February 27


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US Roofs accused to encroachment of Bhavan, harassing cancer patients

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: The US Roofs Company which has taken large part of Arunachal Bhawan at Mumbai on lease is now allegedly encroaching into the floor allotted to Government of Arunachal. In a communiqué, the Arunachal Students Union of Mumbai (ASUM) informed that USR Company has trespassed into state property by engaging in construction activity inside State Bhavan which they claimed is total breach of conditions furnished in Lease Agreement.

"On 5th Jan 2017, the managing director of US Roofs Ltd asked the student body to lookout for a temporary accommodation for cancer patients near Tata Memorial Hospital stating that they want to revamp all the rooms in Bhavan. But we did not respond because there was no official statement from the state government. We have even reported the matter to DRC of Arunachal Bhavan, Delhi who has been temporarily assigned the incharge of Mumbai bhavan as well. But unfortunately he could not help us stating that the matter is not under his jurisdiction," stated ASUM.

Further they added, "Now US Roof have started the construction work. We spoke to the Managing Director of Company but his response was cold and asked us not to report the matter to the State Government which is very unusual and make us suspicious about their intention. They have destroyed the Office room of Bhavan and occupied the reception space, and are constructing their own business office.

They have blocked 3 bathrooms and entrance of Bhavan due to which cancer patients are very worried and troubled. The student and cancer patients staying in Bhavan are mentally troubled because of their helplessness to stop the encroachment done by the USR Company. The cancer patients who are already in distress condition fighting for life are being mentally harassed and disturbed due to the unresolved Legal matter between USR Company and the State Government."

In the letter dated 19th Aug 2016, USR Company wrote to then Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, clearly stating that they would provide more rooms near Tata Memorial Hospital for the cancer patient and would revamp all the rooms once an Officer is deputed in Mumbai. But till today neither the company nor the Government has done anything, the Union claimed

The student body also alleged that both state government and US Roof are neglecting the issue despite several pleas from them and cancer patients. "Mumbai bhawan is the only place for stay for hundreds of poor cancer of state who comes to Tata Memorial Hospital for treatment. But sadly state government has totally neglected the plight of the patients. Due to legal issue between government and US Roof poor people are suffering," the Union added.   

They have requested State Government to intervene in the ongoing matter as soon as possible on priority basis and stated that State Bhavan is shrinking with each passing day and any  delay in action could lead to bigger problem in coming days. Union also urged the state government to depute DRC or OSD in Mumbai State Bhavan at the earliest.

The Arunachal Pradesh Government entered into a lease agreement in August, 1997 with US Roofs (USR) Ltd for 60 years with a condition that the company would construct and hand over the State Guest house cum Emporium at its own cost while company would retain rights to exploit the rest of the building.




Loss of culture is loss of identity: Chief Minister

State celebrate Nyokum Yullo

JORAM, Feb 26: Asserting that loss of culture is loss of identity, Chief Minister Pema Khandu hailed the Nyishis for upholding, preserving and passing on their culture to the next generation, irrespective of religious affiliations. He was speaking at Golden Jubilee celebration of Nyokum at Joram which he said is a proof of the Nyishis' deep rooted connect with their culture.

The  Nyokum Yullo was first celebrated in a centralized form 50 years ago in 1967 at Joram.

Responding to a demand submitted by local legislator Likha Saaya, Khandu reiterated that he personally is not against creations of sub-divisions, circles and even districts.

"I am not against your call for creation of Panyor district. However, this demands huge financial involvement and other official procedures. We will discuss it in the highest platform and do what is best," he said.

Khandu said that Nyishi Heritage Museum would be established  at Joram and assured to take up the issue with the Union Ministry of Culture.

He also announced that the divisional commissioner's office and the office of the DIGP, as decided by the erstwhile government, will be established soon in the area.

He said several zonal divisions of departments that are functioning from the state capital Itanagar will be moved to their respective zones for better administration and implementation of welfare projects.

Thanking the people for keeping faith on the government, Khandu said that he is committed to empower the villages and those in the grassroot like the institutions of panchayati raj and Gaon Burahs.

Talking about governance, the Chief Minister informed that he has made it clear to his cabinet colleagues that only 'efficiency' will be the criteria to stay in their respective portfolios.

"I have to submit the cumulative review report of all departments every three months to the Prime Minister. Unless and until we have a positive review report, I won't be in a position to face the Prime Minister," he explained.

Khandu beckoned the people to cooperate with the government in capitalizing on the state's vast natural resources and potentials. He said the image of the state as a 'state with a begging bowl' will have to be done away with.

The Nyokum Yullo Golden Jubillee celebration was also attended by Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju, PHE & WS Minister Bamang Felix, Parliamentary Secretary Likha Saaya, district officials and distinguished members of the Nyishi community.

Surviving pioneers of the first Nyokum celebration at Joram fifty years ago were felicitated on the occasion while women, who were part of the 1967 Nyokum celebration, presented an exclusive 'Rikham Pada' dance to add to the fanfare.

ITANAGAR: The air of festivity engulfed capital complex with thousands thronging various venues to be part of Nyokum Yullo celebration, the festival of Nyishi community.  In Itanagar, festive goers turned out in large number at historic Nyokum Lapang ground to attend the celebration. Proudly wearing their traditional attire people from all walks of life were humming to the tune of iconic Rikham Pada song and dancing to reverberating Buya dance.

Speaker of Arunachal Legislative Assembly TN Thongdok, Parliamentary Secretary for UD, Housing Techi Kaso and Brigadier Suren Prasad of 4 corps joined the celebration.

In his address Speaker Thongdok appealed people not to mix religion and tradition.

"Most of the Arunachalee tribal initially did not follow any particular religion. Over the years, we have accepted various religions as per our belief. Our culture and tradition existed even before religion arrived. Therefore, we should proudly maintain our rich culture and tradition and pass it to the next generation," said the Speaker.

He went on to add, "During my service days with state government, I have mostly served in Nyishi area and have developed strong sense of bonding with the community. I have been part of many Nyokum celebrations and it's great to see it growing bigger with each passing year."

Parliamentary Secretary for UD, Housing Techi Kaso said that Nyokum is the day when every Nyishi becomes one. He also appealed to the people not to discriminate each other on the basis of tribe and treat each other with respect.

Earlier Dr Takam Sakter read out the Nyokum mythology. The Rikham Pada performance by hundreds of women won the hearts of those in attendance. Later during the Buya dance performance, the guests also joined and danced along with performers.

At Tegdo Pachin, Naharlagun Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism PD Sona and Secretary to Chief Minister Sonam Chombay joined the celebration. Langtey-Lotey Nyokum Yullow Celebration Committee (LLNYCC) Chairman Er Tadar Mangku read out the Nyokum mythology on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Sona urged the people to celebrate Nyokum in the purest form and not to allow dilution of the rich tribal culture and tradition.

Seppa: Nyokum Yullo was celebrated with various cultural programme at Seppa, East Kameng.

The festival began with the prayers of the priest. The priest prayed for the abundant blessings from 'Ane Donyi' for the prosperity and proper harvest.

Addressing the crowd, local MLA cum Parliamentry Secretary Tapuk Taku emphasized the need to preserve one's own cultural and traditions. Tradition and religion should not be mixed as tradition reflects one's own identity, he advised.

Taku further said, Nyokum is a festival for all which inspires all to preserve the rich culture and tradition of Nyishi community.

Deputy Commissioner, Seppa, Rajiv Takuk said that preservation of culture and tradition is must for the coming generation".

Enlightening on Nyokum Mythology,  Nyokum Yullo Celebration 2017 Chairman , Er. Bharat Sonam said that Nyokum is a prayer for welfare of all human kind and for peace, prosperity and progress. Sonam also spoke on the theme of the festival, "Ngoluga Nyoko-Esi Sam Darak bo domo to", which means 'let's keep our environment pure and clean'.

The celebration of the festival, which began on February 22nd, culminated on February 26th with the invocation of Ane-Donyi for peace and prosperity.

Traditional songs and dance presentation enthralled the audience. Various sports and games were organized as part of the celebration. Mr and Miss Nyokum Yullo Seppa 2017 were also selected.

Nyokum Yullo Celebration General Secretary Tara Kamchi also spoke on the occasion.

Later in the evening, Jeli Kayi Tamin enthralled the crowd.  

Roing: The Nyishi community of the district came together to celebrate the Nyokum Yullow with much traditional fervour and gaiety here today. Organised by the Roing Nyokum Yullow Celebration Committee  (RNYCC) 2017, the festival was celebrated at the Multipurpose Hall amidst festival goers clad in their traditional attire creating a very festive ambiance at the celebration site.

 MLA Mutchu Mithi, ZPM Hunli-Desali Mama Miso were given a warm welcome with the 'Rikham Pada', followed by a memesmerising display of the 'Buya' wherein the guests were also encouraged to participate.

Mithi said that brotherhood and cordial relationship between all tribes is most important. Development is not complete without integration. Nyishi community, being the largest community of our state, holds the biggest responsibility and should initiate integration, he said. Festivals of every community acts as a uniting factor and everyone, irrespective of their tribe should come together to celebrate such festivals, he further added.

Miso encouraged inter-tribe marriage and said that all communities should celebrate all festivals as one.

GS RNYCC Nabam Takek spoke about the festival while, Chairman RNYCC Nido Tad spoke about the Nyokum Yullow Mythology. The programme consisted of a number of cultural performances presented by dance troupes from various tribes.

Yangte: Joining the rest of the state in commemorating the 50th years of Nyokum festival celebration, the Nyishi brethren of Yangte circle under Kra Daadi district also celebrated it in grand manner with a two programme from January 25.

Opening of Nyokum Namlo, football final match, cultural night by Ejen Dudak Musical Band, joint mega Buya and Rikham Pada displays were the main highlights of the final days of the celebration.

Local MLA Takam Pario and renowned entrepreneur Ha Tatu, Kra Daadi Deputy Commissioner Habung Donyi attended the festival.

As a part of the mega celebration, various games and sports competitions were officially kicked off on February 18 followed by inauguration of various cultural competitions on February 20.

Huge numbers of public leaders, panchayat members, government officials attended the celebration.




Opium: is forced eradication a solution?

Monday Musing

[ M Doley ]

Consumption of 'Bhang' (marijuana) in festivals like Shivratri and 'Holi' of the Hindu community forms main part of the celebration. Sadly, laws making it illegal to possess the drug become low priority during such festivals.

Bhang is natural intoxicant made from marijuana leaves and it is taken in different forms, such as smoke using a cone-type cylindrical apparatus, cigarette, mixed with sweets and drinks etc.

According to doctors, like many other drugs, overdose or regular use of Bhang may lead to serious health complications, including mental illness.

For Arunachal Pradesh, the major cause of concern remains the Opium, popularly known as kani and large-scale cultivation in the state.

Poppy is found largely cultivated in eastern part of the state, mainly in Lower Dibang Valley, Dibang Valley, Anjaw, Lohit and Namsai. Cultivation of the poppy is also gradually spreading to Tirap, Changlang and Upper Siang districts.

The recent reports of destroying Poppy plantations in Lazu area in Tirap, Upper Siang and Dambuk area in Lower Dibang Valley districts are only the tip of the ice berg of large scale cultivation of Poppy.

However, there are no official estimates of Poppy cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh. But, an independent survey conducted by an NGO estimated that 16,441 ha. of Opium were illegally cultivated in Anjaw and Lohit alone in 2010 (European Bulletin of Himalayan Research).

If we go through the newspaper reports, hundreds of acres of Poppy plantations are destroyed every year in Arunachal; but there have been no reports of huge seizure of Opium except sporadic recovery of small amounts from the apprehended drugs peddlers.

This can be explained as-either the cultivation of poppy has been greatly reduced/eliminated in the last couple of years, or whole drugs are consumed locally and more importantly, these are smuggled out.

The reports of seizure of drugs from many apprehended cadre of ultra groups assume great significance and it should not be taken lightly.

Recently, a top officials of an opium affected district opined that destruction of poppy plantations was necessary to discourage the cultivators.

Maybe, he was correct in saying so. But, it is doubtful such measures would be successful in solving the problem since there are so many drivers of opium cultivation.

It was also reported that many cultivators even did not hesitate to seek compensation against their destroyed illicit Poppy plantations from the team of officials. This simply reveals that livelihood of many families mostly depends upon Poppy cultivation.

Some students and youth organizations, NGOs of those affected districts are making efforts to eradicate the drugs problem in their respective areas. They are helping police and administration in identifying Poppy plantations and drugs peddlers.

The Rajiv Gandhi University has recently conducted an intensive drugs awareness campaign involving school children, teachers and NGOs in Lower Dibang Valley district, wherein it was claimed by the NGOs that there was a lack of support from the government in carrying out their fight against drugs.

It is pertinent to mention here that government has launched a project in Anjaw district through an NGO to encourage the farmers on alternative crop cultivation to poppy.  

 Detecting poppy plantations is a tough task as most of the plantations are in inaccessible hilly areas. Since the local administrations in those affected districts are handicapped by acute shortage of police and man power, the government may set up special task force for the purpose.

Hence, it will not be wrong to sum up that poverty; addiction and greed for money are the main drivers of opium cultivation in the state. A concrete policy that will address these problems must be favored over forced eradication.

Until and unless the government addresses these issues by formulating a broad-based development programme, the problems will aggravate in the coming years.




One dies in a hit and run case at Jamjing

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Gera Doye-a retired Veterinary employee from Seren Village under Nari Sub-Division has died after he was hit by a truck at Jamjing under Dhemaji district of Assam on Feb 22 evening. Late Doye was on the way to his home when he was hit by the truck.

Informing that the driver of the truck was drunk, Ramle Banggo Students' Union (RBSU) has appealed Assam Police to take serious action against the culprit.

Urging that the matter should be handled without any biasness or prejudice, RBSU president Goli Doye asserted that the police action in the matter would go a long way in building trust among the Arunachalee residents residing along the boundary areas. The union also appealed to the state government to provide compensation to the aggrieved family members.

Meanwhile, RBSU members has mourned the demise of late Gera Doye and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed soul and also for strength to the bereaved family members.




APCS officer Hage Ruja passes away

ZIRO, Feb 26: Deputy Secretary (RWD) Hage Ruja passed away at his residence in Hari village after a brief illness last night.

Ruja was a 1986 APCS officer and served at different places in different capacities, such as Circle Officer, BDO, PD and ADC. He was promoted to APCS senior grade in 2002 and subsequently promoted to Selection Grade in 2010.

His last rites will be performed on Monday at Hari.

In its condolence message, the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Services Officers Association (APCSOA)

said that Ruja was a dedicated and sincere officer, whose contribution as an administrator would always be remembered.

Meanwhile, former minister Nani Ribia and various other organizations have also expressed their profound grief and sorrow over sudden demise of Ruja.

"He was an efficient and able administrator," Ribia said in his condolence message, and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Tanw Supuñ Dukuñ (TSD) in its message said that the premature demise of Ruja is a great loss not only to Apatani community but the entire state.

Tamang-Tarang Welfare Committee of Hari village also deeply mourned the demise of Ruja, who was also a founder member of the committee.

Ruja had a dynamic personality under whose chairmanship the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Govt. Hari ME School, now upgraded to secondary level, was celebrated successfully in 2003, recalled TTWC secretary Hage Tada.

APCSOA prayed to almighty to rest his departed soul in peace and also give courage and strength to the bereaved family to withstand the tragedy.  





Moyong promises power and water supply

All East Siang Mechanic Union observes Foundation day

[ Maksam Tayeng ]

PASIGHAT, Feb 26: Informing that water supply to Sawmill area is being fulfilled shortly, Pasighat East MLA Kaling Moyong said that power need will also be solved soon as more transformers will be procured shortly under central government's policy.

He was speaking at the 10th Annual Foundation Day of All East Siang Mechanic Union (AESMU) at Sawmill, 2 Mile area here on Saturday.

More than 500 mechanics attended the programme.

He also said that, police patrolling has become better due to which repeated incidence of theft, snatching etc has gone down. He further appealed AESMU members to take active participation in Smart City public poll.

AESMU President, Oyin Gao while emphasizing on the importance of a mechanic in today's world urged everyone to have respect and regard for mechanics as well. He further urged his fellow mechanics to be honest and sincere in doing their duties.

He also spoke about how the union has been involved in social works by doing renovation works on Shiva Mandhir at 2 Mile, maintenance of road towards Masjid (Mosque) at 2 Mile and providing financial helps to its members during hour of needs.

Bogong Banggo Kebang, General Secretary, Mongol Gao, RSS Siang Vibhag Karyavah Tagum Jerang and All East Siang Truck Owners' Association, Gen. Secy T Padung T Padung appealed AESMU to serve the people with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Earlier, a tug of war competition was played between four and two wheeler mechanic teams.




SSB distribute materials to Dolma Lhagang under CWP

[ Tawang Vigilance ]

TAWANG, Feb 26: The 38th Bn SSB Tawang organized a Civic Action Programme (CAP) and Community Welfare Programme (CWP) with the theme 'Beti-Bachao and Beti-Padhao' at Dolma Lhagang, Lumla.

The Battalion distributed computers, solar lamps, PA systems, dustbin etc to the beneficiary schools, monasteries and villages.

Emphasizing on robust and cordial civil-SSB relationship, ZPM Lobsang Younten called upon the locals for comprehensive coordination in implementation of its initiatives and programmes.

Dr Urgen Lhamu of District Hospital Tawang while speaking on the vitality of protecting and educating the girl child shed light on the available schemes for the welfare of the female kid and mother under the aegis of Government of India. She also necessitated on emboldening the girl child and urged them to compete shoulder to shoulder with boys in every field and aspect of life.

Area organiser, SSB Bomdila, A Norbu Ebi also spoke on the event which was marked with colourful cultural programmme by the students.




Training on 'Off-Grid Solar Technologies' concludes

PASIGHAT, Feb 26: Three days "Off-Grid Solar Technologies" training program organized by the APEDA, Pasighat concluded here on Sunday. Altogether seventy persons took part and benefited from the training.

Addressing the valedictory function, Executive Engineer (Elect),  Er. Taduram Darang explained in details about the need of such  programme to provide excellent training and consultancy services in solar  power sector.  Workshop on solar technologies would help the PRI members, councilors and officers to update their knowledge and gain practical know-how in the field of solar energy, he added.  Darang further said that access to affordable and reliable electricity is key to economic development in remote and rural areas.

Consultant NE Region Sewali Borthakur lauded efforts of Er. Kape Badak, Project Officer (APEDA) for providing required assistance and successful conduct of the training.  Borthakur informed the trainees that renewable energy technology was a way to provide electricity to the people through solar panels, wind turbines, small-scale hydroelectric projects and other forms of self-sufficient energy to meet the need of power in rural people.

Resource persons from National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Delhi imparted the training. DIPRO




Losar greetings

ITANAGAR, Feb 26: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh P B Acharya has conveyed his warm greetings to the people and to the Buddhist Community in particular on the joyous occasion of Losar.

The Governor, while expressing hope that the Buddhist New Year festival will herald a year of peace, happiness and development in the State and North Eastern region, called upon the people of the State to rise above narrow domestic walls and work for harmony, growth and progress of Arunachal Pradesh.

On this joyous occasion, let us join hands and promote brotherhood and amity amongst the people, he appealed.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has also extended his Losar greetings.

Calling upon the younger generation of Buddhist community to preserve and promote the tradition for posterity, the CM hoped that Losar - a festival with rich rituals and celebrations - would spread the message of human compassion and tolerance to each and every corner of the state.




NSCN cadre arrested

KOHIMA, Feb 26: Changlang Battalion under the aegis of DAO division arrested Machow Ngaimong, an active cadre of NSCN (K) in Mulong village on Feb 26.

The Army claimed that Ngaimong has admitted allegiance to NSCN(K) and has been an active part of the banned outfit for last seven years.




Villagers refute Army claim

ITANAGAR, Feb 26:  Villagers of New Chingsa village, in Kharsang circle, Changlang has refuted the Army claim that one Samtit Kitnal is a NSCN (R) cadre

Various organization of the village said that Kitnal is a villager who has a wife and children.

The villagers, however said that he is a well known drug addict.

In a strongly worded statement, the villagers said that though they do not rule out the possibility of he being an extortionist to fund his drug needs but villagers are sure that he do not belong to any antisocial groups. Further, they questioned the law enforcing agency for randomly picking him without clear cut information as to whether the victim is genuinely a cadre of NSCN(R) or not.

He should not be forcefully tagged as the outfit cadre, they said adding that such act will not only push him indirectly to join the outfits but it might also pose a threat to his life from other outfits.

---- Editorial ----



Hydro potential yet to be tapped

The tapping of hydro potential of Arunachal seems to be focus of the present central as well as state governments. Additional Secretary, Ministry of Power, BP Pandey who was recently on a visit to the state, meet Chief Minister Pema Khandu and discussed about several pending hydropower projects. Major projects like 2000 MW Subansiri Lower dam, 2880 MW Dibang dam, Tawang Stage-I & II are pending for last many years due to various reasons.  Almost a decade has passed and still governments are only talking about hydro potential. Unfortunately they have utterly failed to properly tap the potential.

The biggest mistake state government committed was by recklessly signing hundreds of MOUs/MOAs. The lure of upfront money made them to go on signing spree without any proper plan. In many cases they took local populace for granted and did not consult them beforehand. Later when companies started to execute the project, the locals bitterly opposed it. There has been relentless opposition to hydro power projects in region like Tawang and Siang belt. State government should first of all try to win the heart and mind of the people and then proceed with the project. Unless local population is ready, the project should not be thrust upon them. Also the companies who have signed MOUs/MOAs should exhibit sincerity to the execute projects. State Government should immediately cancel those projects where hydro power developers have been found wanting. Govt. should focus on building fewer dam and not hundreds of dam.






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Border that needs urgent attention

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that the districts in the state of West Bengal adjoining Bangladesh international border from North to South need immediate and serious attention with respect to illegal encroachments and infiltrations, drug, wildlife and human trafficking, money laundering, anti-social activities, entry of fake currency notes into India and for its vulnerability to deadly insurgent activities. Due to its geographical location, WB is the gateway to Bangladesh as well to Sikkim and NE India. WB also share borders with other countries like Nepal and Bhutan in the north as well Bangladesh along her eastern border. It is the regions and communities along the Bangladesh border that needs urgent attention and stringent security measures for the long term future of the WB State and India. Unless strong measures and planning are adopted by the State Government in coordination with the Centre and other central intelligence and security agencies; it may turn out to have serious and disastrous consequence for WB in the long run. Economic development and betterment of infrastructure in the region is one important requirement; but education and awareness among the poor communities dotting along the entire stretch of the WB-Bangladesh border from Cochbehar in the North to the Sunderbans in the South is extremely sensitive and vulnerable; and hence needs special emphasis and initiatives from the state and central governments for security, peace and prosperity of this region.


Saikat Kumar Basu





Revolutionary decision by Pema government

Dear Editor,

Leaders come and go, Governments come and go; what remains is their works and important Policy decisions that have an everlasting positive consequence on the public, especially on the young and productive youth power of the State.

While for the Government employees, implementation of the 7th Pay Commission was an important decision; for the MLAs, allocation of Rupees 10 Crores to each Assembly Constituency; for the Businessman, policy on easing business was an important decision; for the Patients, revamping the CMs Health Insurance Schemes was important, but for me, as an unemployed engineer graduate voicing the interest of thousands of educated youths of the State, the bold decision of Pema Khandu led Government to handover all Group- B Non -gazetted, Group -C and Ministerial post to APPSC for free and fair recruitment has been the most historic and a revolutionary step taken so far by any CM.

The initiative has given an end to the dirty and murky game of match fixing of various posts ranging from Rs. 3 lakhs to 30 lakhs. With the decision to allow the Constitutional Body like APPSC to take the burden on head, Pema has won the heart and mind of the educated youths and their Parents, particularly those who do not have the powerful political and money to buy the jobs from the greedy ministers and their shrewd and powerful government officials.

Now that the Government Departments have no option but to surrender the vacancies to APPSC and also that Government has constituted a full fledged Constitutional Body with four Members and a Chairman and also addressed the long pending problem of manpower shortage in the Commission, it is my humble request to Pema Government not to relent or change its decision, rather go hard on the HoDs not complying with the orders.

I request all  Ministers and MLAs to appreciate the decision and not to instigate or misguide any black sheep to revert the popular decision. At the end of the day, the powerful lot must realise that they too will become powerless some day  and also that they have been trusted and voted to power by  the people to take such popular decisions







Dear Editor,

Persistent turmoil and endless sufferings in human societies for thousands of years proves that, deep ignorance and superficiality has been leading the world. The situation warrants revolutions of knowledge, wisdom and truth.


Tagam Mibang





For fair and square recruitment

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw your focus on the abrupt advertisement by RWD for filing up the posts of JE, Surveyor, UDC etc. There were altercations going on to consign all the recruitment process to APPSC. I wonder what is the motive behind this.

 Interviews come here once in a blue moon. So, I sincerely request the authorities to comprehend the sentiments of students who are working blood, sweat and tears for a job. Also, there are ample amount of students who will be over aged soon and they suffer a lots of family pressure.

I hope that RWD will stand tall in conducting this exam free and fair. We anticipate seeing the fruits of our labour and yes we solicit for a fair and square recruitment.


An aspirant






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