February 29

Injured Red Panda rescued, recuperating at Zoo
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: A Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) was handed over to the Itanagar Biological Park authorities by one Taba Nepa of Kebi village in Lower Subansiri recently.
Badly injured by the labourers of a Cardamom garden in the village, the Panda is now recuperating under the care of Veterinary Officer, Biological Park, Itanagar, Dr Sorang Tadap.
According to the Curator of Biological Park Itanagar, it is for the first time that a Red Panda has been reported from Yachuli area.
Meanhwile, small Asiatic softshell turtle (Amyda cartilaginea) rescued from Chimpu by IRBN Personnel Tadu Bacha and Bikom Lapung of Group Centre, Chimpu was also handed over to the Zoo.
Meanwhile, the Curator of Biological Park, Itanagar Raya Flago appreciating people for their effort in the preservation of wildlife has appealed everyone to stop hunting and buying wild meat.
“A person who abets, use, possesses, and buy wildlife and their parts have equal punishment as that of actual hunter,” he said adding, “The punishment provisions in Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 have also been increased significantly”.
The imprisonment may be extended up to seven years and fine may extend up to fifty lakh rupees in case of wildlife crime, Flago said.

Banderdewa- Itanagar road to be completed in year’s time: Pul
ITANAGAR, Feb 28:  Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Kalikho Pul assured that the state government will maintain the stretch of road from Banderdewa to Itanagar and complete the maintenance work of culvert, road of the entire stretch within a year’s time.
Wherever central support is required, CM said that he would approach the Prime Minister and the Union Ministry for funds to complete the projects.
He said this while inspecting the National Highway 415 from Chandranagar to Banderdewa on Sunday  to take first-hand information about the strategic road connecting the twin capital city of Arunachal Pradesh.
The four lane highway which was planned and designed in the year 2007-2008 didn’t see the light of execution till today due to three major issues: the land acquisition, non earmarking of Right of Way and high cost involvement, said a statement from the CMO as it added that CM was astonished to find out that till today the state government was confused over the actual length of right of way.
In 2001 the right of way was 30 metres while in 2006 it was made 40 metres. In 2013 the cabinet had revised the ROW to 22-24 meters while as per the CPWD manual the actual requirement is 60 meters. The highway engineers however clarified that the present requirement for Itanagar to Banderdewa would be 30 meters in built up area and 40 meters in open area.
Having an overview of the issues, CM viewed that the state lacked a strong political will to get the projects through. Although national highways are funded by the central government, a collective approach and support from all stakeholder is the need of the hour.
He also announced to upkeep of the roads from the vital inter-state check gates upto the district headquarter.
While assuring to maintain all sector roads in 2016, Chief Minister instructed DC to issue an executive order prohibiting dumping of muds on the road. He also asked the DC and SP to do rounds of the capital complex to stop such illegal activities. The contractors or the persons digging or bulldozing muds should clear the debris so that the road is maintained and cleanliness is ensured, he said. CM categorically appealed the denizens to keep the ROW of sectors and highway and support the government in realising the dream of four lane highway.  
The Chief Minister was accompanied by Chief Engineer Highway Bora Ete.

Sports Secretary assures to initiate Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium
AKA felicitates medal winning karate players
Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: Secretary (Sports) Dani Salu said he will take all necessary initiative to set the ball rolling for construction of a multi-purpose indoor stadium in Capital Complex.
Attending a function to felicitate the medal winners of the recently held KAI National Senior Karate Championship at a city hotel at Naharlagun on Sunday, Salu said he will make every effort within his capacity at appropriate level to construct the indoor stadium—a long-felt demand of sports fraternity of the State.
Responding to a complaint made against Sports Authority of Arunachal (SAA) with regards to release of fund to various associations and huge liabilities pending with it, the Secretary said, he will soon convene a meeting to review the functioning of the Authority  and also various sports associations in the State.
Salu said he was satisfied with the recent performance of the sportspersons of the state despite resource limitation. He credited it to those sports mentors, who have been working silently without depending much on government aid and assistance.
Speaking about karate, Salu said it has occupied the status of number one sport in Arunachal Pradesh.
While congratulating the medal winners of KAI Senior National Karate Championship, the Sports Secretary said he wants to see atleast a player from the state standing at the podium in Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
He assured the Arunachal Karate Association that the demand for Karate coach will be fulfilled.
“There is no dearth of sports talents in Arunachal Pradesh. The youths of the state have the potential to compete with the best athletes of the world. What they need is honing their skills,” said Indian Weightlifting Federation vice president Abraham K Techi. Abraham, also president of Arunachal Weightlifting Association, exuded confidence that lifters at Army Sports Institute, Pune will make the country proud by winning medals in Rio Olympics, if they are able to maintain consistency in their performance.
Arunachal Karate Association president Likha Tara briefed the Secretary (Sports) about arduous journey of karate in Arunachal since 1984. Tara, who also is the vice president of Karate Association of India, highlighted the various shortcomings in sports sector, such as lack of infrastructure, coaches, training facilities etc.
Tara, who earlier served as vice president of SAA, urged the Sports Secretary to give top priority to construction of the multipurpose indoor stadium instead of going for constructing small halls which serve no purposes. He also informed Salu about huge liabilities of AKA pending with SAA since last five years.
Earlier, AKA felicitated all the medal winning players, including coach and team manager of KAI Senior National Championship held in Kerala earlier this month with cash prizes as a token of encouragement.
Salu along with Abraham, Director (Sports) Tadar Appa and AKA president Tara presented cheques to the players.
KAI Senior National Championship is the top karate event in the country where top karate players of the country, including teams from the Services take part.
Arunachal won one gold, two silver and two bronze medals in the championship.
Sinne Mikhu won the gold medal in men’s individual kumite in below 50kg category.
Nikter Ani and Johny Mangkhiya bagged a silver medal each in women’s below 61 kg and 68 kg category respectively in individual kumite (fight). Rei Yadi bagged one bronze in women’s individual kumite in below 50 kg category. The second bronze medal came from Team Kumite. The team comprised of Sinne Mikhu, Tage Saa, P Nobin Jomoh, Matyup Tamblung, Anurudh Sahani, U Tarun Ch. Singh and Yarjum Sera.
AKA vice presidents Yarda Niki, Dr. Marli Ette, general secretary Langkung Marik, treasurer Tai Hipik were present among others.

CM announces ex gratia for fire victims
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: Chief Minister Kalikho Pul visited  the bereaved family members of Taba Yaki and her daughter Taba Appung who died in a fire accident at Aniya village near Nirjuli on February 26.
During the visit, the family members told the Chief Minister that fire accident was caused by a candle due to non-availability of power supply for past many days.
The Chief Minister sanctioned immediate ex-gratia relief of Rs 8 lakhs according to the government norms in addition to relief materials for reconstruction of house for the victim's family. Sharing the sorrow of the bereaved family, Pul also contributed from his own source.  The chief minister later called the power department officers and questioned them about the allegation.  They informed that the 25 kV transformer which supplied electricity to the village broke down 10 days before due to excessive load. Due to non-availability of materials in the capital, the transformer could not be repaired.
CM ordered for immediate procurement of  a transformer of 100 kv and told them that the state government would not tolerate lapses in basic services sector.
Pul visited the fire accident site, where the family members and the villagers were erecting new kutcha house for the family of the fire victim.
While interacting, the villagers complained about lack of road, bridge and drinking water supply. The CM directed the DC to immediately prepare a proposal which would be taken under SIDF in the current fiscal.
Meanwhile,  Governor of Arunachal Pradesh JP Rajkhowa condoled the tragic demise of Taba Yaki and her daughter Taba Appung.
The Governor, while conveying heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved family, prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul.
He wished adequate relief and assistance will be provided to the bereaved family as per norms. PRO to Raj Bhawan

In the name of traditional hunting
[ Azing Pertin ]
Unying Aaran, the traditional festival of the Adi community is around the bend and the wildlife count waits to be drastically reduced yet again this year. Communal hunting is a defining ritual of the Aaran festival, where small game like wild birds, squirrels and rats are a gift to the old and young. The hunting tradition has taken a dangerous turn with modern guns of all choices turning out to be more accurate and devastating with the pull of the every next trigger. Traditional trapping for small game still exists but hunting with bow and arrows is almost extinct. The enormity of the hunted and wildlife dead can be witnessed on the day just before Aaran when the hunters return home after spending nights in the jungle.       
Contradicting this hunting tradition lays the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary (DEWS) right in the middle of Siang River. The winters are a harrowing time for the handful of forest and wildlife guards manning the sanctuary as the hunting expeditions by the villagers from the periphery are on rise and happens during the cover of the dark. Further, the peculiar nature of being a wildlife sanctuary made up of around 18 river islands provides easy passages for the hunters and poachers virtually from all sides.
The recent plans of introducing Rhino from Kaziranga National Park at DEWS is a welcome and exciting one for all concerned. WWF Asian Rhino and Elephant Programme Coordinator, Dr. A Christy Williams who visited DEWS on Dec 31 2015 has stated that DEWS is a better site to introduce Rhinos than Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary and Dibru-Saikhowa National Park in adjoining Assam. Accordingly Dr. Williams stated of submitting report to WWF-India and IUCN Asian Rhino Specialist Group to follow up and bring the Rhinos eventually to DEWS. The conservationists are agog with the news as Rhino reflects the thriving of many other smaller wildlife.      
With its rich flourishing wildlife, danger lingers on from the communities residing in its periphery. RFO Borguli, K Panggeng informed that Deer, Stag and Wild Boar are some of the treasured wildlife in danger as Aaran festival nears. Five guards, a boat fitted with a diesel engine and a country boat are the custodians of the sanctuary on the northern side of DEWS.
Recently on Jan 3, 2016, around 50 people from nearby Borguli village under Mebo sub-division of East Siang district had entered into DEWS and demarcated boundaries. Allegedly they were trying to reclaim agricultural fields which were given up for the sanctuary. A case has been filed against the Head Gam Burah of Borguli and three others under various sections of Wildlife Protection Act 1972.  
Just kilometers away from Borguli, Adi Baane Kebang had organised an awareness programme to ban ritual hunting at Namsing village on Jan 31. The age-old conflict continues between conservation, preservation and human wants. Time is running out for the tribal communities engaged in vociferous traditional hunting to draw a line between the need for protein and wanton killing of wildlife for amusement.

Polygamy is a blot: Mitali
Legal Awareness on POCSO and Domestic Violence
[ Karyir Riba ]
Roing, Feb 28: "It is a shame that polygamy still prevails in our state", said Chairperson APSCW Mitali Tingkhatra at the first day of the Two Days Legal Awareness Programme on POCSO and Domestic Violence, which was attended by more than 150 women.
"Polygamy has been seen as the main cause of domestic violence. It should not be encouraged in any way, instead ways and methods to put a complete stop to the practice should be introduced in every tribal society of the state. The practitioners of polygamy should be treated as outcast in the society", she added. She urged the women to get their marriage registered in order to check polygamy.
She encouraged the women to fight against domestic violence and not give rise to it by covering it up. She also encouraged parents to educate children to speak out about any kind of abuse they face, and urged young girls to not get married before the age of 18 years.
Chief Judicial Magistrate Lower Dibang Valley district Tadu Tamang spoke about the POCSO Act. "Any kind of sexual abuse, penetrative or non-penetrative, physical or in gesture, on any male or female child below the age of 18 years will be dealt as per the laws under the POCSO Act", he said.
Legal Advisor APSCW Kani Nada Maling explained in detail about the Protection for Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.
"Women are treated like commodities", she said while adding that Women of Arunachal seemed empowered but in reality they are deprived ".
President ABKWW LDV Tinam Tayeng said, "Working closely with the society has shown us  that the womenfolk are really living under a lot of problems. Especially in the villages, they have sacrificed their entire life for their children and are living as widows while their husbands are openly practicing polygamy. It is indeed sad that polygamy is accepted and practiced in both the Adi and the Idu communities of the district. Ultimate sufferers of such arrangements are the poor children". She urged the young girls to avoid getting involved in relationships with married men irrespective of their looks or wealth.
ZPC Sipi Elapra said that although domestic violence is prevailing in the society, no one dares to come out and speak about it, mainly for the sake of their children. She also encouraged the women to follow the advice of the APSCW to register their marriage.
Member APSCW Duma Yikar said,"Crime doesn't have a time and place, it may occur anytime anywhere. What is important is to not keep quiet and give rise to the crime. Mainly because of our old customary systems we have instilled in our minds that we are a weaker gender. This thought should be changed in order to really move forward and get empowered". She further added, "Examination results of the past few years are evidence to girls topping boys in the results. However, after marriage these talented girls seem to disappear somewhere. This is very unfortunate". She also said that women should take advantage of the reservations for women provided by the Government like the reservation of seats in Panchayat, etc. She also said that the officials of Government offices should assist and guide women who approach them regarding any queries with patience and should encourage them to learn more.
DC Roing Ravi Dhavan said that he was really surprised by the societal consent to polygamy in the tribal society of Arunachal Pradesh. "Disagreements happen between spouses but going beyond disagreements and getting physically violent is not normal at all", he said. He also encouraged the women to make use of what they have learnt through the programme. "We expect to see results of the knowledge gathered here today in the near future", he said.
Member Secretary APSCW Yami Higio encouraged the women to make themselves economically productive and  self-sufficient for a smoother life.
An interactive session was also held wherein queries of the participants were answered by the APSCW.
EAC Jali Umpo appreciated the APSCW on behalf of the DA to share their knowledge and to listen to the woes of the women.
The awareness programme was conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women(APSCW) in collaboration with Enjalumenda Women’s Empowerment Forum.

Marik qualifies as Gr-B Kumite referee
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: Arunachal Karate Do Association (AKA) general secretary Langkung Marik has qualified as Grade-B Referee in Kumite and Grade- A Kata Judge in the recently held examination conducted by Karate Association India in Kerala.
Marik, who has been working tirelessly for development of Karate in the state along with Team AKA for the last 27 years, is the first from Arunachal Pradesh to achieve the feat. Besides, he was earlier shouldered the responsibility of leading the national karate contingent within the country and abroad many a times.
AKA vice president Dr. Marli Ette has also qualified as Grade-A Kumite Judge and Grade-B Kata Judge in the same examination conducted by KAI.

Pul unhappy with police facilities
ITANAGAR, Feb 28:  Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today made an unannounced visit to Banderdewa check post and police station. After  visiting the barrack of police personnel, checking the quality of water, food and the condition of the accommodation they have been provided with, Pul observed that the police personnel who have been providing day and night services have been provided very poor quality facilities.
Directing the SP to immediately submit a proposal for a new building with proper sanitation facilities, CM said that the police personnel deserves better welfare measures so that they can perform better.
He announced to provide fund for uniforms and told the personnel that it would be credited in their account.
After seeing the seized arms, ammunitions and lethal weapons, Pul appreciated the good work done by the police. He asked them to intensify the security checking to ensure that no disgruntle elements enter the capital cities to breach the peace and harmony. He ordered for strict checking of suspicious and stolen vehicles and directed them to take stringent actions against the people found involved in it.
“All vehicles should be checked, even mine” CM said but asked them to be humble during the checking so that they do not harass the common  people.
He believed that with such step, the crime rate of the state capital will drastically come down.
While checking the entry register of the vehicles, CM was surprised to find out that only 11 vehicles had entered according to the register from morning 3 AM to evening 3.45 PM. He pointed out that the register was not properly maintained which means that many vehicles enter into the gate without registering. He issued immediate directives to the SP and the OC to ensure that every vehicle entering into the state are properly checked and registered in the book. Similar directions were issued for all police stations and check posts. He further directed to maintain a register for outgoing vehicles too.
CM Pul directed the SP to keep a ready team with a vehicle 24x7 to act swiftly on any emergency. He also revealed that the state government would come out with a mechanism to convert the checkgates into common complex of Police, Tax and Excise, Forest, Mines and Minerals, Agri.horty and vety to ease the burden and cross checking of the duties of each other.
In his visit to Foreign Record office, CM was surprised to find the dilapidated condition of the building. He immediately ordered for shifting the office to the newly constructed RCC building attached to the CO office. “We should show a good picture of our state to the foreigners and treat them well so that they would visit us again” he quipped.
PCR Vans would ply 24x7 in the capital complex to ensure a sense of security among the common people, he said and directed the SP to ensure at the earliest.
Meanwhile, while interacting with the locals of Banderdewa, CM appealed them to cooperate with the police and the administration in checking illegal intrusions of unwanted elements. He asked them to report to the police if they found any such intrusion.
While at Gumto, after finding the tax and excise officer missing from the duty, CM directed the DC to call the officer for an explanation.

NERIST NSS clean up Dikrong River
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: The student volunteers of NSS Cell of NERIST cleaned the northern bank of Dikrong River from Doimukh RCC bridge to hanging bridge during a special camp on Sunday.
The volunteers interacted with the picnic parties and requested them not to throw bottles in the river. The students also held an awareness camp to keep the river banks clean.
Prof. Binay Singh, DEAN (SA), spoke on the importance of maintaining and restoring eco-system and also the effects of river pollution.
Dr. A. Dinamani Singh, Coordinator NSS, said that there will be acute shortage of fresh water in the coming years and Dikrong being one of the major rivers of Arunachal Pradesh should be taken care of .
Around 250 NSS volunteers took part in the special camp.

ACGF conduct Mock interview for APCS aspirants
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: Apatani Career Guidance Forum (ACGF) conducted a two days free counselling and mock interview for Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service (APCS) aspirants at a city hotel in Naharlagun on February 27 and 28.
Experts drawn from various fields including  Prof. SK Nayak, Economist, Dr. SR Padhi, Sociologist, both from Rajiv Gandhi University, Dr. Tumter Lollen of DNGC and Dr. Raju Barthakur of NERIST, Tongam Rina, senior journalist and Millo Tago, Chief Conservator of Forest, Pasighat grilled the candidates during the mock interview and counseled.
Expert/resource persons, including Prof. Nani Bath, Dr. Otem Moyong of Rajiv Gandhi University, Dani Salu, Secretary to Govt of Arunachal  and Habung Lampung, EAC  participated in interactive session on the first day.
Hibu Robin, IGP, Delhi Police sent his voice message with relevant topics for civil service.
Earlier, Pura Sambyo, Vice Chairman and Dr. Nani Tamang Jose, Secretary, ACGF briefed the candidates on the programme and wished them success for the APCS interview.

Workshop on Traditional Nature conservation of Sherdukpens
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: A workshop on traditional Nature conservation of Sherdukpens was organized on Saturday at Shergaon. Supported by Shergaon Forest Division and organized by Garung Thuk, the programme was aimed at documenting and transferring the age old traditional knowledge of conserving the nature by the village elders to the younger generation.
Speaking on the occasion, Shergaon GB DK Lama gave a detailed account of various traditional conservation methods of Sherdukpens including sacred grooves, sacred springs, abstinence from any form of killing in specific days of a month. He also gave a brief description of the various specific historical incidents of conservation practices in the society.
Senior leader Pema Khandu Thungon explained the diverse fauna of the region and the relationship of Sherdukpen community with the animals.
Another elder from the area, Tenzin Tsering Thungon elaborated on the floristic diversity in the Sherdukpen area.
DFO Shergaon, Millo Tasser, IFS, appreciating the close relationship with nature and conservation methods practiced by the Sherdukpens hoped that it would be continued in the days to come.

Society felicitated
ITANAGAR, Jan 28: Pedong Kenbo Society has presented Union Minister Kiren Rijiju with an artificial tiger jaw with tooth and sword (Yoksi) during the 10th Galo Bane Kebang at Pidi Rijo, Dari of West Siang district on Saturday to spread the message of protecting wildlife as well as  showcasing the cultural heritage of Galo society.
Wearing of tiger jaw with sword is the age-old practice of Galo society. This practice can be maintained through use of artificial tiger jaw without destruction of wildlife, the Pedo Kenbo Society said.
The society has also distributed ornamental tree seedlings to Dari School to inculcate the practice of tree plantation among the people thereby maintaining the environment.
“Plant 10 trees when you cut one and plant 100 when you cut 10,” the society said
The Galo Welfare Society has felicitated Pedong Kenbo Society by presenting Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation for rendering their various charitable to the Galo Society since 1953.

CME organized
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: A Continue Medical Education (CME) was organized at Naharlagun on Saturday. It was organized by Indian Medical Association, Arunachal branch in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.
During the programme, Gastroenterology Professor, Guwahati Medical College, Dr Sangit Dutta spoke on management of chronic hepatitis B.
General Surgery and Consultant Heema Hospital, Itanagar, Dr Kaling Megu presented a paper on advance trauma life support.
Radio-diagnosis consultant in RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar, Dr Wangju Sumnyan spoke on newer clinical applications in ultra-sonography and computer tomography.

Unying - Aaran
ITANAGAR, Feb 28: The Unying Aaran Celebration Committee-2016, Naharlagun in a meeting chalked out detailed programmes for celebration of the festival on March seven.
Various cultural programmes, literary, games and sports activities will be organized as part of the festival besides routine traditional activities.
Unying Aaran Festival is celebrated on March 7 every year by the people of Adi community.

ITANAGAR, Feb 28: Padung-Padu Kebang has condoled the death of Tatong Padung, former president of East Siang District Congress Committee (I).  Padung, a veteran leader passed away on Saturday morning at his Pasighat residence.
Born at Ledum village under East Siang district in 1953, Padung started his political career as Anchal Samity Member of Ledum.
A renowned football player of his time, Padung also served as junior teacher. In his passing, the society has lost a valued member, said a press statement of the Kebang.

Special Outreach Programme on central social Schemes
Aalo, Feb 28: Directorate of field publicity (Along and Ziro Unit) in collaboration with ITBP, SBI, ICDS, Department of  Industries organized a Special Outreach Programme at Yigi kaum Village on various social schemes by the central govt including Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Surakhsa Bima and Yojana.
Assistant Commandant ITBP Aalo Dr. Arun Neog in his key note address advised the villagers to take Swachh Bharat Abhiyan seriously to realize Gandhi’s dream of clean India.
SBI Aalo Branch B. Singh assured all help to the beneficiary to avail the benefit under various schemes. He advised people to open account in the bank to avail various schemes.
V.K. Sharma (E.O.) Department of Industries Aalo, also urged the participants to avail govt. schemes as well participate in job melas.
Senior supervisor ICDS Aalo Tabing spoke about Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao under which account can be opened for girl child under the age of ten.  

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Testing time

Ever since he assumed the office of Chief Minister Kalikho Pul is making all the right noise. Pul has made it clear that he will support the order of doing away with out of turn promotion and officiating system of appointment. The order in this effect was passed by Governor JP Rajkhowa during the short period of president rule. It was widely welcomed by the people of Arunachal Pradesh. There will lot of pressure on Chief Minister from his colleagues to recall this order.

Many of the kiths and kins of politicians have reaped maximum benefit of the out of turn promotion system. So, they will use every trick to persuade CM to cancel the order. Also on Saturday Pul visited new Civil Secretariat and legislative assembly building sites to review the progress of work. He set April 20, 2016 as target to complete the Arunachal Civil Secretariat and August 14, 2016 as deadline for completion of the Arunachal Legislative Assembly building. Chief Minister while expressing concern over delay in completion of project also questioned cost escalation of the project. Sending out strong message, CM warned of dismissing those officials who are found absent from their duty. Chief Minister seems to be on a mission but question is how far can he go? In a state like Arunachal where people still refuses to rise above clan, tribe and region, it is extremely difficult to work. Politicians often succumb to the pressure of their supporters and end up supporting the wrongdoing. Pul who came to power on the promise of giving corruption free government will be closely monitored by the people of Arunachal.







Readers’ Forum




Act instead of rhetoric

Dear Editor,

CM kalikho Pul's decision to support the order issued by Governor for cancellation of all officiating or functional appointments is praiseworthy. These officials in hand in glove with their political masters have looted their department and state exchequer in order to finance their suzerain in elections and satiate them on all occasions.

They are positioned not because of their talent and efficiency but solely because of their sycophancy, hypocrisy and servitude to their masters. This derailed system of appointing out of turn promotion is demeaning and lowering the morale of sincere, efficient & hardworking employees. A simple research on the assets being created by these officials in a short span of time will tell how much they have plundered.  The cancellation order should follow disproportionate asset case registered against them. By the way their point of arguing that mentally they have been harassed and injustice is being done on flimsy ground is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is those deserving are harassed, treated unfairly and humiliated.  One can but only laugh at their silly, nonsensical justification.

Secondly the commission /cut system in the departments should be checked. How can quality be expected from a contractor in any work undertaken if he has to shell out 20 - 30 % in greasing the palms of officials to get their work done? Contractor should not and cannot be blamed for quality compromise whatsoever. After all the contractors are there to make some profit.  

In order to curtail wanton expenses, all political appointee posts like Chairman, Advisors, OSD should be banned out rightly. They serve no purposes other than incurring unnecessary expenditures thereby draining already overburdened state finance.

Formed on promise of corruption free Government, if in fact  our CM is seriously concerned of uprooting corruption from the state as he claimed in your daily dated 23rd February 2016 , then he  should write to CBI for probe in  scandals like PDS , Hydropower , Bamboo Mission.  Institutions like Lok Ayukta and Vigilance Commission should be rejuvenated with even more powers to check corruption. Judiciary on the other hand needs to deliver justice fairly & promptly without being unduly influenced.

No doubt many opportunist have joined Pul camp only and only to escape judicial action.

Wish this is being read by   CM and hope that it will be followed up by serious correcting measures and stern actions and not just simple rhetoric's as predecessors did.  


A concerned citizen



Railways Porter

Dear Editor,

One lauds Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu who said in the Railway budget that porters would now be called "Sahayaks" or helpers instead of the iconic term "coolie”.

No doubt the men in red who used to jump inside the compartment when train slowly arrived at the platform & offer to carry our heavy luggage till taxi stand will be very happy as it will add respect to their profession. But we need to wait & see if the mindset of train commuters will change or not while dealing with sahayaks who  carry the luggage of the entire passenger community on their heads as the famous song in Amitabh Bachchan's "Coolie"  goes 'Saray dunia ka bhoj hum utathey hain'


Karthik T.S ,  Chennai




Politics and sedition

Dear Editor,

The budget session of the Parliament seems to be unprecedented with regard to its heated arguments and emotional outbursts. The death of Rohit Vemula and anti India sloganeering in Jawaharlal Nehru University made the arguments in both the houses heated. The Government seems to be defensive at both the issues while the opposition rams into the procedures and the whole scene seems to be disturbing the common man of the country.  When the opposition demands sedition charges against the students be withdrawn, the government sharpens its arrows in the fire of patriotism.  Now, the big question is who stands for whom and what. Can it be so easy to write off the sloganeering which took place in a prestigious institution like JNU on 9th of February? Can the investigation initiated by the Delhi Police be merely termed as a repressive clampdown on the freedom of speech? Freedom of speech is an obvious right that the constitution strengthens us with. But can it go down to the level of thrashing one’s own country and its dignity with unscrupulous unacceptable vocabulary. The country actually stands on the patriotic principles that it passed from generation to generation. How easy has it become for at least some sections of the youth of this country to raise slogans against the integrity of their own land just because they represent a particular ideology? Ideologies can be different and the differences of ideologies should not be used to create differences in the minds of the society. However they should be instrumental in drawing lines of coordination and cooperation between the different segments of the society. Interestingly, a sizeable section of the intellectuals and media seem to be standing by the side of the students accused of sedition charges.

The uproar and outburst of sentiments that could be heard across the country on Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest was seamless that never had such sentiments been out when those great soldiers who lost their lives in the Himalayas under a deadly avalanche protecting the country from its enemies.  Leaders with their extra judicious political interests could not reach out to their families and console the bereaved. The reason was that there was no fragrance of massive vote chunk benefits. But the JNU issue could bag them great return by tilting the issues of huge security concerns towards petty schmaltzy shows. The difference is very well seen with regard to both of these incidents. The perspective towards the country which actually nurtures a person throughout his life is the country first and the country last. This has been the emotion that the people who shed their precious lives for the freedom of the country shared. They wanted this feeling be inculcated to the future generations. Though political morality has already been sold out in the name of appeasement politics, the only thing that the common man can rely on is the judicial mechanism of this country. Never can it be said that the government cannot be questioned but the actions taken by an elected government should be assessed and understood keeping the constitution of the country as its shadow. Debate against death penalty can be welcomed but glorifying the culprit on the pulpit after his execution is nothing but questioning the authority of the judicial mechanism to spell out its verdict.

Umer Khalid, the main accused and organizer of the anti India sloganeering at JNU had said it loudly on the channels before his mysterious escape. For him, judges were not the right people to declare who is patriot and who is a terrorist. Our universities should be the centers of creative intellectual dialogues, no doubt. But how long can it be acceptable when they are converted into centers of radicalized minds. The other side of the danger that sends alarm signals across the country is that everything is attached to religion and religious beliefs. The polarization based on religion and religious beliefs does not actually strengthen the country. The wise thing that the leaders of our country should have done was to wait and watch the outcome of the investigation as involvement by Kashmiri separatist elements is seen to be surfacing undoubtedly behind the JNU issue. Cutting across the political borders and ideological differences, the parties in our country need to come up with solid solutions to face these burning issues and should at least have the guts to stand by the larger interest of the country.  Appeasement politics will vanish into thin air. They must address the problems with utmost sincerity because for us the country is first and the country last.



VKV Sher




Flag or anthem cannot be the real identity

Dear Editor,

Whenever I board a bus, I often come across a sentence, "Your behavior is your identity"-which is written in bold font just above the windows so that everyone can notice it. This is to remind a passenger that it is not one's suit or costly Smartphone that matters but the way one carries oneself actually bears the testimony of one's character or in other words the quality of one's persona. This is not only applicable to just an individual but a country as a whole. A flag or anthem cannot be the real identity of a country. A country's identity is the way it treats its children and downtrodden in particular and its citizens in general. Every individual and government needs to be reminded about this day in, day out.


Sujit De,





Watchdog or opportunistic?

Dear Editor,

In democracy, the opposition parties have a great role to play when the govt. is not functional as per will of the people. They play very significant role in democracy as representatives of the people who have returned them to the house to safeguard their interests.

They provide awareness among the people in specific issues and raise levels of political consciousness as watchdog of the system.

The Jan Andolan Committee (JAC) of the BJP has been out on the streets against Tuki led Govt. over financial mismanagement, law and order. But with the swearing in of Kalikho Pul as new CM and after passing the floor test with 28 congress MLAs, there is no need of any outside support from BJP.

It will be interesting to see if BJP will continue to offer outside support and be opportunistic or be the watchdog of the system.

As I write this, Dr. Nani Bath's words boomerangs, “that political fight in the state is not because of any ideological commitment but for power & projects"


Kamphu Rebe