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Expectation from railway budget

The railway budget for the year 2016-17 will be presented tomorrow by the Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu. Expectations are running high with people rooting for introduction of new trains and improvement in passenger amenities. Passenger fares had not been hiked in the last Railway budget.  Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving special attention to railways, the condition of Indian railway has not improved much. Problems like late running of trains, lack of passenger facilities including cleanliness at the railway stations, lack of security arrangement, political pressure and interference are some of the major problems confronting the railways.

The talk of introducing high speed bullet train and semi-high speed train is also progressing in snail pace.  However, finally the government of India seems to have taken note of slow progress. Ahead of the Rail Budget, the government has taken a step forward in making bullet train a reality in India by creating a new company called the National High Speed Corporation Limited. Formed as a joint venture company between the Ministry of Railways and states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the company has a paid-up capital of Rs 20,000 crore - basically taking into account the future amount that it will invest into the 500-km Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train corridor. The remaining money, 81 per cent of the project cost, is being funded by Japan. It is expected that rail minister will infuse around Rs 200 crore for the first year of its operations as the newly formed entity takes baby steps. The semi high speed train service will roll out next month when Delhi-Agra Gatiman Express, the first train in India to run at a speed of 160 kmph start operation. These are positive signs and hopefully rail budget will have many more such offering. There is urgent need to improve quality of service. Also government should explore the possibilities of opening more FDI into railways. The Arunachalees expect more train service connecting Naharlagun with rest of the country. Especially there should be train service connecting Arunachal with southern India. Large numbers of Arunachalee students are studying in south India. If Naharlagun railway station is connected with south India it will immensely benefit them.








Readers’ Forum




Monitoring, accountability in delivery of projects

Dear Editor,

The state government needs to enforce a culture of competitive bidding through e-tendering for quality assurance, effective cost & time control in execution of works and accountability in delivery of projects. The same appears to be missing at the moment leading to blame game and excuses in the structure of project delivery. In absence of proper enforcement, the technocrats have apparently become mute spectators on account of prevalent system without sense of true ownership. The categories of executive class appear to have become redundant under the shadow of overpowering representatives of public and innumerable organisations. In such a scenario important aspect of accountability is diminished due to undue interference leading to blame game. And projects tend to suffer.

Any work executed on the ground without proper documentation of fair e-tendering & bidding, selection of most responsive qualified bidder through a committee and due process of contract agreement followed by written order of award will invite non-accountability and corruption. The supervisory staff and field engineers tend to shy away from the much needed round the clock monitoring of such works if executed at the behest of verbal instruction. Such work suffers from the angle of quality control, technical soundness, authenticated approved drawing & design, specifications and time-cost overrun. Therefore streamlining the system coupled with strict enforcement of guideline is need of the hour.

Medium and long time planning of projects:

In a democratic setup adhocism suite the elected representatives as against medium and long time plan. However, unless proper prioritization is conceived based on medium/long time plan, progression of developmental projects can go haywire. There will always be inadequacy of resources for project implementation across the state at certain stage of plan-journey. The essentiality is to balance the approach towards asset creation and infrastructural development in a meaningful manner without deviating from the conceived plan even while accommodating the intermittent adhoc proposals. It is important to conceive and adhere to the obligatory points in the phase of asset planning without frequent course correction under the influence of intense adhocism.

Modality of project clearance on account of shorter working period/season in the state:

For successful implementation of any project, time is an essence. Unless proper work schedule in tune with lesser working season/period is managed effectively, execution and intended date of delivery shall suffer. One of the major disconnects is the schedule of Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction of conceived projects in a particular financial year.

To expedite process of project approval, it necessitates early clearance of the annual operating plan (AOP) for the year. Obviously, the state planning & finance department normally does it on getting clearance from SDC and the centre. A mechanism of certain percentages of plan budget is suggested for provisional clearance based on BE to catch up with precious time of any calendar year. This could be followed by immediate provisional sanction so that tendering and award of work can be completed by the month of September. Unless works/projects are grounded by first week of October, the targeted project implementation cannot be achieved considering short working season. On the contrary, things get messed up towards the last quarter of the year leading to improper management of documentation, tedious process of award and execution in general. Under such circumstances, chances of pilferages coupled with random booking of expenditures prevail due to inadequate time for process of award and execution. This necessitates prompt attention of the government for the reasons as discussed above.

Technical man power and knowledge update:

In this fast changing world, certain technologies quickly become obsolete with the advent of modern science. In that, with the evolution of latest machineries and equipments, the specification of construction materials and their method of construction get modified with the passage of time. Needless to mention therefore, latest knowledge of in-service engineers and technocrats also require updating. Unfortunately, adequate attention is found wanting on the subject. In absence of proper in-house facilities of refresher courses and workshops in the state, especially the junior rank officers of field units (cutting edge) tend to suffer. The government inadvertently avoid sending these junior officers outside the state to attend much needed workshops/refresher courses due to considerable cost involved. This leads to poor construction quality for want of latest knowledge and proper application. Therefore, facilitating frequent training and workshops of in-service engineers is immensely important. Functional quality control laboratories manned by trained personnel/engineers are very essential and that which is missing at the moment in the state.

As the proverb goes- “too many cooks spoil the broth”; if too many people are involved in cooking a particular dish each might add a different ingredient which, in the end, spoils the entire dish. Likewise when too many people take up a job or project, they are likely to make a mess of it due to lack of coordination. Unless there is proper planning and demarcation of responsibility, the job will not be done as conceived. While many offices of departments bear the brunt of over-crowding with officers & staff, others suffer due to inadequate staff assistance. Both ways, works suffer. The idea is to facilitate a vibrant atmosphere of work environment with adequate staff for optimum performance and maximum governance. Unless the system of product delivery is emphasized as against mere attendance, there will be inefficiency in the system. Reward the performers and shunt the non-performer in the process.

Discontinuation of Functional appointments:

For ensuring proper functioning of the technocrats and engineers, it is important that they are motivated and eliminate any demoralizing effect while maintaining high moral ground in their service career. Of late, it is observed that functional/ officiating charges have become order of the day in various designations without consideration of their seniority. This has a demoralizing effect on the engineers who are senior to them. In unavoidable circumstances, such appointments may be made on the basis of seniority and merit; and as stipulated in the Recruitment Rules. Recently state government has taken initiative to do away with such appointments for good.

Independent project/work monitoring cell in the state.

Creating an independent monitoring cell of works/projects may be a good idea directly under the control of the Chief Secretary. The unit should be manned by experience technocrats of good repute for verifying correctness of engineering scope of major projects and their sound implementation. This arrangement will assist the CS in directing and monitoring major projects of work’s departments in an effective manner through the prism of a technocrat. However, this is suggested without casting any aspersions on the proficiency of senior engineers in various departments.






Who is in the opposition?

Dear Editor,

Through your esteemed daily, I would like to ventilate my opinion on present political scenario.

After the political turmoil and imposition of Presidents Rule, a new era of politics has emerged in the state.

Two arch rival parties have joined hands to form a government under Pul. As the BJP has extended unconditional outside support, I wonder who shall take the responsibility to check the Omissions and Commissions of the Government.

Will the Congress (Tuki) cooperate Congress (Pul) keeping aside their antagonism. Will Congress (Tuki) act as opposition despite being from the same party?

But we can conclude on one point that the recent incidents have paved the way for the BJP in the state. Arunachalees shall witness a long queue of our Legislators outside BJP office for ticket in next elections.  My question is who is in the opposition?


Yab Nikum Kaih

Rajiv Gandhi University,




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Defying Congress warning Pul elected as CLP leader, to face floor test today
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Defying the warning of the Congress party, Kalikho Pul, newly sworn in Chief Minister, was elected as Congress Legislators Party (CLP) leader after he convened a CLP meeting on Wednesday. Pul will face floor test in the Assembly on Thursday to prove his majority.  AICC Northeastern States in-charge V Narayanasamy in a letter issued to Congress legislators, warned them of “consequences” if they attend CLP meeting called by Pul on Wednesday evening. “Pul was not elected as CLP leader and was not recognized by the party leadership. He has no authority whatsoever under the rules of the Congress party to convene a CLP meeting,” the  letter  said.
However, new Chief Minister managed to pull out more MLAs from Tuki camp by parading six legislators including three former ministers namely Takam Pario, Gojen Gadi, Jomde Kena and three former parliamentary secretaries Likha Saaya, Punji Mara, and Jambey Tashi before the media.  Pul also claimed to have support of former minister Tirong Aboh, 10th East Seppa MLA Tapuk Taku and Dambuk MLA Gum Tayeng and claimed that former Home Minister Tanga Byaling and Daporijo MLA Dikto Yekar are also joining to his camp soon.
Pul’s open defiance further fueled speculation that his team would possibly be marching into BJP. However, new Chief Minister flatly denied saying he will not march into BJP and reiterated that he is still a Congressman, so as his government.  
Addressing the media persons on the sideline of CLP meeting, Chief Minister said, “I have formed a government with 32 MLAs”. He added that his government is a Congress government but supported by BJP from outside.  “Accountability, responsive and corruption free governance are priority of my government” CM said.  The Chief Minister further stated that his fight is against autocratic and unlawful way of functioning by the former chief minister.
Standing tall to his commitments, Pul released salaries of contractual and CSS staffs of various departments which were lying pending for long.
Just couple of days after his swearing in as the 8th chief minister of this Himalayan State, wasting no time, Pul cleared the outstanding salaries of Panchayati Raj, Science and Technology, DRDA, Information Technology and Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department. While Rs. 1297.84 lakhs for payment of wages of the contractual staffs under de-linked schemes of Panchayati Raj department was released, another Rs. 250 Lakhs was made at large to Science and Technology for salaries and wages of the employees under Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology, State Remote Sensing Application Centre and Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre by the CM.
The long pending salaries and wages due to DRDA staff to the tune of Rs 3000 lakhs was also released while Rs. 60 lakhs for the staff of State Council including Rs. 30 lakhs salary deficit of the financial year 2015-16 plus Rs. 30 lakhs against backlogs salary deficit carried over from the financial year 2014-15 was cleared for Information Technology department.
Chief Minister also approved for release of Rs. 60 lakhs for making payment of the salary to the staff employed against the CSS schemes under Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department.
Maintaining that the state government would ensure that the employees would get their hard earned salaries well in time on monthly basis, he reiterated his strong stand that the duty of the government to pay employees  salaries on the given time frame would be holistically ensured.
He called upon the employees to adopt seamless work culture and maintain office decorum to provide the basic concept of public services for which they have been employed for. He echoed his stand of zero tolerance towards Basic Essential Services.

Festival of Arunachal taking bigger shape
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: The festival of Arunachal 2016 edition which concluded on Monday was unique in a way that for the first time it was spread across the capital. While the main venue was at IG Park where traditionally it is held every year this time the festival spread to Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) and Naharlagun. Even though festival was organized in the midst of massive political turmoil, it went off well without any major hurdle.
A team led by Dani Salu secretary art and culture as festival chairman, DC Capital Sandeep Kr Singh (organizing secretary) and EAC Itanagar Tame Yajum (Festival Director), despite all odds worked hard to ensure that this annual festival does not get affected by political instability gripping state. The start of festival coincided with end of the North East Film festival. For the first time in the history of Arunachal, renowned film maker like Jahnu Barua, Meghna Gulzar and Aribam Syam Sharma attended the Film Festival. The ideas shared by these film makers will inspire generation of Arunachalees, who thronged festival venue in large number.  
In a first of its kind this time, the festival was taken to the streets of Naharlagun. Termed boulevard of colours - the two days cultural and music street pageant was held on February 21 and 22. As soon as sun set, the streets of Naharlagun near G –extension brightened with magical performance of dance and song. The carnival like atmosphere lit the whole Naharlagun town.
Another interesting event organized as part of the festival of Arunachal was symposium on the topic “growth of representative government in Arunachal Pradesh.” The symposium was inaugurated by Nabam Runghki, former agency council member who is credited for bringing capital to Itanagar. The organizer felicitated and remembered all the first members of agency council during the day.
Speaking to this daily Dani Salu, festival chairman cum secretary art and culture, credited the robust political system of state for successful completion of festival. “A proper structure has been in place since last many years. Therefore we could manage to organize festival without any major trouble. This year we tried to innovate and involve as many people as possible by taking festival to Naharlagun and RGU. Hopefully in coming year the festival will get better,” said Salu. Further he added, “The Chief Ministers trophy sport event which we organized as part of statehood day celebration is also endeavour of the government to involve people from every nook and corner of state in the celebration. The participants of CM trophy starts journey from block level.”
Besides providing platform to the Arunachalee artistes to showcase their talent, the festival also witnessed performers from neighbouring state enthralling the crowd. The performance by Shillong Chamber Choir on the opening day was one of the highlights of the festival. There is no doubt that festival of Arunachal is getting better and bigger with each passing year but it needs improvement in certain sector. Despite the best effort put in by organizer, the prices of food items continuous to be extremely high and out of reach for the poor. The organizer needs to do serious homework on this issue.

Governor summons Assembly session
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh J P Rajkhowa has summoned the Sixth Legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh on 25th and 27th February 2016.  
In exercise of the powers conferred upon him by Clause (I) of Article 174 of the Constitution, the Governor summoned the Legislative Assembly to meet for its Seventh Session at 10.00 am on 25th and 27th February 2016 in the State Legislative Assembly Chamber at Naharlagun.(PRO to Raj Bhavan)
Traffic diversion
Meanwhile, Capital SP Devender Arya informed that the National Highway (NH-415) from Arunachal State Hospital tri-junction to Chandni Hotel tri-junction, Naharlagun will remain closed for traffic on February 25 and 27 from 7 am to 4 pm due to Assembly Session at AP Legislative Assembly Building, Naharlagun.
Alternative arrangements have been made for all incoming and outgoing traffic.
Vehicles coming from Itanagar will be diverted at ASH tri-junction via Prem Nagar and take the highway again at helipad tri-junction. Similarly, vehicles coming from Nirjuli will be diverted at Chandni Hotel tri-junction and take the highway back at G-extension tri-junction, Naharlagun.

Ahead of floor test, Congress issues whip
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Ahead of crucial floor test in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly session, Congress Legislature Party (CLP) Chief Whip  Rajesh Tacho issued a whip to the all Congress MLAs.
A three line whip issued to all Congress MLAs by Rajesh Tacho states "The discussion and voting on the confidence motion moved by Kalikho Put or his representative is coming up before the ‘illegally’ summoned assembly session on February 25 & 27. You are hereby directed being Members of the Congress Legislature Party to abstain from attending the session and abstain from voting.”
Violation of this whip by any of the Congress MLAs and attending the Seventh Session of the Sixth Legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh on February 25  and 27 or any other adjourned date and participating / voting in any confidence vote sought by Kalikho Pul or any other person claiming on behalf of the Congress Party would entail disqualification under Paragraph 2(l)(b) of the 10th Schedule to the Constitution of India",  the chief whip  added.

Development of remote areas needed to prevent migration to urban areas: Governor
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Governor JP Rajkhowa emphasized on development of remote border areas in order to arrest the problem of migration to urban areas.
Interacting with a delegation of Eastern Arunachal People’s Organization (EAPO) led by Obang Dai, a retired administrative officer, at Raj Bhawan on Wednesday, Rajkhowa sought area specific suggestions from the senior citizens for overall development of the State.
To arrest the migration of people from border areas, the senior people must share their experiences and provide constructive suggestions so that developmental process reaches to the remotest villages, the Governor said.
Responding positively to the memorandum submitted by the EAPO, the Governor said that effort will be there to address their grievances.
Regarding decentralization of administration and developmental processes, the Governor said that if Divisional Commissioners are posted, they must be in their place of posting.
Later, the Governor also met two-member delegation of Apatani Youth Association (AYA). He advised them to motivate the youth to take up self employment projects under Horticulture-Agriculture and allied sector.
The Governor, who has been strongly advocating for harnessing this sector, said that the State has huge potential in horti-agri sector and the youth must be a partner in it.
Responding to a memorandum submitted by AYA delegation regarding Advance Landing Ground, Ziro, the Governor said that he has already taken up the issue with Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and ministers concerned. He opined that there must be civilian terminals for passenger service operations along with defence service facilities in all the upcoming ALGs of the State. Such facilities will enhance communication amenities to the people and tourism of the State. (PRO to Raj Bhawan)

Lifters continue to shine in NWC
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Yukar Tachack of Arunachal Pradesh bagged three silver medals in Boys Youth category in the ongoing National Weightlifting Championships (NWC)-2016 in Patna, Bihar on Wednesday.
He bagged a silver medal each in Snatch ((102kg), Clean and Jerk (125kg) and in total lift (227kg), informed Arunachal Weightlifting Association (AWA).
Tachack could have performed better had he not suffered severe muscles and hamstring injuries during his third attempt in Clean and Jerk, said AWA.
Participating in Boys Youth 62 Kg category, another lifter from the State Thrombo Tayu failed to win medal.
The total medals bagged by Arunachal Pradesh in the championship rose from two to five (1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze).
Another medal prospect Lalu Taku could not take part in the competition due to ill health.

Governor, CM congrats medal winning lifters
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa and Chief Minister Kalikho Pul have congratulated weightlifter Umpe Dambi for winning a Gold medal in the 11th Youth (Boys & Girls) and 52nd Men & 28th Women Junior National Weightlifting Championships-2016 at Patna, Bihar.  He won the Gold medal in the Snatch section on Tuesday by lifting 91Kg.
The Governor expressed hope that Dambi will excel in all sections of the sport and will bring more laurels for the State and Country as well. He conveyed his good wishes for a bright future to the young weightlifter.
The Chief Minister in his congratulatory message said that the youths in the state have immense potentials, which must be nurtured.
“We have to make our youths realize their potential through inspirational and motivational exposures, career guidance and capacity building,” he said.
Encouraging the youths to take up sports activities, the Chief  Minister said that sports foster unity, friendship and brotherhood besides keeping the players stay physically fit and mentally sound.
The Chief Minister also congratulated Gungte Yangfo, who won a Bronze medal in the snatch section. He further encouraged Ruba Tadu, who settled for the fifth in the championship, for a better  performance in future.

Shrinking forest reflects indigenous ignorance
JAIRAMPUR, Feb 24: With primary objective to educate the villagers, a Jairampur based NGO Machan along with Nampong Forest Division (NFD), Jairampur conducted its third awareness programme on demerit of jhum cultivation at Taipong village near here on Wednesday.
Resource person NFD Divisional Forest Officer C Loma stressed on the significance of forest covers and described how its decline will affect the environment and local population that has been depending completely on forest for livelihood.
He feared that destruction of forest will not only cause natural calamities but also close the doors of livelihood for the farmers. He opined that shrinking of forest covers reflects indigenous ignorance on the importance and benefit of forest resources. He also felt that ignorance has added to the rampant deforestation activities in the region.
“Despite being a primitive method jhumming is one of the primary sources of livelihood in rural pockets of Changlang district and it’ll be illogical forcing them to shun the habit immediately,” he said.
He suggested the farmers to gradually phase out the destructive mode of agriculture by adopting much safer and modern methods. Such adaptation will not only enhance the production but also prevent deforestation.
“Like other consumer goods, we can’t manufacture water or tree, so we don’t have the rights to obliterate the nature’s bestowment. We can prevent the degeneration and protect the forest by extracting the resources in a regulated manner,” he said.
Resource person NFD Range Officer T Kamchi described in details the disadvantages of jhum or shifting cultivation and advised the indigenous farmers to gradually shift towards wet paddy cultivation or other permanent mode of agriculture.
“From rampant deforestation to accidental forest fires, jhumming narrates only drawbacks. While slashing and burning the jungles unknowingly valuable plant, trees and herbs with medicinal or ornamental properties are destroyed. It could have earned more money than the jhumming yield, he added.
He also suggested for prolonging the life of forest by slowing down the destruction rate which can be achieved by shifting towards more permanent sources that has high yield potential and more commercial sustainability.
Informing about the NGO’s next move, Machan Secretary Tom Simai said, “Machan will be conducting free drugs, opium and alcohol de-addiction camp at Jairampur next month and asked everyone affected by the addiction disease to avail the benefit from the weeklong camp.”

Exhibition stall of Research Dept in Statehood Day celebration draws huge crowd
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Exhibition stall of Research Publications put up by Directorate of Research was the destination of thousands visitors, particularly student, scholar, academician and book lover, in search of books on culture, custom, traditions, linguistic, archaeology, museum and Gazetteers of Arunachal Pradesh during just concluded ‘Arunachal Festival, 2016’ at Indira Gandhi Park here.
The interior decoration of the stall was aesthetically splendid with thematic presentation- “Folk Dances: Enchanting Cultural Heritage of Arunachal Pradesh”.
Besides iconic Dr. Varrier Elwin’s books other two books - Glimpses of Early History of Arunachal Pradesh by LN Chakraborty and Archaeology in Arunachal Pradesh by YA Raikar were highest sold titles.
“Treasure trove of information, - most Authentic and update, found highly evocative…”, opined Satyabrata Guha, Dy. Director General Geological Survey of India during his visit to the stall.
“ I visited the stall of Research Department and found very impressive and hospitality from the officers and officials,” said Jomnya Siram, Jt. Director: Art & Culture.
Dr. Asham Borang, Senior Scientist, SFRI, said “The life of all the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh has been brilliantly documented. It is one of the best sources of literature on the tribal life of the state”.
“The stall is really graceful. Books displayed in the stall on Arunachal Pradesh is a great opportunity to the common readers, said Barindra Kumar Haldar, Rtd. Railway employees.

Capacity building training for teachers
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Two training programmes for secondary level teachers to develop their English and Hindi language skills commenced on Tuesday in the Conference halls of SCERT at Gohpur Tinali near here.
The main objectives of the training programmes are to equip the secondary level teachers with the appropriate methods and techniques of developing the language skills so as to enable them to adopt appropriate teaching learning practices in the class room.
Secondary level subject teachers in Hindi and English from 8 districts are attending the two training programmes.
Prof. Hemraj Meena, Regional Director of Kendriya Hindi Shikshyan Sansthan, Guwahati, who has been specially invited to act as one of the Key Resource persons in the training programme, appealed to the State Government to take necessary initiative for establishment of a regional centre of Kendriya Hindi Shikshyan Sansthan at Itanagar for regular capacity building and training of Hindi teachers in Arunachal Pradesh. He informed that similar types of regional centres are functioning in three states of the North Eastern region at present with necessary funding from MHRD, Govt, of India.
Dr. Bhagabat Nayak, Department of English, Dr. Harish Sharma and Dr Abhishek Kumar Yadav, Department of Hindi, all from Rajiv Gandhi University are the resource persons of the training programmes.
S.Pradhan, SS (Eng) and Dr.Nand LaI, SS (Hindi) of SCERT, Itanagar are co-ordinating the training programmes under the guidance of SCERT, Joint Director Gania Leij.

DC reviews Bio Metric Enrollment under NPR
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Singh instructed the administrative and district statistical officers to ensure cent percent biometric enrollment of population under National Population Register (NPR).
The DC, who reviewed the status of Bio Metric Enrolment (BME) under National Population Register (NPR) and updation of NPR database of Capital Complex in a meeting in his chamber on Wednesday, asked the Administrative Officers to properly assess each Enumeration Block and make a proper schedule so that there is 100% registration of population under NPR (Biometric Enrollment).
The BME date for Capital Complex has been tentatively fixed from March 1 to 30.
Since Itanagar and Naharlagun are comprised with both urban and rural area, the DC directed both the EACs of Itanagar and Naharlagun to liaise with the DDSE Itanagar for manpower management so that the process could be carried out successfully in the given time period.
A mobile bus would be provided for the purpose of BME for the convenience of the public, Singh said, and asked both the EACs to prepare a proper schedule along with checklist/list of documents required for the same.
The NPR updation process has been completed in Banderdewa circle, informed CO Banderdewa.
The EACs of Itanagar and Naharlagun, the DDSE Itanagar, COs of both Itanagar and Nahralagun Neelam, Banderdewa were present in the meeting. DIPRO

48th Nyokum Yullo celebration begins at Yazali
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: The 48th Nyokum Yullo celebration at Yazali was declared open on Wednesday by Tadar Yedir, Vice Chairman Central Nyokum Committee.
Speaking on the occasion she expressed her gratitude to the organizing committee for giving her the opportunity to attend  the celebration at her birth place. Further, she advocated the popularization of Nyokum Yullo not only in the Nyishi inhabited areas but throughout the world. Giving example of Rikam Pada, she said it is very popular dance form of Nyishi and is famous worldwide.
She also observed that one of the main reasons for diminishing participation in Nyokum Yullo is due to the lack of knowledge of about rich tradition and culture. She believes it is due to the lack of written literature. Therefore, she appealed especially to the educated youths to come forward and write down the oral tradition of the Nyishi community.  She also encouraged age old rituals and thus appreciated Yazali Nyokum Yullo committee which might be one of the last team to still follow age old tradition. It is worth to mention that Yazali doesn't have VIP and Chief Guest system for Nyokum Yullo.

An awareness camp on bio diversity and wildlife conservation
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: An awareness campaign on bio diversity and wildlife conservation under state CAMPA [Compensatory Aforestation Fund Management & Planning Authority] in Government Middle School, Balek, Lower Dibang Valley district recently.
Posters containing various attractive bio-diversity and wildlife conservation slogans were distributed among the students and teaching staff as visuals aid of the campaign.
Deputy Forest Rangers Kapak Ori and Kabuk Lego explained of the need to conserve biodiversity and wildlife and their role in human life.
Earlier, Bappi Bhattacharjee, a social worker, spoke on the aims and objective of the campaign. It was organized by Samaritan Society, a Roing based NGO, under the aegis of Divisional Forest Officer, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Roing.

Subject teachers sought
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Claiming that the Government Higher Secondary School, Seijosa has been facing shortage of regular Mathematics and Chemistry subject teachers, the All Pakke-Kessang Pijerang, Dissing-Passo, Seijosa Students’ Union (APPDSSU) has in a letter to the Director of School Education today appealed to him to direct the authorities concerned to post the required subject teachers in the school soon before the start of next academic year.  
The Science stream students of class XI and XII of the said school have been deprived of a regular Mathematics and Chemistry subject teachers since last two academic sessions while most of the students are dependent on private tuitions to complete their syllabus, the APPDSSU claimed.

Awareness camp on PWDVA & POCSOA begins
PASIGHAT, Feb 24: Two-day awareness camp on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (PWDVA & POCSOA) has begun today in the Siang Guest House conference hall. The camp is being organized by the Deputy Director of ICDS Cell, Pasighat and participated by the government employees of various departments including police, education and medical departments. Legal experts Kami Nada (APSWC, Itanagar) and Mary Tatak (Pasighat) and Psychiatrist Dr. LC Darung of Pasighat General Hospital are attending the sensitizing program as resource persons.
While chairing the meeting cum campaign, Otel Ering Tayeng, member of Arunachal Pradesh State Women Commission stated that Indian Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures to ensure equal rights for women in every sphere in the society.  Within the framework of a democratic polity, our laws, development policies, plans and programs have aimed at women’s advancement in different field of activities, she added.  
Sharing data of a survey conducted by the women commission recently in the state, Tayeng informed that the relevant Acts which intend to protect women and children through all stages of judicial process have not able to achieve the goal because of lack of awareness. These Acts can revolutionize the justice system if the women and children are made aware of it, she opined.
DD, ICDS Cell, Pasighat, Ponung Ering Angu briefed about the aims and objectives of the awareness campaign and stated that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation is the call of the hours. According to her, the awareness regarding the Acts is needed to intensify as several women and  child related cases might have not reached the proper forum to seek justice due to ignorance.
Dr. Darung said that the lawyers must work as mediators to clear the long pending backlog cases. Police have to play a proactive role in registering the complaints of the woman/child victims who are the victims of domestic violence and sexual offence. He went on to add that efforts are being made to strengthen the system of alternative dispute resolution for offering mediation and conciliation services.
Both the legal experts claimed that people are now more aware of the safeguards and the stringent penal provision of the Act and called for settling cases through mediation and conciliation. Efforts are being made to create awareness in this regard among people, they said. Participants in the  camp cleared their doubts during open house discussion. DIPRO

Nostalgia grips former teacher
AALO, Feb 24: AVK Murthy Aiyer of Kerala, who spent his entire life serving as teacher in Arunachal Pradesh, became nostalgic when he returned to Aalo recently and reminisced about his past here with the former students.
“It is my love for this beautiful place, rich culture and emotional attachment with the students with whom I spent my service life as an English teacher that prompted me to make a homecoming all the way from the border area of Kerala and am elated to know that most of my students from Govt. H.S. School Aalo and Kamba are responsible officers or good intellectuals now,” said Aiyer while giving a nostalgic tinged sharing with the former students in his brief stay at Aalo.
He was not only a teacher, philosopher and guide but a scholar of high order who took keen interest in tribal culture and indulged in tribal literary activities, like Galo Gomku Agom, Galo- English dictionary for which the Golden Jubilee Central Mopin Celebration Committee has listed his name for felicitation in the coming Golden Jubilee year of Mopin celebration in 2016.
KS Narayan, a Malayalam writer who accompanied him was also all praise for the land and its people.
His punctuality in duties, motivation and commitment towards the student community were instrumental in shaping the destinies of the students.
He made series of visits to Govt. H.S.S. where he served as senior teacher, Kamba HSS as Vice Principal with the help of his student, Minjom Padu, EE PWD Mechuka and was part of Statehood Day celebration to give away the prizes for cultural competition.
In the absence of convent schools for higher schooling in those days, the students relied on such individual subject teachers who really came here with that mission and zeal to serve the students. DIPRO

DLVMC meeting held
ZIRO, Feb 24:  A District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting was held in the office chamber of Lower Subansiri DC Kanki Darang here on Feb 22 last.
During the meeting the progress and status of various programmes under the DVBCP, NPCDCS, RNTCP and NRMM was reviewed in presence of incharge DMO-cum-DFWO, Dr. Derin Likar, ADC(AG)-cum-CEO Panchayat, Nending Chatung, DPO (NPCDCS) Dr. Subu Habung and DTO Dr. Hage Nibo among others.
In the inaugural address, incharge DMO, Dr. Derin Likar said that the National Health Mission was launched with an aim to establish accessible, affordable and reliable primary health care system with special focus on High Priority Districts (HPD) and emphasized on the need to maintain inter-sectoral convergence and community participation to achieve the goals under NHM.
DPO (NPCDCS) Dr. Subu Habung and DTO Dr. Hage Nibo further informed that financial crunch and late or non release of the funds hampers the smooth performance of the programme to which the DC suggested to pursue the matter to the concerned higher authorities to bridge the gap.
While suggesting that the activities like health camps, awareness camps or any other activities of the vertical programmes and RCH-II should be clubbed together for the better service to the people, the DC suggested that NCD cell should make initiative to take the advantage of the public gathering during the eve of Republic Day, Independence Day and any other festivals to address the health care needs of the common people in regards to NCD.
He also stressed the need of inter-sectoral convergence of WCD department and the Department of Health & FW at community level and advised to fix a date for a meeting to plan for the convergence activities in the district for the effective outcome of the NHM.
Deputy Director ICDS, Ziro, Jaya Jaiswal also suggested that Village Health and Nutrition Day should be clubbed with ICDS after an official order for the convergence activities of AWWs and ASHAs at community level.
ZPC, Hage Kobin, in his address said that co-ordination of PRI members and the health workers from the department of Health & Family Welfare is a must for the promotion of the health, implementation and progress of the programmes in the community level. (DIPRO)

Action against power officials sought
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Alleging that the AE and JE of Power Department, Nirjuli area  have been asking donations from the people of Aniya Village under Nirjuli for purchasing a new transformer to replace the existing one which was recently damaged, the All Arunachal Pradesh Labour Union (AAPLU) in a letter to the state Chief Secretary appealed to him to initiate strict action against the said officers.  
The AAPLU  further alleged that the said officers have been asking people to donate Rs. 3000 per family to procure a new transformer as the existing one was damaged over a fortnight ago interrupting  power supply in the area.  Most of the families are poor and cannot afford the sum, it  said.
It further demanded the concerned authority to resume power supply to the area within two days and threatened to resort to democratic movement incase its demands are not met within stipulated time.

Substandard blacktopping works alleged
ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Alleging the highway department of not properly executing the ongoing blacktopping works in between Itanagar-Banderdewa according to the DPR, the All Arunachal Contractor’s Welfare Association (AACWA) has in a release today demanded strict action against all erring officers of concern division.
Their failure to properly supervise the contractor’s work has resulted in sub-standard work, the AACWA claimed adding that many culverts between Itanagar- Naharlagun is still incomplete and suggested timely payment to  contractors for smooth execution of all pending works.
The Association also urged the concerned departments to improve water supply in the twin Capital City.