February 03


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Leadership vacuum

The dynamics of international politics is witnessing a massive change. Two of the world's most powerful countries US and UK is suddenly turning towards protectionism and is withdrawing themselves from role of prominence. Ever since the end of cold war and collapse of Soviet Union, US along with its ally UK has dominated the international politics. However with election of nationalist President Donald Trump and Britain's decision to exit UK, things are changing. Today UK Prime Minister Theresa May received Parliament's first stage approval to begin the process of Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) after winning a crucial vote in the House of Commons last night. British MPs voted in favour of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill.

With this Britain has taken the first step towards formally exiting the EU. The decision of UK to leave EU has deeply demoralized rest of EU members and it has galvanized right wing nationalists across the Europe. They are also dreaming of taking their country away from EU. In the western hemisphere, Donald Trump is taking US by storm with his protectionist policies. As the two powerful allies take a backseat, it has opened the door for countries like Russia, China and even Germany to take mantle of leadership. While Russia and China will be more than willing to fill the gap, the international community will be quite apprehensive as two countries are known for their disregard of democratic values and curtailing of human rights. Germany with its democratic system and an open economy offers the best hope. The rest of the world will be patiently waiting to see how international politics evolves in coming month.






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Please introspect

Dear Editor,

Through your esteem daily,  I would like to request the esteemed members of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service commission to introspect the matter of recruitment for AAO advertised recently. The criteria framed seem to have deviated from objective of finding an ideal Audit Officer from the Govt's perspectives.   

Is the subject requirement for the examination of AAO fair enough?

The general definition of auditing may be read as : " It is a systematic  examination and verification  of various books of accounts, statutory  records, other related documents and physical investigation of inventories  by an auditor ".

It is very well known that if a person wants to become an auditor, he/she should possess an excellent (if not, adequate) knowledge on  accounting. Our state  seems to be an exception in this matter. Your esteemed office has issued a totally new definition of Audit  and Auditor through recent advertisement. The advertisement signifies that no specific knowledge on accounting /financial is required to become an auditor here. Just a fundamental knowledge of English and mathematics would suffice. A commerce graduate studies special and a compulsory paper on Auditing. What we do with that?

Kindly peruse the details of National Level and other States' examinations to recruit similar or analogous officials. It is necessary to understand the enormity of issue being trapped.  The follow up resurrection from your part should be justifiable. Nevertheless, the concept is simple and can be corrected from your end itself.


A citizen





Tourism video

Dear Editor,

Before I begin, I must say my view is subjective and expressed according to how I took the visuals of recent tourism promotional video of our state launched by the Department of Tourism of GoA.

The video portrays Arunachal by displaying Buddhist monastery overlooking many tourism circuits in various districts of our state. The video was quite similar to promotional videos of Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Gaya (Bihar) and Sikkim where they portray Monastery and Monks as backbone of their tourism promotional campaign. Whereas, in real, our state comprises of motley tribes with traditions and customs quite diverse, one can do proclaim Arunachal as mini India to pragmatically define its vividness. But I must admit, in the entire video I enjoyed the clips of hanging bridge and narrow roads only. The video is more or else like Arunachal Pradesh promoting a celebrity rather than celebrity promoting the state.

After watching the whole video, now I know why my mainland friends have this prejudice about Arunachal Pradesh as entirely Buddhist dominated state.


Kamtey Ringu

New Delhi




Address farmers agony

Dear Editor,

According to National Crime Records Bureau's recent report, 'Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India in 2015'  farmer suicides in our country surged from 5,650 in 2014 to 8,007 in 2015 ~ a 42 per cent increase in just one year. This must serve as an eye-opener. It is highly unfortunate that we fail labour intensive sectors like farming, micro and small enterprises that mainly contribute to current livelihoods in our country. India should give priority to labour intensive technology to generate employment which can increase the purchasing power of the people, boost market, stop colossal food wastage (as a result of poor affordability of hungry people) and therefore redress farmer’s agony of not being able to market their harvest.


Sujit De,





Judges and justice

Dear Editor,

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to point out the acute shortage of judges we are facing today has added a sense of urgency to the issue. It is comprehensible that the respected Chief Justice of India has been waiting for speedy appointment of judges required for thwarting setbacks in justice delivery. Shortage of judges may be one reason for pending of cases. Increase in the number of judges is long overdue. Widespread vacancies delay proceedings and expand court dockets; inadequate judicial resources imperil criminal prosecutions and cause civil proceedings to lag; and overburdened judges are hard-pressed to give each case the attention it deserves. Around 170 proposals for appointment of high court judges were now pending with the government. India needs better quality of judges and not quantity. Successive governments have failed in this regard. The sense of frustration palpable in the appeal by the Chief Justice is entirely understandable. No doubt, a large number of pending cases is not only because of lack of judicial strength alone. There are number of other reasons including deliberate delay tactics adopted by a section of lawyers that hindered speedy trial process, especially in lower courts. It is not a one man's show to put the judiciary on the right track. The executive and judiciary the two important pillars of nation have to work collectively to address the problem of timely delivery of justice to the citizens.


Vinod C. Dixit






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APCC rejects allegations, flays Pema

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today criticised Chief Minister Pema Khandu for making a statement against the Congress party in a public meeting at Tawang.

Khandu yesterday during a public meeting at Tawang accused the Congress of having high command culture and weak policies.

The APCC while rejecting allegations made by Khandu against the party in a statement issued here said that the person having a legacy of a renowned Congress family in the state now blaming the Congress is really "unfortunate and indigestible".

"Criticising the Congress party is like blaming its own mother who kept the baby in womb for 9 months and more," the statement said.

The party added that Khandu after joining the BJP was constantly blaming that Congress high command diktats in the affairs of the state government in its programmes and policies, as were not in tune with the Indian culture.

"The Congress ask him is there no high command in BJP? If so, is BJP a regional party?" the party added.

"Congress ideology advocates for secular party system rising above all differences which endeared the party nationwide among the masses and it is a party of the people.

"Those who have no party ideology, values and culture and have the habit of shifting their loyalty from one party to another every now and then should not talk much about party ideology, values and culture," the statement said.

The APCC further cautioned the BJP not to allure the panchayat leaders to join their party who were elected from Congress and also asked the illegally defected Congress MLAs who have joined BJP that they have no right to blame Congress party in any manner.

"The Congress party though have no requisite number of MLAs in the state assembly, but will never let down the people who have voted them to the power and will remain constructive opposition in the assembly as we concern the development of the people first," the statement added. PTI




Teacher allegedly assaulted by army personnel

Staff Reporter

LONGDING, Feb 2: One Ngamtai Wangsu, an assistant teacher currently working at Government Primary School, Longsom village under Longding district has been allegedly beaten up by army personnel of the 4th Sikh Regiment.

According to reports, on Tuesday last, Wangsu was returning home at around 7.15 PM from Bimlapur, where he had gone to purchase items for his son's last rites. When he reached Ngamding Army Camp area, his vehicle, which was on hire to load items, was stopped. The army personnel made him unload the contents in the vehicle and kept him waiting for more than two hours in the open.

Later, he was allegedly taken to the officers' barrack, where he was beaten up by the army personnel and received grievous injury.

"I told them that I am a teacher working in a government school, but the army official who seemed intoxicated even after seeing my government identification card started hurting me," shared Wangsu.

The incident comes just days after Havildar Hangpan Dada was awarded the Ashok Chakra posthumously. Late Dada hailed from Tirap district.




HoDs adopt schools in Longding district

LONGDING, Feb 2: With the initiative of Longding Deputy Commissioner, Himanshu Gupta, each of the heads of government departments of Longding district have adopted a government school, located within their work jurisdiction.

This is aimed at improving the conditions of schools in the district which have the lowest literacy rate in the state. The initiative also takes into consideration poor road connectivity, frequent power cuts and acute shortage of drinking water during the winter.

Under the 'adopt a school' programme, the Department of UD & Housing, Longding branch distributed solar study lamps to 42 students of Government Primary School, Longding, with assistance from the AoL, Bangalore.

This gift of light from the department of UD&H is expected to be of great help to students in their academic pursuit, who can engage in study without getting disturbed by the frequent power cuts.

Longding Circle Officer, D Apang gave away the solar study lamps and also advised the students to make good use of the internet as source of knowledge. He also exhorted them to focus on cultural values and patriotism and told students that their bright future depends upon their present hard work.

Rama Tiwari from AoL Bangalore also conducted a week long yoga course for class IV and V students, in which 32 students participated.




Governor asks institutes to focus on job-oriented subjects

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: Suggesting that the institutes need to focus on job-oriented subjects, entrepreneurship, and avenues and resources- related professions, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh P B Acharya said that pass-out students should be job providers and not merely job seekers.

He was interacting with the representatives of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST), National Institute of Technology (NIT), North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC), Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), Arunachal Pradesh, State Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) and Ex-Servicemen Association at Raj Bhavan here on Thursday.

Further informing that his priority for the development of the state are the three 'Es' -Education, Electricity and Empowerment, he emphasized on quality education and urged that each student passing out from their institutes be well versed and employable.

"Let us change the mindset of the people, particularly the youths and motivate them to work hard and excel in life," he said.

The Governor, being the Chairman of the State Ex-Servicemen Association, President of State Indian Red Cross Society and Patron of State Bharat Scouts and Guides, emphasised on strengthening these organizations. Acharya, who is also the Chairman of NEZCC, Dimapur, advised the concerned officials to register all cultural troupes of the state to facilitate them to participate in cultural events all over the country.

RGU Vice Chancellor Professor T Mibang, NERIST In-charge Director, Professor H S Yadav, NIT In-charge Director, Dr M K Shome, state NEZCC members, Director Art & Culture N Ete, Director Research Batem Pertin and Joint Director, Art and Culture J Siram, IRCS Honorary Secretary Dr E Rumi and Ex-Servicemen President Gyati Kago, along with other members also attended the meeting.

Earlier during the day, the Governor met women body builder champion from the state Paklu Taipodia and exhorted her to focus and excel in national and international sporting arenas. She was accompanied by coach cum mentor Raj Thakuri.




RGU all set to celebrate its 34th foundation day

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: On February 4, the Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), located at the picturesque Rono Hills will celebrate its 34th foundation day.

The university, converted into a central university in 2007, took its first baby steps with three departments, and has now emerged as one of the leading institutions of higher education in the region.

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions of higher education in the country has accredited the university with B-Grade (Very Good) in 2015.

Today, there are 21 departments under nine broad faculties besides three centres that offer courses ranging from certificate, diploma, under-graduation, post-graduation, MPhil, PhD and Post Doctoral research studies.

The university has also affiliated with the Institute of Distance Education, offering BA and MA courses to more than 7000 students from its 13 study centers across the state. It also offers two certificate courses. The institute aims to provide higher education opportunities to those who are unable to join regular academic and vocational education programmes in the affiliated colleges of the university.

Currently, 36 colleges and institutes offering varied courses in the state are affiliated to the university.

RGU can also boast of a Women Technology Park, which was established in 2005 with support from the Science and Society Division, Department of Science & Technology, GoI, which is currently being looked after by the IDE. Vermicomposting, bee-keeping, vegetable and mushroom cultivation are some of the activities of the park. There is also a proposal to set up dairy farming and paper recycling unit.

From the next academic session, the university is planning to start new programmes, including music and fine arts, geology and psychology. Some 2095 odd students are enrolled for different courses, while there are nine halls of residences located in the campus with intake capacity of more than 900 residents.

The UGC has selected RGU as the "University with Potential for Excellence", among various universities in India.

A total of 166 regular faculty members and 203 non-teaching officers and officials cater to the academic and administrative need of the university.

The Faculty of Life Science of RGU is recognised as a "Center with Potential for Excellence in Biodiversity" by the UGC. The project has been running since 2003 in two phases, with the objective of research, teaching and training, along with outreach programmes.

The "Center with Potential for Excellence in Biodiversity" has been doing research on biodiversity of Arunachal, apart from conversation efforts. Arunachal is one of the biodiversity hotspots with endemic floral and faunal species in varied climatic zone, which is the uniqueness of Arunachal Pradesh, said Professor Hirendra Nath Sarma, Department of Zoology.

The center also trains local stakeholders of the state for assessment and conservation of bio-resources, apart from formulating policies on climate change.  

The Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies offers MPhil and Phd courses in tribal studies. The institute is multi disciplinary, research oriented and offers certificate courses in various tribal and foreign languages.

The institute also runs a Centre for Endangered Languages, and is at present focusing on survey, documentation, and analysis of the critically endangered languages of Arunachal Pradesh. It is also studying these speech communities in their socio-cultural contexts.

'We are planning to publish the research findings in the form of a monograph and bring out short films from the audio-visual documentation which will likely have academic impact', said Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies Director, Professor S Simon John.

The research team comprises of scholars from linguistics, anthropology, folklore, tribal studies and mass communication departments.  




Committee submits report on APCMUHIS

ITANANAGAR, Feb 2: The committee constituted to study the functioning of Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister's Universal Health Insurance Scheme (APCMUHIS) and recommend modifications for better and comprehensive coverage, submitted its report on Thursday afternoon.

The report was received by Health Minister Jomde Kena, in presence of Government Spokesperson P D Sona, Director Health Services Dr Moji Jini and Chief Medical Superintendent Dr R D Khrime.

Member Secretary of the committee and Special Secretary Health, Prince Dhawan briefed the minister about all the details of the scheme and the modalities adopted by the committee for making the report.

 Giving an outline of the report, Chairman of the committee and Minister for Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Dr Mohesh Chai said that the report has made short term as well as long term recommendations keeping the interest of the beneficiaries in centre stage.

Later, Health Minister Kena also appreciated the committee for in-depth analysis of the scheme.

Other members of the committee include APCMUHIS Nodal Officer Dr Tana Takum, Health Research Scientist Dr Nabam Peter and Finance & Accounts Officer of the Health Department, V C Hello.




Govt considering CoSAAP demand

Staff Reporter

ITANANAGAR, Feb 2: There is growing speculation that the Government of Arunachal is considering the demand of the Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) to enhance the retirement age from 58 to 60 years.

According to sources, the Cabinet is expected to take up CoSAAP's demand during the next Cabinet meeting on February 7.

When contacted, a senior government official feigned ignorance and said they are not aware of the items which would be taken up during the Cabinet meeting.

A large section of Arunachalees, especially the youths for long have been bitterly opposing the CoSAAP's demand.

"The whole world is looking for youth power to fasten the development activities. Strangely, our elders are making a demand which is regressive in nature. Also a majority of Arunachalees are dependent on government job for sustainability. The enhancement of retirement age will lead to more unemployment. Therefore, state government will risk angering the youths if they decide to accept CoSAAP's demand," shared a citizen.




Orientation programme on Gandhi’s life and philosophy

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: A two-day orientation programme of MLAs on the 'Life and Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi' began at Nokmey Namati Hall of the Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Naharlagun on Thursday.

The programme is being jointly organized by the Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi and Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

While informing that the idea and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi still fits into modern India, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein called upon the ministers and legislators, who are the policy making body, to devise a new model of economic development for the state, based on Gandhian ideology.

"The economic system should be organised to provide employment for everyone to achieve the vision of self-reliability and sustainable development as envisaged by the Father of the Nation", he emphasized, and suggested to give massive support to agriculture, on which majority of the people of the state and more than half the population of the country depend on for their livelihood.

He said that the state policy also needs to support micro- and small-scale industries through investments in R&D and upgrading the capability of people working there, in terms of education, knowledge and skill, with provision of credit and other facilities.

"We should therefore design policy initiatives which take care of the welfare of the poorest members of the society, fulfill their basic needs and give them a dignified and respectable living," he added.

Also speaking on the occasion, Education Minister Honchun Ngandam urged on fellow legislators to inculcate the ideals and principles of 'Bapuji' in their day to day life.

Earlier, Speaker Tenzing Norbu Thongdok called for a serious and an institutionalized effort by the legislators to emulate the Mahatma's life and philosophy for a kind of moral resurrection to take place.

Senior Gandhian and Founder-Managing Trustee of Nagaland Gandhi Ashram, Padmashree Natwar Thakkar delivered a speech on constructive work and volunteerism of Mahatma Gandhi, while Harijan Sevak Sangh Vice President Laxmi Dass spoke on Gandhian principles and good governance.




APPSC to get more staffers

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: Chief Minister Pema Khandu today approved the creation of 10 new posts for the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission.

A week earlier, the Chief Minister met Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission Chairman Tajom Taloh, who had requested the state government for additional human resource to strengthen the prestigious commission.

Considering the exigency, the Chief Minister approved the creation of 10 various categories -Group A, B and C posts in the APPSC -to meet up with the requirements.

With this development, the commission is expected to fasten the activities, besides maintaining absolute transparency in its approach.

The commission shall also take over the recruitment of subordinate staffs appointment (group B and below) in the days to come after amendment of the delimitation rules under the APPSC.




AR apprehends NSCN (R) worker

JAIRAMPUR, Feb 2: The Jairampur Battalion of Assam Rifles, under the aegis of Dao Division has apprehended one Kamsing Ngemu, who is an alleged over ground worker of the NSCN (R).

He was arrested from Miao town.

According to an Assam Rifles release, Ngemu was impersonating as SS Captain Jimmy of NSCN (R) and was extorting money from government employees, including employees of the PHE Department, besides business establishments like furniture shop owners and other small ply-mill owners of Miao area.  




Late Peeju’s parents seek fulfillment of Govt. assurances

ITANAGAR, Feb 2:  Father of late Tarh Peeju, Tarh Kama has expressed disappointment over the state government's non-responsive attitude in fulfilling its assurance to name a bridge after Peeju, which was proposed to be built over the Pachin River near Jullang Village.

While addressing media persons at the Arunachal Press Club here on Wednesday, Peeju's father, Kama stated that despite repeated reminders to the state government regarding the assurance given by former Chief Minister late Kalikho Pul, it is yet to fulfill its assurances.

He said that "no steps have been taken by the concern departments regarding our letters referred by the present government till date".

The parents of late Peeju have reportedly submitted reminders to the state government on several occasions, including 15 August and 30 December, 2016, and very recently on January 6 last. The same letters have been forwarded to the departments of PWD, Political, Disaster Management and Food & Civil Supplies by the state government for necessary action.

Expressing its dismay over the issue, Tarh Welfare Society General Secretary, Tarh Tarak also appealed to the state government to fulfill the assurance given by the late Pul Government.

He also reminded them to offer a government job to one of her family members and sponsor free education to one child of Kama under the CM's discretion till college graduation.

Tarak also added that the GoAP is yet to release the announced amount of Rs 8 lakhs (Rs 4 lakh under DDM and Rs 4 lakh under CMRF).




CM holds review meeting with army on land acquisition

TAWANG, Feb 2: Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday held a review meeting with Brigadier S S Dahiya of the 40 Brigade, Deputy Commissioner Sang Phuntsok, Zilla Parishad Chairperson Jambey Tsering, forest officials and locals to speed up land acquisition for all lands under occupation of the Indian Army in Tawang district.

Appreciating the cordial relation being maintained between the Indian Army and the people of Tawang, the Chief Minister asked the local administration to take the matter of land acquisition on high priority.

He requested the army to take special care in forward areas regarding the infrastructure and other public facilities.

Also, the Chief Minister asked to take care of connectivity issues such as road and mobile communication.

The army officer briefed about the army's requirement of the land, and urged the administration and forest department to cooperate with the land acquisition process, as it was critical for security of the nation.

Brigadier Dahiya also informed of various public welfare activities currently underway in Tawang district under Operation Samaritan. (PRO to CM)




Taku assures to discuss land demarcation issue

SEPPA, Feb 2:  MLA-cum-Parliamentary Secretary for Tax & Excise, Tapuk Taku has said that he would soon discuss the issue of land demarcation of Donigaon village and Seppa Headquarters with the Seppa District Administration.

He also assured to upgrade Government Middle Elementary School, Pachi to a secondary school in response to a memorandum submitted by the All Sangtung & Singhi Welfare Association during its fourth general conference, which was recently held at Pachi, East Kameng district.

Taku also assured to construct a community hall at Attarang and Donigaon villages soon.

Parliamentary Secretary for Panchayati Raj and Rural Development, Mama Natung, who also attended the conference, announced to sanction funds for construction of multipurpose hall-cum-rostrum at Pachi within this financial year.  

Natung also donated blankets to senior citizens on the occasion.

Among others, WRD EE, Pai Dawe, Power AE, (E), Konku Para and CO, Abu Taba were also present on the occasion.




KKYF FC lifts Lt Rotom Tama Memorial Football Trophy

Staff Reporter

RAGA, Feb 2: Kapu Kabak Youth Foundation Football Club (KKYFFC) edged past Raga Football Club (RFC) to lift the Late Rotom Tama Memorial Football Trophy in a thrilling penalty shoot-out of 5-3, played here at Yada Ground, Raga   today.  

As part of the Boori Boot Yullo Golden Jubilee Celebration-2017, the tournament kick-started from January 24 last.

The home team of RFC lost morale after its player Kina Dipul missed the penalty shot by hitting the goalpost.  Wild celebration erupted at the KKYFFC camp after “best goalkeeper”  Kabak Taji stopped the penalty shot of RFC's Mogu Meto, setting the final nail on RFC's coffin.

Earlier, Kabak John put KKYFFC ahead of the game with his low-cross shot scored in the 41th minute, making the scoreboard 1-0 at half time.  However, Maga Teri's spectacular long-cross shot from 20 yards equalized the match in stoppage time (91th minute).

The KKYFFC failed to capitalize despite couple of corner kick opportunities in additional time.  Neither team was able to break the deadlock even after 10 minutes of extra time.  

The winner's trophy, along with Rs 1 lakh cash was awarded to KKYFFC by Rotom Yaad, wife of late Rotom Tama, in presence of local MLA Tamar Murtem and IFCSAP President Dr Ligu Tacho, while runner-up RFC had to settle with an award of Rs 50, 000 only.

Meanwhile, RFC Tolum Makcha was declared the "Best Player" of the tournament, while Puri Takar with his six goals was adjudged as "Highest Scorer" and Todum Taga Football Club was given the "Fair Play Team" award.




Jeli accorded rousing welcome

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: Singing sensation of Arunachal Pradesh, Jeli Kayi Tamin was accorded a rousing reception by his support group, fans and various organizations on his return from Mumbai after making it to the top 10 of Indian Idol, Season 9, at Naharlagun Helipad on Wednesday.

Members of Jeli Kayi Tamin Support Group, Tamin Elite Society, Liromoba Capital Complex Welfare Society, Arunachal Artist Forum and many well-wishers and fans were among those who accorded warm welcome to Jeli.

Later in an interaction programme held at a city hotel, many speakers and well-wishers showered praises on Jeli for being the first from the state to reach the top-10 in a national level reality show.

'His achievement will definitely encourage upcoming singers', they said.

Speaking on the occasion, Tamin Elite Society Vice Chairman Tambo Tamin expressed gratitude to all well-wishers, including the state government and Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju for their constant support to Jeli.

Sharing his experience, Jeli also extended sincere thanks to various organizations and all the people, including Union Minister Rijiju, Arunachal students of Mumbai, Sony TV, playback singer Sonu Nigam, music director Anu Malik, and choreographer Farah Khan for providing him with an opportunity of a lifetime.

In a communiqué, Jeli also expressed gratitude to the state government for awarding him with a gold medal and for declaring him as "Youth Icon of the Year" of the state in the recently concluded Arunachal Tourism Awards-2017.




Legume seed production training for extension functionaries concludes

PASIGHAT, Feb 2: A 10- day training on quality seed production for legume crops for the extension functionaries of the line department, KVKs and NGOs, concluded at the College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, on Thursday.

Organized by the Department of Plant Breeding and Natural Resource Management and funded by CAU, Imphal, the training was aimed at creating awareness among the growers of the region about the importance and package improvement for quality yield and seed production.

Dean of the college, Dr A K Pandey highlighted the importance of legumes as the protein source in human diet. He also highlighted various aspects of quality seeds in enhancing productivity and production of legume crops in the region.

Dr Pandey also presented certificates to all participants and interacted with them.

Both Course Director and Course Coordinator of the training programme, Dr Mukul Kumar and Dr Dinesh Sah highlighted the various activities associated with quality seed production in legumes during the entire training programme.

Among participants, Pasighat ADO Oni Panyang and Pasighat MOVCD Consultant, Tushar Ghosh stressed on the need to conduct such type of scientific oriented training programmes on various aspects of agriculture and horticulture crops on regular basis.




Maga Nana crowned Miss Boori Boot Yullo

From a Correspondent

RAGA, Feb 2: Maga Nana has been crowned the beauty pageant winner of the Miss Boori Boot Yullo Golden Jubilee-2017, held on the inaugural day of the festival.  

Beating 19 beauty contestants, Nana walked away with a Hyundai EON car, along with the title.

Choti Mugli was adjudged the first runner-up and Maga Juli was the second runner-up, and had to settle with a scooter each.  

Altogether, 20 beauty contestants walked on the stage for the Boori Boot Golden Jubilee Celebration beauty pageant title.  

On day two, colourful traditional sports events, such as tug-of-war, traditional war dance and folklore recitation competition (Bage Panam/ Nyim Kamnam) for both men and women were organised.  

At least 31 men and 26 female -all folklore experts, turned up to participate in the recitation competition.

The objective of the folklore recitation competition was to imbibe sense of cultural preservation and documentation among the younger generation.




Roing fire department gets new equipment


ROING, Feb 2: The Roing Fire Department is enthralled over the arrival of the new fire truck and other fire-fighting equipment, including breathing apparatus and sand bag, among other items which were not available earlier.

"We have been using the fire trucks and equipments from 20 years back. The arrival of this new truck and equipment has immensely motivated and encouraged us," said Fire Department Officer In-charge Kasem Tayeng.

Further, he informed that the new truck has five water releasing points, while the old model only had two. It also has the capacity to hold more water and the ladder can be extended to 30 feet.

A demonstration programme was also conducted by the fire department, under the supervision of SP Roing S K Sain.

Later, the SP informed that local MLA Mutchu Mithi played a crucial role in getting the machine after first witnessing it at Itanagar.

Mithi on his part assured that any other help required by the department will be provided by him. Applauding the demonstration, Mithi said that the show should also be presented for the general public during Statehood Day celebrations so that the department gains the public's confidence.

Taking the opportunity, OI Tayeng proposed for water hydrants/tanks with proper outlets to be put up in various villages around the district for convenience in fire fighting.

Responding to the proposal, Roing DC Deepak Shinde said that a survey should be conducted in this regard. He also informed that there is enough fund in the Disaster Management Department to meet the purpose and that focus should be on stopping disasters rather than in providing relief.




RGU field study at Ledum

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: The Department of Anthropology, Rajiv Gandhi University has successfully completed an 18 days ethnographic field work at Ledum Village in East Siang district.

The field study, which began on January 16 last, was conducted as a part of the academic curriculum, and had 22 MA anthropology second semester students, led by Assistant Professors Dr Md Asghar and Ratna Tayeng.

The anthropological team studied demographic profile of the village, customary law, folklore, traditional political system, family, marriage, kinship, rituals, festival, taboos, property sharing, and division of labor.

They also conducted an outreach programme at Ledum Upper Primary Government School on January 24, which included career counseling, drawing competition, quiz competition and sports events.

The team also distributed various study materials to the students of Ledum Lower Primary School.

The villagers, who were pleased for selecting Ledum village for the study, offered their community hall to the team during its stay.

Earlier on February 1, there was an interaction with the villagers, which was attended by the gaon buras and Panchayat leaders.

Speaking on the occasion, retired Director, Higher Secondary Education Dr Tapang Taloh spoke on the relevance of anthropology in Arunachal Pradesh.

Later, the team donated chairs and dustbins for the village, which were handed over to Village Council Secretary Tayem Dupak.




AAPSU to celebrate 50th year of its existence

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: Informing that it is going to celebrate the 50th year of its existence this year, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students' Union (AAPSU) has appealed to everyone not to give any kind of donation and contribution to unauthorized persons other than the appointed members.




Empower IMC: Governor

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh P B Acharya said that the Itanagar Municipal Council should be strengthened by delegating more subjects, including water supply, house tax, town beautification and primary schools with funds, functions and functionaries.

He said this during a meeting with an IMC delegation.

The Governor also advised the Itanagar Municipal Council members to focus on cleanliness of the town to facilitate inclusion of Itanagar in the list of Smart Cities.

Once included, the Capital City will be able to avail many benefits under the urban renewal and retrofitting program of the Government of India, he said.




Union appeals for fair recruitment process

ITANAGAR, Feb 2: In a memorandum submitted to the Kra Daadi Deputy Commissioner on Thursday, the All Kra Daadi District Students' Union (AKDDSU) has appealed to him to ensure that the recruitment process for the post of 17 teachers, as advertised in the local dailies against the district is carried out in a fair manner and without any bias.

'The recruiting authorities should strictly scrutinize the documents of candidates as most of the candidates had  earlier submitted fake certificates of APTET, DIET and BEd to appear in the walk-in interview', alleged the union's President Gora Rikam Bhai.




Appeal for financial assistance

PALIN, Feb 2: The All Arunachal Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers Association (AASSATA), Kra Daadi unit has appealed to the state government to provide financial assistance to two of its terminally-ill members.

The two teachers are Assistant Teacher of Government Residential School Dokio Longpo in Palin, Takam Tamang and Assistant Teacher of Government Secondary School Chambang, Taring Tanam.

Reportedly, Tamang is suffering from failure of both his kidneys and has been referred to Chennai, while Tanam is a patient of hypertension and referred to NEIGRIMS in Shillong.

Meanwhile, the association informed that the AASSATA and Arunachal Teachers' Association of the district have contributed a total of Rs 1, 82, 000 for both patients.

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