Siang.
60 Kg (Boys): Bate Manyu (Gold), Lohit, David Wangsa (Sil), Tirap, Jikob Lombi (Br), West Siang, Otakiram Alee (Br), Upper Siang.
66 Kg (Boys): Madin Hina (Gold), Upper Subansiri, Tai Abu (Sil), Kurung Kumey, Vivek Singh Yadav (Br), Papum Pare, Phinjo Dorjee Pinle (Br), West Siang.
50 Kg (Boys): Dindu Chukla (Gold), West Siang, Saji Sangyu (Sil), East Kameng, Wangdong Lowang (Br), Tirap, Bulang Daniel (Br), Kurung Kumey.

Farmers attend skill development training
ITANAGAR, Feb 22:  In all, 28 farmers and farm women besides, members of Self Help Groups and NGOs took part in a three day-long skill-based training entitled ‘Scientific management of livestock for better productivity’ organized under Tribal Sub Plan programme by ICAR- National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang in collaboration with Lower Dibang Valley KVK at Balek village which concluded here on Feb 20 last.
Organic innovative farmer from Yibuk village, Jatan Pulu, who inaugurated the training called upon farmers to adopt scientific management of livestock to overcome scarcity of meat and egg.
LDV KVK Head and Senior Scientist, Dr. T J Ramesha in his address also exhorted the participants to take up the livestock sector as a source of livelihood and income generation.
Discussions on issues like location specific livestock breeds, construction  of house  based on climatic risk, on farm balanced feed formulation and feeding strategies, care and management of dairy animals, application of  artificial insemination, reproductive diseases of livestock, livestock based aquaculture for realizing higher profit etc were also held during the programme.
District Veterinary Officer, Dr. E Lego, Senior Scientist, Dr. D Medhi and Dr. S S Hanah,  Senior technical officer from ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak, Dr. M Hussain and Senior Veterinary Officer, Dr. K Phukan were the resource persons of the training.
Later, the farmers were also distributed improved variety of poultry chicks (Kamrupa, a dual purpose breed) procured from College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati. (DIPRO)

Plantation drive conducted
AALO, Feb 22:  A plantation drive was conducted by Pedong Kenbo Society (PKS), a local NGO led by its chairman, Taken Pakam Lobom at General Hospital here on Feb 21.
West Siang DC, Pige Ligu who also attended the programme released pamphlets and exhorted the Society to spread the message of water crisis, global warming and maintenance of ecological balance amongst the people. During a public meeting held on the occasion DFO, Nyali Ete gave power-point presentation on the importance of aforestation and maintenance of flora and fauna to maintain ecological balance while, General Hospital Superintendent, Dr. Linya Lollen explained in detail about water and air pollution and diseases related to it.
ZPM Higam Loyi Ango also distributed volley balls to the youths of the village.
Later, prizes were also distributed for essay and drawing competition amongst the students of Biru Village by PKS chairman. (DIPRO)      

Losar celebrated
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: The centuries old socio-religious festival Losar was celebrated by the Buddhist community with traditional and religious fervour and gaiety at Gompa here on Monday.
The festival, which is celebrated for 8-15 days, marks the beginning of New Year. The last day of the preceding year is a day to prepare for the coming New Year. The monasteries are decorated and a blessing ceremony is performed on the first day of festival.
Homes are freshly painted, families dress up in new clothes, good food and special dishes are cooked and there is a wonderful air of expectation of what the New Year holds.
The celebration was attended by legislators Mutchu Mithi, Paknga Bage, Dr. Mahesh Chai, Zignu Namchoom, Tsering Tashi, and people from Mechukha, Bhutan, Bomdila, Tawang, students from Dera Natung Govt. Colleg, Rajiv Gandhi University.

Reinforce police personnel and outposts: JYSU, GSU
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Citing frequent law and order tension near the Arunachal- Assam inter-state boundary along West Siang, the Jigo Yego Students Union (JYSU) and Galo Students Union (GSU) have requested the West Siang Deputy Commissioner to retain and regularize the Police Outpost at Pale with reinforcing the number of police personnel posted at Kangku Police Outpost.
In a memorandum submitted to the DC, the members of JYSU and GSU informed that the villagers of Pale are still living in fear psychosis. The people of Pale and Dipa are unable to venture into nearby Assam (Dimow area) for any work due to an atmosphere of animosity. There had been frequent confrontation between the people of Kankgu and Dhemaji district due to large scale encroachment by government officials of Assam. Villages of Kamcham, Durpai under Kangku circle are leaving under a hypersensitive atmosphere. The union added that people from Assam frequently destroy paddy fields and rampantly destruct forest resources in the village areas.
After hearing to the representation, the DC assured to take up the matter with utmost priority, stated a release.
Later, JYSU and GSU members also apprised West Siang SP, Mari Riba on the issue and submitted a representation regarding it.
Riba informed that the temporary Police Outpost at Pale has been set up due to his personal initiative and the West Siang police is yet to receive support from the state govt.

Essay writing & drawing competition
RUKSIN, Feb 22: The prizes for the essay competition conducted by Ali Aye Ligang Celebration Committee, Oyan was given out in a function today.
The topic for the senior group was “Drugs and its impact on youths”, wherein Tayor Jamoh, a class IX student of Oyan VKV bagged the first prize. Oyi Doley, a class VII student of Oyan Upper Primary school won the first prize in junior group essay topic on “Ligang celebration and its importance”.
Sangge Pait of Oyan VKV and Neeta Chungrang of Oyan Upper primary school secured first and second positions in the drawing competition among the Lower Primary students.

Interface with  SHGs
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Two days interface meeting with stakeholders and existing Self Help Groups (SHGs) was conducted on February 18 and 19 last at Block Mission Management Unit, Pangin. The programme was organized by Block Nodal Officer (BLNO) Pangin Block, Tamar Baki and attended by Hiken Ete and Gumli Ado, BDO and District Nodal Officer of National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) program of DRDA.
Resource persons interacted with the stakeholders, PRIs of Pangin Gram Panchayat, NGOs, CBOs and existing SHGs of Pangin,  Moli , Moku  Koreng and Yeksi Villages and studied about the economic–social condition of SHGs which will be helpful in proper implementation of NRLM /Aajeevika program at the intensive block.
During the two-day awareness-meeting, the ‘Resource Team’ made aware the Women SHGs and RGs and highlighted on basic inputs.  Special SHG groups in the difficult areas with disabled persons in remote tribal areas could be formed with five members, the team suggested.  (DIPRO)

APPDSSU writes to PCCF
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Claiming that rampant illegal exportation of sand, pebbles, timber etc is going on at Seijosa, The All Pakke Kessang Pijeriang Dissijng-Passo, Seijosa Students’ Union (APPDSSU) has sought intervention of the principal chief conservator of forest, environment and forest into the matter.
Holding the DFO Khellong responsible for the illegal operation, it requested for deputing officials to access the ground reality and warned of taking up democratic movement if their demand is not fulfilled.

WRGC celebrates annual day
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: Addressing the young students, teachings faculties and staff of Wangcha Rajkumar Government College, on its 15th annual college day on Monday, SDO Deomali B. Puriok advised the students to be constructive citizens so that they may be able to help in building their society and the nation adding that students are the nation builders. The inaugural function was held at General Ground, Deomali amidst huge gathering.
T. Jerang, Executive Engineer (Power) Deomali spoke on the importance of hard work and discipline in achieving the dreams.
Dr. A.K. Mishra, Principal in charge highlighted the achievements of the college and credited the same to the tireless and hard work of students and dedication of teaching faculties. The College has a track record of producing University Toppers every year. (DIRPO)