February 24






Never ending problem

The Assam-Arunachal boundary row has once again surfaced, this time in West Siang district. As per the report in local media, the Jigo Yego Students Union (JYSU) and Galo Students Union (GSU) have raised concern over frequent confrontation between the people of Kankgu and Dhemaji district due to large scale encroachment by government officials of Assam. The two unions have written to West Siang deputy commissioner seeking police protection for the people living along the boundary.

In most of the areas along the Assam-Arunachal boundary such kind of skirmish often takes place. People from Assam frequently destroy paddy fields and rampantly destruct forest resources in inside the Arunachal territory. Everybody is aware about Bihali incident last year where bloodshed took place. The Assam-Arunachal boundary row is decade old and is only growing with each passing year. There was hope that appointment of JP Rajkhowa who hails from Assam as Governor of Arunachal Pradesh would help to solve this long pending issue. However not much has changed. With new government in place hopefully this issue will find importance. Also new Chief Minister Kalikho Pul shares excellent rapport with Governor and two are considered to be very close. Taking opportunity of this, Pul should try his best to resolve the vexed Assam-Arunachal boundary problem.







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The first litmus test

Dear Editor,

It is disgusting to learn that there are many posts in the engineering departments being occupied illegally as functional, officiating and out of turn promotions. In fact, when there are many unemployed engineers seeking for an opportunity and many deserving seniors waiting for due promotion, how can the laid down rules be flouted at whims and fancies of some shameless and greedy politicians and their kith and kin just to fulfill their selfish needs at the cost of public? How can the public digest such illegal and highhanded acts of a few in a democratic country? This is a big shame on those egocentric elements not hesitating to go to any extent to satiate only their needs!

Now that governor has set an example as to how to correct the system in a brief period of president's rule by passing an order cancelling all such illegal postings, there should be no let up from the present govt under the new CM on this front and the order must be implemented in letter and spirit so as to put an end to this wicked culture for once and all. This will be the first litmus test of the new government on its claim to provide corruption free governance.

Also, all the vacancies resulting from this move should be filled up as per the recruitment rules of the GoAp i.e 50:50 ratio for direct recruitment and promotion respectively so that the ever increasing and frustrated unemployed engineers of the state get a chance to showcase their talent.

Finally, the wrong doers should bear in mind that these posts are not their private property and every eligible Arunachalee too has a right over it. And there is no dearth of capable and deserving candidates in the state given a fair chance.


An unemployed engineer





School without teacher

Dear Editor,

Government Higher secondary school Lathao, which was established in the year of 1958 and upgraded to secondary in the year 1986 and registered under CBSE in the year 1989 and upgraded to Higher secondary school in the year 2009 is functioning without any single senior teacher for any subject for more than 6 years. It’s the only higher secondary school in Lathao area, where students from eight villages get admitted with great hope for getting Quality education but something else is happening at this lone higher secondary school. Numbers of Headmaster, Vice Principal and Principal has been posted but none dare to fight for the welfare of the students and their poor and illiterate parents. No departmental attention or public leader, students Union, NGOs dare to visit and write about the problems of the poor students. God knows, what they are afraid of!!

Like every year, once again our students are getting themselves ready for AISSCE 2016 examination without any single class for Economics, which is one of the major subjects in Arts stream. Rests of the class are run by junior teachers in the interest and for the welfare for the students without any extra payment or allowance.

Like every year this year too no External teacher has been appointed by Department of Education against Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Lathao for conducting Geography and History Practical, because of which we are unable to login and down load format for entry marks in CBSE website.

Because of poor, better to say no proper electrification in the school and proper maintenance of computer its really very hard to complete all the CBSE activities on time as all the CBSE related work has to be carried out at home. As everyone knows these days every CBSE related activities are done online.

There are no boundary walls so it is difficult to stop students from indulging in unfair means. Students can enter their examination Hall from any nock and corner of the school without going to the main gate or main entrance.

There is no separate toilet for boys and girls with 24 hours water facilities. There is no separate toilet for Staff. 3 hours examination duty for staff and students without any well equip toilets is a problem.

Official correspondence and maintaining all the records of the examination materials for 3 years as per CBSE instruction is very hard as there is only one admin staff.

Problems are many.But these are some of the immediate problem related to examination.


Chau Lakhumang Choutang

Government Higher Secondary School,  Lathao




Increase APPSC AE vacancies

Dear Editor,

The recent step taken by the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, to cancel the officiating and out of turn officers and Engineers is a remarkable nod towards the Acche Din which is, in fact, the murder of Mother of corruption and the entire citizen of the state cherished such a bright step which would lead to a brand new start of the system.

It has been the practice of the Departments to elevate the Junior officers/Engineers to the Higher level without following the concrete criteria via the route of legislatures Since time unknown and no man could ever halt this incessant shade of dishonesty until His Excellency put his inspiring pace in our state as a symbol of hope and opportunity for the deserving intellects. Optimism shall make its stand in the deteriorating state if enlightening steps are further fueled by the high Authorities of various departments as an example to the public.

It is learnt that there are more than 50 vacancies of Assistant Engineer in various departments including the recent vacancies due to downgrading of Officiating and out of turn Engineers.

The reputed recruiting Constitution, APPSC may kindly direct the departments to furnish the total number of vacancies, re-advertise it and consequently conduct the exam since it is conducted after lengthy years and few aspirants even reach relaxation period while waiting for next exam.


Bamang Taba HB




We all have to learn to accept few realities

Dear Editor,

Life is an opportunity of moving forward and trying different approaches. It is like a boat with an oar that helps one glide on the path of river adventure starting from one of its shore and ending at the opposite bank. The exciting part of life is the unexpected challenges and the under current one has to experience while boating on this river, which often takes unknown twists and turns. However, while taking this boat ride hardships, positive and negative experiences, sweet and unpleasant memories are the building blocks that carves out the human character. Not looking up to life and accepting the challenges results in depression, anxiety and frustrations and often lead to suicidal tendencies. Disturbing statistics reveal that in future one out of every five people will be impacted by psychotic disorders, mental depression and anxiety that could increase the rate of suicides and other crimes in developed as well as developing and under developed nations. This is indeed a matter of great concern globally and should be addressed by every nation sharing the planet. It is important to emphasize within the school curriculum that the rat’s race of life is a not always a positive approach and that there will be both positive and negative experiences in life that we all have to learn to accept and grow up with it. Healthy and holistic life style, reasonable expectations and learning to look at life optimistically is important in addressing mental challenges in the later years to coup up with this challenging socio-economic issue. Hence, not looking into every possible avenue that life offers is a stupidity and an unseen wall that prevents us from truly experiencing this unique sport called life.


Saikat Kumar Basu

Lethbridge AB Canada




A landmark order

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the recent landmark order of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh for immediate cancellation of functional/officiating posts. The instant order have been appreciated and applauded by one and all. In fact, this officiating and functional system was one of the main causes of nepotism, favoritism and corruption in government service, as in this system maintaining of inter-se seniority was not necessitated.

Unfortunately, as per media reports, some organizations seem to be opposing the above order for the reasons best known to them. Without proper justification for their opposing the above order, it’s like pleading the government for continuation of open corruption.

While joining the rest of the Arunachalees in applauding the order of the Governor, I would like to place below some of my views on this chronic problem.

As such, officials seems to have been promoted on officiating basis under two types of circumstances,

1) Out of the turn, by superseding their seniors, and

2) as per inter-se seniority, but on officiating basis due to non conduction of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) meetings and other necessary proceedings.

Former case is totally condemnable, even for a short period of time, termed as ‘stop gap arrangement.’ Juniors writing the ACRs (now APARs) of seniors for even one tenure is simply outrageous. If at all ‘stop-gap arrangement’ is to be made, then nearest available officer of equivalent rank may be given the additional charges.

As for the latter, if DPCs are held in regular intervals, then all the problems are simply solved. I simply fail to understand why so many departments are unable to hold regular DPCs. Hence, in order to permanently solve such problems; instead of demanding for roll back of above order, the genuinely affected officials should instead demand for timely conduction of DPCs.

In addition to above, another similar issue which should have been addressed by His Excellency is the holding of DDO power by some Assistant Engineers. As a normal practice, Executive Engineers or the Divisional Engineers are the DDOs. However, in some departments such as Water Resource Department (WRD), some Sub-Divisions have been declared as Independent charge and its Assistant Engineer or the Sub-Divisional Officer bestowed with the DDO power on some flimsy grounds such as too much workload, too far away from Division office, etc. If on such flimsy grounds the DDO power can be bestowed upon some Assistant Engineers, then I guess on same flimsy ground the DDO power can even be bestowed upon the Junior Engineers also. If the area in fact is really too far away from Division office, and there is too much workload, then instead of granting DDO power to the Assistant Engineers, a new Division should instead simply be created so that a proper Executive Engineer with DDO power can be posted there.

My sincere appeal to the organizations such as Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP), Arunachal Pradesh Engineering Service Association (APESA) to look into the issues and to take up the matter with competent authority for streamlining the same.


Nabam Raji


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Arunachal Governor’s report tabled in Parliament
New Delhi, Feb 23: Arunachal Pradesh has been "suffering badly" in the field of development and maintenance of law and order due to political instability and that there has been a failure of constitutional machinery, Governor J P Rajkhowa had told the Centre days before the state was brought under President's Rule.
He also said he and his family members apprehended "grave danger to their lives" due to public criticism against him and frequent gherao of the Raj Bhawan premises and use of "filthy language".
A month later, in his "special report", Rajhkowa said 31 MLAs out of the present strength of 58 supported Kalikho Pul as their leader and staked their claim to form the government.
"Thus, the majority of MLAs have supported Kalikho Pul as the Leader of the House and the next Chief Minister...In view of the foregoing, the Hon'ble President may consider revoking the proclamation imposing the President's Rule so as to enable formation of a democratically elected government enjoying majority in the House..." he said in his report dated February 16.
In his first letter dated January 15, the Governor said Arunachal Pradesh "has been suffering badly in the field of development, delivery of public services, management of state's resources, maintenance of law and order etc due to political instability, more particularly since September-October, 2015, caused by dissidence in the ruling Congress party and consequent chaotic conditions."
He said the "Constitutional machinery has already broken down."
Rajkhowa said in a House of 60 members, the (then) ruling Congress led by (then) Chief Minister Nabam Tuki has support of only 26 MLAs including himself and Speaker Nabam Rebia as against the earlier backing of 47 MLAs.
The report said 21 "dissident" MLAs openly revolted against Tuki.
The Union Cabinet had recommended imposition of President's Rule in the state on January 24 which was imposed on January 26.
On February 19, the central rule was revoked and Pul sworn in as the new CM.
A copy of the proclamation imposing President's Rule in Arunachal Pradesh and another revoking it, along with the two reports of the Governor were tabled in both House of Parliament today. PTI

Dambi bags gold at National Weightlifting Championship
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: Weightlifter Umpe Dambi of Arunachal Pradesh bagged a Gold medal in the Snatch section by lifting 91Kg in the 11th Youth (Boys & Girls) and 52nd Men & 28th Women Junior National Weightlifting Championships-2016 at Patna on Tuesday.
In Clean and Jerk section, Dambi lifted 110 Kg totaling to 201 Kg.
Another lifter from the state, Ruba Tadu who participated in the 56 Kg weight category settled in the 5th position in his first National level Weightlifting competition. He lifted Snatch-82kg, Clean & Jerk 107kg., totaling 189kg.
On the opening day on Monday, Gungte Yangfo in 50 Kg category bagged Bronze medal in Snatch by lifting 80 kg.  He lifted clean & jerk of 95 kg and total of 175 Kg.
Yangfo who won Gold medal last year was undergoing medication for six months after a shoulder injury at National Coaching Camp, Patiala, Punjab.

Cultural cum Heritage Centres in every district: Governor
ITANGAR, Feb 23: A delegation of members of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP), led by its President Dr. Ligu Tacho called on the Governor JP Rajkhowa at Raj Bhavan, Itanagar on Tuesday.
The IFCSAP team took up the issue of infrastructure for preservation, promotion and propagation of indigenous faith, culture and traditions in the State.
The Governor suggested for 'Cultural cum Heritage Centres' in various parts of the State, at least one in every district. He said that these centres should be utilized for documentation, training and promotions of cultural heritage. He also emphasized on promotion of goodwill and oneness amongst the people of the State.
Stating that the State Government will respond positively, the Governor advised the members of IFCSAP to take up the issue with the new Government.
Earlier, IFCSAP President and Vice President (Hq) Gichik Taaza briefed the Governor on the aims and objectives of the IFCSAP. Claiming that due to lack of preachers, books and prayer halls, the followers of indigenous faith is diminishing, for which they submitted a memorandum for construction of Cultural Halls in the State.
Meanwhile, the IFCSAP delegation expressed gratitude to the Governor for exemplary good governance during the President Rule. (PRO to Governor)

30 youths to undergo skill development training at Kolkata
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: As many as 30 youths will undergo skill development training at Travel & Tourism Course at Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata under the flagship programme on Skill Development and Employment Generation. A briefing-cum-send off programme was organized for them at Udyog Sadan here on Tuesday.
The trainees were selected through recent district level job mela-cum- skill development awareness and selection rally held recently.
The cost of the training including travelling to and fro, training fees, boarding and lodging etc. are being borne by Govt. under flagship programme on skill development and employment generation scheme.
Orion Edutech, Kolkata - an empanelled vocational training provider will impart six months training, both theory and practical include spoken English, communication skill, internet browsing etc. At the end of the training, the candidates will undergo assessment to be conducted by an empanelled and professional assessor. Trade certificate will be provided to successful candidate by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), New Delhi.
The state Govt. has signed MoA with Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata for imparting training and to ensure minimum of 70 percent placement (Job) at minimum monthly salary of Rs.8000 after successful completion of the training.

Missing girl found in a destitute home at Bangalore
[ Karda Natam ]
DAPORIJO, Feb 23:  In a bizarre incident, a class VIII girl student of VKV Kuporijo of Bulo village, Gusar circle, who went missing from Kuporijo village near Daporijo has been traced out from Bangalore on Feb 22. The missing girl was reportedly, found in a destitute home at Bangalore.
The girl had earlier gone missing from Kuporijo village at around 5 am on Feb 13 last. Her parents also lodged an FIR with the police on the same day she went missing.
A police team which had swung into action to trace out the whereabouts of the missing girl was, however, unable to trace her for about a week.
In the meantime, the Upper Subansiri DC received a call from the Residential Commissioner of Delhi informing him that the missing girl was found in destitute home at Bangalore. He informed that a senior officer from Bangalore, who had coincidently visited the particular destitute home, had seen the girl. After making detailed enquiries about her, the senior officer then informed the concerned office at Delhi.
Meanwhile, the Police have already taken steps to bring the girl back from Bangalore.
Further, SP, Taru Gusar informed that investigation is on and further details of the incident will be disclosed only after interrogating the girl. Nothing could be said regarding the incident, he said adding that the Police will take strict action against the culprit behind the incident.
Gusar Circle ZPM, Putu Bui also appealed the police department to thoroughly investigate the case to unearth the truth behind the whole episode.

Regional Livestock Mela ends on positive note
NAMSAI, Feb 23: A two-day 'Regional Livestock Mela' was organized by AH & Veterinary Department on the occasion of the 30th Statehood Day celebrations at Namsai which concluded on Feb 21.
As part of the Mela held under the National Livestock Mission, an exhibition-cum-sale of livestock and pets was held wherein scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs, farmers and SHGs from the state as well as from neighboring state Assam participated.
People thronged in large numbers to see and buy various livestock and pets being exhibited. Improved breeds of goat, pigs, dogs of various breeds, ornamental birds, cattle, rabbit, Khaki Campbell, Kamrupa bird besides, processed foods were put on exhibition and sale.
Zenith Child School, Namsai, Skill India from Hyderabad, Spice Board of India, Animal Health division of Pharmaceutical companies, Krishi Vigyan Kendra also put up exhibition stalls.
On the sidelines of Livestock Mela, a farmers' trainings and farmers-scientist interactions were also conducted which was attended by the farmers, principal scientist from NRC on pig, District Veterinary Officers and Veterinary Officers of Lower Dibang Valley, Lohit, Anjaw, Tirap  and Changlang districts, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, ATMA among others.
The district administration also awarded government employees with commendation certificates in recognition of their meritorious services on the occasion of the Statehood Day celebrations. The  awardees included Lekang EAC H N Dubey, i/c DVO Dr Keshab Sarmah, AE PHED O Padu, JE-WRD BabuIttyavarah, JE WRD C C Shaji, Lineman Anil Gogoi and sanitation worker of UD department Raju Tanti and Pradip Patra.
Meanwhile, the Arunachalee students in Pune under the aegis of Arunachal Students Welfare Association of Pune (ASWAP) also celebrated the Statehood Day along with the Silver Jubilee celebration of ASWAP with much enthusiasm on Feb 20 at Pune.
Addressing the students on the occasion, AAPSU President Kamta Lapung advised the students to refrain from unwanted activities and remain more dedicated towards their studies.
Director of the Students' Welfare Board, Pune University, Dr. Dalvi Sanjay Kumar also assured to extend all possible support to the students of Arunachal Pradesh in regards to their academic as well as co-curricular activities.
AAPSU Spokesperson Tanya Agu in his address urged the students to remain united and to concentrate most of their time in academic pursuit which is the ultimate mantra for succeeding in life.
ASWAP President Rujah Gyamar also spoke on the occasion.
Various sports, literary and cultural competitions were held in order to mark the silver jubilee celebration of ASWAP. (DIPRO/ Correspondents)

All religions have same spiritual essence: Boje
AALO, Feb 23:  'All religions have same spiritual essence and only through prayer and belief in one's own religion will it grow', said Rtd. Joint Director of Health Service Dr. J M Boje, in his address to a huge gathering after inaugurating a  Gumin Gamgi at Gemo Tali village on Feb 21 last.   
While speaking on the concept of Donyi Poloism and indigenous faith, Dr. Boje appealed the people of the village to visit Gamgi for prayer for peace, prosperity and well being of all. President Donyi Polo Dere Trust Committee (DPDTC), Aalo Pakjum Ete also dwelt elaborately on Donyi Poloism, indigenous faith, culture, belief and worships and prayers in Gamgis at different villages.
Vice President Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang, Karmu Jerang, in his address lauded the works of Talom Rukbo and Tumpak Ete in propagating the indigenous religion and exhorted young generation to take keen interest in it.
Secretary DPDTC, Domo Ado, Adv. Taji Tajom, Siang DF&CSO, Minli Tato, HGBs Gemo Tali and Togi Tali besides, presidents from Donyi Polo Gamgi Kamba, Kerang and Yaki Tato also spoke on the occasion. (DIPRO)

Lohit DLC meeting on Jal Kranti Abhiyan
TEZU, Feb 23: A district level committee meeting on 'Jal Kranti Abhiyan' was convened by Water Resources Department at the Deputy Commissioner's conference hall under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak on Tuesday.  
Addressing the meeting, the DC made aware the members present on the significance of water conservation and water management. He pointed out that the centrally sponsored schemes needs be reviewed and should be region specific. A particular scheme or programme may not be suitable for a specific region. The schemes and programmes should be chalked out considering all the factors and should be region specific, he added.
He hoped that with a programme like 'Jal Kranti Abhiyan' where there is grass root involvement of stakeholders including Panchayati Raj Institutions and local bodies, allied government agencies/department etc. will be a successful one.
Executive Engineer WRD, C J Mannou informed that Koraliang Village Jalgrams and Waliang Village Jalgrams have been selected through the Block Level Committee meetings after considering all the guidelines.
The meeting was convened to discuss and finalise the proposals submitted by Block Level Committees and submit the proposals to the State Level Committee for further course of action. The meeting was attended by all the stakeholders and representatives from concern departments.
Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation has initiated 'Jal Kranti Abhiyan', to create mass awareness on the issue of consolidation of water conservation and management in the country through a holistic and integrated approach involving all stakeholders, thereby making it a mass movement.
Jal Kranti Abhiyan is intended to create awareness among various stakeholders about the importance of water conservation and to help in resolving several water related issues in the country. This is a convergence programme wherein all relevant existing and planned schemes of Government of India shall be brought at one point to achieve the objectives. DIPRO

Storm leaves trail of destruction, one killed
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: In a tragic incident one lady identified as Brahilata Chakma was killed and another women Dachin Chakma injured when powerful storm played havoc at Chongkham in Mahadevpur area in Namsai district on Monday.  
The district administration informed that powerful storm has uprooted numbers of trees and dwelling houses and damaged government building including schools.  Many electric poles were also destructed causing serious damaged to 33 KV/LT line leading to power crisis.  
A team of officers have been deputed to assess the actual loss of property, a release said. The release also stated that ferry services at Alubari Ghat has been temporarily suspended after Lohit River flowing above the danger level.

ILP checking drive  in Doimukh
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: An intensive ILP checking drive was conducted under Doimukh-Gumto jurisdiction by Doimukh Administration under the guidance  of Gumto CO Marchina Boria.
26 numbers of defaulters were found without valid ILP from Rajiv Gandhi University Campus, Emchi, Mani, Midpu and Doimukh Market. The local guardians on behalf of the defaulters submitted undertaking stating that they will ensure the making of their ILP within 7 days and rest of the defaulters without ILP were extricated out from Arunachal Pradesh through APP Check Gate, Gumto by officer in-charge Police Station Doimukh.
The Doimukh administration ascertained that such surprise checking will be conducted frequently and requested the public to ensure the persons working under them to obtain ILP before engaging them. The persons were prosecuted U/S 3 of BEFR, 1873. DIPRO

Deal with financial mismanagement: ACS
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: Citing the issue of alleged financial mismanagement in the state, the Arunachal Civil Society has requested Chief Minister Kalikho Pul to look into the problem.
In a release, ACS stated that since last two years the issue of financial mismanagement was a hotly discussed issue in various forums by many societies and NGOs.
Further, ACS has requested the Chief Minister to reshuffle the posts of Principal Secretary Finance and Secretary Finance. The workings of the two officers have created unnecessary obstacle for the indigenous people of the state and thereby creating hurdle for the development of the state, it added. The ACS has also requested the State BJP to take positive steps with the new Chief Minister so that the government runs smoothly until the next election to be held in 2019.

Training for PIOs and APIOs
ITANAGR, Feb 23: Altogether 38 Public Information Officers (PIOs) and Assistant Public Information Officers (APIOs) from various departments are attending the two days Workshop on 'Sensitization on RTI Act, 2005 for PlOs & APIOs that began at ATI Naharlagun on Tuesday under course fee sponsorship of DoPT, GoI.
Speaking on the occasion one of the resource persons, Information Commissioner, Matheim Linggi explaining the Preamble of RTI Act, 200 said, "Ours is a democratic setup. In democracy, every citizen has the full right to access any developmental activities of the public authority. The basic objective of enactment of RTI is to empower the citizens in accessing to information of welfare activities of the public authorities and to contain corruption and enrich the transparent governance."
Information Commissioner Nanom Jamoh emphasized that as a citizen of India, everybody has the right to seek information from public authorities. She advised that PIOs and APIOs be well equipped with every sections of the RTI Act.
"Pass more information to citizen, the more you inform more you educate the society," she said.

AAPPTF for NRSP in state
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: The All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) led by its President Dobing Sonam and General Secretary Gyamar Talik on Tuesday, submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner, Department of Transport asking him to implement National Road Safety Policy (NRSP) in the state.
"NRSP being an important policy undertaken by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways is supposed create mass awareness for safe driving by adopting various programmes. But the policy has never been successfully implemented in the state and accordingly general awareness among the public on road safety and safe driving is almost zero," the federation wrote in its letter.
AAPPTF also expressed its resentment over the allotment of fancy/old registration codes like ARC, ARP, ARZ etc to the motor vehicle owners by the transport department stating that many complaints have already been put before the concerned authorities about the same but it has gone unheard.
Alleging that additional payment of Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 that too without challan is being accepted by the transport department for allotting the registration codes, the federation stated that though the Transport Director has been directing the DTO's, EAC's and DC's to immediately stop such practices for the past two years, the trend still continues till date.
"Such allocation made out of the sequence makes it difficult to maintain proper data, which is against the conventional system of allocating codes as per sequel," the AAPPTF wrote demanding that such trend should be stopped at the earliest.
Further, asserting that many private and government organizations/departments of the state are hiring private vehicles from both within and outside the state for commercial use without possessing valid permits issued by the State Transport Authority, the federation stated that such hiring of vehicles without proper permit is not only illegal but is also a huge loss of revenue for the state government as well.   
It further asked the transport department to conduct checking of such vehicles and impose penalty on them if the permit is found invalid.
AAPPTF lastly also sought a consultation meeting with State Transport Authority so that the grievances faces by the private transport which ultimately affects the common people can be addressed at the earliest.  

Rural women trained on low cost solar fish drying method
PASIGHAT, Feb 23: In all, 27 farm women were imparted training on hygienic preservation of fish by using salt and sun drying method as part of a day-long hands on training-cum-demonstration programme on method of fish drying by using low cost solar dryer conducted by the East Siang, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agriculture University at Raling village here on Feb 23.
During the training, Subject Matter Specialist (fisheries),  demonstrated the methods of construction of low cost solar dryer and process of fish drying. The low cost solar dryer can be constructed by utilizing locally available material viz. bamboo, wood, white and black polythene sheet.

Free Anti-Rabies vaccination and spaying camp
DIRANG,  Feb 23: ICAR-National Research Centre (NRC) on Yak, Dirang in collaboration with State Veterinary Dispensary, Dirang conduced a free Anti-Rabies vaccination and spaying camp today under the TSP scheme.
Principal Scientist, Dr. D Bhattacharya gave an awareness lecture on Rabies and on major diseases of Yak and their preventive measures by Dr. A K Pachoni.
Dr. Sourabh Deori, Scientist inaugurated the vaccination programme by giving the first anti-rabies shot. A total of 34 dogs were vaccinated and 30 Para-veterinary staffs took part in the camp.
Dr. Darge Tsering, SVO, Dirang and Dr. (Ms) T. Rina, MVSc Scholar (Surgery) of ICAR-NRC on Yak conducted spaying. ICAR-NRC on Yak donated 200 Anti-Rabies vaccine doses along with other veterinary medicines and surgical appliances to the Veterinary Dispensary Dirang.

Clean Arunachal campaign in East Siang
RUKSIN, Feb 23: Joining the 'Clean Arunachal' campaign, Lisang Donyi Welfare Society with the help of Sille-Oyan circle administration recently conducted a cleaning programme at Oyan Chariali and along the rural roads.
Around one hundred participants including society members, government officials, shopkeepers, Gaon Burahs and local villagers cleaned up the market area and roadsides by disposing the garbage and cleared the stagnant water.
Opening the day-long cleaning programme, CO Silley-Oyan, Ocean Gao urged the local villagers to keep the area clean in order to prevent communicable diseases. Appreciating the efforts of the organizers, the CO urged them to continue the programme in the coming days.
Meanwhile, the forest department staffs of Pasighat, Councilors of Pasighat Municipal Council and members of Woman Against Social Evils separately conducted such cleaning programmes in Pasighat town last week.

Total sale of K&VI products crosses 6 lakhs
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: The total sale of the 13 Khadi & various Village Industries units which had put up their products for display and sale, was marked at Rs.6.25 lakh on the concluding day of the Arunachal Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board, Itanagar organized District Level Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) Exhibition held on the sidelines of the Statehood Day celebrations at IG Park, here on Feb 22.
Of the 13 units, 11 were from the state and the remaining 2 units were from Dibrugarh and another from Barpeta, Assam.
The Programme was sponsored by the Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, GoI.

ANDSU visits GHS school
ITANAGAR, Feb 23:The All Namsai District Student's Union (ANDSU) yesterday visited Government Higher Secondary School Lathao in Namsai.  The team was headed by union President Chow Sengkhun Manchey along with its executive members had detail discussion with principal of the school.  The union during the visit found that school is facing shortage of senior teachers in multiple subjects.  There is a lack of toilets for students and teaching staff, no proper boundary wall and no safe drinking water facilities available,  said a release.
The  student union has appealed to the concern authorities to look into the grievances raised by them.

CM ex-gratia to deceased family
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today met the son of the deceased Late K B Chetry on Tuesday, who died on Dec 17 road blockade due to lack of emergency medical care.
"On that fateful day, I begged for help but no one came forward," said Suraj Chetry, 30, son of the deceased during his meeting with the Chief Minister at his office.
Conveying his condolence to the bereaved family, the Chief Minister expressed shock at the incident. He said that such deprivation for emergency medical attention should never be meted out to anyone during blockades and bandh.
"We are with you and we will extend all possible help we can," the Chief Minister told the son of the deceased, who hails from Kimin, Assam.
As an immediate relief for the victim's family, the Chief Minister announced ex-gratia of Rs.1.5 lakhs from GA/DA while another Rs.2 lakhs was announced from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. (PRO to CM)

DUSC lifts Nyokum Yullo Cup Guwahati
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: Dui United Sporting Club lifted the Nyokum Yullo Cup Guwahati beating RIST FC by 3-0 goals at Khanapara ground, Guwahati.
The goals were scored by Techi Talar on 28th minute and Toko Tapa on 55th and 89th minutes respectively.  Toko Tapa of Dui United Sporting Club bagged the highest scorer trophy while Techi Talar got the best player title of the tournament.  Byabang Noah Dui of Dui United Sporting Club was adjudged the best manager. All together 7 teams participated in the tournament.
The tournament was organized by the Arunachal Nyishi Students Union Guwahati to commemorate the three days Nyokum Yullo celebration at Guwahati.

JCC condemn NES, ANSU
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: The Joint Core Committee (JCC), consisting of a group of organizations,  has condemned Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and All Nyishi Students' Union (ANSU) for terming Governor J P Rajkhowa as communal for his move on irregular officiating functional and out of term promotions.
The order is for all the bureaucrats and technocrats irrespective of any community, caste or region, working under various departments and not only for Nyishi govt officers, it reasoned and said that NES being a CBO should not involve themselves and drag the state issue to a mere communal stunt because of few vested and politically biased officers and bureaucrats.
ANSU being a students' body should concentrate and work for the betterment and upliftment of students belonging to their community, the committee further added.

Awareness campaign on CAMPA
ITANAGAR, Feb 23: An awareness campaign on biodiversity and wildlife conservation under state CAMPA (Compensatory Afforestation fund management and planning authority) 2016 was held at Govt Middle School, Balek in Lower Dibang Valley district on February 18 last.
The campaign was organized by Samaritan Society under the aegis of Divisional Forest Officer, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Roing.
Posters containing various attractive bio-diversity and wildlife conservation slogans were distributed among the students and teaching staffs as visuals aid of the campaign.