February 12


Pul’s wife, GAF seek CBI inquiry into Mere Vichaar allegations

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Former Chief Minister late Kalikho Pul's first wife, Dangwimsai Pul has sought an inquiry into the allegations made in the 60-page note, 'Mere Vichaar'. She was supported by the Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) in her demand, who also asked for a CBI inquiry into the much-debated note by late Pul.

Addressing reporters on Saturday, Dangwimsai said, "Our demand is not related to anything else apart from seeking justice for my late husband."

Imploring the central government to suspend the powers of the offices of the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister for free and fair investigation, GAF Chairman Takam Tatung also demanded that "Those legislators, whose names have been mentioned, should not be allowed to stay in power anymore."

He also alleged that the complaint lodged by the wives of the late CM on the day of his death was also not registered, while the PSO's complaint given much later was accepted.

The GAF also lashed out at Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein's recent claim that the CM bungalow is haunted and that it would be converted into a state guest house.

Dismissing the DCM's claim, GAF Chairman Tatung and Dangwimsai insisted that the building be converted into a state museum.

Tatung further opined that the alleged Rs 4 crore given to Mechukha MLA PD Sona as claimed by late Pul in the book should be returned back to his family members.

It may be mentioned here that the final report of the case was submitted on October 24 last year. It was concluded that the late CM had committed suicide and that there was no foul play behind the death.

According to the final report submitted by Investigating Officer R K Jha, former Chief Minister late Kalikho Pul had been in a state of depression after being removed from the post of the chief minister, and had stopped meeting people or attending calls in the last few days leading to his demise.

It was Dangwimsai, who found her husband hanging from the ceiling fan of his pranayama room in the morning of August 9, 2016.




BJP cautions APCC not to mix religion with politics

ITANAGAR, Feb 11:  Taking strong exception to the allegations leveled by APCC on BJP of trying to convert the pristine hill state into a Hindu majority state, state BJP President Tapir Gao advised the APCC to refrain from bringing religion into politics.

'APCC has turned into loose cannon. Of late, it has been uttering non-sensical and gibberish words which does not have any meaning or substance,' said Gao, while reminding the Congress that BJP is a political organisation with deep rooted ideological belief in nation's unity and integrity.

'We know the long history of APCC that has been a catalyst in reducing the indigenous population,' said Gao while reiterating that BJP has always stood for policies that supported preservation of indigenous population and its practices, tradition and culture.

Taking a dig at the Congress, he said, 'For long Congress perpetuated the divide-rule policy but cancerous Congress which is past its utility and relevance  must understand that new age Indian or Arunachalees have understood the games that Congress indulge to fool the commoners.'

While asserting its commitment to the ideology of "Antodaya", Gao said, 'As a political party, we welcome people from all walks of life into our party fold, without differentiating on the basis of the caste, colour, creed or religion.  In truest sense, our nation shall become a powerful one once the last man in the queue is benefitted.'

Further, he said that the interest of the nation has always come first for BJP, party next and individual interest has always been the last.  'We welcome all those like-minded people who are willing to serve the nation,' said Gao.

'With open heart, we have welcomed all the legislators into our party fold and therefore it is natural that grass-root leaders are joining us and have expressed trust in Modiji and Khanduji's leadership,' Gao added.




Commercial flight operations from Pasighat ALG likely this month

PASIGHAT, Feb 11: Commercial flights from Pasighat ALG may soon be a reality as private airliners have evinced keen interest on starting operation from the ALG from this month with a separate terminal for civilians.

The existing civil supply office building, adjacent to the ALG will act as an interim terminal before the national terminal is built.

Local MLA Kaling Moyong, along with Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak visited the airport premises and inspected the facilities of the temporary civil terminal building and the final modified plans for renovation and immediate installation of X-Ray Baggage Screening machine, entrance and exit gates, approach roads, parking, counters, check-in area, arrival hall, aviation lounge, baggage, makeup area, waiting room, public utility etc.

Moyong asserted that the construction of the upcoming high-class full-fledged civil terminal project by the Airport Authority of India would be a shining example of dynamism of Chief Minister Pema Khandu.

Deputy Commissioner Tatak stressed on reasonable and latest design features maintaining quality and standard in addressing critical environmental concerns.

While modifying the existing building, the engineers/experts should ensure that it is eco-friendly and convenient to all categories of passengers, the deputy commissioner said. (DIPRO)




Z Singpho only Arunachalee to crack 11 SSB

[ Pisi Zauing ]

BORDUMSA, Feb 11:  A young Arunachalee from Dirakpathar village in Bordumsa, Zaukhumgam Singpho has cracked the 11 SSB Allahabad in his very first attempt and ranked 16 in the 'All-India Ranking'.

A graduate in history, Zaukhumgam is the only candidate from Arunachal Pradesh to get through in the 11 SSB Allahabad. He is amongst the 45 batches selected out of 4,200 applicants and will start his 11-month training course of the 41st batch at the Officers Training Academy, Chennai from April next for commissioning into the Indian Army as a Lieutenant.

He will also become the first Singpho to be commissioned as an officer into the Indian Army.

Son of Samchingam Singpho and Roija Singpho, Zaukhumgam was an energetic NCC cadet who attended the Republic Day Camp in New Delhi and represented India in 2014 in the 'Youth Exchange Programme' in Russia.  He was also adjudged the best cadet and held the rank of 'Senior Under Officer'.

The Singpho Development Society, Miao Sub Division Youth Organization and Miao Mothers Association in a joint release extended congratulations, saying "Zaukhumgam Singpho has not only made a niche for himself but made his family and the Singpho society immensely proud. On the eve of the 33rd Annual Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi, the success of Zaukhumgam has come as a blessing and a precious gift", the release said.




Ride for Festival of Arunachal- 2017

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The celebrations of the Statehood Day was kick started here  on Saturday with "Ride for Festival of Arunachal" by the Royal Arunachal Riders, organized under the banner of "Boulevard of Colors: Culture and Music Street Pageant", which is organized as a part of the Festival of Arunachal, as its Naharlagun chapter.

Hosted by the Centre for Cultural Research & Documentation (CCRD), in collaboration with the state Department of Art & Culture, the Royal Enfield riders started the campaign from Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar and rode through Naharlagun and finished their ride at the Department of Political Science, Rajiv Gandhi University.

The programme was organized to promote and initiate people's participation at the Festival of Arunachal that will be celebrated from February 20 to 23, 2017.

Flagging off the ride, Capital Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Singh addressed the Royal Arunachal Riders and emphasized on the need for promoting the participation of people from all sections of society in the Statehood Day celebrations in order to make it a grand success.

He said, "This is a festival of unity and we should all come together and celebrate the essence of Arunachal".

The riders were later received at the RGU by faculty members of the Political Science Department, where Assistant Professor Nuki Gammeng thanked them for taking out the promotional ride.

CCRD Director (Program & Admin.), Moyir Riba, while informing about the idea behind organizing the Enfield Ride shared, ''Festival of Arunachal is going to be celebrated at three places in the capital simultaneously and this ride is an initiative to bring it all together".  

“Apart from the main event at IG Park, the second edition of the Boulevard of Colors (BoC) is going to be celebrated on February 18 and 19 at Naharlagun and a symposium on 'Empowerment of Women and Child Rights' will be organised on February 22 at RGU. The Department of Political Science is also going to organize an essay competition for students at the university campus as a part of the celebrations,” she added.

The BoC, which began last year, is an endeavor to involve the residents of Naharlagun in the Festival of Arunachal celebrations and to showcase the cultural diversity and performing arts of the tribes in the state. It is also emerging as a coveted space for creative expression by young artistes, musicians, authors and poets of the state.




Spicy and bland

Group Captain M Panging

VM (Retd)

Most native people of North East India like their food as simple and bland. A meal generally comprises of boiled rice, boiled meat/fish with green vegetables and chillies/salt. Generally, the only spice components are locally grown ginger, garlic and fermented bamboo shoot.

Till rice was introduced, our food comprised of millets, maize, tree extracts and leafy green vegetables extracted from the jungle. Many types of vegetables were extracted from the forest. Many of them are still considered delicacies. In the absence of major spices many plants extracted from the jungle were used to spice up the food due to the tangy and pungent flavours.

Many roots are also eaten. The roots comprise of yam or sweet potato, tapioca or casava, colocasia or arum. Roots are baked in fire ash or simply boiled and consumed. After the introduction of rice, it replaced most forms of millets and maize as the staple diet.

Another favourite is bamboo shoot. Tender bamboo shoots are extracted and consumed in different forms. It could be consumed in raw tender form or fermented and consumed in different forms with sour and tangy tastes.  

Meat and fish are procured from the forest/rivers. In addition to consumption of fresh meat, meat/fish are smoked on fire and preserved for consumption later. Meat/fish are also grilled or baked. Fowls and pigs were traditionally domesticated and reared for consumption. Mithuns were reared for consumption during special occasions and festivals. Goats and cattle were introduced later as sources of meat.

Another tribal delicacy is fermented soya beans. Fermented soya beans are mixed with salt and chillies for a pungent and tangy flavour.

Many types of fruits are also domestically grown for consumption. Fruits like berries, papaya, mango, jackfruit, oranges, apple, kiwi and bananas are readily available. Many other wilds berries and fruits are also extracted from the jungle and consumed.

Traditionally, most native people were not exposed to wheat, lentils and milk. Therefore, there was no consumption of wheat products like bread, roti or paratha. Wheat products and lentils were introduced later. Similarly, the introduction of cattle brought in milk and its byproducts.

Another aspect is the timing of meals. As traditionally practiced in villages, lunch is eaten early in the morning followed by dinner early in the evening just after sunset. There is no concept of breakfast. Like the tribal saying, “One must eat a full meal at the start of the day...since it is not sure when would be the next meal.”

One more aspect is the universal liking for chillies. With age, the taste buds shift towards more bitter, tangy and pungent tastes. It is common for aged people to demand bitter and pungent items during occasions.

To add spice to taste buds, one of most common items chewed by most natives is paan with beetle nut and lime. Many people add tobacco and tree barks for more ‘kick’. It is common to find many villagers with reddish mouths with typical paan smell.

Like our simple and bland meals, native villagers were also simple, honest and trustworthy. With the introduction of different spices in our food, our lives have also become spicy and complicated. It appears that we have spiced up our food and lives.




GPF allege serious violation of MoRTH guidelines

Staff Reporter

ITANGAR, Feb 11:  The Galo People's Federation (GPF) in a press conference held here on Saturday alleged serious violations of the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) guidelines on the Trans-Arunachal Highway between Likabali and Garu in West Siang district by executing agency M/S JKM, a Gurgoan based private firm.

Addressing reporters at the APC, GPF President Nyadar Loya claimed that the executing agency has neither deployed adequate machineries, nor manpower at work sites, thus making the existing road worse.

The GPF added that only a few machines have been deployed at the site, leading to utter slow pace of work, while also alleging that the private firm is executing random earth cutting and creating untold inconveniences to commuters, especially patients who are on medical emergency.

Loya informed that the federation had sent a representation to the Managing Director of National Highway & Infrastructure Development, New Delhi seeking his intervention in expediting the work as per the guidelines.

"There are no site engineers, no walkie-talkies being used by site supervisors to monitor vehicle movement and no PRO to coordinate," claimed GPF Spokesperson Tujum Poyom.

"Random earth-cutting will trigger more landslides during rainy season" Poyom added, before alleging that the private firm was responsible for causing two accidents that occurred somewhere towards the end of 2016.

It also expressed resentment over the district administration and the Highway Department for failing to monitor the ongoing project.

The GPF further clarified that it has no political motives to cause obstruction in the project and claimed that its sole objective is to correct the faults and let the executing agency strictly follow the guidelines.  

Further, the organisation served an ultimatum to the authorities, including the state government to ensure that the quality of work is maintained, failing which, the authorities would invite series of agitations.




Police arrest one in wildfire case


RUKSIN, Feb 11: The Arunachal Pradesh Police of Ruksin arrested a suspect in a wildfire case at Ngorlung Mo:ruk on February 4 that devastated around 13 hectares of rubber and tea plantations, horticulture crops and bamboos.

The arrested person has been remanded to police custody for seven days for interrogation.

The fire also swept through large forest areas and burned down valuable trees, medicinal plants and herbs.

The affected farmers were Ajom Tarang, Jhon Modi, Obang Panyang, Onyok Panyang and Yapiam Panyang of Ngorlung.

The name of Ngorlung Mo:ruk was earlier wrongly mentioned as Linka village.




Will not tolerate laxity in duty by govt servants: APCC

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has said that the party will not remain a silent spectator to dereliction of duty by government servants.

Taking serious note of a complaint lodged by Tirap DCC regarding alleged laxity in duty by some government officials posted in Tirap, the APCC in a press statement cautioned that no dereliction of duty or laxity will be tolerated.

"It is very unfortunate that some government officers posted in Tirap district are very irregular in their duties, which is badly affecting the developmental activities," the APCC said.

Alleging that the EE, (Electrical/Power), Tirap is often found out of town, the APCC criticized the elected representatives of the district for ignoring the serious issue which has hampered development.




BJP celebrates Samarpan Divas

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: To mark the 49th death anniversary of the BJP's founding father, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, the state BJP joined the rest of the nation in celebrating the day as "Samarpan Divas" at the party headquarters here on Saturday.

While delivering his "Marg Darshan", Minister for Power (E), Handloom and Textile, Tamiyo Taga exhorted the party workers to read and internalize Deendayal's philosophy of integral humanism, that is all encompassing, rather than viewing things or events in isolation.

Keynote speaker, Shekhar Kelkar, Prant Sah Seva Pramukh of RSS delved into the philosophies espoused by Deendayal and said, 'His greatness was in his simple living and high thinking and in his ability to connect with the people.  Panditji's idea of jan sangh was not to create an alternative political organisation to Congress but he had a vision for an organisation that would work for the poorest of the poor', Kelkar added.   

Earlier, Uttam Ingale, Subansiri Vibhag Pracharak of RSS highlighted the life and struggles of Deendayal Upadhyaya. He recalled the 'amount of trust Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had on panditji's capability, coupled with honesty and integrity in finding the right approach to unite the nation for the progress of all'.

In-charge President and General Secretary, State BJP, Jarpum Gamlin administered the pledge "Samarpan Sankalp", exhorting each one to rededicate themselves to serve the nation.  

Other speakers of the day were former state BJP President Tai Tagak, state ST Morcha Head Hinium Tachu, serving Vice President of BJP Kenyir Ringu and Dominic Tadar.




Demand for adequate doctors, supporting staff

PASIGHAT, Feb 11:  Claiming that the District Hospital, Daporijo is short-staffed and lacking specialist doctors in various departments, along with shortage of supporting staffs like lab technicians and radiologists, Daporijo unit Block Congress Committee President, Chaktak Nilling on Wednesday last, sought early posting of adequate medical officers and supporting staff.

In a release on Saturday, Nilling informed that a delegation of people met the Minister for Health and Family Welfare and Parliamentary Secretary for Horticulture and Commissioner, Health and submitted a representation informing about the poor condition of the district hospital.

'The hospital lacks modern equipments like ultrasound, MRI, Endoscopy, X-Ray machines, besides a blood bank. Patients are compelled to bring their own bedding as hospital beds are broken and rusty. The toilets are unhygienic which can spread diseases', he claimed, adding that patients are often compelled to seek medical assistance from private laboratories which are costlier.




Over 600 benefit from mega health camp

KHONSA, Feb 11: In all, 658 patients benefited from a two-day mega health screening camp, organized by the District Health Society, Khonsa under the aegis of Director of Health Services, Naharlagun at General Hospital, Khonsa from February 10 to 11.

During the camp, a team of doctors, including DHS-cum-DME Dr Moji Jini, Senior Dental surgeon Dr T Lollen, DDHS (P&D) Dr S Ronya, State Epidemiologist Dr L Jampa, Senior Biochemist Dr Kenyi Ete, Senior Psychiatrist Dr N A Namchoom, Senior Gynecologist, Dr Tomar Basar, Senior Gynecologist Dr Goter Doke, Anesthetist Dr Koj Jarbo, along with eyes specialist Dr Tarik Doke and Dr Kipa Tubin screened patients for various diseases, provided free medicines and conducted laparoscopy sterilization of 100 women.  

Tirap DC, Ravi Jha lauded the District Health Society, Khonsa and State Health Society, Naharlagun for conducting the camp, saying that it will hugely benefit  the poor patients coming  from  remote areas of the district.

Earlier, DMO Dr N Lowang launched National Deworming Day at Government Middle Pinewood School, Khonsa on Friday last. Highlighting the importance of Deworming Day, Dr Lowang said that children who are suffering from worm disease are physically weak due to anaemia, for which Albendazole tablet is most effective for the children, adding that the said tablet can be taken once in six months.




Lok Adalats settle 206 cases across the state

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Altogether, 206 cases, involving an amount of Rs 1, 020, 1975 were settled in Lok Adalats held in the courts of District & Sessions Judge, Additional District & Sessions Judge and in the courts of the Chief Judicial Magistrates and Judicial Magistrates across Arunachal Pradesh under the supervision of the Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority, in line with the National Lok Adalat, on Friday.

In the pre-litigation category, out of the 883 cases, 92 cases were disposed off and orders issued to recover an amount of Rs 85,26,259 under bank recovery proceedings.

Pending court cases involving an amount of Rs 14, 95,716 were also settled and orders issued to recover the amount from the parties.

The Lok Adalats were  conducted in the courts of Jaweplu Chai and Ito Basar, District & Sessions Judge of  Yupia and Tezu,  Lobsang Tsetim, Yomge Ado and Gote Mega, Additional District & Sessions Judge of Basar, Bomdila and Pasighat, Chief Judicial Magistrates Tage Halley, Tageng Padoh,Tadu Tamang, Komjum Tasso and  Hirendra Kashyap of Aalo, Seppa, Roing, Ziro and Yupia and in the  courts of Judicial Magistrate First Class, namely Domo Padu, Habung Tangu, Mary Kamsi, Tailang Laji and Damge Niri of Daporijo, Yingkiong, Yupia, Tawang and Khonsa respectively.




National Deworming Day observed

PASIGHAT, Feb 11: Along with the rest of the nation, National Deworming Day was observed at East Siang district on Saturday last, with DMO Dr M Perme administering children with Albendazole tablets in the Daying Ering Memorial Middle School, in presence of DRCHO, Dr T Gao, Medical Superintendent, Dr Y R Darang, teachers and students.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr M Perme advised parents to avail free Albendazole deworming tablets to eradicate worm diseases from the country. He further explained how parasitic worms in children interfere with nutrient uptake and can cause anemia, malnourishment and impaired mental and physical development. (DIPRO)




AR conducts awareness prog for students

MIAO, Feb 11:  An awareness-cum-interactive programme was conducted by the 13 Unit of Assam Rifles Battalion, under the aegis of Headquarters 25 at the Light of the World School and Newman School, Neotan in Miao on Saturday.

Addressing over 200 students, Major Rahul of Jairampur Battalion advised the young students to have two important qualities -focus and curiosity -saying that nothing can be achieved without focus and no knowledge is possible without curiosity. 'You must observe and ask questions, and choose the right thing and walk the right path', he added.

Headmistress of the Light of the World School, Reena George and Principal of Newman School Neotan Father Felix Anthony also spoke on the occasion.




Cleanliness drive at Ward 9

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) Ward No. 9 Councillor Pakyum Tagung appealed to the people of the state capital to cooperate with the IMC in making Itanagar clean and hygienic.

Interacting with residents of his ward who come out to conduct cleanliness drive every month on second Saturday, Tagung appealed to everyone in the Capital Complex to follow their example and practise cleanliness so that the city remains free from garbage.

Resident on the occasion cleaned drains, streets, and shopping area of Lower Mowb-II, Mowb-II and Pachali.




Cleanliness drive at Ward 9

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) Ward No. 9 Councillor Pakyum Tagung appealed to the people of the state capital to cooperate with the IMC in making Itanagar clean and hygienic.

Interacting with residents of his ward who come out to conduct cleanliness drive every month on second Saturday, Tagung appealed to everyone in the Capital Complex to follow their example and practise cleanliness so that the city remains free from garbage.

Resident on the occasion cleaned drains, streets, and shopping area of Lower Mowb-II, Mowb-II and Pachali.




RKMH to introduce dept of yoga therapy & naturopathic medicine

ITANAGAR, Feb 11:  The Rama Krishna Mission Hospital is going to introduce a new department of 'Yoga Therapy & Naturopathic Medicine', which will be guided by qualified doctor and therapist.

The services will begin from February 21 next, in commemoration of the Statehood Day, informed a release.




Training for GB's conducted


RUKSIN, Feb 11: Daylong orientation training for gaon burahs of the area was conducted by local administration here on Friday, where Ruksin ADC Tapiam Pada explained the procedures of taking up cases and urged the gaon burahs to maintain neutrality in justice delivery.

Ruksin EAC Orin Lego also briefed the gaon burahs about legal procedures and justice delivery system.

At least 75 head gaon burahs and gaon burahs from Ruksin, Sille-Oyan and Bilat circles under Ruksin Sub-division attended the training.




Executive committee meeting of BJYM

BOMDILA, Feb 11: The executive committee meeting of West Kameng unit of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) was held at Bomdila on Friday.

Morcha's state unit president Taring Tiri highlighted on various welfare schemes launched so far by the central government, and advised youth cadres to organize education awareness campaigns in border villages.

BJP's West Kameng unit President Sambu Siongju advised members of the district BJYM to work united, maintaining team spirit.

West Kameng BJYM president Longli Chongruju also spoke and urged that youth members work to strengthen the party organization as BJYM is the backbone of the BJP.



Cop refutes allegation, lodges complaint

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: Inspector of PTC Banderdewa, Gari Tai has lodged a complaint with the Officer In-charge of Women Police Station, Itanagar against one Kipa Hipik for his fake certificate allegation against the police officer.

Reportedly, Hipik lodged an FIR at Banderdewa Police Station against Inspector Gari Tai, alleging that the police officer managed to get her appointment by submitting fake graduation certificate, which the police officer vehemently denied.

'The allegation of using fake graduation certificate for getting a job in the Department of Police has not only damaged my hard-earned reputation, but is also causing mental agony and harassment to me and my family members,' said Tai in her FIR and termed the allegation "fake and fabricated".

Further, the police officer appealed to the OC of the Women Police Station to register her complaint against Hipik for leveling such unfounded allegation, and book him under appropriate sections of IPC.

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