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January - 07


Si-Donyi celebrated with pomp and traditional fervour

Taba Ajum

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: An air of festivity engulfed capital complex as Tagin community of state celebrated Si-Donyi festival on Wednesday. The venue of celebration at Naharlagun look glitzy as Tagin women in eye catching traditional outfits accompanied by their equally charismatic dressed opposite male number  thronged the ground. The smiling faces of participants and their exuberance in celebrating age old Si-Donyi festival point to the fact that people of this state have utmost affection for traditional festivals.

Joining Tagin community in their moment of happiness were Lok Sabha member Takam Sanjoy and Itanagar constituency MLA Techi Kaso. In their respective speeches, both urged people of this state to preserve their rich tradition and culture. “Culture reflects our society and I feel honoured to be present here witnessing mesmerizing tradition of our Tagin brothers and sisters,” reflected MP Takam Sanjoy. In his address MLA Techi Kaso said, “We should never discriminate and we should respect cultural ethos of every communities of this state.”

The most heartening aspect of this year’s celebration was participation of large number of you-ngster’s. Some of the students present there informed that they were writing exams but they could not miss the chance of being part of this festive extravaganza.

Celebration of Si-Donyi festival had begun from 4th January and is being celebrated by Tagin community across the state. During the day rich tradition of community was displayed to the rest of world for viewing and even paramilitary jawans present on duty were all praises for the culture and tradition of Tagin brethren.

“This is my first posting to Arunachal Pradesh and first time I am getting chance to have a close look on the culture of this state. Am amazed by whatever I saw today,” told one jawan, a native of Uttar Pradesh.


Jarjum Ete takes over the reign of GWS

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: Social Activist Jarjum Ete has taken over the reign of Galo Welfare Society. The path breaking decision to choose her as the president was taken today at the General Body Meeting of the Society.

Her team includes Kirki Ori as General Secretary and Dumo Lollen as Publicity Secretary. Commissioner, Govt of Arunachal Tape Bagra has been chosen as Chief Patron.

In her acceptance speech, Ete said her goal would be outreach at the grass root level. She said that involvement of people at the grassroots level was necessary to bring in positive changes in society. We should have courage to learn from mistakes and strive forward for a better equitable society, she further added.

The last team which was headed by Huzar Lollen and Tomo Basar were instrumental in bringing in changes in the working of the Society especially in language development and education sector.

Apart from their pivotal role in ensuring peace after the violence over Asam-Arunachal boundary at Pale, the duo and the team successfully oversaw the introduction of Galo language in schools, launching of Galo Language dictionary, strengthening Language Development Committee and opening GWS office and library at Itanagar.

Many speakers felt that Society should reach out at the rural areas. Power Secretary Tumke Bagra, the outgoing Chief Patron of the Society said that penetration in the villages are necessary and called on the new team to reach out while Lollen echoed him. Lollen further underscored the need of resource mobilization and more activities in Education Sector.

A website of the society www.galogws.in was launched as well. The Chief Secretary, Govt of Arunachal Tabom Bam unveiled it while the book Moopin Poopwr Poonu nwwtom and mvmmvn gogrv of the Galos of Arunachal Pradesh by Dr Tejum Padu was released.


AAPSU reminds government

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: All Arunachal Pradesh Students' Union in a fifteen point reminder to the state government has said that actions be initiated within two months. Touching on wide ranging issues from education to hydropower, the Union said that serious introspection was needed by the government.  

It  impressed upon the government of Arunachal Pradesh to make education policy by enacting legislation or promulgate an ordinance in the form of Arunachal Pradesh Education Bill. The union also demand for immediate sanctioning of Rs. 200 crore as an special package in the education sector for the completion of all the ongoing project and schemes that have remain incomplete owing to paucity of fund.

Increasing of APST Reservation in NERIST, Introduction of Anthropology and Education Subject, Introduction of Traditional Dress as School Uniform, Establishment of Science and Technology College, National Institute of Technology , Renaming of Rajiv Gandhi University to Arunachal University are other demands.

The union reiterated its demand for Deportation of Chakma Hajong Refugee from Arunachal Pradesh.  It also called for White Paper on Hydro Power Projects. It demanded that govt of Arunachal Pradesh comes out with a "white paper" entailing numbers of power projects awarded to all firms with all documents including copies of MOU, revenue generated from these power projects and policies framed to protect interest of the locals.

The union further urged the govt to come out clear on the issue of Inner Line Permit in regards to the proposed coming of Railway in the state.

It further called for introduction of Health Bill and Setting up of State Boundary Commission.

Reduction of Tax and Speedy & Proper implementation of mega projects like Trans-Arunachal Highway and Green Field Airport at Karsingsa, Creation of Arunachal Regiment. The union further called for devolving a strategy to flush the militants from Tirap and Changlang districts :

Moreover, the deplorable law and order problem in the state is mostly due to ill equipped police department which needs immediate creation of another four more battalion in order to cater to the needs of the common people and contained the law & order problem of the state, it said.  

On Department of Tirap & Changlang, it said that as per the fund made available to the DoTC annually, it is shocking to observe that no substantial progress has been made so far and it is learn that the fund meant for development of this two districts has been covertly diverted into the coffers of proscribed Naga outfit.

Roadmap for Transport and Tourism Sector, Immediate construction of State Guest House at  Vellore and Guwahati are tow other demands.


Jalley Sonam appointed Chairman of Workers Welfare Board

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union organized a function at its head office here today at the appointment of its President Jalley Sonam as Chairman of Arunachal Pradesh Building and Others Construction Workers Welfare Board.

Speaking on the occasion, Sonam said, “I have witnessed many problems confronted by labour community in the state and I will work for the betterment of the community. Now as Chairman I will serve as the mediator between the community and the state government for welfare of both.”

He highlighted the movement of the union for implementation of the Arunachal Pradesh Building and Others Construction Workers Welfare Board and the labour court in the state and also briefed about the funding system of the board.

He assured to launch the registration of beneficiaries under the guidance of CM and other senior Minister and Officers and appealed the educated youth of the state to work for the uplift of the labour community and the grass root people.

The union further expressed hope that Sonam will carry forward the aspiration of the labour community and fulfill the pending demands of the union.

Congratulating Sonam, the union assured registration of all the workers in the board and further assured him of  cooperation.

Sonam will continue to hold the post of President, AAPWU till the union makes further decision on this regard.

AAPWU Women wing President Tai Apo, AAPWU Vice President Kipa Tanam, AAPWU, Working President Techi Tara and AAPWU Deputy Secretary also spoke on the occasion.

Representatives from AAPWU District unit and All Arunachal Pradesh Anganwadi Workers Union also attended the function.


NE Business Summit to Explore Business Opportunities

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: Union Minister of Mines & Development of North Eastern Region, Shri.Bijoy Krishna Handique will chair the 5th North East Business Summit “Explore Business Opportunities”, organized by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in association with the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region at Kolkata on 8th January  Handique is the Chairperson of the Summit. As confirmed by ICC, the two-day Business Summit will be attended by dignitaries and business delegates from the South East Asian countries and the North Eastern States. These include, Foreign Ministers from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal and Laos, Chief Ministers of Assam and Meghalaya, and Ministerial representatives from different sectors such as Industries & Commerce, IT and Tourism. Ambassadors and Senior Consulate representatives from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia will also attend the Summit. Senior officials from the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region and State governments of the Region will participate in the different business sessions.

Investors and Business Delegates from different organizations will attend the sessions which will focus on the Building International Partnerships, Enhancing Infrastructure in the North East, Tourism: Horizons of Heaven, Agriculture : Spices , Floriculture and Aqua Culture, Healthcare, IT & Skill Development and Developing Investment Hubs. A Chief Minister’s Conclave will also be held to discuss the Perspective and Strategies for the Dev elopement of North Eastern Region.


Training-cum- workshop on promotion of Nyishi language

Language learning is not impossible: Tolum

SEPPA, Jan 6: In an effort to promote the Nyishi Agam (language), a training-cum-workshop got under way with the initiative of Nyishi Elite Society(NES) president Bengia Tolum at BRC, Seppa today.  

Drawing a similarity between Nyishi language and that of other tribes of the state, Tolum  said, “we need to evolve a language of our own which would serve the tribes in a better way. There are lots of intricacies in learning the language but it is not impossible, he added.

He also informed that a dictionary on the language shall also come out soon but it has to be seen that all the common words be incorporated. He also expressed his opinion for the inclusion of the non- Nyishis as the subject teachers of the language which shall be funded by the NES besides assistance from the Govt.

Expressing concern over the plight of the indigenous languages in different parts of the world which are on the verge of extinction,  Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu, who declared the session open, said that  effort of the NES, especially by its President Bengia Tolum, is one among the directions to preserve and promote the local language.  He urged the gathering to put combine effort to save the language from the verge of extinction.

Like the Cantonism and the Mandarin in China whose language has slight nuances in meaning, ours too has some differences in meaning but the problem could be sort out by evolving a common script and the language, he further said. Same kind of problems are being faced by the peoples of  Changmai, Laos and Kampuche but due to existence of the common script among them they could understand each other properly.

He also urge the teachers to play a pivotal  role in molding the future of the language.

District Planning Officer and District Deputy Director of School Education and  some local officers also spoke on the occasion. DIPRO

Raga Govt. Hr. Secondary School faces numerous problems


Dear Editor,

I, on behalf of the senior students of Govt Higher Secondary School, Raga, would like to draw the attention of the director of school education through your esteemed daily towards the numerous problems being faced by the students.

Firstly, despite declaration of Science Stream by the then education minister Takam Sanjoy and PWD Minister Talo Mugli in 2002, the school is running with humanities subjects only. Moreover, an announcement of Rs 3 crore was made for school infrastructure, but it remains as lip service.

Secondly, there is an acute shortage of teachers in the school. A junior teacher of PCM group had already been transferred to DIET, Changlang and another junior teacher is likely to retire. So we do not have any Science teacher of PCM group to conduct the annual practical examination of CBSE classes.  

On the other hand, a senior teacher is likely to proceed on retirement on superannuation on 30th April, 2010 and there is no junior teacher in English. After the retirement of the senior teacher, it will be difficult to run the classes of English subject.

Moreover, the school is running without vice principal since long.

Therefore, there is an urgent need of teachers for the posts mentioned above besides immediate posting of junior teacher each for Hindi and English.

Thirdly, I request the higher authorities to sanction fund  for construction of  teachers’ quarters, renovation of school road, boys’ hostel, construction of RCC toilets and to check encroachment of school boundary.


Yukar Takap,

Senior student

Govt Hr. Secondary School, Raga.





What happened to Ratan Shanti


Dear Editor,


Through your esteemed daily, I would like to appeal  the  concerned department to solve the mysterious death case of one Miss Ratan Shanti,  a 14-  years-old school going girl of Pachin  colony,  Naharlagun and arrest the culprits involved in the supposed murder of this school girl.

News of her death came as a shock for me. When I went to the deceased house I came to know that her dead body was found at Naharlagun helipad. It was speechless moment for  me; how a  adolescent  girl of 14-year-old can be murdered in such a mysterious way.

The investigation authority made no information public about her death till date which frustrated me further.

However, I, as a sympathizer  of the bereaved family and citizen, do believe in law  and   the  police  department  in  particular as they  have   solved numerous difficult  crime cases of  this twin capital and state as a whole. Hope, they will soon solve this case and book the culprits if any as per the law.

 I also appeal conscious citizens and women groups and organizations to come forward to raise voice for justice to the family of the deceased.


Bini Tare



A new year gift of life

No more than a year ago, the average day for Maya Tamang, a 21 year old girl living in Tenga Valley, West Kameng District began at 3 a.m. After barely two to three hours of fitful sleep, she would be jolted awake by a sudden spell of gasping breathlessness and stabbing pains to the chest. On a bad day, her arms and legs would swell and she would begin coughing out blood. Everyday life for her had become a succession of such near-death episodes.

Maya Tamang was afflicted with severe Rheumatic Heart Disease. A childhood bacterial infection had all but destroyed two of her heart’s valves, leaving it so leaky and ineffective that the strain of giving birth to her now 1 year old daughter very nearly killed her. She had been left with no effort tolerance and was barely able to walk 50ms. She had been left with no life outside the confines of her home.

In October of 2008, Maya had one of her bad days – she contracted a common cold and what would otherwise have been mild fever. Only in its crippled state, her heart was unable to cope with the cardiovascular demands of a fever. It ‘failed’, and her arms and legs began to swell. Her gasping and wheezing returned, as did the familiar stabbing chest pains. She also began coughing out streaks of blood.

That evening, well on the road to dying, she was brought to Captain Ashutosh Ratnam, an Army Medical Corps doctor posted in a Border Roads Hospital near her house.

She was given emergency medicines to reduce the strain on her heart, and gradually stabilized over the next few days. But it was obvious that if this girl was to be kept alive, far more would have to be done. This girl’s damaged heart would have to be repaired if she was to stay alive. She would require an open heart operation called Double Valve Replacement, in which both these damaged valves would be removed and changed with mechanical prosthetics. The cost of this operation was Rs.2 Lakhs, a sum far beyond the means of this girl whose husband worked as a roadside labourer.

This undertaking to save Maya Tamang was turned into a veritable crusade by the involvement of Deputy Commissioner West Kameng Swati Sharma, IAS. To begin with, she floated a petition for voluntary donations in her own office for which donations to the tune of Rs.20,000/- were collected. Furthermore, she requested the Chief Minister, Dorjee Khandu to assist Maya Tamang who immediately sanctioned a sum of Rs.50,000 from the Chief Minister Relief Fund to help with the surgery.

Naresh Glow, then MLA of Tenga and RK Khirmey, then MLA, Kalaktang also contributed to the cause.

Dr. Ratnam also contacted Dr. Peter Arackal, National Coordinator of Rotary International’s Gift of Life Trust which serves to save the lives of children and young people suffering from heart ailments. They also contributed generously for the cause.

Maya was admitted to the National Heart Institute, New Delhi and on 03 November 09, Double Valve Replacement was performed on her by Dr. O.P. Yadava, one of the country’s foremost Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons. She returned home to Tenga Valley two weeks later.

Today when one stands close to her, the tick-tock sound of Maya Tamang’s prosthetic valves at work becomes discernable. But its remains will always serve a reminder of this collective crusade to save her which brought together so many people from such different walks of life. Today, she looks towards the future armed with two things she never had before – the first being an optimally functioning heart, the second hope at least now, like all of us, this girl has been given the right to dream – of sending her daughter to school one day, of running a small business and earning a livelihood, of an actual life.


MADS marks foundation day by felicitating achievers

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: Kurung Kumey based NGO, Murh-Hatey Academic Development Society (MADS) observed its 4th foundation day today.

To mark the day, Bamang Mangha have been honoured for his outstanding contribution in the field of socio-economic and political uplift including promotion of Art & Culture while Bamang Loram have been honoured  for his outstanding contribution in the field of indigenous Art and Culture. Bamang Tarang for his outstanding achievement in the field of Martial Art while Bamang Tatup, have been honoured for academic excellence award with a cash prizes.  Earlier, Dr. Bamang Raja, Secretary of society, said that primary objectives of the society is to put special emphasis  on education besides, other innovative exercise to promote and recognize the charitable activities.   

Chairman of the NGO, Er. Bamang Tadh, disclosed that despite paying attention on education by facilitating  “Excellence Award” every year to the  students of class X and XII (both Science & Art) who secure highest percentage within the Bamang clan, unfortunately none has qualified during academic session 2009 except for Bamang Tatup, a student of class XII art.

While speaking as the Chief guest, MLA, Bamang Felix,  appreciated the effort of MADS for taking up such initiative which will definitely encourage the youngsters.

He also appealed to the people of 19-Nyapin (ST) A/C in particular and Kurung Kumey District as a whole to take up such promotional activities for  all round development. As a token of appreciation he  contributed rupees one lakh to the society.

Chief patron of the society Bamang Mangha donated rupees 5 (five) lakhs to the society as a token of encouragement to the society for taking up such noble cause.

Adviser to the society, Bamang Tago, informed that according to the UNDP Human Development Report of 2005, Kurung Kumey district has the    lowest literacy rate in the country. Hence this kind of endeavour will have good impact not only to the Bamang clan but will also have good impact in the district as a whole and this can be possible only when there is collective efforts from every individuals, he said.


DA arranges free computer classes for unemployed youths

BOMDILA, Jan 6: In her bid to take along the educated unemployed youths of the district into the mainstream of life, the Deputy Commissioner Swati Sharma after consultations with the IGNOU authorities, have arranged for free computer classes on every Saturdays at the NIC Bomdila for three hours duration from Jan 9 onwards. The outstanding trainees would then be admitted in the IGNOU for diploma courses, which would be taken care of by the District Administration.

Moreover, Jan 12 which is normally celebrated as the National Youth Day would be observed as ‘Career Guidance Day’ in the district headquarter said DC wherein career counseling would be taken care of by the NABARD, IGNOU and Army personnel besides herself and APCS officers as resource persons for the UPSC and APPSC subjects.

The day would be sealed with an exhibition football match between General Officer Commanding (GOC) XI v/s DC XI at Buddha Stadium Bomdila.

Meanwhile while chairing the meeting for the celebration of the 61st Republic Day here today at Bomdila DC urged all the local Head of departments for the continuous and regular updation of the district’s official website latest by 08th of every month. In addition, she called for the compulsory utilization of the Pay-roll software so as to minimize the expenses, labour and amount of time and energy put in for the purpose. For this, she directed all the DDOs to send in their accountants and cashiers for training to the DC’s office. Computerization of pay bills by all the departments is a must, she reiterated.

Thanking everyone for their diligence, support and co-operation during last year, which saw the successful conduct of two elections, Deputy Commissioner Swati Sharma prevailed upon all to make a new year resolution to work with a renewed vigour and commitment for the welfare and development of the district.


NABARD sanctions Rural Haat to Lengik Panchayat

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in its endeavor to support marketing of farm and non-farm products of the rural farmers and artisans, sanctioned a Rural Haat project to Lengik Panchayat for construction of Rural Marketing Outlet  in Nimte Village, under Sagalee Circle in Papum Pare District.

The district administration has issued Provisional Land Possession Certificate measuring 900 sq mtrs in the name of Lengik Panchayat.  The proposed rural haat will serve 12 villages in the area having approximate population of 3500 for marketing of horticultural, agricultural, Handloom and Handicraft products.

The annual horticulture and agriculture production in Sagalee Circle is about 350 Metric Tonnes as per district sources. The people in the area are also actively engaged in artisan activities like cane and bamboo handicrafts and weaving.

Lengik Panchayat, which is the Project holder under the scheme, will start construction of the marketing outlet having permanent roofing with toilet, drinking water and parking facilities within three months from the date of sanction. The Panchayat will also ensure that the haat becomes self sufficient in two years after completion of construction.

For implementation and monitoring of the project, the Panchayat will constitute Rural Haat Management Committee (RHMC) drawn from officials of District Administration, Panchayat, Banks, NABARD, NGOs, traders and vendors etc. The Committee will meet at least once in a quarter to guide the project and its full implementation.

The Rural Haat would help to increase the access to market of the rural people in the area.


VAHAN project launched in East Siang

H K Roy

PASIGHAT, Jan 6: VAHAN – a software project for the transport department was formally inaugurated by East Siang Deputy Commissioner Onit Panyang at the office of the DTO Pasighat today.  The project was developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) Pasighat.

The vehicle owners, transport and  police departments  will benefit through this database project. Even just after verification one can obtain Registration Certificate, Permit, Challan and all other vehicle related documents from the District  Transport Officer within no time, DIO (NIC) Arjun Singh informed.

Already staffs of transport department have been trained and necessary equipments  installed and handed over to the implementing authority, Singh added.

One more project SARATHI has also been completed and being launched within this month  in the district and it would be very helpful in issuing  driving,  conductor and driving school licenses to the applicants immediately after verification and tests through this trouble free computerized system.


NERIST’s MBA new semester begins with Rhodes Scholar’s talk

Nirjuli, Jan 6: MBA’s new semester’s teaching at NERIST began with the enlightening lecture by a Rhodes Scholar Dr. Bhaskar Choubey from Glasgow University, UK. He dwelt upon the topic of ‘Sub prime global economic slowdown’ and mesmerized the audience with his prolific speech.

Dr Choubey answered the volley of questions raised by NERIST MBA students and interacted with faculties. He encouraged students to aspire for prestigious Rhodes scholarships and offered tips for selection in Rhodes Scholarship.

Dr. Bhaskar Chobey is the lone recipient of Rhodes scholarship from Arunachal Pradesh. Dr. Choubey, an Electronics engineer from REC Warangal has obtained Ph D degree from Oxford University and presently holds a faculty position in Glasgow University.

This is Dr Choubey second visit to Centre for Management Studies. The session was organized by Management Forum of NERIST.


Lower Dibang Valley gears up for IPPI

ROING, Jan 6: A District Task Force (DTF) Meeting was held in the Office Chamber of Deputy Commissioner cum Chair DTF, Lower Dibang Valley District to discuss and chalk out programme for Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization (IPPI) here today.

Dr A. Yirang, DMO informed that as the state of Arunachal Pradesh falls under low endemic area, IPPI programmes are being carried out two weeks every year. He further informed that this year the first phase of IPPI programme will be conducted on January 10 – 12 next and second phase will be conducted on February 7-9 next.

In the first round the children will be vaccinated through booth wise on the first day and in the second round on the following two days,  house to house vaccination will be done. The main aim of the programme is to achieve 100% Pulse Polio immunization of the children from 0-5 years. He sought the coordination and cooperation of the district administration and other departments in terms of vehicles for movement of the staffs for successful conduct of immunization programme.

Dr T. Basar, DRCHO highlighted the roles and responsibilities of the DTF and also made power point presentation of the micro-plan to the house. He informed that the district has approximately 9679 Target Group i.e., children belongs to 0-5 years of age. A total booth of 105, 10 mobile teams and 5 Transit Teams will be engaged through out the district, he added.

Y W Ringu, Deputy Commissioner Roing has asked to ensure 100% practical immunization and also assured to provide all possible help for successful implementation of the programme. She called for constitution of a monitoring team that will be composed of administrative officers and also requested the panchayat leaders to give positive feed back/monitoring on the IPPI day so that no children are left out.

The house approved the proposal of Lions Club, Roing to carry out IPPI programme at Koronu Circle on the same day as proposed by Dr Ista Pulu, SMO a member of Lions Club, Roing.

The meeting was attended by Lod Gambo, SDO(Sadar), Chiliko Meto, Zilla Chairperson, I. Lego, DDSE, Nelo Umbrey, CDPO , Dr S J Metapo, SMO and Dr M Pertin, MO besides other members of the DTF. (DIPRO)



Rasho Yangda memorial sport meet

Lumdung Govt.Sec. School boys team beat ME School New Seppa

By Amar Sangno

Seppa, Jan 6:   Govt Sec. School Lumdung beat Govt. M.E School New Seppa by  3-2  goals in penalty kick in the first match of the 5th Rasho Yangda Memorial Sport meet at general ground here today.

Referee Vijay Kino and official Sonam Bagang took the decision of penalty shootout after both the teams were tied 2-2 in regulation time.

Niku Natung, Rama Natung and Joshi Cheda of GSS Lumdung scored a goal each while Sawe Tallong and John Sangno were the scorers from M.E School New Seppa.    

 M.E School New Seppa were leading  the match with goals from  Sawe Tallong in 9th and 17th minutes. However GSS Lumdung restored parity with goals from Joshi Cheda and Atum Neri.

In another thrilling penalty shootout of girls football played between  GSS, Pakoti  vs M.E School Nere, the latter beat former by 2-1.  Yafeni Chiri  and Reena Chiri of M.E School Nere netted the ball while Ame Kamchung of GSS Pakoti could only  find the net for M.E School Nere.

In another scintillating  match of boys football, Govt Sec. School Pakoti took sweet revenge by beating M.E School Nere 1-0.

Receiving a well measured pass from team-mate Doniya Loffa, Koru Yangda of GSS Pakoti dribbled past three rival defenders and netted the match winner from penalty box area in 29th min.

In the last match of the day,  the eves team of GHSS, Seppa knocked out their M.E School Mebua counterpart through penalty shootout. Meku Tachang of GHSSS scored the only match winner. GHSSS goalkeeper Fepung Dodum saved three penalty shots, thanks to her outstanding performance between the two posts.


‘Allegation baseless’

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: The Watersheet Committee and User Group for Hariyali 2005 to 2010 of Hiba -I and Hiba -II anchal segment have strongly opposed the allegation of misappropriation of fund under Hariyali Scheme by Sangram BDO.

Terming the allegation levelled against the BDO as baseless, the Committee claimed that the scheme has already been executed.


Awareness camp held

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: A day-long awareness camp on PMEGP was organized at Mebo, East Kameng district yesterday by district Industries Center, Pasighat sponsored by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Itanagar.

Attending programme, Mebo ADC (i/c) R Perme advised the beneficiaries to take up their schemes seriously. He hoped that the programme would certainly benefit them in setting up their own ventures. Another programme on fruit processing and preservation with practical demonstration was also conducted by the DIC.


Sisi bridge inaugurated

ITANAGAR, Jan 06: MLA Alo Libang inaugurated Sisi Bridge on Puging-Likor Road on December 29 last.

NCP, Upper Siang District, President NCP Yahung Tekseng thanked Chief Minister, PWD Minister and CE, PWD Er. Bora Ete for the timely allotment of fund.

He also thanked Executive Engineer Er. Gobo Yirang for his tireless efforts for materializing long felt demands of the people.


NSUI developmental meeting held

ITANAGAR, Jan 06: National Students Union of India, 17 Ziro Hapoli Assembly Constituency held a developmental meeting yesterday.

The meeting demanded the Education Minister to establish Medical University, Law College, B.Ed College and Centre School at Apatani Plateau.

It also demanded establishment of science and commerce stream in Government Higher Secondary School, Hija with library, girls and boys hostel and demanded up gradation of government middle school to secondary school.


Relief sought

ITANAGAR, Jan 6: The All Komkar Students’ Union, on behalf of the victims of October two fire incident  at Komkar village, appealed to the authorities concerned to provide necessary relief immediately.

AKSU lamented that no relief has been provided to the fire victims Onit Taram and Kalling Sisam, whose houses were burnt down along with their properties, till date.


PPA terms allegation baseless

ITANAGAR: Reported allegation leveled against PPA workers and supporters of PPA MLA of attacking a senior Congress leader in Dirang under West Kameng district is baseless and irresponsible statement, said PPA in a release while reacting to a brutally assault on  General Secretary of the DCC, West Kameng Dorjee Leto.

It has been clearly proved from the report that the conflict is over business dispute and is an individual clash. Therefore, it will be unfair to drag the parties, MLA and the Chief Minister into their individual clashes, said its General Secretary Ashan Riddi.

PPA appealed “both conflicting parties to resolve their differences amicably and peacefully for sake of harmony in the society”.


Association questions Fire dept

ITANAGAR: All Nyishi Youth Association Capital Complex Unit (ANYACCU) has questioned the effectiveness of fire service department during recent fire tragedy which occurred on 2nd January at Dokum Colony, Naharlagun. They wondered how  fire brigade despite being located at stone’s throw from affected area could not save many properties.

Further ANYACCU has appealed director fire service to strengthen the department and review the situation. They have expressed fear that if at right time changes are not brought, in the eventuality of another major fires incident at far flung places things may turn grim.

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