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Sincere effort

The department of tourism, government of Arunachal which has roped in Bollywood superstar John Abraham as brand ambassador will be launching TV commercials on Arunachal Tourism featuring the actor. The ad will be telecast in few popular TV channels from January 31 onwards. This is a very good initiative on the part of tourism department. The roping in of John Abraham is expected to pull more tourists to the state. Arunachal has emerged as the major tourist destination in the last 10 year.

Bollywood superstars like Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Kangna Ranaut and others have visited the state. Noted director Vishal Bharadwaj's upcoming film Rangoon has been shoot extensively in Siang belt. In coming years more number of tourists is expected to visit Arunachal. However, the question remains whether we have the required infrastructure to meet the needs of the visiting tourist. Government need to give utmost importance to improving the road infrastructure. Even though state is blessed with serene natural beauty, the absence of proper road is huge bottleneck towards realizing true potential of Arunachal tourism. Also the accommodation is still a huge issue. State government will have to construct more guest houses. They will also have to explore the possibilities of tying up with private investors to create infrastructure to accommodate the tourists. Most importantly the tourism department should conduct massive awareness campaign to educate people about the tourism industry. There have been instances when tourists had to face hostility from the locales. Such situation can be embarrassing and gives bad name to the state. But there is no denying that tourism department has made a good beginning by roping in Bollwyood star to market the Arunachal tourism.







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America, Sixteen Years After 9/11

Dear Editor,

America will be attacked by Al-Qaeda again and more destructively than on 9/11. Why? The reason being very obvious. The bipartisan governing elites willfully refuse to recognize the severity of the Islamist threat. They are waging a feckless war that misrepresents the enemy’s motivation, declares an absurd ban on countries that haven’t so far waged a war in the American soil, pursues Status Quo foreign policies, ensuring the next Islamist generation is more anti-American and numerous. Time is short. America faces an existential threat the author Hilaire Belloc foresaw long ago. Belloc had great respect for Islam’s vitality, mobilizing skill, latent military power, patience and endurance. He contemplated the resurrection of Islam in the most formidable manner and there would be a tremendous struggle between Christian culture and for what has been for more than a thousand years its greatest opponent.

If U.S claims the threat as unrecognized, it would be a blatant lie as the policymakers and academicians are well aware of it as Islamism is constantly debated and written about. What I mean is that U.S leaders have failed to understand their enemies’ motivations. Ignoring Sun Tzu’s advice, they have not prepared the citizens for the price they will pay in blood, treasure and lifestyle to defeat the Islamists- if indeed there is time to understand and prevail. An essay by the editor-at-large for Beirut’s Daily Star Rami Khouri,is pertinent where he gets very vocal about his stand on the American foreign policies. He exhorts, “Sensible middle class Americans get on with making a living in challenging times, while their federal Government in Washington conducts a fantasy foreign policy based on make-believe perceptions and imagined realities. Washington’s policy is a mishmash of faulty analysis, historical confusions, emotional anger, foreign policy frustrations, worldly ignorance, and political deception all rolled into one.”  These entire accusations ring quite valid since the erstwhile President Bush ignored the impact of American, Israeli and other foreign policies on the mindset of hundreds of millions of people in the Arab-Asian region. With Donald Trump taking over as the 45th President, we can already see the storm approaching. Trump is no disciplined politician: he speaks and tweets as he pleases and goes through tectonic mood shifts; often sides with both sides of an issue, contradicting himself, merrily. His willful political blindness makes the American foreign policy a laughing stock around the world. Most of the 19 hijackers of the gruesome 9/11 attacks were from Saudi Arabia. The rest from the UAE, Egypt and Lebanon. Interestingly, none of these countries are on Trump’s visa ban list.

The Islamophobia that took hold of the public domain, especially after 9/11, has again resurfaced after the selective Visa Ban policy and the statement made my Trump (“We don’t want them here”) after signing the executive order that was part of an extreme vetting plan. U.S national security is threatened by the Islamists because of what America does in the Muslim world. In claiming the present war on terrorism based on the foe’s hatred of freedom, U.S leaders prove themselves either unschooled fools or liars. Indeed Osama Bin Laden had been quite helpful in detailing the U.S policies that inspire jihad , which include the military and civilian presence on the Arabian peninsula; its unqualified support for Israel, military presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, the support of the U.S for Chinese, Russian and Indian oppression of the Muslims. The U.S is at war for what it does. Period. And it will be, once again, brought to its knees if the President doesn’t abandon his ludicrous propositions as foreign-policy bedrocks.



Research Scholar

North Eastern Hill University,






Fruit of discrimination

Dear Editor,

Equality can only be translated into reality by adopting a policy of positive discrimination in favour of the oppressed. This is the very essence of a welfare state. And this is the reason why many countries like the United States of America provide the unemployed with handsome allowance. Without such positive discrimination, equality will become as ludicrous as ~ in the words of Anatole France ~ "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor, to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."

Unfortunately, in our country, instead of protecting the poor with positive discrimination, the fruit of discrimination is actually being dished out to the rich thus making this tool a negative one. As for example, the lion's share of subsidy is enjoyed by the creamy layer of our country. Amartya Sen had said, "Reading the papers and hearing broadcasts, you would think that it is subsidy for the poor ~ food and employment ~ that strains India's public resources, even though more than twice as much public funds are spent in subsidiziing the better off." In India, the money does not trickle down from the rich but pumps up to the rich until they vomit it to some foreign banks.

Management quota reservation in educational institutions is another example of negative discrimination.

Surprisingly, there is so much noise in India against caste quota reservation (a positive discrimination in favour of the oppressed), but not that kind of uproar can be heard against management quota reservation (an utterly negative discrimination)! When the largest bank defaulters in India are the big business; debt-driven micro defaulters are made to suffer up to the hilt. According to  NCRB's recent report, there was 42 per cent increase in farmer's suicides in just one year from 2014 to 2015. But many rich individuals are roaming freely even after defaulting astronomical bank loan amount. Perhaps the present scenario would have made Anatole France to say, ~"For the sake of majestic equality, the rich is provided with subsidy and management quota and the poor with occasional freebies."


Sujit De, Kolkata





Stop arbitrary decisions on Arunachal Pradesh

Dear Editor,

While urging the state as well as the central government not to put Arunachal Pradesh in peril time and again, Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) fully agrees with the complaints and lamentations of All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) for appointment of a regular Governor for Arunachal Pradesh

There was a time when Arunachal Pradesh used to be in gaiety in its Union Territory days, when the state had a constitutional head of the cadre and stature of K. A. A. Raja as its Lt Governor. People of the state enjoyed democracy to the fullest even in the recent past years during the tenure of Gen (Rtd) J. J. Singh as the governor. It wasn’t for nothing that the then UPA government, with consultation with the state government, hooked in personalities like J. J. Singh and Gen (Rtd) Nirbhay Sharma as governors who were well acquainted to the topography and the people of the state, due particularly to their Defence (Indian Army) background.

It must be realized that for a state sharing international borders with neighbouring countries and a huge eastern part of which is infested by insurgency must have a constitutional head of quite a high personality.

However, things started changing for the worst after the now and then interference of the central government in the functioning of the state. To make matters worse, the centre started making decisions in almost every matter of the state without consultation with or consent of the representatives as well as the people of the state.

In the first instance, the centre appointed JP Rajkhowa as the governor without proper consultation with the elected representatives of the state. Every Arunachalee is well aware of the jeopardy that this arbitrary decision of the centre brought about for the state. It’s unfortunate that nobody have seemed to learn from the mistake. As if the previous blunder was not enough, the centre shoved in one of its chosen candidates - V Shanmuganathan, the governor of Meghalaya – giving him an additional charge of the governor of Arunachal. Exasperatingly, nothing has been learnt till now. After Shanmuganathan’s shameful resignation due to the ‘Young Ladies Club’ episode of Shillong Rajbhawan, centre has appointed another governor for Arunachal Pradesh on additional charge, this time the governor of Nagaland.

The central government should stop making arbitrary decisions about Arunachal Pradesh. One such act of the centre had proved fatal. Last year the deputy commissioners of Tirap, Changlang and Longding were summoned to some unknown location in the Patkai Hills region of eastern Arunachal Pradesh for some secret discussions. It is surprising that even the then Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary of Arunachal were kept in dark about that proposed agenda, probably under the direction of the centre. Unfortunately, the DC of Khonsa, Kamlesh Joshi died in a Chopper crash while on his way to attend the said conference. Many unanswered questions linger around. The state government must find answers to these unanswered questions.

The central government must be very practical with regard to making decisions about Arunachal Pradesh. It is politically one of the most delicate states of India, sharing international borders with Myanmar and China. And the fact that China is ready to pounce upon the state even on the slightest pretext must not be taken lightly.   


Takam Tatung,

Chairman, GAF





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Poppy, Ganja plantations destroyed

ROING, Jan 31: Lower Dibang Valley district administration has destroyed 28 plots of opium and 1 plot of marijuana plantations illegally grown at Anpum area under Dambuk circle on January 27 and 28.

More than 40 persons, who were divided into two groups under Magistrate on duty Olom Panggeng, CO and Hage Atho, CO were engaged for destruction of the poppy and ganja plantations.

The operation was carried out under direct supervision of the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Dambuk. DIPRO




Mankota: a silent village by the Yangsang Chu

[ Tongam Rina ]

Mankota is a beautiful, self sufficient village between Tuting and Singa in Upper Siang near the Indo-China border.  

No one seems to know the actual distance from Tuting.  Its three hours by Tata Sumo, five hours by Mahindra tractor and nine hours by foot. We took the easiest way out when we decided to visit the small village by hiring a Sumo. Six thousand Rs for three hours journey. We rolled our eyes when we heard the price and almost took the crowded tractor that was standing nearby. But thankfully, the team leader decided that we take the Sumo since the journey from Itanagar to Tuting to take us to Mankota had been grueling.   

 “ Yeh kaisa rasta hain, jaha rasta mey rasta dundhna parta hain”  said the exasperated driver as we  got stuck soon after we started from Tuting. The team managed to push the car out of the mud every time it got stuck but by the end of it, the colour of their jackets had changed remarkably.

We spent rest of the journey in absolute silence, with occasional nervous smiles as we huddled inside the car looking at the beautiful high mountains and flowers while the sun played hide and seek.

We have reached the village, announced our guide and host, Michung Khamba, a govt school teacher.

From where we stood,   we saw the village- beautiful wooden houses adorned with prayer flags. Many orange trees and more lai pattas. During our one week of stay, we learnt that only thing that does not grow in Mankota is salt. “Nimak ka bijon milne se woh  bhi humlog yaha ugaiga” (If we get seedlings for salt, we will grow that too), said one of the villagers.

Salt is expensive and precious. In Mankota, a packet of salt is more than Rs 70. There are no shops so villagers rely on occasional tractor that comes to the village to transport salt. Otherwise, they rely on head load-per kilo is 50 Rupees.  Tractor is recent. For more than a century, the Khambas of Mankota have been walking to Tuting and elsewhere to get salt.

During our stay, we saw many households busy stock salt for summers, when new road will disappear.

What happens to the villagers who are sick?

“We carry the not so serious ones on our back to the nearest hospital in Tuting, nine hours by foot. Serious ones die even before we reach the hospital. Don’t ask such difficult questions, says a villager.

The village is being connected by a new road under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojna. It’s easy to figure out that the road won’t last one season but that did not deter many who had hopped onto the tractor to come home to welcome the New Year. We joined the villagers at a grand party by the majestic Yangsang Chu. The celebration with some 40 people was the first in more than 30 years, thanks to the tractor. Most young people from Mankota have migrated to nearby Tuting or elsewhere in the country and abroad in the last three decades. There are 19 houses in the village. Three houses are completely  deserted while some are kept locked for most of the year. In the rest of the houses, there are hardly any young people and barely any children. Even the school has been abandoned for the last two years because there are no students. Within three days after we welcomed the New Year, the village was more or less deserted.

Perhaps, the situation will change in the next few years; if at all the road becomes all weather.

But as of now, young ones have ventured out of the village to find better education and healthcare.  Mankota is a very silent village, guarding the Indian border where only the old ones live by the Yangsang Chu, surrounded by the high snow clad mountains.

(The journalist joined a team of researchers - Dr Jumyir Basar, Jombi Bagra and Tage Yamang of the Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies, Rajiv Gandhi University for the sponsored trip to Mankota.)




New format for CMRF

ITANAGAR, Jan 31:  The state government has streamlined the process and disbursement of grants from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund (CMRF).

As per the notification, the ex-gratia payment presently done from the District Administration (DA) department and Home department has been subsumed with CMRF.

Henceforth, the ex-gratia payment to victims of attack by suspected militants or anti-social elements, motor vehicle accidents, electrocution, boat mishaps, rape, riot, etc will be done from the CMRF.

Prescribed rates for payment have also been revised and fixed to maintain impartiality and uniformity. As such, for death cases an ex-gratia of Rs 4 lakhs per person has been fixed,

while critically injured will be granted Rs 2 lakhs and the injured will get an aid of Rs 50 thousand.

Further, financial assistance for urgent medical treatment shall be provided to the needy and poor, particularly those not covered under the Chief Minister's Universal Health Insurance Scheme (CMUHIS). As per the notification maximum financial assistance for treatment purposes will not exceed Rs 4 lakhs for each individual case. Patients with terminal diseases and critically ill patients, even if they are covered under CMUHIS, will also be entitled up to this prescribed ceiling of Rs 4 lakhs. As funds under CMRF are limited, it has been decided that financial assistance will be provided only for major treatment and critical diseases.

The Chief Minister, who is the sanctioning authority, may modify the recommended quantum of assistance, which however will not exceed the prescribed limit of Rs 4 lakhs.

Forms for applying for aid from CMRF will be made available at the Chief Minister's Office, Dispatch Branch, First Floor, Block B, State Civil Secretariat, Itanagar.




Trade Unions seeks Govt attention, threatens stir

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: The Joint Working Committee of Arunachal Pradesh Trade Unions (JWCAPTU) has appealed to the state government to address the long pending demands of the state's workers which include enhancement of wages of contingency/casual workers from existing to Rs.18,000 per month as per national floor level, regularization of workers who have completed 12 years and above and implementation of (VRS) Golden Handshake policy in all the departments  with 15 days of ex-gratia per annum etc.

Addressing media persons at Press Club here this afternoon JWCAPTU Chairman, Changma Tajo said that the workers  union of the state like; All Arunachal Pradesh Electrical Workers Union, All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Transport Workers Union, All Arunachal Pradesh Forest Workers Union, All Arunachal Pradesh Petroleum Workers Union, All Arunachal Pradesh Government Departmental Labour Union, All Arunachal Pradesh PHE&WS Workers Union, All Arunachal Pradesh Unorganized Sector Labour Union, All Arunachal Pradesh Mazdoor Union and All Capital Complex Municipal & Sanitation Workers Union, under the aegis of JWCAPTU have been seeking fulfillment of its demands since long but there has been no response from the GoAP till date.

 'We had submitted several memorandums and recently served a reminder with 45 day notice to address our genuine demands to the state Chief Secretary but the government turned a deaf ear to our genuine demands', said Tajo adding that unions will launch democratic action throughout the state to register their protest.

The JWCAPTU Chairman announced that the union will launch a phase-wise strike at Capital Complex to press for its demands beginning with a  peaceful dharna in front of civil secretariat on Feb 6 next which will be followed by a pen/ tool down strike and 12 hours hunger strike on Feb 14 and 18 respectively.

'Issues like regularization of Auxiliary Labour Corps (ALC) and regularization of Work Charge (WC) who have completed 12 years and above in the service are vital for the welfare of the state's workers and should be given utmost priority', said Tajo.

Dismayed with the GoAP's apathy towards addressing their issues, JWCAPTU Secretary General, Kenkar Yomcha said that the unions will also launch a state-wide strike in case its genuine demands are not met with and sought support from students' body like AAPSU and ANSU.

The Union's 14 point memorandum which was earlier submitted to the state Chief Secretary included demands like; enhancement of wages of contingency/casual workers from existing to Rs.18,000 per month as per national floor level, regularization for the workers those who have completed 12 years and above or, implementation of (VRS) Golden Handshake policy in all the departments, with 15 days of ex-gratia per annum (if Power & PHE, WRD, RWD, RD & Urban development etc will not implement the VRS norms against wireman, lineman, machine operation, computer operator and other technician staffs then their service should be regularized), release of Adhoc Bonus of casual/contingency workers for the year 2009-2010, reservation of 75% posts in category of group C & D posts for casual/contingency workers in every department, appointment under compassionate ground, regularization of ALCs, abolition of muster roll system in Forest & Environment departments, regularization and hike in remuneration for Anganwadi Workers or social security for un-organized sector, separate colors for commercial taxis and autos, regularization and enhancement of staff salaries for the employees of the APB&OCWWB, implementation and disbursement of housing loan as provided in APB&OCWWB for the registered workers, regularization of WC those have completed 12 yrs and above in service and implementation of VRS in department of PHE, Power, WRD etc as adopted by PWD or else regularize their services.




Tourism has a trickle down effect on socio-economic dev.: Acharya

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Tourism not only increases the inflow of the visitors, both foreign and domestic but also has a trickle down effect on the socio-economic development of the State, said Governor P.B. Acharya. He was addressing the huge gathering at the Arunachal Tourism Award 2017 function at Indira Gandhi Park here on Tuesday.

 In his inaugural address, Governor, while describing Arunachal Pradesh as one of the most beautiful regions in the country, said the people of India know more about America than Northeast. Therefore, governor said, such tourism event will promote the cultural richness of the State and the region. The Governor further said presence of Arunachal Tourism brand Ambassador John Abraham, who is an actor and great humane, will definitely bring more tourists to the State.

The Governor appealed to the people not to be confined to their own cultural heritage but also explore other avenues and facilitate in progress of the State and the region, with the spirit of NAMASTE, which he coined and which stands for Nagaland, Arunachal, Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Sikkim, Tripura and East. He said that the whole north-east is a beautiful region wherein 'unity in diversity' is more pronounced with many ethnic entities living in perfect harmony.

John Abraham,  who was the star attraction of the function,  said that he is proud to be brand ambassador of the most beautiful State in the country.

In his speech Parliamentary Secretary Tourism, P D Sona, while saying that Arunachal Pradesh has vast tourism potentials, urged the people to have eco-friendly and responsible tourism. He asked the people to maintain good hospitality.

Earlier, in his welcome address, Secretary tourism, Dr. Joram Beda said that tourism could fuel a huge development in the State.

The Governor also released the TV Commercial of Arunachal Tourism.

Among others, Home Minister Kumar Waii, senior officers and stakeholders of Arunachal Tourism were present on the occasion.




‘Ride to Light’ cycling expedition team arrives in Anini

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: ‘Ride to Light’ cycling expedition team, which was flagged off at Tezu on January 26, has arrived at Anini in Dibang Valley district on Tuesday.

The team passed through Roing, 47 kilo, Kebabonli, Hunli 17 Mile, Aloya, Agui before reaching Anini covering a distance of around 300 km in six days.

The expedition team member, including from foreign countries, supporting staff and officials from the Department of Youth Affairs, GoAP were received in the district headquarters by Dibang Valley Deputy Commissioner Tamune Miso, Joint Director of Youth affairs Ramesh Linggi, Zilla Parishad Chairman Dipen Molo and public of Anini.

The objective of the event organized by 'Batti', an NGO in collaboration with the Directorate of Youth Affairs, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and Everester Tine Mena, was to provide basic lighting facilities in remote inhabitants.

 Everester Mena expressed the hope that the event would grow big and attract more participants in the coming years.




Drinking water for all by 2020: Felix

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Addressing a coordination meeting of his department, the Public Health and Engineering Department Minister Bamang Felix on Tuesday said that his vision is to provide treated drinking water for all by 2020 and make Arunachal Pradesh an open defecation free  state by 2018. If the things work out as per the vision plan, Arunachal would be second after Sikkim to complete the project before time set by Government of India i.e. 2021 for drinking water and 2019 for open defecation free state.

While unleashing his plans and vision for the department, Felix said that apart from providing drinking water and making Arunachal open defecation free state, steps on identifying and protecting the catchment areas/ the source of water should be initiated on priority. "Our planning for water supply is concentrated on number of years in accordance to the growth of population in next 30-40 years.

But we fail to ensure that catchment area/peripheral source from where the water is being extracted would be capable enough to fulfill the requirement till the period of project," Felix added. Therefore he pitched to protect the catchment areas through a policy which would ensure protection of such sources and make it a safe zone for future consumption.  He exhorted for a parallel effort from the department to work in tandem with the environment and forest department to conserve the lush green forest which is the main source of water.

Felix while disclosing strategies to achieve the desired target opined to make a concrete execution plan to achieve these targets. He also opined for extensive use of technology, digital means and latest available software to leverage and make the department smarter for achieving the goals.

Felix also asserted that PHED is an important social sector department mandated with one of the most important task of providing potable drinking water.

"It is a vista of providing better and dignified living for our people. The Public, Health and Water - PHED & WS are three corner stone's of the department. The responsibility therefore is very large," said Felix. On reviewing the work of the department, the minister appreciated the officers and staffs for the good work.

Participating in the meeting, Commissioner PHED H K Shalla called for imbibing work culture in the department. He exhorted the officers to work with a missionary zeal to fulfil the vision plan of the department. Among others Chief Engineers, SEs, EEs, ASWs and department officials were present during the coordination meeting. This was Felix's first meeting after assuming the charge of PHE department.




APSERC seeks dissemination of info

ROING, Jan 31: Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (APSERC) Chairman has sought the co-operation of Lower Dibang Valley District Administration and all line Departments in disseminating information on rights and duties of consumers. APSERC Chairman R.P Singh informed that regulatory body has been established to ensure rights of the consumers and also to monitor the progress in power sector.

During a meeting which was convened in Roing on Tuesday, DC Deepak Shinde briefed on the progress of works done under power sector and assured the visiting team to conduct mass awareness on rights and responsibility of consumers.

Secretary APSERC Rakesh Kumar informed that consumers can come to the Commission with all issues related to electricity including bills.  

ADC Chesta Yadav,  ZPC Sipi Elapara, E.E (Elect) , Administrative officers, members from NGO and other officials attended the meeting. DIPRO




Tawang deserves Medical and Engg. College: Chief Secretary

TAWANG, Jan 31: The Chief Secretary Shakuntala D Gamlin said that Tawang deserves a medical and engineering college.

"Efforts are on for a couple of medical and engineering colleges in the state and Tawang should also be equipped with an engineering and medical college," said the Chief Secretary here on Monday.

Gamlin, who held a meeting with the HoDs of Lumla in presence of Parliamentary Secretary (RWD) Jambey Tashi, Tawang Deputy Commissioner Sang Phuntso and Lumla ADC RD Thungon before winding up her three days visit of the frontier district on Monday,

 noted that owing to lack of appropriate connectivity, the health and education conditions here have suffered major setbacks and stressed on using ALGs for the dual purpose of both military and civilian operations.

"Air and road connectivity have since long been a stumbling block for the state. The bureaucrats and politicians are constantly highlighting and taking up the issues with the Ministry of Defence, PMO and Home Ministry", she stated.

Congratulating the team members of the tableau of Arunachal Pradesh that won the first position in Republic day parade, she called upon the locals not to forget their cultural aspects and spiritual purity in pursuit of progress and to beware of cultural pollution.

 "The diversity within Tawang District has been seen in the last 2 days but the purity of culture and spiritual thinking is truly par excellence," she opined.

For attaining the quantum economic jump of the region, she suggested exporting horticulture and agriculture products, flowers, orchids and developing tourism sector.

Earlier, Jambey briefed the Chief Secretary about the ongoing developmental projects in the region.

He emphasised on early creation of a CO headquarter at Pamghar and a Sub-Treasury in Lumla.

Apprising her of the damages inflicted by mudslides and flashfloods during last monsoon, he pleaded for immediate release of funds for restoration works. He also sought fund for the agriculture and horticulture sector terming Lumla as the most potential and feasible area for these sectors.

Later, Gamlin inspected the open garden gym and children's park, Lumla indoor badminton stadium and paid obeisance at the massive white Tara statue.

Earlier on Sunday, the Chief Secretary visited BTK waterfalls, the 14th century Gorsam Chorten in Zemithang and a mega statue of Guru Padmasambhava at Lumpo, guided by Jambey Tashi and Sang Phuntsok.

"Though I have been to places across the globe, I have never witnessed such beautiful natural backdrop, fresh air and beautiful smilling people. The film industry is definitely oblivious of such amazing scenic beauty and hence running to foreign nations seeking for shooting locations",  Bollywood vintage queen Zeenat Aman, who also accompanied the entourage with her son and friends, commented. (Tawang Vigilance)




‘Awareness necessary for better implementation of immunization progs.’

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: UNICEF Consultant of Social Behavior Change Communication, Routine Immunization, Bijay Dungdung emphasized the need to create more awareness at grassroots level for better implementation of routine immunization programmes.

Consultant Dungdung said this during a recent meeting with the Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society (APWWS) in Itanagar.

Highlighting the importance of behavior change communication in health sector especially in immunization of children, Dungdung said that people in interior places are usually guided by their social taboos and reluctant to bring their children for immunization; it can only be changed through proper awareness at grassroots level.

The APWWS team led by President Dipti Bengia Tadar, Secretary General Kani Nada Maling and Vice-president Tojum Potom briefed him about the various activities being carried out the Society and its district branch since its inception in 1979.

Consultants of Behavior Change Communication, Ongtang Thamphang and HD Yaku were also present on the occasion.




Engineer seeks better bilateral ties

GOHPUR, (Assam) Jan 31:  Engineer  Ratu Techi has advocated for more cultural exchange programme which would strengthen the bilateral ties among Nyishi and Ahoms.

He said this on Tuesday while attending the 3rd Me-dam Me-Phi celebration of Ahom community here at Techi Yashi Gamini ground in Garaimari village under Tetonbari circle of Gohpur sub-division. Er Ratu Techi added that Nyishi and Ahom shares historical relationship. He said maintaining of brotherhood will improve communal harmony between both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

He assured all possible help for construction of cultural centre near graveyard of Queen Techi Yashi of Ahom kingdom and said it is a symbol of the Nyishi community's association with Ahoms.

Historian Dr. Nityanand Gogoi said that he had spent more than 28 years of his study in finding the truth about the graveyard. Dr. Gogoi who is a retired principal from Biswanath College and doctorate in History dwelt his experiences in identifying the graveyard of Late Queen Techi Yasi.  

He went through many records and visited different villages in the area to know detail about a queen who was married to King Rudra Singha in 1703. The queen was kept in a fortified place at Botala garh. When she died her body was kept at Garamari and a graveyard was created and the land was allotted for her by the King of Assam.

Several people including government officials of Gohpur participated in the programme.




Sparsh Leprosy Awareness campaign

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: District level Sparsh Leprosy Awareness campaign was launched by Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen at the conference hall of General Hospital, Ziro on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that there have been no cases of leprosy in Lower Subansiri in the recent decade, but the program launched by the Government of India, for early detection and cure of leprosy should be taken up in a missionary zeal.

It was decided by the members of the leprosy awareness campaign to draft a message from the District Magistrate's table to be read out at all Gram Sabha meetings and Village Health and Nutrition Day celebrations.

DMO Dr. Tage Kano in his keynote address informed that although the leprosy annual new case detection rate has been constant since 2005, the resurgence of old case leading to G-II disabilities (old cases reaching advance stage) has risen since 2005. This is because of non detection of leprosy cases in the early stage. Therefore community involvement is required for early detection. The fortnight campaign kick started today will be held across all CHCs and PHCs as well, he further informed and appealed to all MOs of the peripheral hospitals to actively participate in the campaign.

The program was attended by ZPM Bamin Siri, DRCHO Dr. Derin Likar, SMO/DPO(NVBDCP)Dr. Kuru Tama, SMO Dr. Lod Khoda , DANO Dr. Radhe Angku, doctors and paramedical staffs.

PASIGHAT: Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign (SLAC) marking the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi was  held at Leprosy Sanatorium ground, Pasighat on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, DC In-charge Oli Perme stated that the diagnosis and treatment of leprosy is now easier and more effective than ever before and curable. The mission of the awareness campaign was not just to treat the patients but also to mainstream them into society. We should fight together to eliminate leprosy and the social stigma attached with this disease, she added.

ZPC Kaling Dai assured to extend all possible help and cooperation to strengthen the campaign. Dai appealed the citizens not to encroach land in SS Mission area which was donated by the Bogong people years ago to establish Leprosy Sanatorium.

Chief Councilor (PMC) Kaling Doruk called for a collective effort to eliminate leprosy completely.

DMO Dr. M Perme in his deliberation said some forms of leprosy lead to permanent disability and the best way to prevent such disabilities is timely diagnosis and adequate treatment before the damage spreads to the nerves.

DRCHO Dr. T. Gao also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, in his keynote address District Leprosy Officer Dr. T Talom, said leprosy is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria. Lack of ability to feel pain, weakness and poor eyesight are associated with the disease. DIPROs.




ICAR-NRC on Yak imparts training on Integrated Farming

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dirang conducted a three-days training cum demonstration programme on integrated farming system under the Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) for tribal farmers at Panchavati village under Thembang Circle of Dirang from January 29 to 31.

The training aimed at supporting optional income generating activities of the farmers to improve their livelihoods.

The farmers were also distributed vegetable seeds and garden tools.

During the three days programme, the farmers were educated about locally available feed resources for livestock and their nutritional quality, promotion of nutritional status and the water holding capacity of soil using organic manure at the farmers level, regarding high yielding vegetable seeds and importance of garden tools, scope of organic farming through Vermi-composting, different modern technologies like complete feed block and total mixed ration, vaccination programme of animal as well as poultry, dairy farm management etc.

Addressing the farmers on the concluding day, Director of ICAR-NRC on Yak Dr. SM Deb explained the importance of education and maintaining good health. He assured all technical help and assistance from the centre for improvement of agriculture sector. He also informed the villagers on Centre's various welfare programmes and schemes for farmers like Tribal Sub Plan, Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav, Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan and Swaach Bharat Abhiyan.

Various agriculture appliances like Pressure Sprayer, Secateurs, Pruning Saw, Sickles, Khurpa, Grubber Double Hoe, Hand Hoe, Budding and Grafting Knife, Plastic pipe, Plastic shed for seeds germination and vegetable seeds were also distributed among the farmers. Two dustbins were also provided for community uses.

In total, 30 farmers from Panchavati and Cherong Basti attended the training.

Dr. V. Paul, Dr. M Hussain, Dr. ND Singh, Dr. D Medhi, Dr. Sourabh Deori, Purnima Devi and Dibya Pandey acted as resource persons during the programme.




Charity Show in aid of S&G unit

Karyir Riba

ROING, 31 Jan: More than 150 Scouts and Guides, along with 15 unit leaders, participated in a Charity Show organised by the District Association Bharat Scouts and Guides Lower Dibang Valley District (BSGLDVD), headed by DTO (S) LDV Somit Mena, at the Government Higher Secondary School Roing Auditorium on Saturday last.

Organised under the guidance and supervision of DDSE cum District Chief Commissioner BSGLDVD Ego Doye, the Charity Show intended to raise funds for developing the district unit of Scouts and Guides, like procuring uniform articles, sound system and tents for use as shelter during their training camps.

Various cultural performances were presented during the show including patriotic songs, skits on Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan and road safety, and a fashion show with the theme 'unity in diversity, we are one'.

First aid demonstrations and a skit on 'suicide prevention' were also presented.

"The programme was able to draw lot of appreciation from the audience," said Mena.

Local MLA Mutchu Mithi, who also attended the programme, appreciated the organisers and encouraged the participants for putting together meaningful programmes for the event.

Assuring his help for such activities, Mithi contributed Rs.50,000 towards the cause.

Lower Dibang Valley Deputy Commissioner Deepak Shinde also applauded the organising team for conducting such moral based and awareness creating programmes to motivate not only the youth but every citizen.

The GM of NHPC based at Roing also assured to contribute few amounts.

Principal of GHSS Roing D Lego and Principal GHSS Bolung Abu Saring, were also present among others.

Nupi Miuli from Women Welfare Society helped in conducting the event.




FFA and AAF team calls on Rijiju

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: A team of Film Federation of Arunachal (FFA) and Arunachal Artist Forum (AAF) on Tuesday called on union Minister for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju and Doordarshan Director General Supriya Sahu at New Delhi and submitted a three-point memorandum.

The FFA and AAF team led by public relation Secretary Shambo Flago and Chairman AAF Bamang Loram appealed to the duo to make special consideration for Arunachal Pradesh regarding 100 percent bank grantee against proposal for programme on Arunprabha, priority to proposals from Arunachal Pradesh, and to issue assurance of 50 percent reservation of slots for Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim in written form.

The DDK Director General assured the visiting team that they can consider relaxation in bank grantee up to 50 percent for Arunachal Pradesh but priority on proposals cannot be given to anyone, and will be selected on merit basis so that quality of programme does not get compromised.  

Meanwhile, Rijiju has also assured to give preference to the proposals from Arunachal and Sikkim given that the proposals are of utmost quality. He added that relaxations on some aspects of the proposals can be entertained but in terms of quality no relaxation will be entertained.

Stating that Arunprabha will be an excellent platform to showcase the rich cultures and traditions of Arunachal Pradesh, he urged the visiting teams to maintain quality in their respective programmes. He also informed the team that DDK channel Arunprabha and Film institute in the state will be inaugurated together in March by prime minister Narendra Modi.




RGU Foundation Day

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills is all set to observe its 34th Foundation Day on Feb 4 at the university auditorium situated at the picturesque Rono Hills campus. Eminent economist and former Vice-Chancellor of the University Professor Atul Sarma will deliver the Foundation Day Lecture on the topic-2016 Demonetisation.




Reh greetings

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Governor P B Acharya has greeted the people of the state on the festive occasion of Reh, one of the most important festivals of the Idu Mishmi Tribe and expressed the hope that the festivity will invoke the blessings of Divine Mother 'Nani Intaya' for peace, communal harmony and prosperity in the society.

In his message to the people, the Governor said that festivals strengthen the social fabric of the society.

May the celebration further strengthen our spirit of brotherhood and social bonding, the Governor wished.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has also conveyed his festival greeting.

In his message, Khandu expressed optimism that the celebration would bestow upon all wealth, all round prosperity and general well-being.

"Let's celebrate our festivals with traditional gaiety and work for a peaceful and prosperous Arunachal," he further added.




DCCs dissolved

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president has dissolved the District Congress Committees (DCCs) of Tawang and Upper Siang with immediate effect.




IPPI prog launched in LDV

[ Karyir Riba ]

ROING, Jan 31: The first round of the Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization programme, organised by the National Health Mission headed by DRCHO Dr Raju Mena, was launched by local MLA Mutchu Mithi here on January 29 at District Hospital here.

Dr Mena informed that the main objective of the programme is to complete eradication of polio from the country.

The second round of immunization programme will be held in April, he informed.

Deputy Commissioner Deepak Shinde, Dr Nangkong Yirang, Dr SJ Mitapo, Dr Lohit Deori and other medical staff of the District Hospital were present during the programme.




Heema gets new machine

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: The Volusion S-8 core HD live, (3D, 4D) Ultrasound machine was inaugurated by MD NRHM Dr. P.N. Thungon at Heema Hospital on Monday. It is believed to be first machine of its kind in Arunachal Pradesh.

Present on the occasion was CMD Heema Hospital Dr. B Rana, Medical Superintendent Dr. Kesang W. Thongdok, Dr. S Nath Senior Surgeon, Dr. S Ahmed Gynaecologist and other senior doctors of the hospital.  




Industries Minister calls on Governor

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Minister for Industries, Textile & Handicrafts Tamiyo Taga on Tuesday called on Governor PB Acharya at Raj Bhavan and discussed on various issues related to his department.

The Governor advised the minister to harness the tribal expertise in the sector. He also suggested various schemes and programmes in the sector, which the people can avail.

The Governor emphasised on promotion of Self Help Groups and entrepreneurships amongst the people, particularly the youth. This will address the problems of unemployment and enhance livelihood, the Governor said. PRO to Raj Bhawan




APB&OCWWB organize series of health camps

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: More than 400 people benefitted from series of Medical Health Camps conducted at various places recently by Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Constructions Building Workers Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB). The health camps covered Bordumsa, Nampong, South Changlang, Kheti, Khela village, Khonsa and Deomali under Tirap district, Longding and Kanubari under Longding dist and Gensi under West Siang district.

Remote Yangte and Lingdum of Kra Daadi and Sangram under Kurung Kumey district were also covered.

Eye check up, Hepatitis-B and C screening and vaccination, Diabetes screening, Blood Sugar test and other general checkups were administered by Dr M Loyi,  Dr Tomar Kamki, Dr M Lowang, Dr Foren Aran, Dr C Apung and Dr R Natung along with lab technicians and ophthalmic assistants.

Many patients were diagnosed with Hepatitis-B and Diabetes.




Governor meets association members

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Representatives of Itanagar Market Welfare Association led by its President Yumlam Achung met on Governor PB Acharya at Raj Bhavan here on Tuesday. Earlier during the day, members of Itanagar Auto rickshaw Welfare Association had also met with the Governor.

Interacting with them, the Governor advised the associations to work for the welfare of the people while carrying out their day to day businesses. He also suggested measures for safety and security of the business communities and their families.

Emphasising on business acumen and integrity, the Governor asked the association to help the poor and downtrodden under citizen social responsibilities.

Earlier, when the Governor visited the District Jail, he wanted games and sports activities for the inmates. Opining that students and some young offenders in minor cases are struck there due to some loopholes in availing bails, the Governor desired that these cases are addressed at the earliest and with humane approach.

The Governor advised members of Itanagar Market Welfare Association and Itanagar Autorickshaw Welfare Association to contribute towards welfare of inmates in the jails to which they readily agreed to contribute sports items.




ASUS demands early renovation of Arunachal Bhawan

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Arunachal Students' Union Shillong (ASUS) has drawn attention of the state government towards poor condition of the Arunachal Bhawan and Circuit House in Shillong, which need immediate maintenance/renovation.

In a press release, ASUS informed that former minister Kalikho Pul had assured renovation of the Bhawan and released fund for allotment of land near NEGRIMS for construction of guest house for Arunachali patient and students studying in Shillong. But, nothing has happened till date, ASUS rued.




Appeal for relief fund

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: The Naharlagun Commercial Building Owners Welfare Association (NCBOWA) has requested for fund for the Jan 23 fire victims at Damsite, Naharlagun.

The association members on Tuesday visited the site.




12-hr Chakka Bandh

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Pushi Bango Welfare Society (PBWS), Memo Ao Youth Association (MAYA) along with Pushi Bango Students Union (PBSU) has declared 12 hours 'Chakka Bandh' as first phase of its series of democratic movement against poor, slow and improper execution of Tai to Gabu Road under Trans Arunachal Highways (TAH) on February 1.

The bandh will be enforced from Bam Tri-junctio to Gabu, which include Nyorak bypass road, entire Pushi Bango Area, Aalo Town and Nyiko Bango area.

Essential services like milk van, ambulance, including private vehicles on medical ground have been exempted from the purview of the bandh.

The sponsors of the 'Chakka Bandh' have claimed that 14 more organizations/NGOs have also extended support to the movement.




Tobacco, liquor banned

YINGKIONG, Jan 31: The WWS, Gette village under Yingkiong circle unit banned use of tobacco and its products, liquor, fishing, hunting and washing of vehicles in the rivers and streams and collection of firewood and leaves within the village jurisdiction. DIPRO




Union appeals for financial help

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: All Kra Daadi District Students Union (AKDDSU) has appealed to all HoDs, businessmen, teaching staff, Panchayat leaders of Kra Daadi district and the State Govt. to extended financial support to ailing teacher Takam Tamang, who has been suffering from chronic renal problem.

Tamang, presently serving as Assistant Teacher (SSA) at government Residential School, Dokio Langpo under Palin circle has been referred to a hospital in Vellore in Tamil Nadu for kidney transplantation, informed AKDDSU in a release.




Relief to fire victims

AALO, Jan 31: Galo Welfare Society, West Siang unit distributed Rs. 70,000 to the fire victims of Ngomdir (Rs. 35,000), Hu-Moli (Rs. 13,000), Gour Hill (Rs. 18,000) and Dari village (Rs. 4,000).

The fund was generated after donation drives which was carried out within Aalo Township.

Various other NGOs, clan based organization and well-wishers have also contributed for the fire victims. DIPRO




Training for Sakhi & Saheli

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: In all, 50 adolescent girls participated in one-day training for Sakhi and Saheli under Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (RGSEAG)-SABLA at the conference Hall of PWD IB, Balijan on Monday conducted by Balijan ICDS.

EAC Loyi, OC B. Krong, MO Dr Taw Mala, and Branch Manager, Apex Bank, Teli Talar, attended the programme as resource persons. Senior woman of the area Tem Pika also attended to encourage the participants.

Earlier, Incharge CDPO S C Tok urged the attending AGs to make use of the knowledge gained from the programme and said that they should get themselves equipped with all the Acts.